UK sets up Chagos Islands marine reserve

| 03/04/2010

(BBC): The UK government has created the world’s largest marine reserve around the Chagos Islands. The reserve would cover a 545,000-sq-km area around the Indian Ocean archipelago, regarded asone of the world’s richest marine ecosystems. This will include an area where commercial fishing will be banned. But islanders, who were evicted to make way for the US air base on the island of Diego Garcia, say a reserve would effectively bar them from returning. UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said establishing the reserve would "double the global coverage of the world’s oceans under protection".

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  1. jacob says:

    I am british and I can tell you that I am in disgust with the greed, corruption, fears, and self-centeredness of my own people in high positions. And what disturbs me so much from this, is that a few rotten apples has made the whole barrel appear that way. There are many good english people, but those in power are not so good. Indeed, the Islanders should be able to return back to their homes being fully compensated. We should have never threaten those people to leave their own homes for a military base. It is a sin which I hang my head down in shame.

  2. Joe Average says:

    Although I have seen it I watched this John Pilger film one more time.  To remind me. 

    I am not a "conspiracy nut" or even an anarchist.  What I do, however, is question.  The question I most often have is how we, as people have allowed atrocities such as this to occur. And, it is so often done in "our name".  Or that is the way it is described to us.  But is it really?  Done in our name?? 

    For many years, I have watched wars take place, people slaughtered, cities bombed, countries overtaken, and listened to the propaganda. It seems to me there is a not only a different agenda, but a different morality, that has allowed this to continue.  One that most of us fortunately don’t possess.

    So how does it take place?  How is it the U.S. can supply Saddam Hussein with jets and armaments and other nations the ingredients for chemical weapons, and then later declare him a danger to the world? 

    Can we do the same with our leaders?  And using our morality, we find they become dangerous to the world and a hazard to us?

    This is where propaganda enters the picture.

    Propaganda depends on filtering, and spinning information, to achieve a certain agenda.   The first stage quite often is to create a "them" and "us" situation, or an "outside threat" which we must be protected against.  It also depends on a willingness to believe without questioning how the threat was assessed to begin with. We depend on the news media for our information and any insights into the conflict.  And, in turn, the ones wanting to take action feed the media and depend on them to deliver the correct message.  The second important stage is to "de-humanize the intended victims" or "enemy."  The corporate media helps with that too because they can edit scenes, or information that we might find "uncomfortable."

    That was the past.

    Now, as people on this thread have pointed out, there are other points of view, and other sources.  Many of these, in fact most are beyond the control of those who want information to be pre-approved and sanitized for mass consumption.  This film is just one example.

    As a for instance, if you had received all of your information about the U.S. invasion of Iraq from Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, you would have drawn the unmistakable conclusion that somehow, Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks of 9/11 and had a connection with Osama Bin Laden.  Which, although he was a tyrant, has proven to be untrue. And admitted to later.  But the invasion had already taken place.  Also, that there were vast stores of weapons of mass destruction and a nuclear missile program.  Both of which were later admitted to be based on "false information."  But again, the invasion had already taken place.

    For more research on how this takes place, check out the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.  Which the U.S. used as the precursor for massive bombing in Hanoi. This attack was later proven to be a hoax.  But the bombing had begun.

    So, where does that leave us? 

    For propaganda to work as designed in a fashion we have to participate.  And in doing so become willing supporters of a particular agenda.  However the agenda and it’s results…and costs… is never quite clearly stated.  Instead, it is couched in terms such as "National Security", a "War on Terror", the "Axis of Evil", etc. 

    In the case of Chagos Islanders, it was called a "Strategic Alliance" to maintain the "Balance of Power."

    But who decided this "strategy"?  And on what grounds?  Was there a threat at that time from the Middle East?  Afghanistan? Who’s alliance was it?  What balance of power?

    Control of Oil?  Control of Opium?  Control of Natural Gas?  Tin?  Copper?

    We have to be very careful.  That we are not fed propaganda depicting some as "terrorists".  While others, on "our side" are free to use the same tactics on a larger scale.  Because they create the same death count and the same "collateral damage".  Or vastly larger when they are proceeding with their agenda.  At this point I’m thinking Napalm.  And we also have to understand one very important point: People, and victims, don’t care who they’re being terrorized by.

    This requires that we re-define "terrorism" from the victims standpoint.

    And, because of what took place in the Chagos Islands with our tacit and ill-informed approval, we need to re-define "Axis of Evil."

    I am not able to see any difference at all.  And, after watching this film you won’t… because, for the people of the Chagos Islands the U.K. and the U.S. were their Axis of Evil.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interestingly, the Chagos Islands were formerly called the OIL ISLANDS

    • Anonymous says:

      I think propaganda entered the picture around the same time as American greed and thirst for power entered…

      And like seen in the film, STEALING A NATION, the Chagossians were ignorant of it all. All they saw were friendly white people who later threatened them to leave the Islands or else they would do to them what they did to their dogs – GAS THEM ALL! 

      It sickens me to hear people try to justify the UK and US actions.

  3. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Firstly, I ask the British Government ( to do the right thing and Let Them Return to their homeland, including Diego Garcia, without the any legal bondage which is designed to ensure their failure.

    Secondly, does Her Majesty The Queen support this utterly disgraceful crusade of her Government to prevent the Chagossians?

    Thirdly, the wording of section 31 and 125 of the “The Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009” ( is designed NOT to protect the Cayman Islands from the British Government.

    Lastly, anyone who supports such an atrocity against the Chagossians or any other people should burn in hell forever.

    • lacy says:

      I stand by you!

      However, I think we will not be heard!  Money drowns out everything – even reason, compassion, and commonsense

    • Dark Angel says:

      08.44 BURN in hell forever wha yr prob dude? No such place as hell or Heaven xcept in your head.  

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        A type of hell is what every British government continues to do the Chagossians since 1960s.

        Do you support the British Government or the Chagossians?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Firstly, I ask the British Government…."

      What makes you think they are listening to you?

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        I’m convinced they will ignore me for now…, but I did my part and reminded them that their continued abuse of power is still deplorable.

        Do you support the British Government or the Chagossians?

    • Asbestos Man says:

      Today the islands are uninhabitable.  The cost of putting basic infrastructure in place is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.  I do not think that letting these people, who received agreed financial compensation, return to live in these islands is the "right thing".   The past is past.

      In the recent UK litigation certain militant Chagossians claimed to have been merely seeking a licence to visit the islands not to remain and live there.  If the UK case was intended as indirect attempt to re-instate settlements on the islands then the case was duplicitious.

      So while I do not agree with what was done in the 1970’s, I do agree with the current policies of the UK government. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously, if everyone thought like you –


      • Shock and Awe says:

        "agreed financial compensation"  ??????

        Did you watch this film??

        "agree with the current policies of the UK government."  ??????

        Have you any idea what you said and what you are now supporting?

        This film wasn’t made-up. It’s actual footage.

        If this had happened in Africa or elsewhere and had been carried out by vicious and unscrupulous warlords would you support their "policies"?


    • Anonymous says:


      Firstly, for them to do that, they would have to close down the largest military overseas base in that region. That’s money and time. Maybe the HERO BARAK OBAMA could make a difference!  lol… yeah right!

      Secondly, if the Lords are involved, the Queen is involved – most definitely!  And it is not like she can’t speak out against it!  She has money and influence – maybe she can try to help these poor BLACK people.

      Thirdly, from my end, everyone knows that the Cayman Islands’ vote for the ratification of the New Constitution, was a hugh mistake!  It was a big blunder of ignorance on the people’s part!  It just reinforced the UK’s stance that she can do whatever she wants to them despite the rights and freedoms of the Islanders.

      Just watch and see "how the lamb will speak like a dragon." XXXX

  4. Shock and Awe says:

    This article is creating much heated debate.  But there is ample evidence the U.K. government and it’s FCO used unscrupulous and unethical tactics to remove an indigenous people (British citizens by the way) from their traditional lands.  And this was admitted to later in the House of Lords.  They were classified, to the world at least. as "migrant fishermen".  Neglecting the fact they had lived there for generations.  In other words a complete lie.  However, for the Chagos Islanders it was far too late.  The houses and schools were burned, boats destroyed and the runways and hangers had been built. 

    Who lives there now that the Chagos Islanders have been displaced?  U.S. military personnel.  In a British Territory??  Correct. 

    Providing one fine example of how the FCO looks after the interests of it’s people in the territories. Except of course, where money and geo-politics are involved.

    But Anonymous 16:21:   There are some people, unfortunately who would rather remain deluded, and have a warm and cuddly fantasy. 

    Take it as a warning if you want.

  5. George says:

    Indeed this –

    is a excellent documentary!

    I encourage all Caymanians to watch it and learn from the mistakes of Chagos Islanders who were too naive to outsiders and the politrix of the FCO.

    And I am appealing for the Ministry of Education to have this documentary film presented in our CLASS ROOMS and in teacher curriculums – so our young people can be educated not just American and English way of thinking!

    Maybe Roy Bodden can take this film into consideration as well. I would like to see CNS support this endeavor.

    If you folks agree with me, rate this comment thumbs up

    THANK YOU :o)

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent video showing how abusive and crooked the UK is towards their Overseas Territories. 

      The UK considers us their "property" to serve their interest at all times regardless of any negative consequnecies to us.

      Inform yourself about the UK dictatorial regime.

    • lacy says:

      When I watched this video and saw the same English group swiming in their waters, it just reminded me on how the MET team swam in our waters some yearsago at Rum Point 

      People, I still believe – they were here to create a CORRUPTION CASE against these Islands. So that like the Turks and Cacois Islands they and Governor Jack could have declared FULL BRITISH RULE!  That way – our financial records would have been completely in their hands!

      Always, before their sinister plots, they swim in our seas and take what they can take, and expect our leaders not to conjure up CONSPIRACY THEORIES against them. I don’t blame when the Premier assumes too much!


  6. Anonymous says:

    The people of the Chagos Islands are desparate for support from the other UK Overseas Territories. Here is a website that provides further information on what each of us can do.

    Please do all that you can.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The remaining native Chagos Islanders and their generations should  appeal to the  world through news organizations, tell their stories in every forum that they can daily not only on the BBC, go to CBS 60 Minutes, CNN, every reputable new organizations. Get boats make the journey home and have the entire world watch as they take back their country.  Let’s see what the world would do.  I hate to believe that the world would or could turn a blind eye towards this.  One just have to see what Ghandi did in India, Mandela in South Africa.  This will continue to happen to the people of the Chagos Islands if they are not willing to die for their cause and good men and women continue to do nothing. 

    Can you imagine what would happen the world over if the Government of these islands would enforce a law that said no dogs are allowed and those that are here now would have to go. Have we tried to assist these people in anyway,did we set up a fund to help them in anyway? I bet my bottom dollar the overwhelming answer is NO, we will only speak about their plight because we believe the same can happen to us,  our silence speaks volumes.  Instead Caymanians and the rest of the world care more about about aminals not having a home than thousands of people who have no home as a result of being forced from their country and homes.

  8. Anonymous For Cause says:

    I agree with the first poster.  While I do not think that everyone in the UK Government aims to bring down the Cayman Islands, I do firmly believe that most decisions are made with the UK interests given priority over Cayman Islands interests and it is the same with most BOTC’s.  Fair enough you may say, but here is another reality check, if the UK interests are strong enough the decision is made in the best interests of the UK regardless of what may be in the best interests of the Cayman Islands. 

    Previous to the famous/infamous "Patnership for Peace and Prosperity" (sounds almost like a Soviet era piece of double speak),  the UK’s attention was primarily focussed elsewhere (facilitating the Americans in the Chagos Islands,  Hong Kong, etc).  Its a new game now and they have far too much time on their hands.  I don’t have the answer, but one thing is for sure we will do better if we are vigilant and have a well thought strategy which also allows us to be nimle and agile when required.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Patnership for Peace and Prosperity" should be "Partnership for Progress and Prosperity" but I take your point.

  9. Anonymous says:

    CNS I think this article can be used to misrepresent the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. You should not post articles like this.

    A Warning

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right the UK will never do anything like that here so what’s the point in printing this I wonder.  To those who would like for these islands to go for independence "Native Caymanians" say "NO" we will forever remain "British" and "Tax Free".

      • Anonymous says:

        Wake up pleeeeeze!

        The British do want to tax us!!!


        • frank rizzo says:

          The UK does not want to tax us, they want us to tax ourselves.  I think a lot ofus are missing that point.  If we want government services, then we all have to pay our way.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sorry to tell you Frank, the City of London controllers of the UK Government have ordered the controlling of the Cayman Islands International Business Center activity.

            Why, we are too much compettition to them!

            the Neocolonial model – economic Colonialism!

            • leslie says:

              THANK YOU!

              Like the Chagos for military gain, they are using us for their economic gain.


    • Anonymous says:

      Read stealing an Island and digest it. Is any one afraid of the truth?

  10. peter milburn says:

    Would like to see Little Cayman fully protected as well as what other areas we have now.Hard for some to understand the reasons behind these comments but I say it is not for me but for all of the young people out there who represent our future generations.So for you posters who have children remember them if nothing else.for it is their future you have to be looking out for not your own.

    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      Well said, Peter.  I don’t understand these comments either.  But then I don’t understand dredging the North Sound or floating bars at Stingray City.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do some research about what befell the Chagos Islanders and the comments will be crystal clear to you. The point is that the British Govt. are just being disingenuous about marine conversation there.  It is a fig leaf to hide the dirty objective of preventing the Chagossians from returning.  

  11. Bobby Anonymous says:

    I am sure they were well compensated for moving. I am not sure that "English" is the correct term, maybe you mean "British" and that would put you in that catagory my fellow Caymanian.

    Over a period of seven years 3000 islanders were moved from the 11 square mile island to make way for a strategic US air force base.

    Should origional islanders be allowed to return? Yes, I would say so, but what happens when their children and their childrens children all want to be there?

    The Island cannotsustain that many people. It will end up like Cayman. Over populated by people that you cannot move and the environment getting torn apart.



    • Anonymous says:

      A very ignorant comment you made, Bobby

      I suggest you learn more about these people and what being fair is all about. THIS HAS TO DO WITH JUSTICE!


    • Anonymous says:

      If you had bothered to ensure you actually had adequate information to comment before posting you would know that they were not "well compensated for moving".

      Trying to lump Caymanians in with the British Govt. is of course ridiculous.

    • Hard Truth says:

      Hey Bobby…what gives you the confidence to think I am a Caymanian?  How do you even know I live in the Cayman Islands?  Pretty dumb to make that assumption friend.

      It shows what type of mindset people have on this website. 

      You need to check yourself bro and add something of use.  Believe you me, I know why I am using the term English.  It’s out of respect for my Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish friends who have the misfortune of being lumped into all things ‘British’. 

      If you studied history you would know why too.


      • Caymanian 2 da Bone says:

        So what nationality is the current Prime Minister of Britain and the the Chancellor of the Exchequer? mmm yep that’s right Scottish.

        Looks like the Scots signed off on this latest move then doesn’t it

        That is why they are lumped as British

        Perhaps you should study current affairs a little more


        • White Van Man says:

          But if David Miliband signed off as Foreign Secretary since he is a polish immigrant then the problem lies with those foreigners again doesn’t it? 

    • leslie says:

      "I am sure they were well compensated for moving…"

      lol… sorry… you just crack me up… never laugh like this for a long time… you are so naive… 🙂

  12. Shock and Awe says:

    Thanks for inserting a comment CNS, and reporting this the way it is.  It’s about time people woke up and realized what really happened. 

    The U.K. (those defenders of the rights of fish)  traded the Chagos Islanders and their homeland for a deal on Trident nuclear submarines. 

    In exchange: the U.S. was allowed to build an airbase for future incursions into the Middle East.  Sorry, no matter how hard they try, they can’t spin this one.

  13. M says:


    I encourage you to watch the documentary of the CHAGOS ISLANDERS.

    This site:

    CNS please don’t delete this because of the controversy it may spark!  Let truth be told and let ignorant Caymanians see for themselves from this site, how the UK through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has undermined it own overseas citizens, and can do it again…

    These people who lived for generations on the Chagos Islands, were expelled from their homes so the UK and the United States governments could turn their Islands into military bases. The clear reason for the military base, is American power and its self given role to dominate.

    It just shows you the kind of people we are dealing with when we shake hands with the FCO. Now, this marine reserve is to ensure that the people of the Chagos are forever expelled from returning to their home land. The Islands will become protected! Fishing banned!


    Yet we shake hands with them and think that they really care about us!

    They have even sent representatives here to our Islands, to comfort us that they have no conspiracy plans against the Cayman Islands in trying to make us look like the Turks and Cacois Islands. REMEMBER GOVERNOR JACK AND THE CORRUPTION PROBE!  Please don’t forget, my people.  And now we are hearing from them that we should tax, which I well know, will destroy our financial industry and run our UK clients back to the UK. These sound like conspiracies we may conjure up and talk about. 

    Nevertheless… Caymanians we still need to be on our guard.

    I think the biggest mistake we have made thus far, was the approval of our NEW CONSTITUTION. I think we rushed the process and we could have had a little more say in our governance so to represent us, Caymanians.

    Let us pray for our leaders.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Be careful what you ask for. This actually has nothing to do with environmental considerations. This is all about political positioning to try to justify the genocide of the Chagossian people whose seas the UK is busy legislating for.  

    No one asked the Chagos Islanders if they wanted to be forcibly removed from their homeland and dumped in the shanty towns of a foreign country to die in poverty. No one asked the Chagossian fishermen whether they wanted their future livelihoods eliminated, (assuming that the UK ever allows them to go back to their homes). Is that what you want for the people of Cayman?


  15. whodatis says:

    And there we have it folks…animals and marine life have yet again proven to hold more value to the UK than Brown and Black skinned members of its own "citizens".

    (Watch the online documentary entitled: "Stealing a Nation" )

    I’m tired of saying this – wake up Cayman … WAKE UP!

    Truth is truth.

    ** Note: This despicable crime against humanity was carried out by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) arm of the British regime – how you like ‘dem apples?

    (Oh yeah … standing by for the comment-less "thumbs downs".)

  16. Anonymous says:

    You do realize every human would be removed, or were you being ironic?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oceans being protected – right. The hypocricy and bold faced lies of the British government are without limit. 

    The reality which all people in the Cayman Islands and around the world should be made aware of is that the Chagos Islanders are currently appealing their genocide and forced removal from their homeland to the European Court of Human Rights. The UK knows that the ECHR is likely to decide against the UK’s forced deportation of the Chagos Islanders from their homeland. So what does the UK do. It comes up with this b*(&***t scheme intended to remove the ability of the Chagos Islanders who traditionally fished and farmed for a living to feed themselves if the ECHR rules that they should be allowed to go home.

    Anyone who has not seen the short documentary on what is really going in relation to the Chagos Islands ought to take a look at the following:

    The British Government  will stop at nothing to screw over the people of the Chagos Islands. May all involved in this mockery of justice burn in HELL and I do not mean the one in West Bay. 

  18. Hard Truth says:

    Typical of the English.  They always care more about animals and nature than people.  They commit cultural and social genocide then come with this environmental charade to try and cover over their multitude of sins.

    While it’s certainly beneficial for the environment, it says nothing about the plight of the displaced Chagonians. 

    Wake me up when the UK finally does the right thing, for the right reasons.  XXXXX  Their treatment of the Chagonians is immoral, unethical and indefensable.  ‘Might makes right’ still rules the day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you read the article again and try to engage your clearly limited mental capacity.  As it states, the islanders were originally evicted by the US, not the UK (or "English" as you ignorantly refer to them).

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not the poster you are responding to, but if you are going to be arrogant and rude you should at the minimum ensure that you are right.   

        1. Nowhere did the article state that the islanders were evicted by the U.S. as indeed they were not. Instead it states "the former residents of the islands, who were evicted from the British overseas territory between 1967 and 1971 to make way for the US Air Force base on the largest island, Diego Garcia". Perhaps you should read it again, and this time slowly and carefully.

        2. If you had bothered to research the issue you would clearly understand that the Islands were British and therefore only the British could have evicted the Islanders as indeed they did through cruel deception and trickery. 

        Why do some people feel obliged to post before actually having any knowledge or understanding of the subject?     

        • Hard Truth says:

          As usual, the English can’t admit when they are wrong.  Don’t worry mate, just like the poster who responded to you, I would be embarrassed and probably in denial if my country did such a horrible thing…especially when I was brainwashed all my life to believe that my countrymen were superior beings incapable of falibility.

          In fact, the average Englishman probably sees nothing wrong with what happened in the Chagos Islands.  Afterall it’s their divine right to do whatever they want with "their" territory and the "useless natives" that they happened to find there. 

          Like I said in an earlier post, might still makes right.  In this case, they are too great and too big to apologize and do the right thing for the Chagonians.  Instead they will hide behind every law, convention and their non-existent constitution…especially since there is no such thing as a moral law…Right?

          That’s good old England for you; DISGUSTING!

    • Quibbles and dips says:

      The Chagossians entered into a financial settlement and received compensation for past perceived wrongs.  What was necessary at the height of the cold war should not be judged by today’s standards. 

      Those Islands are uninhabitable now and the UK government has decided that is not in the interests of the UK to repopulate them.  That is the UK’s right in respect of any UK territory.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is precisely this sort of arrogance and ignorance that causes concern. "Perceived wrongs"?! It doesn’t get any more wrong than that. How funny it is that huma rights are forgotten when the interests of black and brown people are at stake.

      • Bodden says:

        Quibbles, you need to continue quibbling your nonsense…

  19. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if this cannot  be done here.  This would be great for our diving and tourism.


    • Anonymous says:

      Before you agree with what the UK has done with the Chagos Islands…youtube it and see thedocumentaries for yourself.  This should be an example for all British Overseas Territorities that the UK will NEVER put the interest of those people before its own. What happened to the Chagos natives was a travesty to say the least.  It was the systematic eradication of a people and their culture.

      And for the record, we have several marine park areas and zones around all three islands, however we need to increase the amount of patrolling done in those areas to reduce the amount of poaching that occurs all year round.  If people keep taking conchs, lobsters and fish as they feel whenever they are out on the boat, is it any wonder that fishermen have to go out to 200 mile bank to get "fresh" seafood?