Cadets execute operation fundraiser

| 24/06/2010

(CNS): Having lost over $130,000 in its contribution from government in this year’s budget  the parents and members of the Cayman Islands Cadet Core (CICC) have come together to form the Parents’ Fundraising Committee (PFC) and recently began a campaign executed with military precision. During the donation request initiative cadets in full military fatigues marched out across Grand Cayman to offices and stores in uniformed synchronicity to execute the operation. On arrival at each target location cadets saluted and addressed the recipients with respect and authority before delivering an enveloped "message."

Inside each envelope was a selection of partnership offersand detailed sponsorship plans made available for one-time or annual participation including the "Adopt a Cadet" & "Adopt a Detachment" Programs which ensure fantastic returns on investment for firms looking for corporate stewardship opportunities.
From supermarkets to jewellery stores to major law firms, teams of Cayman Islands Cadet Corps personnel arrived amidst curious stares and surprised patrons of each establishment. When they left, commendations of praise and admiration were heard long after they were gone.
The Cadet Corps is a non-profit organization. The goal of the Cadet Training programme is to create motivated teenage team players with an interest in service above themselves for the community. Cadets are a selected group of teenagers graded against extremely high standards. These groups of people are trained in some military skills and character building qualities.
Although the Corps is a department under the Ministry of Health, its annual plans and programmes are subject to the constraints of the government’s budget, and so donations from corporate and individual members of the public are not only greatly appreciated, but will go far in helping us serve the youth of the Cayman Islands.
If you are interested in participating in one of the PFC’s 5 sponsorship packages please contact Headquarters at or phone 946-0810 for more information.
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