UK MPS to face trial over expenses

| 11/06/2010

(Timesonline): Four UK politicians face a criminal trial fro theft after a judge rejected their claim to be immune from prosecution under Parliamentary privilege in connection with the scandal over MP’s expenses. Justice Saunders said he could see “no logical, practical or moral justification for a claim for expenses being covered by privilege”, adding: “And I can see no legal justification for it either.” Three ex-Labour MPs – David Chaytor, Elliot Morley, and Jim Devine – and the Tory peer Lord Hanningfield (left)  also known as Paul White, have been charged with offences of false accounting.

He concluded: “In my judgment, the conduct alleged against these defendants is not covered by Parliamentary privilege and is triable in the crown court. Unless this decision is reversed on appeal, it clears the way for what most people accused of criminal behaviour would wish for, a fair trial before an impartial jury.”
The article also reveals that reporting restrictions over the case were lifted by the judge.
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  1. Seriously? says:

    Its about time the UK started doing this.  In fact every country in the world should start bringing criminal charges against MPs and the likes who use public funds for their own gain.  I wonder how the Cayman accountings of some officials here would hold up?