“Put me in a Jamaican prison, please!”

| 29/03/2010

(Jamaica Observer): Derrick Brooks, a 45-year-old man serving life for drug trafficking in a Cuban prison, has accused the Jamaican Government of refusing to facilitate his transfer to a Jamaican penal institution, despite willingness by the Cuban authorities to send him back home. According to Brooks, there are more than 31 Jamaicans languishing in Cuban prisons who are desperately in need of help, as they receive no rehabilitation, and are denied the opportunity to study or even visit the library in many cases. "I am on lockdown 24 hours a day although I might get just one day for a little sun…I have never been to the library — to study or to work — and I am a professional welder," he said.

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  1. law unt order says:

    Sucks to be u Brooks.  Penal servitude looks good on you.  I only wish Northward were a series of one-man holes without light to keep the wanksters in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a matter of urgency can we adopt Cuba’s prison policies…… please!!!!!!