Governor makes good time in Brac Sea Swim

| 22/04/2010

(CNS): Despite the pouring rain, 53 swimmers and numerous volunteers turned for Cayman Brac’s 800 metre annual sea swim last Saturday, 17 April. Governor Duncan Taylor (left) finished his first Brac Sea Swim in style, clocking the same time (16:34) as 11-year-old Martha Rivers, who was the first female and the first Bracker across the finishing post, and just one minute behind the two fastest men – Bill McFarland (15.34) and Alex Harling (15.35). Andrea Roach (17.41) and Andrea Aegre (17.44) were second the third women across the line. The Sea swim is the highlight of the year for the Sister Islands Swim Club.

Kate Alexander of the Cayman Islands Open Water Committee said, "The Brac Sea Swim was very impressive this year. The weather was terrible, with high wind and driving rain that made it very cold for all the participants. And the logistics of putting together the event were challenging, like trying to keep entry lists and pizza dry! Yet, there was a great turnout, swimmers and volunteers. Michael Hundt, the Brac swim coach, and his team have done a great job in pulling together this swim for the last several years, especially in light of the effects of Paloma."

Alexander said the course boasts a strong current which makes the effort a ‘downhill’ swim. Heavy rain obscured visibility this year but the course was well-marked so that swimmers were able to sight along the buoys to the finish. The Brac swim is a key event for the open water swimmers of island where the swim team practices in a 15m pool. (Left: A keepsake painting is presented to Duncan Taylor by the Sister Islands Swim Club)

Two prizes of a trip to Grand Cayman for the Flowers 1-Mile Sea Swim were awarded to the 1st Male and 1st Female Sister Islands Residents to complete the race. Rivers, who recently competed in the CARIFTA swimming Championships, and Felix Ebanks will fly to Grand Cayman in June to compete.


1 William McFarland 15.34
2 Alex Harling 15.35
3 Martha Rivers 16.34
4 Duncan Taylor 16.34
5 Andrea Roach 17.41
6 Andrea Aegre 17.44
7 Jill Zadny 17.47
8 Lisa Kennedy 18.12
9 Richard Johnson 18.36
10 Felix Ebanks 19.12
11 Kate Alexander 19.33
12 Matthew McKinley 19.36
13 Anne Jackson 19.50
14 Jody McFarland 19.54
15 Joy Yeatman 20.01
16 Ray Zaremba 20.08
17 Alec Cox 21.29
18 Michael Hundt 21.34
19 Henry Barbera 24.01
20 Louisa Thomas 24.05
21 Tafari Young 24.10
22 Cicero Neto 24.39
23 Fazileta Yusef 24.50
24 Erbin Tibbetts 25.31
25 Edward Reid 25.31
26 Tessa Douglas 25.57
27 Glen Wagner 26.18
28 Martin Keeley 26.38
29 Troy Grant 27.06
30 Karen Zaremba 27.19
31 Anastascio Mena 28.55
32 Jolie Tatum 29.15
33 Sue Ingham 29.47
34 Andre Mena 30.07
35 Garin Ritch 30.42
36 Antonia Mena 30.45
37 Dimitri Christian 30.46
38 Steve Williams 31.13
39 Vivian Williams 33.25
40 Moses Kirkconnell 33.26
41 Carlie Tibbetts 33.27
42 Maryann Butcher 35.50
43 Marketa Douglas 36.38
44 Alison McLeod 36.43
45 Jason Foster 37.22
46 Monte Lee Thornton 38.10
DNF Warren Hanson
DNF Joseph Wagner
DNF Tevanio Steadman
DNF Haylie Tibbetts
DNF McKayla Cupid
DNF Ashley Zapata
DNS Rudy Walton



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