Dudus is not the enemy of Jamaica

| 29/05/2010

On the face of it, the (recent deaths in Kingston) are due to defiant citizens rising upagainst initiatives by the security forces, on orders of the government, to detain Christopher "Dudus" Coke to answer US extradition charges. The spread of the killings and mayhem has been blamed on various factors, including payments to opposing gangsters and opportunism by local criminals. At the time of writing, Coke had not been captured. ….For the sake of whatever future Jamaicans must face when this crisis passes, continued analysis of these sad, tragic developments is vital. And the most obvious truth emanating from the Dudus saga….is that Dudus in not the real enemy of which Jamaicans should be wary.

Dudus is a fall guy and the media hype surrounding his story is a smokescreen.
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