Constitutional change comes at a cost, says premier

| 08/07/2010

(CNS): In his message to the country for its first Constitutional Week the premier said the country’s new constitution was not a perfect document and came at a cost. Since the Cayman Islands Constitution 2009 was put before the people, McKeeva Bush has said he was not in favour of it and voted “no” in the May 2009 referendum. However, To mark last Monday’s Constitutional holiday he acknowledged the importance of a country’s constitution and that it reflected the support Caymanians had for democracy. (McKeeva Bush becomes premier under the new Cayman Islands Constitution)

“Just over a year ago, the people of the Cayman Islands voted in our first Referendum, to adopt a new constitution. This document will have a major impact on the shape of Government, and the nature of governance in the Cayman Islands for generations to come,” he said in his message, adding that it will broaden public participation in government.
“But it does come with a monetary cost to the country,” Bush stated. “Nevertheless, Caymanians have believed in democracy, in government of and by the people. It is central to our political heritage. It is not a perfect document, but it is what you voted for; it is what we have.”
The Leader of the Opposition however, a wide supporter of the new constitution, said the concepts enshrined had become the ‘house rules’ of the Cayman Islands. “They have been exhaustively debated, negotiated, sanctioned and agreed-to by the majority,” Kurt Tibbetts said.
He pointed out that it is a living, continuously evolving document which needs to keep pace with the times as it sets the stage for civil society. Tibbetts said the constitution was “like a major muscle that must be worked and exercised to reach its full potential.”
Express his support for the country’s first Constitution Week the governor paid tribute to the caliber and commitment of those nominated and appointed to the Constitutional Commissions and other agencies, who he said were hard at work on behalf of the people.
“And it is good that they are, for they are ensuring that the groundwork is being carried out to realise the provisions of the Constitution, from government accountability to human rights, all of which are designed to help ensure a positive future for these islands,” Duncan Taylor said in his message.
“The promotion and understanding of public ownership of the Constitution is vital, especially in terms of transparency and proper checks and balances,” he added encouraging everyone to learn about the constitution and support the work of the new commissions.
“Without your input, they cannot do their job effectively; and in supporting them you will bring the government closer to you, the people,” Taylor said ahead of a week of promotional activities and celebration of the new Constitution.
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  1. At least, this is one thing Mac got right!

    Voting NO

  2. IRON CLAD says:

    Practice Democracy !!!

    "He acknowledged the importance of a country’s constitution and that it reflected the support Caymanians had for democracy." 

    McKeeva,  you NEED(not maybe) to practice what is supported by the Caymanian people, that’s called DEMOCRACY.

    You  need to leave the FOI Law without changes to suit your wishes, because we, the people know what those proposed changes are and what reasons they would be done. 

    DO NOT impair with what DEMOCRACY we have now, but instead give us MORE.



    The Caymanian People

  3. Beachboi says:

    "You" voted for it now "we" have it.  In other words dont blame "me" because you voted to give me unlimited power and unlimited freedom to do what "I" want to when "I" want to do it.  That’s ‘my interpretation of what the premier has to say in the above article.

    Is it possible that the constitution could allow [him] to rename the country the Bush Islands???  Is this too far a reach??  Personally I dont think so.  I also do not believe that McKeewa didnt vote for the constitution.  XXXXX How could he vote against the very document that would elevate him to his pedestal of "untouchable leader" or premier.  On this pedestal he would enjoy unbridled and unchecked power and this must have been enough to induce euphoria.  I have to imagine that I would fee the same way if I won the lottery!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!  This "dude" has more nerve than a tooth ache XXXXX

    Yes the constitution will come at a cost.  That will be the cost of paying the bills that are incurred at the whim of the politicians of the day lead by the man that will cost the country the most.  Unfortunately that cost will not only be monetary.


  4. Anonymous says:

    It sure did come at a cost! Walls built. Five star world travel, who knew that the consititution required the premier to spend most of his time traveling the globe including several weeks at the Olympics? Thank God Cayman didn’t make the world cup. Or the  deputy premier to travel the world studying farming?( trying to catch up with the leader’s ff miles,upcoming travels to the middle and far east)

    Hotel stays even in your home district, security guards, paid living expenses. Wasteful spending by these two most certainly cannot be required in the constitution. Feel free to add as the list goes on and on……

    Attacks on the press and free speach….seems contrairy

    Paid for by us the voters with 2% rise in duries, increse in fees, cut in civil servant pay, rise in fuel taxes, general rise in cost of living, shrinking economy,  maybe loss of freedoms and again the list goes on and on…….


  5. Anonymous says:

    And it certainly "caused" the Premier consternation as he has had to be scrutinized under the FOI act. Even though he considers the Cayman Islands a "2bah 4" country, (and the other members obvioulsy don’t take any exception to him denigrating our country) we still have a Constitution that we can eventually deal with those like him.

    And I hope we see him hinting at his desire to change certain things.

    • Pit Bull says:

      Territory.  He denigrated the territory in which you live.  Let’s be accurate when talking constitutional matters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh be quiet. You are like a stuck record with no real point except as an irritant.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush, You wasnt for the consitution and now you want change things so that you can have more say with every thing if you wasnt for it before let it continue being that way because for a  counrty that is so broke and the people is trying to live month to month to make it with there familes why are you continuing to cause us more debt every way we turn.

  7. Anonymous says:

    More of the same from Big Mac.

    “But it does come with a monetary cost to the country,” Bush stated.

    The PPM brought in a new Constitution, so it is the PPM’s fault that he has decided to have the country pay for his Christmas lights.

    • The PPM didn’t fight hard for us in the implementation of the Constitution. Now UDP wallows itself in the holes and loopholes of the document! The Governor still has the powers to undermine the elected cabinet by the people on behalf of "Majesty’s interest," whatever secretarial interest that is!

      Shame on both parties!!!