Airport tightens security

| 28/12/2009

(CNS): Air travel is set to be even more stressful this week as security is beefed up around the world following the Christmas Day terrorist alert. In response to the heightened security requirements from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in the US the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) has also warned of increased security measures and is asking passengers to arrive at Owen Roberts International Airport at least three hours before the departure time of their US flight in order to undergo extra security searches before boarding.

 “Airlines at the Owen Roberts International Airport have implemented increased security checks which will require that passengers, on flights to the USA, be hand searched at the boarding gates prior to boarding,” the CIAA said in a statement. “In order to accommodate these additional measures and to avoid delays, passengers are encouraged to arrive at the airport and commence their check-in processes earlier than usual. A minimum of three hours before flight departure time is recommended.”  
CIAA explained that the additional security measure will not apply to passengers on flights bound for the Sister Islands, Kingston, Montego Bay, Cuba, the UK and Honduras. “The additional security measure that has been implemented is in respect to the security check to be conducted by individual USA bound carriers and will impact passengers as they prepare to leave the departure hall for boarding” CIAA stated.  

Once passengers have been checked in they will be encouraged to proceed to the security check point immediately after check-in to allow for the extra time that will be required for boarding. It is expected that this TSA directive will remain in place until at least Wednesday, 30 December.

The botched attempt by a 23 year old Nigerian student to ignite explosives on a Northwest Airlines plane carrying 290 people to Detroit from Amsterdam has reportedly caused travel chaos around the world. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who was overpowered by a passenger has been charged with attempting to blow up and a second Nigerian man was arrested for “suspicious activity.”

Airlines are undertaking individual body searches and passengers are being restricted to just one item of hand luggage and are being limited in their ability to move about a plane. US authorities said passengers should not be allowed to stand up or even go to the toilet an hour before landing. The crackdown could also signal the widespread use of in-flight air marshals on transatlantic routes to counter the terrorist threat.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think what J. Champion is saying in a nutshell, is, some of these attempted attacks may be planned.

    I agree! First, let’s point out, usually when these type of thing happens, there’s more than one person. Here, they use this young guy that wasn’t properly trained. Just one very young guy. More than likely, this guy had to be under the influence of a drug. Here’s why, 1st and 2nd degree burns hurt like crap.  3rd degree burns usually burn through the nerves, and sometimes to the bone so the pain is less, if any. The news reported he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.This guy appeared to be dazed and in a trance. There are no reports that this guy every screamed or moaned due to pain.

    Secondly, on CNN, they continue to report this guy may have been "radicalized in London." Yet, when they read through his Facebook writings, nothing indicate he was ever "radicalized." Again, on Larry King Live tonight (airing 12-30-2009) a former Secret Service Agent will be a guest, and again, he is supposed to say again that this guy was "radicalized in London." ***I don’t know why the U.S. (GOP) base continues to try and implicate London. But then again, most people in the U.S. likes to drag everyone into their mess. For example, the cable "news" kept complaining that Pres. Obama took too long to make a comment. Yet, they continue to pit the former politicians and active politicans against each other. These cable "news" programs are playing with fire.

    Third, the GOP does not want to close Guantamo Bay Prison, nor do they want the detainees to be tried in federal court. So yes, I believe these are tactics used to keep the prison open. I believe these are nothing but scare tactics. Like this morning, an abandoned van was left in New York, the cable "news" stayed on this story for hours.

    Last, it’s no secret, the GOP continues to voice publicly, they want President Obama to fail. Immediately during and after the campaign, the GOP repeatedly and publicly voiced that President Obama WILL be tested by the "terrorists."

    What I fully don’t understand, the GOP rallies behind tough talk, attempting to bully and provoke people. Yet, I don’t think they fully understand their actions can cause severe consequences. Meanwhile, they cry foul and make people want to apologize for stupid things. The cable "news" programs don’t help matters – they continue to slander people, and cause the already dumbed-down population to think every thing they say is the truth. Disagree with anything they say, and they start arguing that you’re un-American.

    For these reasons I have to rely on the following television news programs, WorldFocus, BBC, Reuters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    J Champion was correct. Breaking news on CNN, the suspect’s father met with CIA.

    **I made an error on the above post – meant to say Mr. Qtub didn’t like the American lifestyle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Again, I partially agree with J. Champion. Yes, most people are brainwashed by the U.S. government. For instance, the media would have us believe that "radical Islam" is in London, or London is where radicalism is taking place.

    Truth is, it was "radicalized" in the U.S. in the 1960’s in the state of Texas. Google Syed Qutb, or look at

    Apparently, this guy was in Texas to attend college. He did like the lifestyle of the Americans. He went back to Egypt and was imprisoned. This is where the Muslim Brotherhood was formed. After the Egyptian government dismantled this group, Al Quaeda was formed.

    BTW, I am not Muslim, nor am I Middle Eastern.

    However, I just wanted to make it clear that, no, it did not start in Europe, London, and no, it wasn’t for our freedoms. And definitely no, this is not new.


  4. TSA Correspondent says:

    Airline security worldwide is a joke. In the aftermath of 9-11 I wrote to the TSA when they were seeking input and they did eventually respond and thanked me for my input. Unfortunately, even the mighty TSA, just like everyone else it seems, must bow to economic pressures.

    In my correspondence I pointed out that it seemed rather ridiculous to be taking away nail clippers from people when anyone can purchase a large bottle of rum and take in onboard the plane with them.

    Have you ever seen how nicely Overproof rum burns? And if you were ever to find yourself in a bar room brawl, would you prefer a nail clippers over the jagged end of a rum bottle to defend yourself?

    As long as your life is less valuable than the duty free trade at airports this weapon will always be available to terrorists.

    Whilst I do not wish to make this a nationalist issue, have you ever looked at the people responsible for seeing that no explosives are allowed onto the plane in your luggage? Yep, every day we place the lives of thousands of people in the hands of those earning minimum wage. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how difficult it might be for an infiltrator to get an unskilled job paying minimum wage?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This will impact our stayover tourism, no question. Now is the time for us to make some big changes at the airport. Lets get the US customs here and increase the security from 2 lines to… maybe 10.

    I would happily pay a $50 CI airport security fee on a round trip ticket if I thought I could make the one hour flight to the States with my dignity intact.

  6. anonymous says:

    These new rules are as silly as the current (old) ones….the main point of these "rules" is simply to make the traveling PUBLIC feel better and they are really not about making the RISK of terrorism any less. 


    There are no rules that will stop all terrorism acts….and yes one day we will see a plane full of blanket-less, one carryon bagged, no laptopped, no handbagged, strapped to the seats, nude scanned, blindfolded passengers get blown up.  This is really not getting at the real situation…to stop the reason these folks believe in doing what they do.


    Everyday millions of pounds of UN-INSPECTED cargo flies from around the world (particularly from South America) on American Airlines and others with everything including flowers, food, manufactured textiles, etc. This is just a matter of time!!  So while we have silly "rules" upstairs down in the cargo hold (where the true money in the flight is) we have a shipment from a company in Bogata /Rio/ Guatamala….on top of that many of these planes are now serviced in South America as well…I will leave that one to your imagination.


    Anyone still think the silly rules at check in still make sense ….I did not think so.  All about making you feel safer so you will continue to fly….part of a safer ECONOMY.



  7. Captain Underpants says:

    Was Chris Bryant, aka ‘Captain Underpants’ the British Labour MP and former overseas minister the evil mastermind behind this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately we are still paying the price for the ignorance and arrogance of George W. Bush and his lapdog Tony Blair. 

    • au revoir says:

      Actually no, we’re not paying the price for the ignorance and arrogance of GWB and TB.  We’re paying the price for our liberal policies that allow certain groups/fanatics to promote their agendas.  These groups take advantage of our tolerance in their quest to push forward their hate-filled plans.  Of course GWB did not help, but these groups would have done the same with or without him…

      • Al Keyder says:

        GWB did create a wonderful terrorist breeding ground in Iraq which previously had been an enemy of Al Qaeda by unliateral invasion on a false basis in a manner which divided the civilised world (or divided the fly-over states America from the civilized world) and by going into Afghanistan on a unilateral rather than UN global basis he ramped up anti-US feeling even more.

        There was no attempt to engage other than through conflict. 

        Feeding the terrorist machine that is Israel did not help either.

        • au revoir says:

          Duh, he did not go into Afghanistan on a unilateral basis…  there are British, German, Canadian, Australian, Polish, etc. troops there as well.  That makes it far from unilateral.  Regarding Iraq, all that Hussein had to do was to open up his country to the international weapons inspectors – he refused to do so because he wanted Iran to believe that he held weapons of mass destruction.  Ultimately, he did not believe that the US was going to invade, a slight miscalculation on his behalf.  As for the "terrorist machine" that is Israel, right, anti-Semitism is alive and well in the Cayman Islands – congratulations.  Lastly, any  idiot who sides with countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. needs to visit those places – wear a cross while you’re at it and see what that gets you…  The western world (including the US) is far from perfect, but when compared to those middle eastern theocracies…

          • Anonymous says:

            To equate criticism of Israel as anti-semitism is misplaced and the knee-jerk response of the neo-con republican.  The treatment of Palestinians by the state of Israel, as seen in the recent UN reports is horrific and indefensible.  Their military responses to any attacks on Israel have been cynical anddisproportionate.  The building of more settlements sets the tone for Israel’s obstructive and diktat styled negotiating position on allowing the Palestinian people (a semitic race) the same rights as the Jewish people were given in 1948.   To call being horrified at the behaviour of Israel in recent years anti-semitism is pathetic.  Maybe Israel should let the weapons inspectors in?

            I did not see any defence of the governments of Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan in the chain above.  I only saw criticisms of the behaviour of the US and more particularly the inflamatory and unilateral nature of that behavior which has fanned the flames of anti-Americanism in Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

  9. au revoir says:

    John Champion, your reasoning skills have impressed all on this board.  It takes a brilliant man such as yourself to decipher what everyone else has missed; thank you for sharing with us all…  Should anything else arise in the future, pleasedo not hesitate to educate us all again.  You see, it’s not only the Cayman Government but all ordinary citizens (minus the brilliant ones such as yourself) who are brainwashed by the US government – did you know that they send us subliminal messages on their cereal boxes to turn us into mindless, pathetic, robots?  Keep up the resistance and fight the good fight John Champion!!!  Au revoir!

    • John Champion says:

      Thanks for the compliments, I am sure. I don’t think that you speak for ‘all’ as you put it, but then again that may be an indicator of your own self-importance.

      Very few people who have actualy dared analyse the facts of 9/11 really believe that it was a highly co-ordinated terrorist attack, but rather an inside job and if you don’t believe that, you probably believe that we put men on the moon in little more than a glorified refrigerator.

      What about the lack of debris at the Pentagon, the huge 6 mile debris footprint of a plane that had supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania, the unexplained collapse of Building 7 and the fact that even a group of pilots who know a lot more than you or I have formed a group demanding answers from the US Government.

      I would rather be wrong and just believe all that is fed to us through the media is 100% right and truthful. I did used to believe that way, but not any more and I dare say that a growing number of folk are beginning to see the cracks in the veneer.

      I don’t suppose to speak for anyone except myself and you can be assured that if I feel compelled to speak again, I will.

      Enjoy the cereal and just to prove that I have an equally profound grasp of another language other than my own, I say to you, "Auf wiedersehen."

      • au revoir says:

        1.  Did you inspect the Pentagon scene after the crash or were you spoonfed this misinformation by some other boneheads who also have no clear idea as to what they’re talking about?  Right, that’s what I thought.

        2.  I imagine that you must also have ridden the communist bandwagon, while that one was beating its drums as to how superior their model was to that of the western world’s.  Rode that horse to it’s death, didn’t you?  Like this bandwagon any better – it’s fashionable to dislike the US at present, isn’t it?

        3.  Eaten any Sauerkraut lately – you must have, with all the b.s. that you’re spreading.

        4.  German removed by CNS in case it was racist or rude…..

        5.  Lose the Champion, doesn’t suit you.  Just a suggestion.

        • au revoir says:

          CNS, it wasn’t rude nor racist – just wanted to test Mr. Champion’s grasp of the language.  He went to great lengths to try and prove, with two words that anyone can find in a dictionary, that he speaks another language.  At any rate, I understand your reasoning for removing it.  Keep up the good work.  Au revoir.

          • John Champion says:

            Well it looks like you and I are going to butting heads from time to time in this forum. I’m looking forward to it. Happy New Year,


  10. Anonymous says:

    I have to partially-agree with J. Champion. Although I’m not exactly sure who is behind what! Apparently, there are visas being issued to Middle Eastern countries called "Diversity Visas." These are visas, from what I understand, issued to countries to groups with small, or underrepresented groups in the U.S. I’ve heard that quite a few are going to Morocco.

    If I remember correctly, it’s visas #2100 & 2110. According to the news (which I barely believe any of the reports coming from U.S. news – this is due to irresponsible journalism, most are just television personalities attempting to sell their books) this guy traveled on a tourist visa.

    However, since we are outsourcing jobs, at the same time replacing U.S. workers with foreign workers inside the U.S., this suspect did have education for (a) engineer. So, I would venture to say, that maybe he was traveling on a visa to get a job.

    In Detroit Michigan, as well as Dearborn, Hamstrak Michigan, there is a large community of Muslims. So, I am unsure why he chose Michigan. There’s also a Muslim state senator – I just remember his first name is Keith. There was a big discrepancy about this guy, as he wanted to use the Quran for his swearing-in instead of the bible. The Republicans (GOP/conservatives) had a public fit.

  11. Anonymous says:

    John Champion, may I offer some clarity in response to your clueless statements and at the same time pose a question or two.The US airlines and any other carriers which wish to fly into the US must apply these measures or not land there. So in order to meet US requirements so that (primarily) US citizens and residents (let’s be you and say they ban everyone else!) going back home can actually get back to their country, the measures must be allowed in the countries from which such travelers are departing. They are not measures implemented by CIG or any branch of it, they are US measures accommodated at the foreign airports served by US airlines.  Firstly, are you suggesting that countries, including Cayman (in this context Cayman = UK), ignore obvious benefits to the preservation of human life, and resist implementing these requirements, thus creating a peurile and unecessary worldwide transportation and diplomatic mess?  Secondly, just how exactly do you propose that US airlines defy their own Government’s requirements and fail do implement them at the foreign airports they serve, including Cayman? What, while all their passengers and crews are stranded overseas, their aircraft are parked at airports worldwide??

    Tell me, what JC (no, not that one) do?

    • in the crosshairs says:

      One and all, one of the main problems you face is that as long as you have good people there willing to work (yes yes, even the spawn of the devil, those expatriots who actually bring ALL the money to that country…) and you deny them effective posts, your little country will either falter, or fall behind. You HAVE to embrace what the world imposes upon you in order to comply and keep up. Get over it, you are too small to say no, deal with it, and keep spending the money they bring. Everyone there seems to like money, local and ‘rest of the world’ people, so unless you keep up, your Hummers (bought from abroad) are going to look pretty silly with 24" rims made of coconuts, sand, and hemp rope…..


      be blessed…..

    • John Champion says:

      Anonymous, I respect your position and based on the framework of the law, you are absolutely right in all that you say.

      However, the point I am making is that I happen to believe that these events are an orchestration to get us used to being herded around like cattle so that when the gate really closes, we will be none the wiser.

      Rather than get into an endless spiel, I will give you a simple illustration. Perhaps you remember Punch and Judy? As a kid I was rivetted and actually believed that both puppets fighting each other were independent, but one day I took my eye off what was going on and looked above the stage. The one controlling both Punch and Judy was one and the same. Perhaps we are in one big Punch and Judy show and whoever is pulling the strings is pulling on both sides.

      This is the documented way of the Illuminati to gain control of the masses and we should not blindly accept everything we are told. For heaven’s sake, we got dragged into 2 massive World Wars, are still killing each other today and we are still clueless. Who benefits from all this?

      Correct, the money people.

      I think you last statement was meant to say, "What would Jesus do?" I would surmise that he would have us be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, but that is my own opinion. You ask him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    and Mac is in the Middle East beggin them to come here!

  13. Ruttering says:

    I came up with the ideal solution to this problem several years ago after 9/11 but nobody would listen. Undeterred, I will say it again: 

    All air stewards and especially the stewardesses should carry out their duties naked. The moslem terrorists won’t fly because to do so would be anti islamic and offensive, while the rest of us would have an enhanced flight experience. Simple isn’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmmm…yip, they never take credit for a failed attempt! Good point!

    • Oh my eyes! says:

      You would not think this such a good idea if you flew with some of the mingers on the BA flight.

  14. John Champion says:

    C’mon folks, we are not stupid. Apparently some Al-Quaeda faction out of Yemen has already claimed responsibility. For what, a failed attack? Why would any group hoping to bring demise to the USA admit to a FAILED attack?

    Surely they would keep silent and then admit to a successful one, should they pull it off.

    Already, the folk in the USA are getting used to the screw getting turned, and now it is turned a little tighter.

    I smell a big fish here. I am absolutely certain that the funding behind these so-called terrorist attacks is none other than the CIA with their covert ops.

    The sad thing is that the Cayman government just tags along like a bunch of pathetic, mindless idiots with no opinion of their own. They just swallow whatever the US tells them to.

    Perhaps someone should ask McKeeva Bush what is going on and then post the answer on CNS.

    God help us.


    • anonymous says:

      Owen Roberts is merely responding like every other international airport with flights inbound to the USA.  The western world is at War, so you either follow the TSA security directives, or fly somewhere else. 

      <Don’t let the taxi door hit you in the ass on the way back to your cottage!>  



  15. Jingo Jango says:

    thank God for civil liberties

  16. DMA says:

    The US is a master of self inflicting pain.

    According to the news channels they had information about this chap and did not act again. Sounds familiar. Think 9/11. Maybe another measure to justify the "Patriot Act".

  17. Peter Milburn says:

    Go with the flow folks and get used to tighter security especially anywhere in the US.At least you should arrive safely so grin and bear it.The alternative is not very pleasant.Maybe one day this will all calm down again.Happy trails.

  18. It onlytakes one numb nut to screw things up for all of the sane and responsible people, happy travelling to all despite the delays.

  19. They're everywhere says:

    The passenger in question has confessed to being involved with a group in Yemen.

    The U.S. has upped the risk of Yemen. And is considering it’s options.

    Yemen is south of Saudi Arabia.

    Iraq is north of Saudi Arabia.

    Iraq has oil.

    Saudi Arabia has more oil.

    There will be no television or entertainment.  Passengers will be blindfolded and not allowed to use the washroom 1 hour prior to landing.

    Have a pleasant flight.