Police take anti-gun message behind bars

| 25/05/2010

(CNS): Many of the current inmates in the country’s prison know only too well the dire consequences of firearms, and the police hope they can influence the prisoners to send a message to their family and friends on the outside to give up illegal weapons during the current amnesty. Over one hundred posters advertising the RCIPS gun amnesty have been placed in prominent areas within HMP Northward as the campaign goes ‘behind bars’. The posters ask people to consider “What’s your ten year plan?” – ten years being the sentence imposed for possession of illegal or unlicensed firearms. (Left  Police Commissioner launches amnesty. Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Chief Inspector Martin Bodden Jr, the RCIPS Area Commander for Bodden Town, has been working closely with the Director of Northward, Dwight Scott, on the initiative.
“The amnesty is all about stopping guns getting into the wrong hands, cutting gun crime on the islands and making our communities safer,” said CI Bodden. “That’s why we will use every means available to us to persuade people to give up the guns. The young men in Northward know only too well the cost of gun crime. The truth is if you choose gun crime as your route in life, you, your family, and innocent bystanders may end up dead or injured. You will live in hiding from your rivals and you will, most probably, end up serving time in prison.”
The senior officer said he hoped the placement of posters in the prison and in public visiting areas would encourage people to think about the devastation guns cause.
“If that persuades anyone – whether that’s a prisoner or a visitor – to get their friends and family members to hand in unlicensed, unwanted, or illegal guns and ammunition, then that’s a success,” he added.
Scott said he was delighted to back the initiative. “HM Cayman Islands Prison Service strongly supports the gun amnesty campaign,” he said. “We will continue to actively encourage prisoners to participate in the effort to rid guns off of the streets, in order to create a safer and better environment for all.”
Police have said that the gun amnesty, which began on 10 May, is not a blanket amnesty. Weapons handed in will be tested to ascertain if they have been involved in a crime. The amnesty covers possession and disposal – it does not provide immunity from prosecution from being involved in violent crime.
The amnesty will continue until 10 June. Until that date guns, ammunition and other weapons can be taken to George Town, West Bay, and Bodden Town and Cayman Brac police stations and deposited in strong boxes at those locations, which operate between 7.00am and 7.00pm daily.
Since the amnesty began there have been several weapons handed in. These include guns, ammunition, detonators and a bow with arrows.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can bet my a** that this is the first time that Commissioner David Baines has ever been involved or conducted a "gun amnesty" in his entire career as a police officer. UK police officers in general, do not know much about "gun crimes" or how to fight/challenge caribbean criminality and it’s local and overseas network.

    Case in point. Do you all remember Mr. Mark Shields who joined the (JCF) Jamaica Constabulary Force; who was their former Deputy Commissioner of police operations a few years ago ?? When he was seconded to the JCF from the UK, he was classified as an expert and was supposed to be bringing a wealth of knowledge of how to reduce criminality and gun crimes in Jamaica. What was the result ??? An escalation of gun crimes and criminality during his tenure as DCP Operations, like Jamaica had never experienced prior.

    Was it also the Pakistani/South African cricket coach who died in a hotel room of "clear natuaral causes" while on tour in Jamaica and it was Mark Shields who launched a "massive homicide investigation" over his death, causing such negative publicity around the world for Jamaica at the time  ??

    For older Caymanians/residents alike, do you also remember the murder of Mr. McDougal Bush of Logwoods (Miss Daisy Lane) West Bay back in the early 80’s, who had his throat cut and a soap dish pushed down his mouth ??

    Let me tell you what the highly trained and expert UK Dectective Inspector who arrived on the scene, said to the rest of the local detectives who were there. "Blokes, this is a easy rap up, it’s clearly a suicide"

    Don’t belive me, check with any of the older policemen who worked RCIPS CID at the time to confirm this.


    • Anonymous again! says:

      Sorry but you are talking out of your @@@@ – UK police have to deal with burgeoning gun crime.  Merseyside  – where Baines was Chief Inspector – is one of the most violent gang ridden in UK. 

      And let’s remember that nobody has done a significantly decent job on this point – Baines has in fact made sure that the gun murders this year have all led to charges and court appearances.

      Sorry but I disagree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone can be arrested or charged but the million $$$$ question is, will any of those charged be convicted of these murders ??


        For anyone out there who thinks that gun crimes have now disappeared, think again. Do you all remember after Sheldon Brown and Screechy Russell were taken off the streets, it was a calm that came over the Cayman Islands thereafter for several months. 

        Are you sure this is not the "same sort of calm" that we are now experiencing, before that big storm blows in once again by the summer ??

        Think again !!!!!  

  2. Twyla Vargas says:

    I think that this is a great move by the Commissioner of police.   Give him your support.