Leaders offer their Christmas wishes to the people

| 24/12/2009

(CNS): The Premier & Leader of the Opposition have both acknowledged that 2009 has been a difficult and challenging year for many in the Cayman Islands in their respective Christmas messages. “Even here on our small islands, there are people who are not sure where their next meal is coming from,” said McKeeva Bush who called upon the people to do something for others. Meanwhile, Kurt Tibbetts said that while it is only natural to feel apprehension the festive period was a time to a reflect on things that did go our way. Messages below.

Message from Premier McKeeva Bush:  My fellow Caymanians, our guest workers, and those visitors to our warm and beautiful Islands: it is indeed a great pleasure to bring Season’s Greetings, at this most joyous time of the year.

I am indeed humbled when I reflect on the many blessings that God has bestowed on us all and – personally speaking – on my own family. As believers know, our Lord Jesus Christ came to us through miraculous and divine birth by the Virgin Mary.

From that time until today, the Year of Our Lord 2009, He demonstrated, in person and in writings, how to live an exemplary life; a life which everyone should strive to emulate. Lest we forget, I will mention the Biblical scripture: “The LORD has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.”

The earthly life that Jesus endured, the Faith He promoted, and the Grace He still offers, all serve to assure us of the promise of personal salvation. The Good Book also assures us of harmony and of the possibility of a good life upon Earth – if we so choose, individually and collectively. During this Season of Seasons, the beauty of life, and also its harsh realities, are remembered as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and the true meaning of Christmas.

Personally, as this is my first Christmas to greet the country as Premier, I am humbled at the confidencethat you, the people of this country, have placed in me.  But who am I, but a fallible, mortal man?

As leader, I know full well the challenges we have faced over the past year. Some people have suffered losses in the workplace; others have felt the harsh blow of the global economic crisis; and, most regrettable, many children and young people feel displaced and unloved.  Yes, even here on our small islands, there are people who are not sure where their next meal is coming from.

In all this, God has continued to be merciful and ever-present in our lives, and in the affairs of our country.  Furthermore, He has granted to some of us the strength and ability to help others in need.  Therefore, for those of us who are more fortunate, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to assist however we can. So, find a friend. Please, share your time, donate money, or provide a festive meal for a family inneed. One of my favourite songs expresses an important message:

“No man is an island, no man stands alone
Each man’s joy is joy to me
Each man’s grief is my own
We need one another, so I will defend
Each man as my brother
Each man as my friend.”

As we go about our customary Christmas duties of buying gifts, decorating trees and preparing elaborate meals, let us each pursue and appreciate the beauty of this holiday, and the love of family and friends.  Let us consider the ‘Reason for the Season’, this Season of Seasons, and seek out less-fortunate neighbours and find ways to uplift our community and our country. Most importantly, let us stay safe and commit to spreading the gifts of love and unity this Christmas, as we strive to live, grow and prosper together.  

This is my advice: Find a new friend; and, be a new friend… this is my theme for Christmas.

May the Good Lord bless you this Christmas, and may you have a joyous holiday time with your families, and may He give us health and strength for the year ahead. God Bless.


Message from Leader of Opposition Kurt Tibbetts: As we come together to celebrate Christmas, all of us will no doubt reflect on what has been a difficult and tumultuous year. Many of us faced personal challenges. Some found themselves out of work, while others experienced the devastating loss of a loved one. We were also challenged as a nation when world events forced us to face the reality that we are not immune to global uncertainty, financial or viral.

And while it is only natural to regard all of this with apprehension, this festive season we should adjust our focus, and reflect instead on those things that did go our way. For one, we had a peaceful hurricane season. Spared from storms we were able to focus on rebuilding Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. And we thank the Lord for that.

Moreover, our people remain hopeful, our traditions are strong, and we have a great love for these Cayman Islands. Most importantly though – all challenges remind us that earthly successes are indeed transient, and that there is more to life. And so, let us celebrate what Christmas is truly about: The birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

For the real joy of the season comes not in the hurrying to get more done, or in buying the perfect gift, but instead, it is found in love and compassion. Because when people look only to their own interests, our world crumbles.  The best gift to receive this Christmas is indeed the love and support of neighbours, family and friends. And so, let us take this time to draw closer to God, and those we love.

Have a happy Christmas and may the New Year be filled with God’s blessings.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The ppm what a lot of crock. find something to do. leave the premier alone. His the best leader we have had in years and he loves his country. I wonder if the ppm had won the election if all this rubbish would have been said about the perks. NO NO. Only because it is the Premier.

    Shut up ppm. We are tired of the crying.

  2. OG says:

    Mann u see all these politicians & Govt officials and their armed bodyguards what the hell is going on Cayman. This open arms policy has really come at a serious price now they are welcoming more people and their dynamics to these little islands it is getting like Afganistan out there.

  3. Peter Milburn says:

    And the Lord said unto Moses"Tell Mac I am still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  4. Anonymous says:

    re – Mr. McTavish  ..quote "crime is ramping up to history making levels, capital projects are being" …etc etc

    Consider Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Bridger etc. etc. search & see if we have anymore of those sorts lurking and try to find a solution to stop this kind of slaughter to our economy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    When is Kurt going to do the best thing for democracy in Cayman and step down?  With some as inept as his at the helm the PPM have no chance of rebuilding regardless of who else is in the party.  An honourable politician would have resigned immediately after the rout in May.

    • Anonymous says:

      UNBELIEVABLE CNS!!!!!!!!!!!! My comment is no different to 09:52 except I changed the names, TWICE!!! Why is my comment not posted? I am asking the same thing of Bush! Bush was routed in May 2005, & Kurt was routed in May 2009? WHY ARE YOU NOT POSTING MY COMMENT, but you post Anon 09:52??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


      CNS Note: Alright keep yer hair on! I’m new to this comment’s monitoring malarky so I could’ve messed up! ….sorry…..normal service will resumesoon…..

      • Anger management says:

        don’t feel so bad 16:46 i posted a letter calling for the overthrow of all governments everywhere, legalizing all drugs, free food, money, housing, liquor, hanging the rich, using the honor system for bank withdrawals, and turning churches into pubs.

        they didn’t post that either.

        but i didn’t use any caps

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me try again, for the THIRD time:

      "When is Mckeeva Bush going to do the best thing for democracy in Cayman and step down? An honourable politician would HAVE resigned immediately after the rout in May of 2005?"

      Why didn’t Bush resign after the rout he got in May 2005?

      There are other questions that need to be asked about your question 09:52, but it seems CNS do not want them asked, so I will simply ask the question above & see if you can answer it. If you feel Kurt should resign after the rout of May 2009, why shouldn’t Mckeeva Bush have resigned after the rout in May 2005? If it is the honourable thing for Kurt to do, why shouldn’t it have been the honourable thing for Mckeeva Bush to have done in 2005?

      (CNS, is this ok now? Surely there is nothing wrong with my posting, & definitely nothing different to the posting by Anon 09:52? SURELY????)


      CNS Note: Just to let you know I’m holiding the fort alone and I’m a novice to comment monitoring! Could well have deleted stuff by accident. Apologies.

    • Anonymous says:

      "When is McKeeva going to do the best thing for democracy in Cayman and step down? With ……….. him at the helm Cayman has no chance of rebuilding regardless of who else is in the UDP party. An honourable politician would have resigned immediately after the rout in May of 2005?"

      Are you saying that McKeeva is not an honourable politician therefore you did not expect him to resign after the rout of May 2005, but because Kurt IS an honourable politician he should resign after the rout of May this year?

      While I totally agree with those sentiments about who is honourable & who is not, I believe that if McKeeva did not resign after the rout of May 2005, then Kurt should not resign after the rout of May this year!

  6. joe bananas says:

    Thanks for carrying out the great Cayman tradition of "take what you can, give nothingback".  Merry christmas where ever you are.

  7. Jane says:

    Bush says, “Even here on our small islands, there are people who are not sure where their next meal is coming from.” Yet you Mac, know where you’re meal is coming from; you have not oppose the applications sent out to hire you a Housekeeper/Cook (see ad). You tolerate government perks when you can pay for your own Housekeeper/Cook with you “own” money…

    You still refuse to help the Civil Service by reducing the top MLA’s salaries. You must now make 20 thousand, a fat salary – I am sure with half of your salary, you can pay for your own Housekeeper/Cook
    Still God bless you, He knows the heart, but expects better from you
    Merry Christmas
    • Anonymous 1 says:

      What a load of rubbish! When are we going to grow up and realise that the new position of Premier comes with certain perks? I suppose that you would prefer us not to advance at all, and keep being sub-servient to others in our little country.

      A more meangingful critique would have been to compare and contrast what other Premiers in the region have as perks, if that proved that our Premier’s perks was excessive then there could be an argument as to why.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         Perks come with a country "in the black" not the red. I have seen real leaders refuse income, salary increases, perks etc until their countries are recovered. We are in the red……there are no real "new" LARGE income streams on line for the CIG, crime is ramping up to history making levels, capital projects are being rambed through the system and stay over tourism is stillllll languishing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you please tell us why the name change to premier should qualify a leader to get more perks than previous LOGB’s? I didn’t see anywhere in the modernized constitution that says the premier must have a personal driver, first class travel & board, & especially a $35,000 per year housekeeper paid for by government! These perks would be outrageous at the best of times, but during a world recession & at a time when our country is BANKRUPT (McKeeva Bush’s own words, said on many many occasions) this is UNACCEPTABLE! What an egocentric & selfish premier we are stuck with. He cares more about himself & securing his "PERKS" than he cares about the people of this country. If he cared for the people he would cut back on his "PERKS" & help the needy instead, because when I last checked there were many persons in need that have been neglected while the new egotist premier has travelled the world first class for months, been driven full time up & down Cayman since May, & is now going to be provided with a helper who will cost us $35,000 (WHAT? $35,000???). FLABERGASTING!!!! UNREAL!!!!! SELFISH!!!!!!

      • Joe Bananas says:

        Spoken like a man with perks to protect.  What job were you given?  The country is basically broke.  There is no accounting for millions of dollars that has been spent (stolen) over the past 5 years or so.  Crime is rising to record levels with Goverment as its only competition as far as what will kill the country faster.  Things look diffferent to the people that have to work to pay for the many in the system that do not.  Not too hard to see which one you are.  After the Caymanian system issucked dry (and this may have already happened) could you go back to work for your ex-country?  Maybe a cook or yard man for the only Caymanian with money who will then live in a different country?  Soon come! Payment time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Macks 35000 a year housekeeper/Cook was actually the work of Kurt who built it into the new constitution believing that he would be the beneficiary.

      Unfortunately for Kurt all the goodies built into the constitution and voted against by Mack is now being reaped by Mack.

      Is it any wonder then that the PPM bloggers are so hurt about it and cant stand the facts.

      Do anyone believe that the UDP haters from the PPM is happy about all the perks Mack is reaping????

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you see it anywhere in the new constitution that a housekeeper be provided for the premier at a cost of $35,000 per year AND paid for by us, the people of the Cayman Islands? If so, please tell us where we can find that! Do you see it anywhere in the new constitution that a full time driver must be provided for the premier AND paid for by us, the people of the Cayman Islands? Please let us know? I am not against certain "perks" but only at a time when we can afford it, & at this time we cannot afford these perks for the premier because we are "bankrupt" & the world is experiencing a terrible recession, & the majority of the Cayman people are suffering! Still, it is obvious the Cayman people do not agree with government paying for a housekeeper at the cost of $35,000 for the premier, not even in good times. This has nothing to do with UDP or PPM, this is just sheer stupidness, & it is not only PPM supporters that feel this way because the majority of Caymanians are upset & feel this is rubbing salt in the wounds of us poor suffering Caymanians! This is soooo POMPOUS!

  8. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to unna too.  However, if unna have not taken note our country is being destroyed!  Our police, I almost want to say, are useless, you all are saying nothing and our people are highly discouraged.

    Why are you all so silent?!!  Why?!  I am sick to my stomach by your silence.  I am not even going to drink coffee tonight.

    We are fed up and mobilizing…so unna sit down there and play unna politics.

  9. what a mess says:

    Wow! This all sounds very hollowconsidering who’s saying it.

    These guys voted themselves between 20-35% raises over the past five years…easy to give best wishes when all they have to do is secretly vote themselves more money whenever thay need…or want.

    Both leaders and parties always find easy agreement on their own salary and perk increases eh!

    And then cloak it in christianity and praises to God…how hyprocritial!


  10. au revoir says:

    It’s a good thing that Tiger isn’t Caymanian, or he may just have misinterpreted the Premier’s avise to "Find a new friend, and be a new friend".  He’s in enough hot water without any more new friends…  Kut, what’s your advise for Tiger?