SPIT cops back with full time RCIPS contracts

| 11/04/2010

(CNS): Police have confirmed that a number of former UK police officers who have worked in Cayman before “in specialist roles” have been employed by the RCIPS but have not confirmed if Richard Oliver is the new head of the police anti-corruption unit. Oliver worked with the special police investigation team (SPIT) on the discredited Operation Tempura and the unresolved Operation Cealt and was involved with the prosecution of Deputy Commissioner Rudy Dixon. He reportedly also played a role in the case against Lyndon Martin. Both Dixon and Martin were found not guilty in trials last year. Dennis Walkington, another member of SPIT, is also understood to have been offered a permanent position within the RCIPS.

The two retired UK officers are believed to have worked with controversial senior investigating officer Martin Bridger (above) when he was still in Cayman and were recruited to SPIT via BGP Global services, a firm which, according to a special report by the auditor general’s office, had been recommended by Bridger and which received more than $1/2 million from the Cayman government.
Following reports on News 27 on Friday night, CNS was able to confirm through other sources that Oliver and Walkington have been offered positions with the RCIPS but the police refused to name any of the newly recruited officers from the UK who have been offered contracts.  
“The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has recently undertaken an overseas recruitment campaign to secure the services of specialist officers for specific departments within the force. A number of people from Canada, Jamaica, Barbados and the UK were interviewed and some have been offered contracts,” an RCIPS spokesperson said.
However, the RCIPS did indicate that an unspecified number of the recruits had worked in Cayman before. Falling short of admitting they were part of SPIT, the spokesperson added,  “Some of the officers appointed have previously worked with the RCIPS in specialist roles. It would not be force policy to discuss contract details of specific employees or to confirm if named individuals have been offered employment by the RCIPS.” 
Walkington and Oliver, who worked for BGP, were retained by the RCIPS as consultants following Bridger’s departure and continued to work on the prosecution cases against Martin and Dixon.
Neither of the men were part of the original Bridger team that came from Scotland Yard in September 2007, triggering Operation Tempura and eventually costing the Cayman tax payer well over $6 million, but came to Cayman after September 2008. The two BGP consultants, along with several other former and retired UK cops, worked with SPIT on the information they had allegedly collected about corruption, which was later renamed by the acting commissioner at the time, Jim Smith, as Operation Cealt.
BGP Consultancy, a specialist private firm made up of ex-police officers from Scotland Yard, was, according to the auditor general’s report, paid $585,700 for what were described as “debrief services”.
As a result of their direct connection to the tainted Operation Tempura investigation and the ongoing matter of Operation Cealt, CNS understands that some officers within the RCIPS have some genuine concerns about the decision to employ these two men.
Public sentiment regarding the cost, the nature of the investigation, the behaviour of some of the officers as revealed in the tabloid press in the UK, and the failure of the investigations to reveal any corruption, despite more than two years work, could mean this decision may turn out to be something of a PR error for the RCIPS at a time when it is in desperate need of the community’s support.  

Operation Tempura began in the Cayman Islands when the former governor, Stuart Jack, announced the presence of Scotland Yard in Cayman in March 2008. The then police commissioner Stuart Kernohan, the deputy commissioner Rudolph Dixon and a chief superintendent John Jones were suspended from their jobs and places on required leave. 

The investigation began as a result of suspicions by employees of Cayman Net News that their boss, Desmond Seales, was in a corrupt relationship with Deputy RCIPS Commissioner Anthony Ennis. SPIT said Ennis was exonerated early in their investigation but the UK cops continued to investigate what they said were both unrelated and related matters of potential corruption. The investigations resulted in the unlawful arrest of a local judge, the arrest of former police inspector Burman Scott, the sacking of Kernohan and failed prosecutions against Dixon and Lyndon Martin, a former Net News employee.

Jones was given his job back last year and cleared of suspicion but despite the not guilty verdict at his trial last year, Dixon remains on required leave on full pay. Both Kernohan and Scott  have filed suits against the RCIPS and the SPIT officers claiming significant damages, which have yet to be settled.

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  1. anonymus says:

    I hope Mr. Dixon sues and gets his millions too! its time Caymanians walk out of the courtroom compensated with millions of dollars just like the UK nationals!

  2. Anonymous turtle meat says:

    THE BRITISH BOBBIES ARE COMING   i was shocked at 5 am this morning that there are (14) english policemen coming over to work for (6) weeks.  The commissioner has said that they are needed to help the officers that have been working so hard lately.   now can somebody tell me what sence do it make for these officers, to come for this amount of time.by the time they are getting use to the place they will have to go back. i also understand that the hotel bill will be in the range of (60,ooo)dollars. yet the country is broke. what a joke.there is also a list of officers that has retired from the force for some reason or another and this commissioner do not want them there, look officers he will be getting rid of you all to find space for his english officers.even if they are retired or not. it sames that every suggestion that this man go to donnie and france with they accept it .   now tell me if it is fair for this to happen. every english officer that want to come here will be coming, but a caymanian cannot stay in the service.  if this is true what an injustice.   CNS CAN YOU INVESTIGATE AND REPORT BACK TO US PLEASE.   the goverment said during the election that caymanian would be first

  3. British Bulldog says:

    This is such a retrograde step. Just as the RCIP seemed to be improving its image with the public and the new Commissioner getting favorable reviews – along with UK relationships seemingly off to a fresh start with the new governor, now this.

    Advice to both gentlemen : "Use your loaf and forget this foolishness!"

  4. West Bayer says:

    I don’t think the MAJOR problem is these gentlemen returning. I think the MAJOR problem are the corrupt cops we have now!!

    Corruption in RCIP has been a long standing problem in these islands and it is manifesting more and more and day by day.

    I for one have witnessed first hand their ways of "policing’ and it has nothing to do with justice!! It’s a "who yah know" way of running things.

    So my advice to the people…..be prepared to kiss plenty bumkee to get out of jail "free". Maybe offer them some of your air miles. Ever wonder why the big spenders have clean records??? Go figure.

    Hope these new cops find the REAL corruptor’s in RCIP and expose them…..cuz the gangsters know who they are.


  5. superman says:

    the old boys’ club lives one, either oblivious to the fact that they are despised, or totally uncaring.  either/or, unacceptable.

    • anonymus says:

      all you morons talking about independence and Jamaica etc.

      Don’t you know these party finatics will put guns in the hands of hooligans too?

      Independence means a civil war, No country has ever gotten independence without blood shed so stop the nonsense.

  6. livingcayman says:

    The Cayman Islands has got to Be Fool Fool. What are they taking us for idiots, it looks that way wether it be bad or good.  Whatever is thrown on our way by anyone we just sit and take it. 

    Commissioner Baines should be for one trying to distance himself from anyone dealing with SPIT, why would he want to hire persons involved with SPIT.

  7. gofishgo says:

    Ummm… under the Constitution the UK’s Governors has every right to do as they please

  8. SPITting Mad says:

    Better cut a few more Caymanians out from the Civil Service, because we’ll need the money in the treasury to settle the next round of lawsuits.  How could this be happening?

    • Anonymous says:

      BLAME THE UDP! The UDP were extremely quick to blame any actions by the RCIPS on the PPM government when they were the government. The PPM refused to pay any more money for further investigations, yet the UDP voted to give more. These investigating officers are the same ones that the PPM were not happy with. "Oh what a tangled web we weave," the UDP are now the government & these disgraced officers are recalled to the RCIPS. I say, the same way the UDP liked to blame the PPM, well the shoe is now on the other foot & this joke is taking place under the UDP, so BLAME THE UDP! They are a bunch of jokers. Why would they allow this to happen? It is a shame & disgrace! OUT WITH THE UDP! "Spit in the sky & it fall in yaeye"!!!!

  9. Stuck for an Answer says:

    Ex-SPIT cops versus Caymanian Wanksters…

    If it comes down to a genuine shoot-out, who do you cheer for?

  10. Anon says:

    I was shocked to read the headlines SPIT cops back. Then I read the article and my shocked deepened when I found out that they had never left!

    • Anonymous says:

      At least they are accurately named "SPIT Cops" cause that’s what they are doing they Spit on our so called leaders, and then they leaders jumps up and yells with a big smile.. AGAIN!

  11. Anonymous says:

    OMG what in the world is these people thinking  about after these same people cost this country how many millions of dollars in damage for crap that they cost i hope they are hiring them back to pay us the people of this country back . What is these people thinking about one min you hear that the government is BROKE and where civil servants need to find a way to cut cost but then all you can hear that they are hiring left right and centre for some one thats broke how on Gods green earth can you continue doing this. Its either you broke or your not but to bring back these two gentlemen that couldnt do what they where brought to do in the first place and give them a job shame on who ever  hired them but is guess the saying goes its always good to have friends in high places.

  12. anonymus says:


    Big Mac if the Commissioner is going to make these kinds IRRATIONAL, and questionable kinds of decisions in re-hiring these controversial  UK former RCIP officers, then  its now time to REPLACE HIM.

    Such bad judgment on the part of the commissioner means only problems for the community, the RCIP, the Judiciary; and the Legislature.

    We expected better of a Commissioner of Police.

    Just because he’s the Comm. of police that does not give him the License to DO AS HE PLEASE!  even if it destroys our society.





    • LaLa LooLoo says:

      I feel sorry for the Leader, because this is just as bad as the shootngs every day, or I would say worse.

  13. anonymus says:

    Is Commissioner Baines for real?

    Is this how he plans on solving crime.  does he think he does not need the help of the community any longer by throwing the people under the bus!

    That’s what he will be doing if he brings back these officers that are not only controversial but untrusted and unwelcome!


    This will halt and destroy any relationship built between RCIP and the community of recent.

  14. anonymus says:

    Mr. Dixon is on required leave to make room to hire a senior UK Officer that is unrequired!  its an excuse to bu;mp our own competent police, and hold them back from the position of Commissioner of police! for which they are duly qualified.

    GIVE MR. DIXON BACK HIS JOB! and stop messing up his good name. We live and grew up with him, he is a good man. Re-instate him.



    • LaLa LooLoo says:

      Try hush all Caymanians do is talk talk talk, lets see who got the Balls to start a stand  up marh on this.

      • Anonymous says:

        So true, the amount of times i herd CAYMANIANS STANDUP!, CAYMANIANS UNITE! CAYMANAINS LETS MARCH!, then when you look out the window for the protesters all you can see are tourist takign pictures fo the town clock.

        • kiss says:

          Maybe it is because Caymanians are scared of Independence and want their generations to remain under the UK without Representation

          • Anonymous says:

            I certainly hope Caymanians are scared of independence.  Our people are some of the most intelligent in the world.  Stop and think!!!  We have it good now.  If we have independence forced upon us, we lose our status of being one of the few tax-free jursdictions left in the world.  Get independence and watch the departure of people from these islands,  We have enjoyed popularity over the past 50 years, not only because of our beaches and diving, but because of the fact that the wealthy people come here to build and develop because we do not have taxes.  Right now Caymanians cannot afford to buy groceries the way we used to.  What do you think will happen when we get independence.  Salaries will fall because employers have to pay taxes.  WITH INDEPENDENCE COMES TAXATION.  My family and myself have an out.  We are Caymanian/Americans, but choose to remain here because of the fact that our Government used to be stable and there was no taxation.  Prices were higher here, but we felt it was worth it to be able to sleep at night and not have to worry.  Now we have had to arm all our doors with alarms because of the increasing violent crime.  Maybe we need to sit down and make decisions that will not only hard, but very painful to us and that is to leave Cayman.

            Scared to remain here in Cayman.

  15. anonymus says:

    Things arn’t going to get worse, The RCIP commissioner must have eaten too much fried fish and chips!

    He bloody well knows this proposed idea to bring in these red herrings  isn’t going to be vetted very well.

  16. Da Bracstter says:

     More Canadians more Jamaicans more Barbadians How about this More Caymanians You know we have been here done that and we have seen the current outcome the RCIPS is fill to the brim with these people minus Canadians and in senior leadership My question is honestly What the dickens have we gotten out of it but more serious problems. Just becauseTempura didn’t find Corruption does not mean it was not there we the people know better.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhh NO!

  18. Watler says:

    lol.. I am not surprise at all… 

    Typical FCO agents!  The UK’s government has slapped Caymanians in the face again, and will continually do so, because of who they are…

    See http://www.mazalien.com/stealing-a-nation-chagos-islands.html

    Our New Constitution, Cayman’s biggest mistake yet – was cleverly worded to ensure that the Governors and FCO authority can override the will of the Caymanian people if they should ever see fit. Also go contrary to the United Nations Charter on Non Self Governing Territories if they have to. 

    See Constitution of the Cayman Islands 2009, Section 31,32, 33, 125…

    It is all about greed, power and using Caymanians for their "interest."

    Nothing will change and people are talking Independence.  They are scared now, so they will suck everything from us to make us lame, use every scare tactic before we ever wake and take things on our own.

    It is scary, but do you expect to be a lazy child for Mother UK all the days of your life???


  19. Bodden says:

    I don’t understand!

    And we are suppose to be decreasing the expenses of Government operations, decreasing duties and fees so the private sector could keep their prices or fees down.



    Here we go again…

  20. superman says:

    no surprise here…

  21. Raffaele says:

    Welcome home byes to the land of Expats and the home of the coward who will moan and groan all day yet did or will do very little to abate the terrible injustices and corruption that has gone on for years, so long that it feels like it part of our non-existing Cayman Culture, Hush up now hush up i say Cayman gives these boys a real down home welcome, they will fit right in with the rest of these pirates of the  NW Caribbean aaaaaarrrrrrrrr matey welcome aboard the "Gunfire" where no honest citizenry can make it out alive

  22. Anonymous says:

     It is a shame that when they look for outside help they conveniently leave the US cops out.  I am in 100% support of training Caymanians (not Jamaicans, Barbadians, etc), but Caymanians for the job, but only if the UK would let their grip go of this OT.  Bring in US cops that actually deal with gangs, give them a 2 year contract, require them to train at least 5 Caymanians, and they will go home happy, made a little bit of money and lived in this great island.  Come on, get the UK out of here, they haven’t helped, won’t help and constantly are running you into the ground because of their "maternal" instinct.  Come on Cayman, look for those that will train Caymanians in real policing.

  23. kmanprophet says:

    The english commissioner that colonising the RCIP by putting all of his english friends in key positions, wow…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Somebody pinch or slap me please.

    I must be dreaming.

    This can not be real.

    Talk about stuffing our feet down our throats.

    Well RCIPS, I was beginning to see you through a different window, but now I am right back to where my journey began.

  25. Shaft says:

    Am not telling them a gad-dam thing now – if that’s the case!

    • LaLa LooLoo says:

      Me nedda!!!

      • anonymus says:

        What Caymanians should be concerned about is:

        WHO IS THE NEW TARGET to be destroyed. If they need the expertise of these former UK cops that only cost us millions of dollars, and no one found guilty. Then they’re not using them to catch the gangsters.

        Put your thinking caps on.  This don’t look good.

        Who do they have a hard on for this time?

  26. Qizz says:

    I am glad that these men can use their local knowledge to come back and be of public service. 

  27. Solar says:

    we need to hire Trinty who was too sucessful in cleaning up the thugs in jamaica so they put him on leave

    • anonymus says:



      Do you think you are going to get the full co-operation of the public if you re-open this wound by bringing back these type of former UK police that have left this government, our courts systems, and our citizens in hpheaval?

      Think again.

      Rethink your plans your plans to do this injustice to us again please.

      Mckeeva and Gov. Taylor you can’t be serious to allow this Commissioner to bring back these cops that have let us on an investigation ‘TO NO WHERE!

      We have no more money to waste so this won’t work.

      We have the best former cops right here in our Island.

      Stop trying to find excuses to bring in your buddies.

      • LaLa LooLoo says:

        Dont tell them a dam thing.  Lock your doors when they want information about anything.

  28. Annoymous says:

    Is this for real? This must be a "hoax."

    Mr Premier and all the Government, please do not allow these people back into Cayman…they come here on "vacation" and bring their own dirty laundry with them.

    We do need outside help I agree, but not these people, where will the funds come from? 


    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Governor, not Mr. Premier, you should be pleading with the unelected branch of government.

  29. Anonymous says:

     Get ready for round two!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Clearly this is all about the UK government saving face. Not normally one for conspiracy theories, I’m beginning to believe the UK does not have good intentions towards this place at all. I’m also starting to think about independence, which not long ago I would have viewed as being quite preposterous.

    • Bodden says:

      I think many Caymanians are sharing your sentiments. The people who feel sorry for the British, would say that if we go Independence we would become like Jamaica!


      Jamaica’w economy went down NOT BECAUSE OF INDEPENDENCE!  It was because of the transition to Independence, the political corruption, and secret deals with the U.S. CIA for the parties to carry guns. That is what ruined Jamaica.

      Anyone that comes to you and say that Independence is a bad thing for these Islands, still want to be the UK’s dependent and crippled subject. They are blind by this Islands prosperity and attributing its prosperty to the British! 

      Caymanians need to wake up and understand that the UK onced ruled over other teritories like the United States of America, and such territories became properous because of their stance. Some nations don’t even have an army and make it in this world, and yet we are hearing from the ignorant as if we can’t negotiate or make partnerships with other countries. 

      So… these sentiments are growing each day, more and more Caymanians are seeing that it was their people and the locals that made Cayman so big today… not the UK who is always spying on us and imposing laws upon us without the people’s voice! 

      And if you anti-Caymanians want to thumb-down this, then go ahead!

      • kiss says:


        I wish alot of Caymanians chew it and digest what you said. It won’t be too long that they start imposing taxes on these Islands.


        WAKE UP!

  31. Anonymous says:

    We don’t learn do we.  I thought April fool’s were on 1 April.

  32. Rorschach says:

    How many more nails do we need in the coffin, before we bury the RCIP???

  33. Caymanians for logic says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Joking ??? This is no joke. This is a slap in the face of Caymanians. Maybe the question should be asked if SPIT Cops ever left.



  34. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Why is Mr. Dixon still on "required leave" and how long will he remain there?

    • kmanprophet says:

      Till they find another reason to lock him down.

      • anonymus says:

        Is Mr.Dixon appealing to the Privy Council and is he suing for millions that’s my advice to him.

        One thing I know, we do not look down on our good Caymanian Officers.

        We look up to his good man Mr. Dixon and somebody is going to be judged by God for doing this to him. Mark my words.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Is this a joke?

  36. Anonymous says:

    When are we going to learn? These jokers are trying to bring Cayman down.

    Mr. Premier please do something!!

    They went to Turks and Caicos and now its worst than before.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Quote…”RCIP have not confirmed if Richard Oliver is the new head of the

    police anti-corruption unit”

    How many experts from the UK can this country afford?

    How about spending the money for an expert  in an anti-crime unit


  38. Anonymous says:

    Wow when i mentioned this just over a month ago on this site! no one cared, said they dont understand what i was saying. it’s funny the government is asking for budget cuts, still we can pay for housing etc for these officers. another paid vacation for two years or is it four years!!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    This would be one of the worse decisions ever made since the hiring of Brian Gibbs.  No one has faith in their competence, except perhaps someone too blind to see, read, hear or reason.

    But then again, it’s probably being mandated from back in the UK.  This place is becoming like a sand hole.  Everytime you try to climb out of it the sides cave in andyou’re right back at the bottom.

  40. noname says:

    What a mess!! Things will now only get worse. Couldn’t we have found someone else for heavens sake. They bring with them so much baggage and unanswered questions.

    Certainly this will not rebuild the public’s confidence in the police service having these persons on the job.  If anything, they are now more likely to be open to even more criticism. How sad.

  41. islandman says:

    This does NOT look good!

    I’m not one to jump on the "British Conspiracy" bandwagon, but developments such as this sure do nothing to dispell such theories.