Selita leads ladies to victory and wins for charity

| 05/04/2010

(CNS): Cayman’s very own supermodel secured $20,000 for her chosen charity on the latest episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice when the women’s team won the challenge with Selita Ebanks as project manager. The two teams were tasked with creating a 3-D display to promote Universal Studio’s new Harry Potter attraction and despite being separated from her team as part of the challenge Ebanks did a sterling job using technology to communicate with them. Ex governor Rod Blagojevich who was called on to act as the project manager for the guys found the communication a little more challenging and led to the men being defeated for the third time in a row.

Donald Trump fired the ex-governor after he struggled to handle the communication. On a previous episode, Blagojevich had already demonstrated his lack of technological prowess and on Sunday’s (4 April) show, he had trouble sending text messages and e-mailing.
After receiving their task the project managers were separated from their teams and put on a plane to Florid. Selita got right on the task watching the CD given to them outlining the challenge, multiple times, taking notes, making sketches and preparing documents to send through her phone the minute the plane landed. The governorhowever struggled to turn on the lap top.
Following a short meeting with the executives from Universal the project managers began communicating with their teams. Ebanks clearly had a plan in place and passed solid information to the team back in New York. Blagojevich selected Curtis Stone as the communications person and Bret Michaels in charge of design and creative properties and told him, “..use your best judgment..”It was no surprise that the women came out way on top.
Ebanks’ success at the helm as project manager is not only a boost for Shine on Sierra Leone charity, but it will also stand her in good stead as the game progresses. The longer the Victoria’s Secret supermodel can stay on the hit show, the better exposure she will get. With the men’s team down to 4 members Trump may decide to re-shape the teams in the next episode which airs Sunday, 9:00 p.m. on NBC.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Selita MARRY MEEEEEE!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    CARIFTA track and field and swimming success, Selita’s Apprentice success. Let’s bask in the glow of a positive week for young Caymanian role models instead of violence. Congratulations to them all!

    • Big Guy says:

      Agree completely, there is way too much emphasis on negatives in the cayman islands.  We need to reward and acknowledge our own when positive things are done throughout the community.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Well done Selita! You go girl 🙂 I so see true Caymanian traits in you – you make us proud!

  4. "Green Idea" says:

    As far as I recall this young lady has offered assistance to children right here at home.  How many took the time to recognise her efforts.  The time we take putting down our own, we should be proud that they chose to rise above, the negative criticisims and hardships.  With pride and determination Selita, chose to move away from Cayman to better herself.  We as a people should recognize and not critisize.  

    How many "wealthy" Caymanians have offered or given support in mentoring children who may be from broken homes, or just too poor to acquire their daily needs.  This lady worked her way up the ladder and she is where she is today, because of hard-work and dedication. Others should take a page out of her book and emulate to improving themselves.

    When you work hard in achieving what you want from life, you learn to appreciate it more.



  5. A. Colin Panton says:

    I watched the episode last Sunday night with great pride in the fact that our very own Selita was chosen to participate in the first place and especially that she led her team so professionally to a win over their male opponents.

    I do not know Selita personally but know a bit about her family and, may I say, apparently modest upbringing. That alone should be reason for praise from all Caymanians, as well as the fact that she will be a source of encouragement and inspiration to her peers.

    Her choice of a Charity does not concern me. There maybe other occasions when Cayman will benefit.

    Well done Selita and best wishes in all your future endeavours.


    Colin Panton

    (Duane’s Father)


  6. CaymanLover says:

    Congrats Selita, job well done!

  7. Anonymous says:

     How pathetic the under-dogs can be.  Is it that some of us, are so begrudgeful and have so much hate in our hearts that, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

    It is her choice to give to whichever charity she so chooses.  Go girl, aim high.  You make your country proud.

    • Anonymous says:

      Selita makes us proud! TRUE Caymanians love her & we are pleased for her success! Congratulations Selita, we are praying for you until the very end. YOU ARE A TRUE CAYMANIAN WINNER!

    • CuriousP says:

       Thankyou!!!!…what XXXXX me off is when Selita was walking around barefoot in windsor park nobody never gave a flying F about her now that she is a huge model (which she did on her own) now everybody have stuff to say…I swear Caymanians can be so self righteous!..I can say that cuz i am one!!..Its for charity for God sakes who cares for what!…she owes no one anything…Get a life

      • Isabella Reyes Flores says:

        The hatred among caymanians and foreign nationals making stupid remarks will never end.

  8. West Bayer says:

    I was very proud to watch Selita last night. She was eloquent and professional!

    I too however agree, that I wish she had chosen a local charity. But that being said, she made me proud.

    Good job to a beautiful CAYMANIAN woman!

    • West Bayer says:

      Just saw that she had to choose a u.s. based charity (now it makes sense)- my apologies to Selita. And I still remain proud of you!

      Go girl – do your thing – you have my utmost respect.

      Hey, maybe you could ask V.S. to bring down a show here or at least a store!!! 🙂

  9. Wondering minds want to know says:

     One would have thought that she would have chosen a local charity, a lot of the other celebrities support the african nations.  There are many children here that go without food, shoes etc.  She of all people should know that, seeing as how she grew up mostly walking barefooted.


    Otherwise, good job Selita keep it up!!

  10. Shut down the Internets! says:

    The Governor can’t use email?  Can’t communicate long distance?  And doesn’t know how to turn on a laptop? 

    Has he thought of becoming Premier?  Because as a matter of record:


    Our Premier has to fly business class, stay in fine hotels, and rent limos, to talk with someone. 

    In the 21st century that’s a little expensive and a little unnecessary.

    Go Selita. 

    Show ’em how it’s done!  You have to use both sides of your brain.