Police condemn bogus texts

| 20/02/2010

(CNS): The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service say that a series of text messages circulating around the islands tonight purporting to reveal the locations of police road blocks, their time and their locations are false. An RCIPS police spokesperson said, “It is absolutely beyond belief that the person responsible would attempt to use erroneous information to suggest that he, or she, has inside knowledge of police operations – operations which have been set up following the brutal murder of a four-year-old child and to crack down on people carrying firearms on the island.

“Our enquiries to trace the individual responsible are ongoing, however at a time when our resources are required elsewhere this behaviour and blatant attempt to hinder our operations is extremely unhelpful.”

At a press conference Tuesday Police Commissioner David Baines warned that the RCIPS would be conducting more road block following the murder of a child, Jeremiah Barnes, Monday night and that the wider public could expect to get caught up in the heightened police activity. He asked for cooperation and for people not to be alarmed by the overt weaponry some officers would be carrying. “These blocks are not traffic related; they are to stop and search the vehicles of known gang members and violent suspects and to get at the weapons they are carrying.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got this text from about 10 persons that evening before i left work!!!!! I believe that if the police wants to be successful in catching these persons they need not to let anyone know prior to having the road block. If possible dont tell anyone until the very last second.

    Everyone writing these blogs how many of you can say they didnt send this information by text,email,or verbally?

  2. Outraged says:

    I think we have bigger fish to fry, than to worry about who sent the text.  All of the police resources should be put to solving these crimes.

    People of the Cayman Islands need to stop throwing blame and come forward with the information that they have so that the police can better do their jobs. 

    If you are not sure about how secure the 800-TIPS line is block your number and limit the time you stay on the phone…simple.

    You have two choices:

       1. Be of some use   


        2. Stop complaining

  3. Anonymous says:

    The truth is 1000’s of citizens habitually drink and drive in Cayman (particularly on the weekend), so it’s easy to see how a roadblock warning can propegate.  Bars and restaurants used warn their good customers all the time, and probably still do.  Police can’t be too shocked about this.  You gotta know that the first goon that successfully navigates through the passive roadblock is already warning his chums down the road via PIN,SMS, Twitter and Facebook.  It is hard to get the element of surprise when you close a road with your lights ablazing at 10pm.  The bad guys we all want ensnared need to feel hunted, which requries that Police go active late at night (Thurs-Sun 12-4am) when the majority of violent crime is committed and majority of RCIP asleep.  These gangstas travel in convoys up and down west bay road, tinted out, with no taillights on, they can do whatever they want with impunity, knowing there are only a half dozen cops on duty at that hour.  I’ve called GT Police stn and there is no answer at that hour!   

    • Anonymous says:

      Your point is good and I got this text too, I immediately deleted it. However, if everyone and their grandmother knows about these road blocks ahead of time, the little element of surprise is totally compromised. I wish our police force all the best to catch these poor excuses for human beings on our island.

  4. Wake up cayman says:


    I don’t get it???? If the Road block were never going to happen then how did this txt manage disrupt what their are doing.. Look at the flip side because of this some wana be gangster left his gun at home and we could have just save one more life because of  the "False TXT"..

    Am not saying it was right but let’s call it for what it is! If the police are saying it was false then it shows that none was planed. So then we are back to square one as in nothing being done to drastically take control of the problem.
     Now if they want to set an example to deter this kind of txt message then they need to just man up and say it was planed and there is a problem on both side of the fence.
    The info can only be passed by those in the know so find your leak then deal with them harsh and find the person passing it on and do the same..


  5. what a mess says:

    Have the Police arrested the person for writing and sending the original text message yet?

    Or are they waiting for "someone to come forward with information"?

    After all, if they are taking decades to learn how to do video/audio interviews, then it may well take at least a few more years to figure out how to call the Phone companies for help to trace the origin of the text message.

    I’m somewhat assured that they have finally gotten out on the streets…but still a looooong way from feeling assured they can/will truly gather evidence and win in a court of law…at the end of the day, that is what people are so afraid of; that even if/when we give evidence, some officer will break confidentiality and/or some other with botch the evidence and the criminal will get off and have the info on "who inform on him"…guess what happens next?

    I’m not saying this is right….just that this is the way it is! And to turn this around, the forst thing the public needs is to know that any Police or other Public Officer will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…and that such laws have real consequences attached.

    Politicians and Police especially must lead by example!

  6. inside job says:

    for the person that received from a cop – out them – for the sake of cayman. send the email or text that you received (rest assured you werent the only recipient) to a higher ranking police officer or report to crimestoppers.

    the only thing worse than a criminal scumbag that would shoot a kid in the face is a cop that would assist that scumbag (s)  – by releasing info that would assist them.

    start by routing out those cops, slam them by fullest extent of the law, then go after the criminals they assist. community will support this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t you have the telephone companies trace the origin of the text message and arrest the person for obstruction of justice! As far as I’m concerned this should be considered a serious criminal offence! How disgusting and LOW

  8. Anonymous says:

    I received this too on my BB (blackberry, just in case) and I deleted it…I too believe that the source that passed it to me got it from the inside (RCIPS)!!

    I think Mr. Commissioner that is where you need to start your investigation!!

    I hope to see my comment published. 


    • Fuzzy says:

      Perhaps the police let this stuff be leaked .Maybe they suspect someone inside and fed them bogus info to see if they were the leak.

  9. Anonymous says:

    When you have a roadblock, you need to have police hidden by the side of the road at various points in the opposite directions to stop those people who turn around before they to get to the roadblock because they have been warned.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    The originator is probably the same person who releases obvious file photos (e.g. drivers license photos) when there is a road fatality.  Would be helpful if this insider would release the file photos of the 15 "triggermen" and their cars.  That would be a service to the community! We need to know who these people are and when they are in our presence.

  11. Anonymous says:

    With todays technology- its SIMPLE! Arrest and prosecute ANY person who forwards the text message. This is easy for the Police to trace and apprehend culprits.

    So Mr. Commissioner, let this be a start for your crime prevention as any person who sends this sort of crap is committing a crime.

  12. Civil dialogue says:

    I fully support the Police Department as they serve one of the essential functions within these Islands. However, it is bewildering to hear them forewarn criminals about planned road blocks. Any nincompoop would proactively remove elements which could be perceived as a weapon of intent. That being said, I hope they vigorously investigate to origin of the text and if the culprits are identified, I trust they will be charge to the “fullest extent of the Law”. Mr. Commissioner, please DO NOT FOREWARN CRIMINALS.  Instead, develop and use new tactics to vigorously deter or rid their criminal intents.

  13. Watering Hole says:

    It is time that the Cayman public shut up their PIE HOLE and let police do their jobs

    One of the main reason that police cannot do their work is because of these frigg/&%$en Caymans want to have their cake and eat it too.

    AND the public indicviduals need to stop bothering politicians trying to save the ass of their spoil children who are robing and killing people.  Politicians need to keep their asses quiet when they come to them complaining.

    I an not a police officer, I am a Caymanianand the police is doing a darn good job.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So arrest anyone who forwards it! Ten minutes of investigation to the phone companies will give you the list.

  15. Anonymous says:

    how do i get on the texting list?

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is truly horrible as it apparently indicates a willingness by some to impede the actions of the Police (not necessarily to assist criminals). But, while not condoning such actions, it must be pointed out that such actions are a symptom. They speak to the underlying problem of somesectors of the public (perhaps more than is realized) distancing itself from the Police after years of enduring Police disrespect, abuse (yes, in some cases – I know of which I speak) and ineptness.

    We know of armed police bursting down doors late at night to arrest a lady because she failed to pay a parking ticket; drunken ‘off-duty’ police (yes, I know the police law that an officer is considered to be always on duty which contradicts the FACT that he was in plainclothes and drunk at a local wateringhole) arresting and physically abusing persons on whom no charges were laid, police officers arresting persons on personal vendettas on whom no charges were justified or laid. Now these incidents mentioned involved respectable, honest, productive people in our society, imagine what some people with less ‘credibility’ and ‘standing’ may have suffered.

    The Police need to humble themselves, live by their edict ‘to PROTECT and SERVE, and do their damn jobs!! Then they will start to turn public sentiments back in their favour. They have resorted to depending on the public ENTIRELY to solve crimes and actually BLAME the lack of public assistance when crimes aren’t solved. How DISGUSTING!

    Until then people will do things like this, except perhaps when specific incidents of crime directly affect them on a personal basis.

  17. Time For A Change says:

    Sad how quickly that text became available to everyone yesterday yet no one every makes important information available like who or whom is responsible for the criminal activity taking over this island.

    Its getting real hard defending you all when you insist on being so useless.


  18. noname says:

    the police should release pictures of gangs so the public knows and show the families what their kids are up to and maybe the family would deal with the embarrassment, pass a law in legislation that belonging to a gang is against the law, this has been done in other countries, to control, do not be scarded step up, it is not getting any better here, what will be left? ask your self that………

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats right! in some countries, they pass a list of Known criminals with ficticious bounties on each persons head. That puts the fear into the criminals, knowing that someone is going to turn them in. I know of a certain list of names going around an Island to the South of us with drug dealers and drug runners. Now, the criminals are making themselves scarce. They are running for the hills, so to speak.

  19. How to stop West Bay criminals says:

    There should be a permanent road block at the four way stop to filter all the criminals trying to leave West Bay.  That would avoid the problem of tipping people off that there was a road block.

  20. Anonymous says:

    get over it guys! Goooosh! There are more important issues to tackle!

  21. Annoymous says:

    The question here is HOW was the information leaked from the RCIP and by whom.

    HOW would the general public know about this if someone on the inside didn’t leak it out?

    So the problem I see with this information being broadcasted is that the RCIP has their own internal leaks and that is the problem.  When the RCIP accepts that they have their own internal enemies whom are doing this to them and exposes them in a public forum with charges laid etc. then we won’t have this problem anylonger.

    The RCIP has some stinking people employed there, and until they stop with  the denial of such and do their own investigating we will continue to see leaks of this nature and much more that will possibly cause more harm than good to the parties concerned.

    I therefore feel that the RCIP should conduct an investigation to see how the leak started, and do so by going through each department with a fine tooth comb.

    I want to support the RCIP, but there are just too many questionable people employed there that keeps me from giving my support.

    I am asking the Commissioner Baines and Gov. Duncan to start cleaning out the problems in this service, we the people out here know who they are, all you have to do is meet with us secretly and we will tell you.  We want to see the RCIP succeed, but it will not if we keep a number of people on the employed list.

    I want to support the RCIP, but I am afraid.

    • Anonymous says:

      They dont have to meet with you for you to give them information that may leed to criminals. In fact they don’t even need to know who you are. Just call 800 TIPS, and you will remain anonymous to the criminals and the Police as well. Go for it man, you may feel better knowing for yourself that you have brought an end to some of the criminal activity in these Islands. You already know the benifits of anonymitty, you post on here!

    • anonymous says:

      As people see the police and cross, they notify people by blinking lights.  How is texting any different?  How does anyone know where the roadblocks are unless they see them?  I don’t buy the police is texting locations, crap.  Baines, track the texts and put an end to this rumour.  The criminals are worried because the people are fed up and they are trying to make the people afraid to speak out.

      Like another poster said, "there is no bogie man in the closet."  Fear is a terrible thing.  We need to be brave.

  22. Anonymous says:

    So where did the email originate? Before you all condemn people I have a friend who got it from a police officer! So either individual officers are trying to play some sort of sick joke OR the police did have all that planned and since it was widely circulated are now trying to back track on the issue.

    Don’t put it pass them – trust me.

  23. Richard Wadd says:

     Why the ‘Hoop-la’ if it’s just False Info.? 

     It would seem to me to work more FOR the Police than AGAINST them in this case, if one of these individuals encountered a roadblock that they didn’t anticipate? 

  24. Dred says:

    Actually this should give RCIPS some ideas.

    Hell if I’m sitting at their offices I would be thinking Huuuummm actually not a bad idea to send out false information and give the criminals a false sense of compfort on other times and WHAM catch them when they are moving stuff.

    Come on RCIPS let’s start thinking outside the box here. Let’s start using our whits to catch these wanna be thugs.

    • frank rizzo says:

      Exactly. It would also assist the RCIP to find the source of their "leaks".

  25. Anonymous says:

    Police should not have announced to the world in the first place of the road blocks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! If ppl with weapons or driving the car in question and they know about the road blocks all they have to do is stay home or hide the weapons.  to tell ppl about them is to defeat their purpose. It’s common sense

      • Anonymous says:

        If the road blocks make the wangstas stay in like you claim it will, then that is a sweet result for the law abiding citizens. We won’t have to worry about being robbed, attacked or injured in crossfire at least for one night.

        The road blocks are meant as a deterrant as much as anything.

  26. Anonymous says:

    it just goes to show that people out here know who the criminals are ant the extent they are willing to go to help them or ensure that they continue to terrorise the rest of us. I mean dont get me wrong police road blocks are annoying especially when you want to get home and have to be in a line backed up for an extra half hour and it’s also annoying when police are pulling people down for simple traffic offenses like 1 month expired registration when we have REAl crime taking place, in those instances iI think the police road blocks are a waste of resources but since the recent firearm crime wave and especially since that sweet little boy was killed I dont have a problem with police road blocks and searches…just a suggestion to the cops, make them as random as you can, the usual friday night saturday night road block is so routine that it’s become expected…randomize the days and times of your road blocks and I think you will have more success. Who ever originated this text should be ashamed.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Idiots – this just shows the level of stupidity the Police have to deal with.  If wewant them to protect us, we’d better stop all this foolishness and cooperate.  I hope they find the person responsible and punsh them as much as they can.   If one of their family members gets gunned down because the gangs are still out on the streets they’ll be the first to start blaming everyone else.   People get a grip, use your brains and don’t hinder the police.  They have eough to do right now.  If you know something PLEASE call crime stoppers.   Stop being so afraid.  The gangs are winning because of our fear.

  28. Anonymous says:

    There is a level of attitude deeper than the previous comments and that is the total lack of caring at the death and suffering of those who are touched directly and indirectly with the crime and tragedy found here.

    Those people involved in this activity are showing themselves to be completely uncaring and also sociopathic in their relationship to the suffering of others.

    This is not a game.


  29. Shock and Awe says:

    Well, you morons who are doing this and think you’re so clever.

    Do you know what the final solution will be?

    Permanent Checkpoints.

    Just like in Baghdad and Falujah.

    Eat that.

    This is not you and your friends against the police dimwits. 

    This is all of us.

    Against the people who are out to destroy this island.


  30. West Bay hypocrisy says:

     You don’t need texts.  Many cars coming from West Bay "flash" their headlights to warn oncoming traffic of police stops ahead.  Recently I must have been flashed at least 6 times.  A significant group of Bayers are obviously very keen to undermine the police.

  31. Ping-Pong says:

    When I received this txt, I stayed home and got drunk!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I’d believe that the police leaked the information before I believe that it was erroneous. Sad to say.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Police are able to trace the orginator of this information. How stupid  can one get, the Police are trying to put an end to this crime by having the road blocks.


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe it would be a good idea for the police not to announce what they are going to do as this only give the heads up keep off the road with weapons .

  34. Anonymous says:

    yep XXXX i got one from one XXXX girl i know telling me the police were going to be here there and everywhere and even gave me times too. i was so shocked i cussed her XXX so bad asking her what the hell did she think she was doing? some people just dont get it

    • Anonymous says:

      you have her contact info., are you going to pass this onto the police? have u got the guts?

      • Anonymous says:

        not that i don’t agree but you should ask YOURSELF would you?…easy to point fingers and accuse but if it was your friend or family would you report them to the police immediately…essentially this is the problem..everyone’s yelling "report them report them!" but how many of us yelling this when it comes down to it would actually follow through with it

  35. Anonymous says:

    Yip, we have truly sunk to a new low. I am ashamed!