Public remain silent on child killing

| 18/02/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Headline News, murder of child in Cayman(CNS): Police have confirmed that four people have now been arrested in connection with the murder of four

-year-old Jeremiah Barnes, who was shot dead at a West Bay gas station on Monday evening. However, police said they have not received a single call from anyone in the community with information to assist in the ongoing investigation either to the police or the confidential tip line. A senior investigating officer on the case has warned thecommunity that the police will not be able to charge anyone if they do not get the evidence directly from witnesses or information that can lead to evidence to build a case against the killers.

Police said that, despite the public outrage and calls from police and government for greater cooperation, not one single call has been received by the enquiry team. “People out there know who’s responsible,” said Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “But despite the public outrage at this horrendous crime and the calls from community leaders, the RCIPS and the government for communities to help us bring the people responsible to account, not one single call has come into either our enquiry team or to the confidential tip line.”

Bodden added, “Without the much needed information from the public, family members of the people responsible, people who know the killers, people who have heard whispers about who might have been involved, we may struggle to bring this enquiry to a successful conclusion. Believe me, I don’t want to be the person who has to look into the eyes of Jeremiah’s mother and tell her that.”

Police said that while four arrests had been made in relation to the incident, the enquiry is far from over. “The fact we have these people in custody does not necessarily mean that charges will follow. Charges depend on having sufficient evidence and information available – so please come forward with whatever information you have,” DS Bodden urged and called on church leaders throughout the islands to encourage their congregations to help.

“If people do not feel comfortable talking to my enquiry team then we need to make sure that other options are available from them to tell us what they know,” he said. ”Tell your pastor in confidence and he will pass that information onto me.”

Head teachers are also asked to make sure that students have someone to talk to in the schools if they believe they have information which could assist. “Just talk to someone you trust and ask them to pass the information on,” the senior officer stated. “We particularly need information from people who were in the area of Hell service station West Bay around the time of the shooting – shortly after 8.00pm on Monday night. Whether you were on foot or in a car we need to find out if you have information which could assist us in the enquiry.”

Police have swamped the streets of George Town and West Bay since Monday night. Officers who are normally involved in other duties have joined their operational colleagues to man roadblocks, bolster the murder enquiry team and engage in activity to disrupt the activities of known offenders by stopping and searching them, and their vehicles, for weapons and ammunition. Many other vehicles have also been randomly stopped and checked as part of the operation, the police stated.

High visibility patrols involving armed officers have taken place at known hotspots and police said communities were reporting that the sight of armed officers had made them feel much safer and they welcome the increased police presence.

“This intensive activity already seems to be having an effect,” said Chief Superintendent John Jones. “The streets have been relatively quiet and we are seeing fewer of our known offenders out on the streets. But, when they have been seen they have been stopped and detained by our armed officers while we carry out searches. Hundreds of cars have been searched and we have made several arrests, mainly in relation to suspected drugs offences – but as yet no significant finds have been made in relation to firearms or ammunition."

CS Jones said there was no doubt that people know where the weapons are being hidden. “Tell us what you know and we take immediate, firm and decisive action to get these people and their guns off the streets of Cayman,” he added.

“We apologise to innocent members of our community who have been caught up in the increased police activity over the past few days. People have had their journeys delayed for a few minutes but I know by the positive comments we’ve had that the law abiding members of the Cayman Islands communities fully appreciate the need for us to be carrying out this activity.’

He said police made no apology to the people targeted in the operation. “This is the price you have to pay for the lifestyle you lead,” Jones told those on the wrong side of the law. “We will keep stopping you and we will search you, your associates and your cars at every opportunity and at all hours of the day and night.”

The issue of window tints was also raised by the senior officer, who revealed that police will be seizing cars which have been adapted by people to prevent police officers and other members of the public seeing into the vehicles. “Vehicles with heavily tinted windows pose a real safety issue for our officers and other people. If we can’t see into the cars we can’t see how many people are in there or what, if any, weapons they might have. These cars will be taken off the streets to avoid any possibility of people armed with guns being hidden behind blacked out windows while they drive around our streets.”

Officers from all police departments right across the RCIPS are now involved in the ongoing operation. Operations, Traffic Management, CID, Family Support Unit, Professional Standard, Training School staff, DTF, K9 units, Marine staff, and armed officers have all been out in force, police said.

Anyone with information about the murder of Jeremiah can contact the murder incident room at West Bay police station either by calling the team direct on 926-1773, or by calling the station on 949-3999 and asking to be transferred to the enquiry team. Alternatively call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. anonymous says:

    What about circumstantial evidence?

    people are imprisoned and sentenced every day in the courts of intelligent judges by police bringing intelligent information and evidence against the accused who was never seen committing the crime!




    SO stop Manipulating the public into saving your RCIP hides so that you can walk around safe while the life of the citizens are at risk, thanks to you.!


  2. God made Grass, Man made Liquor, Who do you trust? says:

    The Lord made Grass, Man Made Liquor.  Who do you trust?

    If Ganja were legal/tolerated, there would be less money incentive to deal and much less crime.

    See Mexico for an example of what happens when you have strict drug policy, CIA interventions, government involvement, etc.

    The war on drugs is a failure.

    The key to stopping drugs is a strong family with educating the young ones.

    If people choose to get high, they should be allowed to, just zero tolerancefor DUI, dealing to kids etc.

    Those people should be dealt with a la Singapore, heavy imprisonment or worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      To The Lord Made Grass……That is possible the dumbest thing I have EVER read.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obviously the RCIPS is not doing their job well because the public are afraid to come forward, afraid for their lives. This is apparent from the 150 witnesses at the Next Level shooting who are afraid to come forward, again, afraid for their lives. When the public is so afraid for their lives that a person can be so brazen to walk into a night club in front of 150 witnesses and blow a man away andwalk out without fear of getting caught, you know the police are not doing their job. The RCIPS Commisioner Banes MUST do something drastic and soon because crime is rapidly getting worse in Cayman. Seems everytime I open CNS, I practically expect to see news of a new shooting. This is not the Island in the Sun it once was. Drastic crimes require drastic measures from the police. Commissioner Banes, you need to forget about "ole English" customs of police not baring arms, it doesn’t work. I was a police offcier in the RCIP previously, chasing drug boats at sea unarmed. How effective can a police officer be at sea when all he can do is yell "stop in the name of the Queen"? I was highly trained in arms, yet did not have them to carry out my job effectively. Train all of our officers, most if not all are already trained, and allow them to bare arms! And please, be supportive of your officers needs, and motivate them to actually want to their job rather than just going to work with a non-chalant attitude. We need ambitious cops like you see on tv who go and capture drug dealers etc. Please get help from the UK if you must and partner them with local cops with local knowledge and go get the criminals and their guns out of our community!!!!! Do it now! Don’t let these people, and this little boy’s murders go unpunished! XXXX We have got to protect our borders from drugs and guns entering our country and we have got to rude out the exisiting weapons and criminals! This is a small island, our population can’t even fill a football stadium in the U.S., we must be able to control these activities!

    • anonymous says:


      Don’t believe everyting you read in this forum. People that say they are scared for their lives, well maybe one or two of them but its impossible for everyone to be scared for their lives by turning in a criminal. What they should be scared of is that the killers are still on the  lose free to keep killing them

      Here’s an Example:

      The 150 witnesses at the night club are a sample of the simpleton minded voters we have living in our society these are the same people that voted in a story teller who said he had changes right ? Now you got a dictator doing as he damned well please and have no time for you.

      Its not fair to blame the police for those fears, that’s cowardly..

      This is not a case where people were or are really scared for their lives as they say. That is a Big Fat Lie!.  If they were truly scared for their lives they would have turned in those killers a long time ago immediately as the crime was committed. Instead, not one of the l50 that waw this happen red handed even tried to stop him or even tried to "JUMP" him and take away the weapon, holding him till the police came! That’s what good citizens do! what a worthless set of shits, That’s what drugs and alcohol does to the brain it slows it down and stop working. I’m so glad my child is kept away from night clubs if anything happens no one comes to the rescue. Too many people with brain damage lousing around.  .

      Back to the lies Caymanians ande X-pats alike keep telling commissioner Baines and the governor; Its easy to determine that they are lying through their teeth:-

      Which is the most dangerous?

      Keeping the criminal ON THE STREET STILL to come back and kill the 150 people who saw him ?


      Reporting his identity anonymously using crime stoppers or some other means.

      You mean to tell me that ALL of those l50 sorry bastards are so stupid that they are incapable of scribbling a person’s name on a piece of paper with details of what they saw, purchase a postage stamp, and mailing it in to the police or the governor? (since he too is engaged in the fight  against crime, he realizes he needs to be protected from them as well) You idiot you don’t have to sign your name to the note, the police is not interested in who you are they just want the name of the killers! Are your brains so fried with LSD that you can’t absorb what I’m saying?

      I don’t think they are scared, if someone shot my friend or family member I’d run to the police station making sure they were arrested before they came back for me.

      ObviouslyThe friends the victim went to the club with that night deserted him at the moment he really needed a friend!

      Caymanians are really in a pitiful position they chose to remain in, as this is an indicator of  not only the lack of education, but the low level, and limited degree of education inferior to any other I have ever encounteds in all my travelling!  The level of academics that is being demonstrated by the majority  young people partying, clubbing and  living in our communities is not much short of a vegetable.

      If these are the men and women of tomorrow who will lead the Cayman Islands in the future then God be with you. Because you’re going to need Him even more then, than you do now. 

      Rolston its time to send everybody to school! a real  one this time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let me just say this with regards to the service the police provide, first of all these officers need to be trained on how to approach people, not because you wear a police uniform make you superior, come off your "high horses" and tell the people "good morning" or "good afternoon" with a natural smile, not one that is forced because the job requires you to do so – you don’t demand respect, you earn it !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    People are scared. They don’t have no more confidence in the Police Service. Last time, some years ago, a man on Witness Protection’ program was shot-up in his own residence!  A lady in Sabrina Schirns case refused to testify because she didn’t want the repercussions on her and her family. A guy was shot in a Night Club and there were over 100 people in the club and no one witness anything. Folks, this is not people who are scared alone, but folks who have realized that the Police Service is not dependable!  What’s most disturbing are the number of cases that HAVE NOT been solved. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Undoubtedly the criminal scum are very grateful to people who try to justify their cowardly behaviour by saying that the police are not dependable and that it is not safe to share information with the police. Perhaps some are getting paid to help the criminals by spreading fear. 

      In my view people who assist the criminals by refusing to provide information regarding the criminal scum are just as guilty as the criminal scum and should be put in a real prison with them.


      • Rorschach says:

        Lets see if you are so cavalier with you and your families safety if and when the time comes that you ever witness a violent crime and the criminal knows you and where you live and where your children go to school, and that person puts a gun in your face and says, "speak and your children will die.."…

          Calling people scum for not wanting to put their families and themselves in harms way is not the answer.  When the police prove that they are capable of protecting witnesses and their families, then you will more than likely see a different face…but as it stands now…I blame no person who does not testify due to the fear of reprisal…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Those who engineered the removal of good officers have now come to see the error of their ways and the devastating situation we find our self in now The politicians who sat by and let it happen are just as much to blame Too Many Foreign nationals in Our Police service and a serious lack of confidence in those who created this really desperate situation. Again i call upon the Government to remedy this situation instead of further alienating the Cayman public to enable Jeremiah and his family get justice. As for our Premier calling for more foreigners to fix this problem sounds just about right He is a desperate man that will do just about any desperate act to hold on to power. Caymanians Mckeeva and Caymanians alone have to STAND UP to remedy this situation you and many of your Supporters seems to have forgotten this.

  7. Kintaro says:

    They just don’t get it… do they.

    They are going at it from the wrong direction.  What makes you think that if gang members are stopped and they are armed, that they will hand over fire arms and come quitely?

    They obviously do not care about who is in the way when a gun fight emerges.  A kid was killed… so what’s the difference with officers??  "Calling all cars" is just going to fuel a different headline for the papers.  Cop shot dead in cross fire, more innocent lives claimed.

    *sigh* boy Cayman… I do not know what to say.  I remember the days when drug dealers were ripped off, or con’d or what not… they would just cast out that person so they will never "eat" again.  As in; word is spread through out the island to NOT do any business with that particular person. Not murder them… *sigh* I would accept those days any day.

    Regretfully, those days have come and gone with time.  You need to find the source of the problem.  You can never stop drugs or ammunition from getting into the island, or all police officers would be jobless because there would be nothing to do. No Crime… No need for officers.. so that’s not realistic.

    Find the source… when you loose your way… go back to the begining.  It’s the only way. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    For those staying silent, for those who know something but refuse to step forward, SHAME on you.

    You have clearly decided not to end this cycle of violence.

    I hope eventually you are also charged with obstruction of justice, aiding in the commission of a crime, withholding information, wasting police time and anything else the police can throw at you.

    In fact, the police should be automatically charging those 100+ people at the nightclub AUTOMATICALLY for these offences unless you came forward and said something.




  9. Hopeless says:

    Absolutely disgraceful!

    • Sarah says:

      I WISH I knew something so that I could tell – I will NOT be bullied by these cowards – and frankly anyone who is not talking up is a victim and will always be a victim until they learn to stand up for themselves, their family and their country.

      I am appalled and disgusted that people are staying quiet after this tragedy – you are sealing the fate of this island and setting the scene that will allow yourselves and everyone else to live in fear – speak up – or don’t bother ever trying to pretend that you care about this country – you don’t deserve to be here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whether it’s liked or not, whether accepted or not, Cayman is standing at a pivotal moment in time.  This is a dark moment in Cayman history but its outcome is yet to be determined.  Either it can later be written that this was the time when its people took the reigns AWAY from these criminals who hold control through fear OR the moment when we allowed the tragedy to continue beyond the point of  no return.   

    Many countries have faced these moments in time – Cayman is not the first to be presented with the challenge of societal problems or injustice.  And in those moments, it has not just been the government, or the military or the police or even one savior that have been as effective for change as its people.  The question is what will the people do?

    A great man once said "Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection." (Martin Luther King Jr., 16 April, 1963)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous reporting methods:

    Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477).


    These are anonymous and not difficult people.


    USE THEM!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

     Are these known gangsters’ homes, yards, hangouts, cars being watched and searched.  Do they have officers watching their every movements?  Don’t we have police dogs who could help with the search.  I believe Bermuda cleaned up their country by getting special forces in.  The UK, USA and I would imagine Canada must all have special armed forces who could come here and clean up the streets. They will have no family or friends here and will just do what they need to do.  I think one of the problems here is that until recently, our Police did not really have to deal with much violent crime and at this level.  Why not send some of them away for special training?  Believe me, I’m not against the police.  I realise they have a lot of issues to deal with but its time to get some real training and hardened, experienced police to help deal with this.  I have no problem with road blocks,  being stopped and questioned by police because i have nothing to hide.  There’s no need to apologise for doing your jobs.  We all feel a little bit safer knowing that some of our police are now armed and are not walking targets.   However, if youre going to do roadblocks – have police hidden in more than one spot on the same road, so you can catch some of those who turn around and drive in the opposite direction when their buddies call them and warn them that there’s a police roadblock.


    • anonymous says:



      Governor all our lives are being threatened by cold blooded killers running FREE in our society, you and your family need to feel safe as well.

      This is obviously way too much for the plate of our local RCIP that have doing all they can with the limited resources that they have to work with. They took away Derek Haines  and his most capable task force,our major and most effective crime fighters and the criminals have been  celebratinjg ever since!. This is the results!

      Governor Taylor, you can not fix a deep raw would with just a bandaid.

      The cold cases must be reopened, those murderers must be arrested, and imprisoned or hanged, chained, or whatever else needs to be done to them. The cold case criminals are still cold blooded killers, they got away the first time.!

      The prison nees to become a Prison instead of a 5 star hotel.

      Governor Taylor, BRING IN AMERICA’S MOST WANTED ‘MR. WALSH"  to deal with the cold cases and to deal with these most recent killings that lead Police on a bridge to nowhere.

      In addition, its time to bring in the SOLDIERS! THE TOURISTS DON’T CARE AS LONG AS  we convince them we are determined to get rid of criminals  from our society. So critics don’t even start the tourist fearul discussion that’s not how it works and its not reality, they read about us before they come here on vacation so don’t even bother to go there.

      Governor Talor, its time to do somthing different in our hunt for criminals.

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day expecting a change.

      Somthing different is BRING IN THE SOLDIERS WITH THEIR LONG BAYONETS !  search every house on these three Islands.

      We need BritishWarships patrolling our boarers in search and look out for Boats and ships that bring in Weapons, keep an eye on the so called tourist ships they have crew members that are lyrical gangsters in sheeps clothing !

      You can not accomplish this unless you consider a national census inorder to determine who is living here, what nationality they are, their color, race, color hair, ethnicity, age, religion, and how many people living in each home or residence.This will provide work for the unemployed.

      We need to start building this bridge to SOMEWHERE !

      God Bless you Gov. Taylor

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yep call crimestoppers,  police make arrest then they still need u to come forward and testify.  Sabrina Schirn trial remember the one angle on it. U testify, criminal goes to prison u still have to live in cayman,  Time is longer than rope u gonna feel safe u have to look over your shoulder the rest of your life.  Police can’t protect u there might still b a few good men on the force but the key word is few.  XXXX poor leadership commish says the execution of young Jeremiah is a wake up call what about the shooting up of the police car and the wounding of an officer did the commisioner just hit the snooze button. Now a new low, threatening the public with prosecution for vigalentasim while the rcips is incapable of protecting the public and basicaly tieing your hands and allowin the wolves to feed on us unprotected sheep. But unless something really intelligent is done to stop crime in its tracks there might not be anyone left for the theives to rob.  No commerce no robbers. Go commish go. Let the U.S. state department get wind of the situation here and we will join the list of places for Americans not to visit. Also the idea of Customs and Imigreation working together with the RCIPs novel idea but those two Depts have always been more than willing to work with the RCIPs  But it was always a one sided deal with the RCIPs treating them like some unwanted family member that they didnt want to acknowledge. Seems like this is one XXXX sandwich which the upper echelon of the RCIPs allowed to fester and grow  ( beating down real officers trying to make a difference) now they want to offer everyone a bite. This is a poor and disgusting shame that they have allowed crime to get so out of hand in our homeland.  And that applies (homeland) to anyone calling this Rock home .  b safe all

    • Anonymous says:

      When you call Crime Stoppers you don’t need to testify anymore. They have been trying to get that across recently. It has been on the news.

  14. Concerned from a distance says:

    Two Words: Joint Effort

    The community can not bear the burden of solving crime on its own. If that were the case we wouldn’t need police/investigators. The fear and lack of confidence in the police is perfectly understandable. I don’t think anybody can honestly say that the police have done an impeccable job during the course of the last few years as far as law enforcement is concerned. Whether or not they have been doing their best is up for debate.

    Nevertheless, there are many avenues through which vital information can be communicated to the authorities. If you know something, use them. What the most recent incident shows is that you can be endangered because of the activities of your family and/or friends; whether or not you are personally involved. 

    Having said that, the choice is yours. I am in no position to judge and I think that is the mistake many people are making. If you had to turn over the son you raised, or the man you love, or the brother you look up to…would you? No one can know the answer to that question without being in the situation.

    Due to the restrictions of the law regarding evidence and the burden of proof needed for a conviction, any information gathered by the police must be corroborated by further evidence. The prosecution cannot make a viable case without it.

    However, I do believe that the police could be carrying out more robust investigation and questioning. The people in custody certainly should not be sitting in air conditioned cells in George Town (or where ever) watching cable TV.

    The recent crack-down (road bolcks etc) is commendable. It would be useful to carry out some operations without warning broadcasted accross the news.

    Joint Effort: everyone could be doing more.

    P.S. That comment about passing risks to expatriates if you are a Caymanian who doesn’t want to bear the risk. Really? Are expatriates bullet-proof? Or do you not care?

  15. Anonymous says:

    BLOOD on your hands!!!  

    Any person(s) who have witnessed this crime, or any of the other murders and is not assisting the police or are not willing to provide the witness testimony in court, have the blood of this child on their hands.  They will also have the blood of those who suffer from the other crimes which are going to be caused by the DEMONS who did this!

    Call 1-800-TIPS at the very least!

  16. Anonymous says:

    the reason why it seems like the police are outing the snitches is because the snitches not only report the crime to the police they also tell everybuddy else what they saw. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure that the people who know who murdered this child can hardly wait until the suspects are released, because then the retaliation killings will start. I would normally say "Let them go at each other. Hell, give them the ammo," but unfortunately we’ve just seen how easily an innocent person might become a victim of that way of thinking. We are all frustrated and many of us are voicing what should be done to the killers, but unfortunately the police don’t have any option but to follow the law. These murderers are the scum of the earth, the lowest form of human beings. They are punks who are an embarrasment to the human race and their parents should have never met. Where are Dirty Harry and Paul Kersey when you need them?

  18. what a mess says:

    Fear of repurcussions are very prevelant throughout Cayman.

    From the highest levels. People grow up fearing the Politicians and most other "authority figures" including many church leaders. I don’t mean that these people may "overtly" harm others…but they sometimes make sure life is miserable for anyone who might oppose their views. Miserable as in some will get contracts and permits and other "deals" while others get a barrage of excuses…or get ignored/patted on the head…or otherwise ostricised.

    This environment of fear has been nourishing all sorts of divides in Cayman society for decades now. Where some peoples "rights" are important while other peoples are not. And the "Party" system and some religionists only enforces this.

    The attitudes that call for the "roll-over" also contributes to this divide…and no!…i’m not expat…i born ya. Just think expats are "human" too, and laws should do a better job of integrating the good ones…rather than mainly those who get "connected".

    The importance and agreement that both political parties show when it’s time to raise their salaries and other perks (no arguments there) yet almost everything else is a HUGE blame game for weeks and months on end…then off for another round of travels.

    Look at the level of fear of our political leader that is seen at any GIS report or other venue…where reporters are often visibly afraid to ask questions openly…where the leaders of Cayman more often than not, behave like some Bully Dictator rather then a leader of Democracy who believes in equality….. Speaks volumes to me!

    Think these attitudes and behaviors might impact the way others in the community think and behave?…Think others may be inclined to always be only concerned with their own short term gain?…Think it says: "just hush and keep your head down?…..I think it does!

    I think we are headed in the same direction of some of our other Caribbean neighbours…the same ones that allowed greed and blaming others to lead them. I hope not…but it sure looks that way.

    TIme will tell.

    We need leaders who will bring about "harmony" not "blame", who might lead by example of taking less for themselves during these "hard times"… and all evidence says we are a looooooooong way off from that goal.

    ps: I’ll be doing all i can to make sure we don’t sell off "Good" Govt. assets like the new Admin Bldg as this is only a short term fix…(don’t sell your house to rent). Sell the Turtle Farm ?…. Yes!


  19. Anonymous says:

    tinted windows insnt illegal id say. only last week i was at the gas station and a dark car with totally blacked out windows was parked outside engine running. i have no clue who was inside or what they were doing. someone somewhere obviouslyisnt doing their job. STOP THE CAR. TOW IT AWAY. REMOVE IT. STOP PUSSY FOOTING AROUND PEOPLE GET ON THE BALL FOR XXXX SAKE DO SOMETHING.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Marlon, the 4 persons you have in custody, did you dust their hands for gun powder residue? Did any of the bullets retrieved matched any bullets of past murders? Have you retrieved any of the weapons from these persons? and What kind of gun was used in this murder?  Give the public a description of the weapon used in this incident.

  21. Dianne says:

    I have to ask this question.  Are gangs ie:  crips, bloods and so forth taking over Cayman.  The news in the past year has been so terrible.  I pray for the little boy and pray even more for the family and the sorrow they must carry in their hearts EVERY DAY for the rest of their lives. 


    To whomever:  come forward and help.

    What can anyone really say?


    • Anonymous says:

      As a person who grew up in between Cayman, USA and Europe and with the street knowledge I gained from the STUPIDNESS I used to do, we don’t really have bloods and crips down here. I know of some guys who lived in New York or parts of the East Coast that may be affiliated with those gangs, but to say that there are blood and crips forming in Cayman, I don’t really believe that is happening. A lot of youngsters down here like dressing in red or blue, mainly because their favourite entertainer or whoever, may be wearing those same colours on tv all of the time and they want to act like they are tough guys, or part of something they think is cool but they have no understanding of the whole system. It’s not a problem of "colours" on the Island, it is the drugs and money. Drugs is a fast but dangerous way to collect money as most people may know, and so many people become addicted to the money like how one may become addicted to using drugs. They have the urge to keep making money and doing whatever they can to get it. Whoever gets the drugs. Gets the money. Whoever gets the money. Gets the power. That’s what they really want. To have the power, the money, the fancy items, and to cause fear in people, to basically get the community on their hands and knees. 

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    My Heart goes to the family of the Child……..Everyone just goes on and say speak up but have you ever sit down and think if you speak up and something hapens to you and you have family, kids then who is going to take care of yours?????. I will have to agre with alot of you we need top feel safe. But also the police need to make usfeel save and they are not doing good at that…….the only thing they are good at is looking pretty in their uniform and not getting it messup, also giving out tikets. If you spitt out side of your car they whants to give you one. also the tint cars they should not allowed anyone to have their car tint so dark. as you can’t see who is inside of the car and someone shots from a car that is tint so dark you will never know it was. The other day I whent to lisence my car and they turn me back as they claim my tint was too dark and guess what my tent was from factory. Then I pass thru the Police station by Jose gas Station and I see a car that belongs to a police so dark that you can’t see inside so if the police breaks the rules what can you ask from the public???. as you all know parents has to teach the kids what is right and wrong. so therefore that applies to the law. for you to implement the rules you need to follow the rules……


    So Caymanians lets all come together and stop all of this violence!!!!

    • The Force says:

      Things are really at an all time low. Not even one call to the police on this serious situation that had everyone so upset.  I know people are scared to talk but there are ways to get the information across.  I know the police have come in for a lot of criticism which isn’t always fair.  Many times the cops do a decent job and then a JURY will set the accused free. Many of these dreaded 15 have been in and out of the court system. You know some of them. Some of them are your relatives.

      Cayman people we have to help put a stop to this violence now.  Our island is being destroyed and it is not all by Jamaicans either.  They are our own youth.

      Please start helping the police. I appeal to mothers especially.  If you suspect that your son or daughter is in any way involved with the weapons trade (and yes many girls are assisting their gangsta boyfriends) please speak out to someone you trust.

      My heart breaks for this my homeland.  To see such a rapid decline is heartbreaking.  ARMED police will definitely help.  I think in this case we have to fight back with BIGGER guns than the criminals have. They are getting away with murder because they have no FEAR of the police.


  24. Sole Provider says:

    How can the public have confidence in a police force that is unable to solve crimes and gain a successful prosecution without people snitching on the street?

    The criminals know that police here wont act unless someone in the community comes running to them with a confession or some real rock solid evidence…and even then there are times when nothing is done!

    So what have the criminals done? Become more brazen, intimidate the judiciary and the public at large. They have instilled a no-snitch culture!

    Politicians need to pass tougher laws and police need to use technology to solve crime. Fingerprinting of all residents and visitors, widespread use of cctv, tougher prison sentences, tougher prisons and police with more resolve are only some of the solutions.

    RCIP, its time for you to realise that no one is going to make your life easy by running to you with evidence everytime there is a crime. With that in mind its time to change your public relations tactics and stop whining about "no one coming forward". Instead, do your work and get it right. Use all your resources and state "That we will not stop until the criminals are brought to justice and are prosecuted to the full extent of the law". 


    • NorthSideSue says:

      "Snitching on the street" is what we hear in East LA.  In the rest of the civilized world, it is called "being a responsible citizen."

      You need to decide if you are willing to be responsible community members or lie down in fear of these gangs.

      The choice is yours.  And the ramifications are huge.  Do not believe the international community is not aware.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Every gas station I have been into has CCTV… just like every nightclub… what more does this police force need? Criminals having a revelation and turning up on the steps of the station with a murder weapon in one hand and a signed confession in the other… even then we probably wouldn’t get a conviction

  26. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian now living in the States, I am appallled at our police force for the statement "if no one comes forward with eyewitness evidence no we will not be able to charge individuals"  Marlon Bodden– you are a seasoned veteran of the force. The Cayman people are tired of your officers lack of investigating skills. I am aware that the eyewitness account is very helpful but without these accounts , are you saying these killers will go free…What about those that were arrested? Have they been checked for gun residue?  I do hope that if anyone witnessed this crime will come forward but the general consensus I have read on here and things that I have heard from Cayman, everyone is scared to talk.


    I wonder if a senior officers child was killed- would they persure "eyewitnesses" instead of the killer..

    Come on RCIP- Its not your fault but you need to step up to the plate… If the RCIP persued these criminals the way they write tickets for petty offences I do believe we would see a more productive Cayman society.




  27. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of tinted vehicles-they are BAD  news, sadly, many of the offenders seem to be cops themselves.   RCIP you have lost the confidence of the community-work hard to build it back, do not just blabla away, make people feel confortable to give you information, earn the respect of civilians, do not be two sided swords, people know genuine cops and are desperate to help solve crime but fear for their life and do not trust the cops to do their jobs, even if it their buddies or families.  If you are a cop and afraid of the bad man, resign now!!


    I prefer to die trying than to die crying…..


    Always remember, if you have to mask up to commit crimes you are a d… bullie, so public be brave & take a stand.

  28. inside job says:

     this should come as no surprise. 

    the relationships between police and public have completely broken down. there is so much more to come on this, and the police cant do a thing about it.

    • anonymous says:

      Getting an eye witness is about as infantile on the part of the police as I have every encountered.

      Scott Peterson was convicted for killing his wife Lacy Peterson, No eye witness, only him, the Devil who told him to do it and his demons.

      These are all spiritual beings!

      Stevenson  committed the crime  alone, no one saw him!

      This dog named Scott Peterson will be executed. His life will be taken for the life of his dear wife who was his victim! There was no eye witness.

      Only goode police work !

      So RCIP stop the LAME EXCUSE that you need an eye witness.

      YOu need the residue, gun powder from the suspects hands it stays there for aout 3 days!  stop every car with the description, get some british soldiers to go house, opening every garage, and every Body shop looking for the car the killers used and make goode use of the information you alreadey have. We’re not convinced that you need more information. You have enough to go on already, why not use it!.


  29. Anonymous says:

     I have a solution.  Tell it to an expat.  If you feel as a Caymanian that your life may be at risk.  Tell it to an expatriate that you trust.  If possible, leave the information in your boss’s office marked private and confidential.  Come in to work early one morning and do it.  Leave it in the prayer box of your church where you know that it is only your pastor who will see it.  Just tell someone.  I know that you may be afraid.  The Island is small and you will be taking a big risk, but place the risk elsewhere if you are afraid.  The expat will give the information to the relevant authorities.  You will not have to testify. The police just need information.  They will then use that information to conduct their own investigations.  Give them a lead. Any  lead.  I am sure that a lot of you want Law&Order, CSI, and all these crime shows.  Sometimes it just takes a small clue to lead the police in the right direction.   If you know where guns and ammunition are being stored, even if they keep moving it.  Tell someone.  If possible, leave the Island for a minute and go to Miami and mail a letter.  If you want to send an email go to any internet cafe and use an email address that you can set up anonymously and send the information to the police.  Do something Caymanians, because if you dont the next child that dies may unfortunately be yours. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    I come to understand that the article says the Police now arrested 4 people in connection with the murder of the four year old child. My question is why do they need any witnesses if they already have the suspects in custody? All they have to do is interrogate them, someone would have to talk and if they don’t keep pressing them and don’t go easy on them for answers. I don’t see any need here for any witnesses, no wonder no one is coming forward.

    • Anonymous says:

       Please note that these 4 suspects are just that, suspects. There has been no charges filed against them, hence the reason why witnesses and information are needed in order to bring charges in order to have a case.

      That’s how it works.


      • Anonymous says:

        Suspects can be interogated, you don’t really know anything about how the law suppose to work, so I would keep quiet if I was you. The article says police have 4 people in connection with the murder. What do you do when you have a person or a gang in connection with a murder and you need more answers? Let me guess you would run to the public instead of interogating them, the Police force needs criminology courses to deal with this level of crime going on in Cayman, and you should take a course too and you see that interogating suspects is fine instead of running to the public all the time for answers. The only time you ask for witnesses is if you don’t have any success in finding any suspects or any one is in custody in connection with the crime. Then you ask for any one who may be at the scene of the crime to come forward with any information which could be helpful in finding the gang or person responsible for the crime commited. But in Cayman the first thing they do is appeal for witnesses, instead of looking for known criminals whom would likely commit such a crime even though they might not be the ones, but could possibly help the Police, this might song crazy but that happens in real life like in countries like US and UK.


        • Rorschach says:

          "It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."…Abraham Lincoln.

            Yes, the police can "interrogate" suspects.  But what they cannot do is, "make them talk".  One of the fundamental rights of any human being is the right to innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.  No one has to answer any questions put to them by a police officer, wether they have been arrested on suspicion of a crime or criminally charged.  Just because the police have arrested 4 persons "in connection" with this crime does not mean that these four persons are the actual person who commited the crime.  As far as the police needing criminology courses, while I don’t fundamentally disagree with that, I think the police need all the education they can get, These courses do nothing to assist the police withmagically producing evidence of a person’s guilt or complicity in a crime.   The most pressing problem facing the police at this time is lack of intelligence…and I don’t just mean with the officers…There is no comprehensive Intelligence network or service within the RCIPS, despite what they will tell you….again, Thank you Stuart Kernohan for dismantling the DTF, which DID have a very good intelligence gathering and dissemination network.  You want to thank anyone for the mess that is the Cayman Islands today???  Thank Stuart Kernohan….

    • Anonymous says:

       why do the HAVE to talk? They can sit there and say absolutely nothing – which is what their lawyers will advise them, and in the absence of any substantial evidence they will walk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone has been watching too much TV!

  31. Anonymous says:


    I may not be a policeman or a lawyer but common sense tells me that police must be able to prosecute a suspect base on forensic evidence. Why do they need witnesses?

    If all cases can only be solved from eye witness testimony alone there would be a lot of unsolved crimes in this world.

    What about ballistics on the suspects weapons? What about gun power residue testing?

    From how I see it the police just don’t want to take responsibility and do their jobs because they themselves are scared of these criminals, but expect the public to put themselves and families at risk to do the job for the police.

    • Times Like These says:

      It’s probably a case of the police not being able to charge the people they have arrested because they don’t have enough evidence. Yes, the gun residue etc. would help prove guilt/innocence, but being a small island it takes time to get lab results back – this isn’t exactly CSI in Hollywood, these things take time.

      Because the police can only detain people for a certain time without charging them, they seek evidence from the public that would give them the ability to extend the time that they can detain those arrested or simply charge them for the murder.

      Yes, many people think the police should be doing a better job, but this constant tit-for-tat and ignorance isn’t going to help anybody. The police need our support and then maybe this island will return to what it was a mere few years ago.

    • Anonymous says:

       Quite obviously you are neither. If a person is swabbed and it comes back positive – it only shows that they have been in contact with gun shot residue. The prosecution needs to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the person was the one who pulled the trigger of the gun which killed the person at that time – not that at some time prior to the swabbing they were exposed to residue. Without the firearm there is no ballistics – there will be a recovered bullet and case, but without the gun there is nothing to compare it to. Similarly a person seen with a gun which is not recovered cannot be convicted without the recovery of the gun, because it cannot be proven that it actually was a firearm within the meaning of the law. The residue cannot be linked to other residue – it is too generic. So finding residue at the scene or on the victim cannot be linked to residue found on the suspect. That is far too CSI which is unfortunately where the public perception is drawn from. It still comes down to statements, witnesses, circumstances, alibis and a whole lot of goodwill and good luck. And whilst we are on the subject of goodwill, for all those people calling the police cowards – just remember that the officers are the ones who day in and day out are the ones who are giving evidence. They too are known in the community and daily step up to the plate and get people convicted. People have said that the community are losing faith in the police – well people flip that statement and hope that the police don’t lose faith in you, because if they do then who will be out there? How many of you are prepared to run to the sounds of the guns?

    • Boston Tea Party says:

      Forensic evidence is NOT enough.  CSI has done the world of police work a load of harm because, now, gullible swayable people think you can prove crime beyond reasonable doubt by scientific analysis.   Well, sorry, wrong.  For example if you catch a suspect (remember, not a criminal until they are convicted) and he has gunshot residue on his hands, there could be any number of explanations for it.  Really.  Here, maybe culling agouti with the family shot gun, possibly contaminated with fireworks (boy we love our fireworks here and you can buy them all year round and let them off anytime).  

      Only eliminating all other possible explanations but the fact that the residue came from the shot that killed the victim will be enough to secure a conviction.  That is why you need witness evidence – where was the suspect at what time (all day and thenafterwards until he / she was caught etc), what motive etc.  Science is only a small part of the puzzle.  Might be enough to give grounds for arrest, but is certainly not, in most cases, grounds to charge or convict.

      That is why they need you.  And they really really do.  Please people, step up to the plate otherwise this place is truly sunk.

      Forensics are only a tool; what makes a conviction is usually the evidence of brave individuals standing up and telling the truth.   No other way.


  32. Anonymous says:

    SHUT UP Goes both ways. So if you want to keep your mouth shut with what you know then keep it shut when it comes to bad mouthing everyone else. I am so tired of hearing how everyone else is the blame but no one seems to have the b#*ls to speak up with what they know.  At the rate of crime in Cayman it will happen to you or some one you know sooner or later.  So if you want the bad guys running Cayman and you fearing for your lives forever then keep your mouth shut. After all the bad guys know they got you on the run now so they are not going to back down from a bunch of chicken sh*t fools. Tuck that tail and run and hide  it is only the  beginning.  NO you can not hide behind the skirt tail of our so called  government!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing."  That said, the mooted practicalities of protection for those giving testimony seems a high priority: (in)action speaks louder than words?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is afraid of being labelled "informa" or "snitch" or "rat" that’s way they are keeping thier mouths sealed up shut and only whispering about it behind closed doors. Like with most crimes, the streets talk, and marl road rumours run wild, there’s never smoke without fire and like the old people say, "if it na go so, it go something like so" you’d be surprised what people actually know and refuse to bring to the authorities for fear of retaliation. But in the event that the most innocent of innocents has been brutally murdered one would venture to think that someone somewhere would say something whether its to call the anonymous tip line or scream it from the mountain tops but say something because in the end if you aren’t a part of the solution then you ARE a part of the problem. What if it was your child? What if it was your loved one’s child? What if it happened to your friend or neighbor? What if it happened in your district? Or on your doorstep. Please Cayman let’s band together and if you know or saw then say something and lets find justice for this child so that he may rest in peace knowing thathis life was not lost in vain.

  35. Anonymous says:

    We have enough chickens on this island – stop contributing to the population and do the right thing. 

  36. Diary of a Nineteen yearold says:

    people on here are so hypocritical. one minute they complainig about the police aren’t doing their jobs, the next; they talking about they don’t want to put their life on the line by giving information to put the murderer(s) of a victim behind bars. that’s why they are still roaming free, killing our local citizens, enjoying the free life of not getting caught. i’m sure if you call the hotline, all you have to do is leave the message. if you want, disguise your voice, use a payphone. until the people of the cayman islands speak up, crime WILL NOT end.

  37. Anonymous says:

    First everyone is up in arms but now nobody is willing to step up to the plate. Not even a single person.


    All of you who know something should be ASHAMED!


    If one of your friends or family is next you can only blame yourself.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Call Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477).  This is an anonymous line answered in Miami.  They WILL NOT ask your name or for any information about yourself.  NO ONE will know that you called.  You are given a number to check back. 

    PLEASE USE THIS!  One day the life you save may be your own…

  39. Xeno says:

    Is Cayman a lost cause?

    Who would ever want to invest in Cayman when a small number of idiots can terrorise the people into silence and the police cannot maintain order? Who would ever want to employ a Caymanian when they cannot be trusted not to be controlled by the criminals? Who would visit if they feared for their lives?
    If you know anything then speak up now. Otherwise you will end up watching your children go hungry later once business has left and nobody visits.
  40. nater says:

    No worries, you may run from the law, "but you can’t run away from your self" Bob Marley

  41. Anonymous says:

    Just a suggestion ask for help RCIPS ask some retire police persons who have the confidence of the community to assist you and for those who are suggesting the police threatening and  jail people for not providing information That is most  unhelpful that is exactly the type of behaviour that has contributed to this terrible situation. The issue here is these criminals were supposed to have been watched What da hell happen? People are genuinely scared the lack of confidence in the system is not the public’s fault now is it. So bring or include people who will bring that confidence back. Working together is the solution to our problems.

  42. Anonymous says:

     Didn’t the previous story say that it is believed the child’s father was the target? No disrespect to the family.. at all… please don’t take this the wrong way, but if someone hates you so much that they would shoot up your car with your wife & child in it… how can you not have an inkling who may be behind it? Or is this how there are people in custody already? Ugh. This sucks.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Every day all I see are comments about people complaining about this and that, political parties, crimes and expats etc. But you know what “Look in the mirror and you will see who is responsible for the crime, the current and pass government…etc…” It’s the Caymanians

    People are getting killed every day because you are coward and won’t speak up!! Next time it will be your child or a family member. Then what? The police and the government are going to get the blame for not doing a better job again? Stop blaming other people, especially the expats, the police or the government.
    What are you so afraid of? Help the police fight this crime. They can’t do it alone.
    SPEAK UP CAYMANIAN – SAVE the future of Cayman
  44. Anonymous says:

    Typical, I bet Dad has NO IDEA what this was about???

  45. whodatis says:

    Looks like we here in the Cayman Islands may have to reject the usual politically correct / humanitarian approach to crime fighting.

    If gunmen are bold enough to shoot at the homes of judges it is pretty much a guarantee that many will not hesitate to target an ordinary member of society.

    People are afraid to talk. The dynamics of Caymanian society are simply non-conducive with the internationally prescribed methods.

    The way I see it we need the close friends, loved ones, family members and partners (girlfriends / wives) of these individuals to come forward and offer information, as they would (should) naturally be subject to a far lesser form of retribution.

    Either that or we’ll be left with no choice but to break some international treaties, laws and protocols.

    Shoot … the great USA and UK did so and invaded an entire nation – killing an estimated 1 million innocent people in the process.

    Our "15" is nothing – I wouldn’t miss a single one … would you?

  46. Anonymous says:

    If I testify are you going to protect me? Hypotheticaly speaking, if I know who shot who, doesn’t that also fall two ways? If its so easy for me to find out who the killer is, then wouldn’t it be easy for the killer to find out who I am?

    Its a small community and also even SMALLER for those of us whose real home is Cayman and not another country. They are appealing to little children who might have seen the incident, they want them to SPEAK out on who it might have been , and yet these same cops cannot protect a kid who was shot himself and saw the whole thing? (no names of course)

    I have no confidence in our police force enough to put my life on the line. Please do not get me wrong, I’m not withholding ANY information, but am speaking from a general point of veiw and also giving some insight as to why maybe no one has stepped forward. If we the public are meant to solve these murders then why do we need police? Why not just get these gangster ourselves? We should not have to do their job for them. The police have a list of 15 individuals who they KNOW are involved in this stuff, why not FIGURE out a way to prosecute them. Ignorence is bliss…in these cases it could be the VERY thing that saves your life.

    • Anonymous says:

       There are ways to ANONYMOUSLY provide info to the RCIPS.  Nobody wants to report ANONYMOUSLY?  Wallow in the blood, then.

    • Anonymous says:

      I appreciated your honesty in the conflict and fear to share information at this point in time in Cayman’s history.

      Yes there is a risk which is why you would share the information anonymously. Call your pastor and tell him or her, write a letter and mail it. There are so many ways to pass on the information while maintaining your safety.

      American President Richard Nixon was taken down by an anonymous source called, "deep throat" and no one discovered his identity for 25 years until he himself told the media.

      Be creative, give yourself an alias but pass on the information, you will feel better about yourself when you do the right thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      call 1800 TIPS give info speaking of ignorance is bliss once they have gun clothes and can test the gun residue on the perps they have a case you dont have to testify so try something else oh smart one.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous reports can be made to 800-TIPS  (no number 1 at the beginning).

        The 800-TIPS line is answered off island. You are not asked to identify yourself. You may still be eligible to collect a reward. They can assign you a code number to refer to when inquiring about a reward if you information leads to an arrest and prosecution.

    • Wow! says:

       The police were not there, and in the same way we want the law to "step up" and convict people we "know" are guilty is the same way we need the law to protect the innocent, which is why – like it or not – the law has to have a limited scope. Do not blame the police and say that they are looking for the public to do their job for them. They are trying to do their jobs it is up to us as citizens to do our part and speak up.  Everyone is so quick to cop out and point fingers – we have no one to blame but ourselves for the current crime waves.

      To the mothers, wives and baby mothers who turn blind eyes to their children, husbands, boyfriends… who always have money yet have no jobs, who home all day and out all night, who talk guns and weed and all the rest of it with their friends and cohorts… please ask yourself if you wouldn’t rather visit them in Northward over going to their grave site to lay flowers. 

      To anyone out there who has information and wants to behave as the above poster – please don’t lie to yourself that you are "protecting" yourself. It’s just a matter of time before you or someone you love gets caught in the crossfire from someone that should have been behind bars a long time ago. And I know for a fact you won’t be able to console yourself into believing you still did the right thing then. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If you Don’t testify then who will protect you??

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for putting the case for not giving evidence to the police so clearly.

      You have illustrated the problem and pointed to the solution. Your point is that many in the community who have information that would lead to the conviction of the thugs see that the probability of something bad happening to them if they do give evidence seems much higher than the probabilitly of something bad happening to them if they do not give evidence. A recent court case in which a witness did not testify appears to prove that point. Allowing persons with knowledge the right to refuse to do so perverts justice in this country and that is clearly the wrong way to proceed but how do we change that equation?

      Surely one way to change the equation is to promise you that if you know anything and you do not give evidence then you will be treated as a criminal including imprisonment with the criminals. Would the threat of criminal prosecution for perverting the course of justice and say 10 years in prison alter the equation? If 10 years does not do it how about 20 years?  

      We need to change the way the public viewsproviding evidence to the police and unfortunately as the person who eloquently stated the problem above clearly shows, there is no amount of promising, begging or anything else that is going to get people to talk. The risk/reward aspects of this problem are simply stacked against society at the moment. People have to have a reason to fear not talking and very significant rewards if they do talk. It is that simple people. The proposals for witness protection and anonymous evidence giving in court are simply not sufficient although in my view they are a good add-on to what really needs to be done. Now, if only we had a politician who did not view committee meetings as the solution to every problem.


    • Anonymous says:

      You know, BOOOO to you and all the others that agree with this.  Without witness and testimony the cases will not stick.  So yes they need YOU because they didn’t see it, YOU did.

      Maybe if the public stop making excuses to bash but actually help this place could actually improve

      If coming forward gets the scum of the streets that is just what needs to be done.

      There are cases of witnesses NOT being unvailed and those scums are now behind bars. Obvisiously the cops did their job.

      Give the authorities a chance and help and maybe they will prove themselves worthy of their training an ability if we continue to put them down it will only destroy their will to do their job.  In turn only giving YOU more reasons to bash.



  47. Anonymous says:

    I know that this might not be related to the topic but.. I just want to know why the police feel the need to tell the public that there will be increased road blocks and searches? Just do it! People should not have anything to hide anyway. Because, although some of these ‘criminals’ are stupid, why would they risk travelling with guns, weapons etc if they have already been warned that the police will be doing road blocks?! Just a thought…

    • Anonymous says:

      Because there are ignorant persons out there that will turn around and bash, call their buddy policitians and cry that they didn’t know about the roadblock and would have expected the police to say something with out alarming the public and putting fear in these poor helpless christain folks.


      It will never end, there will always be something or someone finding a reason to rant.

      Let them do their job.  Better yet HELP them do their job.


      • Anonymous says:

        "poor helpless christian folks" ? oh please. When you have God on your side, who can be against you? REAL Christians are certainly not poor OR helpless. You know why? because God helps those who help themselves. Why would Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s have any problem with the police simply looking into their car doing random road blocks? They should feel safe knowing that the police is out in the community, like I said generally there shouldn’t be anything to hide. If all these unsolved murders, robberies etc. have not already put fear in your heart, then I don’t see why un-announced road blocks would…

  48. Anonymous says:

    If we keep on doing the same thing we will keep on getting the same results. It is time for some radical solutions.

    Clearly we need carrots and sticks to break this deadlock. Here is one suggestion:

    Prison sentences for those who obstruct justice by refusing to disclose what they know about these crimes and the criminals who are committing them,

    Substantial, and I mean tens if not hundreds of thousands for those who are brave enough to come forward and testify against these thugs. Whatever the price it will be worth it if we can save innocent lives being lost to this mindless violence.

    50 years in prison sentences for any thug who so much as looks the wrong way at a potential witness against him. 

  49. Anonymous says:

    Come on now people.  It is time to step up to the plate.  If anyone saw anything call it in to the police if you even do it anonymously.  The police are only as good as the information and evidence they receive.  If someone saw something and does nothing he is just as bad as the ones who commited such a horrendous act.  If we sit down and do nothing because we are afraid it will only get worse.  The time to do something is NOW.

  50. Fallen Angel says:

    The headline screams : "Public silent on child killing"

    Could this be related to another headline :  "Court run out ofjurors’?

    Maybe because the public is well acquainted with the defendants and are fully aware what they are capable of? Or is it that they cannot pointfinger because they might be pointed out themselves,  sort of – oh, yeah I’m the user, but were you not the pusher?  or –  you mean the gun that you sold to me? or- what do you mean me, were you not there, too? and him – he was the look out!  That kind of thing.

    The police commented that despite the public outcry, not one single call was received by their inquiry team.

    Should they not be the one doing the calling (house to house), and investigate each and every resident around that area, immediate and outlying vicinity, to check their whereabouts, what they were doing around the time the incident happened?

    And check the alibis if they could be confirmed and established to be true. Someone, somewhere, sometime  -may slip and give a clue.

    The investigator should also be adept in interpreting body language, eye movements, agitations, etc.  They might  also want to keep records of all their interviews and check with each other’s notes – something might click and help give justice to an innocent’s life, caught in the crossfire as collateral damage.



  51. disgusted says:

    Damn idiots, how you expect to reduce crime in cayman by protecting criminals? Cayman needs to imprison people who are found to hold valuable information from the officials.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Its because they dont trust the police! too many witnesses have been found when in witness protection! how sad! a 4 year old has lost his life and nothing may be done.

    I pray they convict the right person because whoever did this deserves punishment!

  53. Richard N. Parson says:

     After all the screaming for justice, now comes the silence.  Everyone wants someone else to do something, but nobody is brave enough to do anything.  Until Caymanians band together against these murderers, they will go free and be bold enough to do it again.

  54. Anonymous says:

    i bet they will not seize a single car….. why have they not done this before?

  55. 2 cents says:

    I guarantee if I had seensomething I would damn well be singing it from the rooftops.  I don’t fear back lash, he was an innocent 4 year old child who did not deserve to be gunned down like some piece of trash.

    People in Cayman have mouth when it comes to talking people’s business or getting on CNS to put people down but when their civic duty or plain duty to humanity arises suddenly everyone is afraid.

    Well maybe when it happens to a Kirkonnell or a Foster maybe then the life will be worth the risk of ‘informing’. 

  56. Anonymous says:


    It looks like people are still scared to come forward.

    It is so easy to anonymously post on this website. Why doesn’t the police set up their own anonymous website that would allow everyone to post on?

    Vote below for police to set up an anonymous website.

    CNS: Or you could use the site already set up where you can give information anonymously

  57. Anonymous says:

    This story made me furious!!! Not a single person has called in to give a statement regarding the death of this innocent child!!!!

    West Bayers, and anyone else who saw/know what happened, you should be d*mn well ashamed with yourself!!!!!!!!!

    What if that was YOUR child?!?!?

  58. Richard Wadd says:

     No real surprise there ….. what a bunch of ‘Empty Barrels’ we are …..

    • Anonymous says:

      Another tragedy could happen in the coming days or weeks. The wheels are probably already in motion for retaliation for this murder.  ”More” bloodshed.

      Until people come forward with info..NOTHING  will change.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic. If the taking of this little boy’s life is not enough to get anyone saying anything even using the anonymous tip line, then there is little hope for Cayman. The cowardly silence of those who saw and will not say anything will only make the gangstas more bold. To all of you who saw and don’t say anything – maybe next time it will be your child, your brother, your sister killed by these thugs.

    What about the family that were with the little boy? Hopefully they saw something and have reported what they saw to the police.

    They say that it takes a village to raise a child. Apparently that same village is happy to give the killers a license to kill again and again and again by their total silence. Very sad that my country has come to this.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Cayman and caymanians – ye shall reap what ye shall sow.  Speak up and tell people where the guns are hidden and what you saw.  Don’t harbour criminals in your houses and take the clothing worn by offenders to the police before they wash, burn or otherwise dispose of it.  Don’t wash the cars used for getaways for them.  If you do Cayman will just slide further down teh slippery slope and there will be more innocent lives taken.  These shootings are not being committed by expats they are being committed by members of the local "gangs" and someone knows something they are not telling the police.  Don’t knock the police – they didn’t get the gun and shoot the people  They are only as good as the evidence given them.  Be brave, be a proper citizen and stand up for your island.



  61. Anonymous says:


  62. MonkeySee says:

    Its time Cayman….its time to put up or shut up cause those who KNOW and don’t do anything about this crimewave are just as guilty….imagine if you had said something BEFORE it got to this….well, NOW is the time to step up and be a part of the SOLUTION!

    • Anonymous says: