Cops arrest 2 for bank heist

| 07/02/2010

(CNS): Police have now confirmed that two men are currently in police custody having been arrested in connection with the daylight armed robbery at Cayman National Bank, Countryside Shopping Centre, Savannah which, took place on Thursday lunchtime. Police said that having launched an extensive interdepartmental investigation into the incident and examined CCTV footage a number of people were interviewed. A car believed to be connected with the robbery was found in Spotts Newland on Friday and later that same night two Caymanian men aged 21 and 24 were arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Shortly after 12.30 p.m. on Thursday, 4 February 2010, two men entered the branch of Cayman National at Country side one was reportedly  carrying what police said appeared to be a firearm, and which witnesses said was a hand gun. After telling the staff to get on the floor and firing a shot the air the two men ran off with an undisclosed sum of cash. No-one was injured as a result of the incident.

Police immediately launched an extensive investigation into the robbery. Officers from various departments of the RCIPS including CID, scenes of crime, joint intelligence unit, the uniform support group and traffic management were involved in the co-ordinated operation. “Over the past few days several houses have been searched by the RCIPS and a number of people have been interviewed in relation to the enquiry. CCTV footage obtained from the bank and from businesses in the Countryside Shopping Centre has also been interrogated.” A police spokesperson said.

On Friday afternoon (5 February) a motor car suspected of being involved in the incident was recovered from the Spotts Newlands area. This vehicle is currently undergoing forensic examination. Later that night two Caymanian men, aged 21 and 24, were arrested on suspicion of robbery. They are currently detained in police custody pending further enquiries.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery who has not already been spoken to by police is asked to contact Bodden Town CID on 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Annoyed says:

    Has anyone ever thought that this might be becausethese young lads have probably been badly educated in the lovely government schools on this Island, cannot find work or are probably not qualified or experienced enough.  Shame on this Island for not putting education and children first and for not providng for the many unemployed on this Island and yes I am an ex-pat!!

  2. caymanian says:

     Criminals are the number one enemy of this country. Traitors to our land. If caught and convicted, maximum penalty for them, period.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read the thread here and realise that once again, rather than comment on a job well done or the like, this has once again degenerated into an ex-pat vs caymanian diatribe.  This site does some good work for the spread of information, but by allowing continual obvious racist comments, all CNS is doing is fuelling community division.  I think you should moderate the posts more closely.

    CNS: Or perhaps there are divisions and society as a whole needs to think about this issue and try to do something about it rather than ignore it. So far in our poll 69% of voters think there are divisions between people who regards themselves as "native Caymanians" and all others (including voting for all 5 yes answers).

    • Anonymous says:

      Please pay more attention to what people are writing. I strongly agree that it is getting out of control. Please CNS, do not let it get to that stage that it will be known on island that you can come to this site and bash one another, and not deal with the point in hand. I think you need to put a paragragh under each topic saying that no bashing of each country or colour or religion will be tolorated. It will simply not be posted.

      Also with the use of profanity!!!! You are letting yourselves down by just putting in **** where someone knows exactly what you are talking about. Please replace it with less profound words. It is not difficult. After all, this is your website, and you control it. Please stop the topics by closing it also when religion gets too much. I respect the people for their religion, I do not go to church, but they need to respect others also. But this is up to you to stop. Its not the people who are getting out of control, they will do that no matter what site they go on, but you will be the one, CNS, letting it get out of control. You CAN CONTROL it.

      If the person who posts it does not like it, then they will not post again, no problem with that, we don’t need their comments. THIS IS A NEWS REPORTING WEBSITE, not a topic/discussion forum.

      I, for one, am already losing interest in this website as its just getting out of control. I know I do not have to read the comments, but there are some very very good comments out there that are very helpful. I do not like the newspapers pages, as you seem to stay on top of every subject. Well do that then. And stop it there. Stop the bashing and profanity.

      If not, I can see another webpage coming along where they will let only certain comments on the page, ones which deal with the topic in mention.

      Please people, all as one, give a thumbs up to this if you agree and would like to see CNS control their site more.

      I love this website CNS, so I am trying to help you before it gets out of control, and you begin to lose viewers, or give someone an opportunity to start another page. Also, to give you a viewof what I have said to people before about this, and I have got the same reply from them, so its not just me.

      Lets see how many thumbs up this gets.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope at least one of them is around 5′ 11’" in height, of slim build, and dark complexion, with either a mask or a shirt that fits over his head, because we desperately need him off the streets.

    • frank rizzo says:

      And the other has a long sleeved black tee shirt and jeans. And rides a bike.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like they will have to release Butch and Sundance now. One of the real robbers put in an appearance at Welly’s last night.

  5. Thankful says:

    I cannot help but remember (last night), a few weeks back when we had a hold-up somewhere about, I made a statement and suggestion to Comm. Baines, that we have seen patterns. 

    I said: usually after a big robbery there is a lull in activity.  However, I felt strongly that they would be planning something big.  I suggested stationing officers (undercover) around the clock (business hours) from 7 – mile beach to countryside every mile or so, especially at the major shopping centres etc. 

    I remember the idea was somewhat thumb down – who knows he could have been one of them.  Well as they say: I told ya so.  Although tehre was an arrest, it would appear that they got a lucky break with finding the car. 

    I am not putting down any good police work done that help (or is helping) to solve this crime.  However, I am suggesting that they need to be more proactive and not reactive.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your pompous and self-righteous know-it-all-ness but please do us a favour and unplug your keyboard so none of us have to witness your drivel any longer.

      There is no pattern to crimes here, only that the number of crimes is rising, the crimes are becoming more violent and the criminals are getting more blatant and therefore more likely to commit the crimes in busy places, in broad daylight or in front of many witnesses, knowing that as usual the Caymanians would not speak to the police to tell them who they saw do it.

      Your suggestion of placing a police unitl every mile from 7 mile beach to countryside is just pathetic. Firstly because a number of the crimes including armed robberies and murders have occurred in West Bay and in Northside so nowhere between these two points.

      Secondly what a massive wasteof manpower. I’m all for more effective policing and high visibility etc but what are they going to do every mile?

      Instead the law should be focussing on the areas that wangsters are known to hang out. Knock down their doors every time a crime is committed, rough them up and shake them down every day. let the thugs know that you’re on to them and they can’t get away with it anymore.

      Ok so it’s basically police harrassment but so what? We are talking a handful of thugs anyway and they make the rest of our lives miserable so lets turn the tables

      • Thankful says:

        Well thank you for your strong response that has in so many ways confirmed what I have said over and over again. 

        If I had to take a guest, given the use of "wanksters" and other unheard of phrases you would be XXXXXX.  And if I am correct (did you hear the pompousness again), I would say that my drivel is my opinion and it sure was a much safer bet, when I suggested it, to the drivel coming out of the RCIPS – we want the public to come forward and give us information – so we do not have to be proactive and do our work of course.

        I remind you that my comments back then, were coming on the heal of what seemed like monthly murders and weekly armed robberies.  The RCIPS were, well lets say very reactive in their approach.  Show up at the scene (after the robbers gone), and well get statements.  No arrests.  No convictions.  No major PUBLIC communications. Nothing.  So the nonsense above, as you called it, would have been great at the time for so many reasons I could think about and will let you figure out. 

        Now, I strongly differ with you on your statement that there is no pattern or were no patterns – which indicate a level of planning and organizing by the robbers.  Never mind the obvious question that comes to mind then: why were they not caught?!  Surely people with so little braines and organization would have been caught earlier.  But also, before last night, I and many others could see it.  However, in interacting with a young person I know, he made comments to me, just last night, that seemed to indicate that there is a ring leader out there, actively seeking to recruit young persons (unemeployed, aimless and even greedy yeah), to committ these robberies.  I was floored and tried to better understand what he was saying to me.  He of course brushed it off.  Now, as a caymanian, who has the benefit of history and what is norm for us, I would like to believe, like other Caymanians, we would have a fair degree of insight into how we think and operate as a nation of people.  So previously, in entertaining whether caymanians were committing these crimes, I had to draw on all that I know, experience and believe makes us who we are.  Process that against our kids and try and come up with possibilities.  And that scenario did indeed cross my mind before.  Now if no one in the RCIPS is doing any type of analytical thinking, void of witnesses and information (that they yearn for), then we really in a mess.  I have heard many police (on TV of course – real life stories), talk about working on the hunch).  I am not suggesting anyone do that, but God knows, we needed something to work.

        While I agree that some of the crimes happened in west bay and northside, many were also committed between those points – do not make me pull the stats.  That said, they were really reference points for examples and there would be nothing wrong with spreading the points or decresing them.  The goal, again against the hold-ups in town (quick cash, retail stores, gas stationS etc), to try and see if we can have quick response times but also increase probability of seeing get away vehicles, suspicious persons, and shutting down escape routes. 

        See or of course, much of what I suggested would mean working.  Proactive work – staking out.  So, it is not surprising to me to see the irony in your statement by the use of pathetic and "massive waste of manpower"!  Because that’s what the public was calling teh RCIPS when there were no results.

        You would be happy to know that I share your thoughts on the increased presssure and actually called for that too (did you hear the pompouness again).  I actually went a little further and said, kick down doors and turn over tables and pop some heads of these "wangsters" – your word this time.

        But I thank you for your opinion and I wish you were more welcoming in allowing mine.  Even when it is as drivel as you think and not as ground shattering as yours.  Good day sir.

        Ps I heard your cheap shot at caymanians not giving information…but I left that alone.  But you should know that I gave suggestions before as to why that might be the case too – yup know-it-all-ness (I must say I like how you did that with those words)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Expats, Caymanians can’t we all just get along??!! We have creeps, losers and crims on both sides. These two who have been caught for this bank robbery (yet to be charged) are Caymanians, the two on trial for the heinous murder of Estella are expats. If the police apprehension rate were higher we would probably see a 50/50 ratio. Expats can’t say otherwise for sure, neither can Caymanians. The point is, this kind of blame-game is only fueling the mutual distrust and (God forbid) hatred. Isn’t it better for us all if we all got together and just fought against crime – regardless of who perpetrates it? After all, we all share the same four walls.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Funny… I thought there was a huge aversion to naming the nationality of criminals? 

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s only when they are not Caymanian. The idea is to give the impression that only Caymanians are committing these crimes. Of course in this case they have only been arrested, not charged or convicted. .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Still not Caymanian, aye?

  9. Anon says:

    I bet once their pictures come out…it’s going to be those same two that were witnessed acting very suspicious outside the bank just days before the robbery! They were young males. Looked like they were in their early twenties. Both of them Slim built, about 5’8" tall yes. One light brown skin with short cut hair. The other a little darker skin with curly black hair.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Morning CNS,

    Can you confirm whither the story is true that both suspects caught are actually from North Side??

    Many thanks!

    CNS: The police won’t release their names until they have been charged. Then perhaps the people of North Side can tell us.

    • Home Boy says:

      Yes, from North Side and the fathers are two very respectible peoplefrom very respectible families – XXXXXX

      CNS: Remember – they have been arrested but at this point have not been found guilty of anything.

  11. J Steveson says:

    Don’t worry, there WILL be a problem with evidence/testimony (or a witness dying a mysterious death), and the case will be thrown out as it ‘is not in the Public’s best interest to pursue this case’. We really need to straighten out all this ‘us and them’ mindset. Caymanian or expat, we’re all in the same community.


    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone has heard stories of evidence gone missing from cases where children from "good" families were involved.

      What the families don’t realize is that "fixing" the problem this time sends the young person the message that they are above the law.

      Next time it could be murder.

  12. CaymanLover says:

    Good job to the RCIPS and members of the public who helped with the speedy arrests.  I hope that if these are the culprits, they are properly prosecuted to the fullest extent. 

    This is the first time in my 30-odd years that I felt apprehensive when outside.  I took my child for a walk yesterday and was constantly looking around and on edge.  I even made sure I had something to at least stun a potential attacker.

    Geez I remember when I was a kid we used to play about in the street and the bush all day.  Now I wouldnt dream of letting my child do that.  I know Cayman will never ben what is was but I wish I didnt have to feel so anxious just walking down my road!

    • One Nation says:

      Please wake up and smell the coffee!Sin, lying or robbery doesn’t have to be taught; we see it in too much of Hollywood movies and a person’s nationality doesn’t stop him from executing acts of crime and robbery, stop living in denial; you are encouraging more Caymanians to continue to steal and do more crimes by your silly coments;

  13. inside job says:

    i am still in shock over this. i was really expecting maybe a couple of canadian accountants or some [Filipino] gardeners to be arrested.

    the fact that they are caymanian clearly shows that these good kids were under the influence of some expat that taught them how to behave.

    ezzard – as an elected MLA, it is your job to go down to the police station and demand the release of these promising young caymanians. if it was not for these foreign influences these 2 would have been up for the YCLA awards.


    • Thankful says:

      You condesending (likely expat) creature.  Let me make it clear: yes caymanians are sad whenever one of us run afoul…but I have said it before and will say it again: this is the Cayman Islands and I would expect to see caymanians making wrong choices.  However, what grieves us to the core is when the guest worker comes to the countr and commit crimes.  I have referenced in the past, as an example – it would be like you having a family dispute, only to have an outsider come into your yard and not help but add to the dispute. 

      And in case you are questioning guest workers coming here and committing serious crime…well lets see: huge one before the courts now – Jacamaican carpenter and gardener accused of rape, robbery and murder and that list is long from nationals of that country over the years – from weed and guns importation etc etc.  Filipinos have been convicted on many occasions of stealing from their bosses – local papers constantly.  Since you used canadians (maybe you are one)…ahh the white collar crimes is unna expertise.  Unna more cleaver….oops but then again, was not a canadian man convicted for manslaughter about three years ago for MURDERING his girl-friend.  I believe he is serving 20 years at Northward for the conviction. 

      So save your undermining crap.  We know that many of you on here is just here to fuel the fire…but some of us ready to take unna on.  Unna too unthankful.

      • anonymous says:

        actually, the canadian man in northward you refer to is a jamaican with canadian citizenship – if you want to be precise about it…

        • Thankful says:

          No sah…must be two of them then.  Because this one was a born canadian…blond hair, white complexion…identified as such and even says eh without and accent 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          So you’re saying a "paper" Canadian not a real one, ay? Hmmm, where have I heard something similar to that before?

        • It is a FACT that man in jail for murdering his girlfrien is Canadian, but how does that solve anything, All of you need to stop it as you EXPATS and Locals alike are all fuelling a fire that wont go out if this keeps up. CNS, stop publishing their anger and animosity both sides.

    • Backstroke says:

      To still in shock.

      I am appalled at your short sighted egotistical immature attitude. We as Caymanians are all angry at this type of behaviour, it is not condoned by any sensible person be they Caymanian or expat.There is STILL good young men and women in these islands just like in your country there is the good the bad and the "UGLY" of which I categorise you, you owe me and every other person out there an apology for your crude nasty remarks.

      If I was Ezzard I would challenge you to do some time helping out the disadvantaged people of these islands by offering your knowledge or expertise in what you do, maybe not on second thought  you may teach some of us how to be bigger asses.

      • Anonymous says:

        To you shocked Caymanians. Grow up. This IS the problem here, you spend too much time blaming everything on foreigners and not seeing the reality of these islands. When are YOU going to offer an apology to all the foreigners here that work hard at jobs that you are too lofty to do?? Get your fingers out and start working hard and stop blaming the world around you and STOP clinging to poor ol’ God!! he is tired of carrying you and having you use him as an excuse for your hugely immature behaviour!

        • Xeno says:

          Hear! Hear!


          If any group is in need of God smite then it has to be the Caymanians for all their two-faced, self-righteous, ignorance.

        • Anonymous says:

          When are you going to say THANK YOU CAYMANIANS for letting us in your Country and taking the hunger out of our bellys? Wouldnt we be stupid to appreciate people who come here bring their bad culture, take our jobs introduce our children to drugs, steal our partners, resent us and the list goes on. Remember you came here because this was a good Country now that it is f…ed up it is still better than where you came from or you would leave.

          • Anonymous says:

            Nobody taskes your jobs, but expats have created many jobs for you and your trash. We subsidise your lifestyles to allow you to live in the lap of luxury whilst either stealing off us or if you have a job, we pay you to surf the web for 8 hours a day, just to get work permits for good staff.

            nobody stoleyour wife, that was merely the expat doctor who saved her life after you beat her half to death after a drunken night out.

            Nobody gave drugs to your kids. They smuggled them in themselves with their gangster wannabe mates.

            But we do resent you, that is the only true bit. Most Caymanians are lovely people, hard working and honest. It is the monority like you that we all resent. Even other caymanians hate you for being scum of the earth and we know the island would be much better without trash like you.

    • Anonymous says:

      To "Still In Shock"

      I sincerely am inclined to believe that the person who wrote this just did it as a joke, maybe to see what kind of comments he/she would generate. On the other hand, if that person is really serious about that comment, I think that person actually  exists in a state of shock which was certainly not generated by theunfortunate bank robbery, thus no one should really dignify such foolish tirade with a comment. We should all pretend as if that comment did not exist. MY GOD!!! THIS IS TOTALLY BEYOND IGNORANCE!!!

    • Home Boy says:

      Grow up pops!

    • Df says:

      Two ways you can commit crime inside JOB act or ommision which one are you guilty of, you self righteous parasite.

    • Anonymous says:

      What bull$#@!%T!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Petty sarcasm is not appropriate here. Based on history, we all know that Canadian accountants or Filipino gardners are not the likely suspects in terms of armed robberies.

      What is clear is that these two are real amateurs who no doubt decided to get in on the action.   

    • Anonymous says:

      There are a number of these posts, no doubt written by an expat, the purpose of which appears to be to give a false impersonation of a Caymanian and portray Caymanians as ignorant, brainless xenophobes. No Caymanian would write such patent nonsense.  It achieves the purpose of generating more ill-will between expats and Caymanians as some clueless people take it as a serious post by a Caymanian and use it as an occasion to bash Caymanians, who then respond in kind. Ironically what the post  demonstrates is the expat person’s hatred and contempt for Caymanians.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my goodness……this is the joke of the day

    • anonymous says:

      in response to Inside Job’s posting of 08:47 (Monday, Feb. 8)

      sorry, but i will not vote for the two bozos once lizzard has them released…  and i’ll encourage the rest to do the same.  fact of the matter is, these two born and bred were so godawful incompetent that they were caught within a matter of days.  i mean, who robs banks with their grandma’s tricycle???  the one who got away with that shooting in front of 100 witnesses and numerous cameras, he’d clearly be one of the YCLA front-runners, if he ever chose to run…

    • Anonymous says:


      I will re-submit this comment as it was not posted. I hope that it will be posted now.

      Probably the person who wrote that comment is in a state of shock not brought on by the unfortunate situation at CNB, hence his/her’s comment which reeks of such kindergarten ignorance that I laughed then felt pity for this poor soul who insults the intelligent Caymanian’s intelligence.

      Fear is a deceptive lie that preys on ignorance. It has no legible language but spouts foolishness.

      For donkey years Cayman has been populated with expatriates. Cayman was know as an Island of tranquility all that time. It is only now, in recent years that crime has begun to escalate. Why did not Caymanians learn todo evil from those expats back then, whom I am sure weren’t no saints, and the immigration system weren’t so sophisiticated?

      Sin is the problem my friend. Sin respects no barrier, no boundary, no country, no nation, no colour. Here is where your sin started, the portal that you allowed the devil into your neck of Cayman- PREJUDICE! HATE! RESENTMENT! You cant say change starts with expats or anyone else. Change starts with you! Love and see how the world changes around you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seems guilty of being one of the bad influences.

  14. JJ Rouseau says:

    Can we please have some more gated communities built ASAP?  I want to protect my family from the locals with their guns and break ins.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you studied harder at school and worked harder in your job, you would be able to afford to live in a gated community.

      You can’t expect the government to subsidise you.

      Earn a living for a change instead of milking others

      • JJ Rouseau says:

        I have a first from one  of the world’s great universities and my career is going great, thanks for asking.  I just was commenting that there is an increasing demand for such facilities given the crime.  I am perfectly happy to pay with my own money.

        • Don't 4get Me! says:

          Why be so petty?  Spend your money, move to a gated community and jog on.

          It’s all a matter of personal choice, though cost is of course a factor.  But don’t trivialize others (especially locals in a place where you’re a guest). 

          I’ve lived in two gated communities in cities where security was a major concern. Where people had no problem breaking into your home and doing far worse than anything I’ve heard so far in Cayman.

          I didn’t move to a gated community here because I didn’t think it was necessary (but mostly because I’m not on the pay grade for the majority of places behind those gates).  My complex is secure with the exception of the main entrance and now there’s talk of erecting security gates due to all this recent madness.

          Just know that you can build the walls so high that birds have to fly around to get past, but if a criminal wants to get into your home he will. So I wouldn’t imprison myself with that false sense of security unless it’s really necessary.  Best be aware and make sure your home’s entrance points are as secure as possible.

      • Anonymous says:

        I smell, pride – self-conceit here! I know many bright people who are not in a good job and so are not able to afford good protection for themselves, simply because they just did not have the opportunity to go to college and university like, obviously yourself. Of a truth, if life was something that money could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die.  You are clearly saying to people who dont have high paying jobs like yourself, for whatever reason, you dont deserve the level of protection that I have because you are lower class, my life is more valuable than yours because I am rich or well-to-do.

        Thats why Jesus is coming back to make all things equal – gated community for all (for He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and none shall make them afraid).





    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah JJ rouseau thats where all of you all need to be locked up in una little communties and the hostile natives/savages can’t get to you. I guess you can get the new police helicopter to drop u food once a week. I must take my hat off  to u, i like you at least you don’t hide behind words and facial expressions you voice your contempt and anomosity for Caymanians/ locals right up front.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of the good work of the RCIP, the public assisted them in the identification of these dangerous criminals and I congratulate all who worked together toward arresting these dangerous young people.

    Any and all who assisted need to be protected.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well done to the RCIPS.

    One question  – why is it that so many of these robberies and other violent crimes seem to be happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays? It seems that more than 2/7ths of such crimes are happening on these days.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Well done RCIP!. Great job, great team effort!   We are proud of the tema!  Let’s keep up the momentum!! More arrests needed.

    Please make sure all of the i’s are dotted and the all the t’s are crossed.






  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Police do their job and get one less gun off the road…  Pressure them, get the gun and get a bigger sentence in court..  If the gun is recovered check to see if it was used in commiting other crimes.

    Thank you RCIP, Sav home owner who wants these criminals off our streets.

    • Graham D says:

      To all the posters congratulating the RCIPS, yes, I have to agree. It is easy to criticise on the basis of bad publicity, but we have to accept that there is still good work going on within the RCIPS despite some of the single cell creatures wearing the uniform… BUT…

      As far as prosecutions are concerned, that is the job of the Legal Dept, NOT the police (with some minor traffic exceptions)…. Legal cannot keep whining on about the poor standard of evidence in court, because it is their job to ensure that the police bring them what is required to make a case successful in court. LEGAL should be ensuring that the evidence is correct, the witnesses are briefed (and none are about to fatally wound the case with their testimony) and if there are any flaws in the case brought to them by the police, Legal should either task the police with fixing them before they get to court, or prepare enough to avert disaster in court.

      The legal dept is utterly farcical here, and they should not be charged with such an important task until they individually prove they are skilled enough to do the task effectively. Even Richard Cheryls should be ashamed of herself, running a murder trial on ‘purely circumstancial evidence’. If that isn’t a green light for an appeal, I don’t know what is.

      Praise your police force Cayman, they do a far more difficult job than Legal, but be sure you know where the blame for failure or future appeals actually lies. A mail order suit, and inappropriately high heels with cankles does not a lawyer make. Don’t confuse attitude with skill and ability.

  19. Anonymous says:

    As we get more and more third world paper Caymanians and more and more Caymanians keep getting left out of the economics pie and less importance is paid to educating your own people and the cost of government budget keeps growing thus requiring more "investment" we will always have these problems.

    • A Louse In Wonderland says:

      Is this post a wind up or does someone really write and think like this?

    • Anonymous says:

      You effing idiot! These are born Caymanians going back a zillion generations and they are family to me and-guess what- I’m bloody well pissed off with them and hope the book is thrown at them and they are put in prison for life.And I hope Ezzard Miller doesn’t try any of his BS to show how they are an aberration or influenced by furrin nationals etc!!

      • Anonymous says:

        If they are family to you,why did’nt you turn them in long ago? Just asking!

        • Anonymous says:

          I am not the poster of the original post which identified the persons arrested as family members but I had to ask – did the person who made the comment about not turning them in early have any appreciation of how many stupid assumptions went in to that question – ranging from an assumption that the poster had any knowledge of what a relative with whom they may or may not have anything other than sporadic contact was doing on a day to day basis – to the assumption that the two arrested had every been engaged in criminal activity prior to this event. Just wondering what goes on in some people’s heads.

          I have no idea of who the 2 are that have been arrested but I congratulate the poster of the original message for making that post. More of us need to freely express our outrage at what is going on both here and at every other opportunity. That is one way of getting out the message that what is happening is not acceptable.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thank you Mon 8:33! I am the poster (about the family members) you refer to and the situation you describe in your first paragraph is spot on. As you will know, "family" to us Caymanians can range from immediate to distant.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 6:25: Fair question. We knew nothing about it (honestly!) though other family members closer to them may have done and MIGHT have helped-I don’t know. They were caught quite quickly after all so I don’t know what you mean by "long ago".

        • Anonymous says:

          As explained – sometimes you only know who it is after they are caught – kinda difficult to turn them in if you didnt know it was them!!!!!!!!

      • Fed up Caymanian says:

         Why should they go to prison for life just for robbing?  When they do set Child Molesters and Murderers free?  What sense will that make?   You should be ashamed of yourself to say that these men are family to you and you want the keys thrown away on them.  Where is your thinking cap at?

  20. Turtle Meat says:

    All that just so they could get their grandma some turtle meat, what a shame!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know that was a joke, and I did laugh, but it made me think on a serious note… If they cared about their grandma they wouldn’t have done this. A selfish generation! No sense of family or community.

    • frank rizzo says:

      Maybe they should have robbed the Turtle Farm.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You’re not a "true Caymanian" until you are 18th generation Caymanian.  These parrots are clearly 16th generation barely-former expat, paper-Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean if the gene pool is too contaminated.  Hmmm..just think about that for a second and decide if you REALLY want to claim that or not.

    • Pending says:

      Aren’t Caymanians all formerly expats in one way or another? Last I checked, the people that inherited these islands before Columbus were Arawak Indians?


      As far as I am aware, Caymanians are originally form all over the world, as I do recall shipping to be the industry of the islands not too long ago?


      • Anonymous says:

        So true.  One of my ggggrandfathers was born inJamaica to British Parents and the other came straight from England.  Go figure.  The english one was born in the 1700s and the other one (Jamaican or English ?) was born in the early 1800s.  So what am I.


  22. au revoir says:

    btw, notice just how much (wo)manpower was allocated to deal with this incident?  "Police immediately launched an extensive investigation into the robbery. Officers from various departments of the RCIPS including CID, scenes of crime, joint intelligence unit, the uniform support group and traffic management were involved in the co-ordinated operation."  when your home is burglarized, you’re lucky if they send their most junior cadet. 

  23. au revoir says:

    not unexpected.  whenever a bank is held up, the robbers are immediately caught by the police.  almost always.  whenever a smaller private business, person, or home is held up, robbed, burglarized, etc. the crime is almost never solved – unless, of course, as in a few days ago, the criminal is caught by the victim, witnesses, or some other brave soul foolish enough to risk his/her life…

  24. Don't 4get Me! says:

    A leap in the right direction for our RCIPS.
    Pretty young though, it’s a shame they took that route.

  25. Sole Provider says:

    If these are the right guys great work RCIP!

    Please do not mishandle the evidence.

    Please do not accept any plea bargin.

    Please prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

    Judiciary please hand down a sentence starting at20 years.

    Send a strong message to these thugs showing that these sensless acts of violence will get them nowhere except into a prison cell for a very long time.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This gives the puplic some hope in solving crime. Well done Cayman Islands Police Force.

  27. Anonymous says:

    thank god they were caymanian not expat

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the article made that clear a couple of times (these articles don’t always mention nationality if they are expat). 

      Of course they have simply been arrested. They have not yet been charged or convicted. For example, those arrested for the Margaritvillerobbery were later released.    

    • Anonymous says:

      WHY? You mean to say that you are thanking GOD that a crime committed in Cayman is finally not done by an expat? We have so many "expat Caymanians" in our country because of the 2003 status throw-aways that the majority of crimes in Cayman are committed by them. We do not even know how many criminals & murderers got Cayman status in 2003 because the udp did not do any back ground checks. They gave our birth right away willie-nillie, & crime has never been worse. Is that why you are thanking GOD, that finally it was not one of those expats that committed a crime in our beautiful islands (that foreigners are destroying). How silly can you get?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh you mean, the "wise" gentleman YOU "smart" Caymanians put back into office this year.  Stop blaming status grants, if they really were this "huge" issue that you reference, then McKeeva should have never been given a chance to be the Leader again.

        You (meaning Caymanians) put him back in office after he did all these "evil" things, such as status grants, running a Caymanian Bank into the ground, etc. 

        I, for once, would like to see the SMART, EDUCATED, CAYMANIANS come out from under their rock, start a movement and have REAL CHANGE in this country.  This includes some already in Office, such as the Minister for Education.  However, it appears that you all too scared of being labeled, but I can tell you that I (as an expat) have met MANY young, smart, educated, Caymanians that want change, but none of you will stand up for it. 

        Aren’t you tired of the same two leaders, both of whom seem to have run your country into the ground?  Don’t you want young, educated, wise Caymanians to throw out the "old guard"?  Come on, do it before they have taken all the riches of your country from you.  Turn Cayman into the gem that it was, and make it a world class place!

        • Anonymous says:

          "Stop blaming status grants, if they really were this "huge" issue that you reference, then McKeeva should have never been given a chance to be the Leader again".

          Well for one, it was the status grantees who had gained the right to vote by 2009 that helped put McKeeva back in office. The UDP did not win by large margins in any district except WB. Others were convinced by the new faces that the UDP had changed and it seemed to be pro-business. Still others are money-grubbing blood suckers who were just looking out from themselves. But above all the is WBayers looking for handouts and special favours that keeping voting him back in. Apparently the rest of the country can go to *ell for all they care.   

          But yes, you are right. We do need to throw out the ‘old guard’.  

    • Anonymous says:

      You idiot  the Caymanian has learnt from you all. Dont you see they are not professional criminals like you, they are still learning or they would have taken off their license plates.

  28. Chet O. Ebanks says:

    Well done RCIPS, Lets now hope that these are the two criminals that did this crime. If this is so they should be givn the proper sentence LIFE without paroll in Northward. We need to send those who commit crime in our islands a message that we as a people and a community are not going to tolerate such behaviour. As has been said so many times before thepolice can’t solve crimes on therir own, they need the public’s help. BUT the police have to know that the public can TRUST them once information is given. ONCE the police force can show that they can again be trusted I do believe  more people in our community will come forward with information that is needed in order to help solve the crimes that are being committed. Once again a job well done. You have given me  back a small bit of trust in the RCIPS, keep up the good work and keep the channels of communication open between you and the general public, by holding more district meetings, going to the public and private schools and talking with our young students. And by involving the private sector one suggestion is getting the major retail banks together once a week and sit down and have a meeting to discuss ways in which we can help as to not have this incident happen again. I do believe the time has come for security guards to be proper trained in using a guns and they police force too should be allowed to carry them. What good is a security guard posted inside a bank if he can’t offer some protection to the bank’s staff, customers and himself. We have come along way since 1960 and as so many have said we are no longer the islands time forgot. We have moved forward and with that crime has become a bigger problem in our society,  we can’t use decade old solutions to solve 21 st crime.          

    • Anonymous says:

      So Mr. Chet, us Caymanians must pay to keep the two bank robbers in prison for life – give me a break – XXXX.   Why is it the responsibility of the public to put up these two where they get three meals per day, AC/TV, and basically do not have to do any work. . . . some punishment. 

      Mr. Chet, the Cayman Islands should make a deal with the U.S. to send all such prisoners to Guantanamo Cuba. "Gitmo" , as Marines worldwide call this facility would be more of a deterrent/punishment than Hotel Northward! Why is our Government paying over CI$5,000 per month, per prisoner to keep Hotel Northward going?

      Criminals have waived their "human rights" by doing "human wrongs".  Hotel Northward a deterrent —–ha, ha, ha just fell out of my seat, let me get up and finish this post.

      For a great example of how a prison camp should also be run please investigate the Maricopa County’s Facility in Arizona. 


      Rehab start at Hotel Northward – ha, ha, ha,


      Sign Me,

      Hard Times made easier at Hotel Northward

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you imagine what this island is coming to? People want these two to get LIFE in prison for robbing a bank. But yet ironically, a man gets 16 years for raping a CHILD and 9 years for cold blooded murder? I think that the court, if they are found guilty, needs to look at whether or not they have had a criminal background and what type of lifestyle they were into..

  29. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians – wow I’m shocked.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you shocked fool? Have you forgotten that you are in the Cayman Islands?  Yes, we do have our own home grown criminals too, as does every country.

  30. Anonymous says:

    2 Thumbs up for the early arrest of these individuals.

    So the "LAW" portion of the equation has been successful in the arrest of the suspects & now hopefully the "ORDER" portion will be equally successful in the prosecution of said offenders.

    Get the message out…Crime doesn’t pay…

    • Anonymous says:

      I just hope that the powers to be will now see that cameras do work and that they come cheaper than more Police especially when you have to stop and train them. Lets hope now that Mr Bush will see that the answer is SUB STATIONS  in every District with CAMERAS.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Here here! I hope it’s the right guys and the evidence was handled properly and all ducks are in a row. If so, then… good job RCIP!