Roberts reveals ordeal of murder trial

| 24/02/2010

(CNS): In an interview with News 27, Rayle Roberts, the husband of Estella Scott-Roberts talks about the trial in which the two men who murdered his wife were found guilty. Roberts reveals his emotions when he first caught a glimpse of Kirkland Henry and Larry Ricketts, the men who have been found guilty of abducting, raping, robbing and murdering Estella, during their first court appearance as well as the hurtful rumours that circulated about him.  “We have to be aware of the collateral damage of our tongue,” he said, explaining how people don’t understand when they spread malicious gossip how it really affects that person.

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  1. Joe Average says:

    From all of us thank you for your wise words Mr. Roberts.

  2. Anonymous says:

     I was unable to attend the trial due to a medical problem, but I followed it closely because I worked with Estella as well as Rayle and have mourned Estella deeply.  I consider Rayle Roberts one of the finest and most upstanding young men in our community.  I have a young daughter who was struck down with MS.  She, naturally, was very depressed as she saw her health and body changing from this debillitating disease.  When she started trying to cut her wrists from the depression, I turned to Rayle for advice.  He visited her at my home for weeks, counselling and teaching.  thanks to Rayle, my daughter is still with me and getting stronger in lots of ways. 

    I told out several acquaintances regarding the rumors about you Rayle and have refused any further contact with them, as I do not feel that anyone who is so quick to kick a man when he is down with those kind of vicious rumors, is not worthy of being my friend.

    Rayle, if you read this, you will know who I am and remember the message I left for you.  "I am here for you, Rayle, even if you just need to talk to someone who knows you and loves you as one of my own children.

    Hold your head high and remember that sensible Caymanians who know you care about you very much.

  3. Twyla Vargas says:

    Thoughts for Rayle, and Cayman.  First may you be healed and blessed as time is a healer, may all of us consider the story below.

    Once upon a time there was a pastor who lived in a small village and preached at the village church.

    One day one of his church members started a rumour about this humble pastor, that was devastaing to him.  The member was sorry afterwards and went to the Pastor to ask his forgiveness.

    The pastor replied yes my sister, but I need you to do a favour for me first.

    The sister replied yes, yes, anything.   He continued.  I would like you to bring me a basket full of feathers to the church upon the hill where I preach.

    She thought, that is easy, I can do that, and hurriedly bought the basket full of eathers to the pastor.

    Then he asked her to throw all the feathers off the hill side that they may scatter all over the Town.   Oh, that easy I can do that too.

    So she scattered all of the feathers from the top of the hill and watched as they floated all over the little town below.

    Is that all pastor, she asked, he said no…. I need one last favour…..and that is for you to gather all of the feathers that have been scattered over the Town below and bring them to me.

    BUT PASTOR, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE !!!   Pator replied I know my child.  I know,   But please remember this story next time you begina a scandal that is not true.  Rayel, please remember, Christ was crucified, and he did nothing wrong.   Time is a healer

  4. Anonymous says:

    i was there every day of the trial and it was grousome, the details were totally disgusting to me and ive heard a lot of details over the years trust me, knowing estella made it worse. my mind was on her husband sat at the back of the court in the corner throughout the trial. looking across at her friends there every day too was so painful. my wife is also caymanian and knew estella well, i put myself in rayles position and for a moment thought of it being my wife, it was so painful,

    these two animals are totally disgustin. life in prison is too good for them . as the trial evidence ended and they werelead down to the cells i turned to rayle and nodded and winked. and he nodded. enough had been done for some kind of closure i knew.

    i feel so bad for everythnig her husband, mother and friends had to go through and hear,

    try and stay strong is all i can say.

  5. noname says:


    You have been through so much and even though the convictions does not take away the hurt and pain that you suffered. I pray that God blesses you and continue to give you strength to cope with your loss.

    And yes, may this society be wary of the collateral damage the useless accusations caused!

    one love my friend