Haines and the RCIPS

| 07/01/2010

Derek Haines is the only Englishman in my many years of policing who I actually witnessed to have given 110% of truly dedicated police service to the people of the Cayman Islands. He was known throughout the Caribbean and around the world as a "Champion Crime Fighter" and one who could not be corrupted in any shape or form.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in the United States regarded him as the "Caribbean’s Top Drug Enforcement Giant".

Mr Haines’ "fall from the top", if we want to call it that, had nothing to do with his performance or integrity. He had become too "Caymanianized or Caribbeanized", they said. He had become too much of a success story amongst Caymanian and Caribbean people in general. However, in upholding his oath of office locally and executing his duties with impartiality, honesty and integrity, he did upset certain person(s) of influence while arresting and convicting their family and friends, which later became political and then spewed over into the RCIPS. This is the truth and every police officer in the RCIPS back then knows this to be the true position why his contract was not renewed. He challenged the "status quo" and went to extraordinary lengths to acquire specialist equipment and training for his staff, who were shining in the Caribbean’s law enforcement community, but this did not go down well with certain individuals who believed this could only be achieved directly from the UK.

Had Derek Haines become the Commissioner of Police in 2005 and had got the extra $30 million in the RCIPS budget that others got, I can assure you we would not have the mayhem including the unsolved murder in a nightclub in the presence of 150 patrons, with CCTV cameras rolling and security guards present, and then NO LEADS to make a detection! This is ludicrous and is an outright failure of investigative ability in this 21st century of policing. Additionally, the complete "bottom-turn-up" that the RCIPS underwent with the "Tempura’s old boy’s club" I’m sure would not have played out as it did if Derek Haines was our Commander in Chief at the time.

The RCIPS does needs a complete revamp today. Firstly, the grossly overpaid and over benefited senior officers that call themselves so-called experienced investigators and leaders need to be returned to the UK to continue on with their "failed policies" up there or continue on with their retirement. However, I’m not just focussing solely on these individuals as local housekeeping is appropriately needed as well.

As for SOME of our locals senior officers, a number of them do need to be retired, transferred or be sent on their way forbeing led down a path like blind men, being so naive/gullible and embracing failed policies, having been adequately warned what the end results would be. I submit that the RCIPS’ reasonably good standing before has now been rolled back as much as 25 years because of such actions. This has now resulted in the RCIPS finding itself travelling on a journey where all reference points have ceased to exist and with an uncertain destination ahead.
No doubt the policies of the RCIPS have failed and failed terribly. The continued "pussy footing and lip service" that is being sent to the media on a daily basis, trying to justify their miserably failed policies/actions, never ceases to amaze me. The blaming now of the public for not co-operating after such utter failure and embarrassment and yet continuing down the same old road is only to be expected as a result of no confidence from the public you serve.

Perhaps if the police "Gold Command" would instruct their subordinates to stop alienating mainly law abiding citizens in prosecuting them for minor traffic violations left right and centre (which are non-criminal), this would be a positive way to restart the New Year. There is no reason why a properly equipped and staffed Traffic Management Unit cannot sufficiently police Cayman’s streets in traffic related matters with minimal support from other departments. This being done, the remainder of the front line officers should then be directed into the communities and the "hot spots" to restore public confidence with a firm stance against criminal activity.

Commissioner Baines, you should take your resources, tools and machinery against those who are illegally trafficking in drugs and firearms, like Derek Haines and the DTF staff use to do, as those two elements are responsible for 75-80% of your overall crime. For some unknown reason your concentration is only on traffic related violations, the same as your past UK predecessors did, with no real impact on the gangsters and the mayhem they have created here in the Cayman Islands.

Why is this?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Shaun may I suggest that you and Mr. Haines please form your own Private Detective Agency to assist the Police with some of these crimes.  If Mr. Haines is happy working with Dart, why don’t you and some other retired or fomer Policement get active and get this agency going?  You will be more helpful doing that, than just sitting all day long advocating for Mr. Haines.  You may have enjoyed working with him, but there are others that thought differently.  So just move on, man.

    • Anonymous says:

       I agree withyou 100% it would certainly have more credibility than what we currently have and maybe the government can pay them the huge amount of money we the people are having to pay and you can pick up the tab for all the current and past expenses we are absorbing. It obviously clear that they would not or are no taking advice and warning or we would not be in this terrible mess. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful suggestion and a solution. You are again still confusing popularity and personality issues with leadership ability. You keep paying the bills and Shaun and others will stop advocating for Haines sounds reasonable to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Derek Haines should be brought back in to stop the gay cruise ship coming.

    The police don’t need him anymore because they have a helicopter now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone asked Mr Haines if he wants the job? He has a good job now with stable employers who probably value his services.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Shaun and all the posters who think that Derek Haines alone can turn the RCIPS and more so the social ills of our society around single handed I suggest you all should wake up and face up to the real world.

    It is good that Shaun found him to be so good but i have asked other ex policemen and current policemen what their opinions are and have gotten a different story. I am left to believe that this is just one of the problems that the RCIPS experienced and still are experiencing, internal groups who try to outshine each other instead of working for the betterment of the entire RCIPS. I personally can attest to the fact that not all Mr. Haines did was fair and am willing to take him to task if he so desire.

    When we have no proper border controls or Immigration Task Force to eliminate illegal and legal immigrants who are criminals from our peaceful shores we will have social problems. Successive Governments have ignored Caymanians so much so that we have over 25,000 work permits and rising and we hear about thousands of caymanians are unemployed and the present Government is talking about rolling out the red carpet for more ex-pats. I say it is time that we roll the red carpet out and assist Caymanians and stop suppressing them or we will see more social unrest.

    We have more Police and Security Guards per capita than anywhere else yet we see so much crime, which leads me to believe that alot of crime is orchestrated by these same ones we employ to protect us. We have our Political Parties, Police, Prison and Judicial System run by people from countries whose crime rates are some of the highest, why is it that they didn’t stay to reduce that?

    Every time we upgrade the mouse trap the mouse gets smarter so it is time to move away from the same as usual Policing tactics and give these criminals a wake up call.

    Not everyone with a briefcase who arrives at Owen Roberts is a Banker or investor therefore we have to have proper screening and we need to ensure our own  are properly equipped with life skills to survive this rat race if not this is the dessert before the main dish.


    • Rorschach says:

      "It is good that Shaun found him to be so good but i have asked other ex policemen and current policemen what their opinions are and have gotten a different story."

      Whilst I agree that bringing someone like Derek Haines back to the RCIP is not a ‘Magic Bullet" that is going to instantly solve every social ill, I think that it would be a step in the right direction to getting the RCIPS back on it’s feet and headed down the path of redemption.  There are a LOT of GOOD police officers still left in the RCIP who are completely and utterly demoralised by the current state of the police.  They are good, honest, long serving officers, and yet they are sometimes spoken to like dumb animals by their so called "senior officers", who, more often than not, have been in the service less time and have less experience than they do.  The RCIP will NEVER get better as long as the internal ROT which has been, not only allowed, but encouraged has been cut away and disposed of.  In medical terms, the Country is a body, the RCIP is a very sick organ within that body….they are suffering from a case of gangrene to a very important organ, and unless a fast and complete excision of the bad tissue is done immediately, the body will die….


      oh and as far those "opinions" are concerned which you rely so heavily on,…I will remind of what a wise person once said, Opinions are like a$$holes…everyones got one and they usually stink!"…

    • anonymous says:

      Hey Mr. Anon,.

      You obviously were either a corrupt police or a corrupt criminal that was afraid of Derek Haines, I hope you’re the first one he catches  again as soon as he is reinstated, because I can tell you this one thing, Derek Haines will be back with the RCIP and your rude comments really has no merit in this forum why bother to watste your time. 99.99% of the people of the Cayman Islands society want Mr. Haines back, this is not something the premier or the government can ignore. A Miracle has taken place Caymanians and X-pats are United on this issue! that speaks volumes for the character of this good man Mr Derek Haines.   Mr. Aanon, or Mr. Oblivion, I think you missed your boat, buy another ticket



    • Admiral Bailey says:

        You sound like a member of the complaint squad or a Politico who fail to understand that the problem and still is a serious lack of leadership amongst the ranks you same to also confused leadership with personality and popularity issues. Attaching blame for Political & Immigration policy what in the world are you talking about??? I support your statements in regards to amounts of police and who is orchestrating and perpetuating certain criminal situations to benefit a certain element in our society. We are on the same page when it comes to the punks who engineered Mr Haines’s as well as other good officers departure. I will say this to you and you maybe unaware of it, but Mr Haines team of officers were mostly all Caymanians with a small percentage of foreign officers. Of course we sometimes did not get along with each other but or success rate was excellent, a testimony of the quality and type of capable committed officers who he supervised . This is clearly not the case today my friend. In regards to Management and different style of   modern policing strategies this is exactly what cause him and others like him to run a foul with the Politicos and some of his own colonial colleagues. What the hell you think this was about Caymanisation was working, sadly some of our own Megalomaniacs controlled by their masters were being told they were being denied a role when in fact their masters know and play the "old Game" well. They got the wake up call you talk about now though.  DTF had a single patrol boat the Protector and and old beat up seize canoe yet they were far more successful than the modern shallow water navy with helicopter assistance we have today. When Mr Haines asked for a marine base for a 1/4 of the price of the one now being built his character was besmirched with scandalous accusations of financial impropriety. Thank you Shaun for your warnings and continued efforts to improve the quality of service we recieve from our RCIPS. When we got to be publishing every little thing that is done in the RCIPS in news media it isreally sad indictment.

    • memoryloss says:

      Just wondering who took the inititive at the time of Ivan. I seem to recall ‘aines had something to do with it.

  5. mike Gooding says:

    Shaun, your submission speaks for and represent all former and current true blooded Police officers who worked with and alongside this true gentleman.     We,as former Police officers,  with years of experience,  know fulwell what we are talking about.    Every officer who served under Derek Haines,  I can say with confidence,   performed with confidence,  without fear, and with total commitment.  I personally,  as you know,  never worked directly under his command having been a West Bay officer, but he was the one who motivated me and those who worked under me because of his trust in us and his unfailing support for what we did in our fight against drugs and crime in this beloved district.    How much longer can this man be ignored?   The pretenders are not  fighting nor solving crime. Why?  simple:  Lack of intelligence which we were easily able to garnish by placing ourselves at the disposal of the citizens of our community.   The good, the bad, the ugly.  the rich, the poor and the needy.   Everyone of these had a piece for that puzzle that solves a crime.    Many of us worked tirelessly for days on end,  neglecting families,  no social life,  days without sleep,  doing the unthinkable (forget the book and the red tape) just to solve that crime and in an effort to keep this country drug free.  We did so because of love for country  and because of leaders like Derek Haines who was there with and for you anytime of the day or night,  come hell or high water.    I am not ashamed to stand shoulder to shoulder with Shaun in requesting that this man be returned to the RCIP without hesitation.   WE ARE READY AND PREPARED TO STAND WITH AND BESIDE HIM AND WE WILL BRING THE ENTIRE CAYMAN ISLANDS WITH US. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.

  6. Jimmy Z says:

    Don’t you doubt Shaun Ebanks for one minute  that the plotters in this dismantling and destruction operation of the DTF weren’t cognizant of the fact it would diminish Cayman’s image especially when it came to the International  Law enforcement stage portraying these Islands as lawless to certain Countries and Entities who have a stated and keen interest in seeing that image is portrayed thereby further isolating us and our financial Industry. I will remind you that some of these law enforcement relationships go back 45 years odd years now seriously diminished not by accident but by design. The damage has been done my friend now some scamper off into lofty jobs in the private sector talking about the place has gone to the dogs!

  7. Dennie Warren Jr. says:


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  How can I help you?  My number is 345-926-0716.

    • Goolban Dinga says:

      Mr Warren,

      Although your offer of help is graciously appreciated, unless you are a freemason, you will have no effect. From the AG right down to the businesspeople who think they can gain by being a member of this corrupt society, you may be left out in the cold.

      Nice try though.

      Cue, another strategy.

  8. BamBam says:

     Haters who do not accept what Mr Ebanks has to say I am suggesting you see the figures in the Cayman Observer for 26th July 2009 page A4. It is evidently clear of the drastic change, the figures support and serves as evidence to substantiate what he has stated. It is absolutely clear this has not gone unnoticed and is evident  to both the non believers and the Government. Haines years from 97-2005 for the haters – read it and understand stopping the drug trade is a component in controlling crime. What bothers persons like Mr Ebanks and many others is how well orchestrated certain sinister elements were in bring about change to the detriment of these Islands. Those who questioned or protested the motive were constructively dismissed pressured or investigated out of the serviceby the most corrupt element in the RCIPS ( who by theway have mysteriously found themselves the benefactors of the big change?) The problem is they have been promoted to the highest level of their own incompetence. Fret not Shaun because he that prospereth in his way because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. shall not be!

  9. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva could bring him back today if he wanted to.  God knows he can make any "appointment" he wants to, regardless of who is in his way.

    I enjoyed reading this article because I don’t know a lot about Mr. Haines, but he sounds like an honest gentleman who doesn’t put up with any bull.  That IS what Cayman needs, not only in the police force, but also in every sector.  Only then can Cayman shine!

    Thank you Shaun for your insight as I didn’t know too much (other than what I have read on CNS) about Mr. Haines, and I appreciate the first hand insight.

  10. Rorschach says:

    Shaun and Derek,

      Just know that there are some of us who stand and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, as we have always done.   If the "Boss" should give the call, I for one, and I am quite sure, you as well, would answer that call!!  We left because of frustration and lack of understanding by the powers that be of the impact of what we did by stopping the flow of drugs and guns into this country.  We did NOT leave because we lost our passion for the job that we did.  We worked in the shadows and out of the limelight, so therefore our actions were seldon observed and hardly ever recognized, but WE knew what we were doing and the kind of impact our work was having on the security and safety of this nation.   You and I both witnessed an unprecedented turnout and show of support of former colleagues at the recent tragic reunion to honour one of our fallen Bretheren.  We are here!!  We are ready!!  Derek, should you call, WE WILL ANSWER!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember Sup. Detective Ken Hall?  Criminals were scared of him and he had the utmost respect of those who worked under him and with him.  Yes with him because he got right down to the nitty gritty with them.  Seems as though all of the good police officers have retired or left but in these harsh times and low morale in the RCIPS I’m sure their recall to duty could only uplift morale and thus lower the crime rate in our islands.  Come on Governor/Premier/Attorney General, these good men still have a lot to offer the people of the Cayman Islands.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Amen, this is a thought provoking article. The best I have seen in a while.

    Shaun has put forward real solutions, not just criticisms. Thank you Shaun.

    All that we can hear is how many traffic tickets  the police are issuing, we want to know how many criminals are being prosecuted for these burgularies, not arrested then no charges are brought against them.  They are targeting the businesses now, soon it will be our homes.




  12. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Great great letter Mr. Ebanks…thank-you…..

    Derek Haines is the much needed "jump start" the fight against crime requires. 5 year irrevocable contract, blank cheque funding and NO politico interference……that is the most important point…..let him do his job without influence and the crime issue will be in control in 2-3 years. OR leave it as is which seems to be what is happening and watch life in Cayman continue to degrade. Time for action…….. 

  13. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

    thank you for sharing your thoughts Shaun.  Good insight on the matter.  I will ponder all you have said with the view of trying to come to a personal decision on my support.


    • Thanks Johnny - We love you says:

      Thanks for letting us know you are thinking about it Johnny, we were all asking what your view was, so this post has made the anticipation of your pronouncement all the greater. 

  14. anonymous says:

    This is the best article I have seen this year! My God, i hope the premiere, the Commissioner of Police and the governor are all reading this. I hope the secretaries of these leaders are emailing these messages to our government officials. The public is serious about the return of Mr. Haines and I do believe we are on the threshold of an organized peaceful march demanding his return.The purpose is demanding RCIP work force to combat crime in these islands, we’re are tired of the foolishness. Obviously the RCIP do not have the right people in place. That’s 99% of the problem.

    And I’m am demanding that they pay him more than any of those so called investigative experts they have here  posing as professionals, they can’t solve nothing.

    You can not keep a good man down. Mr. Haines will be returned to the Cayman Islands RCIP swiftly and we will not hear any excuses.

    Comm. Baines keep on dealing with traffic, Let Mr. Haines deal with the criminals, he has something for heir backside.  Remember you both an be the dynamic Duo.  You’ll go down in Cayman History, or do you want to lose trying to do it all by yourself? The others tried it and it didn’t work.


  15. anonymous says:


    so what is the Cayman Governor, the Premiere and the Commissioner of police waiting for?

    Recruit this highly decorated policeman that earned his badge,Mr. Derek Haines. The people wants him back, and Donovan these 14 recruits need to learn from Haines how to take care of criminals on the streets.

    We want an answer from government administration by the weekend as to when Inspecter Haines is going to start work, becuse there is no way possible that you all can ignore the pleas of the community for this man to come back to the RCIP, we must have him back.

    • Anon says:

      ummm, the Gov don’t reach Cayman as yet…

      • anonymous says:



        One last blow in the lower middle section of the PPM, hire back former Chief Inspector Derek Haines. The PPM were responsible for pushing him out of his post that caused this high rise in crime today. Now that the public is aware of what happened and we have police witnesses attesting to these truths, and vouching for Mr. Haines character. The people of the Cayman Islands now hold on to these truths and we are pleading with you Mr. Premiere that you reinstate this good man and let him put away those criminals that you yourself begged to stop the criminal activity..Mr.premiere this is a way of ecsape for you and your constituents , its a chance to hit back at the criminals terrorizing our society.





        • Anon says:

          How is this possible since the elected officials do not have any control over the Police force? The previous administration cam into power promising increased funding for the RCIPS and they delivered. That is what the elected officials can control.

          • anonymous says:

            The new constitution has granted some power to the premiere and elected cabinetto consult with the governor on matters regarding the RCIP and the judiciary.

            Its good to read yur constitution. Know what’s in it.