Cops to keep up pressure

| 31/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island Headline News(CNS): Reviewing the considerable number of arrests and charges made in the recent murders, shootings and the kidnapping, the commissioner of police said yesterday at a media briefing that the pressure on the criminals would remain. Although he said many of the known gang members were now locked down, police were still looking for one in particular. He said police had also made considerable headway in the enquiry into the killing of Marcos Duran in West Bay on 11 March.  Baines confirmed, too, that a fourth suspect had been rounded up in the kidnapping case.

The commissioner said a 32-year-old local man was arrested on Tuesday morning in George Town on suspicion of abduction and blackmail.

He said the reason why the RCIPS had been able to make so many arrests and charge others in the last few days was because the community was beginning to come forward and reveal genuine information. He appealed for that to continue and in particular asked people to tell the police or their pastors or political representatives, anyone they trusted, if they knew where the guns being used were hidden.

“If you know the locations of weapons, it is critical that people start to give up that information,” Baines said at a press briefing hosted by the governor on Tuesday, 30 March. “We are making a distinct appeal about firearms, and although we have seized some since Friday, we are looking for more and we do need more help with that.”

The commissioner said that by offering the information to the police about where the guns may be hidden those people would save lives. He asked them to call the confidential help line 949-7777, which he promised was manned by hand-picked officers who would only pass on the substance of the information coming through that line to officers in the field, who would have no idea of who had given the information.

Baines revealed that a lot of the arrests and charges came because people had used the confidential line or had spoken to the police, demonstrating a growing confidence that the police could handle information confidentially. He vowed to keep those who came forward safe but asked for help to regain control of the streets.  The commissioner also warned that while a lot of the information was very helpful in terms of directing operational activities, in order to prosecute the suspects police still needed committed evidence from witnesses.

He also revealed that he had made a request to the UK to bring in 14 trained and specialist police officers and detectives to fill the RCIPS skills gaps until the recruitment programme was complete. He said the UK officers would be here over the next week or so but for no more than 6 weeks and that they were being brought in for specific roles, not to take over.

He said he did not think a SWOT team was what was needed, but skilled support, such as officers trained in video and audio interview techniques and gang investigations among others. “This is support, it’s not about taking over,” Baines said. “We need to manage and run our own force but everyone agrees this is an unprecedented level of violence and we need to fill the skill gaps immediately.”

 The RCIPS was also working hard on upping existing skill levels among officers, Baines stated, with several currently undergoing modern interview technique training, but it was difficult to have officers learn on the job when the service was so pressed as the police could not afford to jeopardise interviews and provide potential loopholes for the defence in court.

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  1. helpful advice says:

    I just want to congratulate the RCIPS for the good work so far in rounding up these individuals. Now, what to do with them? How long are you going to keep them?

    It should be a crime to even be a member of a gang. If you suspect someone for one of these offences which have been some serious offences and they have an alibi, how can you be certain that their alibi is honest? If the Police suspect someone then I think that says enough.

    Cayman you need to start working on a plan to expand the prison so that ALL these KNOWN gang members AND their ASSOCIATES can all be locked down.

    Why I say expand the prison, yes I know that their isnt that many gang members to fill the prison but their are always other people committing other crimes and will take advantage of the situation if they know the prison has reached it’s capacity. Maybe that is what has these menaces acting the way they do because they know their isnt enough space for all of them in Northward.

    Well their is always the option of sending some to England or at least I hope that is an option still.

    Just thought I would bring this up being that this may be something that needs to be looked at pretty soon as the crime in Cayman has raised. These gang members need to be removed off of the street and their associates so that there is not anyone on the street they can have do their dirty deeds for them.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    So you walk into any Cayman classroom…… and the young Caymanians you find in there….

    What do you think the class room environment is like?

    Is it similar to most developed nations?

    Are the pupils keen and enthusiastic?

    Is there antipathy against the gang culture?

    You would like to think so wouldn’t you……. how unfortunate then.

  3. Durrrr says:

    Good call! It is the 8 year old roller-bladers that we need to watch out for!

  4. Anonymous says:

    They need to make sure they arrest the right people as one of the suspects was with me when on the crimes happened and they want to charge him when he have proof he was not there.  Holding him almost three days and not even questioning anyone.  They just need to get someone even if its the wrong man.  Destroying his family. 

  5. Right ya so says:

    Thank you to everyone who came forward  and gave information to assist in catching these no life losers who are ruining our beloved country.

    Thank you, thank you , thank you.

    I cannot thank you enough.


  6. Bicycle Patrols vs. Car Patrols says:

    I think the RCIPS would benefit from reading this article as well as implementing.


    The RCIP should do more foot beats as it is the most effective way to deter the sorts of behavior that can negatively affect our quality of life.  It will promote fitness within the force and CUT COST for government…..   No more overweight champions chilling in a/c! 

    Interesting article on Police Bike Patrols.  (THAT IS BICYCLE by the way!)

    The visibility of an officer on a bicycle cannot be matched. With this visibility also comes an increase in human contact with the community. In fact, it is much like the old "Beat Officers" who used to walk the streets. They knew people by name and had a good feel for the neighborhoods at a personal level. On a bicycle, an officer is much more approachable than in a car and can help in building new contacts and trust from the citizens. This allows officers to be proactive in fighting crime rather than reactive. Bike Patrol Officers can be much more aware of concerns before they turn into problems.

    A bicycle patrol is also fantastic for public events such as concerts, sporting events, festivals, road races and other large gatherings. An officer can move quickly through a crowd while on a bike, and can find short cuts, etc., where a patrol car would have very diminished mobility in the same situation.

    This same mobility also adds a "stealth" advantage to bike patrols versus patrol vehicles. An officer on a bike is much smaller, quieter, and can go places that are not easily accessible to patrol vehicles. Also, a person fleeing from an officer generally can’t out run an officer on a bike.

    • Anonymous says:

       Agreed.  Bike cops rule college campuses across the US…quite effectively…and even in the snow.


    In addition to what I wrote earlier, foot beats is an effective way to deter the sorts of behavior that can negatively affect our quality of life.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks RCIP keep up the good work!!!


    CNS:  Can you find out if the RCIPS use a metal detector of any sort and scan the entire property of these known gang members or when they do raids…   cause the marl roads have always spoken about "digging up guns".

    The police need to be looking where they dont expect one to be hidden. Not just the pat-downs, car searches and peeping under a persons mattress… get in the toilet tanks, (yes I said tanks!) use metal detectors in the immediate areas surrounding there pets, as it seems alot of "gangsters" thinks it style to own a pitbull, invade their spaces!  Make the searches more thorough!

    Go RCIP!

    Also, can I request the RCIP to do patrols down in the side roads in the savannah area and not just the main roads.  Well, make that the entire island.  

    Another request for the RCIPS is for all RCIP vehicles on the road to patrol with the windows OPEN! It increases the chances for them to hear someone screaming, a gun shot, or smell marajuana being puffed out of the car ahead of them as I so often smell.  Not sure what purpose it serves to be driving with the windows up, a/c cranked and cell phones stuck to their ears!   Police car dont frighten anyone!

    While the police is in the neighborhood, perhaps they might want to get out of their vehicles and speak to some of the people in that area that they are patrolling.  It will enhance community responses when crimes happen.

    Just my 2 cents! =)  Happy Easter Cayman, stay safe! 


    • Isabella Reyes Flores says:

      Want a tip. look under chicken coops and dog house.   You may find somethings that go pow, pow.

  11. Lala says:

    Well done!  Very proud of the RCIP for bringing these persons into custody and making our streets safer!

    I hope they will also take action against those persons who have been harbouring these criminals!

  12. noname says:

    No Way

    “is the illegal tint the key” people forget what events takes place from last month,500 traffic violations 88 for illegal tint and the violence continues.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr.Baines, thank you for what you and your officers are now doing, which is to take back control of our country from a handful of selfish, vicious thugs. Keep up the good work!

  14. Anonymous says:

    keep targeting the illegally tinted cars!!!… that is the key…

    • Anonymous says:

      Does that include the one that had "Poo" on it, and never indicates? 

      • Night Flyer says:

        W.T.F.You don’t even make sense, did you forget to take your meds today?keep takin da pills.  

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you will find that the post is referring to the Premier’s vehicle. It is heavily tinted. It has no licence plate (now – it used to say POO). He has an 8 foot wall around his house.


          The law says: You cannot have dark tint. You cannot drive without a licence plate. You cannot have an 8 foot wall in a residential area.


          (It also says you need a Trade & Business licence and work permit to be an auctioneer … but so it go…)  

    • Night Flyer says:

      Not all cars with tinted windows are illegal,and its hard to tell the difference,my car has dark tinted windows done at time of manufacture.Good luck on determining who is who.  

      • Anonymous says:

        It should never have been permitted through Customs. You got lucky.

  15. Sarah says:

    NOW we’re beginning to come together as a community – great job everyone!  Let’s keep the information coming in. The more of us that speak up, the less power they have over us.  Thank you to everyone who has taken that first step to tell what you know. You put aside their fears for the greater good – your community applauds you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    "He said the reason why the RCIPS had been able to make so many arrests and charge others in the last few days was because the community was beginning to come forward and reveal genuine information."



    It’s high time we ALL (Caymanians, Expats, family and friends of the criminals) stick together and help return Cayman to the SAFE PLACE we all remember it to be.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Mr Baines we are not concerned abput who is taking over all the Public is asking is that some body do the job Perhaps thats what we need is for some professionals to take over.  These crimes is costing the government alot of monies. First its the Police to be paid helicopter service most of the time, hospital, security at the hospital, representation at the court, and even the cost of their burials. Then after a death social service has to assist with their familys. Fourteen well trained professionals should make a considerable change in the force. We know that all of the Police has been working very hard recently and we take our hats off to them, and pray for them that the good Lord will protect them and their familys.

  18. livingcayman says:

    Long Overdue the Police is finally doing some real Police work, what took them so long to keep the pressure on the Gangs.

    Please keep this pressure up, and repeat, repeat , repeat………….

    This is so much better than harrassing motorist for seatbelts and expired coupons, it is better to see you work this way.

    no go for the thiefs and muggers.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Commissioner Bains,

    Get the K9 units into Ms. Daisy Lane, Birch tree hill, mount pleasant, central, rock hole, town hall cresent, governors harbour, tropical gardens, the skate park … on a very regular basis and sweet that place. 


    Customs Dept, get rid of the approach that we do not need to search Mr. Or Mrs. so and so because "he/she not involved in anything" NO ONE IS AN EXCEPTION IN THESE DAYS and the gangs are constantly recruiting new members-especially those that would not be suspected.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to forget the Boddens Road  the Rock Hole and the Swamp.Need Police on foot Patrol in these areas.

  20. TennisAce says:

    Fantastic effort  Commissioner Baines.  You are doing the right thing and we appreciate that you are keeping us abreast of all that is happening.  In addition kudos to the brave persons who have been calling the police and making information available to them.  You are saving these beautiful Islands one rounded up thug at a time and one phone call at a time.   I join with Commissioner Baines when he says that if you are afraid to go to the police, tell your pastor, tell someone you trust or just do it anonymously, but at the end of the day provide the information and if you know where evidence is, provide the whereabouts of the evidence as well.   The life you save may very well be your own. 

  21. Canada Hockey! says:

    Congrats RCIP! What seemed an horrific mess just a week ago (multiple shooting within days) has been turned on its head.

    And kudos to those brave members of the community who are stepping forward to provide valuable information without which we are hamstrung – may it continue until all the "baddies" are behind bars.

    Be safe Cayman.