Drug council issues SOS for volunteers

| 08/04/2010

(CNS): The National Drug Council (NDC);the body responsible for the oversight of the country’s anti-drug strategy has issued an urgent call for 35 additional volunteer fieldwork assistants to help with the Cayman Islands Student Drug Use Survey (CISDUS) 2010. The work will begin on the morning of Tuesday 13 April and the NDC says it needs more hands on deck to help start the interviews with students the first of which will be at schools between 11:15am to 12:45pm.

The NDC explained that the survey will be carried out by qualified staff and professional research and information officers using statistical software and data entry apparatus. It is the 6th cycle of the Cayman Islands Student Drug Use Survey, the last of which was carried out in 2006.
The survey aims to gain a better understanding of drug use among middle and high school students in the Cayman Islands, to track changes and patterns in alcohol and drug use to inform the development and strengthening of prevention programmes.
If you would like to volunteer please contact us on 949-9000 or email info@ndc.ky
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem with the Vision 2008 ideas is that 2008 was over before they decided to look at the report.

    If those in authority had carried out 20% of the recommendations in the Vision 2008 report this island would not be in such a mess now.

    You fail to plan, you plan to fail,same result, this is what has happened to Cayman over the past 30 years, Failure to Plan, listen and learn for others examples, good and bad.

    Do consider the time that you sent on Vision 2008 a total loss maybe they will still revisit the plan and will be able to put some of the wonderful suggestions into practice. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just a question to the NDC – have you ever looked at the Vision 2008 ideas on ‘Zero Tolerance of Drugs and Crime’?

    This was done by residents on the island who sacrificed many, many hours, nights, months on the study and don’t know if  NDC have ever looked at it. They [NDC] spent time doing another study since that – what’s with all this wasted time and money??  People seem to volunteer their time in vain!!

    • Tolerance says:

      Zero tolerance does not work simply because people like using drugs too much.  Banning them completely only results in massive profits for criminals.  Zero tolerance of drugs is probably the single biggest reason for so many shootings in Cayman over the last few years.

      This may disturb middle class parents, but accept reality your children are much more likely to be smoking joints or doing lines than you think.

      • Anonymous says:


        To: Submitted by Tolerance (not verified) on Fri, 04/09/2010 – 07:47.

        You are missing the whole point. Drugs, when abused, destroys the brain cells and our whole out-look on life. Go take a look at the Cocaine addict or any other addict and study their behaviour. 

        Your statement: "Zero tolerance of drugs is probably the single biggest reason for so many shootings in Cayman over the last few years."

        What world are you living in? Most of these shootings were done by people who could get all the drugs they wanted!! Please don’t blame this on ‘Zero tolerance’.  Their brains are so messed up that they only think of evil and revenge. Please pray to GOD that your loved ones don’t get hooked on drugs!!