Mac begs criminals to stop

| 31/12/2009

(CNS): Although written before the discovery of the body of 27-year-old Fabian Powell on Tuesday, in his New Year message the premier pleaded with those committing crime to stop. McKeeva Bush said that the issue of crime was a scourge upon the community and was threatening national security. He said, however, that his government was supporting several measures to combat the escalation of crime that he said it had inherited, including the installation of closed-circuit cameras.

“I want to make a plea in the name of God. Those of you committing these crimes consider the damage you are inflicting on these islands forshort-term gain that can only amount to nothing but grief,” Bush said. “Those of you who know the individuals committing these crimes – report it. It is your bound duty to the community and to your family. I ask the perpetrators – in the name of God – stop the criminal activity.”

Bush also promised that in 2010 he would be increasing resources for schools and after-school programmes; improving the quality of education and training; offering more vocational and professional training programmes; and creating more employment opportunities.


Full Message from Premier McKeeva Bush: 

It is with great pleasure, and much thanks from the all-mighty God, that I bring greetings for the New Year to all our residents and visitors. I wish for you all a blessed, happy and prosperous year.

I also hope that Christmas was pleasant, and peaceful,  and that it brought with it opportunities to reconnect with family and loved ones, as well as chances to extend the hand of friendship in assisting those in need. It is that spirit of kindness and giving, of love and of sharing that I hope will guide us through the year.

As no day is promised to any of us, it’s definitely a blessing when we can celebrate the coming of a New Year, and for that alone, we ought to be thankful. Challenges will undoubtedly arise, and I hope we will all use them to learn, grow and become stronger, more resilient individuals.

This government will have its own share of testing this year, but already we have in place and are implementing policies designed to help us look for opportunities, and take advantage of them as they arise.

Of greatest importance is our human development. This may seem clichéd but it is undeniably true: Our youth are both our most valuable asset and our greatest responsibility.

They represent Cayman’s future and we must ensure that they have the necessary tools and opportunities to realise their potential.  Equally, we have our elderly to thank for our economic foundations, and even more vitally, for our character.  We must recognise where we come from, but not be limited by it, in clarifying where we aspire to go.

We are this year committed to increasing resources for schools and after-school programmes; improving the quality of education and training; offering more vocational and professional training programmes; and creating more employment opportunities.

Of course this is not a task for Government alone. I also encourage the many youth-oriented organisations within our community to continue developing strategies to aid human development; to work with this government in developing your vision; and to continue working with us towards the future of these Islands.

Taking this country from one developmental level to the next must be a collaborative effort involving everyone – from government to business leaders, to service clubs and guest workers – because we all live and work here, and are affected by the physical, social and political environments. 

 The Government has taken a very vigorous lead, with private sector partnerships, in promoting new investments and protecting what we have built up in the Cayman Islands over the years.

Whether it is the status of our successful bond issue; development of cargo and cruise berthing facilities; new private health facilities to enhance medical tourism; or new niches in cultural and sports tourism, we will continue to resolutely pursue opportunities for the benefit of you the people of the Cayman Islands, to keep you informed of our progress and encourage your participation.

I therefore urge you to embrace this cause of true development, and do your bit to enhance this community for the benefit of all. Ask yourselves key questions – What can I contribute? What can I do to make Cayman a little better? How can I make a difference?

The issue of crime is a scourge upon our community. And it has grown to a point where it is now threatening national security by threatening residents and national development.

This government is supporting several measures to combat the escalation of crime we have inherited. One such measure will be the installation of closed-circuit cameras, which will assist in the apprehension of criminals.

But I want to make a plea in the nameof God. Those of you committing these crimes, consider the damage you are inflicting on these islands for short-term gain that can only amount to nothing but grief.

Consider how your family will be affected by your activities in the long-term. What you are doing can only bring you hurt in the end – for you will suffer in one shape or another.

And those of you who know the individuals committing these crimes – report it. It is your bound duty to the community and to your family.

I ask the perpetrators – in the name of God – stop the criminal activity.

If you are in need come to me and we will do our best to address your needs. Turn over a new leaf, get a different start in life, make a change for this New Year and you will be more pleased with your own lives.

We are reminded daily that we share this small community of three islands.  Whether we reside here permanently or for a season, its health and safety, in their many facets, impact everyone.

So as we make our resolutions and set plans for the coming year, let us bear these things in mind. But let us also seek divine guidance through the challenges ahead.

Before closing it is appropriate – in the beginning of this New Year – to thank all those people who have done so much to make life better here for more than one person.

I want to thank the workers of Industry, the civil servants, the service clubs, and those who give and continue to give, for all that you do. Our government could not ever afford to pay for the work you do, on your own and sometimes in groups, for the people of these islands.

May I therefore, on behalf of all residents, thank all of you for what you do to make the Cayman Islands a better place.

I’ll leave with you these inspirational words from His Majesty the late King George 6th in his famous1939 New Year’s message:

“And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.”

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and keep us as a country, that fortune will smile upon us all and that 2010 will bring fulfilment and success.

Let us remember that God is our help today as He has been in ages past, and as He is our hope for years to come. May He then bless each and every family that has their being in our lovely Islands.

Thank you, and happy New Year!






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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to encourage all of you that have posted here, to keep on keeping on.  I don’t agree with a lot that has been said, but I am heartened by the spirit (and downright aggression) with which the comments are being made.  It means that we are not getting used to this heightened crime.  That to me is the most important thing right now, that we don’t get used to this level of crime, so that it doesn’t become a new norm for us.  Now we just need to learn how to unite.



  2. CaymanLover says:

    Methinks CCTV could make a difference, a thief might think twice if he knew Big Brother was watching!  Having CCTV (presuming the quality is not poor) could also help identify perpetrators of many other crimes and make the public feel a bit safer.  I know the opposing "intrusion of privacy" argument is justifiable but balancing that with the real need for action against crime, I would personally prefer having CCTV cameras.  Just wondering how will the government pay for them?  Will they hire people to sit and watch the output and liase with 999 if needs be?  Just not sure how it all works.

    • Bingsly says:

      Cayman lover let me give you the list of the things we have had, first we heard they need a Motto and a mission statement and community relations department and officers next they wanted cars next they need boats next they wanted moblie police stations next they need personel next they need increased salaries and a massive budget next they need specialist officers next they need a helicopter and now CCTV. My questions is what have we the Cayman public honestly got?  My suggestions is a UAV Unmanned Aerial vehicle or predator Drone to liquidate the criminal element in this country since we are unable to get law enforcement to get around to doing their jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have some good pictures of the two people who robbed Margaritaville.

      How are we coming along with the identity of those two?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder…is it the reference to God, the plea or being Caymanian?

  4. Rude Boy says:

    Hello. I is a criminal. I am begging Cayman politicians to stop thieving and destroying Cayman. Please stop! You are selling us out for nothing, enriching yourselves at the expense of the country’s future.

    If you stop doing this, I will stop robbing dem gas stations and what not.


  5. Anonymous says:

    According to Kurt, forcing the travelling public between Jamaica and Grand Cayman to pay expensive visa costs would be a solution to our crime problem. It seemed that the criminals were called off for a bit after that started, however as soon as the Government changed the criminals came out in full force again.

    Since it now appears that the expensive visas to and from jamaica is no longer controlling our crime is’nt it now time to remove that bit of failure and try a new approach???

    Surely Mack can get together with his Jamaican political buddies and find a newer approach to the problem. Each day I awake I am more convinced that our current criminal activity is politically motivated or controlled. I guess like some past caribbean leaders our politicians want to go down in history as the ones who armed the criminals and set them upon our society. Until they start denouncing crime and showing me that they are against it I see no reason to believe otherwise.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a saying "show me your company & I’ll tell you who you are" & I can tell the world what type of politician Mckeeva Bush is because of the company he keeps. He makes no secret of the fact that he & the udp are very close with the jlp of Jamaica, & one tends to learn from close associates. It does not surprise me that "each day you awake you are more convinced that our current criminal activity is politically motivated or controlled." Of that, I too am convinced. What else would we expect?

      However, removing the visa requirement is not the answer, because as you admit, under Kurt it was working, so it can still work, if enforced or monitored properly. We need a visa system to try & control criminals from all countries. All countries of any significance have visa requirements, & so should we. Do we, as Caymanians, complain when we are required to have a visa to enter the USA, even though we are law abiding citizens? We accept it as a part of life, & all those who enter Cayman should accept the same thing, UNLESS THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!!!

      Until our present politicians become less influenced by foreign politicians we will continue to have these problems, criminal as well as social!

      • anonymous says:


        All governments have to listemwhen the people speak, the governor responds when a march takes place. If you march to the governors office, the governor comes outside and addresses the issue and quickly finds a resolution. didn’t you all know that?

        When yo do march, know what you are marching for, make the necessary Banners that send messages to government what you really want. Organise it with people that have the same purpose. people like gordon Barlow is not allowed to participate because he is on the otherside with another agenda.

        The banners should read…







        any other names not mentioned please recommend.

        These men kept the country safe from murderers, drug lords, muggers, robbers and such likes.  DO GOVERNOR, POLICE COMISSIONER, AND MR. PREMIERE.






        • Hanson says:

          Demand who’s return…

          For your information, I think BRADY does not want to return back to the Royal Cayman Islands Police!

          Figure heads are not going to solve crimes. It is when people start to give their hearts and lives to Almighty God that we will see change!

          Change in the Families!

          Change in the Schools!

          Change in the Community!

          Change in Government!

          Change in Policies!

          Change in Human Nature!

          Change everywhere!

          But we are doomed when the people follow their own ways and thoughts, and refuse to surrender themselves totally to God!

          Doom… I say! 

        • COPSHOP says:

          Anyone ever considered that Haines does not want the job?

          • anonymous says:

            I think Derek Haines wants the job. A year ago he was on a short list for the position of Comissioner of police and someone else was chosen.  Since the elections in May 20, 2009 crime has escalated and the public safety picture has changed comletely. You are not in a position to speak for Chief inspector Derek Haines. I believe he would consider coming back as Deputy Police Commissioner, If the government falls out with Baines because he won’t be their little scape goat and political pawn then it will be Haines at the helm of the ship running tings  and that wuld be the best ting eva happen to us ya.

            Come on comissioner Baines, I know you are reading all these messages and I know you already spoke to Derek Haines about this, tell us what he told you Yes or No.


    • livingcayman says:

      Offcourse it is, and your statement says it all "however as soon as the Government changed the criminals came out in full force again."


  6. Why says:

    And this xenophobic rant is relevant because?

    PS The only native Caymanians are turtles and blue iguanas. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Could it be frustration at being jobless & futureless is part of cause of some of the criminal mentality.

      And PS if we followed your logic only Native Americans (injuns 🙂 ) would be natives in the western world.

      • frank rizzo says:

        Well not just Native Americans (referring to the current United States), one would have to include all of the indigenous population of North, South, and Central America as natives. Not so much of a stretch in my opinion.

        • Anonymous says:

          The term Native American does not only refer to the US. Oh wait it is believed that came from Asia over 12,000 years, so now what

          • frank rizzo says:

            So that’s where my B- blood comes from! Thanks! Saved me a search on Guess that means there are no indigenous Americans either, now that all the Mammoths have died. Where o’ where will Immigration send me? Somewhere in Asia, maybe?

      • True born Human says:

        Absolutely – all Caymanians are immigrants and Caymanian-ness is a purely relative concept. 

  7. sllab says:

    I really do believe it’s time to show our leaders our concern about what’s taking place in our beloved islands because of a selfish minority. Could we use this site to organise a peaceful march on the glass house? Maybe just maybe they might listen to us!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know why the Government has NO NATIVE CAYMANIANS working at the Kikconell Community Care Centre in Cayman Brac as a Community Care Worker taking care of the elderly people. Dont we have Native Caymanians that are Qualified to work there. Out of all the staff that work there it is only 4 Native Caymanians that work there, 1 Cook and 3 House Keepers. The other staff are Jamaicans! WHY?  

    • Anonymous says:

      Very simple answer to your question.

      The people at the rest home are elderly caymanians. Young caymanians could not care less about them once they require some physical attention.

      As an elderly caymanian myself I recently suffered at home and niether of my three children cared a hoot about what was happening to me. As far as they are concerned, the only interest they have in me is when they will share my belongings, so the attitude is, once you get too old to care for yourself, let it be the governments problem. The rest homes have to be run by someone and if caymanians wont do it, then the government has to turn to whoever is willing to do it, hence the jamaicans. God bless them for caring.

      Of course it is the elder caymanians fault. Until they start naming the government as the beneficiary of their belongings none of their offspring has any reason to care.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just because your children ignored you does not mean that in Cayman Brac a young Caymanian may not be happy to have such a job. And yes it is wonderful that the Jamaicans are will to work but we need to also look out for our fellow Caymanians who have the ambition to work.

    • frank rizzo says:

      Because iguanas can’t cook.

  9. John Champion says:

    Hi everyone, and may 2010 be great for us all. I read the headline and then I read the text. The headline says that Mr Bush is begging, but I don’t believe that is true. You see, when you are a beggar, you have nothing and you are at the mercy of the giver.

    Mr Bush has the power of the police force and the UK behind him and he certainly is not begging. He is politely requesting that if the vermin that feel that they can jeopardize national security by living like scum is acceptable, then they can think again.

    Let me tell you vermin and career criminals……read carefully and you will know that you have no hiding place.

    You have decided that the rule of violence is theway and that the most violent makes the most money. You also feel that you have intimidated our police force as you shoot your weapons against them and they are defenseless.

    You are sadly mistaken. The line is drawn in the sand and I can assure you that the leader of our police force knows all about you. The public is clamouring for your apprehension and damn your so called human rights.

    Where were the human rights of those you executed in cold blood? We will look for you, we will report you and if any police are corrupt, they will be exposed.

    But trust me, you gangstas, you will not thrive, nor will you prosper because the police are about to bring you in and if you start crying about your famous families, you will shame them as well.

    God bless the true Caymanians.

    • Bushisms says:

      You don’t belive thats true?  They are sadly mistaken? We will report you?  Trust me.  God bless the "True?" Caymanians?  Where have I heard all this before?  Which country are you e-mailing from now Mr Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who will stop them? Mac does not seem equipped to do it so I guess he is at their mercy afterall!

    • macancheez says:

      You talk a mighty big game John Champion, but talk is cheap.  The public expects results, not talk…and all that we’ve heard so far is talk, talk, talk.  Why are this year’s 7 murderers still loose on our beautiful island?  When are the countless unsolved robberies, thefts, and breakins going to be resolved?  Why, when some suspects are finally brought in to face the music, so many are released for one reason or another?  Where in the world is that elusive chap who escaped from police custody some months ago?  So unless you know something that the rest of us do not, please stop shooting off your mouth; we’ll believe it when we see it…  We’ve been sold that line, "everything is going to be allright", far too many times by now…

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank God for BIG MACK. It would only someone like the likes of him to come up with this camera idea. At least he is not pigged head and will listen to the Public ideas. Now we only hope that he will also listen to us concerning where to install them. We need at least three Sub Stations in George Town. Once upon a time most of the crime was happening in West Bay, but now a days it is George Town. I am suggesting three in George Town, the same in West Bay, one in Savannah, one in Bodden Town, one in North Side, and two in East End.  Lets hope that this will be done ASAP. Thank you Premier Bush, and may you  lady Kerry and children have a blessed New Year.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         Camera’s…..great idea…..that is really proactive, immediate…something the public can really relate to……


    • Less talk... says:

      Cut through the hyperbola.

      Quit the BS chatta chatta.

      Take some f-ing action.

      I am dieing to face one of these ignoramouses – then the police will be looking into a whole different situation – and I challenge them to call it a crime.

      Stand up, Cayman,FIGHT BACK.  Give’em a dose of what de good lord sent dem!!!


  10. Bingsly says:

    Serious Failure of Leadership for the past 15 years anyone who returns these persons to power need to put in Sanitarium and i mean the whole bunch PPM&UDP PPMUDP Piss Poor Muddle up Politicians they lack everything but the seven deadly sins. My suggestions Cayman is creating of a external unit under this famous National Security Council Run by Mr Haines and let him hand pick his team so we do not get political and establishment Cronies who frequently have their own agenda.Cayman Islands National Security Service CINSS and finally get something that works to pull us back from this criminal abyss Only a suggestions watch them cringe!!! they probably try and jail you for the thought and because they did come up with it? Cayman we have the few good men that can do this stop listening these prima donna’s and their money making experiments & schemes "More money more problems"

  11. macancheez says:

    Too funny…Pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeease stop!  Pleeeeeeease.  What exactly does big Mac think, that these guys are all of a sudden going to start developing a conscience?  Shows the level of desperation that government and the police have reached…they have absolutely no idea how to get a handle on this situation.  Pluuuuuuuuuezzzzzze.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is not an unusual way of addressing this type of crime. The only thing missing is the opportunities for the youth. Leaders are only as successful as the people allow them to be by supporting their vision/plan.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My question is : was the Premier looking in the mirror when he was begging the criminals to stop ????

    I can’t help thinking of $1.6 Million of expenditure on Boatswain’s Beach that wasn’t necessary and that went we know where !;

    $4.4 Million in overexpenditure on the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal that went we know where !;

    $14 Million in expenditure on the affordable housing project that built houses that were only designed to last 7 years but yet had 20 year mortgages…….where did the money go ?…..we know where !;

    $50 Million in waived Government insurance claims from Cayman National that prompted claims from its prominent shareholders, including Sherri-Ann Bodden-Cowan; Truman Bodden & Benson Ebanks, that Mac was a great leader…..Hmmmmmm…..what a deal !!!;

    allowing two of his MLA’s, one of which is a Minister, to sit in Parliament who are clearly disqualified from doing so;

    the lack of public tendering of projects since the UDP returned to office;

    wide-spread status grants; and

    political interfere with the judiciary (legal aid service).

    Note to the Premier – A lawless Government produces a lawless society…..CHANGE YOUR WAYS QUICKLY; admit your transgressions and ask for forgiveness and then things will improve but not overnight…..IT WILL TAKE TIME.

    Yes Mr. Premier you reap what you sow !!!


    • Anonymous says:

      "$1.6 million of expenditure on Boatswain Beach"?? I believe it was more like $20 million of expenditure on Boatswain Beach that wasn’t necessary and that went we know where"!!! I agree with everything you said, & ALL the examples you mention are indeed 100% correct, but I do believe that the turtle farm redevelopment was expected to cost between $20 &$30 million less than it ended up costing, & as you quite correctly pointed out "that went we know where" in reference to the millions in "overpayment"!


    • anonymous says:

      I was wondering why Truman Bodden is ***ing Big Mac’s *** and also why Sherri Bodden -Cowan was involved with the UDP as chairman, seeing her political paternal roots was a vicious rival of truman Bodden’s ;and somthing just did not set right with Truman Bodden supporting McKeeva Bush so strongly and at the same time bashing Kurt Tibitts!  it all comes together now.

      Those are the pieces of the Puzzle missing I am putting together. It all makes sense now.  Boy are we sold by this Premiere! 

      Jamaica told Seaga no Third Term,

      I don’t see the UDP as the dominant party in 2013, it just can not happen.

  14. Billy D says:

    Why are we in this Position Cayman? My Question to our So Call Government and UK officials  is you mean to tell me their is No Crime plan for these islands taking into considerations all the possible situations that could occur including a financial downturn and especially after the Hurricane Ivan Experience where the only man need i remind Cayman that stood up for Cayman was Derek Haines who rescue this place from the forces of Chaos after we had a serious Failure of leadership.

    I cannot believe that the so call leaders of this OT who spend so much time "doing the peoples work" at the LA appears to have no plan. Oh but we got draconian Laws and a Police budget to die for the now be all end all NSC who are all useless to stop this crime onslaught. One Posters on CNS mention a crime plan that was previously done 2002 My questions is where is this plan and Where is Mr Haines? Why has he not been Consulted a logical question you would think? Our is this someones sick plan to destroy us with all that as happen not so far fetched is it. As far task forces are concerned who will fill those ranks hopefully not another contingent of Foreign police as we now have that in the RCIPS. What has that solved?

  15. Swatta says:

    Seriously, forget about the criminals for a few minutes and do something about the damn flies before I lose my mind. Can’t we all just pray for them to leave our blessed Islands, in the name of God? Please.

  16. Food for thought says:

    I originally posted a rather smartassy comment because like many I was dumbfounded at the lack of specifics in the Christmas address. But it is afterall not meant to be a policy statement and most leaders use a Christmas address to do exactly what Mr. Bush did, as a means to give hope, thanks and prayers for a country. True what he stated, is what many of us want. The overabundance of religious overtones may have made many feel a little uncomfortable and to be honest it may have been a little over the top. In any event we all pray either to ourselves or different saviours. During an election, it is a similar situation. We are, in most cases, looking for a saviour. And are satisified with a lack of specifics as rarely during an election do we get any. But we dohope there is a plan in place. The recent U.S. election was to a very large degree based on hope. Many thought… later for the specifics. It is after the election that sleeves must be rolled up and the work has to commence. But it seems many politicians are ill-equipped for post-election when things must to get down to specifics. At this point, when the rhetoric dies, many to the public are found wanting, and often all we hear is a rehash of election talk…."the other guys", etc. Without a specific policy or any ideas, which surprisingly were never worked out by a political party prior to, or during an election, paid lobbyists often called advisors are consulted post election. It is those people who make the real policy and often that is is contrary to the wishes of the public. This is played out over and over again and history repeats itself…while we wait. Mr. Obama are you listening? Mr. Bush? What we need to see is a break between election-type talk (save that for the next election) and the commencement of the rolling up of sleeves and real solutions, not four more years of campaigning. During the election, we were all thoroughly convinced by the speeches. Something had to be done.  Show us the election is over now.  It’s time to get to work. 

    Ps. It was a very nice Christmas address. God Bless Cayman.

  17. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Seems like a lot of "big thumbs up" on this thread. It appears that the general public and the voters would like to see a published cabinet action list of how the country is going to get crime under control. I had lived in Cayman for 15 years until I truly understood how important a peaceful march to The Glass House was. All the letter’s, post’s, calls to talk shows do not seem to be making any kind of an impression on the decisionmakers….maybe a gathering in front of the Glass House would hammer home the idea that action is required. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ok here goes a New Year and the same old negative drum tunes beating away. I agree that Mac needs to be on Island and needs to be more visible in the community along with other goverment officials and PPM haunchos.  Immigration is the main area that has to be over hauled and we have to get a Security Force not these RCIPS jokesters. I’m no expert on security yet if we use more of the tax payers dollars to protect our shores we’ll have reduce the number of illegal drugs, guns and human trafficking.

    Education is the key to help us along with stiffer sentences and not time in the beautiful Four Seasons HM Prison:). Give opportunities to qualified Caymanians and let our people have HOPE and don’t sell every parrot, turtle and mangrove to investors. You have good ideas yet no need to keep looking for the almighty dollar when your people feel lost and not appreciated as Bob Marley said in his own yard. Get in touch with the little man and don’t forget how you got your position.

    These crimminals no that they won’t be scared by Police carrying battons when the crimmies have guns, grenades and rocket launchers, that’s right. So Mac let HSBC, Dart and the investment guys deal with promoting Cayman for business. Get Tourism sorted before Raul opens our BIG Neighbour by 2011. Let us work together and greed is not the answer to a prosperous life and get back to our cultural values. Stay positive and have a Happy & Healthy 2010 to all.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Our beloved Leader is acting more like he won the lottery rather than the election with his first class world travel, private chef and housekeeper, chauffered vehicle.  I no longer believe that he has any concern at all for the difficulties of the people he was elected to serve.

    If he was a leader worth his salt he would refuse the private chef and housekeeper, sell the "protocol vehicles", and put his driver back to doing real police work. He would also stay in Cayman and come up with something better than asking the criminals to stop their activities. That solution was either the stupidest idea of 2009 or a likely winner for the stupidest idea of 2010 contest.

    • Proud Caymanian says:

      I just had to say that your post gave me a chuckle for the New Year and I completely agree with it. He was LOGB and he had no chef and no housekeeper but suddenly he is the Premier and he "needs" these things.  I find him inconsiderate and selfish. I suppose his justification for this is that that revised constitution states these "perks" for a Premier and in other Caribbean islands I presume that the Prime Minister or Premier have those things but because the Constitution had all those "perks" designated for the Premier doesn’t mean he has to take advantage of them, particularly at this time when a lot of people have beenlaid off from their job and don’t know where the money is coming from to pay their mortgage, electricity bill or to even buy groceries. At this rate the next thing is that a house will have to be built for the Premier because in most other Caribbean islands the PM or Premier do not live in their own house but one that is sustained by the Government. 

      So how much does the Premier make? Let’s say $15K per month and now with his utilities, chef, housekeeping services and gas bill all being taken care of he gets to keep most of that. Since we have no house built specifically for a Premier, guess they will soon be paying his mortgage too! Yet has the audacity to request for the criminals to "stop their criminal activity." I am not condoning criminal activity but when they compare the perks he has and they can’t even find enough to keep the light and water on, people become desperate but I am sure they will heed your word Mr. Premier and simply "stop their criminal activity… the name of God" 


  20. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope that Dr. Shetty is planning a large gunshot injuries unit at the hospital.  Medical tourists, we will need them when the other tourists stop coming and the financial services people move on.  Better start training for those porter jobs now.

  21. R.W. says:

     I just getting ready to retire and I was getting tired of the midwest winters of Illinois in the U.S. and figured south would be nice but not Florida, was looking to buy a home down in the Caymans. Found what I wanted told how safe and secure your island paradise is kind of different when you get past the real estate guides and realtors and read thenews from the island itself. Hell I think I’ll stay here in the U.S.. If I want the drug problems,shootings,and crime I can get all I need up here but I can still have the right to defend myself and property. To sum it all up I will use your fine banking system you have but I’ll just get a better security system,a higher fence, and a bigger gun…………..

    • Colin Scott says:

      There is Cayman Brac sir we dont have all that!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I would not say that too loudly if I were you. Thats all the politicians need to know and they will let the dogs loose on you too. I dont hear any of the Bracs politicians denouncing crime either.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong Mac? won’t the settle for a new washing machine, Turkey or some fill ??

  23. Anonymous says:

    IMAGE OF CHART: To save this image to your hard drive, right-click on the image and select Save Picture As...

  24. Anonymous says:

    People are having a hard time getting work and the BIG reason is the competition for work from the 3000 status grant holders and the thousands who have received status through these 3000 people, and their only way of helping their family survive is CRIME. I am not making an excuse for anyone to lead a life of crime, but I am being honest and realistic to the problems and the root cause of the problems. Then we see that "Mac" is now getting himself a housekeeper/cook at the expense of ALL the people of the Cayman Islands (which includes the many jobless people) and blaming the PPM, saying it was them who put this in place, then we understand the frustration of the people involved in criminal activities. If "Mac" was so concerned about crime then he should refuse the "perks" he is awarding himself as Premier, and then Government can put that money towards helping others who are in more need than someone who is already receiving a wage of over $120,000.00

  25. Mozzie Fodder says:

    God will not solve these problems. He gave us free will so we could fix our own mess. When you are on your knees praying for his help in future, keep one eye open in case someone sneaks by and steals your 4×4.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you have Politicians going to Northward Prison and demanding the release from Prison of members of their constituency, then you will get no respect from Officials nor criminals, and please, "who the cap fit" wear it!

  26. people for Cayman says:

    Leave the praying to priest.  Leave the begging to the beggars.  Leave the the hopeing to the people.  You are elected to be the ONE who has the power and hopefully the knowledge to actually DO SOMETHING GOOD for the people of Cayman and not just for YOUR Goverment!  Get home and get to work.  It is past time for you to show the people that count on you that you are capable of doing some action instead of your lame speeches.  Don’t tell us what you will do for us.  SHOW US!  This country needs help now!  This country needs Change now.  This country needs leadership now.  Show us you are capable by the RESULTS and not the speeches.  You’ve had your world wide vacation now earn it!

  27. Anonymous says:

    "I want to make a plea in the name of God. Those of you committing these crimes consider the damage you are inflicting on these islands for short-term gain that can only amount to nothing but grief,” Bush said.

    Mac my friend, you still dont get it.

    Committing crime IS the ONLY way the peopleof these islands seem to get the government’s attention.

    When they call in on the talk shows, write in the papers or in the blogs, call government offices about injustices or try to contact you about the damage politicians are inflicting on these islands for short term gain they get no response. All people have a need to feel respected and accepted, especially in their own country. Caymanians feel increasingly marginalised, alienated and overrun. Perhaps the government will begin to listen now that the banana clips are being locked and loaded.

    Successive governments,have ignored us building no technical/vocational school, relaxing immigration laws to the point where underequipped Caymanians have to compete with the rest of the world, even when we are qualified Caymanians still cant seem to effectively swim through the strong current of work permit renewals to get a steady job.

    My friend, we all want the lifestyle we see possible in Cayman and are willing to work for it but the message is clear. Education does not pay: you are better off fronting for a foreigner or making life some other way.

    An increasing number of our people ae now opting for the latter.   

    The true solution is to respect the Caymanian people and accept them by empowering them to be valuable contributors to the society. Train our own instead of constantly importing labour, especially unskilled labour,when we have so many unemployed. 

    Dont renew permits when qualified Caymanians apply for jobs.

    Politicians, lead by example. Make decisions for the long term benefit of the people, not for short term gain.  Take a pay cut, dont accept the chef you dont need. Live with less.

    Everyone needs a career. Train our young men to become carpenters, masons, tilers, painters, mechanics, electricians etc. unless they will become career criminals. 

    Enough talking. Its past time to act.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop being an apologist for crime.  Poverty does not cause crime.  Deciding to be a criminal causes crime.  And the threat to renewals would harm many business and threaten far more Caymanian jobs than it would create.

    • Anonymous says:

      all unemployed caymanians choose to be unemployed

      • anonymous says:


        No one choses to be unemployed

        Especially caymanians, they were all employed until that damned cayman immigration Board was formed. it should be trashed  burned, and cremated. That is the down fall of families in the cayman Islands. Jobs for Caymanians are being taken by foreigners because THE GOVERNMENT HAS SOLD THEM OUT FOR THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR THAT PAYS FOR THE WORK PERMITS which PAY THE BIG SALARIES OF THE MLA’S SO FIND A PLAN "B" HOW YOU ARE GOING TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

        I have a message for all the x-pats and caymanians fighting eachother in the forums.  Your guns are aimed at the wrong people.

        Caymanians are fighting the x-pats who are not harming them,




        CNS Note: Can I remind all commentors not to post in caps its very hard on the eye especially when there are a lot of comments to read. Thank You.

        • Che says:

          As a Caymanian I must say…what you are saying is so true..our Government is a big sell out and the time for change is now!   

        • Anonymous says:

          How can you blame the Labour Dept.  This is the best leadership that the DER has ever had in years since Mr. Banks retired.  What came in between is what messed up this dept.  The new Director has a hell of time trying to clean up the mess left behind by the incompetence of the former Director and Acting Director.  They had nothing to do with what was going on, they simply sat back in their seats and let the dept run-a-muck and allowed certain individuals who have been festering sores in that dept. fester some more unsupervised, unregulated and they didn’t give a darn about anyone getting a job.

          They have the Princess in the DER who has been there building up ‘celebrity status’ and blowing their horns.  There’s the deputy Princess, who uses their friends to call the talk shows to crow down the work of the Director who has challenged both of them on their inadequacies, and their inability to do their jobs and do it to the level of professional compentence to aid all those who come to this office.  Oh, but the Princesses only pick and choose their favourites, can you say ‘special friends of friends’ and so on!!!  Then there are the others who are simply put ‘stupid’, and has to deal with this bunch inside there whom can’t even turn up for work on time every day and our hard earned tax paying money is supplying their salaries every month, and there is the few who simply can’t get it together at ALL!! There are a handful of deligent employees in the DER who actually do their jobs and come to work on time, and do not waste the People’s money. (NB: it’s not the Govt’s money lets get that straight!!)

          Tell me how many of us can go to work late more than two times a week and not receive a warning letter.  Try issuing a warning letter to anyone of the incompetent festering sores of employees the Director inherited in the DER and they run and tell the higher ups who do nothing about it!!  Why because they have been employed in Govt too long, and if they had some private sector training they would certainly not have to deal with incompetence.

          So when we have a Director who spends more time in his office working his ass off to see that all Caymanians who want to work get work, especially those who have a great work ethic and attituded towards work.  But no, they have to get crap from people like you thrown at them. REmember the DER is only as good as it’s staff and when you have a few dead weights weighing you down, being deceitful against you and the rest of the staff and no one can do anything about them because you ‘can’t fire an incompetent civil servant’ then clearly we have problems greater than we know stewing in the Govt.

          I suppose you don’t know how much this new Director has done, or are you one of those critics who have no idea of what is going on just grasphing for something to say out of the clear blue sky?? I hope you respond to this!

          What the solution should be is: Immigration should NEVER approve a work permit regardless of the level of the profession, until they have been satisfied that a Caymanian has not applied for that job.  One way of doing this is since Immigration loves paper work, I suggest everyone who applies for a job copy your application to the Immigration Dept and the DER.  Then we will see how many work permits are approved on merit versus ‘who the hell you know that sits on the Immigration Board, or which Politician can push it through for you’.

          I am not a supporter of anyone in this comment, I am simply trying to let you know that your comments are unreasonable, unfair, and unwarranted.

          Caymanians who are willing and able to work will find work.  Those who come with a bad attitude towards the job or their employer will be like you making nasty comments on this news service that actually has no water.

          So get up off your a$$eS and find a job, keep it, and by doing so it means, show up on time everyday, do not waste the company’s time, do not harbour unemployed jackass friends around your work distracting you, do not use the company’s resources in a wasteful or willful manner.  Caymanians, changer your f*&ked up atttitude towards work, regardless of what it is, because if you think that it is getting easier, it is not, and let me remind you there are a long line of person’s lined up for your job or that vacant job so you have to prove yourself and do your best to keep it.

          Leave the DER alone, the Director is best we have had in a long time, now if we can get some of those who are not making it easy for them to do their job in this Dept. then we will have a perfectly run Govt. Dept. and that would be a first!!!!!

          • Fallen Angel says:

            So why bother posting 10 paragraphs worth of comment if this ‘news services that actually has no water’?

            Be that as it may,  your points have merit.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I read the criticisms against our premier Premier and have a tinge of pity…then I slap some sense back into myself as I recall with distaste the hideous utterances I have heard emanate from this man’s own mouth against his critics and other hapless Caymanians who have a mere difference of opinion or vision for our country that doesn’t involve his profitability.

    What goes around comes around…

    You cannot make fun of people, taunt people, deride people, suppress people, repress people, depress people or in general treat them like a lesser species and NOT expect it to come back on you…that’s karma baby!

    I am speechless as to his latest motives, ideas, speculations and otherwise questionable tactics – it’s like watching our very own soap opera:

    (No I am NOT a PPM’er – gosh don’t you hate that us comment posters now have to add that disclaimer to be considered readable! Groan!!). I am amused at the repeated posts by former UDP supporters.  It is cute how they feel the need to express that little fact – as if it will distance them from their part in this whole opera…lest we forget…uhhhh, you guys put the man where he is DESPITE the warnings on his label: "Big Mac not to be mixed with Politics – may cause total degeneration of country and loss of birthright". So forgive me for not feeling the love toward you who have washed your hands of him and are pulling out your hair now…kinda feels good to tell you that we told you so…Duh! Betcha really didn’t see this coming huh!? Didn’t need an oracle or prophetess for this one…no tea leaves either…sorry, this scenario was actually pretty obvious.

    So to our people I say, don’t lose hope – things cannot be like this forever – eventually the old is replaced with the new and nothing can happen to you without your permission. As long as you allow it, it will continue. The minute you rise up it will stop…understand? If you are not happy…say so. If you are suffering, say so. Do something about your present and your future. Do not expect one or two voices to do it for you…join forces with the voices and come together as a nation who is sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

    Are you really going to let a hamburger dictate your future? LOL!!! OMG how funny is that concept!?! Does anyone know what fast food burgers are full of?? Ohhhh I crack me up!!!

    To our present government, your days are numbered. The people have spoken. Get on with the business of protecting your people and ensuring their future and stop trying to please your money bags.

    Get a handle on this crime. Put jobs back into the hands of our people and end this cycle of political abuse.

    God don’t like ugly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought Big Mac was a Christian, you mean to tell me, he can not bridle his tongue, then the Bible says, the tongue is a deadly weapon, if he is going to please God, he must sanctify his words and be an example so that someone might want the same Jesus he claims to have! eh?

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s called "practicing what you preach". By October 2010 this present government will be an after thought if they don’t do something quickly about the crime!

  29. Sad Caymanian in exile says:

    Ha ha ha ha! Big Mac, so you are begging the criminals to stop the rampage.  I expected better from you. I thought the criminals would have been on the run after you took office.  When you were in Opposition, you placed full blame for crime on the shoulders of the PPM. You said you had a plan to stop crime as part of your "better way forward" for Cayman. Well, Mac, Cayman and the whole world can now see you have now been weighed in the balance and found wanting. You only had a lot of hot air. Your solution for crime is to beg the criminals to stop. Man, the criminals are laughing at you. Shame on you, Mac! Shame on you, Mac! Cayman deserves better.

  30. Anonymous says:

    What is your message Deputy Premier Julie???

    When are we going to hear from you who is also out there relishing in the good life at the expense of your constituents.

    Just reminding all of you: Turkeys, Hams and a few new appliances will not cut it for my vote for you next election.

    Here’ my wish list if you want my vote:

    1. New car

    2. New house

    3. New wardrobe & jewellry

    4. First class airline tix’s, hotels, restaurants, transportation etc.

    5. 30% of all the cutbacks you get from your croonies

    6. VIP at all events with chauffered limo

    7. A cook, a gardener, a housekeeper, a driver, a chamber maid, a stylist, a hair and makeup assist.

    8. Grant Statuses for all my foreign friends and acquaintances when I ask without all the red tape.

    9. Positions on several important boards and committee’s with assistants too

    10. A six pack of Pepsi One delivered to me every two days and must be ice cold.

    That is my version of what I want  before the next election, however, if you can’t come up with it, then I am voting for the opposition.

    I am greedy, self serving, self righteous and selfish all around, just like my representatives as I am preparing myself to take over when they leave.


    Your faithful supporter who now wants what they were promised for the VOTE!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You not being fair. Aunt Julie is very important now. She trying hard to save Cayman. Thats why she has to go all over the world to important meetins.  When she comes to Cayman Brac she got to stay at the hotel with her body guard. Becuse if she did not stay at the new hotel the the government would have to build another house in her yard for the bodyguards. Una always talking how mr Moses got the college at least she trying to help people in Cayman Brac too before christmas she made sure that every body that wanted a work had a job in the island clean up. She brought her friend that had status long time from the states to run the clean up and make sure that government didnt waste no money. That was good because from the clean up everybody had christmas money. She care about her people after paloma she made sure that every body got there house fixed free and new furnitures and burger king hamburgers too.  I dont no why you think she self righteous some of her biggest supporters is homosexuals. She mixes with everybody she dont hate nobody. When she travel of course she got to be in first class. Obama dont even fly on a plane with everybody else. The new constitution says that she got to do all these things. The new constitution wont even let her invite mr moses to the pwd and district admin christmas lunch. She dont have no personal hair stylist when she goes to the salon she makes her body guard go too thats all. But she praying for all una to be better people.

    • Anonymous says:

      the less we hear from julia o connor connelly the better!

  31. Anonymous says:

    First of all, my deepest condolences to the family of the latest victim of violent crime, especially his children.  My heart goes out to those children.

    Parents, be real parents to your kids. There are too many who have children, then don’t want to spend time with them.  I’m not just talking about lower income families.  There are those in high positions who make their jobs their first priority and don’t have time to spend with their kids.  They need you.  Its nice for them to have all the latest toys, etc. but they need you to guide them, spend time with them and set an example. They should not spend their nights as well as days with the helpers.

    REgarding the Police, not until they become effective at preventing and solving crimes and criminals realise that not only will they  be caught, they will have to spend time in Northward PRISON, not the current Northward condos and spa, will anything change.  They are laughing at you.  They know you are afraid to do anything.  Believe me, I do have sympathy and do not expect unarmed Police to go where criminals are carrying all sorts of sophisticated weapons. Nor would I want to see all of hte Police runnikng around with weapons but surely there should be some armed Police patrolling the streets in cars and on foot.  Clearly, the public does not trust the Police for all sorts of reasons but until we get real police who are serious about police work and real consequences for crimes, then nothing will change.  Northward should be a hard labour camp. Look at the Chief of Police in Texas who has a tent city where criminals eat dry bread and water an d go out in chain  gangs every day, all day in the hot sun.  He doesn’t want the criminals coming back and it seems to be working.  Stop babying them.  They are criminals and the consequences of their actions should be such that they never ever ever want to return to Northward.  Someone, somewhere in  Govt.  please stand up and lead this country out of the mess it is in.  Even if it means getting rid of 20, 30, 40, or more percent of the current police because they incompetent and recruiting real, tough, hardened police in their place.  I’m pretty sure that if people felt safe when giving information to the Police, then the public would pass on information. Obviously, right now there is a real problem as far as the public’s perception of the Police.

  32. Local Vocal says:

    Wow! Is Mac for real?

    "Pray…and ask" the criminals to please stop. Great…i feel much safer now…(NOT!).

    Also, now i can clearly see why we pay our politicians…and especially our Premier so much money…because only someone of his infinite wisdom could come up with this genius solution…(again NOT!).

    However we should not be so surprised…we made a man, Cayman’s Premier, who had not finished High School, and who is led and supported by those whose main mission is to keep human Rights to a minimum.

    Go figure!

    • Anonymous says:

      Its high time that Caymanians plan to "March" peacefully to the Governors Office and demand that the old police that kept the criminals under control and put them in jail be sought out and reininstated back into the police force. The commuities are not safe at all and somthing must be done without delay.

      Its time to Let the premiere and the whole L..A. know that there will be no voting next election unless the community is protected by the tough no nonsense calibre of Police necessary to fight and subdue the criminals that are terorising the communities of the country.

      There is no need for an election if you are not safe to enjoy life before or after the elections. These problems ae not resolved by voting for your cousin, your friend your refrigerator buyer, your most favorite politician, or anyone else for special reasons.

      These crimes are solved by making some real strong demands on government starting with the Governor letting him know that the people are demanding the return of the following-

      Chief inspector Derek Haines

      Inspector Brady ( he has no business in immigration he needs to return to the police Department  and take down those criminals that are on the loose they are happy because he is now working in immigration)

      Pepsi- Special Drug Agent

      Special drug Agent McArthur Bodden

      Whatever their titles are forgive me. ts not important. What is important is that they kept the country safe just like George Bush kept America Safe during his 8 years.

      Caymanians must demand nothing less than ‘SAFETY FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES"

      This is not up to the premiere, its not up to the governor, its up to the people to change things.

      Demand the grant of all these work permits ‘MUST CEASE" Its causing a rise in crime bacause they are stealing, robing and killing because their birthright has been sold to the foreigners. Its a crying shame. The doors of that blasted Immigration Board need to be closed forever. it is a death sentence to the very life of Caymanians.





    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      "pray…and ask"……

      That time has passed…..time for action. Swift, hard, out sourced action because it seems our present system cannot handle the rise in crime. 

  33. What would Rambo do? says:

    Turn yourselves in now!!! Yada yada.  De criminals are shakin’.  I don’t think Jesus begged.  He went into the temple and….kicked butt!!

    Jesus had a pair.  Help us Jesus.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Mac’s politricks look more and more like he is only interested in appealing to, or perhaps is only able to apeal to, those among us who’s brains consist of 2 neurons connected by a spirochete (spirochete is a reference to those critters that cause syphilis in case anyone from the Cabinet is reading this).  As a former UDP supporter who is now disgusted by the lack of initiative by all of our politicians in relation to the rampant crime in our country, I have to say that Mac is sinking to new lows of stupidity.

    First he tells us that he is being forced against his will to have that personal cook and that personal housekeeper at our expense – clearly as the Premier of the country and the Minister responsible for Finance, there is no way that he could stop it, particularly as there is a freeze in place for civil service hiring that applies to any one not intended to be his personal servant.

    Then he announces his brilliant plan for stopping the rapidly increasing crime in our country – ask the criminals to stop. That is truly a stroke of genius that no one else could have come up with. Forget about increasing crime detection, offering rewards for information from his slush-fund, or increasing penalties for gun crime. Mac comes up with the brilliant idea of "Simon says stop".

    Perhaps after another month when another 4 or 5 murders have been added to his collection he will have a great revelation in which it will come to him that he should have added to his plea to stop, "pretty please with sugar on it".     

    At the current rate Mac’s only legacy will be that he collected more frequent flier milage than any other politician while also allowing a new generation of criminals to completely destroy what our forefather’s worked to create.

  35. Anon says:

     Sorry I made a mistake. The tsunami was in 2004.

  36. Oracle of Delphi says:

    Mac needs to hire an oracle to interpret all of these signs. I’m surprised that Juliana has failed to recognise that God is displeased with his favourite Westerners.

    I’m willing to work for the Premier, but good help does not come cheap like a housekeeper/cook.

    I will need to hire a couple of priestesses from the Dominican Republic through whom I will make my utterances. Maybe a juju man from Haiti and an Obeah woman from Jamaica to assist with the casting of bones. I can’t call names, but that woman from East End would have to go on the $500 per month poor persons relief for any consultations that I might have with her.

    If he contacts me immediately I can give him a new year’s special price low enough to bypass the CTC. However he will pay dearly if he expects me to step in and correct the wrongs if he first offers the job to some low-cost false prophet.

    • Oracle of Delphi says:

      Here Mac, let me give you two for free since Juliana possess neither the power of augury nor the vision to match biblical plagues with their modern day equivalents. And don’t forget how wrong she was about when the world was going to end!

      Three days of Darkness. Have you added up the total amount of CUC power outages over the year?

      Frogs. Do you think it is mere coincidence that frogs and the invasive iguanas are the same colour?

    • Oracle of Delphi says:

      Still no calls for help. I will give you two more of the plagues, but this is absolutely the last of the freebies.

      Hurricanes. Paloma destroyed almost every church in Cayman Brac but left the bars unscathed. Obviously someone’s daily prayers for the Premier and Cabinet have not been fervent enough, or God is displeased at his servant for refusing to accept that he is Allah also. Was this a personal message? Do not try to run away like Jonah.

      Chickens. Even the Deputy Premier would have guessed that it is not normal for us to have more chickens now than back when everyone was raising chickens, so every false prophet worth his salt would have come up with that one.

      Call me before the last of the HSBC funds have been squandered! This country cannot afford to have the last six plagues misinterpreted.


  37. Anon says:

     "In the name of God." please stop.

    That will do it. Why on Earth didn’t anyone think to say that before. He will certainly stop murders here but why doesn’t He stop the mass murders in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose though, that as the victims there are not Christian, they probably deserve it. But then again, aren’t God and Allah the same entity?

    I was told yesterday, quite seriously, that it was only because of God’s intervention that the disaster over Detroit was averted on Christmas Day. "He couldn’t let that happen on his son’s birthday."

    That tsunami two years ago the day after his birthday was a good idea. I wonder why He did that. I am sure the answer is in the bible somewhere.

    Living with Cayman attitudes and beliefs today must be a bit like it was to live in England in the 14th century.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Mac de JOKER!!!!!!

    Hold onto unna coconuts cuz after the new taxes come in that’s all we gonna have left.

    Wha yah say a new year already, one closer to election …..hip hip hooray can’t wait to vote him out!!

    Yea, i am a former Mac-daddy supporter, but he don’t know me now he too busy cruising around in his armoured car with guards him and Miss Julie like too idiots.  Fools if someone wanted to harm you they would have done so long time ago.

  39. The islands says:

    And what will happen if the people of the island beg you to do your job and cut the Goverment spending to match what comfortably comes in?  More of the same or worse!  Just like the crime in the community.  What is the word for someone who gets paid well by the very people he steals from?  Starts with a P.  Ask a commoner and they will tell you.

  40. A Born & Bred Caymanian says:

    My New Years Message back to you Mac de Premier:

    Since your Mass Status grant opened the can of worms for this country back in 2003, I can assure you those criminals you are begging to stop isn’t listening.  Thanks to you and your Govt. back then you ruined us for the years to come; now you want it to stop!!!  Should have thought about that before you waved your magic wand around the place so freely giving away our birthrights like it was bottled water.  Hope those same ones you gave it away to bring shame and embarrassment to you and your reign and those who put you in power.

    Mr. Premier, I beg you to take a good long look at what you created, because it all stemmed from your reign of power in the past.  Now take my advice and burst that BUBBLE you and your Govt is living in and take a good look at the realty of what is happening in this country.  We know it doesn’t affect you because you are heavily guarded and protected from all that is going on out here, but your constituents are feeling it.  You are sitting high and mighty up there on your Throne, enjoying the good life on us the hard working, back breaking Tax Payers,and so far all you can hear from your Govt. is we BROKE and we must TAX THE PEOPLE some more. 

    Well Mac de Premier the poor people of this country cannot afford your new TAX BUDGET it is crippling the people who pay taxes they are the hard working  middle and low income people, because in the Cayman Islands, the rich don’t get taxed, they get tax breaks.  Is that fair to those families and persons out there in this country who can just make two ends meet each week, if they can find the other end to meet, it’s because the minute they find it Govt. hits them again with more Taxes!!!!! 

    So how broke are we Mac de Premier?  I keep hearing we broke, but no figures have come forth or has your appointed FS has broken the calculator again and we too broke to buy him a new one so he is adding it up in his head!!!!!  We aren’t so broke that you can’t humble yourself as you claim in your Christmas message to be this humble servant of God, to want that cook for CI$35K per year.  Do you know how many families could use that money each year??  It could fee a few!!  What happened to all the food cooked for you up to this point? 

    We aren’t so broke that we have to fly off to Dubai looking business investments from them, but NEWSFLASH their economy is broker than we are!!!  Suggestion: if you or your many aids/assistants had spent a few minutes to goggle them you would have found this out before you made a mad dash via FIRST CLASS all the way at the expense of the hardworking tax payers of this country.  So tell us the Caymanian people why are we wasting our money on a representative in Dubai looking out for our interest when Dubai‘s businesses are all in receiverships with the banks because they can’t meet their obligations.  Let me remind you of the thousands and thousands of cars parked at the Dubai airport where all the foreigners have ran away and left the masses of belly-up business behind in a bankrupt state!!!  So Mac de Premier the financial crash is not just affected us here because we won’t approve more work permits or allow more foreigners in to do business whilst giving them Tax Breaks and less red tape than a local trying to open a small business for themselves.  It is worldwide Mac de Premier and every country you visited on your Parade of the World is feeling it too. Tell your people the truth Mac de Premier!!

    I tell you what though, Mac de Premier you go ahead and enjoy all this good life, because it will all end one day, as you cannot be in this position for more than 8years under the constitution, the same one you bragged about on your platform you would not be voting for.  If it was all that bad Mac de Premier then why are you indulging yourself in all the perks it comes with, you should be a stand-up humble Christian and forgo all these extras until we get a stable economy.  I just hate to see what else you will do in that time.  But I would say to my Caymanians out there, prepare for the worse, because you will have to pay more under this Govt. who finds the money when it suits them and when it doesn’t they come after the few pennies the peasants out here earn. 

    I can see us heading down the road to a Socialist State, under the reign of this Premier and his Govt. But alas, all those good things you are now enjoying Mac de Premier, will come to an end and that is the hope that I have prayed to God for his divine intervention.  I hope that your reign will end when this term is completed.  Your administration created this criminalist air in our country when you gave away the status to the masses and now it is coming back to haunt you with its trickle down domino affect.  Do you think any of us out here are feeling sorry for you?  I can assure you many of us are not, we are praying for God to intervene!!

    Calling the criminals to come to you so you can help them is much too late Mac de Premier, and remember I told you so right here on CNS if this is published.

    To the good people of the Cayman Islands, it is up to you to defend yourselves, family and country as the Govt. we have is not going to do it, because they all live in a BUBBLE with guards, bullet proof homes, cars, offices etc. so tell me how are they going to feel what you are feeling out here???

    Happy New Year, if indeed it will be so!


    • Anonymous says:

      From one born and bred Caymanian to another; tell me or futher more tell all of Cayman how many criminals are hiding in your closet; it is very obvisious that you know these criminals, as you used every opportunity given to point the finger at status grants persons – well let me tell you something hell had broken loose in these islands long before the status grants; but our noses were too pout, shoulders held back and heads held high to acknowledge it.  But thank God the status grant rolled around – bam, we have something to blame.

      Mac should my now realised that prayers wont help these islands; because we have become to materialist, ungreatful and self-fish; we have become what Bob Marley sing about "Stiff necked fools" and until we can admit our fault we will continue down this tube. 

      This is a New Year; stop blaming others for our problems, start talking to the man in the mirror if we want to make that change.  Speak to the police expose your criminal family members that you are shielding by blaming status grants; remember we cant see the forest for the trees.

      • Anonymous says:

        to 15:17, you say "stop blaming others for our problems"? We are simply following the example set by our elected government. Since they were elected in May they have continually blamed the PPM for everything they (the UDP) do. Their leader flies around the world for 6 months, has a personal full-time driver, a $35,000 per year maid, & STILL blames the PPM for the country having no money to spend, yet he & the UDP can find 2 million dollars to pay people to do what government is already paying PWD to do! They can’t xxxx without blaming the PPM, & you really want us to "stop blaming others for our problems"? FAT CHANCE! We are copying our leaders 

        • Anonymous9 says:

          Poster 21:44 … That’s still called blame, Dingdong. Take responsibility! You are not children. But certainly act so.

    • CB says:

      Ummm… Correction to "a born and bred Caymanian"

      I have this to say:
      FACT #1. The "mass status grants" was not Mac’s decision, but the UK’s
      FACT #2. Crimes are committed by status-holders and born Caymanians
      Could you please stick to the facts?
      • Oracle of Delphi says:

        Shouldn’t you learn the meaning of the word "FACT" before you start issuing corrections?

        It is a FACT that one of the many lame excuses that Mac came up with for issuing the status grants was that the UK would have done it if he didn’t and it would have included a lot more people.

        Go to the LA building and purchase a copy of that Extraordinary Gazette from 2003 and you will see that the status grants were issued under a section of the Law, like most of our laws in Cayman, that requires no prior consultation or approval from the UK. They were granted at the sole discretion of the Cabinet of the day. Call Gilbert on Rooster if you wish to have that confirmed.

        Things do not become FACT just because we hear them from someone we would like to believe. If that was the case my $10 million from the widow Abacha in Nigeria would have been here a long time ago.

        Whilst I’m on the subject of myth-busting, you should also know that no world leaders anywhere have ever expressed any reservations about the name Pirate’s Week to him.

    • Da Spook says:

      I agree with what u have said however the leader of the opposition and his cronies are also to blame for sorting themselves out with guns and expensive security systems install at their houses paid for by the GOWment. It is indeed shameful how silent they are not even a peep from their mouth champions. Andless we forget Cayman All Those DRACONIAN LAWS past into law that were suppose to stop this crime. I recall words like "Robust" should be replace by HOGWASH. Sadly Cayman we are having to reinvent the very expensive wheel again over and over because the political elite fail to heed warnings & advice from writers on this very CNS site and from our own people and especially from some very good Caymanian EX police officers. Sadly again we see the profiteers and benefactors and the same old Elite Archaic advisors with a move a foot to remain in control of their fiefdom with the same old  worthless advice & information and now close circuit  TV Cameras is the New word. Need i remind the Caymanian People the INSANE amount of money alotted to the RCIPS . This is nothing short of Criminal what has occurred here?

  41. Anonymous says:

    I was starting to think that the reason politicians are mum on the crime situation is because the criminals are affiliated to the political parties.

    With the Premier begging the criminals to stop my suspicion of the criminals being affiliated is even more now and the likeness to what is happening in the other caribbean countries.

    As I write I have just heard a rumour that a Jewelry store was robbed last night. If that is true then I can only say we are really doomed as far as crime control is concerned.

  42. Where's Wally - the God Version says:

    7 references to God.  Can you find them? 

    Please criminals, stop, it is what God wants.  That is bound to do the trick.

    • Fallen Angel says:

      Give him a chance,  he might just be successful in ridding this island from the criminal elements thru exorcism by invoking His name.


  43. Joe Grinder says:

    Well there you have it ,problem solved.Thanks Mac.

  44. Anonymous says:

    What a craptacular piece of writing.  Since our fearless leader has been off walking the earth like Kwai Chang Caine there’s been an escalation in crime.  Since he’s been doing his world tour it’s just come to his attention that crime is the foremost problem on the island.  No- I am not PPM;  just someone who sees the temporal relationship between the escalation in crime and when Mac took office and the temporal relationship between the escalation in crime and Mac leaving his island in shambles.  There are no coincidences.

  45. Oh Wow!!! says:

    This shows a disturbing detachment from reality…  First, if the criminals have shownsolittle respect for others so far, what makes Mac think a little plea from him is going to do?  Suddenly awaken their respect gene??  Come on.  Secondly, most of these criminals are too ignorant to read or understand the concept of respect – they will only respond to good old fashioned bring-downs.  The RCIPFarce need toget their thumbs out and really take serious action – fast, furious and effective.

    In the meantime, giving Mac the benefit of the doubt that it will work, I will add my own plea:

    Dear Mr Criminal,

    Please, in the spirit of the season and the interests of the Cayman Islands, put down your weapons, turn away from the easy money you are getting from our unpoliced streets and find a responsible position of employment, put in the hours and earn an honest dollar. For the non-Caymanian criminals, we would ask you to respect our antiquated and discriminatory immigration laws and return peacefully to the home country you fled in search of a better life and will undoubtably be way worse off on your retrun.

    Thank you for respecting our wishes.

    Mr Joe Public.

    That ought to work, right? 

    Seriously, I didn’t inhale…

  46. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    Inherited?  INHERITED???  This island has turned into Mexico since May.  How could Mac think that this island is ready for medical tourism?