Court battle to save Indian tribe from tourism

| 29/03/2010

(BBC): The Indian Supreme Court is currently considering whether a controversial tourist resort in the Andaman islands should close. The resort is near a forest reserve, which is home to the endangered Jarawa tribe. The BBC’s Geeta Pandey, who has visited the area, reports from Delhi. A handful of Jarawa tribesmen recently broke into a house in the village of Mathura in the Andaman islands. They left after taking away rice, sugar and coconut. The first people to successfully migrate out of Africa, the Jarawas came to the Andaman islands 60,000 years ago, scientists believe. Essentially hunter-gatherers, the tribespeople have traditionally survived on the raw meat of wild boar.

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  1. Joe Average says:

    I don’t think many realize the re-building process after the tsunami has involved using donated funds from around the world to install power and water to new resort locations.  Many fisherman have not been allowed back to their traditional beach locations as they have been deemed "unsafe".  After this declaration they have then been sold to resort developments after needed infrastructure was installed.

    So many tourists will now be sunning their asses.  Where people used to live.

    The world keeps spinning and it’s too bad these people aren’t cannibals.