Turtles get fighting chance

| 15/02/2010

(CNS): Giving the ongoing struggle to address the breeding problem at the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm, a recent undisclosed donation from a local law firm will give five of the farm’s breeders a fighting chance to reproduce this year. Appleby will be sponsoring Buckshot, Florence, Honey, Old Yellow and Submarine for the 2010 calendar year. With 2,274 pounds and 175 years between them, the contribution should help the farm’s experts get to grips with the current problems associated with the hatchling and other efforts to understand and protect the endangered marine turtles.

“The community’s involvement in the conservation of sea turtles is a very important part of our work at Cayman Turtle Farm,” said Geddes Hislop, Cayman Turtle Farm’s Curator of Terrestrial Exhibits and Education Programs. “We are grateful that Appleby saw the value in sponsoring five breeder turtles and we hope that other businesses and individuals within the community will follow the example this firm has set”.

Huw Moses OBE, Appleby Cayman Managing Partner said the firm was conscious of the community and environment. “The sea turtle is a significant part of the history of these islands and it is important that initiatives such as the breeder turtle sponsorship program are sufficiently supported. Appleby is pleased to make this valuable contribution to the Cayman Turtle Farm and the Cayman Islands,” he stated.

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