Eco bill to go back to public

| 06/12/2009

Cayman islands news island weather classifieds business financial services(CNS): The environment minister has said he will be listening to all the concerns regarding the content of the proposed National Conservation Billbut that the Cayman Islands must put environmental legislation in place. Speaking at the Third National Climate Change Workshop last week, Mark Scotland said sacrifices would have to be made to protect Cayman for the future. He added that he would get the bill, which has faced considerable opposition, back on track but it did not mean that developers would be persecuted.

“I know the bill is applauded by some and denounced by others, which is why we will go into 2010 with a vigorous public outreach campaign. This will once more give people a chance to understand, discuss and comment on the bill’s provisions. I give the undertaking today that we will make every effort to hear all parties and take on board every concern,” he told local and regional delegates gathered at the Marriot for the regional climate change conference on Thursday 3 December,, a few days before the UN conference in Denmark.

While he observed Cayman’s limited ability to impact the global fight on climate change he said people in Cayman needed to understand that the time had come to make sacrifices to protect the Islands for future generations. He said that he wanted his children and their children beyond to be able to walk Seven Mile Beach, kayak in the North Sound mangroves and catch their own lobster and conch.

“Protecting the environment needn’t equate to persecuting developers,” the minister said. "It simply means that you give equal weightto both positions.”

Scotland noted that were it not for the vision and sacrifice of past generations, Cayman would not have the marine parks and protected areas today that had resulted in stable – and even in some instances growing – populations of conch, whelk and lobster.

“Closing down the grouper spawning areas years ago was not necessarily met with joy, but because the bullet was bit and action taken, our children’s children may yet be able to catch a fair-sized grouper in the future,’ he said, noting the critical situation of the local grouper after historic overfishing.

“Protecting the environment is not synonymous with preventing development. It in contrast ensures that growth is in fact sustainable. For rest assured, unless we safeguard the integrity of our natural resources, we will certainly be sounding the death-knell for these Islands," Scotland warned. “We simply must have comprehensive and updated environmental protection legislation.”

He explained that the National Conservation Bill would cover the provisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.

“The law will protect natural areas such as forests that are critically important to absorb the excess greenhouse gases produced by man. It will also provide a framework for relevant environmental impact assessments that will take account of climate change impacts," Scotland stated.

Premier McKeeva Bush noted Cayman’s vulnerability to climate change because of it size, narrow economic base, limited natural resources and history of natural disasters, and said government understood the delicate balance between development and the natural environment. “Our country has faced this issue repeatedly over the last 20 to 30 years, but more-so during the last decade which has witnessed exponential growth in population, services, and the accompanying infrastructure,” Bush said in his opening remarks to the workshop.

Having said that, he then pointed out the need to continue with development in order for the country to remain competitive. “We cannot hope to grow further or remain competitive without continuously implementing developmental initiatives,” Bush stated noting that it had to be sustainably managed. “It is a challenge, but one over which I believe we can prevail, provided we adopt the correct approach," the premier added.

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  1. whodatis says:

    I have to address something …

    "You believe yourself to be neutral but you are anything but. Your views are clearly derived from your political ideology. Put simply, you believe the western capitalist countries are out to screw the third world and that they have invented man made global warming as a weapon to facilitate their continued domination."

    Ummm … wrong! Well – yes and no really.

    Yes there is clear evidence (most recent by way of the Danish Text) that this is a component of the efforts to fight "global warming" (yawn…yawn), however, my primary concern is to do with self!

    I am not a "3rd World citizen" – as a matter of fact if this scam gets the go-ahead I will be living in one of the most industrialised nations in the world, however, all of this is irrelevant.

    I simply cannot tolerate bullsh%t!

    For example…

    I have just recently spent some time in one of the foremost "green" cities in the world! (Hint: Not in USA, UK, or Canada.)

    They have implemented everything from

    1. Tax breaks depending on number of bicycles per adults minus vehicles in a household. (That may work for their climate – won’t work here in Cayman! Regardless, such factors are not given any consideration as they copy and paste these ridiculous laws to every land!)

    2. Traffic laws that require drivers to shut off engines at stop signs and red lights (How ridiculous is that?! I know a thing or 2 about cars and I know that this creates much more "pollution" than the usual alternative!)

    3. Speed bumps all over the city in an effort to "regulate the speed of vehicles in order to reduce emissions." (Again, speed bumps do NOTHING but increase emissions and engine wear and tear as it forces the driver to remain in a constant stop and go (high revs) type of situation.)

    4. Drafted legislation (awaiting agreement at Copenhagen summit I imagine) proposing new taxes to tackle one’s CO2 emitting pets! (I kid you not! Pet stores there now have mandatory paperwork to be filled in by customers where their addresses etc. will have to be provided so they can be properly assesed in the future!)

    5. (This one is not really by way of legislation or authority.) I have personally witnessed on more than one occasion – "climate change" activists attack suv’s (spray painting, egging, once even smashing a window) – as bystanders stoody by and either cheered or nodded in agreement!?! (Idiots only go for the Range Rovers – I guess because they’re big? They don’t realize that the 5.0 litre S Class Mercedes that just dropped of their "Green Party" political representative pollutes much more than the 2.7L of the Rover!)

    6. Ready-to-roll-out devices to be installed on all vehicles whereby it shall enable satellite tracking to recordactual number of miles driven in order to enable the authorities to slap you with yes…a "carbon emission tax / fee"! I believe its called "tax-as-u-go". Some poor sods have already volunteered for the system and are paying for their "offsets" as we speak!

    I could go on…

    So – as you can see people – my concerns lie not only with the crippling attack this "global warming" scam will have on the 3rd World – but also on what is due to come to our very doorsteps!

    In effect I have seen the (ridiculous!) "green future" – and once again…its a pile of stinking horse manure! Not to mention a gross invasion into the prviacy of one’s life! (That’s another story in itself however!)

    Therefore, when one takes into consideration all that has been said (namely my posts) here in the past few days, and top it all off with my "super-green" experience, it is clear to see why I am so opposed to this psychological cancer invading these shores!

    For most of us "going green" is just fancy and "moral" talk and proposals – the majority of us know not and have felt not the constant imposition and infiltration into one’s everyday way of life that is the ultimate of these planned "resolves"!

    For the city in question – it is not much of a wonder why its citizens have adopted such drastic exposure and organised control into their lives – it is in their culture – shoot…once upon a short time ago these folks organised themselves into the most efficient, systematic and successful cold-blooded human killingmachine ever! Yes…MILLIONS of its people convinced themselves it was cool to kill, gas, shoot, stomp, trample, medically experiment upon, slaughter, quarter (should I go on?), millions of innocent, non-combative men, women and CHILDREN!

    (The culture of these folks is astonishingly absurd. Their society is structured, controlled and internally accepted as the norm to a degree that is extremely disturbing! I am no longer confused as to why what happened happened in that part of the world!)

    ** Yes, yes…give me the "That is outrageous!! How dare you!!" speech (yawn, yawn). Blow out ya booties people…it is what it is.**

     — (Oh…by the way! Since I’m sure I’m pi$$ing folks off right about now…a little sidebar comment for the relevant people. Animal loving, tree hugging and plant-saving efforts really should come way down the priority list in regards to being a "good person / nation". I say that because the prejudice and racism that occurs in this very dog-kissing, tree-humping world leading "green society" of which I speak is amazing! Lol! I had to laugh at times…tongue kiss a dog but scoff (and orally attack – never physically however, as Bob said – "Screwface know who fi’ frighten!") at the sight of a "non-national" – especially if said individual is having a romantic evening with one of your more progressive citizens :o) ) —

    How is this relevant you may wonder? Again…this touches upon what I eluded to earlier – many of you people (my opposition) strike me as very faithful, obedient and trusting of the establishment. Swallowing everything hook, line and sinker even when the very basics of the theory are full of water holes!

    Now before any of you accuse me of calling you the (other) "N" word – please maintain our respectability as properly functioning and intelligent adults capable of understanding the point being made! (I know folks often get all up in arms and lose all sense of rationale at times like these :o)

    So in closing, this is where I stand.

    I am not shooting wildly from the hip here people. I was never sold on the theory as it smells to high heaven. Nothing but a scare tactic and yet another "doomsday" control mechanism tomobilize the citizens of the world (Live Earth anyone? Btw, do you guys know who was truly behind this massiveproject? I won’t tell you – but they were / are entities that have no history of any humanitarian acts whatsoever – quite the contrary in fact!) and or to make insane amounts of money.

    In any event, it has become very popular – as I always say – the knew religion. Even atheists are onboard. In my opinion it requires as much faith to believe in a "God" as it does to today believe in anthropogenic "global warming".

    Sorry, but I have more than half a brain…I am completly faithless in this regard.

    Peace be onto you people.

    Enjoy the bicycles, speed bumps and kitty taxes!

    P.S. Theywant me to lose sleep over rising sea levels in 50 years time?! Shoot – I’m more concerned with finding a currency that is actually backed by something tangible and substantial other than the ponzi scheme Federal Reserve Banking system.

    (If you are laughing or confused at this point then I would suggest you get a proper tutorial on the true and proper definition of "inflation"!)

    MONEY is the number one issue facing the world today people – and I guarantee you’ll NEVER live to see an internationally promoted, organised and media covered forum, concert or debate on this one! Nope…never will there be a "Live Cash" :o)

    Make no mistake about it. Keep on hugging trees…see how much food that will leave in the mouths of your grandchildren!

    • Anonymous says:

      Who let the inmates at the nut house on the internet LOL

      Was there a point in there? except for the fact that saving millions of lives may cause you alittle discomfort? sorry about that.

      "P.S. They want me to lose sleep over rising sea levels in 50 years time?"

      DO you think of anyone but yourself, maybe your children or grandchildren as this will affect them.

      PS try buying old if you’re scaed of currencies

      As for everyone walking of niking to work, can you iamgine the reduction in heart desease and obisity in this country? It’s worth it just for that

      • whodatis says:

        "Who let the inmates at the nut house on the internet LOL"

        Good one!

        Anyway, we are so on opposite sides of this debate that any further exchange is simply useless.

        Again…a new religion.

        They’ll never be peace in the Middle East as they’ll never be "peace" or compromises between the sides of this debate.

        Enjoy your new lives guys.

        You’ve been warned…thoroughly and extensively!


    • O'Really says:

      I see you are now subscribing to the theory that the number of words, as opposed to the concepts conveyed, indicate the sincerity of a view held.      

      I’m afraid writing things like: ”P.S. They want me to lose sleep over rising sea levels in 50 years time?” tends to seriously diminish the credibility of anyone claiming loudly to be a defender of the third world. Yours is the ultimate " I’m all right Jack" opinion, putting your immediate personal comfort before any other consideration. You clearly don’t care about the world, so who can believe you care about the third world? Not me so there’s really nothing more to say to you.

      • whodatis says:

        "I see you are now subscribing to the theory that the number of words, as opposed to the concepts conveyed, indicate the sincerity of a view held."

        I hear you…however, you read every single word – didn’t you?

        Mission accomplished :o)

        Funny though, one would expect that an avid reader such as yourself should have been able to understand that the reason I am dismissive of the 50 year threat is not because I – "clearly don’t care about the world, so who can believe you care about the third world?".

        Rather, it is because, as far as I am concerned, all of that is bunch of well orchestrated, funded and brilliantly presented hogwash.

        You and your anonymous friend are really struggling to come to terms with my viewpoint – aren’t you? Your criticisms are quite asinine.

        Anyway, in case you didn’t quite spot the method in my above madness – part of it was demonstrating how in the recent past mankind was once before led astray by the masses and millions of people rejected their better senses and natural instincts and found themselves subscribing to rather reckless and dangerous notions.

        Same thing. Different day.

  2. whodatis says:

    … People – what is all of this talk about "oil company lobbyists" and such?! I am no damn lobbyist nor am I a shareholder in any such entity.

    I am completely neutral (in terms of vested interests) in this debate.

    Furthermore, (for the last time!), these leaks were of the scientists on "your side" of the argument! The content therein was 100% from the very climate scientists in which we have no choice but to invest our faith and trust. These people have been shown to be unworthy of this faith and trust. Does anyone disagree with this point? (Please respond to that question if you decide to address my post.)

    In my initial post I touched upon the fact that these "climate change" actions will have a disastrous effect upon developing nations.

    Enter now yet another (political) scandal – the "Danish Text".

    Wherein is outlined Western imperialism, 3rd world crippling, UN regulation side-stepping, and World Bank backing proposals – where developing countries will be held to twice the level of regulations as the "West" enjoys relatively free roam to do as they will.

    Folks, the World Bank is backig this particular proposal – do we truly understand what this suggests?! Have you people studied the history fo the World Bank and their track record in regards to poorer nations?!

    This entire facade is looking less and less to do with "climate change" as it does with global politics.

    But again, I am sure many of you will once again bury your faithful heads far up your rumps and swallow all the bullcrap being spewed out of Copenhagen this week. Absolutely amazing.

    Do you people really believe the things you say or is it now just a matter of pride and a stubborn refusal to acknowledge the glaringly obvious?!

    • O'Really says:

      Let me address some of your points.

      A lobbyist is someone who understands the issues under consideration well enough to spin them for the benefit of the people paying their wages. They are also in a position to influence policy makers. No-one is ever likely to call you a lobbyist.

      You believe yourself to be neutral but you are anything but. Your views are clearly derived from your political ideology. Put simply, you believe the western capitalist countries are out to screw the third world and that they have invented man made global warming as a weapon to facilitate their continued domination. Your political views impair your ability to look at the science and data objectively, so much so that the irony is that you support big oils position, one of the largest capitalist industries on the planet. The oil industry is fighting the idea of man made global warming not because they have the well being of the planet or the third world in their hearts, but because legislation to curtail CO2 emissions  and promote alternative energy solutions threaten their ongoing profitability. Capitalism in it’s most socially unacceptable form and you support it

      To address the question in your third paragraph, yes the emails were written by climate scientists. After agreeing on this, I disagree with just about everything else you infer, for the following reasons:

      1) The investigation into how the emails were accessed is on-going, but all the evidence points not to the emails being leaked ( which implies someone on the inside looking to get the truth out ) but were hacked ( which implies someone on the outside looking to cause mischief and confusion). In addition to the UEA incident, there were other unsuccessful attempts to hack into the systems of other climate research facilities, indicating an organised attack. 

      2) There are many facilities around the world engaged in climate research. The individuals responsible for writing the emails which were hacked are just a very few of many. The allegations that they have been unprofessional are far from being proved, but even if they eventually are, on what basis does this allow you to question the integrity of every scientist involved in this world wide research?

      3) There is nothing in the emails that contradicts the acceptability of the underlying data. The selected  releases by global warming deniers pick up phrases out of context and without explanation to muddy the waters.    " Hide and trick" seems to be the main cause of excitement but I wonder if you haveany idea what it is referring to? Do your own research and then tell me how this impacts the argument for man assisted global warming.

      You state that climate change actions will have a disastrous effect on developing nations. The globe is warming. Whether you accept this or not, most sensible people without an agenda ( and I hold your political ideology to be an agenda) do. There are more and more real world examples to support the data. So third world countries will face the consequences of warming and in an odd way, it’s to be hoped that it is man made, because then there is the possibility that action can be taken to moderate the worse effects. It is quite possible that third world countries and the world as a whole, have no good choices in this, only less bad choices.

      Finally you refer to the  "Danish text", which is an issue on which we may have common ground. If the final proposals reflect the leaked document, then clearly politics is in play, guided I would suggest by the vested interests of the oil industry. I find it more than coincidence that the 3 countries immediately linked to the proposal are the USA, UK and Denmark and all  three are, in their own ways, exceptionally dependent on the oil industry. If big oil can’t stop the implementation of measures to curb man made global warming, it’s next best position is to introduce them in a way that protects its most profitable markets for as long as possible.

      I’ve taken my head out of my ass long enough to try to see the bigger picture. I wonder if you have the same ability?


    • Anonymous says:

      you are lost…. can’t you see that that is far more likely that there is a conspiracy between a tiny minority oil sponsored scientists rather than 99% of the scientific community……. you are the one that is being duped along with the sarah palins of this world

    • whodatis says:


      That good old mainstream, sheep-like perspective. Must be comforting to have such blind faith in the establishment – even when they’re out to shaft you – to just bend over and hand them the vaseline!

      I guess you folks are the type of people who would actually anticipate an "official report and independent investigation" of say the UK vs. Chagos Islanders before feeling able to form an actual opinion on the issue.

      You guys are perfect little citizens…literally a dream come true for this force that you are not yet aware is pressing against you.

      Im through with you idealistic lemmings. History teaches me to identify the tell-tale signs of bulls**t – I guess it taught you guys something else.

      Anyway – stick a pin. I have a sneaky feelingwe shall all bereflecting upon this exchange in the near future.


    • Anon says:

      Does anyone disagree with this point?

      I have twice already, so why are you avoiding answering?

      Once again these were leaks from one (I repeat one) university in the UK, so how does it show all scientists are untrustworthy? and all research done on GW is unreliable?

      If one man commits murder does that mean all men are murderers or all of his nationality? no

      So your "great dispelling of the theory of GW" is what? all this does is throw this teams research into question.



  3. Green Hornet says:

    Hmmm. Just tuned into this one….same old same old. Frankly, I don’t think there is a politician on this island that has the guts to pass a strong conservation act. They haven’t in the past 9 years (yes, folks, it’s the same one), so why would they start now?

    And as for those oil-industry lackeys and highly paid lobbyists, why not take a trip to the South Seas and watch islands disappear, or the north pole and watch the polar bears die because the ice is swiftly disappearing. Their crude (sic) and pathetic rants would be ridiculous if they didn’t, as one poster wrote, detract from the real issues:

    a) start curbing CO2 and other gasses

    b) pass a law which has some enforceable teeth and protect what is left of Cayman.



  4. whodatis says:


    Never before have I witnessed such a large collection of blank shooters!

    People – what the hell are you saying?!

    Your comebacks are so weak its laughable.

    Look, there is really no debate to be had.

    The leakage in question was from the very forces that forward this issue! Not some rogue or immaterial third party!

    They’ve been caught red-handed – bottom line. All I am reading here is nothing but emotional and illogical responses – that my friends will not be enough to tax me out of my hard earned money.

    I guess it is true what they say – this is the new religion.

    So long sad, pathetic folks – tell Al Gore I said hola…with his private jet flying, multi-mansion owning, oil company part-owning a$$.

    (Everything is right there to be seen – yet you people refuse to acknowledge the facts – when did mankind become so sheep-like … honestly?!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Please explain again how "Have you not heard of "Climategate" – the mishap in which the entire theory has been blasted to smithereens?!"

      So some the leaking of a fewscientists at one UK university have blasted the entire theory of climate change..OK then that makes a lot of sense

      It may call into question their research, but not everyone elses.

      Talk about being "alarmist" LOL


    • Anonymous says:

      no where in climategate does it say global warming is a hoax, the scientists on your side of the argument are patsy’s for the oil industry….. only you can beleive 99% of scientists in the world are part of a global conspiracy….zzzz

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bless this Republic post-bot.  Bet he believes in intelligent design, that September 11th was linked to Iraq and in Palin 2012.

    • whodatis says:

      @ Anonymous,

      Can we stick to the  actual issue please?

      You do realize that you come across as pretty pathetic with these sarcastic and irrelevant sidebar comments right?

      I guess this speaks volumes on the truth of matter – looks like you don’t have much to counter with.

      Go on now…run onover to – there is very detailed reports on the goings-ons at Copenhagen this week.

      Should be right up your alley…


  6. Common Sense says:

     Maybe when the bill is edited (after so long, it does need to be reviewed) we can finally get rid of the green iguanas and protect our blues!


    • Anonymous says:

      Did they ever catch those responsible for the slaughter of the blue breeders out at the botanic park?

      That would also be a good start.

      • Anonymous says:

        It was a dog.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is he available for hire? The ones in my yard are all green, but since dogs are colour blind it shouldn’t make a difference.

          While I appreciate the concerns of those who would like to see them put down in a humane manner, I would really just like to capture one first before I start  worrying about what to do with it.

          • Anon says:

            The dog will do it for free but the owner will probably want money. They both have experience though……..

            Mind you some people are cruel for free….

        • Anonymous says:

          It was a dog, but by all indications, a dog under human direction and control.

  7. Anon says:

    ESPECIALLY when to comes with a very profitable business plan attached to the other side!)

    Nothing is as profitable as oil, gas and coal supply. Seems they have the greatest to goin from muddying the waters.

    You know why an oil funding "climate thinktank" has yet to be hacked. Due to them being able to afford proper computer safe guards compared tothe less well funded "alarmist" camp.

    Note this hack was of one university in England, and there is nothing ver damning in it at all.

    The fact theat some many "denyists" jump on it really shows they are starting to clutch at straws.

    I remember when science was starting to prove the link between smoking and cancer and all of a sudden there were all these "quasi-science" reports to deny it, and muddy the waters.

    Amazingly oil companies are now hiring the same PR firms the tabacco companies hired years ago.

    It appears trying to hide the truth to retain your profits is a very lucrative business also

  8. Anonymous says:

    I support Minister Scotland’s intent to get this bill passed but caution must be exercised to ensure that it is not pared down to where it is so ineffective as to be worthless. It would be curious to see how Hon. Scotland will address the protection of the critical and sensitive North Sound in light of the Premier’s intent to support the deep water channel that the Ritz Carlton is already ‘selling’ to potential clients. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    As a born and bred Caymanian, I applaud Minister Scotland and I’m behind him 100% in his efforts to move the “Conservation Bill” forward and get it passed! It is well fitted as it comes on the heels of the Copenhagen meeting on Global Climatic Change. Small island Nations, such as our islands will face unprecedented climatic changes and challenges in the near future and unless we take a step back and consider the reasons why we live here, it is because of the beauty of environment around us, both above and below water. We have to think in terms of the goods and services that the Environment has unselfishly provided in the past, is presently providing and how we can keep it that way for the foreseeable future, in essence maintaining the high standard of living we all enjoy today. There are three elements that plunge any country into the vicious cycle of poverty and to put in a nut shell, are necessary for “prosperity” and “happiness”, of any one country. They are a bad environment to live in, a poor health care system and the lack of a good sound Educational system. Again I applaud the present government for trying to take these three very important things by the horns. Getting back to the Environment, globally, countries are trying to “Patch” or mend environmental disasters that would not have happened if proper Legislation, including checks and balances were put in place. Here we have an opportunity to ovoid such lack of foresight. Having said that, hindsight is always 20/20, let’s all back the Minister on this one, not only for our own wellbeing, but for all future population that will inhabit these beautiful islands.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Let us hope that they EDIT the original Bill as it contained some really scary language and points.

    I support environmental protection but that bill had areas in it that would not allow the country to continue to develop with those draconian measures.

    Countries that are developed and have their base infrastructure in can afford to put in place that type of legislation but Cayman must develop its own wording and environmental goals not just make do with copying someone else’s.

    I am confident that the UDP will do the right thing and put forward a more reasonable bill. Not even the PPM could get the Chuckie Bill through and rightly so.

  11. whodatis says:

    Dear "Climate Change / Global Warming / Doomsday Alarmists"!!

    Have you been awake for the last 2 weeks?

    Have you not heard of "Climategate" – the mishap in which the entire theory has been blasted to smithereens?!

    (University of East Anglia Climate Research Centre – advisors and component of the IPCC)

    Fault of who? None other than the very scientists at the very helm of this sham of a theory when emails were linked showing clear evidence of their doctoring, manipulation and disregard of "inconvenient" SCIENTIFIC FACTS AND DATA in order to shore up and "support" their mission!

    Wake the hell up people – any one wonder why the Tiger Woods scandal has been so dominant as of late? Now you know!

    "Global warming" as they call it  – even if it does exist (research is actually showing that the earth is currently going through a cooling period) is NOT an anthropogenic phenomenon as those behind the curtain would have you believe.

    This is so frustrating and sad to witness – mainly because I KNOW there will be critics to my comment, thumbs downs galore and such.

    All carried out by people who simply refused to do the simple task of logging on to and performing a search for the keyword "Climategate".

    You do not have to take whodatis’ word for it – go and watch the news clips for yourselves people!

    (Just yesterday the UN  – (as did Gordon Brown – according to him I also believe the world is flat!) did the unthinkable and shameful act of attacking the "deniers" and continued to endorse this sham of a project. Even when scientists are proven to have creating theories FIRST and thereafter doctored scientific data to fit the theory has no effect on this global, tax proposing, 3rd world crippling machine.)


    (Again, no I do not believe smoking is healthy, no I do not litter and yes I too hate to live in a dirty environment. However, I will not swallow every pill given to me – ESPECIALLY when to comes with a very profitable business plan attached to the other side!)

    • nonsense says:

      Dr Jeff Masters from did a great job of explaining the issue at University of East Anglia Climate Research Centre.

      I say we give it some time and see who is correct.

      But what will you do if you are wrong and sea levels do rise?

    • O'Really says:

      Same old same old.

      No point in trying to debate an issue with someone who can seriously put forward the suggestion that the Tiger Woods scandal has received the publicity it has, as part of a conspiracy to take attention away from Climategate. There’s thinking out side the box and then there’s you.

      The entire theory has been blasted to bits? Says you and you’ve told us not to take your word for it, which is possibly the only piece of advice of yours any of us will ever take. 


      • whodatis says:

        @ OReally,

        Ummm – you do realise that you completely ignored the actual point of my post right?

        I guess to you a feeble attempt to insult another is of greater importance than the matters at hand.

        Grow a pair and address the issue – if you cant then don’t bother.

        • O'Really says:

          I didn’t ignore your point.

          You don’t have a point.

          At least not one supported by independent thinking. You’ve swallowed big energies disinformation program hook, line and sinker.

          Try reading something other than the sensationalist headlines. Try reading Jeff Masters articles at weatherunderground where he deals with the UEA hacking. You accuse those who oppose your view of being effectively brainwashed, when you show all the symptoms of it yourself. 

          You like conspiracies. Do you not think it suspicious that UEA’s email system is hacked and apparently damning extracts released in the 2 weeks leading up to the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen? I’m sure big energies lobbyists had nothing to do with this.

          I don’t have to grow a pair, the ones I have are more than enough for you.

  12. Anonymous says:

     Cayman really needed the Ritz didn’t it McKeeva?  If not for the RItz we’d still have a three story height limit on Seven Mile Beach.

  13. Mozzie Fodder says:

    Haven’t most of the past Environment Ministers promised to get this legislation passed? How long has the Bill been in existence? 10 years? And all the while development is speeding up…..

    Enojy the Cayman environment while it lasts and take lots of pictures because at this rate this island will be a barren wasteland within 20 years.

  14. Peter Milburn says:

    I agree but lets take this a lot further.Not one goverment in the past or present takes the enviroment seriously enough and make no mistake about it without a healthy vibrant environment we will have NOTHING for the future of our young people.The more mangroves we destroy just to allow the money hungry developers to continue their money hungry ways the worse it will become.No one has the guts to stand up and say enough is enough.Where are we going to so fast?Slow down the development and spread it out so that we can keep our Caymanians at work full time and only if and when we need some extra labour allow enough workers in to do that job and then move them back where they came from.Why do you think we have so many problems here today?Too many people being allowed to come to these shores and we do not know anything about them.Background checks?Dont make me laugh.Until we get proper safeguards in place we will be constantly under fire from people with criminal backgrounds.Maybe the time has come to institute fingerprinting of EVERY SINGLE PERSON living in these islands.Those that complain may well have something to hide.Human rights or invasion of privacy whatever you want to call it should not stand in the way of helping Cayman become a safer place for all to live.

            Let us all make sure that we leave a safe healthy environment for our next generations to enjoy after all we have been blessed with one and have enjoyed it for all our lives at least to this point in time.

           Yours for a better Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe they managed to lift fingerprints in a lot of the reported robberies in george town. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    If we care so much about our environment, then why is Mount Trashmore getting bigger by the day with all those chemicals seeping into the water lens and probably leaking into the North Sound?

    Why is it so difficult to set up alternative energy with complex, sweetheart dealsfor CUC?

    Why do those planes frequently fly over Cayman and leave white trails of heavens knows what? I’ve seen them do it as I am sure many others have. Are these flyovers sanctioned by our air-traffic control or not? What benefit is this for our environment?

    Why do we rely so heavily on imported foods treated with all kinds of chemicals?

    This conference in Copenhagen tomorrow has a very carefully calculated agenda. Laugh at me now, but the end result will be to mandate a law that requires everyone to be responsible for their own carbon footprint.

    The United Nations estimators will be here shortly to calculate how much CO2 Cayman is producing and it will be apportioned across the population. There will be no-opt out.

    Money will always trump common sense.


    • frank rizzo says:

      I can’t answer all of your questions, but here goes…

      The first question seems a bit rhetorical but the pile keeps getting bigger because we keep dumping stuff on it.

      Next question, I’m having a helluva time even understanding it – but sometimes the cost of alternative energy production is greater than the value of the energy produced.

      The white trails coming from the planes violating Cayman airspace at 40,000 feet is water vapor – perfectly harmless.

      We don’t grow our own chemically treated produce.

      Copenhagen Schmopenhagen. The first step is to develop a global lawmaking body. As of yesterday I don’t think we have one.

      UN estimators na gettin pass Immigration. No need for any opt-out.

      Money allows us to buy energy, food, and airplane rides. The CO2 is free as long as we keep breathing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The history of environmental conservation in the Cayman Islands is one where development has always trumped conversation. Department of Planning has always trumped the Department of Environment.

    One of the worst problems for 7 mile beach has been the shallow set back allowed to developers and the destruction of the mangroves.

    Owners of land want complete freedom to do whatever they so choose with that land conservation be damned. Everyone wants the big payday of the developers check.