Waterworks in Bodden Town to cut leaks

| 08/12/2009

(CNS): As a result of a number of burst water mainsin the Bodden Town area the Water Authority has started a pipe replacement programme to improve the efficiency and reliability of its service to residents in the area. The work is being carried out in sections, the authority said in order to minimize the disruption to customers, motorists and pedestrians and it hopes to have all three phases completed by next March. “The pipeline replacement is necessary due to the number of main breaks that have occurred in this area,” said Robert Robler, Chief Operations Manager of the Water Authority.

“The replacement should eliminate the current inconvenience to customers and motorists associated with the recent outages.”

The first 450-ft long section between the cemetery and Anton Bodden Drive was completed in early December 2009. And the second section, approximately 1700-ft long, spans the distance between Anton Bodden Drive and Lakeview Drive. Preparations for this section have already been completed. The pipe replacement works has commenced and is anticipated to be completed by the end of January 2010.

The third and final section between Lakeview Drive to Kipling Street, measuring 1900-ft long, is projected to be completed by the end of March 2010.

 “The work is being carried out in sections to minimise the inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians,” Robler said. “Flagmen and temporary traffic signals will be utilised to aid in traffic control however we do ask motorists to slow down in this area for safety reasons while the work is in progress.”

He also explained that water service disruption to customers will be minimised with the use of temporary pipelines for customers adjacent to the pipeline being replaced and with the new North Side Water Works facility serving customers east of Bodden Town.

The Water Authority successfully completed a similar project to replace the aging 8-inch pipeline along Walkers Road and Smith Road last year. The pipeline replacement projects are part of the Water Authority’s ten-year capital plan to expand and upgrade its water and wastewater infrastructure.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I Have not left North Side to go to Town, that this Mess was not in the Bodden Town Road, I hope it is fix for the LAST TIME,By now they should NO what to do.  

  2. what a mess says:

    When will the water authority repair the roads properly and in a timely manner? I’m so tired of our money going to NRA to re-surface or build new roads…only for the WA to dig it up, then leave it "temporarily" repaired for months and months on end.

    Please WA make an effort (pay) the NRA to repair the damage in a timely manner.

    • Just Sayin says:

      Do you have any idea how much money is "owed" to the Water Authority by Government Departments? I suspect you would be shocked to find out.

      I too don’t like the damage they do to the roads and the time it takes for repairs to be made but suspect that the reasons run far deeper than we know.

      • what a mess says:

        The Water Authority is a part of the same govt…(our Govt.) and the WA makes lots of money from us the people. We are the ones having to pound our vehicles and backs to pieces.

        Quite frankly, other govt. departments oweing WA money is not my concern. I pay every month for my water…and my taxes pay for the roads.

        I suggest the WA do to other Govt. departments the same they do to other private companies and people…cut them off!.. if they don’t pay.

        I should not have to pay for the services up front, then pay for them monthly and then be expected to pay yet again (in the way of poorly repaired roads) just so other Govt. departments can forego paying their bills.

        I can only imagine you must be a part of the WA to come up with such a lame reason/excuse.

        This is an ongoing modus operandi of the WA…remember how long the extremely poor excuse for road repair remained on smith rd. some years ago? the same piece of road that our expensive ambulances travel on every day. The WA can do better than this…they demand payment on time every month…and should be prepared/made to at least ensure their repairs are done to a high level  and in a timely fashion…with no excuses!



        • Just Sayin says:

          Actually no, I’m not part of the WA. I was merely trying to see if I could initiate some free thinking from a few to see if we can get to the root cause of some of the problems that currently exist. I suspect but could of course be wrong, that passing money from one "department" of Government to the next might well be one of these issues.

          While cutting non paying Government Departments off would indeed be amusing and I might even pay a small fee to see it done, I hope that even you can see that the reality of that actually happening is non-existent and the reprecussions and fallout would be more costly than it would be worth

          • what a mess says:

            Point taken.

            However, still doesn’t change the fact that the WA "should" repair it’s damage in a timely fashion.

            And "even you" can hopefully agree with that.