Bounty offered for Anglin

| 02/07/2010

(CNS): The man suspected of a violent attack in West Bay last month is still at large and police have now posted a reward of up to $5,000 leading to his arrest. Chad Anglin (30) has been wanted since 17 June following what police had described as a vicious attack on a young woman in Garvin Road in the early hours of the morning. Although there have been a number of unconfirmed sightings of Anglin none of the information provided so far has led to his arrest and police believe he is being assisted by people in the community .


Earlier today (Friday 2 July) the RCIPS said it had joined forces with Cayman Crime Stoppers to offer the reward for information on the whereabouts of the 30-year-old fugitive. Announcing the reward, Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said police were grateful to Cayman Crime Stoppers for joining with the RCIPS to offer the reward.
“Anglin is still at large and there is absolutely no doubt he is being assisted by others in his attempts to evade police. This was a very violent attack and we need to speak to Anglin as quickly as possible about the incident. We hope that the reward will encourage people who know where he is to contact police as quickly as possible,” the senior officer said.
Since the incident on 17 June police said that officers engaged on the enquiry have searched a number of premises, executed a number of warrants and interviewed family, friends and associates of Anglin in an attempt to trace him.
Anyone with any information about this crime, or the whereabouts of Anglin, should inform the police immediately. Calls can also be made to Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The young man is finally captured and what do you bet no one will be charged in aiding and abetting this individual?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The people who are hiding him are being used and haven’t yet figured that most basic fact out. Hopefully they will or extended family of those hiding him will alert the police and this person will be off the streets.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One of his MLA’s will probably turn him in shortly, after he shows up on their doorstep looking for a little "hep" with his bills.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How in darnation can you go on the run on an island that’s the size of a postage stamp? Oh, I know, he’s probably over on the Brac (10 by 2), or failing that, Little Cayman (8 by 2).

    • Braca says:

      Its about 60.000 people there Nucky and leave the Brac outta this!

      • Nicolas Sarcasy says:

        If only we could leave the Brac out of our economy too.

        • Braca says:

          Smart a$$

          • Beachboi says:

            Braca, I dont feel as though the Brac should be left out of anything when it concerns "the Cayman Islands", but please do your job and get rid of Julianna!  She has appeared on the front page of the national press on her knees "washing feet" like Mary Magdeline.  XXXXXX  Help us to help the future of these islands and voter her out next term!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Given the length of time this person has been able to escape capture it would make sense that when this man is caught that his helpers must be tried for their part in aiding him to escape justice.

  6. URMAMA says:

    Now just why would anyone…if they knew where this person is, give him up for a mere $5,000. Come on..stop being cheap and raise the bounty (CI$-500k). Now that would be more motivating ..don’t you think.


  7. Ally Gator says:

    Regardless any question of who did what, it is a disgrace that this man is so selfish as not to turn himself in and is wasting valuable police time and resources. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    He’s long gone by now; probably managed to get off the rock on one of those Honduran fishing boats and living it up over there, too bad it took so long to offer the reward, perhaps, someone would have given him up if it was offered up earlier.  Shame…

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame you need a monetary reward to do the right thing!

      Most people have a sign that says — What would Jesus do!?

      Never seen so many people that think — How would this benefit me?

      Anyone that is helping this [man] should be imprisoned.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who cares what jesus would do.

        Totally irrelevant.

        5k is probably not enough and the fear of revenge in case one calls the police.

        • Anonymous says:

          With this economy, I would think any reward would be good.  If my broke a– see him, 911 hello?

        • Anonymous says:

          You are right — it doesn’t matter what Jesus would do! I was referencing a bumper sticker as this is a "Christian" place, I thought it was useful in pointing out the hypocrisy.

          And stop being such a wuss! There is an anonymous tip line, do the right thing without expecting a hand-out!