Armed bank robbery

| 04/02/2010

(CNS): Update: Thursday 5:55pm – The RCIPS has now released brief descriptions of the two men who robbed the Cayman National Bank, Countryside Shopping Centre in Savannah, this afternoon, Thursday 4 February, in broad daylight. Police say both the suspects are male, between 5’6” and 5’8” in height and dark complexion. One was wearing a red hooded top and the other was wearing a black hooded top. Both men were wearing masks. Shortly after 12:30 this afternoon, the two men stormed in to the bank. One of the robbers was armed with what appeared to be a handgun. The men threatened staff and one fired a shot into the air, police said. The men then ran off with a sum of cash.

Witnesses stated that the men lept over the counter and demanded cash and customers in the bank were forced to lie on the ground. The assailants were last seen running into the parking lot at the Countryside Shopping Village.

Police tracker dogs, Rescue One and armed response vehicles are on the scene. Cayman National President Stuart Dack confirmed to CNS that no hostages were taken, no staff were injured and staff members were in good spirits.

Anyone with any information regarding the robbery should contact Bodden Town CID on 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

This is not the first time CNB has been robbed an armed robbery occured at the West Bay branch in 2005. This evening police from the Special response Unit were also stationed at this branch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you earlier the description given by the police would be completely useless.  To help you out Mr. Policeman since I am sure witnesses gave you better accounts (I know first hand) and I am sure you have video footage, here is what you should release to the public.

    1)  Color of jeans/shorts of both suspects

    2)  The car type they drove away in

    3)  What kind of gun was used (was it a machine gun, a handgun, shotgun).  A hint, you could tell by the bullet immediately.

    4)  How much cash was taken and what denominations (The public could then be on the look out ofr US$100 bills for example…how many of us locals carry those around!)

    5)  What kind of masks were they wearing?  Was it an Obama Halloween Mask, Possibly a George Bush Mask, or a ski mask (if so what color was the ski mask).

    6) Did you fingerprint the door, or were the robbers wearing gloves?)

    Oh yeah, and it would be REALLY helpful if you released the video footage that exists or at least provide it to immigration so they can check everyone leaving the island, God knows that we are a very easy target nowadays, and it would be really easy to fly here, rob a bank, go home and never worry about getting caught. RCIPS can’t even catch criminals that reside here. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard one of the criminals has been apprehended! And low and behold the get away car was his GRANDMA’s!!! I know it’s not a laughing matter, but this situation really needs to be on TruTV on World’s Dummest Criminals!! Poor granny……na good…

    • Roll over says:

      Can we change roll over to just roll over poor people wherever they come from?  They seem to be stealing too much.

  3. Ex RCIPS Cop says:
    The police cannot be everywhere all the time. The police are not to blame for the fact that you could not be bothered to raise your children properly, so they have ‘grown into’ criminals, though it would appear it is now the police’s problem. The police are not to blame for the fact that all these criminals committing crime have parents, partners, husbands. wives, friend and family, all of whom for the most part reside with these criminals, but these persons fail to report their activities to the police, or fail to intervene. Ladies and gents police are law enforcement, they have no control over the creation of criminality, these are social issues, which stem from the community of the Cayman Islands, not GTPS. Sooner or later you are going to have to accept responsibility for the part you as a general community have played in the moral decline in the Cayman Islands.
    I read an interesting article in the National Geographic recently about Singapore. For those who have not been to Singapore it is an incredibly safe country, where you can walk the streets day or night without fear of the effects of criminality. Police are not a particularly visible presence in Singapore, you rarely see them when you are walking around the city, and their numbers per head of population are small. When the journalist questioned a Singaporean about the relationship between very low crime and a small police presence, he replied ‘in Singapore the policeman is in your head.’ This is what is now lacking in Cayman, children being brought up without morals, principles, they have a sense of entitlement, like their parents they think the law should apply to everyone else but them, they do not listen and have no respect for the police or authority, or teachers, they have no interest in hard work. These children have no ‘moral compass,’ the policeman has never been in their head, as unlike children from Singapore he was never placed in their heads by their parents in the form of moral principles, respect and discipline, and then we are surprised when they join gangs and turn to criminality.
    As a former member of the RCIPS it is very disappointing to see what has happened to Cayman, such a beautiful island, and so many wonderful people who live there. However, having seen the behavior of many adults on Grand Cayman during my time in the RCIPS, and their attitude towards the police and the law, where almost on a daily basis you would hear things like ‘you expat – you cannot arrest me,’ and ‘I Caymanian, I will have you thrown off the island,’ along with ‘ I know (insert senior managers name here) I will have your job,’ it really does not surprise me. Through the course of my duties I observed that the prevailing attitude of many members of the public was that ‘its everyone else’s fault but my own,’ and then when it all gone wrong as a result of their own actions, negligence or behavior, they expect the various government agencies to come in and clean up their mess for them.
    You reap what you sow Cayman, until you start to realize that what is happening to the island is a social problem, not a problem the RCIPS are responsible for, you will never address the real issues, and nothing will ever change. All the RCIPS can do is provide the best possible deterrent they can, and respond as best they can, they cannot, and are not responsible for fixing all the social problems you have created for the last decade.
  4. Anonymous says:

    lmao. why do people always blame the police when its mostly young caymanians doing all the crime. isnt it them to blame?

  5. Real Tea says:

    So the banks ROB us daily- HUGE fees, crazy-LOW interest rates on deposits and HIGH loan rates… ,  FEES up the @$$, but that is not news.  As soon as someone gives them some of their own medecine, the $h!t hits… Come one, Cayman banks are REAMING the public.  Not that this excuses the robbers, but they are part of the problem…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I heard three persons were caught, any update on this CNS?  I know you will get the scoop on it before the weekend is out!! 😀

    CNS: We’ll up date when we get anything confirmed, but the police are not saying much right now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I understand there was a mugging last night in the parking lot of the brick house restaurant which the police responded to.  Is there any reason this hasn’t been published?  CNS?

    CNS: Click here

  8. Macman says:

    I think all these criminals are being very disrespectful to our great Premier….why he even begged for them to stop!

    I can’t understand why they are still breaking law, when our great Premier has asked them himself to stop.

    Can any one explain to me why these people are not listening to our leader?

    After all Mr. Bush always listens when people give him good advice!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      How disrespectful, childish and stupid! You are no better saying these things. Why continue to breed hatred and discord? Enough with the McKeeva, Kurt, PPM, UDP bashing! This is a serious issue!

  9. Times Like These says:

    Los Angeles Police Department protects its citizens with 1officer for every 426 residents.

    New York Police Department protects its citizens with 1 officer for every 218 residents.

    Chicago PD protects its citizens with 1 officer for every 216 citizens.

    Royal Cayman Islands police is having trouble protecting its citizens with 1 officer for every 156 citizens.


    What’s up with that?

    • Dacat says:

      Times like these it is called INCOMPETENTENCESome have been posting on here till their fingers are almost woren away and fail to understand that they can blame the public as long as kingdom come. Which is going to do absolutely nothing to restore confidence in the Police. The public ain’t paid to protect the public and the public obviously cannot be protected. No law in order and no order in the law.

    • Joe Bananas says:

      Quality versus Quantity.

    • Anonymous says:

      ^ Add to that 1 officer for every 500 citizens in the UK.

      And Cayman say they need more?  *Shakes head*

      RCIPS needs to become effective, efficient and accountable.  They already have too much officers doing nothing or abusing their positions to settle personal vendettas.  They’re giving a bad reputation to those few very good officers that we do have.

    • CSI says:

      And I guess we never see crime occurring in those three peaceful havens do we.  Come on guys, the police can’t be everywhere at once.  Criticize them for their ability (or inability) to solve the crimes, but you can’t expect them to be standing around at every bank waiting for a robbery attempt. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    I find it funny that everyone compains about the crime and blames the police but on other posts claim that opening casinos on the island is what we need and the way forward.Good luck with that! you would see more crime on this island everyday.

  11. ExBlueGirl says:

     What is hardto believe is that this happened at the height of the day! How brazen and bold. Which leads to an ongoing comment:

    We need more Uniformed Officers on shift. With more Officers out on patrol, presence is highlighted and will deter crime.

    But the Officers have to patrol, have to be visible and be out WORKING.

    There needs to be stricter measures, policies, schedules and a format to how the patrols are conducted. Not patrolling about willy-nilly.

    And DO NOT single crew vehicles. When a vehicle is single crewed, not only is the safety of the Officer compromised, the more lackadaisical Officers will slink away and avoid work.

    Double crewed vehicles are important as it will encourage team building, be safer and give Officers opportunity to exchange knowledge. (Veteran Officers with new Officers, Ex-pats with Locals).

    For a Service that has so many Officers, we see so few on the roads…..



    • Anonymous says:

      I agree we do see so few on the roads.  Their cars are usually parked outside their nice air conditioned offices.   As for the bobbies on the beat where they gone Baines?  The kept a visible presence in every district for about two weeks after the thefts in town.  Now you’re lucky to see an officer anywhere unless you go to the station.  Baines, when you put them on the street did we not let you know we were pleased with this, that this made us feel better and safer?  So why don’t we see police out on foot in every district any more?

  12. Anonymous says:

    "Chickens, Security Officers and the RCIP’s" all have an increased presence in Cayman but just like the “fowl” running around George Town, the Police & Security may make the tourists feel safe but to us locals – have no use! At the end of the day security and police cannot defend themselves against armed criminals who are not afraid to commit these crimes in the broad daylight because they know that they cannot be stopped with a baton and a whistle! I am sorry call it extreme – but these are extreme times and Government better consider allowing RCIPS to walk with guns in order to get control over the situation before we loose our tourism industry because of the re-occuring crime. We need a leveled playing field when it comes to fighting these criminals nowadays!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Can any one please tell me where was the security guards during this robbery. Becasue to me it same as if they vanish  If thats the case CNB need to speak to the security company that they have hired i can understand that they dont have any weapons to defend there self but God have mercy. If thats the case these Secuity Companies need to down grade from being security guards to  door helpers becasue they are very helpful at openning the doors for you. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding me? You want the Security Guards to stop armed robbers!!! What you been smokin?? A Security Guard that gets $3 an hour is supposed to stop armed criminals? The bank would never want them to be heros and end up getting shot or customers and bank staff shot. The Security Guards are an extra set of eyes only! The faster the criminal is in and out  is better for all involved. Leave the catching of the criminals to the police, who are trained to deal with them. I have every confidence that they will catch these thugs.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the security guard was being held at gunpoint.  How much can an unarmed security guard do?  One can keep blaming this one and that one but at the end of the day the Police are hired to protect us and they haven’t been doing a good job…..

  14. Anonymous says:

    The plan does not appear to go far enough but is a start.

    Bermuda: Premier Announces Plan For National Service

    CNS: Well spotted. I’ve posted this article in World News, so if anyone want to comment, perhaps go there.

  15. Caymanian at Heart says:

    I am sorry but these excuses that young people need to commit crimes are completely unfounded.  I know of many companies willing to employ young Caymanians, but these are entry level positions.  Someone is always hiring, even now – a life of crime is not the only option.

    Rising crime is not just a sign of tough economic times, it also has a lot to do with education and culture.  You just have to take a look in the schools and see what is becoming popular.  I don’t know how we can change this in the youth, it’s a sad time for Caymanian culture and youth on the whole.

  16. Da player says:

    Watch how much money they going to ask for now $$$$$$$$ mo money mo money mo of yo money what a country? The blaming of the public excuse is getting lame now.  I know what they need a Predator Drone $$$$$$

  17. Anonymous says:

     I am not a big fan of the police as we have seen a number of crimes unsolved, however we need the top dogs of the civil service to step up to the plate and address these issues to us, I agree that we should also hear from the UDP Gov (but what can they do besides amending the Criminal Law and give stiffer penalties). We need to hear from the HE the Gov and his cronies beneath him, they are the ones we should be blaming, for example; since the new Chief Immigration Officer took her role I have not heard he once on the talk shows informing us of stricter immigration policies or what their enforcement unit is doing regarding, at least the RCIP is trying to keep us informed.

    For those who say it is the expats committing all these crimes, come on… look at the recent murders, it is our young Caymanians killing themselves, I am of the personal humbling opinion a few of the robberies were committed by expats, but the robbery yesterday I am not so sure. They didn’t appear to get a lot of money unlike the last few in town, which leads me to think they really didn’t plan out this out to well, yes they got away but with only one cash pan. In the past the robberies happened in Central George Town and SMB, these persons got away with 100’s thousands of dollars. What idiot would want to only get 2-3000 from a teller? Must be some young idiot thinking he is a gangster.

    For all of you whom think this was committed by exapats if they were to convict a Caymanian for this I would expect an apology from you. By the way I am a Caymanian and was not granted status.

    No matter what we post on CNS and the back and forth discriminatory remarks to one another, this is not going to solve our criminal problem, this issue has to be dealt with by the top dogs on the civil service, I would hope that we can all come together as a community Caymanian and expat to assist whom ever needs the help to solve these crimes.



  18. Anonymous says:

    I was very disappointed with someone’s comment! Saying it all starts from home, lemme tell you something I’m a young caymanian, raised by a wonderful caring lady who i call my MOTHER and the day anyone ever disrespected her and told her that her children behave very bad and it’s her fault i would slap whoever said it! Because she raised us in a good way it’s not parents its the things people see on tv, and so forth. When parents let me stretch that when MOTHERS go to work from 9-5 even longer sometimes and leave their kids at home they watch all sort of things no one holds a gun to their heads saying watch this d*mn thing! They do it on their own, and you cant tell parents to don’t buy their kids stuff thats a good damn mother or father because he buys it for them so they won’t have to STEAL IT! Damn it i hope your not a damn parent because I can see maybe your child is the one always robbing because his mother never did shit! or his father, i mean not to judge anyone but that’s all you people do judge and judge!!!!!! There are manyyyy good caymanians out there that I know and work very damn hard for what they do and deserve every good thing that comes their way!!


    • Anonymous says:

      People don’t "have" to steal. They "choose" to steal, and its against the law. 

  19. R. Myles says:



    Once they let in all these criminals without fingerprinting them or running a criminal background on each of them this is what happens.  Then when they do let them all in they form gangs with our young Caymanian men and corrupt them….then they become a team working together with their criminal ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow…….this brings to mind that old saying "ignorance is bliss" nicely done, now we all know your level of ignorance if not your name.

    • Watering Hole says:

      I  do agree with what you are saying.   It is true.   But as far as I see it,  Money has become the root of all evil in Cayman.

      We are going down and these crimials  are out to destroy Cayman  because of visa and roll over.   PREMIER BUSH  IS MAKING A SERIOUS MISTAKE in tampering with the roll over process.   He Is not looking out for the pople of Cayman, he is gone MONEY CRAZY,   The police have enough evdence to know who is comitting these crimes, but they do not have the evidence to compile a case file  before the court.

      Another issue s the Security Guards.   A WASTE OF MONEY.   These poor cant talk people is tired, working eight days a week standing up for five dollars a hour.    I call it cheap slavery, besides that was only awarm up.   Watch out Cayman next one soon happen.

    • Anonymous says:



      Way to make a sweeping statement to infer that all expats are criminals / no good!!! I am an expat and I have NEVER committed a crime, never even been in a fight (arguments with my family yes, but that’s life, surely!) These comments make me want to swear out loud and for a long time and give it all up!!!!!  Have I made myself useful to THIS community ….. YOUR Caymanian community ??? …. which I call my own??? YES!!!!!  HAVE YOU???????

      Maybe we should ALL get the heck out of dodge… and by WE…. I myself am making a sweeping statement for all expats…. leave you to your own little criminals…..

      I expect an apology for the above statements to the expat community STAT!!! now that it has been determined that these ‘criminals’ are in fact Caymanian!!!

      STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS THAT ALL CRIMINALS ARE NON-CAYMANIAN….cos lemme tell you… I personally have been beaten up by a Caymanian because I didn’t want to date him (because I already was dating another Caymanian, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer so he beat me up!!!), my house was broken into by a Caymanian (who was later caught and charged) who then attacked me because I disturbed him, and I have had a Caymanian ‘friend’ steal from my house…. Do I make a grand sweeping suggestion that all Caymanians are violent criminals who are not to be trusted???? NO!! Most Caymanians are lovely people, just like most ‘expats’…how do I know this??? BECAUSE I HAVE COMMON SENSE AND A LITTLE BIT OF JUDGEMENT!!! GROW UP AND GET SOME YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I repeat (for about the fifth time), that I do hope Police start ballistic testing all firearms they confiscate to match them up with crimes like this.

    Yes, Mr. Policeman this means you have to collect the bullet(s) that are shot, such as in this case.  It also means that each firearm collected must be tested. 

    I realize that different things can be altered, but I don’t believe the criminals are smart enough to do this.

  21. Bert says:

    Caymanians have short memory when it comes to crime last week a fellow was shot that was the hot issue for a few days police where all over it, after a few days it was forgotten, another time was when the police where shot at, there were police all over the place in rain and sun afgter a few days the issue was forgotten, the same can be said of most criminal acts here after a few days all is forgotten

    This robbery will not be no different,Unfortunatlet I think we are becoming like our next door neigbors and becoming Desensitzed to any and all crime!!!! Very sad

    • Fed up Caymanian says:

       "Please go back to School to learn to spell before you make judgement on others thank you."

    • Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t have put it any better!!!!

  22. Joe Bananas says:

    Too funny, Watching problem solveing island style.  Everyone talks, nobody does.  Macs speeches.  Perfect representation of the people. " If everyone would just listen to me the problem would be solved."  All evidence to the contrary.

    Island style problem solveing:

    1. Do it our way.

    2. Get some experts and make them do it our way.

    3. Repeat.

    4  No other way.  Start at one and work your way to three.

    • Anonymous says:

      More like:

      1. Pay huge fees to consultants to tell you how to do it.

      2. Find that consultant was a  waste of time and money

      3. End up doing it our way.

      • Joe Bananas says:

        Like I said  but will use more words.

        2. pay an expert.  diregard what they tell you should be done and do it your way anyway.  Yes your right a waste of money and time.

          And perhaps I should have added

        3.  Listen to someone that has never done anything but think they can do everything tell you how anything should be done.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hey guys the news said a witness came in and told them that the criminals drove off in a "japanese style car". Look for these types of cars- 

  24. Kintaro says:

    We will soon be recognized as little Jamaica once more… only this time, it won’t be because of the turtles… but of the crimes, guns and drugs.


    Our governement is moving forward with a blind fold over their eyes.  The things that we allow to happen now is affecting the people.  If our youths who a prone to violence… which is everywhere… cannot find something constructive to occupy their time, something like a Job.  Who knows, maybe all of this would not be happening today.


    Greed will be the end of all mankind.  "Belee dat" First, they hire Jamaicans, Hondurans and Phillipinos because the can pay them far below minimum wage and get no complaints.  Business owners love this because that means more chunk in their trunk on the drive home every evening.  What would you expect?  Then, when our young Caymanians commit crimes because they can’t fend for themselves, feed their loved ones ect.  They get a record that DOESN’T allow them to work.  "Wha yah say.. he ga record.. try don’t call him…" Yeah, I’ve heard it.  So what must they do… starve and stare at the ceiling all day?  Come on Cayman….


    They say it’s the home to blame.  Well, let me school you on a little Caymanian experience.  Parents work hard and don’t see the benefits at the end of the day.  They go home, frustraited and heated.  The least little thing makes them crack which develops into violence.  Their children sit and watch this…  By this time, the children of Cayman are programed with this mentality that if we want to make it, we have to kill ourselves.  The young ones are veryintelligent… and believe me, will not go down that road.  So, they turn to easy money.  See where I am going with this??  Therefore, if it does not start in the home but in the street, where the work aka slavery is, who is to blame?


    That’s your home work.  I have nothing more to say… P.S. WHY I DON’T VOTE.



  25. Get it through your thick heads says:

    Daily Telegraph: Rising crime takes Antigua off cruise routes

    CNS: Thanks. I’ve posted this.

  26. Poor Peope Fed Up! says:

    Poor People Fed Up. People got to eat, if they don’t have jobs then you got to do what we got to do.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      There’s no justification for commiting crimes you idiot!

    • Anonymous says:

      There are jobs out there! If someone is poor and hungry and has morals and intregrity they would be willing to take any job to survive. Pick up a paper or walk into places to see if they are hiring.

    • Anonymous says:

      Speak for yourself " Fool " !!!….Nobody has to resort to holding up a bank, because they cant eat…. look at the amount of people that’s living off of social services, and some of them are always dress from head to toe, AND i even know someone who has government housing them, giving them food vouchers and there driving quite a nice car !!! ……. If these fools were that hungry, that fed up…. they would go find governement to help them, " IF IT REALLY IS THAT THEY CANT FIND A JOB"… so you need to "Shut the hell up with your stupid remarks" cause this shit that’s going on around this place is not  FUNNY !!!!

      I wonder what there going to do with the money….. pay bills ? food money for the rest of the year ? yeah right more like buy some BLING !

  27. Anonymous says:

    Still no images yet?  Police maybe waiting for the criminals to leave the island?

    Are you serious, I am SURE that bank has images that could be released to the public.  Maybe the banks should stop listening to the Police and release the images, God knows it would only help the public try and track down these criminals as we are all tired of their cowardness.

    • Anonymous says:

      But they might be minors and we have to protect them so they can still become police officers or lawyers after they turn 18 and we pretend they have no record!

  28. TEXAN says:



  29. Anonymous says:

    Oh what a great description the RCIPS gave of the criminals.  They should be caught in no time!

    What a joke they are honestly.  The reason we have crimes like this being committed, are because the criminals know how incompetent the RCIPS really is.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police did not give a description of the robbers the public did and yeah you are correct; "they should be caught in no time".

      The reason we have crimes like these are due to the fact, criminals no longer respects our laws and prison is a fun place to be…Crime has nothing to do with incompetent RCIP…. However, it appears that this writer knows quite a bit on capturing criminals, then I highly suggest that you joined the RCIP!

      Listen, crimes is out of control and we all should be worried, not just the RCIP or our government. If I must say; the RCIP is doing the best they can with the little resources that they have and with little or no assitance from the public beside constant bashing of the RCIP. All I have to say, if you don’t have anything good to say then say nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know anything about capturing criminals, how you get that from what I posted I don’t know but I do know that is why we have a police service, it is their job to catch criminals.  I do know that as a member of the public I can help to solve crimes, especially if I have an accurate description or picture to go by.

        Sorry Bro, but this is a democracy and not everything can be sugar coated, so please don’t tell me to say nothing if I cannot say anything good.

        It is my opinion that the RCIPS is useless and I challenge them to change my mind.

      • Rorschach says:

        Sorry, bu I wholly and unequivically disagree with you that the RCIPS is "doing the best they can"…a FEW officers are doing the best  they can, but 5% of the RCIPS is NOT ENOUGH!!  The rest are simply wearing a uniform, drawing a GOOD salary, doing absolutely NOTHING but driving around a conducting their own businesses and counting the years, weeks, days and hours until they can retire and start drawing on their Government pension!!  The ENTIRE RCIPS needs to step it up!!  Officers need to be held accountable for mishandling cases, losing evidence, botching processing crime scenes and a host of other amateurish actions!!  The RCIPS OWES the public this!!  We employ them, we pay the duties and fees which provide them with their salary, WE are their bosses and they are there to SERVE US!!  If the RCIPS steps it up, gets rid of the host of "Uniform Carriers and Check Cashers" and provides a truly professional SERVICE, then the public will back them.  A lot of people here are calling for the return of Derek Haines to the police service.  Derek was and is a great leader and motivator, BUT, Derek Haines did not fight crime all by hisself..He had a GREAT bunch of officers who were trusted and respected and whom he held to a HIGH standard of conduct and professionalism!!  There was NEVER a morale problem in the DTF when Derek was in charge and You didn’t last long under him if it came time to go to court and your ducks weren’t in a row and your case wasn’t tight!!  When and IF that situation were implemented throughout the RCIPS, THEN you would see a difference in how the citizens of this country act and speak to the RCIPS.  Commissoner Baines will not be able to bring up the RCIPS until he starts to weed out the "dead wood" and corruption that is choking the RCIPS.  This must be done swiftly and publicly if he wants the public to begin to get behind him.

        And as far as not saying anything if you have nothing good to say, I say "RUBBISH!!"  NOTHING ever changed because people sat quietly and didn’t say anything because they had nothing good to say…It isn’t the Good things that are said that bring about change…It’s the courage to say what no one wants to hear or what no one wants to acknowledge….Remeber the child who said the emporer was naked when everyone else pretended he was clothed??

  30. Anonymous says:


    I am so fed up with the crimes on our island along with the pointing of fingers towards the RCIP, our government etc…It is a proven factor that ccrime prevention is not only the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies (RCIP), but the responsibility of the entire community.    Can’t people see that criminals no longer respect the laws of our islands and therefore we are in trouble.  And the community needs to come forward and provide information so that the police can do their job effectively and efficiently, until then crime will continue to be on the rising.  We all want the crime to stop but no one seems to want to be a part of the solution, just keep running their mouth.
    Crime is not going to go away on its own and so many of us run our mouth day in and day out but when to speak in order to help solve crime or prevent crimes; we seems to have lock jaw or suddenly our mouth is stapled.  I fully understand that people fear for their lives when they do come forward with crimes but it’s our court systems and laws that need to be amended…. We as a society need to treat criminals as criminal and stop the constant bashing of the RCIP. We need to take back our country and stop letting the criminals take us for a joy ride, as criminals enjoy when we are bashing theRCIP, as it gives the criminal strength. We need to work together and take our island back from these criminals
  31. 007 For Sure says:

    Puttin their picture on TV might solve that case too quick.RCIP dont want that to happen they want to try do it alone.Then one month later they ask the public for help by then you forget if you even saw anything I think it is time for all banks to install glass between their staff and customers .Most of the money transfer places have it already.As a woman i could jump the counter myself many times i stand up in the banks and look at these counters and say a real angry customer could get over this it dont even have to be a robber just a upset customer.

  32. This will be fun says:

    The crimes are not being done by American Lawyers, British Accountants, Canadian bar staff, or Filipino domestics. The criminals are locals.

    The way to stop this is for the police to interview all Caymanian males. Photograph them in detail, take their DNA and tag them so that they can be located when necessary.
    If they have done nothing wrong then they have nothing to fear.
    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Caymanians are committing crimes, but large numbers of Jamaicans are too, or do you consider all Jamaicans local and not count them as expats?  

      • Bastardized... says:

        Sincealotta we Caymanians is more Jamaican than anything else….  Nuff said…

      • Anonymous says:

        Finally!!.. someone has actually said "jamaicans"… I have been wondering for years when a connection between the higher crime rate and the higher rate of Jamaican nationals living in Cayman would be brought up!

        Congratulations this new "discovery" could very well be the key to Cayman’s rising crime problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why target only the Cayman Males? The employment catigories you listed is not the only jobs of the Nationalities mentioned. You neglected to mentioned the imported help from around the Caribbean including Jamaicans, the biggest group. Havn’t you noticed that there are way too much Jamaicans comitting the crimes here? That is the nature of the beast or the product of that environment. You are right about finger printing and DNA though. All permit workers should have it done as well as all offenders, local or brought in.  

  33. Anonymous says:

    for example: when anyone person look at a jamaica magazine they see jamaicans on the pages of that magazine, when looking at a caymanian magazine its all white people on the pages of that magazine not caymanians that tells the people something cayman is not for caymanians. it will never get  better until all changes are made because no one has the support of the public until then GOOD JOB GUYS hope you are planning another one




    • Anonymous says:

      What kind of a remark is this?  There are many, many "white Caymanians" on these Islands, and ‘born Caymanians" at that.  I am a ‘paper Caymanian’, but when I first came here 30 years ago, Cayman’s population was more ‘white’ than ‘black’.  Besides, what difference does all this make anyway?

    • Bastardized... says:

      Just show me a black Caymanian…  NUF SAID, DUDE!!!

  34. Wisereef says:

    Robbing a bank in the Cayman Islands is such a primative prank in this day and age!   Caymanian currency can not be disposed without being traced. And really, how much US or foreign currency can you pick up in Savannah?  Savannah doesn’t even have a proprietor with a liquor licence or tourist restaurant to generate the foreign cash?  How amatuerish!  

    Did any one ever stop to think that these crimes, including the murder at Progressive, are committed as a requirement for an initiation into a gang?  This must be a possibilty for the growing crime rate here in  Cayman with the increasing number of gangs. Very un-Caymanian.   Caymanians were once very smart.  But then again that was before McKeeva’s time.  Where have all of the smart Caymanians gone?

  35. Ken says:

    And the Doggone fools gah poor lil Jerrel from Newlands he couldnt rob a meat market! They realy need some police here Jeez!

  36. AwlyMilly Kins says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Putting up any pictures is a great idea.

      Putting up a description of the vehicle – it seems that at least one CNS poster saw the get away event and posted a description of the vehicle below.

      I don’t agree with just sending foreign criminals back home without punishment. If we did that we would have plane loads of them coming in – do a little robbing – do a little shopping hang out on the beach – do a little more robbing – the worst that happens is that they get to use the return portion of their ticket – I don’t think so. I agree 100% with a poster on a different CNS thread that we should send all of the foreign criminals off to do their time in a country that they would not like at all. Those that survive can then go home. By the way, I think that the idea of parole for foreign criminals in particular is rubbish. All sentences should be what they are now with a provision that if they misbehave in prison their sentences are doubled. The idea of getting your sentence reduced by 50% for playing nice is ridiculous.

      For our home grown thugs – I sincerely hope that some politician gets the message that the Caymanian people are opposed to spending their hard earned money on keeping the inmates in Northward at a standard that the ordinary Caymanian cannot afford. They should be doing hard labour – I don’t care if it is breaking big rocks into little rocks for use on roads – they should be working sun up to sun down. If it is harder being in prison than out maybe prison might actually be a deterrent.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      You are absolutely correct, why are they not running this footage on Tv and on CNS.

      I m sure some one saw more than we know.   Furthr more, there are three security guards there, would an of them be able to speak enough english to say what they were wearing or if they went and had Subway sandwich or McDonald chicken. Good grief!!


  37. Watering Hole says:

    For christ sake un caan hush one minute about Derek Haine.  Darn, that poor man cant be get a good night sleep.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Maybe! Wat the police should really do is get recruit more caymanians so they can gain there fellow caymanians trust and help catch these criminals! Because these forin police officers know they aren’t from here so they only look forward for that big wack at the end of the month and they know they won’t be here forever! So they don’t care! Wat cayman turns into! Our own young caymanians need too get into the force to bring it back the way it was when we coulda leave our front door open till the next morning!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have posted like a retard!! I bet you didn’t know what to post so you just decided "hey you know what??? am gonna bash the foriegn police" do you know that most of the young camanian prefer to handle drugs and illegal weapons rather than joining the force and doing the right thing?

      They are no better! Don’t you look towards the end of the month too, just to pay your bills and probably go down to the bars and drink all the money that you worked for? THAT IS IF YOU EVEN HAVE A JOB!!! or wait, if you do, dont you call in sick almost everyday just so you donot have to go into work and do it honestly and earnestly??

      Ask your furious self the questions before even posting again….You appear DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!


  39. Anonymous says:

    Hind sight is 20/20 as they say. However, here is an idea. Businesses like the banks should have second doors between the main doors and the main public floor. Electronically controlled locks that will lock both inside and outside doors when the robbers are leaving and trap them in the area. If glass is used, it should be strong enough that even if the robber shoots it, the shot will not cause injury to anyone outside or within the bank itself. The robbers will stay put until the Police arrive. This should probably be a planning requirement for spaces used as a Bank or Money handling Business.

    • EastSider says:

      And then when they can’t get out because the door electronically locked they turn around and shoot a customer or employee of the bank?  Sounds like a solution ??????????  I don’t think so.

      • Anonymous says:

        Idiot! read again< "If glass is used, it should be strong enough that even if the robber shoots it, the shot will not cause injury to anyone outside or within the bank itself" Why you fools run off unna mouth without reading the whole post?

        • EastSider says:

          You call me an idiot.  Who knows whether a customer might be in the same area.  What to do then smart guy ?  Sacrifice one customer to save the rest I guess.  Seems like you might also fit the category of idiot.  In most banks the space from the front door to the main area is so small that they could easily get out before any type of glass could come down to trap them.  I might be an idiot as you say but you are a fool.

  40. Anonymous says:

    A gun is not a shield to prevent a Guard or Policeman from getting shot first by a serious robber who is intent on robbing a Bank or Busness. Arming Guards may actually be worst for them. That is if they don’t shoot themself or some innocent person during idle time when they are boared.

    • Anonymous says:

      It has been suggested that, and I agree, there should be at least one armed and out of uniform guard in any guarded complex to assist the other guards in the event someone tries to rob any of the stores/banks. Sort of like an Air Marshal on an aeroplane. No one knows who he is but he is armed and he would not likely be a target for any wouldbe robber before they attemp the robbery. These unmarked armed guards should be rotated around all the potential target sites so they are not suspected by the wouldbe robbers.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is small, it is not big like the USA, if these punks know they are coming up against armed trained security guards, they would not bother!!  Where is your brain at, or are you one of the punks or on their side, cause it sounds like you are on their side!!  Or it sounds like you quite enjoy hearing of the bank robberies!!  Like i said in another post on the woman that got mugged, i wish i was these punks mother, cause they would have to run to the police station for protection from me their mother cause i would beat the crap out of them til death do us part!!!  No child of mine gonna come into this world to torment and terrorize people, not my child, not on my watch!!!!!!!  Shame on their mothers!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    What are you talking about daily?  That person is right, how are you not going to have a bank guarded by an armed enforcement officer.  It does not make sense.

    I am sorry I love Cayman, I always have, and I love Caymanians, but people please it is time to get with the times!  You have to start allowing or implementing detterents to crime!

    Most of you dont even have alarms on your homes, and if you do they are not monitored!  If someone wants to cause you harm some will be detterred if they think you have pepper spray or other means to protect yourself included arms, if your house is armed they make think twice about breaking and entering.

    Yes in the US we do have crime, but your crimes, and especially your unsolved crimes are totally disproportionate to your population.  We in the US are not saying we have the answers for you but for Pete’s Sake do something to protect yourselves, businesses do something to protect your businesses and the employees in them.  And please please please if you see a crime being committe or know of one please turn them in!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Something close to two dozen armed robberies committed over the last year, all by TWO men who have yet to be caught. More than likely the same two men, obviously working as partners and well coordinated at it. No clues, no evidence, no tips, no perpetrators caught, not even for questioning. Now we all know that the public at large do not assist the police with information but as talkative as people in Cayman are, someone who knows someone who is involved would have told someone something which would have got back to Police by now so at least would have had some lead on at least one of these robberies by now!  Hmmm. I wonder if the Police have ever considered correlating the times of these various robberies with the work schedules of some of their own officers?? Just a thought outside the box.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Ask the Chief of Police if he is not sick of working with idiots.  Maybe Cayman needs to get rid of 90% of hte the Police and start again.  To the good officers, I’m sorry, I applaud you for working under terrible conditions.  To all of you are who are only in for the money – leave – you are making the problem worse. 

    I was tempted to take a picture this afternoon.  There were around 7 officers standing under the trees between Subway and the Bank – gazing at the sky – solving crime – or maybe waiting for the robbers to bring the money back, or waiting for good luck in the form of pelican droppings.  Great crimestoppers! 



  45. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t CNB invest is armed security?

  46. Joe Grinder says:

    Now I know that bank has at least 8 cameras on the inside.don’t know about the outside .Subway has cameras.Could they possibly have one photo of the the robbers by now?

    Don’t know ,could have a tattoo someone would recognize,maybe different running shoes,than the norm,ring on the finger,something.

    Now it is 8:00,Nothing

    How many planes have taken off from Owen Robert’s since 2:00.

    Just seems that alot more should have been done.

    Closing down the school was Brilliant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does Subway still operate out of Countryside? Get your facts straight before posting.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes they do you a$$

      • Anonymous says:

        Errr ummm, I am not the poster you responded to but yes they do still operate out of countryside.  I eat there frequently and was only there last weekend.  Perhaps you should follow your own advice.

  47. Lions -or-Lambs says:

    They should have robbed Big Mac, well Small Mac now lol. All he doing is selling out the country to cheat labor like caymanians don’t  need work. The companies are lowering the salary scale way below the cost of living knowing that caymanians can’t survive on the salary even if they wanted to do the job. Then they go to Immigration and tell them they didn’t get any caymanian resumes.Some companies don’t even look at caymanian resumes when they come in.  All i have to say is POOR PEOPLE FED UP!!!!!!!!!!

    To all the people out there doing what they got to do to eat. Get that money!!!!!


  48. Anonymous says:

    "This evening police from the Special response Unit were also stationed atthis branch."  …..???????

    Security guards were stationed there when the money was in the bank. Why station police there with guns when it is gone? Would it not be better for them to start addressing persons on the POI list? The police need to understand the first rule of crime- and that is when you do something wrong, you do not stay within the area so the cops can find you.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Wether they are english police, american, canadian, caymanian, you name it, it doesnt matter any more, cayman has now got a massive crime problem and individuals running around striking at random, where and when they choose, get used to it, it will get worse before it gets better, stop blamining nationalities, the island is going to the dogs,

  50. Anonymous says:

    Cayman we have some BIG internal problems and it has ALL started in your homes. First we have some young people here, who are very much involved in drugs, gun dealing, car thefts, gambling, counterfeiting and other activities. They have to pay for their habits, they don’t work, so they have to feed their habits.  They were given things at a young age, without earning them, now they are now expecting them for free, at everyone else’s expense, so they how do you think they are going to get them? They have to steal, rape, plimmage and kill to get what they want…not what they need.  So parents it starts with YOU and what you are teaching your children. No this time, please do not blame the teachers or the Police, blame yourselves. Stop giving them everything they see and want and teach your children to do chores in the homes and earn anything they get.  The Police at the moment is overwhelm with criminal activities to solve, they cannot be everywhere as events unfolds.  Derek Hines is old school now and yes he was good in his day, but Derek Hines cannot solve these criminals.  These are home grown criminals and families have to solve these problems.  Now we need soloutions.  Start by sending home all those foreign nationals that are on work permits and has no work, I am not blaming them, just weeding them out!!.  Then the Police needs to go to every home door and assess every young man in that home, to see what they are doing on a daily basis, whether they are attending school, working, idaling or simply are unemployed.  Take down the names and all their statistics of all the unemployed  young men from age 14 and up, photograph them and let them know everyweek that they have to provide a progress report to the police  and they have to reveale their weekly activities, movement by movement and this report must bare their parents signature as to hold them responsible for anything their children may be doing. These young people have to be aware that the Police is very serious about tracking their activities, you will probably also see adifference in criminal activities.  At lease this will be a start of a national monitoring program of our young inactive young men.  Please also keep a close eye on some of the young ladies too.  MacKeeva as the Premier, I think it is time for you to earn your pay and take a tough stance against these active criminals.  You are the one to take action and stop leaving it entirely to the rudderless Police Force.  They are overwhelm!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    We have very talented Caymanians that we need to have as  consultants  to the RCIP. What about speaking to Derrick Parson Who has alot of knowledge and experience when it comes to police work.He is just one of the many that can do the job.

  52. Anonymous says:

    CNB need to put up a good reward and see if this will get these criminals off the streets

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope. People need to start talking. A gentleman was murdered at Progressive, CNB’s putting up a reward may not solve that crime.  

    • **D says:

      Put up a reward ? :S

      They just got _!robbed!_& now they must giv away more money?? Nice suggestion lmao..

       They na goin catch them anyway, ya’ll musta na learn the new cayman by now… do a crime, pay no time.. no1 is gettin catch anymore.. so


  53. Anonymous says:

    The other day when someone shot at the Police potroling, we seen Police on every street in central GT.  Then look now all that has stop and the criminals are running loose agian.  We will see Police now at CNB for a few weeks and then they will go away.



  54. Anonymouse says:

    and the images would show two men with masks. CCTV is not actually very usefull for solving a crime like this.

  55. Anonymous says:

    The "English Policeman" is what they wanted, so the "English Policemen" is what they got !!!

    So now, let them solve and prevent all the lawlessness that has taken over the Cayman Islands today. Let them do it !!! They are now in control of the RCIPS and are the so called experts, we the public demand that they give an account for their actions and their performance. 

    I predicted this would happen, in fact I said it to my wife and a former colleague of mines just three days ago. So said, so done !!!

    I’m expecting to hear shortly that some innocent shop keeper, jeweler, business person or private citizen at their home, will be shot and killed next with these ongoing robberies. These thugs who roam our streets untouched on a daily basis, do so like they are in Jamaica or Somalia.

    Additionally, I’m predicting that we will hear of some type of "kidnapping" next, where ransom will be demanded and probably paid. Afterall, that is the only crime that has not happened in Cayman Islands as of yet, along with modern day "Piracy" in our territorial waters.

    I’m listening to hear and read all about it and then I will say, "I told you so"

    • Don't 4get Me! says:

      If ever there’s a kidnapping with a ransom demand, it would seem we have our first suspect.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the eff does your post about english policemen have to do with anything you total bozo? You want Braggs back?

      And I am a proud Caymanian-ashamed of your idiocy.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a tiny island. At least one person here knows the perpetuators of each and every crime – including the Next Level shooting.

      We ALL have to assist in solving crimes. We ALL live here. We are ALL affected. Persons who know the perpetrators of any crime and do not turn them are:

      1) Harming the community they live in. 

      2) Empowering the criminals. 

      3) Enslaving yourselves to these criminals.

      4) Putting ALL children at risk.

      If we don’t start assisting the police (no matter where they are from) we ARE going to see these criminals get more and more brazen.

      It is stupid, unpatriotic and downright dangerous to NOT assist the police.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it might be what they wanted, and even though their nationalities may be predominantly English, English policing is definitely not what you got.  If you did, Cayman would not be having these problems now.  Believe me, I know what English policing is like, and its very effective indeed in fighting far more serious crime than Cayman has.  The whole system here needs revamping to bring it into line with the high standards of policing in the UK.  I think once the Police reach Cayman, they see how ‘different’ the policing is here and get too relaxed and don’t do effective jobs because there is no (effective and properly implemented) systems and policies in place to make them do their jobs properly and hold them accountable if they don’t.

  56. Richard Wadd says:

     Dear "Down to Earth",

    To answer your question, "Please, what will Derek Haines be able to do to stop all the crime".

     Intelligence, for one, proven, disciplined, organized, and respected. A Highly Decorated Crime-fighter, honored by Major International Law Enforcement, respected by his peers, and civilians alike.

     Precisely the type of Policeman criminal-minded people DO NOT want in such a position. Why? Because he IS effective, and DAMN GOOD at what he does.

    • Commons Sense 101 says:

      I’m just wondering how long Mr. Haines would be given to show crime fiting success before he is also criticised and calls ring out for his replacement? I would guess 6 months and a few robberies under his watch and he would also be deemed worthless.

      What we do need in addition to good policing and public corporation to help get these scum bags out of circulation, is legislation that has real teeth – life without parole for anyone in possesion of an unlicensed gun and without discretion to judges.

      Our firearm legislation was weakened not too long ago by lessening the penalty and giving discretion to judges. We should therefore not be too surprised to see this huge uptick in crime that involve guns.

    • Down to Earth says:

      I am only asking as I think it dont matter who is at the top if no one under him is worth anything!

  57. whodatis says:

    Re: Derek Haines / CCTV / Crime

    Would you people ease up off that man’s genitalia for just a second?! Geesh!

    First of all – Cayman is a very different place compared to when he was active – there has obviously been a mass influx of guns into the country as of late – much more than we have ever experienced. Things haven’t gotten to this stage simply because the "Great Haines" is no longer on the beat – gimme a break!!

    Furthermore, the calls for armed gaurds (Latin American style – are you serious?!) need to to come down a notch or two as well.

    What Cayman truly needs right now is an extensive and thorough installment of effective CCTV coverage. Coverage that is also immediately available to the press, TV stations and websites such as this one – and yes…streamed along via Blackberry, MMS etc.

    IMPORTANT: It is crucial that said CCTV system is either police controlled or closely linked to the RCIPS!

    CCTV of all banks, financial entities (meaning "retail" – don’t be a wise a$$) nightclubs and their surrounding premises and parking lots, busy streets, ALL of central George Town, along WBR etc.

    I know what some will say – "camera’s don’t stop bullets" – very true. However, the fear of being caught or discovered DOES prevent criminals from going through with brazen acts such as this one carried out today in CNB.

    As time goes on and more criminals are CAUGHT and or BROADCAST all over the range of various media available to everyone today we will see a decrease in the madness that is now plaguing this little island.

    This approach has been proven to work wonders in other parts of the world – just do a bit of research into London, England’s "ring of steel". Just about every square inch of downtown / central London is covered 24/7 by manned CCTV cameras. The psychological effects of this upon would be troublemakers are tremendous. It is to a point where one can no longer commit as much as a double-parking without receiving an unpleasant surprise through the letterbox within 72 hours.

    As for the "1984" skeptics, I understand your initial objections – however, after witnessing first hand the real world effect of this approach, I can sincerely say that the pros far outweigh the cons.

    This is a "small community" – this fact coupled with the aforementioned suggestions can do wonders for our current situation.

    Surely, it is a better sugestion than posting semi-trained, trigger-nervous, AK-47 wielding "security guards" at every nook and cranny of the island?

    • Anonymous says:

      So why do you feel all this is wrong, Do you have something to fear?

      If we keep listening to people like you crime will only get worse. We already have a bunch of gutless security people. All thecriminals need is a gutless population and we would have crimes like this happening many times a day.

      Put an armed guard at the Bank door with an AK-47 and criminals are going to think twice before they try robbing it.

      Law abiding citizens who just want to go to the Bank to transact some business would have nothing to fear, In a short time the Guards would know who are customers and who may likely be a robber.

      Until we parade some of the bastards through our streets this crap will never stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too true 18:08: "a mass influx of guns into the country of late". Correct-and being brought in by Caymanians. I can’t believe how little publicity was given ANYWHERE (including CNS) to a big case in the States recently where Caymanians were found guilty of attempting to smuggle ILLEGAL firearms into Cayman. Yes, it was mentioned but there was no total outrage like we usually get. But they were Caymanians weren’t they? Never break the law unlike these furriners. And one of them a senior cop’s son. God help us all.

      But if a man touches another man’s hand or-dear Jesus- kisses him- you will have over 50 posts on CNS about it within 24 hours.

      Something is wrong folks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Don’t you know there is no such thing as a Caymanian gun-man, or a Gaymanian?

        Hopefully, we will grow up fast enough to tackle the issues head-on and save this island for our kids. Right now the most powerful people on island are the criminals who are being protected by silence. Cayman, our enemy is not expats, it is our silence. 




      • Anonymous says:


        Here is the story in case anyone is interested in reading it

        • Wow! says:

           You know I didn’t hear ANYTHING about that! Amazing in truth that there was no tumultuous uproar as should have been the case. Who knows whether or not these same individuals have previously smuggled in weapons? How many others are doing this regularly? Cayman – look to thine own for the woes upon us. How tragic. 

    • stinger says:

      Didnt Next Level have CCTV? I know they did. They have a visual of every person that entered the club the night of the murder/shooting and still cannot determine who the shooter was. You gotta be kiddin me!

      So there we have CCTV working and no result. So lets spend millions of dollars to get the island wired and then what…you know the video will get erased when needed so we are back where we started…police asking for eye witnesses.

      By the way…did they ever catch the guys who were caught on CCTV robbing Margaritaville..i don’t recall any arrests..I could be wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, what is required is armed police and security guards ready and willing to execute this MF pieces of s**t in the street. One or two instances of these cowards being wasted by a bullet in the face, and problem solved. If the government / police are not prepared to do it, then the people should organise their own defence force and administer summary justice.

  58. Anonymous says:

    The UK is in charge of the Police.

    This shows that the UK can’t control crime.


    • worthless says:


      aahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa what a joke! anymore vague and they might have described every caymanian. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess  "what appeared to be a handgun fired a shot in the air"….please note the report from the police, am I missing something?  What else other then a handgun (rifle, shotgun, etc) fire a shot?  Also never reported gun was held to the security guard’s head. 

        "One of the robbers was armed with what appeared to be a handgun. The men threatened staff and one fired a shot into the air, police said. The men then ran off with a sum of cash."



    • Anonymous says:

      What do yo suggest? 

    • Anonymous says:

      If the body that polices the police in the UK got a whiff of policing in Cayman they would fire half (if not more) of the force.  The UK can control crime a damn sight better than the police officers here.  If you had lived there (which I sincerely doubt from your post) you would be able to see for yourself – we have a lot tougher crimes to deal with in the UK than Cayman can ever experience.  We have less police officers per Capita and they are responsible for policing huge areas in comparison to this tiny place and they do so very effectively indeed, without the need for guns.  But thats because there’s proper systems, training and policies which are enforced in the UK whereas once they get here, they seem to do as they please because there is no effective system in place to stop them.

  59. Joe Grinder says:

    The robbers were 5’8 to 5’10, dark complection, short dark cury hair,150 to 180 pounds,fast runners.Well that should narrow it down.

    If you have seen anybody fitting that description,please call the police


    • Sheerluck Holmes says:

      So average height, average weight, with the most common skin and hair.  Great.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Commissioner Baines said it was only 15 of these gun toting criminals in Cayman. Why doesn’t he bring these guys in every time and check them for gun residue? I think that was all a sham to make us feel less worried.

    As far as I am concerned, the Police are more concerned about drunk drivers and speeding tickets and until that mentality is changed and we have a serious crime fighting force, these things will continue.

    Commissioner Baines needs to publicly tell us what he is going to do and I am sick and tired of seminars by the Chamber and the Police to tell us what to do. The RCIP needs to be more proactiveand not reactive. Where is the intelligence gathering? These guys don’t do these things on the spur of the moment, they plan them. Why don’t we have covert operations or undercover police working to get intelligence. The whole thing stinks and the Police are totally useless in my mind.

    I guess I have to agree with many of the other posters for what is worth, why don’t we just bring back Derek Haines, if nothing more than as a consultant to help Commissioner Baines. Mr. Haines is decorated officer recognised by the Queen, he has a proven track record and he has lived here and knows the territory and its criminals. It is high stupidity and foolhardy politics not to at least ask the man to help on a short term basis. What will it hurt to give him a year and a mandate to clean this island up. If he doesn’t do it well, we have lost nothing because this present commissioner doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground, and we would be no further behind than we are now. 

    Cayman needs help, somebody in power needs to ask, sorry no, demand it!!!


  61. Anonymous says:

    I am tired of all the crap I read on this thread and will state what I beleive to be the truth about sovling crime in the Cayman Islands.

    Until the Caymanians who have knowledge about the criminal element in their own country come forward and start talking these criminals will get more bold and more places will be robbed and more people will be killed.

    The country is Caymanian and as the largest population in the country and aware of most things ocurring here I blame them …yes blame them. Not all mind you this is not a racist rant rather is it telling the truth as I see it. There are Caymanian family members who know who these criminals are but are keeping their silence. They know unemployed men don’t spend money like it is water or drive new cars and it makes me sick and tired.

    You can double the size of the RCIPS, get a dozen helicopters but until the Caymanian community opens up the crime will continue. Blaming the police for this is a red herring and crap in my view. Everyone who knows these criminals are family members should be ashamed of themselves. The correct description is selfish cowards.

    I am fed up…

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but the largest percent our our population is not Caymanian. There are only about 10,000 real Caymanians. The largest percent actually come from "back %a yard".

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah 18:50, that’s what scary because it’s the 10,000 ‘real Caymanians" that are causing 95% (at least) of the crime.

        • Anonymous says:

           Anyone can throw out hogwash statistics.. how about you back that up? Oh wait, you can’t, because it isn’t true.

          • Anonymous says:

            Check the prison population, dude.

            • Anonymous says:

              As is repeatedly pointed out, prison population statistics are irrelevant to this issue. Last week in Court 5 Jamaicans were imprisoned for major offences, however,  at least one had been convicted of multiple offences here previously and was deported from Cayman without serving any time (but given a 2 year suspended sentence.

              You do not generally go to prison for a first offence!

              Expats get deported after a first offence.

              Therefore, generally, a higher proportion of second offenders (those going to prison) will be Caymanian.

              That does not mean the propotion of Caymanians in prison is the same as the proportion of Caymanians committing crimes.


              It gets worse.


              Take for example the recent conviction of a "Caymanian" for raping a tourist at the Westin. When the crime occurred some years ago a female tourist was raped by a Jamaican on a work permit, at knife point. Years went by before he was discovered to be the culprit. In the interim he married a Caymanian. An ignorant and ineffective immigration process in the interim allowed him to stay. By the time he was arrested he was Caymanian. It will be revoked and he will be deported at the end of his long sentence.


              So – based on your reasoning, although a Jamaican committed the crime, there is a "Caymanian" doing time for it, so there is no Jamaican in prison.


              Grow up or wake up.





        • Anonymous says:

          With the exclaimed lack of arrests or convictions for the majority of crimes commited. How can you say that it is Caymanians doing it? Did you somehow base your conclusion on the Prison population of majority Caymanians? Just maybe the real nationalities have not been caught. They are too good at commiting crime and getting away with it as they come with alot of practise from where they came.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well the next time you see a "Yardie" be sure to say to him. "You are a good Christian man. You have been here 25 years, you are married to one of my relatives and it is about time I try to stop trying to kick you off the island and welcome you. And now that you are a part of the community, if by chance you know any perpetrators of these crimes, please turn him in, as it is best for everyone.  Please do so even if the perpetrator is related to me. Better yet, tell me and I will report him myself and it is my country and my duty to do so." 

      • Anonymous says:

        So what are you applying. Be he careful of the srones that you throw. You people are biteing the hands that feed you and its about time you stop in the name of god. What is truly wrong with this country is that too much things are been swept under the carpet once it is being done by a caymanian we need to stop being so hyprotical with the people who came in from other national especially the yardie(jamaicans) we are only human like you so please put away the heatred and let us do this thing together. We are here to help and it can only work if we do it together.Caymanians lets us help to fight this terrible crime that is taking place in this our little islands. lets come out and talk to the police they will listen. We must learn to trust the police with information. inturns it will give them a good boost to capture the criminals and clean up this islands,

    • Anonymous says:

      Most criminals come from families with criminal backgrounds. Crime is all they know and they will never squeal on themselves, so if the Police is going to wait until a member of a criminal family feed them info on a family member, we will never solve a single crime in these islands.

      The RCIPS need to narrow down those families with known criminal elements in them and get on with the job of Policing in order to solve crimes.

      Criminal family members will only give up information when forced to do so.

      They will never volunteer info against their members.

      Playing soft with criminals is not working, so it is time to put the spikes in your boots and kick some criminal butts.

    • nonsense says:

      I don’t think it is tied to strictly Caymanians doing the crime. It’s all walks of life, all professions. As long as a black market exists there will be criminals.

      Petty thefts dont even get recorded in the news. As far as I know there is no police blotter service so I don’t think we know how bad things really are.

      Some of these are probably random acts of violence, others are probably meditated attacks. Either way, the police need information to solve crimes

      That said, there are people who know who did this and other crimes. Yet they don’t come forward. Really only a couple of reasons: theydon’t care (doubtftul), they are partners (maybe), or they are scared to report (probably). Violence in the home, for instance, isn’t just spouse/spouse or spouse/child, especially when we live geographically close to extended family, sometimes in the same house.

      It takes a lot of for someone to turn on a family member but in the past year there have been plenty of reasons to do so. Individuals – get some courage. Gov – protect the people that supply you information.

      But until these entrenched criminals get turned in — there won’t be any peace!

    • Anonymous says:


      I am with you….People are fed up with the crimes on the Island along with the pointing of fingers towards the RCIP, our government etc…It is a proven factor that crime prevention is not only the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies (RCIP), but the responsibility of the entire community.    Can’t people see that criminals no longer respect the laws of our islands and therefore we are all in trouble…..  We need to come forward and provide information to the RCIP so that officers can do their job effectively and efficiently, until then crime will continue to be on the rising. 
      Yes, we all want the crime to stop but no one seems to want to be a part of the solution, just keep running their mouth. Crime is not going to go away on its own and so many of us run our mouth day in and day out but when time come to talk up in order to help solve crime or prevent crimes; we seems to have lock jaw or suddenly our mouth is stapled. 
      I fully understand that people fear for their life when they do come forward with certain crimes but it’s our court systems and laws that need to be amended…. We need to treat criminals as criminal and stop the constant bashing of the RCIP.  As Caymanian’s, we need to take back our country and stop allowing criminal to make our island unsafe. 
      Criminals are enjoying when they read and hear of us bashing the RCIP, as it gives the criminal strength to continue with their rampage. We need to work tgether so that we can take back control of our beautiful island!
      We are fed up!!
    • Anonymous says:

       If you wan’t to blame Caymanians, blame them those responsible for allowing the massive grant of status of foreign nationals in 2004 in exchange for votes. That is when lack of tracking whereabouts of everyone – foreign and local – became too much for Immigration and other Gov’t subsidies. No doubt there may be Caymanians involved, but you are mistaken to imply that the majority of the population is aware of who the culprits are. Those that do know, yes, are "selfish cowards."

  62. Concerned Caymanian/Newlands resident says:

    I think it is time for us all to realise and accept that Cayman has gone too far ahead, too fast, without proper planning and consideration, to ever "go back" to the place we once knew and called home.

    However, whilst saying that, I do not believe it is too late to re-gain control of our island. A strong statement needs to be made to show these criminals that the consequences are too harsh.

    Maybe Chamber of Commerce or some corporate body should consider putting in place a board, including member(s) from every sector possible, ie. a representative from the police, from the hospital, from legal, from…these persons would be responsible for ongoing reviews of policies and practices, making recommendations in advance of things occuring.

    So often we find on this island, whether it be the police or even a parent, action is usually done after the fact.

    Pro-active prevention !!! Ongoing training !! Refresher courses !! …..

    One interesting thing that I realise is that if nothing else the police officers, are well trained in issuing a speeding ticket or ticket for an expired coupon.

    Today after the robbery, there were two officers standing by the new bypass checking coupons???? While the others were seeking shade under the trees discussing and probing the incident. I saw no one (except the helicopter in the air), checking around the district itself. In all fairnessthis was around 3pm, so maybe they did it earlier BUT only hours after the incident, should they still not be looking for people. Checking cars maybe as opposed to coupons.

    We do have good officers, but, the training, the processes, the procedures of the department leaves questions in many minds.

  63. Anon says:

    My children were telling me how the helicopter landed on their field and there were policmen with dogs in the bush around their school. How a policeman came to their school and told the teachers to take the kids inside, lock the doors, turn off the lights and get on the floor! How the teachers locked the school gates and the classroom doors! OMG!!!!!!! How are we supposed to feel safe like this!? These are innocent children, innocent people going about their everyday life and we are being traumatized and terrorized by a bunch of hoodlums! It’s not right! Why can’t these people think before they act. Why can’t they just think of the big picture and think about how they are destroying this island, destroying the people by their selfish acts!! I hope they are caught. What are we to do when no one is safe anymore! NO ONE!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Enough is enough! Let’s bring back Cayman top crime fighter.


    When crime is going on in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call?

    Derek Haines.

    • Down to Earth says:

      Please, what will Derek Haines be able to do to stop all the crime.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good question! If he does anything it will be hell of a lot more than than the Commissioner is doing which is absolutely nothing but holding seminars at the Chamber of Commerce or instructing the Police on how to catch speeders  and drunk drivers and to write tickets for expired coupons and parking offenses.

        If there was ever a time to bring back Derek Haines it is now. However, we know that wouldn’t happen because the present commissioner wouldn’t want us to think he needs help and there is no one with the political strength to seek the Governors help to bring him back.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Derek Haines.

  66. conch soup says:

    i really don’t know why we have so much security companies, and they can’t do anything to protect the business or empolyees /customers…all they know how to do is tell you not to park in a certain is really crazy around here…i hope this is not another case like Mville the criminals go in and get the cash and off island that same night!

  67. Anonymous says:

    If they can rob Cayman’s National Bank, they are capable of robbing the others! 

    Still all we are hearing from the Police is MORE OFFICERS NEEDED… when will they get it!

    IT IS NOT QUANITY; it’s QUALITY!  We need better leaders and equipment in the Police Service!
    • Anonymous says:

      We need accountability in the police department.  Someone’s head should be rolling because of bad performance.

    • fuzzy says:

      Quantity also matters.Certainly if you have 20 good quality officers you are better off than having 10 good quality officers.

      • StillgoingStrong says:


        Country is in debt!

        How much salaries should we pay for increase crime?

  68. sk says:

    We have been warned and when Ex police officers posted their views on this forum a bunch usurpers derided their advice. Well i guess this was just another perception it really never happen. Mr Baines please add 17 people to the list now because its obvious you were not watching these two. Our confidence is gone and someone needs to find where ever the  hell Derek Haines is and try to get some advice because is clearly obvious the UK has nothing to offer us. Their here for a salary and social life.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Put the images from the security cameras on TV, in the newspapers NOW!!! Stop hiding the criminals! Someone will be able to identify them. Someone knows.

    What is going on in my little rock?? Damn!!

    If the perpetrater is a Caymanian, lock them down!! If it is a foreigner, don’t waste our money keeping them in that cozy palace, Northward. Put dem,  dey mudda, dey fadda, dey uncle, dey auntie, an all dem pick- i-nee, on da plane and send dem bak a yard, where everdat may be!! 

    Do this with all who seek to destroy the peace we once knew and maybe they will scratch their heads and think twice before they want to brandish weapons and play bandit.

    Enough already!!!!!     

    • Anonymous says:

      NO! it not wherever they are from. You used creole language so we know which set of foreign nationality you are referring to. Let’s stick to the issue that we are all facing as a Nation.

  70. unknowncaymanian says:

    I bet the RCIPS is gonna wait to ask for the public to come forward to give info while they have all the info on a video tape, they need security gaurds like how they have in Honduras, they have 12 gauge shotguns & M16s so they look very intimidating. Shoot to kill! that is what they need to spread the message to thse criminals, because if it was another country it would not have happen like that, taking peoples’ hard earned money. Wake up Cayman this is not the Christian country we once lived in decades ago, the scum needs to wiped away from this island & the only way it looks like is to kill them off when they do criminal acts, that would teach the other so called criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crime and Bank robbings still happen in Honduras dispite the guards being armed. Only thing is the guard is taken out first.

  71. Anonymous says:

    AMEN AONYMOUS 13:33!!! 

    Until they think someone may SHOOT BACK this will continue.


    In the USA there is no bank security guard without a gun!!!  All bank security guards in the US are armed and trained how to shoot!!!

    These punks would not try to rob a bank here if they know the security guard is armed and will shoot them!!!  They only do it because they know it is as easy as pie to do it cause they know everyone is afraid of their sickening little guns and will let them have their way once they show their sickening little guns (cause you know they don’t rob banks with machine guns, they are too big to hide).

    The only solution is for the whole entire police force to be armed, and all bank security guards especially to be armed with guns!!

    There is no traffic cop in the US without a gun!!  These punks are laughing so hard at the police force and security guards here in this island.  They roll over on the floor laughing at them!!!

    Cayman police force must be armed, all officers excluding none!!  (With the proper shooting and psychological training techniques i might add or God help us we’ll get shot by accident from them for doing nothing serious if they don’t know how to control themselves and have bad judgment in aiming.)  In the US they shoot sometimes just to disable the person, not even necessary to kill all the time!!  Proper training is what it is all about, send the officers here to the USA for the proper training!!  Arm ALL officers here in Cayman and definately the bank security guards!!!

    These punks have no match, no one is their match, everyone is afraid of them and no one is armed to shoot them, this is unbelievable!! 

    Punks, hear this!!!  your day gonna come you gonna meet your match!!!  Beware!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Even with all the trained, armed guards & policemen, bank robberies still take place almost daily in the U.S. So how does that help exactly?

      • nonsense says:

        Daily — Doubtful. I’ve lived in the US much longer than here in Cayman and I can state two facts:

        I don’t recall every having one of my local banks (say 100 miles) being robbed.

        I knowconsiderably more people that were victims of a crime here than I know people in Stateside — 1 (US) vs 7 (Cayman).

        I’ve only been here 3 years and I am 36!

  72. Anonymous says:

    This is for the first comment, if we had a bunch of physics for Police officers Cayman would crime free is that what you are saying? For god sacks the crime just happened and you are quick to bash the RICP. Are you out there putting your life on the line for the better of our islands?

    If that all you have to say then your mouth shut. 

    RICP want you to know I have my support and know that you will find the preps.

    People they need our help to and know someone somewhere can identify these people and bring to justice. We need to help the RICP take back Cayman and not take every chance we get to bash them


    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately I don’t believe having Police Officers that enjoy physics will help.

  73. Anonymous says:


    Idle hands they say, well put all the people, children at risk into community programs. When people feel like they are part of a community they are less likely to commit a crime. All prison offenders should be in a community program no matter their crime. Even if it is to folder flyers for the next community event.
  74. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the community must stop protecting these criminals. Every criminal has a mother / father / brother / sister / friend / relative – no amount of policing is going to help as the community protects the criminals, shelters them and hides them from the police. Stop pointing fingers at what other people should be doing about crime and consider what you are doing to stop crime.

  75. Where is the plan to fight crime says:

    Where is the crime fighting plan that was talked about during the election campaign.  I am boldly suggesting that the Premier stop wasting his precious time talking about Oil Refinery  and other crap and put that effort into getting a handle on the crime in this "Beloved Isle Cayman"  I don’t know if he realises that the little bit of credibility that he had is fast waning, or is it he just does not care.  After all he is being driven around in his chauffer driven chariot with his security intact while the rest of the population is walking forward but looking backwards just incase some lunatic is out there trying to rob us, or worse kill us off.  ( By the way would someone who knows about Refineries please tell us where he might be getting the oil to refine)

  76. Anonymous says:

    Give the Police a break. They’re too busy being body guards to the junta members

  77. Miss Cay says:

    What can I say,? This will be another unsolved mystery. Police here are too slow and need to get up to date with everything. I always see police parolling around the country side alot, hmm wonder what happened today? TOO busy chasing people who are driving to work doing a little over the speed limitbut DO have JOBS and don’t need to steal or rob anyone. The day anyone comes and tries to rob me or my house or anyone I know and I’m there someone is going to end up dead, I don’t feel sorry for these guys anymore at first I was saying it’s the goverment fault because it’s so hard to find a job, but I’m seeing it clear now! All these guys want is an easy life depending, stealing from people. Not wanting to work being bums, smoking, doing drugs want to party everyday all day.  I know how polices are, Someone once attacked my little baby brother just 14 years old he was walking home from school, they took his money and his cell phone, I called the police because he did see who it was, and he was there begging me not to say anyting because he was scared but believe you me, if i see this p*sssy again he’s going to know who to mess with!

    Anyways beside the point; so I called the police this woman was on the phone with me for half an hour just asking BS when she could’ve asked all this damn question when they came to my house. They have no skills for things like this whatsoever  by the time they came I’m sure those guys were Cuba by then!

    I feel so bad for my country, but it’s those who don’t want to work so they have to steal and take what people work for!

    ~God Bless Cayman~

  78. Anonymous says:

    how sad it is, that we got so used to it…you open CNS and read about another crime what took place on Cayman. If someone murdered, a girl mugged on WB road, a pervert gets 16 years for raping a minor or a small branch of a bank got robbed…

    I want the "old Cayman" back where you could leave your key in the car !


  79. Go East says:

    I presume this is a part of the re-launch of the Go East initiative then?

  80. Anonymous says:

    If the police were competent at all, tonight the robbers picture would be shown on the news, as it is done in every other part of the world, and places MUCH bigger than Cayman.

    We all know that won’t happen and we will probably get some poor excuse for a description (sweatshirt-no color, pants-no color, light skinned-what does that mean, tall – define tall).

    Just another day in paradise!

    • Cicero says:

      With this latest fiasco being yet another bank robbery, no doubt the cameras will have shots of the bank, the robbers and the car. If not I have no sympathy with the bank only its customers and shareholders.

      Why does CIMA not make it mandatory for all banks to have proper security cameras?

  81. Anonymous says:

    Crime is out of control in Cayman. How sad that we are no longer the islands that time forgot.

    Is this really progress?

    • Da player says:

      Brotherman where the hell have you been the last 6 years and we have more police than Quakers have Oats.

  82. big whopper says:

    This was totally preventable. CNB counrtryside usally has two "guards" at that bank, one on the entrance to the ATM area and one the inside of the bank. My thinking is CNB has been robbed before with a guard being shot through the glass door, so they knew this was a possiblity in a semi-remote area such as countyside. Why did they not just bulletproof the two doors into the bank and give the "guard" on the inside of the bank a buzzer to buzz in customers…That way robbers could not run up on the bank masked up and take what they want no matter how many "guards" they have.  They have cameras in the ATM they would have to be stupid to try without a mask. CNB knows their money is insured so "meh" no biggie..but to all banks…please remember you have hard working staff in these banks.

  83. Anonymous says:

    weren’t they robbed back in 93 or 92? one of those years they were robbed when they had a branch on west bay road in West Shore or Galleria Plaza……Am I the only person that finds this strange that they are always a target?!?

  84. Anonymous says:

    When this will stop? 2012 dicember 21 when the world get in to the end…? The RCIPS can do better than that….I thing???

  85. Anonymous says:

    I was there.  Thankfully I walked in after the shot was fired or I’m sure I’ d be much more shook up than I already am.  2 skinny dark skinned guys and they got away in a small Japanese type car.  Disgusted with myself for not getting the license number, but it all seemed like a joke and went by so fast.  Maybe the police can give tips to the public on what to pay attention to during times like that?

    Sad times in Cayman.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Jails too nice these days, cops are obviously not respected as they should be.

    I mean take the incident at the softball fields friday night. On  Friday night, a car crashes into an electrical wall and goes through a fence. And 4 police cars come. And one of the cops is busy joking around with the kids involved. Go do somehting useful. And 4 police cars are not needed at such an incident, not when the island is becoming the place it is. Go out and make your presence known to people. Carry smgs. Its time to make people see that the authority on this island is not going to sit back and take crap from some scum of the earth delinquents.

    Im not even going to go in to detail on the problem with the jail. It is a big joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s get serious about crime. All school delinquents, are put on mandatory watch. This information is kept for the police file. All school delinquents are required to put in mandatory community service until graduation. Have sign off with pastors, proving attendance in a church. Increase the requirements to graduate. No cell phones or other electronic devices allowed on the school premises. The only music they should hear while at school is what the teachers expose to them. Otherwise mandatory classical music played before school, lunch, break time and after school. The same for the prisons. Cut the television except for carebears, the religious channels and other shows which promote community integration. Cut the game consoles out of the prisons. If the prisoners want to keep their cell phones and continue to smuggle them in then put signal blockers outside the prison, so the phones won’t work. The prison guards can use walkie talkies. Play classical music for these prisoners all day long and just to switch it up play some religious music. Play music from all religions, let’s not discriminate. Paint the walls of the prison a light blue, all prisoners’ men and women must wear pink, including the underclothes. Prison issued clothes only. Every prisoner must shave their head, women included.
      Prison is supposed to be a deterrent for a crime. Let us fix the prison hotel and turn it into a real prison. It will continue to be humane, but it will not be somewhere people will like to go. 
      To avoid the crime in the first place educate the people and involve them in the community. Parents step up to the plate! Take interest into your child and mold them to be a productive member of society. If you can’t or aren’t willing to do it, then don’t have children! People say “my child isn’t good academically”. Is that really true? Or is it that no care was put into them working at it? Some people are naturally inclined while some need persistence. University students that tended to require more persistence in their former years excelled because they already had that basis of sticking to a schedule and persevering through. Also because they knew they had to work harder.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Police – give the public the security footage tapes/photos NOW so we can help you before the bastards change their clothing/appearance.

  88. Anonymous says:

    who the hell are these people committing these brash crimes ? Does the RCIPS even know?

    RCIPS has not done what is required to lower these sorts of crimes and they are getting worse and worse.

    It is high time that something is done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummmm, don’t think they know who did it. If they did, even in Cayman, they would arrest them

  89. Anonymous says:

    I think you’ll find that the previous robbery was on 10 March 2006

  90. Anonymous says:

    Several branches have been robbed, Westwind, Galleria and Centennial Towers and today Countryside.  I hope CNB has learned a valuable lesson from past incidents to step up the security system and install some state of the art surveillance in order to assist in catching these criminals.  You know the RCIPS need all the assistance they can get nowadays. I hope they find these menaces to our society!

  91. Anonymous says:

    Yes… you all think that it was going to stay at petty crimes? If the current crime wave is not stopped in its tracks in an aggressive manner… it will only escalate. Armed bank robery now, eh? What will it take for this to be taken more seriously, and not covered up for the sake of public and overseas image? I hope it will not come to more killings, but it seems that unless something big happens, with some notable person being hurt, things will be left to fester.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Until they think someone may SHOOT BACK this will continue.

  93. Anonymous says: