Sea Turtle Tastes Like Veal

| 10/03/2010

( If sea turtle tasted like chicken, I’d fess up, but it really does taste like veal. I grew up occasionally eating mud turtles pulled out of the ponds on my family’s farm. And mud turtle does taste like chicken. (Legs from freshly butchered mud turtles also writhe when you toss a bit of salt on them, as my startled mother once found out.)

So I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how delicious well-prepared green sea turtle steak tasted with a port wine reduction sauce at the Over the Edge restaurant during a recent visit to Grand Cayman Island.

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  1. Richard Wadd says:

     No it doesn’t. It tastes like Iguana, GREEN Iguana to be exact (not blue). 

     I say we make Green Iguana stew, and add just a little ‘Tuttle’for flava.

     That should solve 2 problems with one stew.

  2. anonymous says:

    Tast good nuh? 🙂

    • Joe Average says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and your stay.  And I hope you enjoyed the island.  But I would rather just have the port wine.  And pass on the sea turtle they seem too majestic and ancient.