Selita gets fired from TV game show as sprinter walks

| 12/04/2010

(CNS): Cayman’s supermodel Selita Ebanks was fired from Celebrity Apprentice last night after the girls lost the challenge. Having beaten the guys for two weeks in a row, the women’s team found themselves facing Donald Trump as the losers and the world’s most famous boss fired Ebanks as he said she lacked "that fierce business instinct and not aggressive enough". Ebanks was not the only celebrity on the show that seemed less than enthusiastic about winning the game. Last night Sprinter Michael Johnson left the cast citing a family matter, Sharon Osbourne ‘called in sick’, Cindy Lauper spent most of the episode in Washington and Bret Michaels was distracted by family health problems.

All of this comes following Darryl Strawberry’s departure last week after he asked to be fired. Ebanks, however, has had considerable exposure from the show and won $20,000 for her charity when she won the challenge as the project manager in the previous episode.
Despite that success Trump said she was an easy choice once the women lost the challenge, headed by project manager Holly Robinson Peete, to make one 30-second advertisement and  then another 10-second ad for Right Guard deodorant with basketball star Scotty Pippen.
Although the women’s commercial was arguably better than the men’s effort, headed by celebrity chef Curtis Stone, the execs at Right Guard picked the men because they made a completely new ad for their 10 second slot, whereas the women cropped a segment from the main ad.
Despite Selita’s dignified departure she got a parting shot at wrestling Diva Maria Kanelis who had, after all,  thrown her under the proverbial corporate bus.
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  1. Unvcivil Servant says:

    Nonsense, all of it. Who cares? We should be looking in to hiring The Donald as an HR Consultant to clean house in each of the Government Ministries instead of watching this crap.

  2. ThEwOrLdIsGaGaGoNeDoWn says:

    well there went the only put together celeb Apprentice.  She’s one of the few who was the best dressed and most posed unlike the others who’re mostly has beens, ex-coke addicts, bankrupt…sorry some of the others i don’t even know…the show was barely watchable b4 but now it’s a snoozer again….next topic of discussion…

  3. Rita Dundant says:

    But when it comes to firing people it is only fair that the non-American is fired before the Americans solely on account of their nationality isn’t it?

    • Phuk phuk says:

      Meow!!!  Please, put down the claws…

    • frank rizzo says:

      Damn right! America is for Americans. That’s one less qualified American who will be deprived of a job stolen by an expat. Next she will be askin for fish tea on the menu at McDonald’s, the real McDonald’s. And mek sure she go home. We can’t afford health care, green cards, housing, transportation, food stamps, welfare, and the like for Mexico and her too. Mek sure the plane door don’t hit she in she ass. Next ting we will see is a picture of her in jeans and a black tee shirt over her head pulling a bicycle ride-by gas station robbery. How long she wan stay in America for? If fish tea so much better than Big Mac, why she there? Is this some sort of badmind UN conspiracy to destroy America?

      Thank God for rollover and McKeeva Bush!

      Don’t bother reply, I goin church for the next week.

    • ThEwOrLdIsGaGaGoNeDoWn says:

      I think she has dual citizenship Caymanian American

  4. Shamrock says:

    Lighten up, folks! It’s an entertainment show designed to highlight and further publicise the participating celebrities. There’s no need to get catty and be hatefull. Take it for what it is: one of many reality shows designed for your viewing pleasure if you so choose.

    Wishing you all the best, Selita!

  5. anonymus says:


    You’re my Caymanian Girl

    My Caymanian Girl


    Papee Conolly’s Song of the 60’s

    We’re so proud of you Selita, all the critics never made it that far and probably never will with their bad mind.

    There is a segment ofthis population that hate to see our Caymanian youth progress, that;s very serious and we have to guard our inheritance like a lioness guards her young. These x-pats are out to get rid of us.

    Caymanianians keep on shining, you have much to offer that’s why erybody is trying to come here.



    • Phuk phuk says:

      That "segment of this population" that is out to get you is, sadly,my loyal, compadre Caymanian friend, our own fellow Caymanian…

      Crabs in a barrel….

      The only way most of my fellow Caymanians see as a way to get ahead, is to make the competition look less competant than us…

      Truth is, we are strong and able, we Caymanians CAN do it…

      The only ones holding us back is ourselves and our fellow crab bucketers…

      STOP blaming the expats – we got them here, asked them to join us.  Work together and we will ALL win!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    It was probably all scripted to go that way.  She had won for her charity and they needed to fire someone.  Simple as that.

    • Anonymous says:

      typical attitude here, don’t admit that you are inferior and always blame somebody else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats Selita, you won money for a great cause and I’m sure you enjoyed the experience.  This was a great opportunity and you did extremely well.

      Not hating, but at least this form of reality show requires some intelligence, business acumen and creativity unlike the Vh1 show basketballers wives.  Here, you dont even have to be actually married, just being an ex-girlfriend is enough.  The women did all they could to get their basketball player men and then sit around crying and complaining when other women are doing exactly the same thing and the men are falling for it all over again.

      Sorry Ms Moxam, this show is waaay beneath you.  Previous local media coverage of you showed us you have your own thriving business, education and fashion/modeling experience.  This show does nothing to promote you in a positive way and you have NOTHING in common with the whiny gold diggers you are on the show with.   I understand that even landing a spot on this show means you definitely have desirable attributes, I just think you shouldve passed on this one because the viewers may class you with these boring, overly made up money grubbers when you are in a completely different class.

  7. Anonymous/YEF!!!! says:

    Selita you did what you went on the show to do…….. which was to work hard and win money for your charity. You succeeded in doing this least week when you were the Project Manager……………………..I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!

    I have every bit of confidence that when you are faced with another challege, you will make CAYMAN Proud once again. Go forth and conquer the world is at your fingertips.

    CAYMANIAN GIRL KEEP SMILING, KEEP SHINING, cause I know we can always count on you………………….Best of luck for your future!

    God’s Blessings always. 

  8. Seriously says:

    She did absolutely nothing the entire challenge. When the hard work had to be done she disappeared into the back and let all the others carry everything on set. She deserved to be fired. Perhaps she wanted to get off the show, like everyone else, so she didn’t pull her weight which meant she was fired. Objective achieved.

  9. AA Ebanks says:

    I totally disagree with Mr. Trump’s decision because, like she pointed out herself, she would not have won last time if she wasn’t a strong player. But, as usual, I’m very proud of Selita for the way she handled herself on her last show. She was poised and grateful for the opportunity and we all know she will continue to make us proud!

  10. Joe Average says:

    "We begin with a full basket of luck and an empty basket of experience.  Life’s journey is to fill the experience basket before the luck basket is empty."

    Someone said that.

    You did great Selita!!

  11. Caymanian at Heart says:

    I was so surprised!  After her last round as Project Leader she was outstanding.  What really impressed me is that she took a seemingly "catty" team and got everyone working together smoothly.  Their project seriously kicked butt on the men’s.

    Trump you made a huge mistake.  Selita was so hardworking, collected, poised and creative.  A real lady that is what she is, you don’t have to get out the claws to be a successful business woman.

    Go Selita!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great job Selita….proud of you! I would not mind getting fired for not being agressive enough for the Donald 🙂

  13. Andrew says:

    Maybe its true –

    She does not have "that fierce business instinct and not aggressive enough"

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh well, it’s all a game. Chess, Monopoly, the lives we live day by day. All a game. WHEN THE GAME IS OVER, IT ALL GOES BACK INTO THE BOX by John Ortberg. A great book to read, I recommend it.


    Quincy Brown

  15. Around & Around We Go..... says:

    The only reason they let her go was because she would not bow to their way of thinking..

    "Better to stand for somthing than bend for ever thing"

    Hats off to you…..Well Done…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you didn’t watch the show.  Selita was great the first few tasks and as project manager…this week she just slacked off.  They had her sitting on phone offerng food and ice to the basketball player when everyone else was working.  They asked for her help and she just ignored their requests.  When Maria was in the room editing the tape she had asked for someone’s opinion all Selita did was follow Holly and sit there yawning looking board. 


      I don’t know what happened but she deserved to be kicked off this week!!!!

  16. Patricia Bryan says:

    in corporate america, ran majorly by corporate americans, it’s a dog eat dog world. and about making the dollar. if you’re not a dog, or display dog tendencies, then you get bitten and or chewed. selita obviously didn’t have THAT. but THAT has not hindered her SUCCESS and PROGESSION. stick to your true self, selita. you did well sister caymanian, and STILL CLIMBING the ladder – month by month!! stay blessed!

  17. Eagle's Eyes says:

    For all the Anti-Caymanian people out there, just remember Selita is a Model, not an entrepreneur with "Fierce business instincts" like many of those ‘Fierce Greedy Lions’ that rip YOU off the the rest of us on a daily basis to get what they have. There were also others who couldn’t meet the challenge.

    Selita, if you ever read this, you’re better at being who and what you are and The sky is still WIDE open, but remain patriotic to your home country just the same.

    We wish you all the success just the same. We love you.

    Always watching over my people.

    Courtney Ebanks… Eagle’s Eyes


  18. Anonymous says:

    Well done Selita.  Trump is an aggressive person and you have done well to hang in there up to now.

    Don’t give up, keep on pursuing your dream.

  19. Mike Hennessy says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Selita got it just right. She showed smarts and leadership ability enough to make it through the earliest rounds and when it comes to being dissed by "The Donald", who cares.  After all, this is the same guy who single handed destroyed the United States Football League with his ego drive to take on the NFL head to head.  If they hadn’t listened to "The Donald", the USFL owners would be operating a fun, profitable league to this day.  To heck with Trump.  I’m more pleased that Selita "lost" doing it her way.  Her way is the right way whatever that pompous, self-absorbed creep thinks.  I’m no fan of "The Donald", but I am an even bigger fan of Selita’s!

    • Anonymous says:

      Doing it her way??? She became lazy at this task…..I was very disappointed in her attitude this task.  Stop making excuses she messed up and that is that..


  20. Anonymous says:

    never watch the show, now i never will good luck

  21. Anonymous says:

    Typical of Donald Trump.  If you don’t have the predatory capitalisticinstincts he so much idolize, he wants nothing to do with you

    • Anonymous says:

      That is what the show is about? Why get angry about it? If you don’t like Trump or the show, nobody is forcing you to watch it.

  22. Anonymous says:

     Celita you are one of the few who made us proud abroad. Good going girl dont give up the fight. I only met you once at Fosters shopping but immediately I saw the potential in you. God bless you in your future ventures.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully now she has been fired you guys will stop spoiling this show as I like to record it and watch it during the week

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think you could have been selected for the show and would you have lasted this long?

      A Caymanian like many others is making footsteps in the international arena, by the sound of your comment it doesn’t bode well with you.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s not what I’m saying. In fact I’d be very happy for Selita to have won the show. It’s just annoying to see the result of the show announced on CNS every monday when I’m checking  the latest murders/ robberies etc