Mac backs turtle meat hike

| 26/02/2010

(CNS): An opposition motion to review the price of turtle meat was rejected by the government yesterday afternoon when the premier offered his backing to the recent decision by the farm management to triple the price. The premier said the increase was about reducing demand for the meat to sustainable levels until the farm could tackle the problems of supply it faced as aresult of difficulties with the breeding programme. McKeeva Bush explained to the Legislative Assembly that while it may be the country’s national dish and a cultural tradition enjoyed by Caymanians, no one was addicted to turtle meat and no one would die if they couldn’t afford to eat it for a while.

Bush was responding to the opposition’s suggestion that government review the prices again as their constituents had made considerable representations to them. Leader of the Opposition Kurt Tibbetts, who submitted the private member’s motion, said he had concerns people would turn to poaching if they could no longer afford to buy it from the farm.

 “It may seem like a frivolous motion but there has been tremendous representation to us, especially from constituents in the Sister Islands,” he said, noting that Moses Kirkconnell had seconded the motion. Tibbetts asked government to apply some of the $9 million subsidy that Boatswain’s Beach receives from the public purse to cover any losses incurred in producing meat to enable local people to still have access to the meat sometimes, even if the supply was restricted.

While the price hike would certainly reduce the demand, Tibbetts said that it was unlikely to reduce the desire, which could have a detrimental impact on the wild population if people took to taking turtles from the ocean illegally as he suspect some people might do. “There is poaching already and no one can say it won’t occur," the leader of the opposition added. “The marine officers are already limited and they can’t cover all the areas 24/ 7; it’s going to be very difficult to apprehend those who have a real intention to take the turtles,” he said. “My biggest fear is what is going to happen to those in the wild.”

However, Bush told the opposition leader that this was a make or break situation for the turtle farm and that it needed these increases to balance the demand to realistic levels and give the breading programme a chance to restore the stocks. If not, he said the farm would simply run out in less than 18 months time. He also stated that the farm was moving towards a policy that what was sold had to cover its costs and the new price reflected the true cost of production as well as the whole issue of sustainability.

“If it sells for anything less it won’t sustain production,” the premier emphasized. He also noted that, at present, by selling the meat at less than its true cost the turtle farm was subsidising commercial restaurants. But, he said, despite the increase the price still compared favourably to other foods such as Maine lobster, rack of lamb and filet mignon, and that people had to understand that while it was a Caymanian traditional dish it was a luxury food.  “How can we charge so very little for something so precious?” the premier asked.

Contributing to the debate, Kirkconnell said there was not a single member in the House who did not want the turtle farm to succeed but he believed his constituents on the sister Islands were considerably less close to the other benefits offered by the turtle farm than those on Grand Cayman. With the price hike he said they could no longer afford to buy the meat and they would likely poach it. He said he hoped the management at Boatswain’s Beach could find a way to make it affordable so Caymanians could buy it.

Refusing to support the opposition motion, the premier said, “We know they cherish it but they won’t die if they don’t get a pot of stew.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You folks are seriously getting worked up over turtle meat? Wow! 

    Is that the ONLY meat you can eat?  No chicken, beef, fish?  Can you afford those other meats?  You have a roof over your head don’t you?  Clothes on your back and a warm bed at night?

    My advise – GET OVER IT!

    Our country has far bigger problems than the price of turtle meat.  I can’t believe how increadibly self-absorbed people can be! Really?  Tantrums over turtle meat???  God help us all…

    • Anonymous says:

      $9 million loss/year is what we’re worked up over.  The point is that we are all subsidizing Mac’s Disneyworld he built with our money. 

      We can’t afford his mistakes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eating Turtle meat is not good for you period. Its high in fat and bad cholesterol. Not to mention the research that shows turtles have been found in large numbers to have cancer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is how much it costs to produce this meat…Cayman is in serious debt….what is the problem ?

  4. Shock and Awe says:

    Can you eat turtles?  Where do you spit out the shells?

    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt – you demean yourself when u bring a motion like this to try andtake advanatage of a tough situation.  You know we have to reduce demand as the number of turtles is in serious decline. i have to applaud the premier for standing behind this decision even though it is not popular with many of his grass roots supporters.

      Back to Kut – please leave this sort of politricks to Chucklet and his band of merry young progressives. 

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem quite disgruntled. I wonder why.

        The Young Progressives are the youth arm of the PPM. Also, Chuckie is a member of the PPM. Kurt Tibbetts is the political leader of ther PPM. Do you see where I’m going with this?

        Doesn’t it seem fairer to resrict the amount of meat available for purchase on a first come first served basis rather than putting it out of the price range for regular Caymanians? Which is what Kurt was suggesting.

        If you have nothing productive to say, why don’t you hop off it?

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not sure where, in fact, you are going with all the young progressive/Chuckie/Kurt stuff, and I’m not sure either why this particular issue has become such a political football.  But tell me, sir, just how exactly does selling turtle meat for less than what it costs to produce help this country?  I personally don’t eat turtle and I’m not all that keen on seeing the government subsidise turtle meat for people who do.  Please enlighten me.

  5. Anonymous says:

     We never had a shortage of turtle meat until Mac built this disastrous Disney World attraction in West Bay and decided to put the breeding tanks next to the bands and flashing lights!

    Thanks for another one of your incompetent  business decisions helping with the extinction of turtles and Caymanians not being able to eat our national dish !


    • Anonymous says:

      This is a typical PPM (Peoples Propaganda Machine) post. I’m tired of this division. I’ll bet anyone, no PPM member is going to come out and say how many residency / status they gave away in their 4 years plus in power. 1,000? 2,000? 5,000? Absolute cowards! Anyone who supports either party without question is a fool. Thumbs down all you want, time will prove you are the loser.

      • Anonymous says:

        When someone gets Caymanian status their name and when they received it is made public. PPM could not have granted Caymanian status to thousands of people while they were in power without the people knowing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why not? Did you tally how many names were published?

          Also the PPM could have granted thousands of Residencies, which will eventually lead to status.

          What possible reasons would the PPM have for pointing to Mac’s figures while remaining silent on their own? 

          (I’m not defending Mac, I’m just saying the PPM’s tactics are not as sophisticated as they may think and anyone who follows (either party) blindly is a fool.)


        • Kurt wants Turtlemeat says:

          Does Kurt really need to eat more turtle meat????

        • TheTruth says:

          How did the UDP’s motion of the mass status grant get passed in the LA without the PPM MLA’s approving it?

          • The_Facts! says:

            "The Truth" Here’s the FACTS.

            1. UDP was the governing government in 2004.

            2. UDP formed a Special Cabinet in 2004 specifically to grant Caymanian status to foreign nationals (none of these were given to persons with Caymanian connections)

            3. At that time in 2004, there was no LAW within our statutory authority that PROHIBITED them from empowering themselves to CIRCUMVENT the Immigration policies and procedures.

            4. Under this ‘special cabinet’ Caymanian status was given to a prisoner.

            5. Under this ‘special cabinet’ Caymanianstatus was given to the deceased.

            6. PPM, whilst being the minority or opposition in 2004, would NOT have had the voting power to stop the grant had they known about it before hand.

            7. On the Friday afternoon, preceeding the grant of status on the Monday, UDP members gather the personal data of their foreign national friends and submitted thos lists to the ‘Special Cabinet’ who then approved the Caymanian status.

            8. Caymanian status were given to many persons whom the proper authority had no appropriate due diligence when applying for Caymanian status. This is largely different to what is required when applying for a work permit.

            9. Once PPM came to power in 2004 in the "Clean Sweep" national elections, ONE of the first bills that was passed in the LA was to close the opportunity of abuse of power in such circumstances.

            10.What PPM didn’t do during their term was to close the door on the Permanent Residency thus this is why you now have UDP AGAIN trying to CIRCUMVENT the Immigration policies and procedures!!!!

            11.The same leader the UDP had in 2004 is the same one they now have in 2010 – same ‘special’ guy!

            12. A Leopard doesn’t change his spots nor does he care who or what he eats for supper!!!

            • Anonymous says:

              Although I agree with most of what you have said, how was it possible that no PPM minister knew what was going on? You telling me the UDP had a special cabinet of x number of people, who went about and gather 3,500 names from friends and NO PPM member knew about this? Come on now. I’m not, and never will, justify what was done, but PLEASE, PLEASE explain how NO PPM member knew what was going on. 

              • BORN FREE says:

                You ask how "no PPM minister knew what was going on"??????? The PPM were in opposition, & they had 5 members (backbench opposition), NO MINISTERS! The UDP was the government & had 5 ministers & 4 backbench! The PPM heard what was going on, but could do nothing to stop it because they only had 5 votes (members). In fact, the PPM brought a motion to the House to stop the grants but were voted down by the UDP government.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Thank you for proving my point regarding the PPM propaganda. Lets all agree there were no PPM ministers at the time. You wrote, "The PPM heard what was going on, but could do nothing to stop it because they only had 5 votes. In fact, the PPM brought a motion to the House to stop the grants but were voted down by the UDP government." In contrast, another PPM person wrote "Whilst being the minority or opposition in 2004, would NOT have had the voting power to stop the grant had they known about it before hand."

                  Why do these stories contradict? 

                  Why didn’t the members go to the radio, television, internet to save their country?

                  And oh yes, how many residencies (which will lead to status) were given away during the PPM’s last term? 500? 1,000?, 2,000? 5,000? The very point I was making is no PPM member, nor ardent supporter will EVER want this published because they risk being seen as traitors to their country. This would contradict the core of their election campaigns, ie. "take cayman back."

                  I am a supporter of the PPM’s ethical standards, but am extremely disappointed when the play ignorant and / or keep silent on issues.  

          • Anonymous says:

            What a dumb question! DUMB!! The status grants were GIVEN AWAY in 2003 under the UDP government, who had 10 members while the opposition had 5. Obviously you do not remember (or maybe you do), but the PPM opposition brought a motion to the LA to STOP the grant of the 3000 status give-aways! It was voted down 9 against (UDP) to 5 for (PPM). All 5 PPM members voted in support of the motion to stop the grants, while all 9 UDP members (minus the speaker) voted against the motion! You see, the UDP & NO ONE ELSE but the UDP is to be blamed for the disasterous give-away grants in 2003, because they gave those grants away (to many people who didn’t even live in Cayman, to strangers, & without back ground checks) & they voted AGAINST the motion brought by the PPM to stop the grants!
            I hope this answers your stupid question!

            • Anonymous says:

              So the PPM knew, but couldn’t stop it. This contradicts your fellow poster who said, as a fact, the PPM didn’t know. Are you willing to swear that no PPM’s friend got on the lists?


        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Spin Doctor. You neglected to say how many residencies the PPM gave out. 1,000, 2,000, 10,000? Knowing full well that those who get residency will obtain status. Your response evaded the issue and tried turn the conversation away from the PPM. Those of who really care about Cayman are seriously tired of the politrics. 

          • Anonymous says:

            Lets assume the PPM gave 500 people residency (to soon be status) for every thumbs down. Its probably the only way we will get close to the truth. God knows, the PPM will NEVER reveal the numbers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolute Rubbish.  The devastating loss of 3/4 of the breeding stock happened when hurricaneMichelle came by.  I remember it distinctly as if it were yesterday.  While we were all working to save the turtles, chuckie shows up all nicely dressed and just stands around watching the rest of us.  He did not want to get his clothes messed up i guess. By the way he had responsibility for the farm at the time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolute  Rubbish to you. Chuckie  was there for  one term, 2005-2009

      • Anonymous says:

        Hurricane Michelle was in 2001, long before Chuckie was in office.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hurricane Michelle was in 2004, correct?

      • Rorschach says:

        If memory serves me, and I hope it does, as I was directly involved at the time with helping to rescue and return some 15 breeding turtles to the farm after hurricane Michelle, Mr. Clifford was at the time, the Permanant Secretary for the Ministry which was in charge of Tourism which was under the leadership of the current Premiere, McKeeva Bush.  I distinctly remember Mr. Clifford arriving to view the damage and assess the recovery efforts, and Yes, he was dressed very well, having, again if memory serves me, just come from an emergency meeting with the Governor.  Did you expect Mr. Clifford to  just jump into the $hit and muck and start wrangling turtles???  I DINDN’T…I was just glad to see SOMEONE from the governement present.  Save your criticism for Mr. Clifford for a real issue…not wether he didn’t grab a turtle 9 years ago…

        • Turtle meat Timmy says:

          Yes I would expect him to do so. What makes him any better than the rest of us? Apart from his moustache of course.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What I do not understand now…Why sell turtle backs and save on the consumption of turtle meats? Someone is getting the turtle meat for free, then?  Maybe Mac is consuming all the meats for his special parties and for his own use. Since only the born Caymanians are the ones eating the meat, I know for sure they will not be paying those prices for it, then where does the meat go? Huh?  Who is getting the turtle meat when the turtle is  being butchered to sell the turtle backs?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Turtle meat is scientifically proven to be unhealthy for human consumption. Biopsies of turtle have shown signs of diseased organs and high traces of mercury and other toxins. I would certainly be cautious in eating turtle meat and would not consider eating turtle for a family meal especially with young kids. It would be hard to prove but there could be a link between eating turtle meat and the high rate of cancer in Cayman. As they say you are what you eat.



  8. Anonymous says:

    This was long over due. The green turtle is an endangered specie. We can not continue to slaughter 40 turtles a week and expect the next generation of Caymanians to be able to experience turtle in someway – they will be none left. Fellow Caymanians what would have happened to lobster and conch if the marine parks had not been implemented?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope that when election time comes around the turtle meat that will be used to buy votes will be paid for at the new price.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If the real reason was to discourage the sale of turtle meat so that we could rebuild stock, then wouldn’t it have been better to simply institute a system similar to what they have done with grouper, lobster and conch? 

    It really just does not make good business sense to handle this the way they have chosen to.  And if they ever decide that they want or need to sell the meat they will have to bring the prices down.  This price hike just will not hold.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Sooooo….if we cannot afford to purchase the turtle meat, how will money be made from it?????

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the wild turtle population has been HEALTHILY restored, in comparison to a few decades back. I know a particular area in shallow water where one can see 20-30 turtles at a time feeding in the area. That was not the case 30 years ago. And as for 11 nesting places left!! Be real, that might be those that are discovered in accessible areas such as 7 mile beach. Have you or DoE walked every inch of beach??  BTW, I don’t check the gender of turtles when I see them, perhaps they are all males.

    That’s it!! The Turtle Farm was releasing MOSTLY gay male turtles back into the wild population for the last 40 years and alas that program resulted in only 11 females breeding since then. 

    For those of you who don’t get the traditional connection, the turtle was a staple food LONG BEFORE it was declared a national symbol, NOT the other way around. It was the significance of the turtle to the very survival of our forefathers which symbolized it as such. So may I suggest that you familiarize yourselves with the history of a place before you criticize its traditions.

  13. water boy says:

    i agree with Mac also sheesh this fella starting to surprise me yo.

    however this was an obvious common sense decision.

  14. Oh Shoot says:

    Damn, the guys under the big white tent were right, the end is nigh. How do I know? I find myself agreeing with Mac

  15. Anonymous says:

    For what it’s worth.  While I don’t eat turtle meat for Religous reasons, I am a bit disappointed that the official local dish is sold at this rate.  While I do support that it should cost a bit more (let’s say double the rate) as opposed to the tripling of the rate.

    Regardless though, we have to consider that the country is in trouble financially and will have to go forward by one means or another.  Let’s focus more on the crime rate, make steamed wahoo our local dish and turtle meat a delicacy and then the cost can be justified. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    Leave these beautiful animals alone!  You guys won’t be happy until you kill the last Turtle!  They are your national animal people!  It’s like the USA ordering Bald Eagle Steak!

    Give it a drink!!!!  Lets start focusing on more important things at hand! Crime!!!!!



  17. Tommy Turtle says:

    If the argument is that law abiding consumers will poach wild turtles because they can no longer afford farmed turtle meat, then we’re stating that our society is broken.

    I believe that just because someone can’t afford something legally they will not break the law to get it. Except for criminals who have no issue with breaking any law.

    I eat turtle meat but I won’t break the law to get it ! How about you ?



    • Anonymous says:

      Its not about the man on the street doing the poaching himself. These new prices will create a black market for the meat and the people that have been doing the poaching will be encouraged to continue with more reason to. or perhaps the five or so licenced turtlers will provide a second source. they each are alowed to catch six turtles for the season. that should healp us get it.

      • Today's the day says:

        Anyone with black market meet should be spending a long time in jail for utter selfishness.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our society IS broken dear.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are simply being realistic. Nothing peculiar to Cayman. If you make something difficult to get either by prohibition or by price you create a black market. This is why Alcohol Prohibition did not work in the U.S.

      I eat turtle meat as well and I won’t won’t poach wild turtles but it would simply be naive to believe that everyone would adopt that stance.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s a big difference: buying turtle hasn’t been outlawed like liquor was with Prohibition.   All the turtle farm is doing is making people pay fair market value for this very rare meat. 

        All you whiners don’t understand that if the government doesn’t act to reduce expenditure, there are going to be direct taxation here. And that will hurt you all a lot more than paying market price for turtle ever will.

        Ending the subsidy that provided the public with cheap turtle meat is just one of many ways government expenditure needs to be cut.  Yes, something needs to be done about Boatswain’s Beach as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that all areas of expenditure need to be reduced as much as they can.  Just because Cayman Airways loses money every year doesn’t mean they should provide $100 round trip tickets to Miami (actually, that even makes more sense than selling turtle meat for less than what it costs to produce because it could bring more tourists here).

        If you love turtle so much, suck it up and pay for it! The price of a large turtle dinner is still less than $20, which is no more than it is for some other pricey foods like lobster. Honestly people, I can’t believe you’re going to whine so much about this when there are people being murdered by our young people.  Where is your sense of priority?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mac belt tightening begins at home (literally)!!

     Start with your housekeeper not my turtle meat !

    I can’t afford to buy turtle meat but I got to pay to have yours cooked and your house cleaned !

    Dis not right !   


    • Victor E says:

      You should have studied harder at school and then you could have had all the turtle meat you want. 

      I studied hard at school.  I can eat all the turtle meat I want.  I don’t eat any because it is simply uncivilised to do so. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Was Ms. Julie there?  Can CNS report whether Ms. Julie stood up for us when it came time to vote?  I didn’t see her mention in report.  She knows how bad this is hurting us here.

    • au revoir says:

      you is hurting bad because you can’t afford turtle meat?  you people is ridiculous.  haiti is hurting, chile is hurting, you is not hurting.  you is far from hurting.

    • Anonymous says:

      help us! this is worse than the haitian earthquake, some bracers can’t afford turtle, get cnn down here now…….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL!  I am a Bracker…don’t care for the turtle meat!  As far as I am concerened when it comes to turlemeat it could cost $100k or it’s free…still won’t eat it.  Must agree we do have some greedy and ungrateful people on this little rock-brac!  Such a shame!

    • Anonymous says:

      she too busy washing feet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Compass reported she left just before the vote.   I’m very dissappointed in Miss Julie.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I must say that this STATEMENT is very selfish of the Our Premier to say.

    No one was addicted to turtle meat and no one would die if they couldn’t afford to eat it for a while.

    How selfish not because he can afford to get free at our expense should these very unkind words been utter.

    No we won’t die by any means but for our government to say this is disheartening and upsetting last Pirates week 1 plate of Turtle was $14.00 and $15.00 at some of the district functions, I couldn’t afford to  buy it then but a few days later i was able to go to the farm and buy a five pound lot for my family and i to enjoy for our sunday dinner.

    as a mother this brings some closeness to my family as my children will come over to Mommy’s house on sunday for Family turtle Dinner. And this has alway’s been a caymanian traditions. So by doing what you all are doing is wrong. I’m not saying that the price couldn’t go up but MY GOD 3 TIMES WHAT WE USE TO PAY!!!  HELL NO!!!. I’m Still making the same SALARY NO CRY FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO RAISE MY PAY WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE IS ON THE RISING. LORD HELP US CAYMANIANS FROM THE WRATH OF THE SELFISHNESS WE INDOR.

    • Anonymous says:

      omg…. eating an endangered animal brings closeness in your family?????

      goodnight cayman……

      • Cayman Family says:

         Not with All Caymanians, thank you very much… My Sunday Dinner is Roast Beef and Rice and beans, thank you very much…

        None of my family eat turtle, none of us can stand the smell…



    • au revoir says:

      maybe a new tradition is in order.  i heard chicken tastes pretty good, and there’s plenty of that to go around.  once in a while, when you can afford it, turtle – makes it that much more special when you get to eat it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mac takes $9 million subsidy to fund the bad business decision he made during his previous administration when he threw away government money to overbuild the Turtle Farm into a failing tourist attraction.  Now he is detriving Caymanians from being able to afford our native dish. 

    This is one more example of how Mac’s poor judgement hurts the common man.  How can he justify taking $9 million from the government funds and not using that to subsidize the price of turtle meat for locals?????


    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely right, I fear it is only a matter of time until all the rest of Mac’s poor decisions come back to haunt us too!

      Get rid of his West Bay tourist attraction that is drowning in debt and keep the basic turtle farm we had in the beginning.  Then we can once again sell turtle meat at prices we can all afford.

      Right now Mac’s just wasting $9 million a year

    • Anonymous says:

      Boatw\\swain’s Beach, the Premier’s pet project built for the cost of $68M is losing millions every year. Government is subsidising Boatswain’s Beach to the tune of $9M a year.  Tim Adam said the loss on production of turtle meat at the former prices is $175,000 per year.  Not a great deal in the overall scheme.  But instead of looking at the real reason for the Attraction’s losses which is simply that not enough paying customers visit there, Mac and his colleague minister’s brother put the cost of turtle meat, which is eaten mainly by Caymanians ,out of the reach of all but the wealthy.

      So now we have a facility which is costing us  $9M a year and we can’t even afford to get lil turtle meat to eat once in a while.  Mac and his crew can afford to pay $80 a box for it but most of us can’t.  Youfor the people alright McKeeva, but you sure not for ordinary Cayymanians any more!

    • Anonymous says:

      You nailed it!  If Mac was a real leader he would admit the mistake he made spending all our money of Boatswains Beach.  He should take it like a man, apologize to the country, and sell his West Bay boat anchor … not our government building and sewage system.

      We need our old turtle farm back so locals can afford turtle meat.

      • noname says:

        The old turtle farm had turtles. I love turtle meat too but I don’t think the real reason for the price hike is to make a profit but to ensure all who love this meat will be able to enjoy it for a long, long time and our generations to come. If they don’t replenish the turtles no one will enjoy it even if they were giving it away. So please stop complaining and work with these people to increase our supply. Stop making this about politics.

  22. Anonymous says:

    thank god ppm is  in opposition…. after bankrupting the county they want to spend $9m on subsidising turtle meat???? and people wonder why caymanian politicians are a laughing stock???


    • Anonymous says:

      to Anon )9:38, it is not the PPM that WANT to spend $9 million subsidising turtle meat, it is because of the gross & irresponsible mismanagement & overspending of the UDP to build the failing Boatswain Beach attraction that the PPM & now the UDP is HAVING to find $9 million every year to keep Boatswain Beach open. The UDP & Mckeeva Bush have to be blamed for the messthey put this country into before the 2005 elections, a MESS that we have never recovered from, mostly because of the "rope around our necks" of having to fork out $9 million every year because of Mckeeva Bushs’ mistake & selfishness! At NO TIME did the PPM want to pay the $9 million, but they had no choice. I am sure the UDP do not want to pay the $9 million either, but they have no choice, other than to embarrass Bush & close his failure (Boatswain Beach) down. It is a white elephant, & Bush is to blame! 

    • Fuzzy says:

      To anonymous Sat,27th at 09:38                                                                    MR Adam stated that the shortfall on the production of turtle meat is $175,000 not $9 million.Just the facts please.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Premier did the right thing! He explained two reasons why this is the correct course of action, the third being: he could not have reasonably supported the motion and undermined the Turtle Farm management. If that had been the case, Tim Adam may have just as well resigned from now.

    The poaching concerns are real and the Marine Enforcement divisions will just have to do as best as they can do to enforce the laws – but they won’t catch everyone.Even if its poacher gets caught though, the poor turtle is still lost because there’s about 1% chance that it’ll still be alive and uninjured, and can be released. So a dead turtle is a dead turtle.But in the broader analysis the turtle willbe the winner – both wild and farmed. 

    If it’s any comfort to the conversationists who shudder at the thought, I imagine catching a wild turtle, like other fading traditions, is not as easily done by current generations as it was for their forefathers (who, apart from their skills, didn’t have the law looking over their shoulder).  By the way, it’s not just Caymanians, remember MANY nationals of our Caribbean and Central American neighbours eat turtle – also I know a lot of ‘Northerners’ who have acquired the taste. I am a50+ Caymanian who has never eaten turtle and have been rediculed by Canadian friends who love it!!

    I am most certainly not supporting poaching but the conservationists should acknowledge the fact that the wild turtle polulation has been HEALTHILY restored in the past 40 years by the replinishment programs of the same Turtle Farm. Therefore, of course, the only sound argument the conversationists have on their side is that it’s illegal. Ultimately, that’s the overarching factor.

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      I also agree that Mac done the right thing here but, where do you get your info that the wild turtle situation is healthy?

      I can assure any poachers of one thing. I for one will be on the watch for them, and rest assured I will report them and do whatever I have to do as a law abiding citizen of this Island to preserve these wonderfull creatures.

      I have never heard so much rubbish that people eat turtle because it’s traditional. Why did you stop building boats and going to sea for a living?

      And the chances that a turtle taken from a poacher has a 1% chance of being uninjured or dead is way out. The chances that it will survive is closer to 90%.

      Poachers and restraunt owners beware of the penalties for breaking the Marine Conservation Laws, for we the public and the Law are watching you!

    • Anonymous says:

      "he wild turtle polulation has been HEALTHILY restored"

      Aren’t there only 11 nesting wild turtles left in Cayman? you call that healthy?

  24. Let them eat turtle . . . says:

    The country is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and there is a request to further subsidise turtle meat (it is practically heavily subsidised already).  That sends the right message of austerity to London. . . .

    • Anonymous says:

      But I want my turtle meat, and I want it cheap!.  How dare Mac take this away from us. Let’s march for cheap turtle meat!

      • Anonymous says:

        This shows that Mckeeva is prepared to make unpopular political decisions for the greater good.  Well done – you just went up in my estimation.



  25. Anonymous says:

    The opposition still don’t get it. The country is in dire financial crisis and the turtle farm meat prices were set below cost. Figure it out for goodness sake as it isn’t rocket science.

    It really concerns me that the opposition do not really understand the financial situation of the country and making such motions only affirm this belief.

    • Anonymous says:

      so Anon 06:35, in your world of economics it is not as profitable to sell alot of turtle meat at the lower price than to sell none at the much higher price? If you sell ZERO, ZILCH. NADA at any price it still adds up to NOTHING! You must be macs’ financial adviser! (no wonder he messed up his first budget so badly)

    • Anonymous says:

      Increasing the price of turtle meat three-fold will do absolutely nothing about our financial crisis. The simple fact is that people will buy far less turtle meat and it is likely that less money will be made due to the price elasticity of demand. Perhaps the move is really intended to preserve the turtles.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The previous comments by your premier are typical of an illiterate with more power than brains or education.  I’d be willing to bet that he can have a "pot of stew" whenever he wants one (that is if his cook even knows how to prepare it and his butler to serve it).

    When people cannot afford to buy the turtle, there will be more poaching and robberies from the tanks than there has ever been. 

    Why not increase the cost to the commercial entities (that means the restaurants, Mr. Premier) and leave the poorer Caymanians to be able to buy a little every couple of months at a decent price.  This smells just like dictatorships.  The government has enough money to buy whatever they want, but the man on street has to satisfy with scraps in order to survive.

    Tell the premier dictator to give back the salaries of the police officers personal securities before he is in the position of his crony from TCI.  Right now, the best thing that could happen to these islands would be for a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" be done and get rid of this dictatorship we now find ouselves in.

    • Anonymous says:

      This post is ridiculous for several reasons.

      First, if people need to be able to buy turtle meat cheap in order not to become criminals, this society is lost.

      Second, if you were to sell turtle poor Caymanians cheaper than what you do to the restaurants, it would undoubtedly create a black market where poor Caymanians would buy turtle meat and sell it to the restaurants for a profit.

      Third, this wasn’t a decision by the Premier.  It was one taken by the Turtle Farm board and its new managing director, Tim Adam.  The Premier simply didn’t butt in and overrule the decision.  I say good for him. And good for Tim Adam, who has more business sense that anyone in that position for… well, possibly ever.   Good old Joey knew about the problem with the diminishing herd, but he didn’t have the guts to do anything about it, except maybe to host happy hours at the bar.

      To think that Caymanians would march or set in motion a no confidence vote just because they can’t buy cheap turtle meat is an insult to reasonably thinking Caymanians.  It makes the people look petty and incredibly small-minded and shows just how far the sense of entitlement goes with some people. You should be embarrassed. 


      • Anonymous says:

        The point is….

        Raising the price of turtle meat is like using a cup to bail the ship. 

        Tim Adams is using the C&W model of better to sell less and charge more than sell more and charge less.  So it’s no surprise that he’s recommending 300% price increase. 

        But, he inheritated a sinking ship and needs to address the real problem which is that Mac spent millions to build his Disneyworld attraction that is losing money EVERYDAY.  If it can’t breakeven it needs to be closed, we can’t afford to give it a $9 million dollar subsidy every year.

        Then we could go back to running our original Turtle Farm, and selling turtle at prices Caymanians can afford.  

        What we have NO CONFIDENCE in is a Premier that has no business sense and no integrity. 

  27. Save Cayman NOW! says:

    Congratulations, Mac!…

    For once a good common sense decision that is not concerned with  pleasing a certain electorate that tend to lack a sense of perspective when it comes to traditional foods and customs…

    You DA MAN!…

    Now, let’s see you gather up your courage and do what’s now essential for the good of this country: tackle the Civil Service bloated costs!…

    It need not be much at first, but within30 days you could have the relevant laws amended to:

    – Make the Civil Servants pay half of their health insurance and pension contribution, cutting it down to the 5% minimum instead of the current 6%. As it is now with the Civil Servants yearly salaries in the $355 million range, government is paying 12%, or $42,6 million in pension contributions, plus all health costs, another astronomical sum…

    Bring their salaries down a notch – say 10% on average with larger  salaries being penalized more than the lower ones – and more in line with the realities of other sectors of the economy that have had to tighten their belts in this recession…

    These 2 measures alone would save around $60 million a year and would cut you a lot of slack with the FCO in the UK if more borrowings are still needed…

    Then the Civil Service bloated numbers can be reduced through attrition and with minimum pain…

    You know the PPM are total WIMPS and would never have the courage to do such a thing, so come on Mac, show your leadership and do it for the good of this country!…

    There will be some hardships, but if you manage, in these recessionary times, to balance the budget within 3 years by cutting costs to the bone and keeping borrowings under control, I guarantee you’ll be reelected…


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on mac, get back to work!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe Mac should begin the cuts with his salary, his housekeeper, Julie’s porter, and his driver.  Let’s not forget their travelling expenses.

  28. Anonymous says:

    At least the Seventh Day Adventist wont miss the turtle meat praise God.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lil’ bit of belt tightening, love it!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Oh Oh! Mac is in trouble, KC Ken Ken is coming after him & the UDP! If their biggest fan is now against them they are really in trouble! Do not ease up Kenneth, because they are not looking out for the poor people!

  31. Me wan Turtle meat says:

    Yea, with his BIG wages and having Government paying for his his personal cook to cook the turtle meat, no wonder he can agree with with the price hike.

    Now there will be plenty for him because the poor Caymanians cant afford to buy turtle meat.