North Siders going under surveillance

| 28/04/2010

(CNS): Electronic eyes will soon be watching the people of the district of North Side but residents will be welcoming the video surveillance, as part of its effort to monitor, detect and reduce crime. A project of the North Side District Council and independent MLA Ezzard Miller, the plan to install the cameras came in response to rising incidents of burglaries and other crimes in the district and throughout Grand Cayman. Last week the outspoken and sometimes controversial MLA Miller signed a memorandum of understanding for the installation of the cameras fulfilling one of his election promises to his constituents to help tackle crime.

The MOU is with Errol Kellyman, Chief Executive Officer of Aviation Communications, suppliers of the equipment and broadband network for the project. The company will also provide the installation and engineering services.
In a release the council and Miller said the cameras are expected to will be mounted within the next few weeks and the police have already identified high pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas for their installation.
“The North Side District Council has given its full support to this project and I am pleased to see that after months of planning we are getting to the point where these CCTV cameras will be installed,” Miller said. “We believe this will have a positive effect and act as a deterrent to anyone, whether persons from oroutside of North Side who would seek in indulge in criminal or anti-social behaviour. We are grateful to the police for their assistance and to all the persons whose generous donations helped to project a reality.”
The District Council began planning for the cameras since last December. As part of the process, Miller held meetings with Chief Inspector Martin Bodden to enlist the support of the RCIPS and advice on how the initiative could assist them.
“I commend Mr. Miller and his team for their initiative in identifying and implementing this project as a means of assisting the police,” Inspector Bodden said. “The Eastern Districts are fast growing areas on the island and North Side is visited on the weekends by many peoples from other areas. The police cannot be everywhere and this initiative is a good first step in providing us with additional information in the fight against crime,” he added.
Chief Executive Officer of AvCom, Errol Kellyman said Avcom was happy to partner with North Side District Council and residents in the initiative.
“We are using available technology to provide video surveillance for areas that need to be monitored and we expect that this is assist in making North Side a safer community,” he said.
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  1. NorthSideSue says:

    I think this is a good move, even though I am sad that it is necessary.  Hope the committee will be contacting the various condo stratas so they can participate.

  2. Asbestos Man says:

    Evidence from the UK indicates that CCTV has very little impact on deterring, preventing or prosecuting crime other than reducing vehicle theft which is not a significant problem here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Within a system where DNA evidence has successfully been argued against by defense council, I am not so sure that these cameras will do anything to impact crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      A few observations.

      1) is video evidence admissible in court or do the cameras need gazetting.

      2) 10,000!  You get what you pay for and 10 grand dont buy much quality.

          At best these three of four cameras will be recorded as no one can watch them 24/7 without intelligent software, so they may be good after you were robbed, burgled or worse but will they catch anyone in the act?

      I severly doubt it.

  4. West Bayer says:

    Great news!!!

    Ezzard is a man of vision. If anybody I truly believe has the COMMON SENSE and ambition to make Cayman a better place, it is HIM.

    Every other street light in Cayman should be equipped with CCTV’s.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Miller (the true head of gov’t)!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well written. It would take someone like Ezzard to accomplish something like this. Cameras and Sub Stations will solve many of the crimes.

  5. NHB says:

    Where are is or rigth to privacy has anyone ever asked what rigth do any so call district council has to put up these cameras, we need to take a hard look at the Police state we are becoming I can understand a business property putting up camera’s but I feel that my use of the public road been monitored is a whole different issue, I personally don’t believe anyone in NS or any district in this island should be CCTV recording anyone’s use of the public roads to be reported back to the police, we as citizens need to relise what is going on and demand back or privacy and the invasion of it, let us be allowed to protect ourselves with mace and firearms no camera is going to save me or you, it can show after the fact when we are dead what happened which is no use to me, but a well armed citizen has a better chance than showing the tape afterwards in court.

    I suggest we stop making convicts out of the population if we were to stop arresting and harrasing these young people as they are trying to find there place in life, because from the first time one of them is arrested their life is ruined and then it is on the path of no work, no travel, no college even now, the rich call it sowing their oats and their kids get a pass, they party and get protected till they turn 20 or older and decide what they want to do in life, or caymanian kids get jail and a ruined future we need to look at what is going on in this country.

     People in this country can go to Jail just for having the wrong color t-shirt on, as it stands there is too many senseless laws in affect, jail for a paintball gun, jail for a BPVest, Jail for a peice of stick with a hook on it, Jail for having an adult magizine and the list goes on and on, take a look at the law books of Cayman. It is time we stop making the Police and preachers write the Laws in the country.



  6. welda says:

    Oh… May I add to…



        – MORE BEAURACRACY, and



    The cameras sounds good, but what are we getting ourselves into, is the question :p)


    • Anonymous says:

      Welda, stop scare mongering.  CCTV is in place in many countries worldwide.  I lived in the UK for several years where its reported that an individual is caught by CCTV at least 200 per day while simply going about their day.  That is the price we pay for criminal activity in an environment where witnesses are too afraid to speak out or are protecting the criminals.  No-one cares who you are meeting on the side of the road to chat with or who came to your house after the club or whatever you are hinting at.

      Invasion of privacy must be balanced against the need for safety and protection of the public.  Quit the Big Brother scare tactics until before you have even seen whether or not the cameras make a difference.  YOU have any better ideas? NO just on here whinging.

      • Anonymous says:

        As you have said, they have been implemented in other countries, and they did not make much of a difference.  Problem is people know where the camera’s are.  What bothers me is not the camera, but the people behind the camera’s.  If they were simply recording devices where police would need court order to review them after an incident I would not have a problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Invasion of privacy ….. give me a break!!! Its not like these cameras are pointed into peoples bedrooms. They are pointed at the main roads!!! You all need to wake up and smell the roses!!! Cayman is not what it used to be!! At least North Siders are trying to do something about the crime in their district!!! What is George Town doing???? What is West Bay doing???

      As for who is paying for these cameras lets ask the MLA for this district. Enough with the bickering and smart comments. If we have something to say lets get it out with and lets get some answers NOW!! We all need to start holding others accountable for their actions. I’m so tired of hearing people complaining but not having no ideas on how to fix problems and the best way to move forward. Does anyone else have any suggestions for North Siders on a better way to combat the crime other than the cameras?

      If one was to realistically think about this…. cameras are everywhere in Cayman … gas stations, grocery shops, banks, offices that we go to EVERYDAY !!!! etc. So what if the district of North Side has decided to start monitoring their streets this way. North Side usually only has 2 officers on duty at one time not like George Town. I support North Siders for making this step and trying to be proactive with combating the rising criminal activities that is happening in our little islands. has a section where ANYONE IN THE WORLD can view outside the Compass location and or on the waterfront pointed at the jewellry stores!!!! AND THE USER CAN CONTROL THE CAMERA BEING ABLE TO ZOOM IN ON PEOPLE AND STORES !!!! How come no one has said anything about this yet?????!!!! I’m sure no one around the world will be able to use the North Side cameras to snoop about. Hell for all we may know the cameras may have a link to the Police Station in George Town or a security company. So unless we know for a fact lets not assume and start rumors and make mountains out of molehills.

      This is the least of our problems right now….people we are about to be VAT TAXED!!!!!


      • Ranston W. says:

        Yeah but Anonymous, do we really need camaras in the hands of a government that is just taking its initial steps to transparency???

      • Anonymous says:

        There was a case in the UK where they were pointed in peoples bedrooms.

      • Havent you all read the news, or better yet , come to the meetings that Ezzard has with his people, the cameras are being bought by the donations of the generous people of north side, these cameras are needed, has any one   complained  about the ones that the compass has up now, any one can see whats going on there.

        Ezzard, north siders do what you have to do to protect your dsitrict, the rest of the island should follow them. All praise to your bunch.

  7. welda says:

    Hmmm… I can see it now:


    • Anon says:

      When it comes to a choice between invading people’s privacy in high pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas, as opposed to burglers invading people’s properties… I think I know which choice I’d make.

      • Don't4GetMe says:

        I’m sure it’s not coming from the gov’t coffers (probably because they’re bone dry) because if it was then the decision for this deployment would have fallen more in line with your views.

        If it’s being funded by the district of NS whether through a public/private partnership or whatever the case then so be it.  Until you find out what it’s costing (you), it would be best to reserve judgement on why NS does or does not need this.

        What you should do is petition your elected officials to follow suit.

    • Caymanian says:

      You are all blabbering on until it’s your home thats broken into. If you have something to hide, leave it at home in your closet. Stop complaining and be greatful that this will deter criminals from the district. Funny I though that there are at least 1/10 of the local "common man" people who live in North Side. Not just Rich people live in North Side. For those of you who don’t have a clue about Grand Cayman geographics, North Side is from the cross roads (4 way Junction @ Frank Sound Dock) up to Old Man Bay (The football field in North Side) and then continues on to Rum Point. I am sure that all the people living in those areas are not "Rich People" as it has been  narrow mindedly stated. Cameras are a good idea, what about the ones in GT waterfront. If its in the public, its not private. Come on Cayman, wake up and let go of the ignorance. This will help the community evolve and deter the same criminals that robbed the little shop by hutland area. I bet they will be more than happy to hear / see this in place. Those are true North Siders who will benifit regardless of all the negative comments posted. I am happy to see it begin, Other Districts (both rich and poor) will soon be asking for the same thing in their district due to the increase in crime. Good Job Miller. Set a presidence for others to follow.

  8. Anonymous says:

    um… what’s happening in North Side? Maybe I’m ignorant but I can think of a few more places that needs cameras more that up there.

    • Anonymous says:

      um…….perhaps the MLAs of those respective districts should swing into action, earn their salary for a change and get something accomplished for their district and do what they have promised their voters to do.

      No reason to hold it against Northside or their representative that they have actually accomplished something!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why are we paying thousands for cameras to overlook a couple of rich man’s houses in Northside. This is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers cash.

    I agree with CCTV surveillance where required, but this should be in the busy high crime districts and should be part funded by businesses and local homeowners.

    It just shows the usual greasing of electors palms by the MLAs.

    They need to stop looking after their own interests and start looking after the island’s interests and those that pay their astronomical wages.

    • frank rizzo says:

      Who is we?  My furriner living in NS understanding is that this is a community resident and business funded endeavour, but I am reasonably certain that E Miller will stop by and clarify this for us.

      • Anonymous says:

        "We" are the collective taxpayer (or fee payers if you are pedantic) that apparently are paying for this initiative. My hard earned money appears to be being thrown around extravagantly by Miller and other idiots to benefit a few Northsiders and their big ass houses, whilst we the masses slum it in our run down districts living in fear of crime but at the same time paying through the nose for the rich householders in northside to live in luxury.

        If it is an entirely privately funded initiative then apologies and good luck to you and hope it has some benefits. If I and other taxpayers are footing the bill, then that there is a problem.

    • Don't worry I wont stay says:

      I saw on the news the cost was in the region of $10,000.

      What IS a disgraceful waste of taxpayers cash is the NRA putting in a second request to planning (after the first application was wisely turned down) for the driveway that no one will need, or use, to be the back entrance of the new vehicle inspection facility.

      With it’s wheelchair access, raised curbs, chain link fence, and locking security gate its probably the same cost as installing cameras at FIFTY high risk locations.

      One just need to look at the magnificence of the concrete barriers protecting Southhampton Gardens to know how the NRA can waste taxpayers money.

    • Whay are they paying for this? 

      You agreed that they should have the CCTV’s, but only in the high crime areas, well dear, their MLA’s could do the same thing that our duly elected member is doing, take it to the people, seek donations from across the district and take it to the right partners to assist. We are happy that we have such a loyal leader and  this is one reason why he have listened to us, with the increase of crime around the Island, we do not want our district to come to this, we want them to know that we are watching and we will not allow them to ruin our little district, dont like it dont come.

  10. Rorschach says:

    Who is goingto be responsible for the monitoring, and dissemination of the information which is gathered by these cameras and what safeguards have been put in place to ensure that they and the information which is gathered by them is not misused and persons rights to privacy are not violated??  I think this is a good idea, but we, the public need to know the answers to these and other important questions with regards to the public use of CCTV.

  11. Recently Enlightened says:

    Those concerned should have a read of this article.


  12. Anonymous says:

    the cost is?

    who is paying?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope those who will monitor the cameras will be able to stay awake. If they will only be used to find evidence after a crime has been committed then they may just be another waste of money.

    Our local criminals disguise themselves when committing crimes so if the cameras will only be recording criminal activity they may not be a deterrent to criminals.

    Only a system that is physically monitored 24 hours a day can help to prevent crime.