One arrested for sailor attack

| 12/03/2010

(CNS): A 28-year-old man was arrested earlier today (Friday 12 March) for Tuesday’s attack and attempted robbery of a crewmember of the US Coast Guard cutter Bear, which was visiting the Cayman Islands. Police said that at about 2:10 am on Tuesday 9 March, a man allegedly struck the 21-year-old American sailor on the face in North Church Street, George Town, and demanded cash. According to police, the victim fell to the ground and his friend yelled at the assailant, who then jumped into a dark coloured Jeep Cherokee and sped off empty handed.

The victim sustained head injuries and was detained in hospital overnight. CNS understands that the victim and his companion, who are serving aboard the USCG ship, were not wearing uniform at the time as they were enjoying an evening’s shore leave. The vessel left Grand Cayman Tuesday 9 March.

RCIPS officers arrested the suspect for attempted robbery following an operation in the Bodden Town area. He is now in police custody and enquiries are ongoing.

Anyone with information about this crime should call George Town police station on
949-4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sunday 14; 10:21   You have hit the nail on the head with your comments- well said.   The Bicycle travelling all hours of the night is becoming a nightmare to Bodden Town residents – Do these people have anywhere to call home.  Needs some domr monitoring and pulling down.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Attempted robbery?…….. what about assault causing bodily harm???

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing no more on any investigations on the two individuals who were brutally attacked last month on courts road.  I guess another "unsolved crime" added to the many that are already there!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whoever the idiot was that did this should be dealt with by the full force of the law.

  4. TennisAce says:

     Good work RCIPs. Very good work. Kudos to the people of Cayman who are now stepping up and assisting the police in their efforts to combat crime and violence on the Island.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well done, now let this individual if found guilty of said crime to cool his heels in Northward for a couple of years and perhaps learn a valuable lesson.

    • Anonymous says:

      A couple? Banging a visitor on the head without provocation should get you ten minimum, and since that costs so much, we should sub it out to Cuba.

      • frank rizzo says:

        What is the obsession with Cuba?  Do you think for one minute that Cuba will take our prisoners without strings? Ok, suppose we strike a deal at $xxx per prisoner, Cuba takes the $$ and 500 prisoners and sends us 1000 of theirs.  $$ is only one factor in the equation and the Castros are not idiots.

        • Anonymous says:

          OK Frank – Jamaica then.

        • Anonymous says:

          The string in this case is that they get handsomely paid by their standards (say EUR15,000 per annum per prisoner) to keep those of our prisoners who should be serving ‘hard labour’.   What would be the point in messing up a good deal by sending prisoners to us? There is nothing wrong with the idea except that the British Govt wouldn’t allow it because of Cuba’s human rights record.   

  6. Lets hope that this is true that they really got one of the animals that are terrorising this island. cage them and declaw them. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am very glad to know that an arrest has been made. Well done to the RCIPS.

    Hopefully the right person has been arrested and if this individual is ultimately convicted of this crime I sincerely hope that the courts send a very very strong message with sentencing. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    name and nationality please.

    • Anonymous says:

      and that is important because? you think the americans care ? it happened here irrespective of nationalty Cayman gets the bad name

      • Anonymous says:


        If they are Caymanian I want social services to investigatehow he came to be so screwed up and propose solutions to save future idiots from themselves and us from them.

        If they are Expatriates I want immigration to investigate how he came to be so screwed up in my country and propose solutions to save us from other countries idiots in future.

        If they recently received an immigration permission, I want the Attorney General to investigate what shortfall in our systems let the bad apple through and propose solutions to prevent more bad apples slipping through.

        And, if they are expatriates or recently received an immigration permission, I want to be sure that the plane door hits them in the arse (once they have done their time in Northward).

        Is any of that unreasonable.



      • Anonymous says:

        It matters because it helps to identify the root of the problem and therefore to help solve it. It’s not about whether Americans care.

    • Anonymous says:

      19:08 Friday 3rd… By the way, you are so right – 99.9% of the timeit is always the a person with no nationality!!!    Like the murder that took place at Kirks Warehouse  … the report said a "Bodden Town man". It was just someone residing in Bodden Town – Can they not get these things straight or don’t post anything at all until they are positive. It turned out to be Citizen of Cayman. Very misleading to the public.

      • Anonymous says:

        No such thing as a Citizen of Cayman. You can be a British Overseas Territories Citizen, including having a Cayman Passport, and not be Caymanian and have no right to live and work here. Similarly, you can be Caymanian and have no right to a Cayman Passport.

        If someone says they are a Naturalised Caymanian, they are likely to still be an expat, liable to deportation etc..

        Not that your Bodden Town Resident was not Caymanian, but given our screwed up system, detail is actually quite important when trying to determine whether someone is Caymanian or not.



        • Dream on . . . says:

          The prospects of the Cayman Islands being able to deport a naturalised Caymanian is zero.

          • Anonymous says:

            There is no such thingh as a Naturalised Caymanian. Only Naturalised BOTC’s with a connnection to the Cayman Islands, and yes they can be (and have been) deported.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are very naive. The Secretary of State in the UK has stripped naturalized citizens of their citizenship and then deported them where it is deemed to be in the public interest for crimes committed.  

             *British Nationality Act 1981 (c. 61), s. 40(2).