Restaurant armed robbery

| 24/02/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service(CNS): Police say that two robbers, one of them armed with what appeared to be a handgun, held up a restaurant in George Town last night, Tuesday 23 February, and made off with a small sum of cash. About 9.00 pm two men, dressed in dark clothing, entered the Corner Restaurant in Eastern Avenue. The armed robber threatened staff before making off from the scene with the cash. No shots were fired and no-one was injured as a result of the incident. Detective Constable Richard Scott, of George Town CID, is appealing for anyone who has information regarding this crime to come forward.

“The restaurant was very quiet at the time of the robbery. The suspects were wearing dark clothing and had their faces covered,” he said. Detectives are appealing for witnesses and ask anyone in the area of the restaurant who saw anything suspicious to contact George Town police station on 949-4222.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who is it that the Police Commissioner reports to now that Donnie Ebanks is the Deputy Gov?  Is it Franz?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i just got through watching a programe on chanel 10 about an elite drug squad and undercover unit tackling all kinds of illegal substances from drugs to machine guns. seeing them work undercover then hit houses and known "drug" and "gun " houses in the dead of night made me smile in admaration for this group of men, then my mind came back to cayman with their softly softly "please stop it boys" approach and again i smiled but this time for the wrong reasons.



    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      You got It!

      I will say again THE BRITISH POLICE SYSTEM DOE’S NOT WORK!!!!!

      It is way to soft. Look at the crime and state of the U.K.

      Please Mr. Commissioner and law makers, what do you think when you watch the undercover units in other Countries work?  i.e. USA, Russia, Mexico etc. I would love to hear your views. Maybe I am missing something.

      These wanna bee’s need to know, you play with fire you get burned.


      • Clueless says:

        Bobby Anonymous – more like Bobby Clueless!  Look at the states whose police he wants us to emulate – Russia, Mexico and the US!!!! Nations riddled with serious crime.

        • Bobby Anonymous says:


          I thought your name was "Clueless"?

          Anyway Clueless my point is,  Police, must be seen as a threat to these people and dealt with by whatever force is required.

          How much higher would the crime be in these other countries without these units??

          Are you saying Cayman is not riddled with serious crime? Wake up!!!

          I rest my case.

          P.S. What makes you think i’m a "he"?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh yeah, USA, Mexico, Russia….there’s some crime-free countries for you!

    • frank rizzo says:

      What they don’t show you on TV is the striking regularity of the police busting down the wrong door. Be careful of what you ask for.

  3. Thankful says:

    These robbers are having a field day.  Why?  The police position is: give us information or we can’t work.  No information means we will not try other methods to catch anyone. 

    Suggestions from the public are left on deaf ears and called drivel.  Is a partnership necessary between the police and general public that may lead to many successes in catching criminals – yes.  Resounding yes.    However, there is a leadership issue at present.  One has their arms crossed saying" information or you will all sink…wedo not know how to get our own info"  The other is saying: "Help us to regain or establish some faith in you again.  We do not know how to believe in you again."

    Who will win?  I do not know.  Who is losing: Cayman Islands and its people.

    This is a mess.

  4. Anonymous says:

    eastern avenue/west bay/courts road….. same old cyle…government needs to start renovating theses areas… it looks like the third world down there, people should be forced to sell undeveloped land and also buidlings which are not maintained in an acceptable standard

    • Anonymous says:

      I have repeatedly said that the Eastern are would be one of the areas in Georgr Town to have a Sub Station with a camera. I suggest that the udp spend some more money  to bring in one of those experts from England to advise them on this.

  5. Anonymous says:

     OK breathe people… it was just a play on words. 

  6. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Enuff with analyzing the head line……who cares….bottom line yet another robbery and possibly with a gun. Most important is safety for residents and tourists then next is this will blow up soon internationally and the world will focus on the fact that Cayman now has a crime ridden country similar to what The Bahamas and JA went through/still going through. Amazing to me that we haven’t seen an "emergency action/task force" to combat the ever increasing crime issue. There can be no budget or dollar value on taking back our country.

  7. noname says:

     That’s it I’m going home!

    Even towns in the UK the size of this whole country, does not have this amount of serious crime.



    • Heart Broken says:


    • Anonymous says:

      True, there’s probably not a small town with a population of under 60k anywhere in the world (outside war zones) with this kind of crime rate per capita.

    • Anonymous says:

      SEE YA!!!!

      That’s the kind of attitude not needed here anyway. What about those of us who are already "home"? We cannot just pick up and leave Cayman when the economy is bad and getting worse, when companies close down and we lose jobs, when hotels are seeing low occupancy rates and we dont work, when crime hits anywhere and everywhere in Cayman.

      So those of us who call Cayman HOME, We are the ones that have to stay and make our country better for our chilren who also will call Cayman home and won’t be able to just pack up and move back "home".

      So I’ll repeat "SEE YA". Obviously we don’t need you here anyway with that type of unproductive attitude.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You people make me laugh. Its the SAME SAME SAME Two men robbing down the place!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lawlesness is increasing everywhere, it’s not gonna get any better.  Jesus will soon come to put an end to all of this.

  10. CURSED says:

    Sign of the times!!


    Pray for God to be welcomed back into Gov’t!!!

    Rather than our gov’t members fight about the sale of the Gov’t bldg, maybe it would be better from the to welcome in pastors to pray for us to be able to take back control of our land!!

    This is just the devil’s handy work!

    • Anonymous says:

      PRAYER WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD. You have at least 2 Pastors who are Politicians and conduct church services at times  and call themselves born again christians, even had to be baptized in the RIVER JORDON I THINK THEY WOULD BE THE BEST TO DO THE PRAYERS.

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      Not wanting to upset anyone, but religion has no place in the politics of ANY Country.

      Keep religion out of it, thats half the problem with the country now.

      Let the masses vote on desicions of importance such as Casino’s etc.

      The Parsons need to pray for "us" to take back control of "our" senses before the land.

  11. Cmon Son! says:

    Cmon son, use common sense…

    Although common sense aint too common on this site…

    The title does not state "armed restaured, robbed". It was an armed restaurant robbery… Simple and easy enough for a headline.

  12. Bert says:

    Thats true, these robberies seem to be a tag team most of the time!

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess no more patting the police’s backs!!!!  I knew that wouldn’t last….I am still trying to figure out why we were patting them on their backs

  13. Anonymous says:

    Goodness,  what exactly is an "armed restaurant"?  And who would dare rob one?

    Or was it perhaps and armed robbery of a restaurant? 

    • Cmon Son! says:

      Cmon son, the title does not say "Armed Restaurant Robbed". Use common sense.

      Although common sense aint too common around here…

      The title is simple enough for a headline. Just like you would say "Armed bank robbery" this works just the same.

      Keep up the good work CNS!

    • nonsense says:

      Armed and Restaurant are both adjectives to describe the "robbery".



  14. Anonymous says:

    "Two men dressed in dark clothing" – is this seriously the best description of the suspects? 

    • Anonymous says:

       well it is better than the one posted a couple weeks ago describing the suspect as "last seen wearing pants."

  15. Anonymous says:

    If the restaurant was armed why didnt it shoot the robbers?

    • frank rizzo says:

      They needed all of their arms to shout "Whalardjesus!!!"

    • Shock and Awe says:

      I’m confused too.  What was the restaurant armed with? Did they have cheeseburgers that were loaded?


      I get it!!!

      The robbers were armed!!  And it was an ordinary restaurant. 

      I don’t feel better now.

      It was an ordinary day here on Cayman and it seems there are more guns than Blue Iguanas.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have a message for all of our politicians. I am Caymanian and I vote. I have had enough of this. I want you to amend the LAWS to impose tougher minimum sentences and do away with parole for gun crimes and other crimes of violence. I want these thugs off our streets permanently.

    I also want you to pass laws which make life at Northward a punishment rather than a reward for crime. Make it illegal for the inmates to have cell phones. Take away their air conditioning, cable TV and their take out meals and pizza on demand. Make them work for the food they get.

    When I am having trouble paying my own bills I damn well don’t want to be paying for convicts to have things I cannot afford.

    I am sick of politicians calling for more committees and more talking with no action.  

    I support the proposals to protect witnesses but that is simply not enough. You are the people that pass laws. We need tougher laws. JUST DO IT.


    • Anonymous says:

      Even if they implement these laws, they need to actually charge people first before it can help the situation at hand.  Start at the root of the problem and work your way up.  They can amend the laws a million times but until there are actual charges laid on the suspect(s) then you’re right back to square one. 


      By the way, cell phones ARE illegal in Northward prison and they do NOT have air conditioning in their cells.


      • Bobby Anonymous says:

        I agree.

        But how long’s it take for the system to convict someone?

        The sysem works pretty quick when it suits it.

        If you are charged, then the likleyhood is, that you done the crime. If that is so, then wear a monitoring device so we know where you are.

        Guilty then keep it on.

        Not Guilty then thanks for understanding.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know, I overheard a gentleman at the gas station last night saying he worked at the prison and still works there from time to time.  He definitely needs a psychiatric evaluation judgingon his actions throughout the 5 minutes I observed him, but that is beside the point.  He said that treats the inmates well so that when they get out of prison they know how to respect others because they then know that people are willing to help them.

      I’m sorry, but isn’t this the parents job? Or a councellor’s job?  We need more places for criminals to go – those who are mentally challenged should have proper therapy, those who need councelling should get it, and all others should rot without sympathy for their crimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would everyone who has the email address of one of the politicians please past the above post into an email it to the politicians. Everyone with Blackberry’s please do the same if you know their phone numbers.

      Somehow we need to get it across to the politicians that the public wants them to stop all the talk and nonsense and like it says above, JUST DO IT.

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      A Voter that knows what they want. My hat off to you. Please run for Election

      Good Luck.

      Anyone ever seen the programme about the Taxas jail where the sheriff makes the prisoners wear pink, clean the streets and sleep in tents?

      Not many of them come back!

    • Anonymous says:

      Inmates have cell phones and chargers.  There are regular cell searches but these guys hide their stuff very cleverly AND/OR just pay off the guards, using their families outside to pay the guards.  They send texts to their family/friends to top up their cell phones from the outside. It’s simple now a days. There is no a/c in the cells true, but some inmates have cable tv. My family cant afford cable tv and we have 2 working adults. We don’t run the a/c hardly except when it’s sweltering.

      Inmates get ganja thrown over the walls, left for them at hidden locations when they are out on work release, and as was shown this past week, ganja is even hidden in the hand-ins that family members/friends take to Northward.  The guards accepting the hand-ins cant smell the ganja being hidden in the bottom of the men’s deodorant sticks…very very clever, isnt society today. Do inmates really need a deodorant stick every week? And if your inmate cant get deodorant this week,then send it in to his cell mate or his friend etc. who knows to give it to the real person who will take the ganja out the bottom. When were they going to figure that out? The places that the ganja gets hidden in is more and more clever every day. So how easy is it for inmates to roll and smoke the ganja anyway? Do people know that an inmate can receive rizzla papers to roll a spliff because they can also get loose tobacco. So the inmate asks his family for the loose tobacco and rizzlas, gets his ganja thrown to him and smokes away! that tobacco can help mask the scent of the ganja too!

      Maybe the guards were in on that too, maybe they are also in on it when it is chucked over the wall late at night. Can inmates wander around the prison yard that late at night? How do they get the liquor they are drinking? Guards. 

      Northward is a complete joke. Mr. Scott should just acknowledge that. Or you know what, get rid of some of these acceptable handins such as rizzlas and loose tobacco. Make ’em smoke regular cigarettes which have to be handed in unopened.

  17. MORE GUN CRIMES says:

    HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Strange:  You sure its not the two that were release recently