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| 07/12/2009

(CNS): Anyone picking up registered mail, express mail, parcel post and general delivery from a post office must present photo identification to counter staff in order to collect their mail. This long-standing policy of the Cayman Islands Postal Service (CIPS) is based on law, a release from CIPS notes. However, the law allows for customers who are unable to collect such mail personally to authorize someone to collect it on their behalf. This is done by sending a letter authorizing a particular person to collect mail, along with a photocopy of an ID that shows the addressee’s signature.

“Photo identification has long been our policy and we have been enforcing it for several years now,” said Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow. “But sometimes our customers expect postal service counter staff to act contrary to the law and hand over their mail or mail for a family member without proper ID or without a letter granting permission to collect mail on the addressee’s behalf. This puts our staff in a difficult position and CIPS at legal risk, should we hand over mail without ID or permission to deliver to an agent. ID strictly enforced for all residents.”

She noted that the CIPS’s services of registered mail, parcel post and EMS require a chain of custody. “This means that the sender can demand proof of the date and time when the addressee received the item,” she said.

“Knowing family connections simply has nothing to do with staff following the law. Sharing post boxes is very common, but sometimes one family member does not want his or her mail collected by another. CIPS must remain neutral in such family dynamics, so staff have been told to follow the law,” Ms Glasgow stressed. “We have to be just as careful with general delivery because these customers do not have a post office box. There may be two or more persons with the same name collecting mail at general delivery. Therefore we have to do our best to ensure that the right person is receiving the mail.”

Glasgow advises against having registered mail, EMS or parcel post addressed in nick names when a person’s ID is in a formal name because of the problems this can create when trying to claim such items. Inaddition, when collecting parcel post on behalf of a child, the parent or guardian needs to bring the child’s passport to prove the relationship and that the addressee is a minor.

Customers are therefore reminded that Cayman Islands Postal Service staff must see identification when releasing items that are from registered mail, express mail service, parcel post or general delivery.

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