West Bay residents warned of rise in local thefts

| 16/12/2009

(CNS): Officers from the West Bay police station are urging residents in the area to be extra vigilant during the holiday season and to take precautions against becoming victims of theft. In the past two weeks there has been a rise in the number of thefts reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police in the West Bay area. Police said that ten thefts were reported – an increase of two on the previous two weeks and Items stolen include cash, cell phones, and even car tyres. (Police are advising people not to leave their belongings unattended on the beach)

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, while stressing that the rise was minimal urged people not to become complacent. “The fact is that many thefts are opportunistic and could easily be avoided if people just take a few extra minutes to make sure their valuables are locked away and their vehicles and homes are secured.”

Howell advised people not leave handbags or other property on the beach when they go swimming; to lock vehicles even when close by; to lock all windows and doors when leaving home and ensure they are equipped with proper locks and bolts; to have sufficient lighting around homes; and finally, to be aware of your surroundings when driving or walking onto your property.

Howell said if residents see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary they should contact the police, and if they become victims of crime such as theft or burglary, Howell said they should not touch anything and contact the police immediately. This will allow the police to preserve any evidence left at the scene. People should also callthe police immediately if they happen upon an intruder in their home. In that situation people are advised not to disturb the intruder but to leave their home and call 911 right away.

“Christmas is a time for celebration and we hope everyone has a great time during the festivities. All we ask is that residents remember that thieves don’t take time off at Christmas – they will still be out there looking for opportunities. So don’t give them a chance -f- ollow the crime prevention tips and make it a lean Christmas for would-be thieves in West Bay,” Howell added.

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