Guides get involved in preservation of national bird.

| 03/12/2009

(CNS): Local wildlife activists have been spreading the message about protecting the islands national bird the Cayman parrot. A group of Girl Guides recently participated in a field trip with Cayman Wildlife Rescue where they met Alison Corbett, Project Manager of Cayman Wildlife Rescue at the National Trust Office for a presentation on the country’s native parrot.  The Guides also constructed toys for the rescued and non-releasable Cayman Parrots which are housed at Otto Watler’s farm. 

“The presentation covered the natural history of the Cayman Parrot, how the two sub-species descended from the Cuban Parrot.  It highlighted the challenges the species faces and how youth can help with the conservation efforts,” Corbett said. The parrot is under particular threat from local farmers who consider the birds a pest as they eat their mangoes. The birds are straying on to farm land more and more because of their diminishing habitat. Wildlife rescue is one of the organisations working hard to create ways and systems for farmers to use to keep the birds off their fruit without killing them.

The girls and Corbett visited Watler’s to meet the Cayman Parrots which were to receive the fruits of their labour. “It was great to get the girls up close to the parrots and teach them the distinguishing features of the Grand Cayman Parrot and how it compares to the Cayman Brac Parrot.  I think the ladies left with a great understanding about the Cayman parrot and a love for them.”  Corbett added. 

Cayman Wildlife Rescue is 100% staffed by volunteers and welcomes involving youth groups in the program.  Interested members of the public can email for ways to get actively involved in wildlife rescue. A programme of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands tasked with the rescue of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife for release back into the wild the organization is financed by donations from the public.  If you are interested in helping please contact Alison Corbett at  For more information you can also visit

If you find injured wildlife call the LIME Sponsored Emergency Hotline 917-BIRD(2473) for all wildlife emergencies.  Cayman Wildlife Rescue has a team of experienced and trained volunteers ready to assist in wildlife emergencies.  The public are reminded to NEVER attempt to care for a wildlife animal themselves as they required special diets and veterinary care. 


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