Woman mugged in George Town

| 02/02/2010

(CNS): Police said this afternoon that a woman was attacked and robbed by a man wielding a baton as she walked home from O’ Bar on the West Bay Road, at around 10.40 last night. As she walked towards Slate Drive a man approached her from behind with a baton and hit the victim, pushing her to the ground and grabbed her bag. The robber then fled towards Helen Drive. Police said the victim sustained slight injuries in the attack.

The suspect is described as 5 feet 11”, slim build and a dark complexion. He was wearing a dark short sleeved shirt, dark 3/4 pants dark shoes and a shirt over his head. Detective Inspector Andrew Bowden from George Town CID is appealing for witnesses to call 949 4222 with information. Police were unable to confirm any connection with other recent muggings.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was taught that If possible, try to remember to yell "FIRE"……it gets more attention then someone just screaming!

    I honestly can NOT believe all this discussion is in regards to Cayman Islands. This was an island where I would travel to several times a year and feel safe walking up and down WB road, enjoying the night life, driving all over the island without any fear. Sad, sad, sad!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any woman who walks the West Bay road late in the night like that by herself is being foolish foolish foolish!!  Duh!!  Wake up women, don’t you keep up with all the crime news going on the island???  Stop being so foolish!!!  Really and truly!!!  I feel sorry for you, but i am seriously in disbelief of how foolish you are to walk that road alone in the night or any road for that matter in those hours by yourself!!  Come on now, do better than that!!  That is seriously a very dumb thing to do!! Don’t walk alone in the nights!!

    As for the punk who assaulted and robbed her, i would love to punch you real hard right in your face!!

    I know that all of these punks committing these crimes could never be my son!!  If i was their mother i would beet the crap out of them no matter how old they are til death do us part!!   If my son grow up to do these things the police force would have to restrain me from throwing licks on him til he stop doing these things!!  He would have to run to the police for protection from me his own mother!!  But then again, that wouldn’t even happen, because my son wouldn’t be raised like that in the first place, he would receive his discipline from young and ongoing as he growing.  These boys mothers don’t discipline them worth crap!!!   

    Sometimes you hear people say about some of these criminals, oh, but they are from such a good home, blah, blah, blah!!  Let me tell you what a good home means, A GOOD HOME MEANS THAT RIGHT AND WRONG, AND THE FEAR OF GOD, AND THE FEAR OF MOTHER is instilled into their conscience!! 

  3. Bob Daigle says:

    Women can defend themselves against male attackers.


    If a person has a weapon and tries rob you give up your money,jewelery etc… your life is worth more than that.

    But if their intention is to hurt you,then fight with everything you have to save your life. I agree with the poster that said, that you should first try using the power of your voice. People might hear you and this might alarm the attacker enough to leave. The FBI says that over 70% of assaults can be prevented with a strong verbal boundary. But what if the attacker is intent on assualting you,raping you? Interviews with people who have been assualted and  did not fight back indicated that they were more tramatised because they regreted  letting the attacker aasualt them with out ever trying to fight back.

    Keep your awareness skills on high alert. keep an eye out for suspisous people around you. The notion that a woman can not defend herself against a male is not true. The element of surprise is a factor and where you stike them. Some well placed strikes to the eyes of any male followed up with some powerful knees to the groin will get the attention of anyone.

    You see some of the best fighters in the world in the UFC drop with one baby finger in the eye. How would the average man react?


    Here is something that everyone should remember.

    Never allow someone to take you to a secondary location. The chances of survival are very slim. Your chances of survival are better jumping out of a moving vehicle or fighting an armed attacker than getting in a car with them. Statistics  show these people are rarely found alive.

    Bob Daigle

    FAST Defence

  4. No Jane Roe says:

    Cayman’s increasing violent crime rate is almost certainly linked to its historically draconian laws on abortion.  The criminals of today were probably born to single, poor mothers with family links to crime, abuse and drugs. 

    • Danger Mouse says:

      The evidence of the effect of Roe v. Wade in reducing gun crime in America is overwhelming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes and unfortunately the new generation of thugs has a following of loose young caymanian girls ready and willing to become the single mothers of the future.

      It’s a vicious circle unfortunately. Whilst the churches continue to run the government, we will continue to see most caymanians leave school unemployable, greedy and hypocritical.

      Years of watching the absent Dad beating up, raping and robbing their women has instilled a sense that violence is acceptable and even encouraged amongst Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Abortion and other forms of birth control is practised in other Caribbean Islands and that dont stop the crime there or prevent them from spilling over to Cayman and doing crime here as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People in Cayman – 60,000

    and male   – 30,000

    and  between the ages of 17 and 40  –  15,000

    and  with "dark" skin – 7,000

    and  between 5’8" and 6′ – 4,000. 

    and  resident in George Townarea – 1000

    and physically in Grand Cayman on the night in question – 900

    and with known or suspected drug problems – 100 

    and with a previous arrest record – 50

    and not in a hospital or Northward – 25

    Benefit of a database of all residents with the ability for a victim to review photographs of likely suspects within hours of the crime – Priceless.


    Oh – we already have it between Immigration, Passport Office, Drivers Licenses  etc.- We just appear too dumb to use it.

    It is not like 100 million people live here. Come on guys – local solutions for local problems! Be imaginative.



    • Anonymous says:

      i clap my hands to you 13:14…. need people like you in the poliec force luks lik

    • Joe Bananas says:

      This is Cayman. They do things the Cayman way here. Explains a lot.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not getting your comment. Please explain solwly? remember I am Caymanian. Its ok to use the dialect too.

      • Anonymous says:

         So am I to assume that all the "small" towns (>50,000) in whatever country you’re from has a photographic database such as that which you speak of?

  6. CaymanLover says:

    My deepest sympathies go out to the victim.  Ladies we are living in very different times.  Walking to/from any where opens us up to grave danger.  Lets commit to parking our cars nearby the venue, traveling in groups, parking in well lit areas and being very diligent when we are out.  Designated drivers – not only can you take us home safely but you can possible alert us to potential danger if we are inebrieted.

    I don’t think we should start living our lives in fear, keep enjoying your life BUT beware there are people out there wanting to hurt you.  Don’t accept open drinks from ANYONE, don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t be afraid to risk being called b*tch for telling someone to leave you alone.

    Let’s take some self defence classes, we need to know how to defendourselves or at least stun an attacker so we can get away and get help.  Offense is the best defense. 

    Ive never been in this type of situation and I hope I never am, but trust me "I pity the fool" who thinks I won’t at least be apprehending an attack…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Sign up for FAST defence.  I did because of everything that is happening!  I wouldn’t feel safe using a weapon because what if it was taken away.  At least now I know some basics to get myself away and get a few hits in.




      • Danger Mouse says:

        Women who attempt to fight back with self-defense techniques are statisically more likely to suffer serious injury than those that just run.

        If you don’t have a safe way to get home planned don’t go out.  That is the only safe message when it comes to protecting oneself from George Town’s junkies.

        • Anonymous says:


          Would you rather not fight at all? Would you rather get in the car and then have the worst happen? At least try to fight your way out of the situation. Personally I agree with the poster about learning some self-defence techniques. It is better than not protecting yourself at all. I believe even if the lady had planned a way home and was targeted, there may have been no chance.  As in recent history we have seen happen. Stick in groups girls, at all times! Look out for each other. Learn self-defence techniques. Community don’t turn a blind eye to screaming. Be nosy. It might just save someone.
          • Danger Mouse says:

            Statisically running and screaming are the best self defence techniques.  Women who go straight to physical defense against men are far more likely to be seriously injured.

            • Anonymous says:


              Not sure if the poster meant to fight first then run. But if you are in a position that you need to fight, it is best that you know what to do. I agree that you should run away and scream. I also believe that you should invest in yourself by staying fit, being aware of your surroundings, staying in a group, and knowing how to protect yourself if needed. 
              Parents you tell your kids the basics. Avoid getting into altercations in the first place, but if you are being hit by someone else, protect yourself and fight back. The same goes for when we are adults. It seems posters want these women to remain without the knowledge to protect themselves. Women are told by the media, historically and growing up don’t hit, don’t make a scene and don’t fight back etc. Women should stand up for themselves, but also don’t put yourself in that position in the first place. Avoid it as much as you can. Run away and if all else fails, fight like hell.
        • Anonymous says:


          Danger it seems you like the docile, submissive non-fighter type. Telling women not to fight back, after running and screaming didn’t help, because they can get hurt, is telling them they have no hope to protect themselves. Staying home? Not everyone does that. Planning a ride, things happen, cars break down, or the predator is waiting for you at the car.
          • Skippy RIP says:

            No I just like the realistic type who knowthat taking on a couple of strung out 6 foot junkies in a fight is not going to end well.  If you can’t keep aside the money for an emergency cab fare home in your purse everytime you go out you should not be going out.  One night in would save the money to offer this protection for the future.  There is no good reason to be walking the streets alone late at night other than drunkeness, ignorance or foolhardiness.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This island really needs to look into legalising pepper spray and tasers for women. its getting dangerious and not all women can defend themselves against man power. none of this is going to stop anytime soon so being prepared would help the situation….

    • Weapon of Choice says:

      And then the muggers would start using pepper spray, tasers, knives and guns.  No good comes from an arms race when it comes to crime.

      Just try to be sensible late at night – that is an area well known for muggings so don’t go out as a female alone. 

      The best thing we can do to protect the women of Cayman is to improve the terrible taxi services.

      • Anonymous says:

        I mean the women should b allowed to have them, not any and everyone. you dont really hear of female muggers so…

        • And there's more says:

          But by allowing them to be sold in Cayman legal the muggers will get them.  Muggers and victims will get into an arms race that will end in guns.  There are only two sensible options 1) don’t put oneself at risk or 2) run and scream.

          • Anonymous says:

            you guys are also failing to realise this isnt only happening on the streets. People are forcing themselves into peoples homes now….

      • Anonymous says:

        Very few taxis after 2am, and if you go to an after party you are basically walking home or trapped there until morning.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not only very few, but also very expensive.

          • Anonymous says:

            Would you rather have your money taken away by a mugger? or pay the extra dollars to be safe. Remember, the taxi drivers are up late too and deserve a little extra for that alone.

            • Rorschach says:

              So what you are asking is " Would you rather have your money taken legally or illegally?  Either way, your losing your money."

            • Anonymous says:

              Do you really want an answer to that?

              Taxi drivers like other uneducated Caymanians expect to receive a corporate executives salary despite doing a menial unskilled job. They can’t even read the odometer properly as they sure don’t know the accurate distance between two places. They always seem to overestimate so they can charge more.

              If you haven’t got 40 bucks for a relatively short trip in a taxi, you have to take your chances of getting mugged and losing your last 30…

      • Anonymous says:

        That is a chance I would rather take.  If women were allowed to carry pepper spray, maybe Estella would be alive today.  It would have stunned the person and maybe given her a chance to get away!!!!  Guns are illegal I don’t see that stopping the criminals from having them. 

    • anonymous says:

      Well what is the ‘FEMALE" UDP deputy leader doing about this. She had her big speech claiming to fight gender viiolence. Does she have to consult Mckeeva on whether she should tuck a knife into her purse? no she has her own body guard.

      Julie the women of CI are your sisters and we need to know what is legal for us to protect ourselves with.


      • Anonymous says:

        You forgot luv, she is much too busy making a spectacle of herself washing the Gov’s feet!

    • Anonymous says:

      "And then the muggers would start using pepper spray, tasers, knives and guns."

      You mean the criminals arming themselves illegally like they do now?  Good citizens being able to defend themselves was not the cause of this, now was it?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see that the Police set up traps to inveigle these lowlife scum to make their move and then have another Policeman shoot the living s**t out of any would be robber. I am asking the Police to take it in hand. Otherwise, some residents may start to take matters into their own hands. When the sidewalks are littered with these useless scum bags’ bodies and blood then and only then will this s**t will stop. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I say you are right, set traps. Yhe would be mugger would not know who is the innocent prospect or someone with the sole intent on catching them out in their nasty intentions. Years ago, a Policeman wrote his number on a washroom wall at Smith’s Cove to catch a Gay man. He brought charges and convicted the Gay. My point is, if the law can go to that extent then the should be able to set-up regular sting operations to trap the lowlife of these islands. Go ahead Mr Bains, I’ll ge behind you on this one.

  9. Watering Hole says:

    One of these days some one will retalliate and one of these robbers are going to get some serious hurting.  People would be a fool not to be on the alert an arm themselves when leaving buildings or business places at night.   The police cant be everywhere, so they will have to understand someone having XXXXXXX.   Or a squeeze bottle full with clorox and pinesol.   Got to do what you have to do.

    • EastSider says:

      I have heard a good repellant is hair spray.  Easy to obtain and totally legal to own.

      • IP Freely says:

        Probably not legal to carry as a weapon.

        • frank rizzo says:

          Nor are ball point pens, but you will probably find one in a few purses.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve heardthat wasp spray is also very effective.

        • Sally Vation says:

          I have heard that not walking home alone late at night after drinking in bars is effective too.

          • Anonymous says:

            So, are you saying its ok to rob/mug someone if they are unfortunate to have to walk on the streets at that time of the night. It used to be that anyone could walk on our streets at anytime of the night without fear of being robbed. I reiterate, trap the bastards and take them out once and for all. That would put certain fear any would be robbing scumbag.

        • Anonymous says:

          A good can of Baygon will do the job!

  10. noname says:

    What da hell is going on inna dis island man.Wey de Poleeece Dem sa The heathen back pan de wall. Truly this is sad to see Cayman in such a state I guess da poleeece can tell this victim that this assault and robbery is only a perception.