Mac accuses media of hostility

| 01/07/2010

(CNS): The premier took aim at most of the local media in a statement delivered to the legislative assembly on Wednesday when he accused the press of hostility, bias and sarcasm, as well as twisting the government’s message. McKeeva Bush questioned who the reporters and owners of the media in Cayman were, where they had come from, their political leanings and their qualifications. Describing the local press core as an unelected elite that were “certainly not elite”, Bush criticised the power he believed the media was wielding and said it should not be the “other political party.” He challenged the media to form an association and to create a code of ethics for journalists.

Pointing the finger at CNS, the Compass, CITN, the Rooster talk show hosts and an unnamed member of the press that he said had tried to blackmail him, Bush said he paid particular attention to the media because if it was left alone it would continue to “mislead and befuddle” people.
He accused reporters of demonstrating their disapproval and doubting the veracity of government through the expressions on their faces, the sarcasm of their voices and their writing. “An inflection of the voice asking questions as it is done on CITN and Rooster, a caustic remark in a story as is very often done on CNS and the way it is presented will raise doubts in the minds of our people,” the premier stated.
He suggested that the media was rewarding some politicians with exposure while deliberately ignoring others, twisting stories and leaving out important parts, as they wielded a free hand in how they interpreted what government was saying.
Calling the press a “gaggle of commentators”, along with a small group of PPM rabble-rousers, Bush suggested that reporters seemed to have an instant right of rebuttal to everything he said.
The premier accused the press of distorting what was happening in the Cayman Islands and painting a picture that depicted Caymanians as embittered against foreign nationals, that had no regard for their country, living among lawlessness and violence that was the rule rather than the exception.
He suggested that the majority of Caymanians lived in a quiet spirit of understanding while the loudest and most extreme views were “tearing down the place” on CNS and Rooster.
Asked what Caymanians knew about the owner of CNS and its reporter he questioned what their politics were before they came here and asked if they were conservative or democrat or "hardcore" liberals “where everything goes”. He said journalists did not have to pass any kind of test and questioned the media’s sense of responsibility with its biased reporting suggesting they were not trained and did not do anything to educate the public.
Once again he asked the media to form an association and develop a code of ethics. He laid an example of a press council from Bermuda, based on the UK’s National Press Association, on the table of the LA and asked the local media to consider it. He pointed out the council was not enacted into law in that jurisdiction as he said the press there had agreed to form its own voluntary body. Bush also said that he was examining the idea of a media awards ceremony.


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  1. Anonymous Realist says:

    I have read this thread with some amusement  thanks to both sides of the argument.

    It always strikes me as funny that when it comes to talking about journalism and the press that the majority seem to see things in purely black and white terms.

    The Premier’s attitude is hopelessly naive but then again so are the views of many commentators here.

    Regulation of the press by governments is far more complicated than a simple right or wrong, although in my opinion it is probably more wrong than it can ever be justifiable in the majority of circumstances. Someone already mentioned the legislation that Bermuda wanted to introduce and why it was frowned upon by countries like the UK and US. Hypocrisy on the behalf of those countries no doubt, but knowing how to give the appearance of doing something and actually doing nothing, or in some circumstances the complete opposite, is a feat that requires a little more subtlety and guile – something most powerful nations have mastered pretty well. 

    If you are going to have a code of ethics for journalism it needs to be drafted and agreed to by the industry, not forced through as legislation by politicians. On this point I see no reason why journalism in these islands could not put their heads together and agree to a set of standards with the aim of serving the public and the authorities equally fairly. (I doubt it will ever happen however for the reasons I will discuss below).

    What really makes it all so laughable though is that regardless of which side of the fence you may be sitting, the idea of a free and impartial press is never really attainable. I’m not saying this because I have anything against journalists per se, indeed there are many around the world who deserve our admiration, but because the notion seems to be ingrained in so many people that because it appears on the TV or the newspapers it must be true.

    In the western world we are outraged at the idea of a state controlled media and seem proud that we have independent and unfettered reporting on all the issues that affect our lives. We slip into this cozy belief that the medianever tells lies or publishes anything other than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We complacently believe that nobody has an axe to grind or any motives, affiliations, beliefs or restrictions that would cause them to write or broadcast anything but impartial and factual content.

    If you talk to people who have lived in a country where journalism in its entirety came under a state controlled media organization they often find our faith in the "system" quite amusing. They learned long ago that what they read and saw on their TV screens was basically propaganda and lies put out by employees of said state – employees who could be more properly described as civil servants than journalists. Regardless of what people might believe is a free press, unfettered by government or corporate interference, it really does not exist: not here in Cayman and certainly not in countries which might be considered leaders of the free world such as the US and UK.

    I am often astounded to hear people who continually cite the BBC as a world leader in journalism and reporting – come on – an organization funded by a government through taxation of its people, basically a state owned information service. I can’t see how any thinking person cannot see the huge conflict of interest that such a situation inevitably has to deal with and that if the authorities don’t want something made public they will make absolutely sure it isn’t, at least certainly not from within the organization they fund and control.

    All those naming dictators around the world and comparing Cayman’s current leader to some or all of them are missing the point that the opinions they have formed on some of those people – Chavez for example, are based entirely on what they have seen on TV or read in a newspaper – ergo they musty be true – case closed. Forget that the countries and governments who cultivate the stories often do so with some pretty nasty agendas of their own. I’m not saying that any despot or tyrant should be defended, just that all of us who are fortunate enough to live in a ‘free world’ conveniently like to forget that in order to maintain the lives we enjoy, there is plenty of very nasty stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Does it get reported? Would you want to read it? It is far easier for us to close our eyes and minds to the possibility that our own country is just as guilty of terrible crimes and tell ourselves that it is not within our power to do anything in any case. Most of us sleep soundly at night because of this attitude, myself included, whether I am proud of it or not. 

    Journalism in the US is controlled not by government but by a very small group of powerful men who basically own governments and the same can be said to varying degrees around the world. You can dress it up any way you like, you can argue against this viewpoint until the cows come home, you can cite journalistic integrity and associations that have been set up to demonstrate self regulation or outside regulation but the bottom line is that as long as people remain convinced that "news" is always complete, factual, fair and impartial and offers balanced arguments on all sides of an issue, nothing is ever going to change. Human nature will see to that as it always has done.

    Most of the "news" that we are fed is manufactured an manipulated by powerful people who have little interest in informing the public and probably even less in being truthful. Remember the first Gulf conflict and everyone’s fascination and awe at the power and technology as they watched pretty flashes and darting crosshairs as the laser guided bombs hit home? Great viewing over one’s evening meal eh? The support and jingoism back home in the US and the UK reached fever pitch as the populace puffed out their chests in pride…..

    A few weeks down the road a news item is broadcast showing the close up results of the strafing of a column of vehicles by allied aircraft – no pretty flashes, just bodyparts of civilians, men, women and children strewn across a landscape of twisted metal and burning wreckage. The support for continuing aggression dwindled quickly, the folks on the home front were upset to see this while eating their supper.

    There are some things that will never be reported and maybe that’s good and maybe it isn’t but it is way more complicated than we can imagine.

    Freedom is not free, freedom of the press is invariably a myth and although some journalists have indeed broken the mold, the vast majority are employees who have no incentive to rock the boat despite what they may have believed as naive and excited reporters entering the world of journalism. Much like politicians, they soon find that fighting the system can be risky and often fruitless and slowly become part of the system themselves, grateful for a paycheck. It’s life, we all accept compromise in all areas of our lives so all I am saying is that it is inevitable regardless of which field or occupation you apply it too.

    I’m not criticizing anyone or trying to take any kind of moral high ground, I’m just stating facts and making observations based on life experience.

    Politicians and corporations will always want to control the press, our Premier is no different in that regard although there are far more effective (read subtle and devious) ways to go about it and perhaps we should be grateful that he hasn’t yet quite mastered that art.

  2. Beachboi says:

    OMG!!!!!!!  Might I suggest a Depends to anyone that might think they could let a "little bit squeak out" before reading the comments of the permier in the link.  

    I wanted to use so many quotes, but in the end I would have to have quotedthe whole thing.  The only thing I find truthful about this is that these are truly his words.  He blames the "media" i.e. the people that run CNS when in actuality he is speaking to "me" on of his constituents.  Wait a minute.  Am I a constituent or a "befuddled rabble rouser"????  I am making the disparaging comments because they are rightfully deserved.  He seems to constantly insinuate that the members of the media "came here".  How ridiculous!!!  I surely know how Alice felt when she went down the rabbit hole.

    This statement sounded like it was written by an 8 year old.  Mr premier I hope you have another job lined up, and I hope you have to show up there soon!!! 


  3. Anonymous says:

    I thought I would post this here out of respect for the late Mr. Seales.

    In an emailed statement, Premier McKeeva Bush said: “The UDP extends condolences to his wife and children.”  Even in this time of community loss, Mr Bush makes it clear who he stands for.  It is not for the community.  It is not for the government.  It is only for the UDP.  That he could politicize even the death of a community leader speaks volumes about Mr Bush.

  4. Anonymous says:

     Who is this man to question otherpeople qualifications? What does he have to show? Mac Bush can’t be serious, when it comes to qualifications it would be best for him to keep his mouth shut, if that was possible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your link to Mac’s written response is not working.  Maybe that is a good thing… should I pre-medicate before reading? God help us all!

    CNS: I just checked it – it seems to be working OK. The link opens  pdf.

  6. Anonymous says:

    McKeever Bush-how dare you compare yourself to Winston Churchill.  He has always been my hero.  He suffered with the people in Great Britain.  He didn’t spend money needlessly.  He fought a dictator so he would be fighting you.  He is the opposite of you and you should not even be allowed to touch the same ground he has touched.  How he would roll over in his grave if he knew of you saying such a thing.  I wish that he was alive now because you wouldn’t get away with what you are doing and lastly I would love to hear what he would say if he heard you say such a thing.  Please don’t utter my hero’s name from your XXXXX lips again.  Thank you! Stop spending our money and talking foolishness about the media. 

    Someone please gag him. Anglin anybody?  If you can’t gag him, stop collecting paychecks and go home. He makes the whole Cayman Islands sound like we are all idiots.

    People from overseas, we are not like him. 

    My daddy always say we can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. West Bayers please wake up and not elect that man again.

    YUDP, please get another party name.  We don’t want any Bush apprentices thank you!  As long as that man running I will never vote for a UDP candidate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    SHAME on the Cayman’s "The Dictator" talking about a "code of ethics" for the media when he himself would not know the meaning of the word. Let me get this straight, – he wants the press to follow a "code of ethics" when he himself will not follow any code of ethics nor will he conduct himself in a christian and ethical way whatsoever.

    SHAME on our leader for not having the ethics that he wants others to adopt.

    SHAME on him for dishing it out on others , but he can not handle when others dish it out on him.

    SHAME on any public servant not being able to take criticism for it comes with the territory when in the public eye so get used to it buddy.

    SHAME on the UDP for allowing this very insecure man to lead this country.

    SHAME on the UDP not having the GUTS to stand up and and oppose him and his nonsense.

    SHAME on the UDP for no representing the wishes of the electorate who voted for them.

    SHAME on the UDP for all being a bunch of followers and NOT leaders.

    SHAME on all of you for this is disgracefull behaviour for any elected official representing the people. They fail to remember that they work for us the people who elected them into office and not for themselves and their own personal interests.


  8. Colonel Sanders says:

    Big Mac and a media awards ceremony?

    Would that be like me organizing a beauty contest for free range chickens?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The world is watching all dictators:

    Clinton says steel vise crushing global activists

    "KRAKOW, Poland – Intolerant governments across the globe are "slowly crushing" activist and advocacy groups that play an essential role in the development of democracy, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday.

    She cited a broad range of countries where "the walls are closing in" on civic organizations such as unions, religious groups, rights advocates and other nongovernmental organizations that press for social change and shine a light on governments’ shortcomings.

    Among those she named were Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia."

    Read More….

    And we must now add the Cayman Islands to the list of countries with “oppressive governments"

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree. There should be freedom of the press but I also believe that setting up media standards with checks and balances will help to keep things above board, fair and moral. If there is a standard already being followed, then perhaps those guidelines could be published for everyone to see……..???

    Unfortunately, fueled by the media and each other, many (if not most) of the readers comments are incredibly negative and condemning. It is beginning to have a numbing affect. There is no longer any shock value as we have come to expect negativity to pretty much everything anybody does or tries to accomplish – whether good or bad.

    I am reminded of the Bible saying "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone." There is just wayyyyyyy too much stone throwing going on.

    • Richard N. Parson says:

       "Set up checks and balances for the media"???  That is called censorship!  In other words, control.  The only hope a true Democracy has is a completely uncensored media…..take it or leave it!!  It is called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.  When Cayman loses this, Cayman will no longer be Cayman.  I hate to think what it will be.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry. You want to run the country? Then you open yourself up to public criticism…. From the Press AND the People.


    Is it just me, or aren’t there some bigger issues at hand than his feelings being hurt?


  12. Anonymous says:

    Sad we have a fool to lead us

    Sad we have a dictator to govern us

    Sad we are losing our democractic rights

    Sad our leader is taking us down to economic ruin

    Sad that the UDP members and ellected officials cannot  see this

    Sad that not one UDP member has the balls to challenge this dictator

    Sad that all of this reflects directly on all UDP members

    Sad that the UDP are being led like a flock of dump sheep to the slaughter


  13. Anonymous says:

    “He challenged the media to form an association and

    to create a code of ethics for journalists.”


    Here we go again, attempts of political control of the thoughts and the press by another oppressive government leader, this time our own political leader.

    Premier Bush like so many leaders without confidence in themselves has to be in powerful control all of the time in all things, including the expression of our very thoughts.  This is dangerous. 

    Form a press association then buy out the leader of the association to make the association powerless and voiceless!  

    A centuries old political trick, get opposition people organized into little controllable “divided tribes”, to make it easier for dictators to rule the masses. That is what will occur as is occurring in other associations right now.  Then the dictator portions out “special favours” to the “Tribal Leaders” to keep their respective tribes in control.  The result is that the people suffer.  Ask the British they have and do continue to use this method of control for centuries that is why we have political parties!

    Premier Bush please ask Madame Speaker what happened in the Jim Bodden / Haig Bodden era when the press did exactly what the press should be doing (as they are at the present time) to report the facts and give a voice to those who have no other voice.  Madame Speaker will be able to remind you Mr. Premier about the hard times her husband the late James Lawrence and herself suffered when those two very brave souls reported facts and gave a Voice to the people who were alarmed at how the Cayman Islands were going down the tube of the disastrous conditions we now face today from the oppressive Jim Bodden / Haig Bodden regime. 

    Then like now when Government can identify who is speaking out for the good of our Islands, the politicians who cannot get their way use the victimization powers they control in government.

    Premier Bush have you forgetten how you suffered from the Jim Bodden / Haig Bodden regime?

    We are very thankful of those brave souls in the press who stand up day after day to the barrage of attacks from the Premier.  

    Now the people will see why we need a constitution which includes protection of the press.

    As a West Bayer who admired you in years past when it seemed that you stood for right but now my eyes are opened and you are showing your true colours, too bad most West Bayer’s are colour blind by the favours you dish out and cannot see you for what you have really become.

    Very Sad West Bayer


  14. Anonymous says:

    Be honest now, Cayman media – CNS and the rest – is there something particularly unique, something quite staggeringly amazing about you all, that would make the adoption of some kind of self-regulating body totally superfluous? Wow! You know, if that’s the case, you need to be the subject of some kind of urgent study by the world’s media, to be placed on a pedestal and marveled at (in suitable deferential terms, of course) as "what we are all aiming to be like". Come off it, the whole lot of you. Come clean, quit the smugness, and regulate yourselves to maintain agreed journalistic standards, like just about every other media body in the civilized world does. Or is it just too darn comfortable (i.e.lazy) to exploit the political reality here in Cayman? You don’t exactly need to to be too smart to see what you’re up to. But do you really care? Probably not. There is a certain seediness making itself apparent in the media here in Cayman, and those of you with an interest in the public’s perception of your good selves should take heed. The premier has a point, and no amount of wailing about "freedom of the press" is particularly persuasive. At worse you lay yourselves open to being criticized for exploiting that freedom. Just something for you all to think about.


    • Anonymous says:

      ”’..At worse you lay yourselves open to being criticized for exploiting that freedom. Just something for you all to think about."

      Isn’t that what you just did?

      Please provide examples of specific stories or wordings you believe violated proper journalistic ethics.

    • Anonymous says:

      The press the world over will look for stories that excite the public interest. The old lady who knits scarfs for poor children in Outer Mongolia may be all well and good but the VAST MAJORITY of people of these Islands are more concerned with this XXXX leader :

      Increasing taxes,

      Flip flopping between policies because he has not had the common sense to look into them properly before he opens if big mouth,


      Trying to gag the media

      Trying to shout down anyone with a different view from him

      Trying to stop having to reveal information through the FOI system, (XXXXX)

      The man is XXXX and he deserves to have the people turn round to him and say enough is enough, go.

    • Anonymous says:

      then why you keep yourself anonymous here? Exactly!!! thank you

      • Totally and happily anonymous says:

        Because this IS Cayman and  everyone can still be victimized by a "certain" group of people especially for speaking the truth.  Have you ever heard "this is MY island"?

  15. Anonymous says:

    “Bush also said that he was examining the idea of a media awards ceremony.”

    Oh how this man tries to suck up, after stomping on us.

    Yea, Yea, let us have a Media Awards Ceremony at his Ritz Carlton for all of his tag along @$$ kissers who support his government to attend in their tuxedo suits to praise their leader Maximus while the rest of us fool suckers pay the bill for the $500,000 party and award prizes.

    Does he really believe that we all believe the garbage verbiage that comes out of his mouth?

    Mac will stop at nothing to convince himself that he is good.

    Cameras to track our every movement, registering of reporters (that was tried before too), what next, thought police with the power to arrest and detain because some officer believes that we might in the future have some thought that goes against what Premier Bush wants to do to further destroy our Islands.

    Media Awards Ceremony hosted by Premier Bush, ya gotta be kidding me.
    It is good to be in the Brac away from the everyday Grand Cayman political nonsense, please Sir stay in Grand Cayman.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please help me with my spelling.

    Is it dictator or dicktator.

  17. Seuss Lover says:

    Everytime I think of our leader the Dr. Seuss story of Yertle the Turltle comes to mind… Yes very Yertle like…

  18. Anonymous says:

    For the benefit of the UDP: The media helps keep political parties and members straight by printing what they do for everyone to see.  They also help poliicians think out processes by asking questions they may never have thought of before they have had the chance to implement them and make a mess of everything (which it seems is occuring rather frequently).  They also help to keep government and politicians financially prudent too, reporting wastage for all to know and maintaining the void left when Dan Duguay was vanquished.  The media helps government and politicians explain issues when politicians get them "befuddled." And most importantly, they help the country see when politicans are misleading them.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      I am a daily ready and admirer of CNS. The quality, the educated, well thought out, varied views, expressions and opinions continue to impress me on every thread. Kindly read all the posts here about this assault on the freedom of the media. Many have substance…..99% are spot on and have 99% support from the voters. Unfortunately the majority of the voters do not have a vote or say in how our country is run. When are Caymanian voters going to fully understand that one man and one district control the island and now they want to control everyone else’s voice.

  19. Anonymous says:

    ‘You WORKS for US Mac’.  That the message from that you should be getting from the critical comments. Like any good EMPLOYEE, you should listen to the criticism of your employer and try to put these criticisms into action.  Unfortunately, like any EMPLOYEE who insists on being impudent to his employer, you will ultimately hear those dreaded words..YOU’RE FIRED!!

    Cayman I urge to call for a ‘no confidence’ vote and get rid of this XXXXX employee.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with this more than any other statement made here.  We, the people, put him in office, why can’t We, the people, take him out. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    After all is said and done you have to hand it to Mac.

    He certainly knows how to get attention and he thrives on critizisim.

    Just attack the media and within hours he knows exactly what his popularity rating is. I suspect it is close to zero at the moment, but then he has his followers who will keep his popularity above water.

    With turtle at $16 per pound maintaining his popularity must ge getting kind of expensive, but then the Farm was just given a bigger than usual award so that could explain it.

  21. O'Really says:

    Interesting that BigMac should chose Bermuda as an example to follow. Here is a link to an article from the International Press Institute condemning the Bermuda government for the repressive nature of the legislation they sought to introduce.

    Here is an extract from another article dealing with this subject:


    " It is very unfortunate that Bermuda, with its geographical closeness to the United States and its cultural and political ties to the United Kingdom, has managed to draft a law that would be wholly unacceptable in both countries.

    Media Councils should be freely chosen by the local media and they should be independent and self-regulating. They should not be enacted by law and contain an in-built bias to the state and create powers that, if applied, would deeply inhibit the media’s ability to act in the public interest.”

    [We] would encourage the Bermudan government to withhold this bill from Parliament and to go back to holding a dialogue with the local media."

    I do not believe this legislation was enacted ( someone will correct me if I’m wrong ) but what is it with small islands and the press?


  22. Anonymous says:

    I just wonder if CNS and all the Cayman media was owned and operated by West Bayers out of Mac’s constituency with the same format as it now operates if Mac would have a problem with it.

    Well I guess if that was the case it would be interesting to see Macs reaction.

    Get used to it Mac or go find another job that you could be comfortable with.

    • Anonymous says:

      If he is considering a new career, I would like to employ Mac as my collections agent. Better than waterboarding, he can talk them into a coma, then take the $ owing by whatever means neccessary…

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure the real McKeeva (of which I’d like to discover) is very decent chap but the persona non grata and objectives he carries stupefy me. I occasionally ponder an adage that a fair portion of those in government couldn’t run a successful corner shop in the Mother Country and will never be recognized whilst not being able to reflect on their own immediate stock.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Cayman – you voted for this dicator to represent you so you have to deal with his antics as he leads you into economic ruin andembarassment.

    Do you notice all of the similarities with Chavez, Saddam, Idi Amin and other dictators of modern times.

    Defensive, massive insecurities, cannot handle criticism or opposition and then there is the bullying and controling behaviour to always have his way. This is who you chose to lead this country and represent us on the world stage. Not good for our financial industry and building trust and confidence with the international community.

    What do you expect from someone who does not even have a high school diploma or any experience in business or management and administration and the voting public chose this man to run a country. Shame on the voting public for supporting him and not having the intelligence to see through all of these facts and character traits.

    Roll on three more years of total bias, direct influence, intervention, favours, maniplulations, blocks XXXXXX. So much for management by consensus and democracy.

    I just pray we can survive the darkess period of our political history.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love your comment….but once again, at the end of the day IF the UDP opportunists in BT and GT were not elected, it is very unlikely he would be the Premier. People all in those districts need to hold their UDP reps accountable too

  25. Kent says:

    Sit down children, let Uncle Kent tell you a story.

    There are times you forget how you felt the last time you ate one, and infact you think to yourself "MMMM" a Big Mac sounds good! You buy it without truly reflecting on the past completely.  You then proceed to order the fries and milkshake combo, because that is the package that is the "best" deal.  upon getting your order you without thought you sit at the table and start eating, MMMM, that’s good! You eat the fries with ketchup flavored sauce, slurping down the chocolate "flavored" frozen beverage to quench the thurst caused from the MSG and sodium crystals generously sprinkled on those deep fried processed potato sticks.  There goes the last bite.  Man that was good!  Now sit back take that final sip of your "milkshake" to wash it all down.  Then your stomich gurgles, you shift in your seat, while thinking to yourself, I shouldn’t have ate that last bite.  But you did!  Minuites later as you get into your car your belt feels as though it has somehow been tightened a knotch or two. You can’t find that ever so familiar sweet spot in the drivers seat, but you have a meeting to go to, so you ignore the discomfort and get back on the road. As you park your car after spending 45 min fighting traffic, a gas bubble rumbles in your gut. A sharp pain hits as it rolls past parts in the body that should not have air around them.  All the sudden, BURRRRRRRRP!  Man that stunk, but you feel better as the pain in your chest is gone, so you only have this massive bloated feeling left to deal with.  You walk from your car to the office where your meeting is, with a slightly different gait as the fact that your pants simply don’t seam to fit anylonger.  But that’s ok, because no one really notices as the discomfort is within you and virtually unnoticeable to others.  You proceed to meet with your prospective employer as she interviews you for the position you have trained and worked for your whole life, your dream job.  GRUMMMMBLE, a cramp like pain hits you in you lower abdomen, you hope she couldn’t hear it, or see the slight grimace on your face.  GRUMMMMBLE, BLUUURP, GRUUUUUMBLE.  You simply can’t take it any longer, you stop her mid sentence as you head for the door like a crazed mad man, trying to excuse yourself with some incoherent babble, because your mind is processing the fact that you saw a bathroom somewhere down the hall as you came in, at the same time deciphering why this was happening, "could it be the Big Mac?".  Racing down the hall as the theme song to Chariots of Fire plays in the back ground. You grab the handle to the door of the place that can set you free from the upheaval brewing inside. You have made it just in time, as though you body had already calculated how many steps there were to the porcelain god. BAM! your chin hits the door.  As you back up to retry the handle you see the "out of order" sign.  You are SCREWED!

    Do you regret buying the Big Mac combo meal?


    I always thought the "Big Mac" came from the use of his name and pre-gastronimy body type.  Now I see that it is actually because he is much like a "Big Mac" from McDonalds. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    All of you who voted for this power hungry man, bet you wish you could take back that "X", huh? Big Mac, I thought we had freedom of speech here or is it cause you can’t handle all the media filling us in on what’s going on, because government sure ain’t. For once I would like a new government to step in and not have any name calling or mud slinging. You as the Preimer of this country should be setting a good example, but instead you’re blaming others for anything and everything that went wrong. Yes past governments of this countryhave not made some of the best choices. But why seat there and bicker about it. Do something besides acting like 2 year olds. LA building is running a preschool it seems like.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush thinks that all of the critical posts are by "a few PPM rabble rousers". LOL! 

    Someone is in for a surprise in 2013.  

    • Anonymous says:

      assuming the country last that long, at the rate we’re going, it’s difficult to say at this point

    • Anonymous says:

      A good test for McKeeva to apply would be see how many thumbs up a purely pro-PPM post gets as opposed to a good post which is critical of him and his government. I think he will find that that the latter gets 3-4 times as many.     

  28. Anonymous says:

    Churchill! Churchill!  Are you serious?  What a megalomaniac!  Mac really think he can compare himself to Churchill whose greatest contribution was his ability to inspired a nation to fight with their very ‘blood, toil and tears’.. Why, it was just last week that Mac called Cayman a 2×4 country!  How dare Mac compare himself to Churchill when he’s clearly not in the same league. Needless to say, Mac has only inspired zero confidence in this voter.

    Cayman we have to get rid of the megalomaniac!!



  29. Anonymous says:

    Is Premier Bush Cayman’s Hugo Chavez.  The "nationalization" process has begun!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sojust who are the 2 people that keep giving the "thumbs down" to every anti-Bush comment…………………… I wonder…………………

    • Anonymous says:

      The same two that penned the written statement for the Premier, perhaps?

  31. Anonymous says:

    It would also be lovely if the Govt would create a code of ethics whilst dealing with the people’s finances.  If the Premier knew anything about ethics, he might consider taking the 30% pay cut he promised the people he would take and give up his monthly pension and some of his perks.  From what I can understand, he has a basic salary of around $25,000 per month (including a pension) plus we pay all of his expenses.  It is unethical to be so greedy when so many of the people are struggling. 

    If someone is trying to blackmail him, then they should be dealt with by the Police.  Why hasn’t that person been arrested?  If you are an upstanding citizen with nothing to hide, it is not possible to be blackmailed. 

    What does political affiliation have to do with anything.  Reporters report the news.  If the Premier was being ethical himself, they would not have much to report about him.  He has to realise that he is a public servant and everything he does is of interest to the public because it is our money he is squandering.  Bad Govertment decisions affect all of us. 

    Re his comments that we have to plan our days to avoid the fuel increase costs affecting us, most of us have to work.  Both parents have to work to be able to afford a roof over our family’s head.  We often don’t work at the same time or travel in the same direction so we can’t use the same car.  Also, the increase will affect EVERY area of our lives including food which is already outrageously priced due to constant duty and port tax increases which businesses have to pass on to the customer in order to stay in business.  The premier does not seem to understand this, or chooses to ignore this. 

    He has been in governemnt long enough to have grown a thick skin.  You cannot be a public person making controversial decisions and expect people to just sit and swallow more and more, especially when we see the blatant waste by government.  Stop ttravelling with 10 or 15 people.  Travel business instead of first class, stay at moderate hotels.  Stop wasting our money.  CUT GOVT. SPENDING.  Have a conscience and please stop wasting our money and resources.  Stop allowing our Islands to be destroyed. There will be nothing left for our children or grandchildren.  


    • Anonymous says:

      Mac and the rest of our elected politicians know their days are numbered in Cayman politics, theregore they have to take the money they are being paid.

      The PPM tried the 20 percent bluff, but I bet they knew very well that that would not work so they used the bluff for political reasons.

      No Politician can fool me any more. I am way ahead of them on their thinking.

      • Caymanian Voice says:

        Sadly the off shoot of the current politial regime is that Cayman has slid to a place of "not trusting any politican". That is serious folks.

        It would seem that what we all must reflect on is the needfor an increased amount of objectivity when we vote rather than for some one who gave you something.

        Whether you feel the PPM was using a political ploy or not, they were at least doing the right thing as far as we the people are concerned. The party polarity has us so stressed out that, we don’t want to be seen siding with either one.

        Folks therein lies our problem, we criticise everyone and then expect better to come. Pray tell how?

        We must support one side or the other and get busy telling them what we want for a future. Right now all we are doing is tearing down both parties and the current government is destroying everything we thought we had.

        Today folks, stop and ask your self what future can you reasonably expect based on your present?

        The current stance of the govenrment to control all "public noise" is undemocratic and is leading us into atruly Chavez type state. When did our forefathers ever believe this was possible? And all our own doing.

        All we really have left now is to turn to God which is what we should have done in the first place for guidance. But then, that is giving your power over to some one greater than yoruself and that is certainly not the preferred way we have been living.  God is all we have as we look at the reality around us. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please click the link…watch the video and remember that in Cayman the power of words and respect used to mean something.

    Because we have forgotten who we doesn’t mean that my 25 year old cannot stand up what I was taught is right.

    Stand your ground….

  33. Anonymous says:

    Time for a reality check 16:57 would you rather be paying income tax or property tax?our Premier is doing his best to get the country back on it’s feet,like i said before stop all the whining and suck it up and if you find cayman too expensive then leave!Mr Premier keep doing and saying what you want because I still have my fat$$$$salary intact so good job sir.

    • Here is a thought says:

       Dear Reality Check,

      If we stopped the overspending there would not be a need for taxes.  You have to realize the simplest of all factors:  If you impose income or property tax 1.) The Govt would grow too fat withred tape to implement it and more importantly 2.) Our financial sector will leave, which will leave you witth #3.) No income base, period.

      Unless Big Mac gets smart and starts to CUT the bloated government spending we are doomed.  

      Ivan should have taught us to save for a rainy day, instead it gave Big Mac ideas of how to spend MORE…..too sad.

      Cut the Govt extras, cut, cut, cut…..not tax, tax tax…

    • soumy nona says:

      well said 00.35 sarcasm I hope. I think most people would prefer to be contributing to a government that actually cared about the islands future rather than their personal gain  

  34. Anonymous says:

     …Said the pot to the kettle. 

    Who is he to question anyone’s qualifications let alone ethics? What’s the said Premier’s educational qualifications? Oh wait it almost slipped my mind, "you don’t need education to run a country" Who said that again? 

    Someone is teetering on their high horse and about to be dismantled.

    …"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again."

  35. vocal local says:

    This dictator style Premier just doesn’t know when to hush eh!…he should really preach this verbal attack at himself.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I just read the written statement in its entirety (I had nothing better to do). We must first of all acknowledge that this is a PREPARED statement. This means that it was either written by one other person or a collaborative effort.

    Do you realise the implication of that? Other person(s) is(are) either of this misguided opinion or are so sycophantic with their desires to please they would put pen to such excremental discharge.

    Really, the "inflections" are now a cause of concern? Is there going to be a war on octaves?

    And do these speechwriters understand that the blogs are the voice of the people who take the time to be informed and to express their opinion using today’s technology of protest?

    Whilst past leaders with dictatorial tendencies would pass laws to outlaw public gathering to suppress free expression in the guise of keepin the peace, the online communities today present such virtual gatherings.


    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed; that this is a PREPARED statements scares the hell out of me!  It was scary enough thinking Mac was the only real madness in all of this but to know that others collaborated on this crap is enough to make one lay awake all night in fear!

      I was wondering if perhaps those around Mac are not now specifically ‘helping’ him along to self-destruct by providing him with crazy statements such as these knowing full well the consequences! Remember the glue that binds the UPD members is called ‘power’ so there will always be others willing to sabotage him for their own potential advancement!

  37. stuff it Mac says:

    stuff it MacKweeva.

    Your grade 8 education and daily tactics are the equivalent of a schoolyard bully. You’re in over your head. 


  38. Nicolas Sarcasy says:

    It is the self-comparison to Churchill during the war that I find most inspiring.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and like Churchill, he will, no doubt, win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

  39. Dred says:

    I almost had a cow when I read this. Who in the world is he to challenge anyone on an educational front?

    Hot digidy. Now you know he’s really lost it.

    He complains about the FOI but if you have nothing to hide you will always welcome this. Problem is he is ALWAYS trying to hide something. I swear we should have a new uniform for the LA. Pinstripes. 

    I agree with many other posters. If he put in half the effort he puts into blaming others into fixing problems we would have an ABUNDANCE of excess cash every year.

    He knows and he’s trying to prep us for his FAILURES. This is it in a nutshell. He knows he will not succeed in anything he does and he’s always warming up the BAND. It’s the PPM FAULT!!!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  We, the people of the entire Cayman Islands need to stop talking and act.  The Premier (tongue in cheek) has such a guilty conscience that he imagines the insults and slights towards him.  It is very clear that the only saving of the Cayman Islands is for there to be a complete vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" in the current government and approach the Governor and Parliament to dissolve the assembly and schedule a new election.  We will then give the Cayman Islands back to the Caymanian people.  I could not fail to note that fuel increase will not include Cayman Brac, but will include the handful of people living in Little Cayman.  Someone more powerful than MacChavez & Julidinejad needs to give the Cayman Islands back to the people so we can help our economy struggle back.  I drove in front of the deputy premier early the other morning and marvrlled at this woman who lived in a little wooden house in Prospect and drove a cheap car, now being driven in a very large SUV with a uniformed police driver/security.  These are supposed to be Christians and one wonders how they will face the judgement day when they have to answer to God. That is one venue where they will not be able to pull the wool over his eyes and since we are all destined to go down below, we do not want them there either.


  40. au revoir says:

    macdaddy maccheeze’s next initiative is the formation of the thought police, made entirely of west bayas – no formal education or training required…  big daddy gonna tell dem exatly what they need to know…




    • Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:


      I am a West Bayer who will readily admit that I  made a great mistake by giving McKeeva a another term in the LA, and as far as my entire family is concerned his absolute LAST and with a another 12 children in the household at present who will also be eligible to vote in 2013 that’s a total of 30 people alone UDP wont have.
      I apologize to my fellow Caymanians, for the grave mistake I have made to allow this man  the ability to Govern these Islands as HE and not as the People and C. I. Legislature deems fit. I ask that we all Unite and use our Democratic Rights as Constituents of West Bay to hold a March to have McKeeva & his UDP party removed from office entirely. 
      I would like to also make it very clear the PPM opposition party is not in any better standings with the Caymanian people ether because as the UDP party is destroying this country you all are sitting idly by and allowing this to happen, there seems to be a win all –lose all game going on between the two parties, I have taken keen notice of both sides gains and losses, and they are all tied back to personal gain for the political parties individuals, the constant increases with the cost of living is killing your people yet you sit by and do absolutely nothing to keep it from continuing why? Because you CAN afford the increases, you can go to the grocery store and not worry about what your bill will be, you can use your electricity & water without monitoring the usage, you can afford to a lot of the JUST BASICS that your people are JUST BARELY able to meet at the end of the day now, some people are missing paying their utilities one month to feed their families and starving the next to make sure the utilities are not disconnected, How can ether of you just sit down like a bunch of heartless, uncaring, & thoughtless human beings, do you not realize, you all will be right back out here with the rest of us very soon, all the money hoarding and hob knobbing is not going to help you all then, and please, please remember this: WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT FORGET THE PAIN AND SUFFERING YOU ALL BOTH UDP & PPM HAVE PUT THE CAYMANIAN PEOPLE THROUGH.    
      • au revoir says:

        you hit the nail on the head.  the ppm is by no means a much better choice than the udp.  what cayman needs is new political blood that is willing to lay "politricking" and self-interests aside, and do what is best for the country.  unfortunately, the few who could do that will not get into office.

      • Kent says:

        10 tons of AMEN!


        I forgive you, LOL. 

      • Live Free... says:

        You are forgiven for the mistake you have made, however I have one correction, you state that the opposition sitting by idly, they are not, they had challenge the increase on the fuel, they had challenge the duties increase and also the permit increase, so I don’t know what you mean by the PPM sitting by Idly and it sure not the opposition PPM you are talking about. It’s the dictator of a leader you put in power and his yes men that over rides them, remember the UDP has the majority not the opposition.

      • pauly cicero says:

        Telling 30 people who to vote/not vote for smells a bit dictatorial to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is ONLY ONE West Bayer like McKeeva – McKeeva himself.

      The majority of West Bayers (real West Bayers, not implants) are honest, decent, hardworking and yes EDUCATED people so don’t class us with the likes of McKeeva. 

      So yes, you guessed it, I’m a West Bayer – a very proud (in every sense) West Bayer.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a West Bayer, a very proud West Bayer, with education and training and thank God, a good job. The majority of real West Bayers (by that I mean caymanian parents, born & bred West Bayers) are educated, honest, respectable people and those who are just growing up will be too.

      DO NOT make the mistake of placing all West Bayers in the same category as McKeeva. We are not now, never have been and so help us God, we never will stoop to his level.

  41. Braveheart says:

    We are hostile to you because you are hostile to us.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think it is time that Mr. Bush steps down from his post and goes back to West Bay!

    • Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

      Dont want that disgrace here in West Bay ether, send him to the Brac with that Julia the both fit to put to pasture….or better yet exile [them] to Owen Islands..

  43. Anonymous says:

    > McKeeva Bush questioned who the reporters and owners of the media in Cayman were, where they had come from, their political leanings and their qualifications.

    I can’t believe MacDinejad has the gall to ask anyone about their qualifications since he has none.

    Just another day in Absurdistan.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are wrong, his is a Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks … major in Gab and minor in Blame.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush is right. you never report the good things his party is doing. In Cayman Brac Ms. Julie is having the road paved.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh stop. I heard that what they have done so far is not that smooth and that they are only practicing at Spot Bay. Is this so that when the get nearer to the Tamrind tree the road will be perfect?

      • Anonymous says:

         Paloma took the tamarind tree so you’ll have to find a new mark.  I never heard of this tamarind tree till after Paloma when it gone.  Hopefully, no more tamarind trees to divide a 12 mile island.

        Grand Cayman have paved roads and Cayman Brac hasn’t had it for about 12 years.  The roads are so bad that they can cause whip lash.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow – that is an amazingbit of news. Clearly based on that revelation alone Mr. Bush ought to be made dictator for life plus 20 years. After all before Mr. Bush there were absolutely no paved roads, or any roads at all, in the Brac. We Brackers all just travelled around on donkeys hoping that someone would invent the wheel.

    • Anonymous says:

      And in Grand Cayman, the sun is shining.  All hail Premier Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, let me see. Building and paving roads is a BAD thing when done by the PPM, but a GOOD thing when done by the UDP!

      • anonymous says:

        You idiots are fighting for the PPM and defending them, None of these two political parties are worth throwing at a  hog’s ass!

        New blood is the answer. We need some extensions of Ezzard miller. Ezzard you better get some followers in every district by 2013 and I mean enough of them too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Bush & Ms Julie have done so much for Cayman Brac

  45. whompa says:

    how in the world can the premier talk about the the people running the press and thiewr qualifacations. i wish that cayman politicians had to have some sort of learning to run for office. MAC you would not be there. The only person you reminds of is another man from old bush in west bay. He come to town every do and trouble every woman he crosses on the road. if one woman or a man speaks to him about his action he gets very hostile   he can do anything, but you must not respond.   you and this man has alot in common MR PREMIER, SAME ATTITUDE,SAME AREA


    • Surprised says:

      By now I should never be surprised what comes out of this mans mouth, but he comes up with something new time after time that truly surprises me and this is another example.

      Can this man really be serious!

      I mean, this is truly a case of "pot cussing kettle black"

      • anonymous says:

        What comes as no surprise to me is that the governor apparently let him scare him off from his inauguration!.

        The governor won’t even come to the rescue of the people, he just sits back and watch this man brutalize everyone!

        Lets see if he allows the people to get help if a hurricane should trash the Island God forbid, but that will be a true test of whether this governor will step up to the plate as a true crownsman  looking after national affairs as he is hired to do, or if he will do otherwise.

    • dont tread on me says:

      So true Whompa…………….. you read my mind with that one………. call him Charles Bronson

  46. Anonymous says:

    The press, the country, everyone should be ashamed of him.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen so many thumbs up!  I will use my school boy upbringing to decide what this means! 


  48. Anonymous says:

    The media report all kind of news Mr Bush, you open yourself up to be in it on a regular basis because of the crazy things you do on a regular basis….

  49. Durrrr says:

    I’m sure that CNS accidentally forgot to publish the link to the statement until after 60 or 70 replies had been posted, but having read it, I think McKeeva makes some good points.


    As usual, the delivery could be better, but the underlying point is that the press (including those who comment on press reports) does form a window to the Islands (particlarly the online press), and there is far too much hate / bad-mindedness in the press these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS is like a 24/7 town hall… where people can come and go at their leisure and register their opinion on the issues of the day.  I don’t think serious politicians, financial people, tourists, etc. put a lot of stock in the musings of a few local folks.

      That is, until the leader of the country gets up and points out to the whole world that he thinks people expressing their opinion on CNS is a TERRIBLE THING for the country.  That is what draws the interest of the outside world to our little chat room.

      But, that aside, what Mr Bush is talking about is his desire to have the media only say what he thinks they should say.  It sounds more and more like he would love to control the media and to control what you and I are told about what he is doing and to control what we can say and think about how well he is (or isn’t) doing.  That sounds like a dictatorship to me.  He wants to dictate to us what we see and hear… what we believe.  Not a bad idea if you want to live in a country like North Korea.

      I might suggest to Mr Bush that if he can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  But how on earth does one equate a local web site with comments as real and true "heat"?  There is no "heat’ here.  Our sort of carryings on would pass without notice in most countries.  But for the leader of the country to spend so very much time responding to criticisms from CNS and other sources, is very, very troubling.  Does he have nothing better to do with his time?

      Or is all this posturing against the media just another excuse for him to further his long-discussed lust for absolute power in the Cayman Islands?

      I fear for the future of the Cayman Islands if Mr Bush gets his way.

    • Scrooge McDuck says:

      Hate and bad mindedness????  Step outside and say dat!!!!  Yo’mama!!!! Don’t be ridiculous!!!!

  50. Me Again.. says:

    "What strikes me the most is the manner in which reports are made; most times in their attack, they challenge the ability, the honesty, and sincerity of either elected officials or civil servants. This is done in the expressions on faces, in writing, in the sarcasm of their voices, and in their responses, and it makes clear in their sharp disapproval"

    Why does this little phrase sound sooo familiar?

    He must be talking about the time in the LA that he could just ‘SEE IT’ on the oppositions’ faces that they did not want to take the pay cut. Can’t you see that not only does he want to control the press. He want to control our tone of voices and facial expressions!! (God forbid that someone farted and causes you to make up your face in a crowd- becasue it will be misconstued as disapproval towards the Government) What next? Will he be telling us that we can only wear green and blue underwear?

  51. Anonymous says:

    why don’t you people leave our beloved Premier alone!suck it up people and stop whining all the time,you people must not work to be chatting XXXX all the time!get good paying jobs and then you all wont have to worry about a little fuel hike,good job Mr premier!keep looking out for your people.

    • dont tread on me says:

      Time for a reality check 16:33. The Cayman people are "whining" cause they are hurting more and more every day with this numbskull in charge…….. and who are his people again???……………..Special Interest Groups, Developers, Anybody that he can get money for HIM while selling whats OURS. This clown acts like Cayman belongs to him alone. He should be in jail for treason but I think he will be judged one day. Time to beef up that security

    • Anonymous says:

      yea actually i would like to say the same to the premier, lest he forget that he lives in a democracy.  Thank God for FOI, PPM might get my vote just because of that.  I wonder if UDP already realise they won’t get elected again?

    • Whine? says:

      Excuse me Star, who whines more than YOUR Premier as he (and you) are doing right now.

      Go back under your little rock and fall back to sleep!

  52. Anyomous says:

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.. I’m just saying.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha

    "What does anyone know about the owner of CNS and its reporters. How many do actually know who the owners are"?  

    Should have read:

    "What does anyone know about the Caymanian silent partners in those companies who struck those sweet-heart deals with government contracts"?


  54. Bring back the birch says:

    The Hon Bush must  be credited for his innate  ability (actually probably the only one he has) to draw to him the attention of the Press.

    The failing of the Press is taking any notice of the man and his rather stupid statements. and

    the failing of everyone who voted for him, was voting for him!

  55. Anthony Montana says:

    Big Mac. Its not the press who are hostile.  Its us. CNS is largly made up of the comments from its readers. And we are unhappy with you.  We voted for the UDP expecting something good.  Instead I feel like I have voted in a dictator. The country has gone in the toilet since you and your party have been elected and, besides putting the country in huge debt with that loan, you have done nothing to address the serious problems – ie to significantly reduce government spending or tackle the unbelievable increase in crime.  I wish I had my vote back.  No hostility. Just honesty.  

    • Anon says:

      My thoughts exactly Mr. Montana! I couldn’t agree with you more. Only thing is, I sure as hell didn’t vote for him or any of the UDP jokers! And I said it from the day I heard they had won! I said now we will ALL suffer! And we sure are!

  56. Anyomous says:

    Here we go again… instant rebuttle to everything he says. Just look at the posts. I truly think that Mackeeva is suffering from the Foot N’ Mouth Disease.

    Put some tape over that mouth.

  57. Anonymous says:

     Wendy – Just noticed on your CV that you did Inter Pol at Aber. I also did Inter Pol with Strategic Studies at Aber fromm 2000-2003. Small world eh?

    • Wendy Ledger says:

      Hooooorah! We may know each other anon? I’m the blond that Mac keeps yelling at….

      • Bush Booster says:

        I knew it!!  Wendy iz in a secret cult of intalecktuwalz from a forin univerisuty sent here to destroy our peaceful little islands!  The only thing standing between uz and two mutch nawlidge iz our beeluvad Premeeyur!!!  CNS stop beeting around Bush!!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Wendy for Premier!!

  59. Anonymous says:

    In a slightly different approach, the new UK Coalition Government has just launched a new web site where they urge citizens to tell them which current laws should be removed or changed because they restrict civil liberties, which unnecessary laws should be repealed, and which regulations should be removed or changed to make running businesses as simple as possible.  It’s worth listening to Nick Clegg’s introduction at .

    Perhaps Ellio is planning something similar for Mac?

  60. Tara says:

    Ms. Ledger,

    I comend you for posting your CV as proof of your experience and was very interested to note that you have pursued further education far beyond the further education of our premier and have real qualifications and not simply honorary ones!

    I hope the premier learns to engage his brain before speaking in future but think at this stage it may be too late for that and so perhaps it’s best to say goodbye and put someone in his seat who realises we have far more important issues to address and can appreciate that the media are not there to stroke the egos of the politicians and as Anderson Cooper would say are there in an attempt to "keep them honest".

    Keep up the good work CNS!

    • Anonymous says:

      EXCUUUUUUSE ME! Who is more hostile than Mckeeva Bush. This is a perfect example of the "kettle calling the pot black"! What a hypocrite! My lord! BTW, I however, do not think that the media is hostile, just truthful, & Mckeeva Bush does not like the truth!

  61. Rick James says:

    Here’s something for Mac to have a think about before he starts bashing the media for doing a great job again…

    A closed mouth gathers no foot.


    Pretty serious resume Wendy!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Rolston, anybody, somebody can you PLEASE pull this man aside and have a stern word with him. This is extremely embarassing!! He is simply not behaving like a statesman and proving his critics oh soooooooooooooooo right every time he opens his mouth.

    Most times when he opens his mouth I cannot decide whether to cry, laugh or cringe………….

    Our "Leader" seems to be having some sort of breakdown….Will someone please pull him aside because he is clearly losing control.

    Oh dear talk about a situation we are in as a country because the Deputy Premier, or PPM………………………… for heaven’s sake – I give up!!!!!


    • Pull who aside? says:

      Unna mussi mad, unna no what a assin rolly would get for doin tha ? Mine u Mac lost some weight ya na, he quick now, and Charles Whittaker teachin him a few moves, like jab jab hook kick im in the xxxs

  63. Anonymous says:

    The media is like a mirror, reflecting the light it receives.  If the premier doesn’t like what light he gives off, then he should change his ways and be seen in a different light.  Belittling reporters, and others who ask questions of actions taken by himself and the UDP is a reflection of his character and demeaner and suggests that he has something he doesn’t want the public to know.  The world has changed Mac, don’t you see that.  THanks PPM for transparency and FOI. 

    You may have been able to set up your cards to remove and silence Dan Duguay, but you have no cards to use to get rid of the press and FOI, though I have no doubt you will try extremely hard to find a way.  However, I suggest you put your energies to use doing what is best for the country. 

    You never tried to silence Elio when he was lambasting the PPM, why silence the media now? 

    Try to look at it from this perspective, as it may make you feel better:  The media helps keep political parties and members straight by printing what they do for everyone to see.  They also help poliicians think out processes by asking questions they may never have thought of before they have had the chance implement them and make a mess of everything (which it seems is occuring rather frequently).  They also help to keep government and politicians financially prudent too, reporting wastage for all to know and maintaining the void left when Dan was vanquished.  The media helps government and politicians explain issues when politicians get them "befuddled." And most importantly, they help the country see when politicans are misleading them.

    The media is good and important for this country.  STOP trying to INTIMIDATE them!


    • Rick James says:

      Its really sad that someone had to take the time to explain this to the leader of our country!!!… If only he had half the qualifications and experience that Wendy has!! LOL

  64. Anonymous says:

    "Pointing the finger at …. the Rooster talk show hosts"

    Your headline should read "Mac attacks Secretary General of the UDP, Mr. Elio Solomon"

    and the story could read:

    "Mac said "Elio in his past employment  mislead and befuddled people.  When at Rooster, Mac continued, Elio rewarded some politicians with exposure (myself) while deliberately ignoring others, twisting stories and leaving out important parts to benefit the UDP.

    Mr. Solomon was nothing but part of the  “gaggle of commentators”, along with a small group of UDP rabble-rousers and he distorted what was happening in the Cayman Islands and painting a picture that depicted Caymanians as embittered against foreign nationals, that had no regard for their country, living among lawlessness and violence that was the rule rather than the exception.

    While employed at Rooster, Elio had  the loudest and most extreme views and was“tearing down the place”

    Elio was not trained and did not do anything to educate the public, McKeeva said, "which is why I chose him to be the Secretary General of the UDP"

  65. Anonymous says:

    he accusing the media again. mac do something nah and leave the media. matter fact why don’t you quit.

  66. Savannah Dawg says:


    That’s a kick-ass resume girl… Big up ya self!!!


  67. The Truth is Out There says:

    With all of the issues currently facing the Cayman Islands it is disappointing that this is something that the "leader" is wasting time on.  

  68. Wonderful says:

    Can we see Mac’s CV?

    I am interested in his upcoming talk "my experience of baggage handling and its usefulness in international diplomacy".

  69. Anonymous says:

    I’m Caymanian.  I’m educated.  I like foreigners (well, you can’t like everybody of course). I don’t listen to Rooster, I’d like to retain braincells, thank you.  I don’t listen to Mckeeva – see previous statement for reasoning. If the media was reporting false statements, harassing government officials and/or slandering an entire government (or country for that matter), one would assume it’d be rightful to take legal action.  But this isn’t the case so he’s going to just speak out and scold and blablabla because that’s worked for him in the past *sarcasm*. Basically big mac, everyone just wants you to shutup and do your job.  We get that you’re going to do what you want withoutregard for the people, the opposition or the future of our country so just do it quietly so we can complain about it later when you’re out of office and this poopy party system can continue on and leave people wondering when real education, real leadership, real capability and real change will occur within our government.

    • Beachboi says:

      BRAVO!!!  Well said!  Mac is just angry because we are complaining, in an international forum, about the way that he is ruining this country.  Its called Freedom of Speech Mac so get over it or resign.  I personally pray for the latter. 

      By the way, where did you dig up those words Mac?  You have got to be able to do better than "befuddle" and "gaggle"??  Wow this says volumes in that these words might have been harsh and insulting when he was a child.  Oops forgot afterall this is a tantrum by a 6 year old.  C’mon you knew that you were going to be elected.  You could have at least taken some English classes.

  70. Anonymous says:

    When is Mac going to shut up. Every time he opens his mouth he just sounds stupid…..


  71. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is just my computer but the link to the Premier’s actual statement seems to be dead – I could use another laugh so I was hoping something could be done to let us see the full thing. 

    CNS: Sorry – it’ll be up in a minute. It’s worth the wait!

  72. genetic mutation says:

    I actually like Mack as his policy tends to lean towards the way I think things should be. In many cases he does things that I like and commend him for.

    One of the silliest things a politician in any country can do is mount an attack on the media – you cant win that one. Its like getting into a bar fight with a midget – win or loose you cannot win. No matter what Mack – you will not win this one, right or wrong, you will look like the bad guy. If you had an image consultant – they would have told you this.

    Having said all of this – Mack has no idea what it is like in the real world. Media in Canada, US, UK etc… would not let this guy get into office with the stinging attacks they would have mounted based on so many things he says and gets away with because we actually lack aggressive reporting here in Cayman. 

    Not trying to blast CNS – which is makes attempts, but pretty much any of the politicians and senior civil servants that ‘serve’ this island would be fried in the big mean world out there. Confirming evidence of this is evident pretty much daily in our papers and news casts.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Mac is misunderstood. (Insert HUGE sarcasm here)

    When he spoke of qualifications, it didn’t mean formal qualifications, but the only qualification Mac likes to use and that is "Do you like him?" 

    If "no", then go direclty to jail, don’t pass go. 

    If "yes", then you have the "qualifications" he accepts.


  74. Road Blogger says:

    I like a leader who speaks his mind…. straight from the hip.


  75. Rectus femoris says:

    CNS does a fine job and shows no signs of unfair bias. If Kurt Tibbetts was attacking free speech, freedom of the press, FOI, and democracy in general, I am sure that CNS would be reporting on it and there would be many negative comments posted on CNS. 

    It’s nothing personal, Mr. Bush. It’s your 1902 worldview that is the problem here. 

    If the Cayman Islands news media was out of control and on the warpath against you specifically, then I am pretty sure they would still be pushing to know why you were stripped of your position as a minister back in the 1990s. Come to think of it, why were you disciplined so severely? 

    Typical of Cayman reporting, nobody ever got to the bottom that banking scandal you were involved in. The public still doesn’t know what it is you did that caused the governor to go to the extraordinary step of taking away your ministry. It must have been bad. What did you do?

    You haven’t had to answer that question because Cayman’s news media is weak, scared, undeveloped and dominated by people who don’t really care at the end of the day about anything other than profit. CNS is doing a remarkable job given their limited resources.

    Imagine if you had the New York Times peeking in your closet, checking out that mysterious bank scandal, listing how much you spend on precisely what, investigating every single business "arrangement" you have ever been involved with, and following you "after hours".

    Be happy, Mr. Bush, you are living the dream. Most politicians in the world would trade places with you in a heartbeat. 


    • The Truth is Out There says:

      We don’t have to go back to the 90’s for "arrangements" that were not exactly above board or well publicized, there are plenty of examples.  Didn’t he endup with a condo at the Ritz?  Doesn’t his real estate company get a commission on every Ritz condo sale regardless if they are on either side of the transaction?  If these are true I would like to know if these clear conflicts of interest were ever declared when he was negotiating the Ritz  deals on behalf of the Cayman Islands during his last stint as "leader"?

      Why are the other members of the party allowing this XXXXX to remain the premier?  It’s time for a change. 
      PS CNS keep up the good work
  76. Anonymous says:

    We need to get an FOI on McKeeva’s credentials.

    His grade 11 report card would be an excellent start

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      … looks like you have any extra 1 in the number above

  77. Anonymous says:

    "A free press can be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom a press will never be anything but bad.  ~Albert Camus"

  78. Dan Dan says:

    Are you serious…what a XXXX. McKeeva anytime you feel like you’re the biggest man around please oh please try to shut CNS down.

    We, the people, may not have marched against you for having to pay your ridiculous utility bills even though the country can hardly afford it;

    We have not marched against you even when it seems like you are intent on destroying our beautiful island’s environment;

    We certainly didn’t march against you when you decided the country needed 3,000 new citizens;

    XXXX, we didn’t even march when we realized that you are indeed an XXXXX, uneducated man who refuses to think before he speaks.

    But mark my words McKeeva Bush I will personally march around your house, your office, your car… anywhere I see you for that matter, if you think that I will stand by and let you stop the media from always bringing the truth to light (no matter how bad it looks and how hard it is to take).

    If you stopped for just one minute and thought about what an educated response might sound like before you spoke then you would not have to be mad at the media for presenting you like the XXXX that you are BIG MAC!

    How can you be so daft? How can you possibly think that your constant stupidity could possibly go unnoticed? Or that your expensive lifestyle would not be a topic for debate?

    If you would like the media to not show how ridiculous you act, then a small suggestion, stop acting the fool and educate yourself.

    You are the Premier of an Island paradise in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. You are a Caymanian. Have you forgotten any of this? Let me remind you again…you are a public official and unlike before when you could go and come as you please with no regards to the people and our RIGHTS to know what it is you are doing with OUR money, well, don’t get it twisted!!!!

    The media, this time around, will help keep you in check because they will not be stopped. They will find out everything that is going on within your administration, the good, bad and ugly, and we the people will call you out as it is our RIGHT to do so.

    We elected you McKeeva! Stop trying to forget that.

    I don’t care which way you are politically motivated, we, the people of the Cayman Islands need to put a stop to this Dictator before we have another Hitler situation on hand and let me tell you something else, the only people that will serve as Jews to McKeeva are us, the Caymanian people!!!!!!



    S.B.C.  aka ‘Dan Dan’

  79. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:



    • Rectus femoris says:

       No, "the people" did not put McKeeva Bush in power. 2,000 West Bayers did. And, ultimately, they are the only people he has to answer to because Cayman has a retarded electoral process. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No, the West bayers did not give Mr. Bush the power, the UDP MLAs did that……………so maybe the blame can be place on the Bodden Town and George Town candidates and the people who elected THEM!

  80. Anonymous says:


    Rahahahaha, hold on, Mac accusing someone else of hostility and questioning Qualifications! lol this just made my month! I always suspected mach is a Joker but like he proved it now. (I wanted to use a different word other than joker but it would have gotten replaced with XXXXX)
    Let me ask you Mac, what’s your Qualifications for the position you’re in? And don’t even bother listing "You’re Caymanian" as a qualification! You of all people should not be lecturing someone else on a code of ethics either!
    Oh don’t worry wannabe dictator, opps I mean Mac, you did not leave any room for doubt in my mind of your veracity. I am pretty sure now that it doesn’t exist!
    I think you should take your own advice, Limit your self to one TV/Radio appearance a year and stay of the roads more often, it might help keep the bill down that we have to pay for you.
    With you at the helm thesupposedly Caymanians that live in a quiet spirit of understanding will soon be living it a pile of Debt.

    • Anonymous says:

      "… will soon be living in a pile of debt"??? Where the heck have you been? We ARE living in a pile of debt, smothering in it, thanks to UDP(when they were previously in power and now) PPM (remember those jokers spending prior to the last election) and all the other players before them. Or, maybe you are in another hole somewhere that you need to make the rest of us know of!

  81. Anyomous says:

    The media is what it is. Reporters (and people in general) would not seem to have an instant right of rebuttal to everything the Premier says if anything he ever says makes any kind of sense. He succeed in silencing his goons there in the LA but he sadly fails to silence the integrity and resilience of the NEWS.

  82. Certified says:

    Tell him to shove it!


    A QMW girl; it was QMC way back in my day (when dinosars roamed the Earth).

  83. The Original Hmm... says:

    What is there to say or do in a situation like this? We seem to be stuck in a Moebius strip. The only people who can break the loop have no desire to do so. Meanwhile the press, many of whom have been and continue to be integral to the sustained barrage on the civil service, are now coming under apparently scattershot fire themselves by the same people who had been selling them the ammunition i.e. the party of really big business (and, well, the occasional no-doubt Oxbridge trained sniper in the employ of mega-commerce). What does this suggest?

    Is there some fear that the civil service and press will put their heads together– probably not how would those two alien species begin to communicate? Do they really believe media audiences are that credulous?

    Why is the Premier including in his opprobrium certain media houses that an objective content analysis would show have actually done a lot of legwork on his behalf in the past? Is there some kind of split between the various factions that comprise really big business that has resulted in friends becoming foes? Can we any longer tell friend from foe? Perhaps the split instead is between the party and the billionaires who can afford to buy shares– or massive blocks advertising– in the occasional newspaper? Was there ever really an actual comprehensive understanding as to how government and big business would work together post election day?

    In the name of sustainable development and the money to be made off of educational tourism, why don’t we have some neutral rigorously academic research going on at UCCI that would systematically examine all of these questions about the role of the media in our society, including its political affiliations but also its potential to contribute to development? is this where the fear comes in? What exactly is a "hard-core liberal" and why is it wrong for a news-agency to fall into that category, assuming that their stories are fair and balanced? Why would it be wrong for local readers to pick up some of those beliefs, assuming that they felt these beliefs spoke to what was going on in their lives?

    hmmm can have my name. I’m changing it by deed poll to Too Many Questions Not Enough Time and the Answers Wouldn’t Help Anyhow.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it is significant that this latest sputtering went beyond McKeeva’s normal anger at the "blogs" and included all media.  To be "Premier-For-Life", McKeeva will need to control the media.  Perhaps he feels he is now ready to make the move to shut the media down.


  84. Anonymous says:

    Mac has had too many trips to Cuba!!!

    • noname says:

      Too many trips to Cuba? Really,  let me take a guess,  is it personal or just business?

      If its business, then we may trade with Cuba under this regime.

      If its personal, Then its got to be a Dictatorship training course.

      Watch out !  Ouch!

  85. dont tread on me says:


    Come Mac, media hostility? Just BECAUSE you cant find one that will sing your tune now(because it’s total BS) what do you do.

    1.100,000 fees

    2. A test drawn up by you

    3. A phony award to shut up

    ThanksCNS keep up the good work you have forced other media publications to come clean and report the truth.

  86. Anonymous says:

    This man never ceases to amaze me with his XXXX nonsense! But what is even more amazing is that some of those hanging from his shirt tail continue to be silent while he regularly embarasses himself, his UDP party and most of all, this Country! This is understandable from some of his croonies whom we all know are no different than him, but for a few we really do expect better! The entire UDP bunch should be ashamed of themselves for putting up with his horrible behaviour! If only we could get a code of ethics created for the UDP!

  87. Anonymous says:

    This is comical! McKeeva is the funniest person (in a very bad way of course) I have known. He has the audacity to speak of "living in a quiet spirit" . This from a man that would not know quiet if it sat up, slapped him in the face, identifed itself, and came with a  vision from the Heavenly Father.

    He rants against the press while calling the Cayman Islands a "two b four" islands.

    Only God can help us if we have to put up with this for three more years!

  88. Anonymous says:

    Well done CNS!  Wendy is more qualified than the Premier!  Media award to Wendy, Nicky and CNS – the "gaggle of commentators"!

  89. anonymous says:

    McKeeva, for once you cannot have thing your way and that’s why you are attacking the Media, especially CNS.  CNS is the best Media outlet that ever happened to the Cayman Islands, because it allows the people to freely express themselves, without repercussions from you.  Whom we all know is a very vindictive person and just loves to degrade people in public and fire people in Government.  You Mr. Premier needs to clean up your attitude and accept the Media the way they are and be nice for a change, then the media will be nice to you.  You have created most of the dissent in these Islands, by your negative attitude when asked a simple question.  You are not that high in life that others cannot question you and your actions.  Even to Jesus Chris had to answers questions when asked and you are just a two bit elected uneducated minister, so why not you sir?

  90. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    Too much damn heat in this CNS Kitchen for Ya Bushie then you need to get out!  

    FREEDOM OF THE PRESS   plain and simple NO gimmicks HERE!!! 

    You need to stop turning the truth around the people hear speak how they feel about you and you cant take it you want people kissing XXXXX, and bowing down to you like you are the Almighty God ha! only your stool piegions think you are,  other media sources who backed you during the elections may censor what comes thru their media source but CNS is uncensored and that what you want to only allow what you want aired to the world, NOT GONNA HAPPEN, President Obama just enacted the Johnathon Pearl Act 2010 (Journalist) remember this is reconized worldwide to protect all Journalist the freedom to report on atrocities and act of tyranny against civilains in their countries by government officals who’s power goes to their head like what has happen to you.


  91. Rectus femoris says:

    Mr. Bush clearly is in the wrong business. If his skin is this thin and he thinks the news media in the Cayman Islands is too tough, he should try being a politician in the UK, US or Canada.

    This is laughable. Bush has it made in the shade here and doesn’t even realize it. If he was faced with an army of investigative reporters and several brave publishers who were not in the business for ad money alone, his life would be very, very different. 

    He takes everything so personally and assumes everyone who raises legitimate questions about the governing of the country to be vile traitors. 

    Reality check time, Mr. Bush. It’s 2010 and if you don’t like the internet, reporters who ask questions, and a public that openly complains when they see things they disagree with, then you need to change careers. 


    ps. Cayman needs national elections for national leaders. How long must this country be held hostage by 2,000 West Bayers who fancy new kitchen appliances every four years? 

  92. Anonymous says:

    In many countries the state of health of a new leader is assessed when they assume office, and thereafter closely monitored. This includes Mental health. I’m just sayin…


  93. Anonymous says:

    What the International Press Institute stated on the Premiers choice of media control

    • LOL says:

      Sounds like exactly the bill El Jefe wants – power to the chief – or is it the chef? 

  94. Anonymous says:


    He used the newspaper etc. especially net news during the more recent election camapign to lambaste the other political candidates.

    So what now???? it’s goodjournalism when he feels to use them to get at other people BUT now that the truth is coming in various forms of the media,,,,,,,, it’s hostility????????

    Focus on what is at hand……. this economic recession and the economic mess we continue to be placed in because noone wants to cut down on expenditure.  CS servants pay has been cut by 3.2% and CUC has increased 5.5% — mac and your advisors…. do you see a problem brewing on the horizon???

    You didn’t make the cuts to help with the defecit… you made the cuts to give you more money to spend>>>>>>>>POOR OR NO ECONOMIC SENSE!!!


  95. Rorschach says:


    MCKEEVA wants the PRESS to develope and adhere to a "code of ethics"???


    How about you start with your own little UDP, Mr. Premiere??

    Everyday CNS exposes you and your little circle of cronies for what you really are…and that BURNS YOU…because in the past, you could do your deals and no one would hear about it…well, THOSE DAYS are LONG GONE, sir.  

    Code of Ethics…Reallly, now….

  96. Other Side of the Coin says:

    You have to admit, Mr. Bush actually does have some good points – even if he is sometimes a bit outrageous with his accusations. The goal of the press is to get the word out and inform the people about what is going on. The people don’t want to read boring articles. A successful reporter becomes adept with "dramatic enhancement " in order to get their point across. Do they tell us what we need to know? Yes. Do they go too far at times??? Yes.

    It is not an easy task to remain completely neutral. I would venture to say that the Premier recognizes "dramatic enhancement" methods of communication because he also uses them himself at times to get his own points across.

    We the public must always be wary and do our very best to discern the TRUE AGENDA of the person / party / media behind the story. Be careful people – don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Let us not be led like sheep by any of the above. Let’s strive to always look at the whole picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Had McKeeva finished high school, he would have learned that media censorship is the hallmark of an authoritarian regime. Always has been and always will be. 

    • Anonymous says:

      "Bite the hand that feed you!"  Ha Ha, you must think we are all West Bayers!  He tried that tactic with # 1 in Cayman Brac, but not all Caymanians are on welfare!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Consider the bermuda model?? this is not based on the UK model and has been decreied worldwide recently when put forward as it lets the Gov pick the members to control the press.

    I am all for a press association but do it like nearly all free countries where they are appointed by the press, so Gov interfernce is prevented.

    If the Big man wants stories about the tax payer buying all his personal Christmas lights while trying to have everyone else cut back I suggest he actually stops acting out all this nonence then there can be no stories about it.

    Mr Bush, your "scandal sheet’ was not created by the press but by your actions. Blaming the press for shining a little on those dirty secrets is not the press making stuff up.

    Just try to act as you preach and all will be good.

  98. Pending says:

    "form a code of ethics". HA HA HA, like the one he abides by, HA HA HA.

    How can this guy be serious? Does he live by a code of ethics, NO. Oh wait, he does, its called , ME, ME and I.

    McKeeva has officially XXXX. Its called the press, its called news, its called informing  the people. Its called a right to know what exactly is going on. ITS OUR RIGHT!

    What exactly is this guys perogative?

    And he has the nerve to ask " where they had come from, their political leanings and their qualifications". Perhaps he could apply that to himself and inform all of us. Because the last time I checked our Dictator was a garderner from WB who didn’t even finish High School, can’t even  speak properly unless someone has given him a speech, and even then he has trouble reading it. And when he asked simple questions and doesn’t ahve the answers written down in front of him he goes off like a rambling idiot embarassing not only himself but our country as a whole.

    Now he leads a country, his country, the way he wants to, with no regard to anything that anyone else says, suggests or advises him on. Way to go.  The audacity  of this XXXX to question the right we have to know what exactly he is up to!

    The fact that he is tabling this in the LA when there are clearly more important and pressing matters to deal  with says it all.  The fact that he wants t not only stifle the press  but also our voices says it all. This guy needs to be removed  from office NOW.

    Keep going up the creek Mac, dig that hole and take your licks when they come to you.  

    While we pay his bills, and he increases ours, h then thinks he has a right to question our voices. GO XXX yourself and the train you rode in on.

  99. McNazi says:

     Somebody doesn’t like it when he is not in complete control…  Can anyone spell DICTATOR?  Egomaniacal rants against the press and the public with their right to free speech and opinion is only going to create animosity and suspicion as to what one has to hide!!!

    Seriously, you don’t need an education to know this…  Or perhaps you do!!!

  100. Anonymous says:

    He does make a point worth considering.  Where are these journalists from?  Do they really have the best interests of Cayman at heart?  Are we purposely being driven to bash each other while the country slowly slips away?  Seems likely the media takes great pride is throwing negative headlines around.  When is the last time you saw something positive?

    I remember years ago when news was enjoyable.  The reporters were part of the community and their reporting reflected that.  It was positive and focused on enhancing our people.  Today, you may get one positive headline for every 100 negative.  Sad.  

    Guess shocking headlines get papers sold and more visits to your website though.  Media seems to be quite content on dividing our country and painting a negative image.  But, we’re too busy fighting with each other to care.


    • Anonymous says:

      The reason you can remember ‘enjoyable’ news reports from years ago is because we were spoon fed the news back then.  We were only told what ‘they’ wanted us to be told and by ‘they’, I mean politicians like McKevva Bush.  The reason there is so much negativity in the news today is because our beautiful little island is being sold out from under us and soon Caymanians will be a silent minority in our own country.  Soon we will not be able to afford to live a decent life in our own country.  For far too long Caymanians never wanted to hear the truth so they accepted the lies as long as they could live comfortably.  I remember about 10 years ago, being told by a foreignor down on 7 mile beach that we should go play volleyball someplace else because they paid alot of money to come to this island and they didn’t want to be bothered with our noise.  There are angry Caymanians who have finally been given a forum to express that anger.  As a Caymanian you should be proud of that, I know I am.  Trust me, McKeeva does not make a point worth considering.  If you’d like to consider something worthwhile, consider a plan to remove him from this position of power he has been given.   

    • Anonymous says:

      the same questions and sort of criteria set, let this PREMIERE, also stands.  When was the last time you saw something positive he has done?  Well, I could think one… the people just paid all his utility bills and he cut off 3.2% of CS salary.  He promised how 30% off his salary which he heartfully followed… need more?  that is very positive right ya?

  101. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush your problem with the media is you cant handle the truth when its being told. You have a lot of mouth but when it come to the truth theres a problem and that what the media is allowing us the people of this country to know and thats the TRUTH.

  102. Anonymous says:

    I laughed, "McKeeva Bush questioned who the reporters and owners of the media in Cayman were, where they had come from, their political leanings and their qualifications."


    What qualifications McKeeva do YOU have to run the country?  Did you take any economics, history, or government ethics courses in higher education?  Did you take any politics courses, law courses or the like? 

    Therefore sir, you are the last one to ask about qualifications, which just makes me laugh so hard I can’t even type anymore.    I think I am going to start a website of McKeeva Quotes over the years, verified and factual of course,  we will all get a good laugh out of it.  Soon come…

    • CSI says:

      Exellent idea! Please be sure to publish your website as widely as possible.  I’m already looking forward to reading it.

  103. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Any Government anywhere should have no control or influence over the media, freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Forming an association simply provides the power brokers an entity to attack, bully and try to influence. If someone doesn’t like what a commentator is writing then stop reading or listening and viewing. Turn it off. If elected officials and Governments anywhere are doing there job, working for the people and the country then the majority of the media will be behind the elected leaders. If the majority of the media and people are opposed to what the elected, for the people, representatives are doing then maybe these officials should look at their positions. That is democracy at work….it shouldn’t be one elected officials and the minority of voters doing whatever they want. Yes…this is biased and slanted and it is just my opinion and I have a right to speak and the media has a right to publish. If you don’t agree with me say so and why. 

  104. Anonymous says:

    I am not a big fan for the Premier –

    But… that "the media [should] … form an association… to create a code of ethics for journalists."

    That I agree 100%

  105. Anonymous says:

    Oh my… the Premier is questioning others credentials? This man didn’t even graduate High School and dares to question others credentials?!?!

  106. Anonymous says:

    and Mr Bush would never mislead or befuddle the good people of Cayman!


    Keep throwing your toys McKeeva