Turtle meat price soars

| 05/02/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Boatswain's Beach Cayman Turtle Farm(CNS): The new managing director of the Turtle Farm has made his first major decision, which will see the cost of turtle meat triple in price. In a written statement issued on Friday evening, Timothy Adam, who has been in post less than two weeks, said the business now needs to raise the selling price on turtle meat to reflect the true cost of production and maintenance of the Cayman Turtle Farm facilities. From Monday, 8 February, turtle steak will cost CI$27.00 per pound, three times its current price. Recognizing the cultural significance of the meat, the new MD and the board said they were committed to doing what it takes to protect the future of the farm.

According to the statement, the price of the turtle stew will rise from CI$5.40 per pound to CI$16.00 per pound, turtle menavelin will rise from CI$4.00 per pound to CI$12.00 per pound, and the bone from CI$2.00 per pound to CI$6.00.

Calicia Burke, Marketing Manager at the farm, said that farmed turtle meat is one of the rarest forms of food as it is found only in the Cayman Islands and only from the Cayman Turtle Farm. "Our farm avoids the need for any green sea turtles to be taken from the wild by the general public. Our aim is to continue facilitating conservation and preservation of the species through our strategies of commercialization, leading-edge research and technological development of green sea turtle farming,” she said.

Adam pointed out that the sale of turtle meat to restaurants and the general public has always been a very important function of the Farm, but the price was far below the cost to produce it, and the facility was constantly losing money on that portion of the business.   

“One of my first priorities after taking this job was to begin a process of closely examining every aspect of our operations to determine if they were being run efficiently and were commercially viable,” said Adam.   “Looking closely at the farm operations it was immediately clear that the price being charged for turtle meat would not allow the proper operation of the farm.  The supply of turtle meat in Cayman is in jeopardy and could dry up in the very near future without significant re-investment in the turtles, their feeding and care or even the farm facilities.”

Since Hurricane Michelle in 2001, when much of the Farm’s breeding herd disappeared and much of the breeding facility was rendered unusable, the farm has struggled to improve its breeding programme and reverse the issue of declining turtle stock. Adam emphasized that setting a reasonable pricing structure was the first step in being able to properly re-invest in the farm and reverse this unsustainable trend.

The farm has recently reported problems with turtle eggs not hatching, which is impacting the farm’s ability to produce meat,, and is currently engaged in a research project to examine the diet of the turtles at the farm and how that compares to that of wild turtles and the nutritional value.

To ensure the long term sustainability of the Cayman Turtle Farm and the availability of turtle products the MD said there was a need to increase the meat’s selling price and that the meat still compared in price to lobster, which is a similarly scarce meat.

There had been no increase in the price of turtle meat since the mid 1990’s, despite increasing costs and the increased scarcity of supply.

“There is no doubt that our local turtle population would become endangered without the research and conservations efforts of the Turtle Farm," added Adam. “We have a responsibility to ensure that future generations of Caymanians can enjoy the traditions of our islands, and the turtles are an important part of that.”

Adam said this was just the first step in a series of wide ranging changes to be implemented over the coming months at Boatswain’s Beach with the aim of making the entire facility a commercially viable entity.  “The decision in regards to the pricing of the turtle meat was an obvious first place to start” he added.

Ken Hydes, Chairman of the Board, backed his new MD and said more difficult decisions lay ahead. “I can assure the public that these decisions are being made with the long term best interest of the shareholders, the Caymanian people.  This is the reason the board felt it was essential to bring in someone with Tim’s experience and capabilities.  We are extremely confident that he is the right man to turn things around at Boatswains Beach and he has the full support of the board and senior management team,” the chair said.

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  1. Kracker says:

    At last, after many years, I have discerned something which could be called "Caymanian culture" – Eating endangered animals.  It is disgusting and should not be happening in a British colony in 2010. 

    • swaby says:

      Nobody tells you what to eat, so dont tell us!!!

      There’s lots of things that shouldn’t be happening in a British Colony that is more dangerous and disgusting than eating what God gave us to survive on!!!


  2. swaby says:

    OF course the price had to increase!!!!!!

    They have a new CEO salary to pay!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I made a quick scan of the various contributions made to this subject thread and saw nothing questioning the last 4 years of operation of the turtle farm at huge losses and why the turtle meat prices were never raised?

    What was Joey doing? The operation was losing huge sums and he never thought of raising the prices on turtle meat?

    The idea of not raising prices on turtle meat since the 1980s is amazing and irresponsible mismanagement of ther turtle farm in my opinion.

    They weren’t afraid to have top dollar pricing on the tourist attractions but I guess covering their turtle operation costs scared them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I heard that you have to sign over your property as colateral to get turtle meat on credit now.


  5. 10nine8seven! says:

    Well i guess we are gonna have to start selling our Solja Crabs at a fair price!

    • Anonymous says:

      All of you people who voted for the UDP deserve everything that is being rammed down your throats! I have never heard such discontentment as I have recently, but it is too late! You all should have thought about that BEFORE making the mistake in May 2009! IT IS TOO LATE NOW, you get what you ask for, & you get what you voted for! It’s just a pity that the good have to suffer for the guilty! Now go pay for unna turtle meat, OR DO WITHOUT!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ok when is Mr. Bush going to step forward and act like the good person becaue isnt  that how it works i’m sorry Mr. Adams havent been on this job even a week and already can make a discission like this i as a caymanian love turtle meat for health reasons i dont eat it as often as before and no its nothen to do with my cholesterol becasue that is vey good. But let those that love it enjoy it no one is telling you or the next person what to eat but dont try and stop something that is tradition because how many of you that is writing can say my grandfather of my father went to mosquito Key to get turtles for my family to survie some of you probley dont even no where this place is cayman has lost too many traditions in the last couple of years and for this to happen when is this going to stop. And for the other nationalties that have something to say please think about what your national dish is its probley more  discusting  than what turtle is .

    • Jock McTavish says:

      My national dish involves a sheep’s stomach and lamb/cow offal.  You may not like it as much as I do, but last time I check sheep and cattle are not endangered species.

    • BORN FREE says:

      I want every Caymanian to remember that it was Mckeeva Bush & the udp that changed our world famous Turtle Farm into an unknown tourist attraction called Boatswain Beach. It was projected to cost around $35 million for the rebuilding & renovating of the turtle farm, but ended up costing us (the people of Cayman) about $68 million! (I will not go into where all those millions ended up, & WHY!). It is costing government somewhere between $15 & $20 million per year to run. This has been the biggest waste of money in our history, & the udp & Bush have the audacity to criticize the PPM for building new schools & much needed new roads?

      NEVER FORGET people, it was the udp that built Boatswain beach, that cost us $30 million more than it should have, & is costing us $20 million per year to opperate, & that is the main reason why we now see the cost of turtle meat tripling! And do not for a moment believe that the udp did not know about the cost increase. Do they expect us to believe that they appointed Mr. Adam there as the boss & within a week he made such an important & hurtful decision by his little self? Let them not fool us people, we are not "fool fool" like Bush thinks!

      The udp made the stupid & costly decision to build the attraction in the first place, & they also made this stupid & costly decision to raise turtle meat prices at a time when the people are suffering because of a world recession. Do they not think before they act? Do they not have a heart? The udp is the reason why we are suffering so much. Times are hard because of the udp. It started with their stupid & costly mistakes between 2001 &’05, & it continues with their selfish & thoughtless acts today. That what we get!  

  7. Anonymous says:

    "lowering the cost to produce the meat to start with"


    maybe they should have appointed you managing director. you seem to know it all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So…let me get this right. Jim is raising the cost of the meat to cover the costs of production – rather then lowering the cost to produce the meat to start with. 

    What this means is that the public continue to pay over the odds to allow the sloppy management of the farm to continue. How come it did not cost so much to run prior to 2001? How come it was financially successful prior to 2001?

    Why has there been mistake after mistake made, the costsof which are now being passed on to the public?

    • why you soo says:

      Maybe they can feed them all the free caymanian bullshit. That would cut cost drastically and make everything affordable again.  You really don’t know the answers to your own questions?  Ask your Government next time they are available.  Why are the cost being passed on to the public?  Classic line dat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Mac he is the one who tried to make the Turtle Farm a dysney world park with a beach.

      A beach when we have the best beach in the world.

      Ask Mr. Bush where the 70 odd million dollars went…now we will pay for his type of government

  9. Lobsta Hunta says:

    Well, I still have my 10lbs of stew I purchased in December. Think I’ll hold on to that a little bit longer now, until that craving hits me. 

  10. OG says:

     "Highway robbery man"

  11. Bracka Babe says:

    I hate turtle meat, I don’t see what the big deal is!

    Eat soldier crabs!! LOL!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Only God knows how this ridiculous increase will help save the Turtle Farm. Just put it up for sale and done, becasue I feel that’s what they are really after. Nobody love turtle meat more than my grandmother, and if you hear her say that "they can keep it"…

  13. Anonymous says:

    You had better be on your guard now Tim… this increase will mean you are now essentially storing Living Gold at the farm.

    It’s really no secret that the turtles are currently flying through the air and over the farm’s fences at night… this increase will now make the ‘turtle meat black market’ even more attractive to the night time turtle tossing bandits.

    I dont get the whole turtle meat thing myself… one of the most disgusting things I have ever smelled cooking or had the displeasure of tasting… but hey, whatever floats your boat.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, it’s the foulest thing I’ve ever tasted, but many people love it

  14. Tradition says:

    I LOVE Turtle meat, and i tried to eat it at least once a month as a special treat to myself, at that time turtle was 13 dollars a plate which was expensive, but well worth it.  Tradition can kiss my ass, if you think im going to pay 40-50 dollars for a plate of turtle stew..  This is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.. So you see, as much as i love turtle no one is going to pay these ridiculous prices for it, that being the end of the turtle farm and another big waste of money by the govt..  The only place you will be able to get turtle meat now is at the big fancy restaurants that will charge you an am and a leg for it, and in the end they are wasting their money, because they don’t know CRAP about how to cook turle stew.. Dumbest idea yet TIM!!  I really hope you’re not planning on running for politics too, i can assure you my friend majortiy of the turtle stew lovers out there (which are ALOT) probably wouldn’t want to see your face ever again..

  15. Chuck Darwin says:

    I was tempted to discuss the fascinating evolutionary history of the chelonians, with their ancestors visits from sea to land to sea and back to land.  But I fear most of those complaining about the price increase don’t believe in the wonders of evolution.

  16. Twyla Vargas says:

    Why worry about the price of turtle meat, there is plenty iguanas running wild in peoples back yard, and they are free. 

    They are vegetarians.  Dont let their smile change your mind. because if you can eat codfish you can eat iguanas  Ever seen cod fish head yet?   It look like dog head to me.

    Turtle meat will give you  high colestral.  SO. Now that Caymanians cannot afford to buy it every week, then I would sugest instead of buying Turkey for christmas, put aside 15.00 every month and then you can aford to buy two box turtle meat for christmas day dinner.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are too funny. this statement is so hilarious, but SO TRUE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah Twyla, I love to read ur two cents…this time u hit the nail on the head. I have iguanas in my backyard, I won’t bother to kill them. I’ll let them populate and enjoy juana dinner me and my friends. Will invite one of the politicians to see which one can cook it the best! Wha y tink???? Lol!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla you can have the iguanas if you like, but please stop repeating that rubbish that turtle meat will give you high cholesterol. Turtle is actually very nutritious, delicious, low in fat, and LOW IN CHOLESTEROL (50 mg per 100g) when compared to most other meats, for example, chicken with the skin removed before cooking (77 mg per 100g).  

  17. Loggerhead says:

    Nuff hiccatees round the place, why unno stressing unno self out fa?Cayman still ga nuff bush with fresh water ponds,unno go hunt hiccatees and feast unno self on reptile meat…LMAO!!!!!

  18. AwlyMilly Kins says:

    The sea turtle comments are meant for those of you who would ruthlessly and recklessly poach turtles like you know you do! But then again, how clean is the water in those overcrowded turtle pools at the farm? Bet they’re consuming alot of poop….more carcinogens…EEeeeee

  19. AwlyMilly Kins says:

    A Caymanian tradition??? Not in my family!! And YES, I ‘born yah’. My grandma raised me and thank God, meat never touched her lips. She was healthy throughout her entire life, never had to visit a doctor n lived to a ripe old age. I remember seeing turtle cooking in a pot at a friend’s house and almost puked when I saw that GREEN muck!! Nasty! Not in my belly!!
    By the way – you afraid of cancer?? Turtles eat sea sponge – very carcinogenic! How ironic that we are trying to protect an endangered species, yet selling their meat!! 
    Enjoy your cancer……….

    *****Vegetarian and proud***** And healthy……total cholesterol: 90!!! Yeh baby.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! Total cholesterol 90??  I wish I knew you so that I could start on your diet love. And, no I don’t eat turtle meat either, but still ..

      • AwlyMilly Kins says:

        Oh, I’d love nothing better than to talk healthy food with you! Acid / Alkaline ratio very important. Not consuming animals is the first step to lower all that 
        LDL buildup in your arteries! Not worried now? You will be when your chest gets that tight squeeze and you start to pray….

    • Anonymous says:

      The turtles at the turle farm/boatswain beach eat pellets, not sponges, because they are farm raised. The turtle meat sold by the turtle farm is farm raised turtles, again, for emphasis. Do you understand now? The farm raised turtles do not eat sponges. You dont eat turtle, well that is wonderful for you. Respect the opinions of others. You dont have to agree, but everyone has the right to their own likes and dislikes.

    • OG says:

       YO!  Listen up, Everything givesyah cancer man, thatsyour prerogative to eat what you want to eat man but don’t tell others what to do.  If mi want to eat snake mi eat snake…if mi want to eat rat mi eat rat…if mi want to eat frog mi eat frog…only rasta knows the only unclean meat is pork.

  20. Anonymous says:

    No, dimwit. It all depends upon price elasticity of demand. We can be absolutely sure that at these prices demand will substantially decrease and if there is less demand there must be correspondingly less supply. But perhaps that is Tim’s real point. He wants to replenish the turtle stock at the Turtle Farm so he greatly increases price. However, this is not good news for turtles since poaching from the wild turtle population will now be much more likely.

    • Jump says:

      So what you are saying is that Caymanians will readily turn to crime in order to satiate their need for turtle meat.  Great.  And I thought this "nation" was founded on Christian principles!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you have to turn the issue into a platform for your ‘I despise Caymanians’ attitude? Obviously in every society there are lawbreakers. There are poachers everywhere. I am simply being realistic.   

    • Anonymous says:

       hey dimwit there are no substitute goods for turtle meat..u even said so urself..idiot

      • A Louse In Wonderland says:

        The interaction of price elasticity in a monopoly is fascinating.  Given that turtle meat is not a necessity and there are substitute goods (i.e. other metas),  I suspect that an increase in price will have a significant impact upon demand, particularly because wealthier members of society tend to have a more negative view about the propriety of eaten turtle meat.

  21. Dianne says:

    I think this dramatic increase in cost of turtle meat will nothing except drive a lot of folk to take turtles from the wild.  At a huge cost to the wild turtles.  What is the Turtle Farm thinking??

  22. Anonymous says:

    Just like old times Timmy. You are doing the same here that you did at Cable & Wireless and that was to squeeze the maximum the Public would pay.

    Well, like Cable & Wireless the public will decide when enough is enough.

    And my prediction is that this move is going to hurt Boatswain.s Beach a lot more than it is going to help it. Such drastic moves are draconian in all shapes and forms and do not indicate good business sense. It would have been better to test the Market with smaller increases until you figured out what the Market could accept, rather than shoot it down with a single shot.

    Six dollars a pound for Turtle bone is nothing short of madness.

  23. Colin Sott says:

    Now Big J and Dan Dan gah give dem green turles hell, lmao!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why is it sad for Caymanians to claim eating turtle as a part of our culture? Not trying to be confrontational but please support your comment. Is it sad that Inuit proudly eat seal, walrus, etc as a part of their culture? What about Laplanders eating reindeer? Scots eating haggis (part of which is animal product), etc. etc. 

    The only difference is that turtle is endangered, and therefore protected – a fact that materialized comparatively recently in cultural terms (30 years). Do you expect cultural traditions to be eroded in such short time. Perhaps by the end of this century, history might record that "Caymanians USED to eat turtle as a part of their tradition" but why would you expect a part of our culture to ‘stop on a dime?’

    Perhaps you’ve visited or live here and observe other facets of our culture and traditions being eroded by outside influences, as occurs around the world. Yes, we’re not immune to that, sadly. But that is exactly why we should proudly retain any part of our culture that we can. And as long as Caymanians can obtain turtle meat legally we should eat it. When that source ends then, by and large, that tradition will have faded, like others. Who knows, by then maybe the wild turtle population will have rebounded and CITES ban may be lifted/altered and we will go back to how it all started. If not, so be it; eating turtle will become a topic of history lessons. 

    Meanwhile, there is nothing sad about trying to cling to one’s culture and traditions. In every part of the world that effort is associated with national pride.  I happen to be a Caymanian who doesn’t eat turtle (never have) but God am I proud of my culture – whatever little of it is left!

    • Anonymous says:

      Throughout history there have been many cultural rituals that were both practiced and fiercely condemned.  For instance, the Korowai tribe of southeastern Papua could be one of the last surviving tribes in the world engaging in ritual cannibalism.  Most of us would find this morally objectionable.  Indeed, the very word "cannibalism" comes from the from "Caníbalis", the Spanish name for the Carib people.  I just want to illustrate that some old traditions would do well to be re-evaluated in the modern context.  In the year 2010, the consumption of critically endangered sea turtles should be one of them.    

  25. Anonymous says:

     We don’t need Caymanian stalwarts maintaining the “Cayman versus ex-pat” status quo; we need forward thinking Caymanians and ex-pats to step up and use Cayman’s diverse population to more effectively educate and motivate children – in and out of school – so they don’t end up stupid.

  26. Still too CHEAP! says:

    Crocodile MEAT = $20/lb…

    Why should anyone expect turtle meat – that is even much rarer than crocodile meat – to be any cheaper?…

    Crocodiles are farmed in many countries, turtles, only in Cayman!…


    After Caymanians have contributed so heavily to the mindless wiping out of the wild turtle stocks, how can anyone complain when turtle meat is  still available, albeit at exotic prices?…

    There is no covenant that guarantees Caymanians cheap turtle meat, so GROW UP, you complainers and eat FRESH FISH for $5.00 per pound bought at the seafront, a real bargain in today’s world and a very healthy food compared to the flesh of pellet fed turtles in stressful captivity… 

    I can’t understand why it took so long to raise prices that were so low for so long: in fact turtle meat is so exotic that it should sell for far more than the newly raised prices, say at least US$50.00/lb…

    Not that this will ever fix the ~CI$ 9 million yearly losses  at Boatswain’s Beach or the cumulative ~CI$80 million spent so stupidly, between capital cost, interests and losses since inception…

  27. Anonymous says:

     hey you idiot Caymanians..if you even took Economics you would kno that as prices go up the quantity supplied also increases. So this will actually benefit you idiots

    • Anonymous says:

      What! Well we ain’t talking about traded commodities here? We talking about food stock generally consumed by poor people (Caymanians). Just another "Ignorant comment" by some idiot forigner!

      • au revoir says:

        ummh, Caymanians are not poor.  go travel the world and see what poor really means.

      • Anonymous says:

        Caymanians aren’t poor first of all..ur in one of the f****  richest country in the caribbean you idiot..and by the way we are talkin about traded commodities ass****..learn about economics before u say anything.. its people like you that make Caymanians look bad 

    • Ex-pat Bhoy says:

      This post must be satirical because no-one can really be this stupid.

  28. what a mess says:

    Sad! While i can understand the need to increase prices for anything and everything, from time to time…it amazes me that Govt. seems to think it is perfectly ok for Govt. to cause their operation costs to increase due to their own grandious actions…and then to increase prices to the public by 100 to 500 percent and justify with "we haven’t raised prices in years/decades". As if (Govt. neglecting to do it’s job for years somehow justifies sudden drastic increases to customers) if the private sector did this…what would happen?…Bankruptcy sound familiar?

    This monstrocity known as Boatswain Beach needs to go…and the original Turtle Farm be brought back!…All tourists need or want is some shade and "island style" food huts while they visit. This HUGE cement structure that Macdinijad created (to ensure votes with Govt. funds) is doomed to fail.

    And let’s not forget that most of Tim’s experience is managing C&W while it was a Govt. unto itself (a monopoly…no competition). A monopoly can increase price ad-infinitum!

    There needs to be some "real anti-corruption laws" created and enforced here…for some "real" accountability…so that those responsible for much of the high cost of everything here will pay for same…rather than only the "working man". Otherwise more Social unrest is bound to happen.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is an aspect of this story that MUST be dealt with by the authorities within the Cayman Islands because the huge increase in turtle meat will create a demand by some for poachers to provide turtle meat at a reduced price.

    It is simple economics, supply and demand and there will be an instant market for illegal turtle meat and there will be those who will supply this demand.

    If this fallout has not been dealt with in a detailed way then like the numbers for illegal gambling we will see a further decline in turtles here. It is a prediction that I am comfortable in making but sincerely dread.

  30. Patti says:

     New cancer studies are targeting sponges – the main diet of sea turtles – could there be a connection with Caymanian’s high cancer rate? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sea Turtles? We eat farm raised turtles!

      • Greenback Gangster says:

        Farm raised turtles…….is that so! old buddy i bet you $250,000 CI that if poachers have their way you and others ga eat nuff sponge infested greenbacks and hawksbill for dinner(LOL).Don’t come bragging on us about your feasting of farm raised turtles! turtle meat lovers don’t care if turtles live on a farm, in the sea or raised in a s… tank.Are you telling us that you will only eat farmed turtle meat but refuse the wild ones……..yea right,go to someone else with that talk!!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

       Cancer studies on sponges are being conducted for their ANTI-cancer properties. Did you not pass reading comprehension?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Reading the posts I am immediately struck by the lack of understanding among people in the difference between eating turtle and eating beef, chicken or pork. The difference is beef, chicken and pork are plentiful on the planet and most sea turtles are endangered or close to being extinct. Poachers, pollution and numerous other factors worldwide have led to their demise. My opinion is poachers should be shot on site. The problem with the turtle farm is it is heartbreaking to see these glorious animals in an area too small for them – they are literally on top of each other – not breeding either – and they wonder why the breeding has almost stopped. Everyone needs to realize this is not 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago and quite frankly I am tired of hearing how "it used to be". Wake up people. It is 2010 whether you like it or not and because of human beings actions around the world this glorious animal may not exist in your grandchildren’s generation. No one seems to realize if the oceans die, then we die. When does the greed stop and the care for others begin? When does the respect for all living creatures come into play, especially when they need our help? The sense of entitlement some have is an arrogance that knows no bounds and cares about no one but themselves. When the turtle is gone these same people will be there to point their fingers at everyone else as the blame instead of looking in the mirror at who really contributed to it.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of when Cable & Wireless had their rates so over-priced that it opened the door for Digicel

  33. Anonymous says:

    how very sad for caymanians that they claim part of their culture is eating turtles…. what a sad and sorry situation that is

    also, turtle is not a staple part of anybodys diet

    • anonymous says:



      There is no doubt in mymind that this UDDP government is out to destroy not only our beautiful culture and everything that means so much to the people of the Cayman Islands.

      Where in the hell did  Mr. Adams get these prices from?  Big Mac?

      Is he now trying to impose those outrageous CABLE AND WIRELESS prices and high rates that he charged the poor struggling people for telephone service,  when he was the director of C&W Cayman Ltd.?  Well you see Caymanians where we are headed, DOWN THE DRAIN!.

      This is just not going to fly. McKeeva Bush must reverse those high prices and  make a sensible decision on what is a more reasonable price to charge consumers for turtle meat.  Somthing is very fishy about this one.

      This means that Caymanians will no longer be able to afford turtle meat!@

      only Big mMac and his elite friends will be able to eat this luxurious dish! how unfair!





      • Anonymous says:

        gouging honey, not gauging.

        One is to take people money, the other to measure how much they have.

        • Betty says:

          I suppose we shoudl ask the government to gauge the gouging?

          If people are wanting to eat too much turtle meat, then maybe they would need to be gauging the gauging on the gorging?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t you have a tree to hug somewhere?

    • Down to Earth says:

      Star, do you watch Discovery channel? Yes, I suppose you don’t cus if you did you would see that Dogs, Cat brains and so on are certain countrys national dish, and trust me, none of them is anyones "staple part of diet".

      Yow Star, go try some good Stewed Turle (cooked by a Caymanian though) with white rice and breadfruit and pops, you won’t find nothing better any where in the world you go!

    • Anonymous says:

       Obviously you haven’t done any research into the history of the Cayman Islands.

    • Sharx says:

      A few seagulls and a number of sharks beg to differ…

      And let’s face it – Cayman is full of sharks…  Most of them proclaiming to be "true bawn Caymahnihans"…


    • Anonymous says:

      i don’t  know   where   to  start,  ken  hydes,  he  could’nt  think  of  this  when  he  was  there ,  but  yeah  we  got  tim  now  lets  back  him ,  tim  its  true ,  like  they  say  your  own  is  the  worst , you  could  have  increased  the  price  by  10  or  15  dollars  but  no,   i  guess  this  would  have  been  to  caymanian  friendly . you  should  be  ashamed  of  yourself  , i wonder  if  things  like  this  is  why  your  selling  phone  services  no  more . one  day  i will  see  you  face  to  face  like  many  others  and  tell  you  about  your  ssa

    • Anonymous says:

      You might find that iguanas aren’t either, but the fact is that different cultures have different tastes and you should respect that.

    • born yah says:

      Caymanians have always ate turtle meat,you do not  know nothing about cayman.Go back home and eat what you want,turkey,duck,moose or goose.

      • Cracker says:

         "Caymanians have always ate turtle meat,you do not  know nothing about cayman." Atrocious declension and a double negative in onesentence.  Ezzard, Harvard is missing out with this one.

    • Bumble says:

      The regular stories of turtles slaughtered for food on the shoreline when the arrive show how disgusting this "cultural heritage" really is.   Most people when they see a turtle onshore see it is a magical meeting with a beautiful endangered animal.  Some Caymanians see a free dinner.  

    • Anonymous says:

      No, its only our National Dish. That in itself should hold some respect.

      • A Louse In Wonderland says:

        Not really.  Sounds like what the Japanese say about killing whales.

  34. Concerned Caymanian Citizen says:

    I am always appreciative that there is a facility to educate people about our history, protect and help to keep our turtles from extinction while providing a food resource that is a delicious part of Caymanian diets.

    So it is with great hope, that a part of the business operation that is addressed is the conflict of communication to potential customers.

    An example of this is that late last year, I visited the http://boatswainsbeach.ky/ website where I saw that the business operation times reflected: Fri-Sun 8:30AM to 10:00PM (last admission); park closed at 6:30PM. 

    I called a visiting friend and agreed that we would go that very morning (Sunday) I called Boatswain Beach to ask a question about online discounts and potential residential discounts.  There was never any answer from the business, nothing specific on business times and no space left to leave a message in the general delivery inbox.

    We both arrived at Boatswain’s Beach at about 9.45am November 15th where the doors were locked, a sign on the door read "..would like to inform our valued customers that the park will be closed on Sundays beginning 20 September until further notice-Regular Park Hours: Mondays thru Saturdays 8am to 4:30pm, Fridays-Schooner’s bar and grill open until 1:00am.."

    While standing and reading this sign, 2 other couples appeared for the same reason: to spend their money and time at this park.

    So, Boatswain’s Beach lost $45US per person x 6 people = $270US lost in just the 15 minutes that I was there (not including money that may have been spent on food and beverages) all because a door sign reflected a conflicting website message for at least almost 2 months and no current up to date voice mail service.

    I have not been back since that day, but I look forward to returning soon so that I may pay 3x the price for turtle meat, perhaps I will return this Sunday?! (At the time of writing this, today, their website still says they are open on Sundays)

    • 2True says:

      And similarly, given the heat of the midday sun, we decided to drop by around 4:30pm on a Saturday pm.

      After passing through a near Arctic reception (not just from the surly staff – it really was farkin freezin’ – luv to see THAT electricity bill…) we were told they were closing soon and we could not go in.

      Great, just raise the middle finger and tell us local families to go fark ourselves, ’cause apparently they make enuf off the tourists.

      Oh, yeah, someone forgot to tell XXXXXXX on the front lines that the locals are here for the longhaul and may actually become REPEAT visitors if we treat them right – or even let them in, for that matter.

      Instead, we went across the road, reluctantly watched a FREE show from some imprisoned dolphins, then headed to the beach.

      Six months later – some 26 weekends which would have had a number of them seeing us at the park, had it been open – we have not been back.

      NOTE TO MANAGEMENT – families ain’t gonna come in the midday sun.  Locals really DO want to support you…

      Offer evening hours, discounts for locals during these times, and make cut the "in your face waste" of excessive a/c in the lobby – perhaps a little heat might let some of the rather sedentary staff shed a few pounds – if not of weight, at least of attitude!!!


    • Locked out says:

      Something similar happened to me too; the website either publishes the wrong closing time or the staff closes earlier than they’re supposed to.

      The facility is open on Sundays again. I was there just two Sundays ago.

  35. noname says:

    While I definitely understand the economics of the situation, I think a 200% increase is ridiculous.  Who will be willing to pay $80.00 for a five lb box of stewed turtle even if they can afford it.  I can afford it but I won’t be paying $80 for it.

    Mr. Adams should have really thought this whole process through more carefully before he jumped to increase the prices so much after only being involved for 2 weeks. An increase in price does not guarantee a profit or even a break-even. The farm may lose even more.

    Years ago, there was a restriction on how much turtle meat was sold and I believe this should be be the case again.  I remember having to go out to the Farmers Market in George Town and stand in line from 6:00am on a Saturday morning hoping to be able to buy 1 five lb box of turtle because that was all 1 person was allowed to buy.  There were only a certain number of boxes available and there were a lot of times that some people did not get any because the allotment was finished.

    Increase the price yes, but not so drastically.  I would be willing to pay up to $40 for a five lb box, but certainly not $80. Put the restrictions in place and we won’t need to breed as many turtles each year as we currently do, therefore reduction in breeding will certainly bring a reduction in costs, with less turtles to feed/care for.  The turtles at the farm are in tanks that are so overcrowded they are sitting on top of each other and don’t even have place to swim.

    Maybe another suggestion would be to sell the whole turtles to butchers who in turn will sell to customers.  This way, the farm wouldn’t need to be concerned with the actual costs of the butchering side and could concentrate on breeding.  I don’t know the logistics of this and don’t know how much is spent on the butchering side or if this would save a lot of money, but thought I’d make a suggestion anyway.  

    Just my 2 cents worth and I am OK being corrected or criticized since everyone’s opinion is just that, "an opinion".

  36. Anonymous says:

    What many people fail to realise is that without this price increase there will be no more turtle meat in the very near future. You may argue that it should be more heavily subsidized by government but you’ll still be paying for it if that occurs, just by an indirect route. At least those who want to eat turtle are the only ones who have to pay the price for it now.

    Nobody is entitled to eat turtle meat. Our ancestors failed to manage their consumption in a sustainable way and a farm was built to alleviate the environmental burden. The farm was subsequently mis-managed to such a degree that it was further outside budget than the airline last year. Don’t lay blame on the person who is now going to try and fix it. And, bear in mind, that if he decided upon an incremental price increase, you’d all be complaining several times over. You don’t have to eat turtle, there are supermarkets on this island that sell a variety of different meats and turtle is certainly not a staple food – it is a luxury and should be priced as such. I daresay some of the better restaurants on island will still be serving turtle and people will still eat it just to say that they have eaten a $50 dish!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       I remember driving to the old Turtle Farm to pick up my allotment of T steak for our restaurant at Spanish Bay…then in later years for DJ’s Cafe. The TF was making money then and had a wonderful group of Caymanians running the place. Then it became a way for sub contractors, financeers and positioned people to make a fast buck and voila our country has an unsustainable "new" turtle farm. In fact it is a sink hole and no matter how much money you thorugh in the hole….like CAL….it will never make any money because the investment/debt is to high. Look back to how we went from the old TF to the new…..that is why Caymanians cannot afford to eat turtle meat. Write off the debt…..don’t keep pouring tax payer money into the hole…..sell to an interested purchaser and take the farm back to its original glory with a small affordable visitors center. Bigger is not always better and there seems to be biggeritest disease going around.

  37. sensible says:

    Seems like a very sensible idea to me. If the price did not increase, we would all be paying for those that eat tutle through Gov loans and subsidies. Why should the farm sell its product at a loss? People all agree that Boatswains Beach should be run properly – well done to timmy for his first tough decision. I hope that this is the first of many.

    Also, people seem to miss the point re dwindling tutle population. Its pretty obvious that the scarcer the product, the more expensive it becomes. Why should this be any different?

    Well done tim. Please keep going…..

  38. Anonymous says:


    The presence of legal turtle meat makes enforcement very difficult. It is hard to determine if the meat being served came from the farm or was poached. Enjoy eating your traditional dish while you can, your children may never see a turtle in the ocean.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not if they are in Cayman, we don’t have the ocean here, only the sea.

    • Anonymous says:

      All facilities that sell turtle meat MUST be licenced to do so and be able to provide proof of wholesale purchase from farm!

      The farm must also produce reciepts for ALL meat sold, if you have turtle meat in your possession, then it is up to YOU to prove it is legal.

      Ban turtle fishing, FULL STOP.

      This price raise will increase poaching. But poachers take note. YOU will be caught, it just takes time, you never know who is watching you!

  39. Anonymous says:

    On this particular issue, Mr. Adam was surely in a difficult position. As an astute business executive I am sure he evaluated the fallout (perhaps not the power of the WB vote which might cause the increase to be retracted – but obviously it’s not only WB voters who eat turtle). Anyway, the certainty  of diminished sales would have been obvious, the likely increase in wild turtle poaching should also have been (this creates another problem but not his). By that I’m not suggesting the latter was his approach, nor is it an appropriate approach but it is a fact. But he is absolutely correct that such a move is necessary if the farm’s turtle population is to be restored to any level which will sustain the market for meat. 

    Mr. Adam mentioned the scientific evaluation of the turltle feed which is prudent and one poster hit the nail on the head in reference to ‘running away the scientists’. Since Jim Wood was dumped, there have been no scientists at the Farm – some wannabe’s, yes. This has long been overlooked as one of the crucial factors for the success of the Farm & Boatwain’s Beach – note the shark tank fiasco and the ever-present algae.  Jim Wood and Marlin Simon were the scientists who pioneered of this ‘experiment’ in the late 1960’s which worked brilliantly and created something the world had never seen: a successful breeding program of turtle in captivity. It was a viable operation until the mid-1970’s when CITES banned the trade of all sea turtle product in order to protect the endangered wild turtle. But to this day, CITES has ignored the fact that this program has proven its effectiveness and success in breeding turtles. Unfortunately, no CI Government since has been successful in lobbying CITES to acknowledge this. The rest is commercial history. BTW, last I heard Marlin Simon was associated with a major marine research/attraction facility in Florida, thus indicating the calibre of scientists we’re talking about.

    So Tim Adam cannot take on CITES and if he can do anything to help increase the breeding output it is to lessen consumption. With this move this is sure to happen because there is no reason that turtle meat should not be recognized as a delicacy and priced accordingly -similar to lobster. I may be the only Caymanian who has never eaten turtle meat but I support all the cultural significance attached to it. It was not us who caused the only national dish in the world to become a rarity and Caymanians were buying their supply (apart from the occasional outlaw) from the farm. Prior to Michelle, supply was adequate and at the same time the release program was repleninshing the wild turtle.  I recall having lunch at a seaside restaurant prior to Hurricane Ivan and counting over a dozen turtles coming up to blow in a relatively small area just offshore – proof that the replinishment was successful. So to you conversationists who cuss us for eating an endangered species, while you enjor your steak, what if cattle had been at risk of becoming endangered to the point that some international organization banned its harvesting, but the breeding thereof in captivity was such a scientific challenge that only one facility had been able to do it sucessfully? Would there be any difference to the situation here? No!!

    Anyway, either Mr. Adam takes a step like this or ceases the sale ofturtle meat altogether.

    Another thing he should consider, though, is to revisit Joey’s plans to turn a portion of the unsuccessful snorkeling pool into a mini water park.




  40. Anonymous says:

    Sooooo, i guess we should start our own little back yard farm to rare turtles for our own consumption? You are pricing yourself out of the market Tim! While encouraging illegal poaching or bootleg stock from neighboring locations. We have alot of that activity already with all the fishing boats going to our neighbours to the south and South West.

  41. Anonymous says:

    There will be no rebellion by the Bayas because McDinejad has already given instructions that "WEST BAYERS ONLY" will continue to be charged the original price !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      6 Feb  11:40  Please grow up & write something with sense. ‘As a man thinketh  so is he’.

    • anonymous says:

      11:40 Big Mac would not dare to give preferential price to West bayers over all other voting constitutients. That’s outright descrimination, and a violation of one’s constitutional rights in being treated different!

      You have got to be joking !

  42. Anonymous says:

    Pricing turtle meet to reflect what it costs to produce is not going to help because at these prices it is not going to sell.

    To those who are complaining about it being inhumane to kill turtles what are you talking about – we kill fish, cows, goats, sheep what difference does it make – how can killing a turtle be any different from killing other animals for food. People other places in the world eat bugs alive – they are animals is that inhumane too.

    If they think they are losing money now wait till the prices go up. All they will be doing is raising turtle for the tourists to look at because no one is going to be able to afford this. Furthermore, those than probably can afford it dont eat turtle meat.

  43. Anonymous says:

     Some traditions come to an end. No more smoking, owning slaves, beating your wife, or molesting childrenallowed. And now eating endangered species. So much for preserving culture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stewed turtle is our national dish, you *ss! How dare you compare our culture to molesting children etc!. Sicko.  

      • Marie says:

        And the Icelandic national dish was putrefied whale meat and they stopped that a while ago.  The national dish of some of the Andaman Islands was freshly stewed human visitors.  How dare others complain about well established cannibalism.

        Stop being so parochial! We live in one world. 

    • Anonymous says:

       Ahh but the tradition of opening your mouth (or rather, typing?) before thinking is still alive and well.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a step in the right direction! 

    If the price is high, it will then be looked at as a delicacy – for holidays, special occassions, etc., not a weekly meal.  It is almost seen like hamburger meat to some already.

    DOE needs to stop the poachers – they are criminals – and should be looked at as such. 

    There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a turtle in the wild, swimming free!



  45. Joe Bananas says:

    The fact that they were selling turtle meat at a loss totally escapes most of you.  The fact that Money that could be spent on your kids education was used to make turtle meat "afordable" for the few escapes you just as the fact that the money of the future has already been spent on your past has escaped you.You cry now because you can’t afford turtle meat.  Soon your crys will be much louder and they will have the same effect they do now.

  46. Anonymous says:

    My prediction is that is won’t last.  Only the rich are going to be able to afford those prices and given the Turtle Farm is in West Bay the electorate will petition McKeewa and he will make sure it goes back down!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right! That same sort of "petitioning" is probably the main reason why the roll over policy to protect these Islands is most likely going to be changed to all of our detriment. "My mama can’t do widout her helpa Keeve Keeve!You ga change dat!" and on and on the ignorance goes.

  47. Dennis says:

    Gone are the days of Caymanians having turtle meat  for Christmas- so sad. Thanks Mr Adams

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, gone are the days when we Caymanians could have a plate of turtle for lunch every friday! Now we will have to wait for special occasions for a little taste of the Caymanian delicasy. I cant believe that you forigners accually support this increase?

      • au revoir says:

        Yeah, I mean you may want to look up "delicasy", "forigners", "accually" et al before you throw around some more groundless accusations and prove to the world that you’re an even bigger idiot than previously thought…    

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey, it may help if you reply to the relevant comment. You may actually appear educated.

          • au revoir says:

            hey, actually i did reply to the relevant comment.  learn how to follow a thread…  and if you need CNS to help you understand how they organize comments and follow-up responses, i’m sure that they’d be more than willing to provide you with instructions.  that is if you have the ability to understand them.

      • foreign turtle says:

        ´╗┐Its a little hard to believe you could actually figure out a way to take a jab at foreigners on this totally Caymanian caused turtle farm problem.  Then again its not so hard to believe that you would be against running a business in such a way that it would be profitable.  Is it a Caribbean or just a Caymanian trait to expect a dollar to cost ten cents.

      • Anonymous says:

         I am not a foreigner, but I do support the increase. Years ago I stopped eating turtle for my own personal reasons which I won’t bore you with. The Green Sea Turtle is endangered, the mortality rate of hatchlings & those released into the wild is high – too high to give any hope of increasing the wild population… the whole premise of the farm. If there wasn’t as much pressure to supply hungry bellies with turtle meat, then perhaps there might be more chance for actual research as to why the efforts to replenish the wild population are seemingly futile.

    • Joe Bananas says:

      Is it also Mr. Adams fault that where there were once so many turtles you could see them well off into the horizon there are now none?  Is it Mr. Adams fault that Grouper are well on their way to being an endangered species? Grouper farm anyone? Is it Mr. Adams fault that the turtle farm has gone from being self sustaining to yearly loses in the millions?  Not gone are the days of using up everything available then using more. Not gone are the days of blaming someone else for what you are responsible. Thanks Dennis.

    • Suits when it suits... says:

      Caymanian Beef is the Caymanian Christmas Tradition until you take away our Caymanian Turtle – then it becomes the Christmas Tradition…  Read unna hissory bux…  Funny how you can swing things whenthe situation suits…

  48. Anonymous says:

    There is no need to eat turtles whatsoever. It is plain arrogance to think you can destroy as you please. Leave them alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      And I suppose there is  need to eat beef or chicken either. Keep your arrogant culturalbias to yourself. They are third generation farm raised, protect the wild population, and through releases, add to it.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Third generation farm raised? I suppose you are a third generation local raised as well. Get an education, you arrogant fool. Turtles do not form part of anyone’s staple diet.

    • Home Boy says:

      So lets ALL stop eating: Beef, Chicken, Lobster, Shrimp, Whelks, Goat, Iguana and anything else we got to kill to fatten ourselves – GET REAL STAR and wake up. I suppose we should all starve to let the animals live, you go right ahead "fool fool" but NOT ME!

      • Anonymous says:

        And you probably are a fat individual. I will eat fish, chicken or beef once a week and loads of fruit and vegetables. I am in my 50’s with an excellent cardio exercise regime which I enjoy immensely. If I had to leave meat alone, I am sure I would survive. Don’t be so arrogant, yeah? Eat to live, not live to eat.

        Why do caymanians,  none of whom are really indigenous anyway want to butcher these poor animals?

        Before Columbus even passed by and called these islands ‘Las Tortugas’, none of your sorry butts were even here.

        I am tired of this caymanian arrogance. Caymanian is a word that has been added to the dictionary in the last few hundred years. Who the hell do you think you are?

        God made the turtles to grace the seas, so leave them the hell alone.  And while you are at it, stop disrespecting expats who have more education than you, and it’s not their fault either.

        Just look at the next generation of students that you are turning out, God help you. But, don’t worry. Here’s an easy solution. Blame the expats. Mr Johnny Cake.

        Sir, if you are a Caymanian and I suspect you are, you are typical of your nation’s pathetic attitude. I sincerely hope you can get some humility as a people because to the rest of the educated world, you come across as a bunch of egotistical barbarians.

    • Anonymous says:

       Do you have any idea of the farm conditions in which the "regular" meat animals are kept it? I’m not saying that the turtles here are being kept in phenomenal conditions, but merely hoping to push your brain a little farther. If you are a vegetarian, no worries, but if you aren’t, then you’re just being hypocritical. Hopefully it is the former.

  49. Anonymous says:

     this is good..very good.. if you wanna go kill poor innocent turtles go at ur own fault and be held accountable. Hope you get arrested and put in jail for 15 years or more too.

  50. Anonymous says:

    This is dammed madness! Isn’t the only people being affected by this increase the Caymanians? Them expats that making the big $$$$ not eating it anyway. Why is it that when anything is increased, it only cost the local (indigenous) people. A 300 – 400% increase. That means that the restaurants is going to charge $33 – $44 for a plate of turtle stew that used to cost $11.00. we know that the people making this decision is getting their turtle meat for free.

    • Anonymous says:

       I can understand that this change would be upsetting to those who rely on turtle meat as a staple of their diet.  However, my understanding of the economics of the situation is this (and I am by no means an expert, and more than happy to be corrected) ….

      The cost of the production of turtle meat is higher than the price currently charged.  The turtle farm currently runs at a loss.  The government makes up the shortfall.  The government is, at the moment, borrowing money to cover the shortfall.  At some point in the future, it will need to pay that money back, plus interest.  That money needs to come from somewhere, and it will be from anyone who lives here or transacts business here, expat or Caymanian. It may also reduce the pool of money available to expend on infrastructure projects like schools, and services, like the hospital. 

      Because the amount to be repaid in relation to the turtle farm is the difference between actual cost of product and the price consumers are paying, plus the interest on the money borrowed, not ensuring that the price of turtle meat reflects the cost of production will ultimately cost Caymanians more.

    • Anonymous says:

       Just once it would be so thrilling to see a thread where there is no Cayman v Ex-pat debacle. Call me crazy; I could just be dreaming. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Notice that it is the expat posters that have turned it into that.

  51. Anonymous says:

    As far as I am concerned XXXXXXX

    Who the hell is going to pay CI$80.00 for a 5lbs box of turtle meat???? What the hell is he thinking???

    Alot of foreigners dont even know what turtle meat is and even if you are adventurous and want to try it you will change your mind as it will be a damn expensive try if you dont like the stuff.

    Turtle steat tastes like s….t anyhow. If it is going to be sold at $27 a pound for steak then can you imagine what it is going to retail for at the restaurants for.

    Oh well they never learn – putting the price up and out of reach is not going to bring in more money. Lets face it most of the people that eat turtle stew will not be able to afford it at these prices therefore they will be back to where they started selling way way less for more. The profits will be no different. Any how enough of the economy lesson. One day they will eventually learn.

    Good luck to the turtle farm. They will soon have to just dump all the turtles in the sea and forget it at this rate. 

  52. Anonymous says:

    Tim, congratulations on your first move – hitting the Caymanians real hard man…. why couldnt you have increased it by half that now and in a couple of years jump to the ridiculous price you have there now? Ken, why didn’t you think of this when you were in and the maybe it would be at Timmy’s price now?? This is ridiculous.  And yes, why not sell the shells? We used to do that in the 80’s – make some income there and give the people of Cayman a break with this price hikes!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have not eaten Turtle for so long I probably would not recognise it if it was served to me. Now I am positive I will never again eat Turtle at the new price.

    So Turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You will live forever now where I am concerned. But wait, in the next 3-1/2 years we will have another election and lots of it will be available for my vote.

    Funny how Ken Hydes would not raise the price but now stand behind the new MD one hundred percent.

  54. CSI says:

    Well done Tim.  This money pit has been bleeding public funds for years, all just to subsidize the cost of turtle meat.  It’s an important part of Caymanian culture, and although I don’t eat it I understand it’s relevance in Caymanian society.  I am concerned about inevitable poaching as pointed out by 17:13 but all it takes is some enforcement.  The marine conservation law provides for very stiff penalties (up to $500K in fines plus jail time) so make an example out of a couple of poachers and get the message out that it won’t be tolerated.

  55. Anonymous says:

    lmao. and i thought you were really sensible, great decision lol…… next crazy idea anyone?

  56. Anonymous says:

    To post at 17:06.  How do you think the Indians look at the Americans eating a beef burger?????

  57. Anonymous says:

    To post at 17:06.  How do you think the Indians look at the Americans eating a beef burger?????  And by the way, eating turtle was a way of life here way before the turtles became a tourist attraction.

    • Anonymous says:

      And by the way, the turtles were here before any of you sorry so-called indigenous caymanians. You really need to get a life.

  58. Vegetarian says:

    It is deeply sad that these poor animals are still being killed due to people’s selfishness and blindness…  and incredibly ridiculous that they show them as an entertainment when its meat is offered after the visit…

    And justifying this homicide because its part of the Cayman culture is another sad fact, we are in the year 2010 and turtle meat is thankfully not our last resource to survive anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy how dem white people fool fool so? Seriously, that is souch an ignorant comment. You jus come here and sit up on you high and mighty and pretend you know what is and should not be Caymanian coulture. This is exactly why there is a devide between us annd you know-it-all forigners.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please sir, go back to school and learn to read and write before you step out into a public forum where a basic skill set is expected.

        You are only displaying your ignorance and fuelling the very ideas and opinions that you wish to criticize.

        There is no excuse for sitting in class for at least 12 or 13 years and coming out sounding like an illiterate 7 year old. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        Are you a Director in Government by any chance?

        • Anonymous says:

          No, I’ your mother. Have respect. Why is it the only thing that you can critisize is my ability to spell? I didn’t proof read it because the point that I was making was made.

      • Anonymous says:

        How do you know this poster is white? is it ok for me to look at your post and the awful spelling and grammar and "how fool fool are these black people"?

        • Anonymous says:

          The comments are typical of the foreign people comming to our shores and trying to tell us Caymanians how we should live our lives in our own Island. Those from the North and Northe East, we usually refer to thim as "white people". I aslo happen to be white Caymanian so its not realy a colour thing I referring to.

      • Anonymous says:

         Ok, I love my people, but please…. preview before you read & people might take you more seriously. 

  59. Dred says:

    How interesting….

    Seems to be the overlyiing theme to UDP anyhow…Raise prices and they will come….aaahem. Sorry that was from a movie….

    Let’s see if it works….

    Raise company fees…….

    Raise Turtle meat prices…….

    Guess CAL ticket prices are next…..

    • Anonymous says:

      CAL’s prices actually been going down, you should check it out, service getting better too!

  60. Anonymous says:

     my only problem with this is that there will most likely be more illegal turtling done which will be rather counter productive.

    on the other hand, though, i find this is necessary. while turtle meat is a staple to caymanian culture, there is no need to have to eat it so often that the price will become an issue. turtle meat isn’t the only food price that’s going up, and honestly a project like the turtle farm just isn’t cheap.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Turtle farm is going to be robbed next! 10lbs of turtle meat is a decent days wages.

  62. Danger Mouse says:

    There is no cultural significance to the meat, other than rejocing in the former national pastime of slaughtering helpless animals to the edge of extinction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another stupid comment from an obviously ignorant forigner! Eating turtle meat is as Caymanian as a true Caymanian is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said. It was the eating of fresh turtle meat that brought seafarers to our shores in the first place. Of course if one’s attitude is to regard the locals as inferior then that is precisely the sort of comment you would expect.  

        • Suits when it suits... says:

          And if you alienated them then like you do now, they would not have come for the turtle and this would be a non-issue.

          Think before you type, dim-wit.

          Or welcome today’s expat the way our parents and their parents did.

          Nuff of unna spoon-fed-spoilt-comuppances kickin’ de golden goose – cause when unna long gawn, ya leawin’ us wid unna mess!!!


          • Anonymous says:

            Er..I think it is you who need to think before you type. Those seafarers were some of ancestors. 

            When you are a guest in someone else’s country you do not insult your hosts. The purely gratuituous insulting remarks here against Caymanian culture helps explain the Caymanian vs. expat divide. They are aleniating us rather than the other way around. The expats our forefathers welcomed were not nearly so obnoxious.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Sell the shells. Why do you throw them away? Employ the indigent to polish them!


    If you want them to breed they need a bigger tank, and mood lighting. Of course you chased the original scientists away – but it doesnt take a scientist to tell you that  overcrowding,  rock concerts and bright lights did not get anyone pregnant since woodstock.

    • Down to Earth says:

      I suppose we will have to bring in "competition" to bring the prices down, like what was done when C&W got competition from Digicel.

    • Anonymous says:

      Due to the turtle being endangered, most countries will impound turtle shells when tourists take them home

      • Anonymous says:

        There is an enormous local market. Years ago the farm gave some shells to a group of old guys that had nothing to do but sit under trees all day. They were elderly, and many had mental health problems.

        I came accross them and one of them sold me a shell for $100. He was delighted with the purchase and I keep it on a wall. Since then possibly as many as 30 or 40 people (who live here) have admired it and asked where they can get one.

        My answer, you cannot. Having killed the turtles for meat (which I have no problem with provided a good number are released into the wild each year) the farm destroys the shells.  What a waste. What a lost opportunity! You could easily get CI$500 for a good one, and ban their export.


        • Anonymous says:

          As a youngster growing up in the Turtle trade we used to chop the backs and calipees up, boil them and remove the skin and shell The skin was exported to Japan. The only part of the Turtle that was wasted was the bones and in the case of the green turtle the shell. Everything else was consumed or exported. Now when I go to the landfill the back and calipees can be seen in the dumpsters rotting and breeding flies. What a shame.

          Turtle bones are useless for anything yet Timmy expects to get six dollars a pound for them. What a joke.

    • The Force says:

      Tim should know that the market will not accept this tripling of the price and therefore his sales will decrease.  Seriously if the demand is more than the supply then one should expect to pay more for the product but this is just too much of an increase all at once.

      You cannot turn this thing around in the first three months! Phase in the increases gradually whilst reducing your operating costs in every way possible.  You may be surprised at the results.

      Government on the whole should explore the concept of reducing expenditure to help our financial situation.  However, they all seem to be on a spending spree.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Lmao…..wanna bet that McKEEVA’S constituents will force him to retract this increase within a month ?

    That’s right Timmy…..jack up them prices……just like you did with those BlackBerry phones……come to think of it some BB’s looklike turtles……now I understand the rationale.

    • Anonymous says:

      You right. We cant afford to eat it at this price and we no who to call. Another quick back down – watch for it.

  65. Anonymous says:

    What is important is for the DoE and Marine Law Enforcement to realize that this major price increase for turtle meat will result in breaking of marine turtle protection laws.

    • Joe Bananas says:

       Are you really so dense that you think they are not and haven’t been broken in the past?  How many even medium size turtles do you still see swimming free here.  Even Grouper in the protected zones are endangered.  I lived in east end for a few years and saw how much little tiny conchs, turtle blood on the beaches,and  people trying to sell me small lobster all times of the year. This is Cayman and all there is protecting the sea life is the same thing protecting peoples lives and property on Cayman.  They are called laws but very few follow or believe in them here.

      On another note. pricing the turtle meat to reflect its cost to produce is a step towards actually making the turtle farm work.  I am pleasantly surprised and hope they are allowed to continue to fix the problem without Governments "Help".

    • Anonymous says:

       Yep.  They’re gonna be some dead turtles now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup! the handful of Brac Boys with turtling licence will be making a killing now. I going invite on of them out to catch us some turtle for ourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, They’re going to be some guys in jail as well!

  66. Anonymous says:

    good.. hopefully this will stop the disgusting practise of an endangered species .

    Imagine going to china to see panda but then being offered a panda burger afterwards….