Cayman listed in Forbes world’s best “tax havens”

| 07/07/2010

(Forbes): Writing for Forbes Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network has listed the Cayman Islands among the top ten places in the world for the rich to hide their money. Murphy says even though he has worked for some years trying to prevent the problems caused by what he described as tax havens people still ask him which places are the best to shield your money from taxes. Using the measure of a jurisdictions opacity capability to move money in serious quantities, Murphy came up with his top ten of Delaware, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, the City of London, Ireland, Bermuda, Singapore, Belgium and Hong Kong.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At least he put London and Delaware in there too.

  2. Tim Ridley says:

    I suspect that Mr Murphy wrote this article with his tongue firmly in his cheek…..