Violence continues as ‘Dudus’ remains at large

| 27/05/2010

Cayman Islands News, World News(CNS): Reports from Jamaica reveal that the death toll is now more than 50 people after the 4-day battle in the country’s capital between gunmen and the Jamaican security forces in the hunt for alleged drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke. Although some 500 people have been detained during the civil unrest by the authorities, the wanted man remains at large. This morning the country’s opposition party called for a full investigation of the operation which has taken place in Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston. NDM Chairman Peter Townsend said dangerous criminals existed in West Kingston that should be apprehended, but his party had warned that the operation should be carried out with greater precision to avoid loss of life.

 "This warning was obviously ignored and now the country has to face the horror of multiple loss of innocent lives, of residents caught in the crossfire and an embarrassing failure, since only four guns have been reportedly recovered," he said in a statement today.
Meanwhile the whereabouts of ‘Dudus’, who is wanted by the US authorities on drugs and firearms offences, is still a mystery and he is now believed to have left his West Kingston stronghold. Security forces are still looking for the fugitive in the attempt to serve a warrant in connection with the extradition ordered by the country’s premier Bruce Golding. Information Minister Daryl Vaz said Coke’s whereabouts were unclear and has not said whether authorities were certain he was still in Jamaica.
The police claim they now have control over buildings in the area but were combing door to door to search for wanted criminals. According to the Jamaica Observer, Keith Clarke, 58, the brother of former government minister Claude Clarke, was killed early this morning during that door to door search.
Although life is said to be gradually returning to normal in Kingston today, with businesses re-opening in the downtown area, a number of offices, including the Cayman Islands visa office, remain closed. Schools also remained closed and many civilians remain trapped between the local gunmen andnational security forces.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Dudus the COWARDLY Coke Lord"

    It really hurts me now for all those decent Jamaicans who are at home afraid for their lives and future- and for those that maybe somewhat ashamed to call it home (and we all know how proud they can be). I blame the prime minister for not being an upstanding man in his community and for making this uproar get out of control. Don’t those idiots know that this man is probably not even in Jamaica right now? Don’t they see that if he really cared anything about them that he would turm himself in and not let them kill off one another senselessly? He’s using them, and by giving them a few dollars, putting guns and drugs in their hands he was using them. But ofcourse too blind to see. Not only is he ruining the country’s reputation but he is difficult for them to travel to the U.S. What do you think is gonna happen once someone from another part of the world hears that ‘you are Jamaican’? Automatically they are going to think of Dudus. Anyway…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if there is any connection between him and the many boatloads of drugs being shipped to our shores.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So Dumbass is still at large???? such a hero in his parish can hide and watch these fools die for him, yeah yougo hero. lol.

  4. PeterSM says:



    "He[Dudus] lives in a poor area, and because of his sale of cocaine, he basically plays the Robin Hood role… They don’t know, if he’s extradited, who will be there for them. There are mothers wondering, ‘Who’s going to buy my child lunch?’ or ‘If I get sick, who’s going to pay my hospital bills?’ "

    The Government has failed the people, so the people look up to a man who has built them medical centers and sent their children to school. Now in concert with the US government, they are taking away that economic and financial SUPPORT they have left.

    I hope people are paying attention to this incident, because this is representing much of how the world is becoming. People are starting to realze across the globe that governments and many of them, are not really representing them, but their own interest.

    Reality Check!

  5. what a mess says:

     let us hope and pray he doesn’t escape to our shores….food for thought.

    • Anonymous says:

      no need to hope and pray – because there is nothing here that has any worth.  you think we heaven or what???  you need to travel and see the places better us???

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, Cayman is our heaven on earth and we’d like to keep it that way, thank you!

      • Isabella says:

        Ungrateful wretch go home/

      • Get Real says:

        Get Real Star!

        You don’t see everyone wants to come to Paradise.

        We certainly not holding anyone here against their will, and as its Paradise here, they want to live here – Straight Facts!

        I am sure people have travelled many places but as they have found no "place better than us", they end up right here in Paradise!

        You holding anyone here against their will Star, as I certainly not and if you want to leave to go somewhere you might think is better, we not going hold you either!

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you sure he is not here already?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would he bother to come here when he has HUGE operations going on in the US and Canada. You can bet he has a few different passports with different names too. He’s a smart and rich man. Dudus is LONGGGGGGGG gone from JA, long gone. And the police knew it but are trying to weed out more drug dealers and Dudus supporters. The Big man long gone!

      • Anonymous says:

        You sound as if you admire him greatly.

        Obviously if he goes to the U.S. or Canada he will undoubtedly be caught and face justice.  Do you really think different passports and names are going to help you when you are fingerprinted and photographed?

        • Anonymous says:

          You assume too much. I have no admiration for the man. I am simply refelcting that with his huge operations in much larger countries, why would he come here to such a small place so he could be apprehended much much much more quicker.

          This is my home, and our paradise. Let him make his way somewhere else.

          With respect to the fingerprints and passports, I dont know the procedure in Canada. But he could go to Bahamas and take a boat into Florida, just the way the Jamaican canoes glide in and out of Cayman on a weekly basis.

          People need to stop being so asinine in their comments and posts like they know everything and no one else’s comments or opinions are valid.

          Let’s see if they find Dudus in Jamaica. So all of this fighting and killing and people locked up in Tivoli Gardens etc. Will it have been worthwhile when they realize that the don left long ago. 


          • Anonymous says:

            I didn’t assume anything. I merely remarked on how your comments sounded. They were glowing "he’s smart and rich" he’s "Big man".  Not a hint of negative sentiment concerning Dudus.  

            "..why would he come here to such a small place so he could be apprehended much much much more quicker".

            When since did we develop such a high detection rate for criminals?

            I think you need to apply your remark re assinine comments to yourself. 

            • Anonymous says:

              Ahhhhh, you make me laugh.

              You can read my comments however you may like, you can take whatever tone you may like, if you think they are glowing then that is your opinion. XXXX

              Dudus is rich and he is considered a "Big Man" in Jamaica by his loyal followers. Facts that are reported in the press.

              There is no high detection rate for criminals in Cayman, but in an area 100 square miles, it is easier to find someone than in a large country such as the US and Canada. You don’t agree with that? I didnt say anything about SOLVING a crime, did I?