Million dollar residency

| 10/02/2010

(CNS): Wealthy individuals who have a net worth over $10 million will be able to buy permanent residency for a fee of $1 million, the premier has said.  A new limited category of rich individuals will be granted residency and be expected to spend a certain amount of time in the Cayman Islands each year, McKeeva Bush told the media on Tuesday. He said this would create both a new revenue stream for government and inward investment in the islands. Bush added that he would be bringing the new legislative change along with a number of other immigration changes to the Legislative Assembly’s next sitting.

Not a new concept, Bush noted residency for the wealthy was available in other locations. “Research has shown that there are a number of high net worth individuals who would be interested in a similar residency category here,” the premier added.

Bush said that new financial services directives regarding other areas of immigration have now been gazetted and he anticipated that sector would begin to see the benefit of the changes as early as this week. He said there is now a special sub-committee of the business staffing plan board that will focus on financial services matters, and the board now has a list of critical positions within the financial services that will be designated ‘key’. Immigration officers are now directed to issue three-year permits to a number of professional categories and up to five for others.

Bush said he was doing all he could to keep encouraging inward investment and boost the financial services section and said he had received a confidential report on the various meetings held with his ministry and the industry.

“The report provides more substantial evidence regarding the issues faced by these firms and in particular in the area of immigration,” he added.

Although immigration is not the only challenge faced by these firms, he said it was a very important one that government had to address. Blaming the global economic downturn and ignoring the domestic problems in Cayman’s economy was no good and where the government had control it should act.

“We cannot change the global environment but we can certainly make changes in the areas where we do have influence,” the premier promised.

The report which highlighted the problems was being discussed by the immigration department and his ministry, and he said the industry would soon see an improved level of service within the immigration department.

He also stated that government would be working to keep up with the necessary changes in legislation that the sector needed in order to be competitive. Having created a new legislative committee, with Charles Jennings as chair, which will report to the ministry via the financial services council, this committee would help fast track appropriate proposals for new laws or amendments, the premier told the press.

“We must keep up with the necessary legislative changes,” Bush warned. “This is part of the reason we have been a successful jurisdiction. However, over the past years we seem to have lost our competitive edge in ensuring that we remain innovative and competitive in this area.”

Bush blamed the PPM for running off business from the island as a result of not meeting the needs of the financial sector or promoting the industry.      

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  1. Anonymous says:

    USAToday article on this pronouncement by our Premier.

    This is what happens when a mouth engages before a brain.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone out there still wondering why our illustrous premier was so resistant to placing a modest property tax on expensive properties owned by the rich and famous on 7 mile beach? Yet, he and his cronies think it is quite ok to place exhorbitant fees on work permits which will cripple small Caymanian businesses that are heavily dependant on foreign labour and that will also drive away businesses in the financial industry, whch incidentally they claim they are wanting to protect via the rollover policy! Talk about double speak and double step! I have never seen such a contradictory set of events in my life (and I’m old!) and if this is not all as a result of senselessness then please let me know!

  3. Common Sense says:

     Come on, someone needs to give ol Mac a reality check.  He should have a common sense screener before he says such dumb ideas.  People who have a net worth of $10 million or more are certainly NOT going to give a million of it away….not even for citizenship.

    The current rules work just fine.  CI$750k invested here and $250K of that needs to be on developed property.  This keeps our real estate market going (and yes the high stamp duty so income is given to the govt.)One point is made however…to increase revenues, we will have to add more people here or cut back on govt employees….it is that simple folks.


    Wealthy individuals are all laughing right now and not digging into their pockets to hand Mac a million bucks.

    Thanks for the comic relief this week.



  4. Tingum says:

    N I hope all da new millionaire residents go live in West Bay…..and tell Mackie he can’t bathe in their sea water….cuz dey bought it!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have one question to ask and maybe someone can give an answer on here.  What happened to the Cayman Status and Permanent Residence Board? Are they still around or were they disbanded? I am asking this because I didn’t read anything about them and if they are supporting the $million selling of PR.  Just wondering because with what the premier is saying it seems that board isn’t needed. Another thought, since the government is selling PR out right they just as well add Status to it and sell it all!! Then also I remember reading something in the Journal recently where Franz Manderson was saying about getting rid of the boards for work permits and doing it "administratively" or something like that so I guess the samething goes for the status and PR. Government can just sell it, collect the money and give out the certificates guys!  Who needs the checks and balances with honest people on boards??!! Thats just my 2 cents but unna correct me if I am wrong please!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, now you all know what Sherri meant when she talked about "making more Caymanians" in another news story carried here on CNS. This should not be a surprise to any of you idiots crying on here who voted for Mac and his crew in May; did you all really think that their mindset had changed since 2003 and the 3,000 status grants? This is only another way of getting the same results guys because, trust me, they will all qualify for status not long after their $1M payment for PR!

    You all fell for the politricking, running around blabbing about "they learn their lessen man". Well, yea, they did but clearly you all didn’t and they outsmarted you to the detriment of all of us!!  Both UDP and PPM are not worth my vote so I know I didn’t contribute to this mess but the rest of you who put this gang back in must have trouble sleeping. And, guess what, they are still planning strategy on you because they are doing all of this at an early stage in office so that you idiots "will forget by the next election". Yea, some of them are bold face enough to be saying that! As serious as this is it is almost funny still.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How can so many educated and respectable Elected young men, end up following such a compulsive person? What are they all afraid off??? Why don’t they give a vote of no confidence in the house and kickthis man out!!!!??? Rolston, CG, Mike, Mark Scotland, John, Alden, Kurt, Arden, Ezzard….What are you guys waiting for??? Mackeeva is an old erratic man, he has his millions already, you guys are young and have very young children and a bright future….Don’t you want a future for them and yourselves?……I am quite baffled!!!!  He is killing us poor and medium classed Caymanian with indirect taxation, more than if we were directly taxed.  Furthermore, he has 3 years, to come up with a ‘sustainable’ plan.  The UK did not say he has to prove he can come up with a plan now, they said ‘sustainable’.  Why is he flooding us with all these taxes now!!!  he is panicking and getting delirious.  We need a leader with a clear head and conscience, someone who can present a draft plan to the FCO by June, someone who is not willing to sell off all of CIG Assets, for short term gains.  Someone who cares about the poor, medium class citizens of this country, not the rich all the time. McKeeva has to stop selling his soul to gain the whole world. Lord please take this situation into your hands and take us to the promise land. Please Bless the people of the Cayman Islands and Bless our young future leaders.

    CNS: Could you post in plain black please. Sometimes I just delete comments in coloured font without reading them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush i would like to tell you what i think about you to your FACE ! trust me, it will only take 10 seconds !

  9. Anonymous says:

    There are some very good comments to this headline.  But remember all those who know the Lord and trust that he answers prayers – pray without ceasing because prayers changes things.  I know that it is not the only thing that must be done in a situation like this because there are many out there who would like to take to the streets with this issue but like myself, being a Civil Servant we have to be careful.  All that I can say is may the good Lord deal with Mackeeva justly.  I am tired of hearing that man call upon the Lord and then making a mess out of this country at the same time. 

    People, prayers and fasting changes things,  Don’t worry, God is working in his own time.

    Bless you Cayman and all that are God fearing.



  10. Anonymous!! says:


  11. Proud Caymanian Citizen says:

    Well.. Who do you think own the businesses here in Cayman? Caymanians?, not very much still… We need people here to keep our country up, how do you think we reach where we are now?…Stop, and think. Cayman has no factories, and anything the export to generate our own income independently.. we need investment in our country in order to survive. It’s called economics. Research. Nevertheless, I agree, no one should never be able to buy our birth right, but the thing is no one can buy our birth right as citizens which is different from permanent residency. According to Mr. Bush’s proposed statement,

    ‘The immigration category would allow a limited number of permanent residence grants for people whose net worth is greater than $10 million.


    “The holders of the new category of permanent residence will be expected to spend time in the Islands each year,” Premier Bush said. “A fee of $1 million will be payable upon the issue of the new residency facility.”

    Therefore, this means that we will have very wealthy people here, and for example, lets say we get 10 people granted this residency right, that means that our government would have gain $10 million per person, which would total $100 million dollars, and furthermore they each would have a net work greater than $10 million dollars. With this, they will be expected to reside in the Cayman Islands for a period of time each year; thus, resulting in money having to be spent here… and possible investments resulting in more job opportunities for US as Caymanian Citizens (i.e. Dart).


    Also, according to CayCompass, Mr. Bush is also implementing a new immigration policy where extremely low wages cannot be paid to work permit holders. Why is this significant? This means that business owners will no longer be able to high foreigner to come into the Cayman Islands and pay them low wages, and as a result causing a negative effect on Caymanians who would not work for such low wages due to our standard of living. Therefore, business owners would have no excuse not hire Caymanians, as the would no longer be able to employ cheap labour and have an ‘excuse’ not to hire Caymanians.

    So sometimes, just stop and thing about how such actions can benefit our country…which I feel is Mr. Bush’s intentions in all that he does. He is a Caymanian Citizen, and I would think he too loves Cayman just as much as we, his fellow Caymanian Citizens, do. I, and I know many others too, see the benefit in things that he may do, it may not always be the BEST thing, but we need to survive in these changing times, hence, Cayman needs to continue to survive during the changes. We still have our God-fearing principles, and that is what is MOST important. We also still much better off than A LOT of other countries. However, if you cannot find a benefit.. by all means, I understand, as everyone is entitled to have his or her own feelings. 

    Well, that was just my two sense…



    • Anonymous says:

      "lets say we get 10 people granted this residency right, that means that our government would have gain $10 million per person, which would total $100 million dollars".

      No. It is $1m per person = $10m. The question is why would anyone pay that for permanent residence when he just gave away status to 3,000 people for $500. 

      If you were a proud Caymanian citizen (as opposed to a McKeeva apologist) you would object to prostituting our country.  

  12. Anonymous says:

    If that is the case I will marry someone for half of that for them to gain residency atleast i will gain out of someone staying here… WTF is cayman coming to

  13. Anonymous says:

    PPL this man is ruining this country let’s get him outta there let’s have an election!! Status holder Caymanians let’s unite and take him out he’s going to ruin our home!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am calling on the PPM and the other decent trapped afraid UDP members in the house, to take action and overthrow this tyrant of a man, out of our Government.  There are enough young educated, with law degree men, in that house that can lead us in the right directions, as MacKeeva has gone money crazy and will do anything for it and damn to the voting public. The MLA, Civil Servants and private citizens needs to write a letter to the Governor, FCO, UK House Representative and let them know to stand on guard, because this is what the people of the Cayman Islands wants and are going to do.  We need to overthrow this uneducated XXX man.  He isselling their property to the criminals of the world, for a million dollar each, because he is incapable of deciding how to run a respectable Government. First he wanted a dock, airport, oil refinery, 2000 room hospital,stopped the schools and hurricane season is almost upon us, fail to tax the rich people, fail to reject non solvant status grantees, turn us into a welfare state, crime on the rise and still he cannot see where he is leading us on the wrong path.  He only sees maney in his decisions and its setting him XXX than he was.  He is too impulsive and he needs to be removed from his duties now!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done Premier and Keep it up. Dont worry about the jokers who have no idea of saving these Islands. All they care is about their rights but not willing to think. Look what you can do to these Islands than thinking what these Islands can do to you as Caymanian. As a good leader he is trying to be proactive and make wise decisions. If you have ideas then talk to him and help all.

      • Macman says:

        I agree..hear hear…now can some one put me in touch with a rich person to who I can sell my Caymanian birthright? At east I get to keep my little bit o land an when I get old the goverment will give me money every month to live on

  15. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    With all due respects, my fellow Caymanians, this course of action is wrong – period. We really need to discuss the real problems that this country face and find real solutions to solve them.

    I am a Caymanian that does NOT blame others or finds fault. I am a firm believer in the old saying, "Do not throw stones out of glass buildings." Like any educated person, I believe this is counter productive. People are always looking for someone else to blame and not taking responsibility – like a child that has always had his way and loves making fun of others.

    Now, this message is addressed to every Caymanian (born here) or with (True) Caymanian convictions. We are really one people! Why? This is so because our fore fathers came as settlers to the Cayman Islands. And although I was born here I still respect this fact.

    Now that we have got that out of the way, let us take a stroll through memory lane and understand ourselves and where we as a nation came from and, perhaps, then we can then understand where our direction in life should be.

    As I was saying, our fore fathers were settlers here in Cayman; before them there were crocodiles and turtles as Cayman’s main inhabitants. In time, our fore fathers established a capital in Bodden Town and my family settled in East End. Time passed and we saw our family spending many days and months at sea or in other countries working to provide for the home. And though this time was hard, the Caymanian people were content with life. A Caymanian could live with true honor and integrity for having built their family’s home with their own hands and provide for them to eat and live with basic comforts. No, there was no TV, no Internet, and no cell phones; there were not even cars back then.

    Now, meanwhile other Caribbean nations are entertaining Slavery and Wealth Generation activities, Caymanians were totally content with just making sure their families were clothed and fed. So, as the story goes, every visitor to the Cayman Islands, the Caymanian people welcomed! The Caymanian people did not have any hidden agendas back then, the only thing they knew was that they were able to make ends meet and, perhaps, if they got lucky saved enough money to start a little store (yes, those wooden places that were once businesses that we find convenient to ignore and tear down). In time, we had the Kirks and the Fosters, etc.

    We, Caymanians, were flourishing! How? We stuck to the basics – God first, family second, and then maybe a plate of salt beef rundown! Some of us found ways how to use what little the families was able to save and stop going to sea and just started businesses (as I mentioned before) and kept growing the businesses; but we did not stop there. We then put our kids to work (whether or not they wanted to, by the way – today they thank us!) and their kids kids and so forth. And families would take the responsibility to see that, not only their kids but their neighbor’s kids too, were obedient to their family’s cause.

    In this light, we can see an early pattern that has always made others RICH! What is the pattern? Unity – end of story! Caymanians, during this time, were in unity. This is where the old adage came from, "It takes a village to raise a child!," because a ‘village’ was actually raising the child. Trust me, if you, as a child, left the house to go to the shop to buy, on the way, you would have met everyone that lived between your house and the shop and everyone wanted to know where you were going and made sure you conducted yourself in an honorable manner.

    And unity allowed other nations, at the time, to conquer other nations; by making sure they introduced the "Divide and Conquer" strategy (for those Historians and Scholars out there) in societies that knew little about these tactics. From slavery to capitalism, this principle concept is the same and is the main one that enslaves a nation – period. But we Caymanians were virgins to the world around us and the visitors that came to our shores back then. We thought everyone was good and wholesome and shared our values. We were a people that did not like conflict or could stand to hear that someone was unhappy. Hack, we would have given you the very shirt right off our backs!

    Now, fast forward to today! We, Caymanians, are in turmoil. We are DIVIDED first of all. We have not stuck to the basics and we did not keep the family in check. Over the course of time, we welcomed all here but we took no responsibility for their orientation in our society. We had it all given to us by sitting on the backs of foreign professional labors to build our economy, so we do not feel the need to control any economic variables such as prices or urban population planning. Indeed, the truth hurts! But we can not find our way without honestly looking at where we came from. And as a reggae singer once said, "If you don’t got no past, you don’t got no future!"

    I might be the last of my bread of Caymanians from the old era, but I will not close my eyes without making sure I open yours to the truth – particularly, the young generation of Caymanians; to, at least, understand the problem. We as Caymanians can not find a true solution if we are out wasting time and resources for trying to find solutions to the wrong problems or even just surface problems. And not everyone will agree with the same thing; but we, Caymanians, all have a common connection – our fore fathers were once in unity. WE had a culture (something lost to that era now a days) and we stood up for each other. We made the Cayman Islands what it is – literary, just about everyone that visited here fell in love with us and the island. Why? It was HOME – with people that genuinely cared about each other!

    Moral of the story; TOGETHER, we, inherently, can find our way back HOME in this country. And, by doing so, only then will we succeed! BUT it is going to be a long journey, but I believe it is worth it. I would give up all the comfort I have today just so I could live in that time again; and that time was just 30 years ago. Now, technically, I believe that we have more than enough Caymanians for responsible jobs (senior management) in this society; and I know of certain Caymanians (one or two – a so called few) in these jobs already that have made sure that you Caymanians do not make it to them. We need to start to recognize these things!

    Also, understand that Cayman is not a place for young Caymanians to just go to college or university and come out to just find a job for job secession (or work your way up to the top – roughly translated!) anymore. This society is strictly a professional driven one – as the professionals would say, “No one wants to hold your hands or change your diapers.” Please I dear you to prove my point and find one foreigner here that do not have some time of certification – whether Accountant or Lawyer. And their experiences in larger countries are far richer in that they get mentored (shown how to work SMART not hard -roughtly translated) by the best and brightest. So, my fellow young Caymanians, stop thinking that its home free with just a degree (please don’t let it be less than a bachelors!), even from an Ivy league school; instead start thinking about work experience overseas and ‘cut your teeth’ at solid know-how on the international scene for at least 2 years – do not waste your time with less – and hopefully the government and firms will aid you in these activities. But only then will you be ready to TAKE Cayman and make it what you want it to be!

    Unfortunately, I must let you know that you will face other Caymanians that WILL try to suppress you but with this solid exposure from work experience overseas, you can literary run circles around them. My fellow Caymanians, you must understand that we have grown use to being taken care of by foreign professional labors, so those in power will (NOT might or may but WILL) make sure they fill your gut with these instincts to ensure they, foreign pros, are in control; but only you can change this view!

    You see when we understand that we Caymanians are what made this country what it is. Sure there are always faults; nothing is without blemish. BUT we still stand today trying to raise our children in some kind of way (who knows when we find the time), although, we must work 3 jobs to meet the bills; and we do try to speak out now on the radio and what ever forum is available to voice our opinions. But we have not taken the time to stand together. The politicians are doing what they believe is right – we really have not helped in this process, like everything else we (remember I include myself here also) have just laid back and just enjoyed the fruits of their labor; of course, this specific decision our Honorable Mr. Bush is making will show the world this unspoken truth about us – I am sure we feel proud!

    The point! Like what is known in all developed and industrialized nations is that unless we Caymanians are able to come to terms with the fact that you, as the local working base, are the true economic force that builds this country, we are lost and, now we totally truly need to depend on that foreign labor. We have been heading this way long before this recession hit us or hurricane Ivan for that matter. I mean, how many Chinese you see bringing in professionals to do their thinking or wealth building; or Japanese for that matter. Now, try and go to Hong Kong and buy an apartment – do you have $500,000 US for a tiny apartment in a common neighborhood; imagine the high end areas. It’s double that for the nearest house. Prices may be high but their Japanese workforce is solid, earning enough to buy those apartments in cash! And that same workforce is also responsible for most of the industries; they can stand on their feet and decide whether to be an employee or start and run huge businesses. In the end, with these industries pay government fees and so on, not only do the state easily meet its budget but it can also ensure every able Japanese go to school straight to throughout all of university entirely paid. They have a recession proof economy – literally. Get the picture!

    And, finally, do not let anyone fool you, it really does not matter how many foreigners come here (not like we have been planning for this anyway – of course the day we control this we can control local costs) but what truly matters is that, one day, there is one group of Caymanian(s) (we can start with one!) that stands up and brings in the others and set up the proper way forward; not for a political office or an employment position but so that if our forefathers were to look at us today, would they be proud of us?

    • Fallen Angel says:

      Excellent piece,  but should have gone to Viewpoint.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK Mr. mouthpiece for the UDP, incase you didn’t noticem We are in the wilderness and need to be led by a leader who can read the map to home !

      Your fear and obvious attempt to protect the position of a premiere that is selling this country to the highest bidder is now exposed !

      You have no right to speak for all of us, speak for yourself. The majority of the people of the Cayman islands did not vote for Big Mac, and that is a fact.

      He was electede by foreigners and that’s the reason there is so much unrest because he has aluded to serving them instead of Caymanians.

      A letter thru the governor to the UK is in perfect order, if the wishes sof the people are clearly outlined in that letter, the UK could very well grant the wishes of the people especially in matters where the country is being put up for sale at a rate of $1million dollars per residensy and that is a matter of national and international security as the US and the UK are allies, so deon’t get too smart, you are  not only short sighted,k but indeed "scattered -brain" we are threatened by organized crime, increased crime, drug trafficking, and more, with the premier’s most recent anjnoucement seasoned with the spices of a XXXXXX, and this is enough.

      We can not tolerate XXXXXX. Its time to take appropriate action.Just be persistant. A petition needs to be started and the appropriate section of the constitution governing the grounds for his ousting should be refered inorder to validate reason for his his removal from his position.

      The XXXX that told us we have to wait till 2012 does not know what he is talking about. If the backbenchers in the House now decide they want a new leader, nothing can stop the wishes of the people coming to pass by them taking up a stand against him. More of them need to join up with Ezzard and make this happen.

    • Starbright says:

      Caymanian or not!


      Whether you are a true breaded Caymanian my friend, you couldn’t have written the truth any clearer than you surly did! God I would surely love to meet the person behind the scene that for dame sure! My friend we Caymanians has surley lost our way when it comes to’ respect/care/unity above all’ the Caymanian people has lost our value in ”God !

      There’s no hope for my people untill we face the main fact that God needs to be replace first and not money/pride/unselfishness and so forth! What I would say though, like any other Country we the Caymanians has or” should have all rights to take a stand when need be, to protect our people, our Country and what we believe in.

      Cayman is the first Country which allows anything to slip & slid in here and do as it feels. Every other Country in this world fights for it’s rights, am sure those few Caymanians as autohrity figures who feels that we the people of this Country have no say should be reminded on a daily basis’ their absolutely nothing without the people of this Country who Elected them in the first place.

      Yes it’s revenue for this Country & with all due respect” I feel that our Premier means some good, but should bare in mind’ he’s here to protect/serve and most importantly” his voice above all should continuously be heard fighting for his people not selling them out!

      His authority figure should be one to stand out like a Statue of Liberty for these Islands like any other National Leaders from around the world would, when representing their Country.  Therefore we Caymanians complain regarding given away status & eveything else along with it.

      Yet we don’t do what we should, meaning” standing as a firm force of Caymanians & fighting for what we believe in” those few that’s brave enough to do so will never win this fight with out the help of the majority of Caymanians’…….that’s as plain as it gets.

      If we’re not satisfied with the actions our Premier is taking, we the people of these lands need to take a stand, we’re the voice, we’re the Country and the Premier is made up of the people……therefore we should have the first & last say’ always remember that ”People!

      Let’s keep in mind” it’s not the outsiders we should be cursing nor hating” it;s our very own Caymanians with athority we should be bleaming, outsiders can’t walk in to another mans Country’ do as he feels with out premission & authoriszation of a local man…..that’s full facts!

      By the way ‘ for those who has a million dollars to buy Permanent Residency, maybe you should considered asking the Premier for a list which reads” Caymanians for sale’ ‘ am more than sure you’ll do just great finding sale for us in the outside world!  

      Peace & love !

  16. Anonymous says:

    Your Excellency the Governor, Mr Duncan Taylor, we are calling on you as Caymanians in these beloved Cayman Islands, to please take a stand against this ignorant act that that will destroy our Islands and is being done against the wishes of the Caymanian people.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I read this story with jaw dropping amazement at the ignorance being displayed by the man that West Bayers saddled us with as Premier. Born Free and "02/10/2010 – 19:51" I scrolled through the comments and could not agree more with the things you had to say. I too call on the other elected leaders of this country to step up and bring a no confidence vote against this McKeeva and remove him from the position of premier. Rolston, you are an educated man and I now understand why he removed you as his Deputy!  And now, Rolston, Ezzard, Mike, Moses, Kurt, Alden and yes, Julie and CG, all of you needto make this man understand that he is not all powerful and that the wishes of Caymanians and the reputation of this country must be protected. If a referendum were held today I am sure that Caymanians would vote against this ignorant idea and if you all just sit back and do nothing then you are as bad as he is. I heard that he is doing this early so that people will "forget before the next election" and I can understand his reasoning since Bayers forgot the 2003 status grants and voted him in again. If Kurt had been a leader he would have hit the streets with the Caymanian people’s backing then but I am sure that he will do now what he did then, NOTHING! As other people have said on here, our so called Premier is making us look like cheap whores, yes cheap, $1Mil is nothing in today’s world. Caymanians are angry but most cannot do anything because of unstable finances and our elected "leaders" who can do something don’t have the backbone to! What a damn mess. This is a disgrace and if none of our lame duck politicians have the backbone to take a stand I hope and pray that our new governor does!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Of course it will only work if t wealthy folk, whom presumably have something between their ears, would feel comfortable  living in a country run by the like of the bushman.


  19. A Concerned Caymanian says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Well done Premier. Dont worry about those who has no idea of what they are talking and just like to critisize. Our Premier is trying to avoid  the income tax and others by being creative.

      If you have an idea and you can help then talk. That will make you look a real (Caymanian) patriotic and would help everyone.

      See what you can do to the country than looking what the country can do for you. Think positive and play smart.



  20. Joe Grinder says:

    Shock and awe

    You forgot …………"BUT WAIT"……………………………………………………..If you do this now,,,,,,,,,,,,, I will double your order.That’s right .You heard it here ,2 residency for the price of  one’.act now

  21. Anonymous says:

     If the government can sell residency for $1 million, then I should be allowed to sell my citizenship for $3 million. Then I can take the money, get away from this place before the ship totally sinks, move to Panama, buy a oceanfront penthouse and retire.  Seems fair to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is absurd….no multi-millionaire will pay  that money for residency for Cayman when they can travel to Paris, Milan, Auckland, Singapore, London, anywhere in fact, and stay for months on a vacation visa! How embarassing this news is!

  22. Justin Desserts says:

    You are the ones who didn’t want to pay taxes or cut the civil service . . . .  

    • Anonymous says:

      Listen Justin desserts, you obviously are  in line for status or was recently granted.

      We don’t need any comments from you that will encourage imposing tazex on our people. Property taxes is one of the most corrupt  systems known to man for government to victimize its people holding them into slavery. We plan on remaining tax free forever more. If I get sick, I donot want my house taken away or auctioned off because I can not pay my taxes, so there goes your ignorance !.

  23. durrrr says:

    Can we please stop this nonsense?


    A few facts:


    1. ‘Persons of independent means’ (aka ‘dem rich people’) can already apply for permanent residence. It’s all clearly set out in s.34 of the Immigration Law:


    2. All you currently need to qualify is to have an income of $150k outside of Cayman, and have spent $750k in Cayman. Again, all set out in s.14 of the Immigration Regulations:


    3. The new Immigration fees were Gazetted a couple of weeks ago – the application fee is $500 and the issue fee is $20k:


    So, this story is really about a fee increase from $20,000 to $1,000,000, not giving away any idiot’s birthrights. I have no idea how many people a year currently apply for this type of residency, but I’d bet my house that less people will apply if they do make the fees fifty times as much as they are now.

    • Anonymous says:

      As I understand it this is not another type of independent means residency but an outright selling of permanent residency with the right to work which is in essence a fast track to Caymanian Status under the point system in the law. The people with the independent means certificate get it for 25 years and do not have a right to Status – that’s the difference. Lets hope the so called advisors to the Premier will see fit to convince him to make it another type of 25 year independent means certificate for all our sakes.

  24. Shock and Awe says:

    I think we should charge them 1 million to be here.

    Make it uncomfortable by not working as their housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, etc.

    And charge 1 million to leave.

    We’ll double our money!!!!

    • BORN FREE says:

      I remember in the late 1980’s it was rumoured that one of the ExCo members & the Chairman of the Cayman Protection Board had sold Permanent Residency to a wealthy businessman living in Cayman for $1 million. Do you know who was most vocal in their opposition to such a terrible thing being done? Yes, you guessed it, the now Premier, who was a back bencher then. When that rumour in the late 1980’s was spreading like wildfire the Cayman public quite rightly was up in arms, & one of the most vocal & loud in their opposition was the present premier! Even though it was only a nasty rumour & never proven, if it was so wrong then what is so different now that makes it right?
      I feel that this cheapens Cayman, & I am embarrassed because the world is laughing at us. The worlds press made fun of us & ridiculed us when the premier told the world that we were bankrupt. After being told that we are bankrupt the world now sees that the premier is selling us out to the wealthy. They are laughing even more now! How embarrassing. We have become cheap. We are cheap prositutes now, selling ourselves to whoever can afford it. Surely there must be better ways to make money than to sell ourself? It is shameful.

      I was BORN FREE, but I no longer feel that way!

      • Anonymous says:

        Born Free, you are so right. It is indeed embarrasing and vexing to every proud Caymanian. The ignorance that has taken ahold of this country and its so called leadership has got to stop! This is lunacy.

      • Historian says:

        There are many rumours, but there are also lots of facts and I am of the view it can be gleaned under the freedom of information. Here is something of interest. In the days of Cayman Protection Law and that fearless Caymanian, Mr. Ormond Panton was Chairman of the Board, a certain refuge family from Jamaica, who had friends in high places in government, applied for Cayman Status, but they did not fullfil and/or qualify with the basic criteria for grant of status under the Law( I believe it was the residency requirement). That fearless Caymanian mentioned above, refused to grant the status (and rightfully so), but because of friends in high places in government, they got it any way and the grant of status was signed by the Chief Secretary of the day. Now according to the marl road, members of that same family are advising the Premier to go independent.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea those capitalists from Jamaica would love to press for independence so they can stteal the money from our trerasurey and run away with it as they did Jamaica.

          They need to  shut to hell up and stay out of our grass roots political affairs.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Contrary to the "nay-sayers" I support this policy. And, if you want to talk about Cayman being for sale, that happens whenever a Caymanian sells their property to a foreignor. Most of us, or our forefathers, are guilty of that to some extent. Residency is not property. Without a Caymanian having sold their property to a foreign developer at some point, there would be no place for those getting permanent residency or status to live. In other words, we’re all guilty to some degree.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please stop complicating matters with facts. We’re on a rant here!

  26. Anonymous says:

    What in an insult to wealty individuals. These sophisticated individuals would laugh in your face my Primier. They are way to sophisticated for this non-sense! To offer wealthy individuals the right to live and spend their money freely in the Cayman Islands for a small outrageous fee of $1 million dollars, 10% of their net worth if they just qualify! Wasn’t the idea behind the Ritz to attract wealthy individuals to our islands because they are good for our economy? Now we want to charge them $1 million dollars for the privilege?

  27. Anonymous says:

    What I would like to know is who is going to get the money? These grants will obviously not go thru the Board, so who will grant the PR’s & receive the money? Doesn’t this open the doors even wider for corruption? It has been often said that this kind of thing has been going on for decades, but isn’t this making it easier? It is not helping the cause when we elect leaders who are more concerned about themselves than their country!

  28. Anonymous says:

    FOR SALE – 1 XXXXX leader of the UDP – Who? the UDP – one man show. Any country that wants this person, we the people of the Cayman Islands will be more than happy to give him away or sell him for 1 cent. Any takers???  Venezuela do you want him? Iran do you want him? Anyone who wants this man please take him off our hands now!!! XXXXXX We don’t want this man around here anymore….XXXX!!  Rolston, Mike and you other decent educated elected UDP MLA’s, what are you doing associating yourselves with this man.How can you all sleep at night, knowing that you are supporting such a dangerous man like Mckeeva.  Caymanians it is time for us to assemble ourselves and demand a no-confidence vote and kick this man out, before he do more damage to these beautiful Islands.  He don’t have the sense to think before he acts and all you people thatare following him are just as bad.  Think about the people of the Cayman Islands and what he is doing to us.  Yes, I am a born Caymanian, but I am ashame of this man.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Anon 19:51, that is not fair, you said EVERYTHING that I wanted to say! I pray that Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Russia or any of those types would take him off our hands! I have never, NEVER witnessed anything like this in my life, & can you just imagine that he has only been the premier for a few months! I am worried, SCARED!

  29. Anonymous says:

    One million dollars.  That’s Jamaican dollars, right ?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Judge a man not by his words but by his acts. If ever there was an act by Mr Bush that showed he is unfit to run a nation it is this.

    New Zealand tried a similarly dumb idea, the country is now full of former citizens of Asian nations.

    A few things to think about Mr Bush:

    How are you going to calculate someone’s net worth?

    What will you do to prevent someone from transferring theirs assets to another family member so that they may gain residency after that someone gets their’s?

    This act should not surprise anyone however, don’t forget some of the staus grants back in 2003 but then there was no million dollar fee announced to the public.

    Anyone that voted for the UDP should be ashamed of themselves and any UDP member of the House that fails to stand against this disgraceful act should look at their kids and then ask themselves:

    What kind of example am I setting?

    Materialism run amok.


  31. anonymous says:

    Hey Big Mac! What’s dat you smokin?

    You are getting way too Ital and too iry. come down ya, where we are all sober,

    somting gone to yu head !
    Are you eating too much expensive turtle meat? or banging your head on them West Bay conch shells you are insane !

    Hey Ezzard and the rest of you. find a way to vote him out yourselves, or you and your own families are going to suffer as well. its not going to be the same;. Remember UDP if we plan on getting Big Mac out it means all of you as well, so to protect yurselves, start the process, vote him out as premier and put Ezzard in!

    If you can’t stand up for us people then it means you’re just a bunch of sorry *UEERS!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Is proper due diligence going to be carried out on these people, or will they just automatically get residency because they have money.  It seems to me there is direct correlation in the increase in crime between the 2003 status grants and now.  We know that none of those individuals had background checks done.  I’m not suggesting that they are all criminals but it is likely that a percentage are.  XXXXXX I work in a bank and have to do proper background checks on all new customers, including checking references, etc.  Does Immigration physically check police records, passports etc?  If not, why not.  Isn’t it important to ensure that the people who are let in this country are decent, law abiding people?  If proper due diligence is not carried out on the potential permanent residence applicants, I’m sure there are plenty of people who have made lotsof money through drugs, prostitution, kidnapping, extortion and other crimes – ready and eager to find a new home.  

    I would like to see the Premiere speak and act as though he actually cares about his own people and the future of these Islands.  Every time I’ve heard him lately, he seems to delight in berating them and many of his people are struggling because they have no job, no income, no assistance, kids to feed and clothe, etc..  NOne of those issues seem to addressed.  I’m not a Caymanian but I hear the way he speaks about his people and in my opinion, he is adding fuel to the awful Cayman/expat problem. 

    • Anonymous says:

      OK lets get real….Due dilligence is carried out on any person that gets residence, references from Bankers , Accountants, Deeds of proof of assets, education certificates, police clearance certificates, character references and proof that funds where gained through a legitimate and legal source and of course tax records…There is no direct correlation in crime from 2003 status grants – most of these crimes are commited by young Caymanians…

      When is the last time you saw a succesfull Millionaire rob a bank…..I am dying to see the headlines "Expat Canadian multi millionaire Accountant robs CNB at gunpoint for a few dollars"

      Get real the expatproblem is in your head – I don’t see Americans in Tampa feeling insecure and threatened by the Caymanian population in Tampa….and more importantly generalizing and blaming their problems on the expat population…

      Problem with this Mac issue is that you can buy a residency and passport in many caribbean countries for under 200k….People are not going to give you a Million hard earned dollars just for the right to reside…Most places in the world you can do that for free…


      • Anon83 says:

        The truth of the matter is that due diligence is done on persons who gain status through the normal process. The 2003 Status Giveaway was NOT done through the normal process and due diligence was NOT done. Tell me how the proper due diligence could have been done in 24hrs. I tell you how; it wasn’t! Were you even in town at the Glass House on that one day that thousands of status’ were given out??? From your comment, I think NOT!!! P.S. I was there, and I saw it all unfold before my very eyes.

  33. Anonymous says:

    COME COME PEOPLE, the last time this man gave it away, at least he selling it now! I cried then but now nothing left to do but laugh. Thepeople spoke (not me) dem people down west, I hope they real proud of their washing machine now.

  34. Shock and Awe says:


    For a Limted Time we are offering


    I know this sounds crazy but the Offer is Real!!!

    The first 50 callers will receive residency in a Caribbean Paradise!!!!

    for just 1 million dollars

    That’s right just 1 million

    That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee for a million days!!!!


    Operators are standing by!!!!!

    CALL NOW!!!

    PayPal, Mastercard, Certified Cheque Accepted


    And for the majority of us?  Well….my status is IFFY.  But….it was FREE!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

     To those who say that other countries, i.e. the US and Canada do not sell their birthright.  You need to look at the Immigration laws of those countries before you write these things.  In order to boost investment in the State of Florida, both the Bush and Obama Administrations have done what is called fast tracking of immigration applications in that particular state.  If you have money to invest and can employ Americans you are given a green card which is a precursor to citizenship and are allowed to start your business as long as you are employing  Americans.  In Canada if you are a wealthy individual, or a skilled individual or someone who can benefit the great country of Canada you are welcomed with open arms.  My brother who is Jamaican migrated to Canada a few years ago.  He was in a profession which was in demand (crane operator) and he was welcomed with open arms.  He pays his taxes and does everything that normal  Canadians do.  It is now a global world people, we have to get with the programme. 

    • slowpoke says:

       Not only is he a "normal Canadian", but after just a few years he can become a citizen, can vote and even become Prime Minister (or Governor General, like M. Jean (Born & Bred Haitian).

      Welcome to the real world.

  36. Anonymous says:

    What a ridiculous decision !! He needs to stop taking advice from people who are intimidating him and feeding him c**p for their own benefit. 

  37. Not really that big a fuss says:

    Most other countries do this, although perhaps in a less obvious or expensive way.  I don’t see the fuss.

    • Anonymous says:

      Name the Countries that would sell out their birthright since you say most countries do that. Two thumbs down!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Name the countries that don’t have an investors migration program…

        Almost all developed and third world countries have an investors migration program to attract skills and Investment and actively encourage immigration for law abiding citizens.

        Get your head out the sand, open your eyes…


  38. Jp. says:

    Wow!  Cayman deserves better!  They thought President Bush was bad in America, this Mr. Bush is by far worse!  He is a black eye on this great country.  

    Dear Mr. Bush,

    Quit selling your country like it was a cheap whore! 

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, cheap … one million dollars is nothing in today’s world.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thats theproblem everbody here has blinkers on….Do you know that Cayman has one of the highest GDP’s in the world (top 20). Your average wage is way higher than elswhere in the region…Ohh I know about 50 countries in the world where you can retire on 1 Million dollars…One Million dollars is a lot of money anywhere…Get Real

  39. Anonymous says:

    I think, for the first time in my life, I’m going to go home today and liquor myself up with a bottle of Bacardi Gold.

    The rest of the UDP nor the PPM nor anyone else is stepping up to stop this madness…I’m crying for the loss of my country for it is no longer mine and I have no other home.

    • Anonymous says:

       Amen.  Cayman now is  like a high priced whore.  Available if you have enough money!  What a sad day.  And our "premier" is the XXXX, selling Cayman to the "rich man".

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman Brac and Little Cayman too joins in this sad occasion. What a sad day it was when that BLUE EYE BOY as is frequently called by the GUARDED GIRL from Watering Place did not get a seat on EXCO. He had the most and populace votes and so sad that a Business man like he do not have no say in the running of these Islands. I will leave you all with this "every length of rope has an end to it".

  40. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of moaning complainers you lot are.

    The modern day NIMBY attitude (not in my back yard). Don’t want it, don’t do it here, but ALWAYS fail to come up with viable alternatives.

    The islands are in dire need of income – this seems like the perfect way to generate some.

    Also – these people are wealthy – they are not a burden on schools, hospitals, etc. These people pay their way.

    They invest in Cayman – (look at what Mr. Dart has done). They employ people in the islands (cooks, drivers, house keepers) they buy land…they fund local businesses.

    The spend money locally…puting money into the economy at all levels.

    • Anonymous says:

       Dart is putting pennies "back into Cayman" , compared to the billions of tax dollars he is avoiding having to pay to the U.S.  XXXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      How many of these PR’s do you think they are going to sell?

      Answer: NONE

      Why? 1-Government seems very unstable (almost Chavez crazy) 2- Crime on the rise  3- unstable economy / Country is broke 4- No voting rights and no say in anything (Dart has status -not PR)

      People with 10+million have sense

      • Anonymous says:

        I know!  I can’t understand why people get so upset by this when if they even get one idiot to pay $1 million for PR, that will be a lot.  It’s just like the stupid oil refinery idea – it ain’t never gonna happen, so why get so bent out of shape?  Big Mac just spouts off so people think he’s doing something. Truth is, not a whole lot is getting done at all except talk.  I’m telling you one thing though, the people never should have voted in favour of the Constitution.  Now that Big Mac is Premier, he is obviously on a serious power trip, which means we’re going to have to foot the bill for lots of chefs, maids, press secretaries, chauffeurs, personal assistants, personal security guards, aides-de-camp, limos and probably a private jet at some point.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would not pay any country 1m to establish residency unless I was seeking to avoid the authorities.


      • Anonymous says:

        Well, the OECD is not going to allow a government to bypass KYC guidelines and just let in a bunch of crooks.  That would land Cayman back on a grey list or even a black list very quickly.

        • Anonymous says:

          So, 22:35 you’re actually saing in a nutshell that Big Mac XXXX!

          Travelling the whole world claiming to take us off the black list with one hand and putting us back on the black list with the other hand! That’s exactly what his actions and his "FOR SALE SIGN" suggests!

          is there any depth and width to this ignorance?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok, First off… WE KNOW CAYMAN NEEDS THE MONEY. Let’s think about this now… ALL "WEALTHY" people who come to DO NOT SPEND JACK here other than on food. EVERY SINGLE THING is IMPORTED from overseas.. EVERYTHING. Yes these people can pay their way however all of their bank accounts will be off’s not like they will live here for say more than 2 months maybe…I live in a condo on 7mile beach i interact with expats every day… one told me that he would NEVER EVER buy anything in the Cayman Islands because there is really nothing here for him to invest in …he bought a condo and every cent he collects from it will be deposited in his account back in Canada…is that benefiting Cayman or him? or Both? Dart yes has helped the Island in too ways…. 1 Camana Bay more Expats less Caymanians work there…2 CAYMANIANS ARE UNABLE TO BUY A PIECE OF THEIR OWN….ok… now lets consider these "weathly" people actually come to work…bring a truck load of their buddies…. ME as a Caymanian who has a Degree makes less than an Expat who doesnt.. hmmm lets think now… Who will be benefiting here…. Caymanian or "Wealthy" so when you have children if you dont already and they are in the work force the minimum salary will then by $2 per hr. In order for us AS A COUNTRY to save anything.. those who are on annual leave and are still gettting paid.. CUT THEM OFF…. Premiere DOES NOT NEED, BUTLERS, HOUSE KEEPERS,COOKS, DRIVERS…. SERIOUSLY I bet maybe 1 of the 15 or whatever is a Caymanian. Anyway… maybe you and the rest of us need to think about the future of US AS CITIZENS OF THE COUNTRY that is if you are ( no offence) rather than hmmm Mckeeva UDP or whoever helped me in this way  or whatever our children and childrens children WILL NOT HAVE OR OWN ONE THING HERE BECAUSE ALL THE WEALTHY EXPATS DO.

      • Anonymous says:

        And what do we say to the Caymanians that have settled in the US and where welcomed there? This is a two way street.

        I would study economics before I made a statement like the expats dont spend any money here? I am pretty sure you will find that you are very wrong.

        Also if you are being paid less than an expat who is less qaulified than you – if this where true the Company would be in hot water with Labor regulations and you would be in court making an issue of it as this is discrimination…As ypou are not in court then there is no truth to it…


    • Anonymous says:

      I have no objection to the idea-at least Mac tries unlike Kurt who seemed paralysed. The problem is 500 of them, say, would give us $500m. But that would do sh-t all for us because the civil service would have it eaten up in a year. Like households, we need to cut expenditure.

      • Anonymous says:

        18:34, I keep telling you stupid udp ‘blame masters’ that you should get together & try get your stories straight! One moment you are saying that Kurt "seemed paralysed" or that he gets nothing done, & then the next moment you say that he did too much! WHICH ONE IS IT? You cannot have it both ways. It just proves you all are making up stories. Now get back together & sort out your stories before you come back to the public. Remember, get it straight, & make sure you all have the same story because it makes you ALL look fool fool! 

    • Anonymous says:

      To Anon 15:57 you blithering idiot, what you are saying is that because the country is in dire need of income we should legalize prostitution! What a typical dumb udp idea! The udp feel it is ok to sell our country rather than work hard to solve our problems. The people did not elect Mckeeva Bush & his cronies to give away our country, AT NO COST! We want our country for our people, & we are NOT FOR SALE! Do what a government should do & that is find solutions, NOT SELL OUT! What a bunch of wimps & spineless XXXXX that cannot think for themselves, no solutions, JUST SELL! THIS MADNESS!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the drug lords and the criminals that can easily cough up that kind of change will they qualify because they have some money? We need to cut down on our unecessary spenditure then we wont have to sell out our heritage. For example is it really necessary for the deputy premier to have a body guard accompany her to church. This is most disgusting and the laugh of the town.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have got to be kidding me….You think a drug lord can provide the necessary legitimate proof of source of funds and accompanying due dillegence for residency applications…I wish you had to go through what the rest of the people in the world have yo go through to move from one country to reside in another…


  41. Bert says:

    Bottom Line is " money makes the world go around " !!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    To posters 10:00 and 12:50, surely you must be kidding. Whilst I understand that we should not turn away foreign investors, the fact of the matter is that Mr. Bush is selling your birth right. I right given to you by the Grace of God how can you be ok with a man putting a price tag on that? How dare YOU put a price tag on your birth right!

    If you want us to keep up with the rest of the world, we shouldn’t have leaders like Mckeeva in office who makes our country look like a joke. The last time I checked the Unitied States wasn’t selling their birth right to get investors in their country. Wake up man, what is happening in this place we call home isn’t right and we as Caymanian people need to stand up and say enough is enough!

    • Anonymous says:

      Best you check again – every first world country has investment / residence programs…The rest of the world is in sync – Cayman is not…Ask all them Caymanians living happily in Tampa how they got there?

    • Live Free.... says:

      Amen, I fully agree with you 100% It’s also time to remove Macdinejad from power, he is trying to destroy Cayman.

  43. Anonymous says:


    It’s time for the Governor to step in. What will CNN and the other networks report on this stupid news?

  44. Wisereef says:

    Why would anyone want to pay 1 million dollars for the right to live in the Cayman Islands?  If I had a million dollars to throw away, I would invest it and and take my vacations to the Cayman Islands off of the proceeds of the investment. Why would any one in their right mind give away 1 million dollars for foolishness. And if I had ten million dollars, I could probably go to nicer places without donating one million to this country club. 

    This is just inviting more people into the Cayman Islands to buy control, like Mr Dart did.

    Mr. Bush has taken away the Caymanians’ powers and birth rites and given them to non-Caymanians for his own personal esteem and pleasure, not for the good of the country.

    We have no money, because we have no brains!

  45. Anonymous says:

    He was voted in so "WE" as Caymanians can sure vote him out!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      he can be removed by the Governor following a vote of no confidence by 2/3rds of hte MLA’s.  Unfortunately, I doubt we have more than 1or 2 with the you know what to do so!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Headlines should read,

    "Cayman Islands on Sale"

    Turtle Meat $27.00 per pound!

    Permanent Residency $1M.



    Watch this space for upcoming specials!!!!



  47. Anonymous says:

    In a country well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of.

    In a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of.


    The rich man’s wealth is his strong city: the destruction of the poor is their poverty. 

    What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord God of hosts.


  48. Anonymous says:

    good move primer  the USA has an investors visa $500,000 and you get a green card why not cayman.the natural resource of theese islads are its Tax free benifits use it.  never mind the negative comments as soon as the economy get started again they will love you. If you have oil youdrill for it   

    • Anonymous says:

      What a great post!!!

      This should rebut the comments of 15:42 which says that the US is not selling their birth right.

      It has nothing to do with your birth right – it is about making a country survive in these times and diversifying.

      An investors visa exactly – I say again Great Idea.

      Once again employed Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Foolish of you very foolish to post something like that, supporting the sell out of your birth right and the drilling of oil should I say (Oil Refinery). You must be a UDP supporter, in which I don’t expect any better from you.

  49. Anonymous says:

    How about $5mln for CI Status, and voting rights? 

    Seriously though, people with $10mln+ are not stupid.  How many people would pay $1mln for just PR (no voting and no right to work), when they would qualify for PR as a wealthy retiree anyway?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Count me out

    My self and my family love the island and the people and have been living and contributing to the island on and off for the past decade.

    We were in the process of submitting our paperwork for residency but with the impending changes, increasing crime and cost of living, Mr. Bush you can count us out.  The 1m fee just makes the decision easier.

    I suppose the bottom line is the almighty dollar although I know plenty of wealthy people and none of them would be interested in standing in line for this "give away". 




  51. whodatis says:

    Dear Cayman, (Seriously …)

    I for one did not vote for this.

    Just about every person on here is against this decision.

    The ramifications of this will be detrimental to our way fo life as we know it.

    Cayman DOES NOT want it.

    I for one refuse to be carried down the toilet by McKeeeva Bush of all people!

    He is just one individual versus THOUSANDS of us!!


    Therefore…I sincerely and passionately ask you:

    "What are we going to do about it? What CAN be done about this?"

    (Please submit answers and responses by clicking "REPLY".)




    • Anonymous says:

      You are right. Although we all love CNS and we have posted our comments, this wont solve anything in the end. How about a televised march or a petition or something? I think that we have put up with more than enough with this man… it’s time that we file for divorce.

    • Anonymous says:

      1.  Have a huge protest march.  Show that we are not afraid.  Stop sitting down and taking everything that is dished out.  He is not even giving the people chance to give their ideas or imput.  Do what we know is right and refuse to take this foolishness anymore.  People in high positions need to be held accountable for Immigration matters, crime, unemployment and all the other issues facing this country.  We are paying them.  They are service providers and need to be held accountable to us.

    • Anonymous says:

      we have a referendum let use it. He must not get away with this as he did with the staus grants. we have forgotten too quickly how he destroyed this islands 6 years ago


  52. R. McLean says:

    Can we see the Russian/Italian Mafia lining up for this? Permanent Residency will lead to them bringing "Dirty Money" into the country. "Dirty Money" can also lead to more crime.

    Way to Go! I see a rise in Money Laundering and Crime in our future. Even more than we have now.

    I may be thinking of packing up now too…And I was born here!

    • anonymous says:

      Yes you bet, not only the Italian and Russian Mafia standing in line but the Mexican Drug Lords as well. This would be a nice place to hide their blood money from the Us Federal Government that has a hard on for them !This is the price we pay for electing uneducated XXXXX to to the legislature hoping they can lead.

      If this man gets any greener he’s going to sprout! he makes Ezzard Miller look like a real Economic Guru. Ezzard is going to kick him out of his seat next election I see it coming.I have a feeling its going to happen before.

      Can you imagine selling the island to the highest bidder?

      I can just see the Taliban, and radical  Islam  infiltrating our immigration systems because we have an XXXXX leading us over the cliff !

      This is not just talk. there has to be an upset or upturn in the L.A. House before next election before this Bayer does the country more damage. The man has XXXX since he became Cayman’s first Premier,  it has gone to his head ! the bible says, this is what happens when you put a ring in the snout of a pig he wallows in mud just the same !


      No more status grants promising to keep this man in office.

      that’s what this is all about digging a hole to  cement his personal flag in securing his space to be re-elected again claiming independence from the UK. That’l be a sad day for us all. The millionaires paying him $1million dollars each will pay for his campaign as well so Independents, get smart, this man has a plan to XXXXXX if we don’t push the back benchers to get him out before next election. He plans to do a lot more damage before next election, or you  won’t be able to touch him at all he’ll have so much monetary power.!

      This man got a nerve to put this island up for sale like this? He has no XXX nor the education to produce a financial projection to make millions, so he puts the birthright of the citizens up for sale XXXXXX

      The next premiere must have a University degree or we all perish!

  53. whodatis says:

    Dearest "McKeewa" Bush (& friends),

    Re: Million Dollar Residency

    What you fail to realize here is that 25 (& more) new millionaires per year (or even decade) can be easily absorbed into Great Britain or Germany (respective populations: 60 million / 80 million) without as much as a hiccup.

    However, in a country like the tiny island nation of the Cayman Islands this can and will prove to have very significant effects on the standing citizens.

    The cost of construction, goods and living will rise even higher as a result; more grand "projects" will no doubt be erected and worst of all – even more "foreign" influence will be placed upon the elected officials (that would be you by the way) to ensure that the new rich and "powerful" citizens are content and having everything go their way – and these are but a few examples. (Not to mention the ‘colorful’ backgrounds that many of these individuals shall surely possess.)

    Again we have a case of Caymanian "leaders" applying the run-of-the-mill approach of ‘bigger, greater nations’ and insisting upon its implementation on a country such as ours! This is where so many of our past leaders have failed!

    Rolston and Clive – in this entire debacle it is actually the two of you with whom I am most disappointed! Do what you have to do guys – I’m tired of this crap now. Every time I post on CNS I am pleading with you gentlemen to grow a pair. If we go down due to policies introduced during your term, I for one will be blaming individuals such as yourself … because you KNOW BETTER!

    Again, I refuse to allow my beloved country to be destroyed on the accord of an ignorant blowhard with a scarily limited viewpoint and understanding of global politics.


  54. Anonymous says:

    Anybody with over $10 million can come and go as they please, they don’t need residency in the Cayman Islands and to be told they would ‘be expected to spend a certain amount of time in the Cayman Islands each year’.  Can we be there when they are told this, Kodak moment!

    • Anonymous says:

       I agree.  Besides, Cayman is becoming cliche, passe.  It is beginning to "look" like everywhere else in the West Indies.  Except for the cost of staying here!  There are more beautiful places and they don’t sell their souls and birthrights to multi-millionaires.

    • anon says:

      You’re right!  They register their yachts here and when they come, they are treated like royalty.  I don’t see a long line of rich folks lining up for this deal.

  55. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     It seems the CIG cannot address the "real issues" for various reasons…like voting blocks. The knee jerk reaction to creating income for the CIG is just that reactive…not proactive. I don’t think people will be lining up for 1m dollar residency. In about 4 months the UK will want to see what CIG cost cutting measures are in place and what solid income streams have been created…….

    Traveling the world and inviting people to pay 1m for residency is the cart before the horse. ** Address CRIME nowwwwww** Bring the CS and Authorities down to normal standarsd with normal benefits ** privitize "some" GIG departments ** stop spending money on massive capital projects like a dock…cruise ships will not save the economy ** form a tourism authority, get stay over tourism back on track and use CAL as a tourism tool ** provide the tools and services for the financial sector to grow and prosper and REDUCE fees and rates to become more competitive………….

    It is not rocket science……create stability in the economy and have a harmonious environment to work and prosper and viola…….people will come… fact if with no crime….solid economy…booming financial services someone might consider paying a premium for residency…..but not with our headlines right now.


    • 1-800-345 says:


      Where does this man come up with these "fool fool" ideas?

      Maybe lying in bed at night when he has nothing else to do!

  56. TruCaymanian-Hydes says:

    Caymanians are already the minority in Cayman….so I say, why not sell our birthright for a million bucks an turn us into an endangered species!!!!!! What is McKeeva thinking? just because this isnt a new thing globally doesnt mean we have to do the same! Hasnt ur mama ever asked you "If everyone else jumps offa bridge, will you?". We as caymanians already cant afford to live in our own island much less buy the land with how the land prices have been so inflated! and these same million-dollar foreigners can just walk in here, scoop up a peice of beach front land and throw down a nice Private Property:No Trespassing sign and tell us (the rightful owners of this country) that we cant walk on THEIR beach! Oh, but yet the govt has always been so concerned with the youth because they are the future of cayman and all that nonsense…what future will the caymanian youth have when we all have to migrate to another country because we cant afford to live in our own? Stop making irrational decisions just because there are big dollar signs flashed before your eyes. Money isnt everything…your ppl and country should come first!

  57. Anthony Montana says:

    This is embarrassing!

  58. Anonymous says:

    First, he practically GIVES AWAY (subject to a fee of $500) Caymanian status to 3000 people a number of whom did not want it, and then is looking for a $1,000,000 for permanent residency?! XXXX

    The significance of this to the UK is that those persons will then become eligible to naturalized as BOTCS and then as British Citizens.  

    Caymanians this is taking us one step closer to a UK takeover a la Turks & Caicos.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I can see that happening soon, enough of the Premier and is foolish visions and his UDP’s miss handling these Islands.I feel the overthrow of his Goverment is near.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Yet it is free to every previously unknown dependant of every destitute status recipient who arrives here and is welcomed straight into the arms of Social Services. He wants to charge the rich and give the same thing to the poor (at a subsidy). Sick thinking Mac.

  60. Anonymous says:

    My momma always said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you are gonna get until you open them"

    "Stupid is as stupid does"


  61. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    When will this man stop his madness! Opposition please HELP!

  62. Anonymous says:


  63. Gobi says:

    I lived in Grand Cayman from 1980-1997. It was a great place to live and work. My son was born and raised there in a peaceful and nurturing environment. I don’t know what has happened.

    First of all "PREMIER?" Are you serious?

    The people in power have sold their souls and the soul of the CI.  It is too, too sad.

    I will always remember how Cayman used to be.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Vote of no-confidence –  In this government 

    • Anonymous says:

      By-election sounds like a plan to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Brilliant idea, But who would we vote for?. I guess you think the same old same old would be the perfect solution. Lets keep the Politics out of what has so far been a clean thread.

        • Anonymous says:

          No real ideas right now on who we would vote for but I really don’t think it could be any worse than what we have now.  The "leaders" just seem to get worse and worse.  Oh for the days of Jim, Haig and Miss Annie.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I for one is so sick and tired of Mr. Bush and the c**p this man is doing to this country. I may not be a caymanian but i am married to one when is this man going to stop. This man is selling his own birth place right out under the feet of his fellow caymanians. Mr. Bush what you need to do is think (if you can) before making these discissions for your country how many of these so call wealthy people  donated any money to the schools or sponsor a local child to further ther education. Some of these so call local companies doesnt even do so. So why should they be given any more rights than the poor man why because they have the big bucks.

  66. Anonymous says:

    OK, so you prefer to accept as residents people with money in the right places, i.e. bank, as opposed to people whose hearts and interests lie in the right place, i.e. Cayman.

    OK fair enough….

  67. Anonymous says:

    "buy permanent residency"  He is going to give the helpers status so they can vote for him but the Millionaire will have to buy permanent residency and can’t vote… ?  Do you think these people are STUPID ??   Invest 10 million+ in ourcountry but I will give you no say in what happens here… it will be run by the lawn man and the helpers !



  68. Durrrr says:

    why the uproar? wealthy retirees have been able to obtain residency for years… if they’ll pay (and that is the big IF), why not charge them for it?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Mac you are selling your soul to gain the world.  What about the poor Caymanians??    Will those rich give to us?  Judgement day is coming and we will witness God’s handy work……

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, read the story 1 million each in the government coffers to keep Caymanians in the civil service in work and being paid.


    • 10nine8seven! says:

      So lets get some millions now then

  70. Baps says:

     Thats just what y’all get for voting for Mckeeva and his UDP Team.  The PPM was for the Caymanians but una wont listen.

  71. Young Caymanian says:

    As a young professional caymanian this brought tears to my eyes this morning as I read this. I fear to know what our islands will be in 5 years….I know I will still be here but just not sure what shape myself, my family, my friends, my fellow caymanians and the many others who make this their home will be in.


  72. WonderWoman says:

    You know what guys, this really does not surprise me much. Almost all of Cayman is already sold out anyway, and I’m sure that it’s been going on XXXX for years. But to blatantly come out and say it means that he’s getting a little too comfortable as PREMIER. That definitely has gone to his head. I guess the Leader of Government Business title was nothing. All these dollar bills flashing in front of his face and ‘sweeatheart deals’ being whispered in his ears not to mention the rump kissing UDP team behind him are making him forget where he came from. Sure, pay $1 million and receive residency! I hope that you know who you are giving it away to.. Now we will really hear Cayman’s name slandered in the movies. The only thing you have to do in return is make sure and spend some money here… I guess we will be seeing alot more new towns, more development and a lot less of the beach. But since you are asking them to spend, think maybe you could ask them to help out with all this crime and unemployment??  Or maybe that is what the millions of $’s received will do, provide more money to fund the road side clean up’s for the poor Caymanians… or maybe it will help subsidize for some of the turtle meat that we can’t afford to buy… oh! or maybe it will help the Government to give $550 to seniors without them signing over their piece of property…Just a thought. But don’t think it will stop here Cayman. You’ll soon hear the price going down depending on the individuals income. Like what he’s trying to do with the Roll Over policy. First it was changing to suit teachers etc. then Managing Directors, doctors, accountants.. then on Friday it was changing for Constructions workers and up to yesterday its changing for Domestic helpers.. tell me MAC, exactly who is the roll over subject to again?? I am so lost…

  73. Lobsta Hunta says:


  74. Anonymous says:

    He is making us Caymanians look like a bunch of idiots….

  75. Anonymous says:


    Mac has no moral principals if he goes ahead with this; Integrity is like virginity you only lose it once
    • Anonymous says:

      Every one is blaming MACK MACK MACK. What about his extension cords who agrees with all this crap?

  76. A REALIST says:

    What are you people arguing about? Everyone knew McKeeva would sell Cayman for aprice. He’s just Gazetting it to make it "official".

  77. Anonymous says:

    CNS, why am I unable to rate certain comments… Just check this article and see only 6 vacants. The rest of the 20-odd I am unable to rate!

    That’s not right

    CNS: Whether or not a specific comment shows as available to vote on (not ‘grayed out’) is determined solely by IP address. Short of requiring people to sign up, it’s the best alternative available. The downside is that IP addresses can be shared and even reused.

    If more than one person in a household uses a given computer or if the household has more than one computer this sort of thing will happen. Let’s say person 1 in a given household votes on a comment – possibly even closes the page afterwards. Then person 2 comes along and wants to vote on that comment – they will not be able to since the IP address has not changed and has already been recorded as having voted on that comment. Same effect with multiple computers in a single household, multiple computers using a common connection (internet café or any public location with wifi access) and for many corporate and institutional environments where a limited number of IP addresses are shared among pools of users.

    In the worst case, an IP address previously issued to someone else is reissued to you. Since the site has no way to distinguish who has the IP address, you will be barred from voting on anything your predecessor(s) may have voted on. This is the least likely scenario.

    • Anonymous says:

      well… CNS, something has to be done! This is my first time commenting here and that means the ratings here are not accurate on this site.

      CNS: Unfortunately, we only have the  technology available to us through the internet servers to work with. This is not something we can circumvent. If you are voting at work, wait until you get home to vote, or add a comment underneath instead. There really isn’t anything else we can do.

    • Tech Geek says:

      You are probably accessing the site form work and someone has already commented ont eh post. At work everyone shows up as coming from the same IP address so the website thinks you are all the same person.


  78. Anonymous says:

     I stumbled upon an article, although a bit dated, by James Paul an Executive Director of the Global Policy Forum. Have a read!

    This article illustrates how this latest epiphany of selling Permanent Residency could be another nail in our proverbial coffin. Oh and not to mention more ammunition for our friend Marty Block.


  79. Anonymous says:

    Will someone please check to see that the Premiers office is highly padded on all six sides.

    This Guy must be banging his head on something. How else could anyone come up with such stupid ideas?

  80. Cayman Son says:

       The big question is…. Will I be able to sell mine?

  81. Anonymous says:

    I heard that the Premier used a quote, "We’re not the only woman on the corner anymore".. or something along these lines….   What happens when every caymanian is on the corner?

  82. Anonymous says:

    No wealthy arabs allowed!! The deputy premeir will make sure of that>

  83. Anonymous says:

    I heard this on the news this morning and thought it was a joke!  Wow… words are failing me.

  84. Anonymous says:


    This ad is for SERIOUS Inquiries ONLY!

    ONE caymanian status for sale.   $100,000.00 OBO.  Comes with British Passport and Birth Papers.  All documents will be fabricated to meet your stat’s. 

    Comes with all the perks and of course the BS too!   If interested, please contact me.  Status exchange offers may be considered as well.   


    Soon-2-B Ex – Caymanian

  85. quest for 100K says:

    More ammunition for my argument that McMac is aiming for a population of 100K in the very near term.  

    There will be plenty of new neighbours for all, and likely a construction boom.

    Anyone willing to partner on a couple of ventures- security system installations and gated community infrastructure? There is a another construction boom coming and we need to be ready!



    • Anonymous says:

      If the population increase to 100, 000 with this new PR for sale ofr a million

      then that will mean around 30 billion extra in the Gov coffers

      that’ll be a million dollars per current Caymanian.

      Personally can’t see 30,000 multi-millionaires jumping on this idea.

  86. Dred says:

    Come on people why does this shock you? Really I mean WHY?

    This is only now being upfront what has been happening all along. The last time it took allowing 3K status grants in just so a few could be snuck by. So now we sell it outright.

    I am hoping you all don’t think this is a new thing here in Cayman. This has been happening for years now.

  87. Anonymous says:

    I am so very ANGRY right now!!!!!

    All you voters who thought Mac and his cohorts had changed; I hope you see the grave mistake you made on May 20, 2009!!! We all now have to live with the consequences of your stupid mistake in believing the UDP campaign!!!

    You know what?? How about we sell Mac for $1 million? Who’s with me?


  88. nonsense says:

    So prostitution is legal here — just didn’t think it’d be that expensive!

    I guess if you got $10 mil, then $1 mil isn’t that much money.


    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone remember the outcry when Jim Bodden proposed to sell Cayman Status for $250,000?

  89. Anonymous says:

    I think our Premier should be applauded for the efforts he is making.

    Not everyone likes him, and sometimes he is not the most articulate of speakers, but he is pushing in the right direction to take Cayman forward.

    The detracters will quieten down once the results start to make themselves evident.


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes I am sure you feel so – oh, are you the one to receive the Metal Works contract or are you the one that got the Spanking new Pearl Range Rover?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes, million dollar residence. We know just the kind of people that can afford that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Surely you jest?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you – very well said.

      We Caymanian people are just not getting it – the country is broke – the whole world is in financial turmoil – if something drastic is not done then there will be no Cayman to protect. Selling residency is not a bad thing – these people will be investing in our country – when people have high stakes invested somewhere they tend to takecare of it and protect it.

      Instead of always blogging complaints against this one and that one and laying blame all over the place why not try and come up with a sensible alternative solution to getting us out of the financial mess that we are in.

      Caymanians have to get real and realise that if we want to survive we are going to have to compete globally and welcome foreign investment and foreigners – the days of long ago are long gone. You just have to accept that the country has to grow and this is how it is going to be done if we are to survive.

      Oh and by the way I am an employed Caymanian so this is not some foreigner bashing Caymanians.

  90. Yer avvin a laff says:

     And you can bet they’ll want a say in how the country is run. This should do wonders for expat/native Caymanian relations. Nice one. Not.

  91. Wow! says:

    No offense, but I am wondering why anyone would pay a million dollars for the "right" to live here  when there isn’t really that much to offer and really, crime is increasing and the island is becoming less and less appealing to foreigners.  The islands resources are limited and for anyone who WOULD want to move here maybe for a retirement home – surely they will be able to find more economically sound investments than a million dollar residency in Cayman. 

    I may be very misguided and in reality, the super wealthy are knocking down Cayman’s doors for entry but I would be surprised if that were the case. 

  92. Don't 4get Me! says:

    If there was ever a good time for an OMG … this is it.

  93. Anonymous says:


    Why would a wealthy person pay CI$1 million to obtain residency when the current immigration law states that a person can obtain residency in Grand Cayman if they have CI$750,000 in developed property and can prove an income of at least CI$150,000 p/a without having to work in the Cayman Islands.


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe because they get sick of waiting for years and being treated like criminals at the airport while their application is pending.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Will there be a background check on these indivduals or are we going to let any and every one come in?

    • Don't 4get Me! says:

      Does it matter?  That’s what’s happening now.  The only difference is this time they will have money.  Maybe the drug lords can move their operations here, wouldn’t that be cool?  <yawn>

      • Anonymous says:

        Now we know with Mac doing it, no back grounds checks are going to be done. When he gave out those 3K status did he do any back ground check then or was it whoever he wanted? Some people that wasn’t even living here got.

  95. Anon says:

    Oh my goodness!….All I can do is hang my head in shame in disbelief! Mckeeva Bush is teaching our young children that it’s a shame to be "poor and humble". The love of money is definitely the root of all evil! God help us all. Everyday my child’s future is looking even more bleak.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess being poor and humble is going to keep the country up and running.

      Get real people we are broke and government is going to have to come up with innovative ways to balance the budget and pay its bills if we are going to survive this crisis.

      Hard decisions have to be made otherwise we will go under and taxes are going to be inevitable.

      • Anonymous says:

        A country should be run without taxes. Taxation is theft!  Government should generate revenue like any other typical business. It should impose too many laws that will burden the citizens and interefere needlessly with the market. For it to do this, first, government has to reduce its size. It is too big! How will the government trim its size. Simple: cut down on the number of the civil servants and responsibly privatize certain government sectors, ensuring regulations that will protect Caymanians and their environment. taking a million dallars from wealthy people may be a financial help, but in the long run, would just be a drop in the bucket. 

  96. Fyskal Wizdum says:

    Until the profligate spending of  government is addressed, this is like putting a Band Aid on a tumour.

    The government is bloated, inefficient, clunky, disorganized, overpaid in many areas and maintaining it is bleeding the country dry.

    If the billion dollar debt that we now owe was rolled into a bond and purchased, the first thing our new owners would do would be to radically cut the size of the government by investing in efficient technology.

    Our current incumbents are not smart, nor educated enough to see this.

    The day is coming when caymanians in the public sector will have to get real jobs. I really hope that come next election, the caymanian people will not be fooled by empty rhetoric and the candidates that win are people with real jobs anda real pedigree in the private sector because the buffoons that we have now have demonstrated absolutely nothing of note.

    Please, no more bankers, lawyers, accountants, realtors and other parasitic freeloaders who ride on the back of other’s endeavours.

    Can we have some Engineers, Doctors, Agricultural Experts, Retailers, Contractors and other types who actually get things done? The time of the smoke and mirrors of the parasites is drawing to a close.

  97. Annoymous says:

    I have no problem with this except:

    the million dollars for the residency should be an annual fee for the previlage.  If you rich enough, and you will be saving millions in taxes anyway, hell $1mill a year is a drop in the bucket for you.

    Premie McKee, fix this before you implement it our it will add to the rest of the sores already forming on your rear.  Stop giving us away cheap!!

  98. Anonymous says:

    What Bush fails to realize is that some ofthe business/people running from the Island these days are doing so because HE is now  the government and since May 2009 he’s made it pretty clear to them that he’s taking us downhill and fast. He is friggin crazy and I sure hope that he and his croonies are the first to go down when the shit really hits the fan!

  99. Anonymous says:


  100. Anonymous says:

    Am I reading this right?  Wealthy individuals will soon be able to "buy" residency in the Cayman Islands?  Hopefully Government will let these same individuals know that there are two other islands that make up the Cayman Islands (Little Cayman and Cayman Brac).  Would be nice if some of these individuals were able to establish their residence over this way.  Would be even better if the million dollars was dedicated to the Sister Islands for further development.

    Start running the ads in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and all the other major newspapers.  Finally some common sense is prevailing – trying to attract people with money to stay here.

    Sign Me,

    Wealty Expat Looking for Security of Residency.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a great post.

      If they get their residency for Cayman Brac then let the funds be invested in Cayman Brac. We could also offer investors the opportunity to open a business in Cayman Brac and as long as they invest (X) amount they can also be allowed to work their investment. Nothing wrong with allowing an investor to work his business if he is creating employment and putting $$$$$ into the community. Just a thought……..

      I will wait now to get bashed.

  101. PQL says:

    Premier Bush:

    Money is good, but Money is not everything! 
    When these same ones start taking over the Island, building their mansions, buying out people’s properties and all you can see is No Trespassing signs, then, tell me – what wealth and beautiful beaches will be left for our children’s children?
    Is the whole Island for sale?
  102. Anonymous says:

    I love the Cayman Islands but is this a joke ?  Seems like the "Premier" thinks residency is on a par with the Hope diamond.

  103. Anonymous says:

    "’Research has shown that there are a number of high net worth individuals who would be interested ina similar residency category here,’ the premier added."

    What research? I will not provide my opinions on this policy at this moment, but I think someone should make an FOI request for this "research." I would bet anything there is NONE. XXXX Maybe you’re making this move based on the experience of other jurisdictions, maybe you’re doing it because you think it will be a cash cow, maybe a few incredibly rich people have been whispering in your ear, but you’re sure as hell not doing it because you have empirical research that shows "there are a number of high net worth individuals who would be interested in a similar residency category here."

  104. big whopper says:

    Here we go again…somebody please pinch me to make sure I am not dreaming….

  105. Anonymous says:

    Today is not April 1st, but this has to be a joke!

    We all know that Mac has always "soldout" Cayman, but now to sell our Birthright. This man believes he can do whatever he wants without consequences, well I think he has overstepped the mark now as he is selling what we, as Caymanians, have had to EARN through generations.

    If Mac really has Cayman at_heart, well charge the rich (The same ones he is selling PR to) to live here. If they can afford a $10million house, they can afford to pay a fee to use Cayman and that way WE will continue to collect money into Caymans Coffers, but then again maybe certain people wont be receiving their "commission" – just a thought from Kman_at_heart.

  106. Seeing it All says:

    Great Move Mr. Premier. After all who would you like to come to Cayman? Someone that will need social services or someone that contributes to our economy? The answer is clear.

    Not sure about the other part of the “Rollover” rollover. We need to protect Caymanians from becoming a political minority in this country. UDP clearly sees that the Jamaicans are approaching that point of majority and have started to market to that group for votes.

    ahhh…the good and the bad in one policy change.

  107. Twyla Vargas says:

    Sounds good to me.  If you want New suede shoes and you can afford to pay, I say "Buy them".   Time never stops for any one so enjoy it while you have it.

    Mr Premier, its your party, "Cry if you want to"

  108. Anonymous says:

    Please, like that makes sense. I can’t imagine even someone that is super rich being willing to by residency (only residency) for 1 mil.

    Mac don’t be silly.

  109. Kracker says:

     That $1m will pay unnecessary civil service perks for a couple of days.

    CUT THE CIVIL SERVICE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! (and sorry for the capitals but for once I really mean it!)