Shirtless armed robber flees empty handed

| 10/02/2010

(CNS): Police are reporting an attempted robbery at Welly’s Cool Spot, Sound Way, George Town last night. At about 7:40pm a man, who had a shirt covering his face but was bare chested, entered the premises armed with what appeared to be a handgun. Police say he threatened staff and demanded cash, but no shots were fired and no-one was injured. However, the man ran off empty handed and was last seen running towards AL Thompson in Sound Way. The suspect is described as being male, dark complexion, tall and of slim build. Police say he was wearing pants.

Detective Constable Richard Scott is appealing for any witnesses to contact George Town CID on 949-4222.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen up guys, give the police their due, have you guys seen their salary scale lately? They are not being paid enough to risk their lives on a daily basis. Pay the Police, at lease the lower ranked officers and you will see a difference in solving crime.  Their motto is to protect and serve, but with what? uniforms, nice vehicles, parades and minimum wages. C’Mon man…give the guys a break.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One must conclude that this was not a well thought out crime and most likely done by a drug addict or some such individual.

    What is very disturbing is that this type of individual is in possession of a hand gun and wandering around this country.

  3. Blunt Billy says:


    Wake me when Welly’s is robbed by somebody pant-less.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can we get the details of why he ran off with no money?  I would love to hear that someone finally stood up to these punks and told them to scram!!  shooo fly!!! shoo!!!  silly nut!!! get a darn job will ya???!!!  gheeeez…enough already darn it!!!

  5. Richard Wadd says:

     This is our problem, we try and make humor of Serious Matters.

     When we fail to address Serious Matters with a like mind-set, the significance of such is lost, hence WHY we find ourselves in the ‘Pickle’ we are now in.

     I don’t care if he was naked, I care if he is caught.

    • Anonymous says:

      its hard to take it serious when the keystone cops(royal cayman islands police farce) are involved

  6. Anonymous says:

     That’s some fine detective work there, Lou.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well I hope he wouldnt have been in briefs!

    • Anonymous says:

      That certainly would have been a sight! Tall, slim, dark skinned running into Welly’s demanding cash with speedos and a hand gun ROTFL. No wonder he ran out- he was probably just embarrassed. Unny sure he wasn’t sleep walking?!

  8. Bert says:

    WOW was he really wearing pants, i guess most of us dont!!!