UK support cops arrive

| 22/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island Headline News, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service(CNS): Updated – The promised contingent of supporting police offices from the UK has finally arrived in the Cayman Islands. Fourteen serving UK cops arrived on Wednesday 21 April to support the RCIPS in the investigation of major crime. The team consists of senior investigating officers, investigators and specialist interviewers. According to the BBC, the group consists of four officers from West Midlands Police, three from Warwickshire, three from West Mercia and four from Staffordshire. The team will work alongside the local police in a combined effort to reduce incidents of violent crime as well as investigating current crimes and some unsolved offences, continuing the efforts to bring the offenders and perpetrators of violence to justice.

The Royal Cayman Island Police Service said that the deployment is the realisation of agreements between the International Secondments Team in the UK Foreign Office, United Kingdom Police Forces and Cayman’s Police Commissioner David Baines.
The team will be starting work immediately at locations across the islands, allowing local officers a degree of respite following a series of firearms related murders which has placed the service and its staff under serious pressure.
While a number of the most recent serious crimes have been detected, a police spokesperson said that the ongoing commitment to island-wide safety and the need for local officers to progress these cases through the courts has placed the RCIPS in need of assistance.
Baines recently explained that these 14 officers would offer temporary support until the RCIPS can fill its outstanding vacancies and skill shortages and it was not a specialist task force. The RCIPS has not commented on whether any of these officer have worked in Cayman before or if they had any connection to the special police investigation team.

Keith Bristow, head of crime business at the UK Association of Chief Police Officers is quoted by the BBC as saying, "This is an excellent opportunity for the four West Midlands regional police forces to unite and provide support to the Cayman Islands during a challenging time.

"All of our officers and staff are dedicated to protecting people from harm and this is a really positive opportunity to share resources and provide some excellent development opportunities for our officers. "

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Alright, all retired/former police officers unna betta look out. You never know what they will come up with this time to throw unna in jail over foolishness. Hiccup!

  2. Cool Britannia says:

    The UK is sending police officers here to help Cayman in its time of need.  If you don’t want help and want your little lumps of sand to turn into a playground for gangsters why don’t you follow Ezzard and have a petition for independence . . .

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t get you, we have always been in a time of need. Now please don’t glorify these officers now – let’s wait and see what happens

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some of you really miss the point.  Have you noticed how many people have been locked up and taken off the streets recently?  The RCIPS must be running the equivalent of six or seven big incidents that require the evidence putting together to ensure justice is done.  These are all specialist police officers who are going to help with their expertise to help bring the cases to justice – as one of you bloggers have said, why now bitch and moan about it.  Give them a chance – has anyone given the RCIPS any credit for what has gone on over the past weeks.

    Just look at the CNS news stories over past couple of weeks, no ones dead, shots fired etc etc, but a good few are locked up.

    This could be the Islands turning point. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, if anyone reads the BBC report on this I reckon they’re going to rethink any plans to visit Cayman right now:

    "The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) said an increase in gang related gun crime had caused a rise in murders and attempted murders recently…"

    "The RCIPS has 360 officers but said its trained detectives had been exhausted by the number of incidents they had to deal with."


    • Anonymous says:

      That is the whole idea, boss man.

      When we are viewed in a negative light internationally, then they will just declared that we are incapable of running our own country and economy!

      See the AG’s report…I sincerely believe, this is all a prelude to undermine our democracy, elected ministers, and impose their laws and policies on us

      Anyone who thinks that would be wonderful, is mistaken. You have taken away the voice of the people and caused the colonial powers of the UK like in slavery days to ruin our financial industry once and for all.

      So talk all you want about we being corrupt. If they ever have their own way…

      • Para Noia says:

        This place really isn’t worth all this conspiracy effort.  Really it isn’t.  If the UK wanted to close down Cayman it could do it any time it wanted effortlessly. 

        • Agree with you, but alot of things conspiracy are factual as well. But really I see your point. Also, people have the right to express what they know or feel to be true. If you don’t like it, you can always visit another site

        • Anonymous says:

          well they could but then you see, justice has to appear to be done so this has to take enough time to look justified… the English way

    • Anonymous says:

      BA flights are still full — jobs here we come!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, more typical Caymanian attitudes here, will wonders never cease. They beg and plead for new cops to be brought in to help control the rampant crime on the island and before they are even on the island for a day all they can do is bitch and moan about this and that.

    Please Caymanians, stop being such sterotypes, you are better than this. Please just try to be more positive, negativity breeds negativity.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree more with this statement.  So much negative feedback about EVERY SINGLE issue and topic that is brought up.  Something is being done to BEGIN to move things forward and help comabt this crime wave you all are having and al you can do is make negative comments.  You all as a whole should try and create some positive energy to help the situation out.  Focus on what is right and not always on what is wrong.  The attitude is always "the sky is falling!"

    • IsabllaReyes Flores says:

      Caymanians will be watching every move they make, I am sure, and keeping tab too, just to see what they do.   They better be on their P’s and Q.s.   I was not here in the 7o,s   and 80,s   but its not going to be like I have heard.  Things have changed,and so have the Cayman people.  We are running from England for a reason, its a mess, but the people of Cayman  know.     So dont spoil this beautiful place with wanting to be in control of everything.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you all think it is time to have a more positive attitude towards the attempt that are being made to help this serious crime wave you all are having?  All I ever hear is negative comments and sky is falling attitudes on any topic that comes up on this site.  Move forward Caymanians and try to make a difference rather than be negative towards every attempt to move forward or any attempt to make things better!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good. I just hope that those UK officers are not getting any special perks, salaries, bonuses etc, and that they are really here to do work!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with ya 100%

      But CNS strangely I can’t rate thumbs up or thumbs down on this

      CNS: That is because someone you share the IP address with has already voted.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I understand they came too late…

    Most of the suspects of firearms are lock-up already or are already identified. So now they come to reap the credit – a waste of taxpayers money!

    There must be some other underlying reason – like trying to pin us down on corruption again. You can see what we are up against –



    • Anonymous again! says:

      You don’t pay tax! how can it be a waste of your taxpayers money?!

      • Anonymous says:


        We all pay indirect taxes and those taxes form part of the public purse, which no doubt will be expected to foot the bill for these police officers while they are here.  I just hope that they set an example where their predecessors couldn’t in terms of results and cost to the country.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s called "indirect taxation" in case you didn’t know !!! Lot’s of that around in the Cayman Islands. 

        Ever wonder why you pay $6.50 CI for a gallon on milk at our local supermarket’s and if you visit the US, you pay $2.50 US for the samegallon of milk at Publix, Winn Dixie or the food section at Walmart ??


    • chad says:

      Yes… As a Caymanian I see clearly and agree, but we can’t rate ya – someone has already rated under our IP address.

      I read the commentary – a very serious one 

    • Anon says:

      Clearly you don’t understand a thing…my goodness, you and those who think like you are ignorant and ungrateful. (By the way, it is "locked- up not lock-up").

      When I read comments like this, it really makes me want to rally up all expats and paper Caymanians and encourage them to leave the island. Did you do anything to help when the going was tough?

      Grow up. (I bet you go to Church every weekend too…)

      • Anonymous says:

        ……and encourage them to leave… Why don’t you?  Obviously something is good/better here.

  9. Anonymous says:

    An excellent 4-6 week holiday for the UK blokes to come down to the beautiful caribbean to soak up the sea, sand, sun and have some great fun all at our tax payers expense.

    Don’t be surprised if at least 5 of them end up on local police contracts, when all is said and done !!!

    Just you wait and see.

    • Anon says:

      Oh sorry…did someone overlook your application to the police department?


      • Isablla Reyes Flores says:

        I am sweet 16 very intelligent, and still being educated.  Too young to join the Police Force.  LOL.  But in line to be a leader.

    • Isablla Reyes Flores says:

      Dont worry, we are watching carefully to see what takes place.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to our Island, but alittle tip for you all, the problem with our youth is the parenting. Most of the mamas are abused by their husbands or spouse. The poor children grow up seeing and hearing the disrespect and they become bitter and sad and their comfort then becomes drugs. Some of them even takes sides with their mamas and papas. The abuse is so prevelent in Cayman that it probally tops the rest of the world and what makes it worst is that the Islands are so small that the abused hides it. You all would be very surprised to know who some of these folks are,as they are supposed to be the the leaders of these Islands. Now my tip to you all is that you walk the streets and get to know our people if you dont rub them properly you will never ever get to be their friends and get to know what is going on.

    • anonymous says:

      I propose that we should not elect to office MEN THAT ABUSE THEIR DAUGHTERS AND BEAT THEIR WIVES.

      IT IS SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE. We don’t need them on the HRC nor do we need them in the L.A.

      Women in Cayman need to stop electing women beaters!

      We need good men and women that will impose harsh punishment against those cowards that abuse their wives and children instead of taking care of them.

      We need strong women in the L.A. to write these laws they men are ignoring it.

  11. A Guy says:

    I think short of bringing in an armed task force, this is the best thing that could happen in regards to the current crime situation on this island. People are quick to forget, but please remember that a four year old child lost their life recently to the crime wave that is sweeping this island.

    No offence intended to the current police force, but you need help. Please help these individuals in anyway you can, and hopefully we can rid this once peaceful island of these scum.

    Anyway, I’m off to drink another amstel and not drive, fight, shoot or bother anyone else for that matter.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Ooook. Lets see what will happen now! Hopefully crime will disappear.

  13. Isabella Reyes Flores says:

    I ain’t talking.

    • Says a lot says:

      Thank you for your community spirit.  People like you make committing serious crime so much easier.

      • Voice of Reason says:

         Well done Isabella. It’s community minded citizens like you that help give the Cayman Islands such a fantastic reputation.

        Your caring attitude and community spirit are an inspiration to us and the Islands’ young folk.

        I take it you will only be truly satisfied once the Islands become completely overrun with gun crime and complete antipathy towards your fellow citizens.

        Your children, if there any and who are unfortunate enough to have you as a parent, will surely grow up to be a further embarrassment to Cayman.

        Well done!!!!!!