Laundry robbed by armed cyclist

| 16/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Cayman Islands crime(CNS): A man escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash on a bicycle last night after robbing the Quick Wash laundry, Dolphin Centre, Eastern Avenue, with what appeared to be a gun. George Town detectives are appealing for witnesses to the incident which occurred at about 7:11pm Friday evening, 15 January. The man entered the laundry with his head covered by a jacket, threatened staff and demanded money before making off from the premises with the money. When he left the laundry he was seen to get on a red bicycle, but police said they did not know his direction of travel is unknown.

No shots were fired and no-one was injured as a result of the incident. The suspect is described as being of chubby build with a dark complexion. He was wearing a black and white shirt, blue jean pants and had a black jacket in his possession.

Anyone who was in the area at the relevant time who may have information about the robbery, or who saw the suspect making off from the scene on the red bicycle, is asked to contact George Town CID on 949 – 4222 or Crime Stoppers 800 – 8477 (TIPS).

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  1. firewalker says:

    I love the Cayman Island, we started going there in 1980. At that time you could go anywhere day or night with no problem. I bought a condo there.

    I started to see a change in the atmosphere in the 90’s, our condo was robbed a couple of times, you did not want to be in certain puts of town at night.

    I always found most Cayman man lazy and looking for the easy way out (by the way, that’s why you have so many foreign workers), the Cayman woman on the other hand were always hard working. I think that part of your problems lies with your young males looking at there dad’s as roll models (the easy way out).

    When were there in the 80’s everyone on the Island was in Church Sunday, now it’s just another work day.

    I live in Southern California, I sleep with a loaded 357 in the bed stand, I’mafraid that we are doomed to crime and more crime here (we have thousands of Mexican coming across our unguarded borders everyday). But, I think that Cayman still can stop what’s going on. The Cayman people need to get involved with there youth , you need to ship back the many foreigner that are making the trouble, and they need to go back to god.

    It’s to late us here in the USA, but not for the Cayman Islands.


  2. Anon says:

    When he left the laundry he was seen to get on a redbicycle, but police said they did not know his direction of travel is unknown.

    OK is it just me or does this statement strike you as a bit odd.  He was seen getting on the bike but nobody saw him ride it away?

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Mr. Haines so wanted to come back on to continue to do this kind of work, why don’t he open his own PrivateDetective Agency.  The local police needs help, so all you retired, fired or former Policement should just simply set up an agency amd start helping the community and tghe Police. C’mon Shaun, look at how low you have been riding this donkey, get off him now and start building a Private unit to fight crime. I believe Derek Hines is quite comfortable where he is now with Dart. What have you done lately for our community? or can you not function without Derek Hines?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The way the criminals are becoming so brazen I’d say he went straight from the crime scene to the bars! 

  5. Stand up and fight the punks!!! says:

    In view of all the recent armed robberies in businesses in their operating hours, i suggest that the businesses learn from Jamaican businesses how they deal with operating in crime riddled areas.  Cayman has to wake up to the fact that it is time for businesses to be vigilant with security measures at all times.  The more detterents there is to the perpetrators, the more difficult it becomes for the perpetrators to carry out these violent acts of robberies.  But if the perpetrators don’t see any detterents getting in their way, they are just going to keep increasing and increasing in these armed robberies, why shouldn’t they, it’s easy, there is no detterents! (However in Jamaica business owners can have their own guns, so that is one deterrent that is not available here in Cayman.) 

    There is other options:

    Get a security guard for your business, get alarms, burglar bars,  alarm buttons by the cashregister that you can press easily that goes straight to a person operated alarm system, anything that would be a detterrent, but for goodness sake, don’t just do nothing and keep giving these perpetrators the easy street to keep terrorizing and intimidating the community because it’s so easy for them due to no detterants in their way!  It is multiplying and breeding more perpetrators!

    For large businesses there is no excuse to not have security guards.  For small businesses, the shopping center can hire 2 or more security guards depending on the size of the center, more for larger centers, but no less than 2 for small centers (one alone is not enough), and split the bill amongst all the tenants, then the cost wouldn’t be very high for each business owner in that center. 

    Same applies for all apartment complexes, get security guards, get 2 minimum for each complex, and the more square feet of the complex, get more, get 3, 4, 5, 6 whatever it takes to be effective!  Then the bill can be split among all the tenants and it won’t be a big cost to each tenant!  Same applies for all large stores parking lots, put security guards in the parking lots, and not one alone, that is no good, one secuirty guard by themself can easily be taken down as already has happened!  Where is common sense, or don’t we have any common sense anymore here in this island due to greed, or due to not believing that the island is no longer safe from crime???

    This is obsurd that these punks (perpetrators) can just get away with all this and no one will step up measures to hinder them and deter them! 

    They are just punks!  Stop being intimidated and terrorized by them!  They are just lazy evil guys that don’t want to work for a living!

    Stand up and fight back!!! Enough of these punks!!  Away with their evil ways!!!

    I feel so sorry for those good citizens in our community that will one day end up going to prison for killing one of these punks to defend their belongings, because of feeling hopeless that the Government can do nothing about these punks committing their crimes!!  Is that what it’s going to have to boil down to, good law-abiding citizens going to prison for these unruly punks???

  6. Mozzie Fodder says:

    At least the ‘Chubby’ thief is trying to look after his health and using a bike to get away…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh do give it a break, you got nothing better to do than bag on about haines? Why dont you become a cop and be a part of the solution huh?

  8. wake up! says:

    no wonder the police are overworked, why are CID dealing with a crappy little crime like this? Why aren’t the hundreds of response officers being used to investigate things as well? Share the load! There is too much ‘oh, that’s not MY job’ going on.

    Please don’t give me anything about ‘ooo, we need skilled investigators’… enough is enough, if you wear the uniform, (or plain clothes!) you do the job. Every officer should have the skills and abilities to deal with any crime. I accept that there is a need for specialists (marine, finacial crime, serious offences) but not for these crappy little offences… anyone should be able to investigate this. Detectives don’t have a crystal ball (clearly) they just get out and ‘detect’. Any officer with any degree of professional pride should be able to do that. If a detective, or a murder investigator, or a marine unit officer come across a road accident, they should be able to at least start dealing with it. So a response officer should be investigating most of the incidents he or she responds to….


    • Anonymous says:

      A "little offence"? It was an armed robbery.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately now that armed robberies are almost a daily occurance, people, including the police are starting to think of them as minor crimes.

        It still makes me laugh out loud that somebody can escape from an armed robbery on a bicycle. This shows that we are dealing with the absolutely lowest level of criminal. These perpetrators are no criminal masterminds or professionals, they are mostly drunk Caymanians that have spent the housekeeping money on beer and need to get some cash to bring home for the wife. It’s like watching americas dumbest criminals on TV.

        Anybody can follow a cycle at a safe distance, it’s not like they are going to outrun you and you can easily track them from far enough away that on the offchance it was a real weapon, you are too far to get shot.

        The fact that nobody continues to see or know anything about these crimes is bewildering.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bring Haines back now! Cayman stop listening to these so call decision makers let me rephrase that "Problem creators" In fact the national security service an armed reserve unit could work made up of volunteers of both expats and Caymanians with expertise in Law enforcement this wait and see experiment to see if we can get back confidence in the RCIPS while the country spins out of control is over. Cut or losses now and get on with trying to restore some sort of semblance of order and do not let thepeople who created this situation control it either. Independent of  "The problem ".