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| 15/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Cayman Sports, Fast Defence(CNS): With the goal of increasing people’s awareness of potential threats and how to avoid potential conflicts, Bob Daigle and the FAST Defence team will host a Personal Safety seminar at the Cayman Prep School on Smith Road on Saturday, 6 February. According to Daigle, over 600 people have taken part in the three-hour course over the past nine months, and with the number of home invasions, muggings and other violent crime on the rise, more and more people want to know how to protect themselves and their families.

“Utilizing the unique training methodology from FAST Defence and the use of state of the art training equipment, ‘Bulletmen suits’, we are able to create the most realistic training conditions anywhere in the world. Our highly trained team will create realistic scenarios for our students making the student forget they are in a classroom and think they are really in a threatening situation,” Daigle said.

The seminar is for males and females ages 12 and up. “We find that when young people take this course they are less likely to start a fight and will use the conflict resolution skills taught to avoid violence. Many of our youth are bombarded by violence in video games, movies, TV, etc. They have become desensitized to violence. We teach the students how not to loose their cool in a heated situation,” Daigle said.

The FBI says over 70% of assaults can be stopped in their tracks with the proper verbal response, he noted, and said the more confident a person is the less likely they will start a fight. “We all know bullies lack confidence and therefore pick on easy prey in order to feel better about themselves.”

James Burch, a past participant, said both he and his wife found the course beneficial. “I am normally pretty sceptical about these kinds of things but it opened my eyes to the techniques and skills everyone should learn to protect both themselves and those they care for. The development of the class, from avoiding conflict to channelling the adrenaline rush and, finally, as a last resort, the striking, was brilliantly put together and we cannot speak highly enough about both the class and the instructors. People need to do this course to practice and find solutions to circumstances for which there are usually no dry-runs."

For more information contact Bob Daigle at fastdefence@yahoo.com or call 925-6946
Space is limited.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The seminar was awesome!  Great stress reliever, great exercise and what a way to learn practical self defence in such a short time. 

    Everyone should try this out! Especially with the way the world is going.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "The fast defence seminar taught me how to avoid and react if needed to
    verbal confrontations from mild to extreme.  And as a last resort, I feel
    better able to physically defend myself. It also taught me that unwanted
    behaviour does not have to be tolerated and a this can be accomplished
    without injury to both parties while establishing self respect. What I
    learned has been a life changing experience and I encourage Corporate Cayman
    and Government to offer these seminars to employees and students as it may
    very well save their lives." 


  3. Anonymous says:
    “I had heard about the Fast Defense course through the local newspaper and via word of mouth from friends who recommended it.
    “Having unexpectedly frozen in an uncomfortable situation one evening, when approached by an unknown male, I didn’t ever want to be in that situation again, which is why I wished to attend the course.
    “I entered the course with an open mind. Having said that, I think I was surprised and very happy with the fact that we were all physically active very quickly.
    “This course was definitely participation based, with very little sitting around.
    “From a gentle but important start about realizing our right to our own space and comfort level within that space and how to politely but firmly avoid ‘trespassers’ into that space, all the way through to shouting at the tops of our voices, whilst aggressively defending ourselves against (padded) assailants, out to harm us, we were encouraged, critiqued, and rewarded with a sense of having achieved something of great value.
    “I think it’s important to note how very simple and effective the course was. We didn’t have to memorize a load of fancy stances – quite the contrary.
    “It was very much about reacting quickly and effectively to completely unexpected scenarios. It was fabulous to watch the more timid and slightly built participants grow in voice and confidence.
    “Thank you tothe whole team, who really did work with us, rather than lecture at us. I recommend this course to anyone wishing to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.”
  4. Anonymous says:

    I am really glad that I attended the FAST DEFENCE Seminar last Saturday. It introduced me to a unique and extremely useful approach for conflict/violence avoidance.
    It was organized in such a way that all the participants were drawn into the training deeper and deeper as it progressed and made us feel more assertive, confident and streetwise by the end. The important philosophy behind the course is that physical force is only the last resort and not the first response, which can be applied in various aspects of our daily life.  I would recommend FAST DEFENCE Seminar to any one of any age, especially young people, to learn that physical readiness is not the only way to deal with violence.