Wine merchant plans West Bay store

| 18/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Cayman Islands business news(CNS): Provided it gets the okay from the Liquor Licensing Board, local wine merchant Jacque Scott says it will be opening a new store in West Bay on the site next to Foster’s Food Fair by the end of next year. There are already a number of small liquor stores in the district but none of the islands’ retail chains have a major presence in the area. While Tortuga has a small store by the Turtle Farm, which caters to the cruise ship market, West Bayers generally buy their liquor from local stores. West Bay is currently the only district where shops selling alcohol can remain open till 10pm.

The last store opened by Jacques Scott caused considerable controversy as it was in the Savannah area of Bodden Town — a neighbourhood that, with the exception of the restaurant at Pedro St James, had been a traditionally ‘dry community’.  Moreover, the store, which is part of the Countryside Shopping Village, is particularly close to the local primary school and raised considerable opposition.
This time the store owners are planning to bring their storeto a district that is home to around 11,000 people served by four package liquor stores. Believing the market to be ready for a fine wines and spirits merchant, Jacques Scott said it would be making a CI$3 million investment in the district.
“Accepting without question our responsibilities as a fine wines and spirits merchant, Jacques Scott maintains strict policies to ensure that minors are prohibited from buying alcohol in our stores,” the firm stated in a release aiming to reassure residents. “Similarly, to prevent the possibility of loitering at the West Bay store we have voluntarily agreed to not sell small container sizes of alcohol. The safety of our customers is paramount and no less so at our planned West Bay store. “
The firm noted that it would be employing professional security during store hours, adding that it thought the store would be a valuable and positive addition to West Bay.
“With our highly trained and experienced staff, respect for community customs and traditions, and total commitment to quality, we feel confident that the store will soon make the people of West Bay proud to have us as a good neighbour in their midst,” a spokesperson said. “Along with the greater choice and convenience of the Jacques Scott store, the new West Bay development will bring with it opportunities for sustained employment.”
The wine sellers said local contractors would be given the opportunity to bid for the project and to work alongside local architects and the designer. The new building will offer around 4000 sq ft of new commercial premises, the release said.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually Mostyn’s Esso (BT), BT Texaco (I think), and that liquor store in that plaza before you get to Chester’s in BT (can’t remember the name) all open until 10, Monday to Saturday as far as I know.    

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is West Bay the only district where shops selling alochol can remain open until 10pm?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a positive step for West Bay. Thank you Jacques Scott

  4. West Bay wine lover says:

    Its about time!