Mac may lift Jamaican visa

| 08/07/2010

(CNS): As the Cayman Islands’ premier prepares to leave Jamaica following this week’s CARICOM heads of government meeting, McKeeva Bush has revealed that he has plans to remove the requirement for Jamaican nationals to have a Cayman Islands visa if they already have one for the United States. Following comments made in the Legislative Assembly recently about the discrimination he maintained Jamaican’s have received in Cayman, he said that any moves he made towards a visa waiver for Jamaicans would be met with opposition. Bush has told the Jamaican Gleaner that it would not be well received by the PPM.

"Only God knows what they will do. They will jump on any political bandwagon, but we have to do what is right," Bush said.
During a recent Finance Committee hearing when the issue of residents not being able to employ Jamaican helpers was raised, Bush said Jamaicans had not been treated well in Cayman despite the fact that they often took care of the country’s most vulnerable people.
Bush told the Gleaner that Jamaican immigrants played a major role in the Cayman economy, particularly as tradesmen, health-care staff, and domestic assistants. He said that some of the “best workers in the Cayman Islands” came from Jamaica. “I have no problem hiring Jamaicans," he said.
Talking about the historical connections between Jamaica and Cayman, Bush said that today there were many business connections and legitimate business people needed to move to and fro. The premier revealed that he thought the rigorous process to which applicants for US visas are subjected should be satisfactory for entry to Cayman, removing the need for the granting of a Cayman visa. "The US visa process is well scrutinised. If it serves the US, then it serves us. What I do believe needs to be done now is to consider allowing entry to persons with US-issued visas,” he added.
The Cayman Islands introduced a visa for Jamaicans visiting the islands in November 2005 and the Jamaican government then responded in kind requiring Caymanians to takeout a visa in order to visit Jamaica.
The visa was introduced at a time when the number of Jamaican migrant workers had soared on Grand Cayman as they came to assist in the post-Ivan reconstruction. George McCarthy, who was chief secretary at the time, had said that Cayman was grateful for their help. Nevertheless, with the increase in numbers there had been “some worrying trends”.
Hesaid the increases in Jamaicans attempting to gain entry that were not genuine visitors had led to stricter examination procedures at immigration control, causing severe delays for incoming passengers, including legitimate business or vacationing visitors. He said the visa would ensure a smoother passage for genuine visitors.
Currently Jamaican nationals do not require visas if they hold a local work-permit  or if they are resident in the US, Canada or the UK and arriving into Cayman from those countries. The cost of a visa is CI$92.
Bush has not yet revealed his plans to change the visa requirements for Jamaican nationals to the Caymanian public, but the Legislative Assembly resumes tomorrow morning (Friday 9 July) following the premier’s return from the CARICOM meeting in Montego Bay.
The first time that a UN Secretary General has attended a CARICOM summit, the region’s heads of government also had talks with IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahnn which included, among other subjects, discussions on hurricane relief funds.
The Cayman Islands is an associate member of CARICOM.
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  1. Expat says:

    Fair is fair as expats we have to respect the laws of the lands. I never had a problem with Jamaicans until I landed in Cayman. Those that I encountered are rude, pushy, arrogrant and just a negative force but then I realize those that behave this way are the uneducated Jamaicans and those Jamaicans make up most of the Jamaican population in Cayman Islands. If Mr. Bush wants to waiver the visa for Jamaicans limit it to the educated Jamaicans that can add value to society. A reader commented on Jamaicans marrying for a convenience that is a very truthful statement as I recalled a flight from Jamaica to Cayman. Two young Jamaican men were talking amongst themselves happy to begin their new lives in Cayman but the conversation took a shocking tone as one stated he got someone to take out a permit for him but he doesnt have a job so his time would be spent looking for a "fat" Caymanian girl to marry. The other guy said his buddy arranged to introduce him to someone so he can get his "papers". 

    • anonymous says:

      Like most populations..we have to remember that there are different sectors of the population…for example, our neighbor to the South-East…there are "Jamicans" and then there are "Yardies"…I think we tar all of them with the same brush when we refer to "Jamaicans" but in fact it is the "Yardies" we are speaking about…Yardies are low class, uneducated, rude and ruthless…and YES, we have FAR too many of those types here in Cayman..however, we must remember, that Jamaicans have made huge contributions to our society..however, the Yardies are the ones who have left the bad taste in our mouths….

  2. Anonymous9 says:

    HA! That’s rich!

    "any moves he made towards a visa waiver for Jamaicans would be met with opposition. Bush has told the Jamaican Gleaner that it would not be well received by the PPM.

    "Only God knows what they will do. They will jump on any political bandwagon, but we have to do what is right," Bush said."

    HE was talking about the "bloggers tearing down the country"!!!???!?!?!

    What a hypocrite!

    He is being disrespectful to the entire country

  3. Anonymous says:

    Based on the comments there are a lot of people who know  that Jamaican criminals are in Cayman walking around. Why dont you point them out to the police instead of just writing and complaining about them.

    Show your love for your country Cayman and go and point out the Jamaican criminals to the police.

    • anonymous says:

      What kind of Leader would open up the flood gates of the country to dangerous drug lords and criminals?


      One who has an alterior motive.

      It does not include you enjoying life, liberty and freedom!

    • Truthseeker says:

      In the same context point out all criminals, the jamaican, caymanian, Honduran , British, American etc etc etc. Yes all level of criminals may be found here. From the $25 grab and run blue collar criminals to the multi million dollar embezzling  white collar ones(the latter have better protection from media highlight).

  4. Ken P says:

    Why Mac? At the moment we need to have a quota on Jamaicans entering Cayman. I am not prejudiced against Jamaicans as I know there’s good people and bad from every country yet we are a small island. Jamaicans currently are the largest expat group with over 12,000 nationals so I think we need to continue with the current visarequirements. We can hire other workers from the Eastern Caribbean not just Jamaica.

    Mac, please consider that you’re in a position to help Cayman and protect our islands and people. We all know that UDP is a arm of Jamaican party politics which is often link with crime, corruption and illegal affairs so be careful Mac who you associate it. I know I’ll get a lot of negative replies yet I can deal with it as I want only the best for Cayman.

    Blessings to all.

  5. American working in Cayman says:

    It’s about time you CAYMANIANS get it in your heads that you cannot stop Jamaicans from moving forward.  I hear this complaint all the time on the island but everytime I look it’s the Jamaicans that are making moves on the island.  Far too often you guys try to put Jamaicans down, but from what I see they’re only getting stronger.  I’ve been to both countries, and there’re are certainly far more rich people living in Jamaica than in Cayman, but sure there’s also more poor people, but that’s just a matter of ratio…  You can’t compare a country of 50K  with 2.5 Millon.  Obama’s Finreg will be the final nail in the coffin for your Island.  I’d suggest you guys make good with the Caricom community because offshore money is surely going offshore.  The guns are already blazing on the Island and the money leaving the island haven’t fully hit home yet.  England is a sinking ship… so, you guys might really want to focus on CARICOM as the future is NOT bright for Cayman. MAC might be the only one in the country that have noticed this trend.  Focus on region building you bunch of idiots…. You’re only hurting yourself in the long run.  Stop thinking about today… Cayman’s crime rate in the month of june is certainly higher than that of jamaica for the month of June.  so, keep you focus and build the region.  I’m an American working on the Island, and we’re telling our employees to WAIT on purchasing any real estate until after FINREG… Our office if considering moving to Europe… it’s serious, but many on this board might not understand what MAC is doing.  Build the region XXXX. 

    • Anonymous says:

      While it should be unnecessary to state this, in view of your comments I must point that visa restrictions are not about stopping a particular nationality from moving forward. Visas are a mechanism to screen out undesirables while permitting the good citizens of the relevant country access. However, as you purport to be an "American working in Cayman", you should be familiar with this concept since the U.S. imposes a visa requirement on a vast number of countries, including Jamaica. If indeed you are an American and you do not believe that visas serve a legitimate purpose and there should be not an effort to weed out undesirables then you should start with telling your own people and govt. to rescind the deportation of 6,000 Jamaicans and to cancel the visa requirements as they are stopping Jamaicans from moving forward. 

      For your education, the visa requirements were recommended by our law enforcement agencies based on their intelligence. Although they had been seen as necessary since  the early 1990s we had resisted them on the basis of our relationship with Jamaica, both historical and current and just sheer inertia.  They were long overdue. There is absolutely nothing that has transpired in the past 5 years the removes the original reasons.  

      We are not a "bunch of idiots". This is a national security issue. Have some manners and respect for your hosts wherever you are from.   

  6. whompa says:

    I wonder if this man know the amount of criminals that were deported from the uk and us that are here. now he wants to let in more. i have come to one conclusion and that is the premier is not interested in caymanians or the hard ship that he and his party are putting on us.we do not need any more of these people here.we are out numbered now,  when it comes to the deporties the immigration and police departments could get together and get INTERPOL to give finger prints and photographs of the people that has been deported back to jamaica, we have too many criminals here.  now that the construction work has slowed down you can see them in group all over town . go by willie cool spot on the week end if you want to see these people.  immigration and the police departments need to get off thier XXX and deal with people.  do not mind the premier passing down instructions on what or what to do, let him know that is YOUR country and you love

    • j a FI LIFE says:

       i think u have some real bad blood in u runing about jamaica look an all the killing that is going on in cayman is it jamaican doing it the way you talk u have no love in you for jamaican ppl ar for cayman ppl you need help man cant help you noone can help you but god by the way you talk

  7. say who says:

     sir premier why are you all of a sudden looking at jamaicans and not your own you are a george bush you dont care about cayman you care about other geographical areas on the map but not your own that are hurting what next are going to raise visas to come here if there are any for that nation coming on man give me a break are we just not looking extra status for that extra vote like you did last time sir  KURT help up we are in trouble XXXXXXX

  8. "Miss Chief Maker" says:

    What more can be done?  The people of these Islands will never be satisifed.  Kurt and his boys were in serving their term and Cayman complained that they were doing NOTHING, and it was time for a change.  So, the change has come, whether better or worse, we are reaping the benefits of what we asked for.  "A CHANGE".



    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but dissatisfaction with a replacement government in no way absolves the shortcomings of the one it replaces. The public should never be satisfied as long as its government is unsatisfactory in whatever respect, and this is why change is at the core of our democratic system. Personally, I would like to see the creation of a third party, as I think this would be of benefit in at least two respects : providing the public with an alternative to the "Well, it’s either us or them" current situation, and secondly, improving the quality of representation overall by obliging the existing parties to improve themselves. Having more choice and better parties seems to me the way forward for us.



      • Anonymous says:

        But it does put things in perspective. This govt. is obviously the greater of two evils.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let us buy a ticket for Suck UP to Jamaica Mac to move West Kingston in Jamiaca.

    Jamaica Mac loves Jamaican style politics so let him live there because we do not want it in the Cayman Islands.

    Mac this is not about PPM, visas are about trying to keep the Cayman Islands from destruction and more criminality.

    Mac please stop destroying the Cayman Islands

    • Anonymous says:

      Please answer us Mckeeva Bush, are you going to also demand that the Jamaican authorities relax the visa requirements for all Caymanians who already have a US or UK visa? Why are you just helping the Jamaicans & not your own Caymanians? Shame on you Bush! WE DEMAND AN ANSWER FROM YOU NOW. We are not happy with this decision of yours, which you had the audacity to announce to the Jamaican people in Jamaica rather than in your own country! How regrettable of you Bush!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Let’s get this clear. I consider that the PPM, with it’s leader’s philosophy of "Do no harm", failed the people of the Cayman Islands by not doing enough good.

    But let us acknowledge certain areas of "success" for the PPM Govt.

    The roads: Much credit should be given to the Minister responsible (and the associated PPM govt.) for the by-passes that have helped relieve some of the congestion in certain areas. I will not go into the debt involved in accompliashing this as I believe that the man-hours saved cannot be calculated with regard to the increased productivity, social benefits of people getting home earlier and less stressed, and the opening of new areas for homebuilding and development.

    The schools/education system: It matters not how much Mr. Anglin tries to make the PPM look bad, the facts are that the public school system and the UCCI are not as the UDP minister says. Very qualified people are at the head of the Education system and students who decide to do well are doing well. I will deal later with why I consider that some students are not excelling and who I consider more responsible for the failure of certain students.

    The constitution: Despite the new Premier’s dilsike of a new constitution because it does not condone his dictatorial style of rule, and  which was much supported by respected politicians like Mr. Norman Bodden, the PPM must be given credit for this.

    However, the PPM did not do enough good in this regard.

    Root-out the corruption of various departments (law enforcement) and sectors (finance), and reduce expenditures in crucial areas (CAL, Turtle farm, Civil Service), and CALL FOR/IMPLEMENT A COMPLETE REVIEW OF THE FARCE THAT WAS THE STATUS GRANTS.


    Please do not let the Premier fool you or anyone. He and his group of ==== kissers have had more than their time to have "fixed all that is wrong with his "2 bah 4" country (MY COUNTRY IS NOT A 2 BAH 4 COUNTRY-HIS IS BECAUSE OF WHOHE IS).

    How can he have the audacity to say that the PPM objects to everything he does when he has been in power for a period that far exceeds the PPM’s period of Govt. THE PRESENT CONDITION OF THE COUNTRY (RAMPANT CRIME, UNMANAGABLE FINANCES) IS DUE IN LARGEST PART TO THE POLICIES OF THE UDP (COUPLED WITH THE LACK OF LEADERSHIP OF THE PPM).

    If our students are failing in the school system, it is because of a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness they may feel because of the perception that their future is being traded for short-term reward of politicians such as he!

    When crime is rampant, the country is broke and the leader considers that the country he has been a part of the Govt. for his entire adult life is such that he can denigrate it, why would children who should be able to aspire to becoming an active and productive member or leader of that country be hopeful about it? Thankfully, there are those parents, teachers and mentors and enough people prepared to stand against this new dictator, so that there are students, young men and young women, who still have hope for a better Cayman Islands (ONCE THIS DICTATOR’S POLITICAL CAREER IS PERMANENTLY DEALT WITH).

  11. Anonymous says:

    More of MacDinejad’s "Give away Cayman" moves.

    Just another day in Absurdistan!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lately it all seems to be about the Jamaicans:

    1- You want to lift the roll over policy for helpers who have been here 7 years plus (mostly Jamaican) so they can get status.

    2- You want to change the law so everyone can hire Jamaican helpers

    3- You want to remove the Visa requirements for Jamaicans

    What country are you Premier of? What happen to the  Caymanians ?

    Caymanians have:

    1- Higher cost of living due to the fuel tax – which will affects everything we buy

    2-  Higher import duties, work permit fees for businesses, higher business license fee. Higher this, higher that, higher… higher

    3- Numbers 1 & 2 above have resulted in many unemployed Caymanians – businesses just can’t make ends meet

    4- After raising the cost of everything you cut the civil servants salary – telling them they must help this country get back on it’s feet but you can’t even pay for your own Christmas lights.

    5- The FOI act is under attack by the government because you don’t like the fact that we the people  (who pay your salary, benefits etc) now want to know where our money is going. Those are OUR records, your sending OUR money.

    6- Freedom of the press / freedom of speech is under attack because they are reporting on the findings on #5

    7- To top it off – Due to this governments childish behavior trying to discredit the previous government.  You have managed to make this country and it’s government seem erratic and unstable. Sending foreign investors running for the hills. 


    What are you trying to do here Mac?

     All this in 1 year.  I can’t wait to see what the next 3 years will bring. 





    • Anonymous says:

      have mercy this is so true.

    • big whopper says:

      you forgot getting about rid of Pirates Week

    • Anonymous says:

      Just thought you would like to know that #2 above in your summary (You want to change the law so everyone can hire Jamaican helpers) was proposed by Mr. Ezzard Miller in the LA!!

    • dont tread on me says:

      He did say he was going to put us back on our feet ……………………but i didn’t realise its was because we wernt going to be able to afford gas for our cars. Now this visa crap………..Mac if you want to be a Jamaican and help Jamaica then get your @*z back over there and stay there Star.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This will not keep you in the house big mac!as a born caymanian I do not even recognize my own country,your people are suffering sir and hear you are looking votes!well guess what sir true caymanians are still abundant on this little" 2 BA fore island"and we will vote you and your sorry @@@s bunch out of office come next election,now you can take that to the bank BO BO!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am Jamaican but the truth be told some of the worst people on the Island right now are Jamaicans. The roll over has helped this. Good people have been sent home and bad ones came. Lots and lots of them are here on Police Clearance Certificates that were bought. Lots of them are the criminals deported from the US and England. They come here and marry the locals to be able to reside here and and treat them horrible. They divorce and within months they marry another one. The Immigration should have something in place to stop this. As long as they have some evidence that the marriage was convenience they should not be allowed to come back here for at least a period of five years. There are lots of them that are married and not with the wives or husbands and continue to work on the residence certificate they received. Don’t fool yourselves lots of them are involved in the crime here. Mr. Mac please think whatever you are doing through properly. The huge status grant and the overflow of all the Jamaicans here has contributed to lots of the problems Cayman is having. What you need to dois get the Caymanian employers to start paying a decent salary and employ the young Caymanians and stop bring so many low income workers from Jamaica, Philiphines etc. They come and can’t manage on the salaries and start prostituting on the Island and breaking up marriages.  Think hard Mr. Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      I support the rollover policy because we cannot allow unlimited ammounts of foreigners to work in Cayman & become "Caymanian." We can only take so much, & we are already outnumbered by foreigners! The rollover policy was introduced & passed under the first administration of the UDP in late 2004 (introduced) & early 2005 (passed). Even though we (UDP) have the reputation for loving & looking out for Jamaicans I am one UDP supporter that supports the rollover policy wholeheartedly! I am a Caymanian & I am 100% for Caymanians first & it matters to me not if our foreign UDP supporters do not like this, because this is Cayman first & foremost & we must look out for Caymanians first & foremost! BTW, I have supported the UDP since 2001, but for the past 10 months or so I am not sure. I am not happy!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with all you say except that the rollover or term limit provisions were enacted in the Immigration Law, 2003 which came into force on 1st January, 2004.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Lots and lots of them are here on Police Clearance certificates that were bought. Lots of them are the criminals deported from the US and England."

      If this is true, this country is sunk. Lord help us, Lord help us.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am Jamaican and Im sure you are NOT so please desist form publicly stating that you are when you know you are not. I really do not want to concern my self with the problems your country is experiencing right now as I havenever been to Cayman and will never plan to. Im about to complete my masters degree and plan to stay in my country (JAMAICA) and develop it thus aiding in its advancement.Jamaicans are not horrible people, if anything,we strive for the best at all times and with that we also get ahead (advancing oneself).

      Please desist from saying my country is full of criminals as there are criminals  in every country.We are the best  in the Caribbean in many aspects (sports,culture etc) and we cannot  accomplish this by being a nation with all criminals. I AM JAMAICAN AND IM PROUD TO BE JAMAICAN.


      NB: I know your country is suffering right now in  that many  have lost their jobs, homes etc and maybe a way to solve that would be diverisification.Think about it!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are a Jamaican in Jamaica who has never visited Cayman and don’t plan to why are you reading this site and posting?

        There are of course many, many fine, outstanding Jamaicans some of whom have become exemplary citizens of this country and have contributed to its development. My wife and my in-laws are Jamaican. However, if you are honest you will acknowledge that in Jamaica you recognize that many of your countrymen are criminals. You recognize this by the burglar bars on your windows and your security-gated communities (a kind of border control). It is disingenuous to suggest that Jamaica has no greater crime problem than any other country.  

        Your people are at once your greatest asset and your greatest liability.  

  15. Anonymous says:

    I may be wrong but this requirement will now make it harder for the average Jamaican to get into Cayman as not many Jamaicans have been able to secure US Visas off late. I think it’s easier for them to get a Cayman visa at present.

    Too funny when you think about it. I’m sure the intention was to court Jamaica goodwill. I doubt many of them even realise the implication as yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not sure what Mr. Bush is proposing. Perhaps it is that those who don’t have U.S. Visas will still need a Cayman visa. At some point he will then announce that the Cayman visa office does not have enough to do given that many Jamaicans will have U.S. visas and should be closed and therefore cease the visa requirement altogether.   

  16. Anonymous says:

    a US Visa is a visa for the US a UK Visa is a visa for the UK etc what is wrong with this man… we owe them nothing or does he? he might as well sign this island over to Bruce Goluding his buddy!

    The Jamaicans have a govt in OUR own country that is in full support of them the Caymanians have no one supporting them

    the way UDP has transformed our Immigration polices contine everyday to make it harder for a Caymanian that wants to succed in his own country

    • Anonymous says:

      This comment is ridiculous and shows a lack of depth in understanding how visa transit arrangements work. Having a US green card for example may enable access to countries that would normally require a visa – Bahamas is an example. It’s quite silly to bash anyone who seeks to create harmony and understanding with their neighbor. Cayman is part of a region and globe with contributions to its success coming from as far as South Africa and the Philippines, and as near as……yes……Jamaica and the USA.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t the Jamaican authorities just announce that their Police records may be fraudulent?  No disrespect to any Jamaican or any other nationality but we should be tightening up on background checks because of this.  If you can’t trust the Police Record, how can you be sure that you are not issuing a work permit to a murderer?  If you work in compliance in a Bank, you have to actually verify a reference for a customer, not just accept that it is valid. Plus, you punch their name in a World Data base which can tell you if the person is either a political risk or has any criminal history or charges pending.   Does Immigration do this?   If not, they should and mandatory finger printing for all residents and ID cards for all residents need to be implemented as soon as possible.  If we are serious about stopping crime, onlypeople with something to hide would object to this.

    Also, since when has the premier been the supreme power holder in Cayman.  You don’t hear from any of the other UDP MLA’s and the opposition can barely get a chance to speak.  This is supposed to be democracy.   when are the MLAs going to stand up to him an do what they are paid to do.  Do people not realise that the rest of world is laughing at our leadership?  They have no respect for the current leader because he is uneducated and unqualified to do anything on an international level.  He has no idea of what is proper and what is notand charges around like a bull in a china shop.  It is very scary to see what is going on here.  I’ve spoken to older Jamaicans who say that they see a repeat of what happened in Jamaica 20 – 30 years ago in Cayman and even they say that the Govt. is letting too many criminals in.  Hello, wake up, toughen up. This is the time to tighten up on Immigration not let things go. 

    Exactly what is being done to offer the 1,000 unemployed Caymanians a job, training, education?   Take some of your slush fund money and use it to provide them with the skills  necessary to find and keep a job. 

  18. Rafaelle says:

    As i read some of these ignorant comments posted to this particular topic especially those in regards to the presence of the US Consulate and it duties here and why things were not put in place for the Cayman Islands.One or two poster same to have scatched the surface of this current situation and same to have drawned the ire of quite a few posters who obviously either do not know or simply have no understanding of our historial ties to the United States. Where as i won’t start with a history lesson for those johhny come lately who know it all and the colonial Yankee haters who hate all things American but love them US Dollars that Pepsi and Malls and shopping spree’s though. Our Seamen & trade the issuance of special Passports for Seamen the fact that we had such things as a US Navy base here very close ties with Port Arthur Texas Tampa FL and Mobile AL to namea few things. The severing of this close relationship has been timely and deliberately and maliciously done by certain interest on this island.One of last glimmers of this relationship died when Jim Bodden died. Their has been a concerted effort ever since to distance ourselves or put stumbling blocks in Cayman’s long standing relationship with the US by our UK run business interest and our so called visionary Cayman politician. Unfortunately for the average Caymanian this US TAX situation and problem has now become some what of a hinderance and inconvenience with our governing power doing very little to now impede the reprocussions we now face as a result of their complicity in this financial center(Tax Haven). Yes now the Cayman brand has become a problem to them and their European Friends we find ourselves alone with our problems carrying a great burden and no relief in sight, sort term gain has turn into long term blame. What a mess we find ouselves in and we have shun our neighbors and friends. Yes and can you believe we still have some idiots listening to palitudes they are here for us. They say our ability to delude ourselves is a surival tool. Our politician are experts in that field so we are in good shape now.

  19. Thinking before Speaking says:

    Even though experience is said to be the best teacher, why, oh why, has Premier Bush not learned during his 25 plus years in Cayman’s legislature that not every spur of the moment thought and/or vote catching idea that runs through his mind (or is whispered into his ear by self-serving opportunistic "friends") should come gushing out of his mouth like water from a broken water main.  Unfortunately, unlike a water main which can normally be fixed in a matter of hours and therefore (except for having inconvenienced some customers) leaves no long-term damage, Premier Bush’s utterings appear to be paving the way for the ultimate demise of the Cayman Islands as [one of] the best and safest place[s] to work and live.  Having been once dubbed the islands that time forgot,  Cayman’s success since the 1960s – (the foundation for which was well and firmly laid a long time before Mr. Bush was first elected in 1984) – was so phenomenal that these three islands soon became the envy of countries in the region and around the world.  But, alas, we are faced with the frightening reality that this one man demolition team is well on his way to making Cayman the islands to avoid because of some "just popped out of his mouth" proclamation like the visa one made this week at Caricom in Montego Bay, Jamaica which (when combined with all the others made since the May 2009 election and/or his becoming Premier on 6 November, e,g, the dredging (actually environmental destruction is more accurate) of the North Sound, the cargo dock relocation to the Eastern districts, and, Lord have mercy on us, an oil refinery there too!) – will sadly contribute in no small measure to Cayman becoming the opposite of what  we were once blessed to be: a bit of paradise into which  Caymanians  welcomed the outside world with open arms  because we naively believed that everyone who came to our shores had our best interests at heart! 

    Mr. Premier, whose best interests do you really have as your priority?  "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!"   

    P.S.  Please carefully read the news item below from the Jamaica Observer of 8th July 2010 (my highlighting for emphasis) as this is further confirmation that instead of the Premier talking about dropping the Cayman Visa requirement for holders of US Visas, he should be promoting and supporting the tightening up of Cayman’s immigration/border control because at times even the efficient USA is not 100% safe from persons (not just from Jamaica but from other countries in the world) entering the States with forged visas/travel documents.     For the record, this posting is not to be misinterpreted in any way as being anti-Jamaican (or anti any other nationality in fact) so don’t waste time trying to create animosity and ill-will between Caymanians and Jamaicans and/or other nationalities.     


  20. Anonymous says:

    Everyone please read the following article:

    I don’t care if Jesus lets Jamaicans into heaven without a visa.  Until this matter above is straightened out, Cayman should never consider letting Jamaicans in without a visa instead I say we add a few more countries to the list.  We know many countries that have corruption in the departments that issue police clearances.  Lets weed them all out.

    This is not a Jamaican against Caymanians debate or vise versa.  Lets stick to the issue this is a bad dicesion at this time.

  21. anonymous says:

    What has happened to our politicians’ wisdom and understanding??  We are a small country now fighting with problems that are too numerous to be mentioned.  From the four corners of the world our gates were swong wide open, with no thought of the impact that this would have caused our nation.   Caymanians are in awe and wonder what the next three years will offer their families ? – not much!! 

    If the politicians look around they will see  "Disgust" on every face  and praying for a change in government so they can be relieved of their trials and tribulations that has been ignited by politicians with no sense of direction, and who intends to sell their country for a price that carries no value in no sense of the word.

    As  a strong Cayman it is hoped for the day that sensible politicians will light the way and bring them out of darkness. The Cayman train will keep on running, got good tires, Gas, Engine, needs no oil and will run until next elections with no "Premier" or "Politicians"  ONLY  "Jesus" as our Captain.


  22. I man born ya says:

    The Premier is such a colorful character. He says to the foreign press (Jamaican Gleaner) that any move toward lifting the ban would be met with opposition from the PPM. "Only God knows what they will do. They will jump on any political bandwagon, but we have to do what is right,"

    I suppose we, "the stupid people", are not to assume that he is not jumping on the political bandwagon! The Premier istrying to portray himself as a "friend to the Jamaicans" he constantly talks about how oppressed they are here and how he is trying so hard to "make things right" Complete bullocks! The Premier is quite a clever chap and he knows quite well that they are many Jamaican-born people, now Caymanians (via status) who were eligible to vote in the last election and a lot more will qualify to vote by the next election. This man does nothing simply from a moralistic vein and any sense of value and fairness. It is always going to benefit him in some way. Don’t be fooled Cayman. Wake up and smell the cow dung. The stench is so foul it is stifling my nostrils as I type away. 

    Why this man keeps opening his mouth even here where the foreign press picks up the nonsense that spews from his mouth much less him actually talking directly to the foreign press is mind boggling! 

    He could have sensibly said "We will revisit this policy" and then come home and meet with the opposition, discuss it and unanimously make a decision but yet once again he airs the dirty laundry in public for the world to once again confirm what an absolute moron we have as our head! He keeps berating the local media for printing things that he kept insisting is "bad for our reputation because these stories are picked up by the foreign press" but lo and behold what does he do? Talk directly to the foreign press! 

    Once again he has more than likely completely blindsided his own ministers/MLA’s as well as the opposition because he has been known to make these "on the whim" comments before discussing it with anyone. 

    Mr. Bush I have given you the benefit of the doubt inthe past and wanted so much to believe that you were just so patriotic that perhaps you were simply a bit misunderstood and that you just wanted what was best for your beloved Cayman Islands but as time goes on I realize that Hitler was also very patriotic and also had a great love for Germany too and as I read the history books I am convinced that Hitler believed with all his heart that what he was doing was making Germany a better place and perhaps thought he was way before his time and after awhile everyone would realize how brilliant he was and would see his vision and realize he was right but unfortunately I and many other scholars are of the opinion that Hitler was indeed quite brilliant and also absolutely quite mad! 


  23. whompa says:

    THIS MAN HAS NO SENCE. who in the world other than the premier would go to another country and make news headline about an issue ,that has not been talked about in his own country.( what a member duck) can some one please advise this man on some leadership skills.  he is an embrassment to this country. some weeks ago i hear4d the premier saying on rooster that did not felt like coming from his home, well i hope that he soon get that feel ing again, and stay home, at lease until he learn when to open his big mouth

  24. whompa says:

    why are you people complaining.  The visa issue was put in place to prevent people that have criminal conviction coming to cayman. i do support this move, i bet you if a jamacian go to the us embassy to get a visa to visit the usa they will not get it. what is wrong with cayman having the same policy in place. i am not saying that we do not have some good jamacians here (thank god) but we also have some with criminal here too,that came after ivan. i have jamacians to tell me that they see them here, and they know for a fact that serve time in prison. one of them is now MARRIED to a goverment  employee.   our biggest problem is that immigration dept do not do anything anymore about the illegals here     Now if a caymanian has a criminal conviation i do blame the jamacian immigration to let them in thier country. i hope the visa stay in place

    • anonymous says:



      What visa program?

      Have you been reading or listening!

      The problem is the fact that The visa program has been INFILTRATED WITH ‘F O R G E D   VISAS" issued by Corrupt Jamaican Police and the criminals  that entered the US, Canada and the UK have been deported, so where XXXXX do you think they are coming to?   GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS!  "next door!  There are Jamaicans in this country that have recognized dangerous Jamaican criminals living and married here in this country, this is serious. and the premier wants to escalate this problem by increasing the numbers and OPENING UP THE FLOOD GATES OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS !

      We have to stop him by standing up to him.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Mac, what are you doing speaking negatively about us to our neighbors? You should only tell them the truth. That is, we are loving, honest, educated, God-fearing, law abiding, hard working people who invite everyone to our islands overflow and give till we can’t give anymore. We show more love towards other people than any country in the world. Thank God Immigration implements the necessary policies to uphold our standards and save our culture.

  26. Anonymous says:

    He claims that the PPM wont take it well, I can tell him that the majority of Caymanians wont take it well also. I really do believe more and more that this man does not love Cayman or Caymanians, He is always talking about protecting Jamaicans or some other nationality but never talking about doing what’s best for us Caymanians. No wonder the majority of Jamaicans are walking around here as if they have more rights here than we Caymanians. 

    Doesn’t he have the sense to know that in Jamaica you can buy almost anything once you have the money. As I sure a lot of them pay to get fake police records and also fake US visas. It was just a few weeks ago that I read in the Compass about how the US caught and arrested several Jamaicans for making fake US visas.

    This so called Premier that we have should be trying to protect Cayman and Caymanians. He should remember that it was mostly Caymanians who put him in that position that he is in now, and that time is longer than rope. He should be talking about protecting our borders so more of the criminals from there and elswhere won’t find it so easy to get in here. 

    He is just steering up hatred and animosity and needs to stop the finger pointing and the blame game and grow up or get out. Maybe he can go and live in Jamaica since he loves that country and it’s people so much.   


  27. Tracy from Swamp says:

    Mack is paving the way for all the Jamaican deportees and the 6,000. that will soon be sent home with USA passports.

  28. Tracy from Swamp says:

    Wait and see if UDP get back in.  Dont count on it. and Dont bet on it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The US Consulate has refused to visit Cayman to interview for Visas because of the cost to the US Government. This is not an option for Cayman to exercise! Not even Mac can dictate to the USA!!! They are referring us to their office in Jamaica or the Bahamas. How would we feel if Jamaica and the Bahamas refused us entry into their country?

    When I hear request like this I truly understand the level of stupidity of my fellow Caymanian. Do you really think that a country with a population of 55 thousand, 25 thousand of which is indigenous and hates the other 30 thousand status holders, can demand that the USA open a consulate here for our convenience?  How stupid. We need to stop hating the foreigners who received status and appreciate that we are very reliant on other Caribbean countries.

    • BORN FREE says:

      I wonder if McKeeva Bush is also going to demand that the Jamaica government lift the need for a Jamaican visa for Caymanians to visit Jamaica or is he more interested in looking out for Jamaicans than his own Caymanians?
      Why did he make this announcement in Jamaica instead of making the announcement to Caymanians in Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      Breda/Sista whosover you might be or where you come from it does not matter, but I dont see what relation your comment; herein included in the second paragraph, has to do with the first paragraph.  Suggest ya come again! scene.  Im not boasting but me went to school 3 days a week, sometimes on sunday

      • Anonymous says:

        Well let’s see now! The average attendance at the world cup finals was 70,000 people. There is over 74, 000 females in the US Army, there is over 51, 000 females inthe US Navy, there is over 64,000 females in the Air Force…Get it yet? We have a total population of 55,000 people. Do you really think that our US purchases can be used in negotiations? The US President has said repeatedly that our financial centre needs to be shut down to allow them to tax the funds (that is pretty much what he is saying) and you want to pay him to operate a consulate with visa processing here with the hidden dollars?

        As a proud, humble and very thankful Caymanian I would really appreciate my fellow Caymanians not open their mouths to disrupt the quality of life so many of us have. Things here may be bad, we may not like the political leadership, cost of living is high, the education system needs improving and crime is on the rise, but, it is still far better than anywhere else on the planet from where I stand.

        Ok breda/Sista? Now off with you, get back to school.

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      Do you realize that we buy 95% from USA.  It really amaize me how we continue to be are so passive.

    • big whopper says:

      The Cayman Government would pay the cost to the U.S. Government…how much would it really cost to set up a office somewhere and pay for a few consulates to visit every quarter…you can say the U.S. may have other reasons….but it sure aint cost….and show me where this Government has made the attempt.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Without a visa, Jamaican nationals can actually travel to many countries. Places where a Jamaican national may visit for an unlimited time without a visa would be: Antiga, Barbuda, Bangladesh, Belize, Botswana, Dominca, Fiji, Gambia, Grendada, Haiti, Honduras, Ireland, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Peru, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Swaziland, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe. 

    Jamaicans may travel without a visa but are limited to no more than a 6 month visit to: Barbados. 

    Jamaicans may travel without a visa but are limited to no more than a 3 month visit to: Bahamas,Bermuda, Chile, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, San Marino, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey. 

    Jamaicans may travel without a visa but are limited to no more than a 1 month visit to: Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Monaco, Papua New Guinea, Uruguay. 

    Jamaicans may travel without a visa but are limited to no more than a 2 week visit to: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten.  

    • Bow Line says:

      That’s fabulous,how much for a ticket?If they could go to Cuba they’d be we’ll rounded & dont forget Domincan Republic,it’s a wonderful destination,sunny,sea,very relaxing once yur not ever hungry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very detailed post, but I dont see USA on the list so that means that Cayman also is off limits.

    • Anonymous says:

      How often does the average Jamaican travel to the majority of those countries listed?  Not many I suspect.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Really? As usual Mac wants to import more poverty!

    The cost of living isn’t high enough without importing more people for us to support through social services? Please try to focus on improving our economic situation not making it worse ! 

    Besides I thought the country was broke and needs to collect all the fees it can. You can live without that revenue but you just raised my electric, water, phone, gas and food bill ? Once again – not right !

    • Anonymous says:

      My answer to : "Really? As usual Macwants to"

      This is not to bash you, but to enlighten you. The Visa restriction on Ja Nationals do not bring in that much revenue as would allowing them to travel more freely. Jamaicans love to spend money and they are a people who thrive on hope. They would travel on the slim hope that "things can turn fo dem", thus putting money in the CAL Coffers, much more than the "visa villians" are getting right now. Lol. And please don’t hate the poor Jacans for trying life wherever they can find it. You would too if you needed to. Why do you think so many Caymanians had travelled to sea for decades? Besides, do you know why so many Caymanians have so many apartments for rent and can’t rent them?! Visa restrictions and Roll-Over!  And we all know that you will never find 10 Jamaicans to a room – more like one and up to two. Most Jamaicans buy Caymanian too. They don’t run off to Miami least chance they get – who are the real patriots! Sigh! Cayman, you cut off the hand that fed you. Simply spewing out "Caymanian" can’t build Cayman!

      Mac! Most Honourable Premier! You have vision! May God continue to strengthen you, protect you, bless you!  Amen!

      • Anonymous says:

        "Most Jamaicans buy Caymanian too. They don’t run off to Miami least chance they get".

        They don’t because most don’t have U.S. visas which is why they are here and not there in the first place.

        There is a glut on the rental market because there was been a substantial reduction in our population due to the recession and the international initiatives aimed against us. Obviously people who come on a tourist visa from Jamaica are not renting apartments. While rollover might affect the number of people who purchase properties it will most likely increase the proportion of those who rent their accommodations.

        Typical UDP. The only thing you see is the immediate and dollar signs $$$ and you can’t get that straight. Forget about social impact. Forget about the environment. And that is what you call vision.   


  32. Anonymous says:

    First of all, this CNS thing sometimes is full of is very much OBVIOUS that this is a PPM forum… what a mess… Go ahead PPM lets see how much dislikes I going get.. Lol Secondly, why una got to so hateful EVERYTHING una complain about, its very obvious that you can’t please everybody, una hush complaining geezum.. if PPM was in power, una would complain same way, because they were obviously in power before and got kick out.. so I wonder why??? 

    Mac Mac, do ya thing boy, and it is true what you said PPM the same ones that made the whole visa issue for Jamaicans, I wonder how much of them gah Jamaican workers and helpers..ol foolish ways they gah, always trying bash UDP cause una want get back in again next election.. guess wha?? Una got kick out for a reason.. I just want all una know one thing, all these people who be answering polls and writing on these things can’t even vote!! The majority of Caymanians who for UDP and Mr. Mac (may include some PPM)… not going be wasting their time on this forum foolishness.. cause like I said this full of XXXX… 

    • Hateful? says:

      Yow Star, who spreads more hate than your "ever so great" (sarcasm) leader?

      The hate and continued divide that your leader continues to preach is unbelievable and bad for Cayman, but as long as he gets what he wants he considers no consequences to anyone. 

      Typical of a dictator! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous @ 16:59 i bet you my house and two house lots and car that PPM will never get back in.How much you wanna bet?

    • Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:


      Boys are you in denial, CNS has provided the PEOPLE of CAYMAN the opportunity to voice their disgust with the UDP, and YES I did VOTE for McKeeva which I will forever regret as the rest of my family who did like wise and there ARE many more WEST BAYERS who feel the SAME WAY, with the exception of the Jamaican mattresses and free loaders who follow behind McKeeva like a flea on a dogs sore ass. Wonder which one you are?  
      McKeeva, i tell you one thing is for sure, I have two teeanagers who will soon graduate from school you better make damn sure they got jobs to get, this IS THEIR country, this IS their HOME, this IS their RIGHT……memba dat
  33. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush  my question to  you is what is it that you owe the people of  Jamaica or there  Governement  that you need to  bend over backwards. What you should be doing in putting in place more laws to forbid any more criminals coming in to this country and start helping by cutting fees instead of hiking this and that but then i again when i stop and look at  it you are trying your hardest to turn this lil island just like jamaica. Keep up the good job becasue u sure hell is doing it rite. 

  34. peter milburn says:

    I will not comment on this latest move by our Premier but would like to ask why we cant have a US Consular person come to Cayman maybe once every quarter so that we can avoid having to travel to Jamaica or any other country for that matter. to get a visa for US  travel ?I am sure that it would be worth their while to come here as it would certainly be a busy time for them and we would all be paying for this service anyway.

                Just a thought.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably due to work permit restrictions!

    • big whopper says:

      Because you are Caymaninan Mr. Milburn

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       A few thoughts. Jamaicans in the majority are wonderful hard working people. There are a lot of Caymanian Jamaicans and Caymanian’s with very close JA ties that are voters. Lastly why is it always "Mac has decided to do……". Yes he is the Premier but where are the rest of the ministers and elected members of our country?

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       PS….one more thought. Mr. Bush why must everything be party politics. Why is every sound bite a jab at the PPM. This is all getting very old. I cannot speak for others but this writer would have more respect for you should you table politricks and start addressing Cayman’s difficult issues for the people.

    • NumbSkull says:

      Can anyone who loves their country really go overseas and disrespect even one of their own countrymen?

      Well, this numbskull has disrespected all Caymanians by badtalking PPM.

      He did it during the elections to turn thousands of voters against the PPM, but to go overseas and do so is sinking to the lowest ebb of ethics standard!

      This man is really planting the "hatred" sead!

      • Anonymous says:

        Numbskill he has not disrespected this Caymanian by Bad Talking the PPM. The PPM is not Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yow Star – Anon07/08/2010 – 21:13, PPM is fully Caymanian and Udp, as everyone knows is Jamaican!

          PPM has not sold this country to the rich foreigner which Udp have and Udp has bowed to the Jamaican vote bad bad mouthing and lying about the PPM.

          So my advise to you Star, is crawl back under that rock with the rest of your Udp buddies that are asleep while your leader destroys OUR country! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Peter the US Consulate has refused to do this because of the cost to the US Government. This is not an option for Cayman to exercise! Not even Mac can dictate to the USA so how can we blame him!!!

      This is when we as Caymanians need to check our expectations.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is  a US Consulate here in Cayman.



    • Anonymous says:

      Why does he have to go overseas & announce his plans to non Caymanians BEFORE he tells the Cayman people? This is disrespectful to us, & once again shows how little regard he has for the Cayman people! It reminds me of when he went into a foreign church (a church frequented by ex-pats in Cayman) & announced to them his plans to scrap Pirates Week. When will this man stop with his foolishness?

      • anonymous says:



        Dear sirs,

        The man is a XXXX DICTATOR !

        As a Caymanian studying abroad, I am concerned about where the Cayman Islands is headed, it seems like it will be another Jamaica  or another Cuba in the West Indies. I am appalled at what you stupid Caymanian people are allowing McKeeva Bush to do with you and your future. Are all the men sissies over there or what? Where are their balls to stand up to him? He is actually taking everyone of you for an idiot with no regard for your Flag, nor your dignity as Caymanians. He is actually selling you out and making the boarders more insecure for you to live safely while he continues to secure HIMSELF with his 12 foot walls and security guards!  Why do you tolerate this?

        Chuckie, never again do you announce that you will march  for the cause of the people unless you really mean it. McKeva called you bluff the other day!

        Just because Mckeeva stalled you with promises to do better or appear to do better to deter the March planned for last year does not mean that he is keeping his word to the Caymanian people, obviously NOT! and he is on the wrong t track and clearly does NOT intends to represent Caymanians BECAUSE HE  does NOT!  and we all know it.

        Every move that this man makes is for his own benefit. He is recently seen in a photo with the Cuban ambassador. He’s not just establishing relations with Cuba for Trade purposes only, He is getting training on how to control people and how to be a powerful fearless dictator!  If yu think its all business, you are mistaken.!

        At the moment, Caymanian families, adults children, aunts and uncles, need to MARCH and demand that this man resign from office and his worthless UDP party with him.

        Kurt and Alden, you are a worthless sorry pair as well, I expect you to be raising hell accross the nation, holding rallys on this issue that will destroy the nation, you are , pretending to be opposition leaders and for the both of you, to sit down and not oppose vehemently  this recent move of the premier to finish us off and destroy our little paradise with plane loads of criminals from a crime ridden drug lord headquarters country of Jamaica, coming here to kill us off. Alden you are an attorney at law, why can’t you get up off your a*s  review the constitution with a group of concerned citizens and find a clause in there that supports the core reasons why the voters who are unhappy with this man can and should oust him and also under what legal  grounds and constitutional technicality are permissible. If there is none, go ahead and draft it and present it to the UK. It does not have to go through his hands.


        Ezzard I expect better of you too, you are too quiet on this issue.

        I am an Independ and proud one.

        • Anonymous says:

          The PPM unfortunately undermined Chuckie and his march…….but I hear that The Chuckster is resigning from the PPM and coming with a new political mission and ideologies that will move us forward as a people and restore our reputation on the regional and international stages. 

  35. anonymous says:

    I hope whomever is in charge of the Protocol Office has noted Mr. Bush’s comments about PPM.  It is wrong for him to attack that party here, but to go overseas and spread propoganda and paint the other party bad is totally totally wrong.  Mr. Duncan Taylor and whomever in the Protocol Office needs to repremand Mr. Bushfor his actions now.  Let alone he is discussing matters overseas, before discussing them here in the Assembly with the other elected members is also a breach of protocol.  He is too out of order and needs to be corralled, before he cause us much too much more problems.  He has got to be careful, because UNCLE SAM is watching and ready for any slip ups by our government. XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to worry; the Protocol Office won’t do a thing. Before you criticize me for criticizing the Protocal office, let’s see if they prove me wrong. I say that they will not because I consider that the Premier has been "out of protocol" so many times without reprimand that that is why he continues to do it.

      The Civil Service employees have to work with this tyrant every day and like the opposition, are so intimidated by this dictator’s brazen ways, that they are utterly exhausted. They, like many of us now, are simply hoping for this nightmare to magically end. It will not. We got what "we" voted for. It’s not like we didn’t know the Premier’s modi operandi. Why would "we" think that he would change-because he professed for a time to be changed?

      And I hold the PPM responsible for this failure of it’s supporters and the country as a whole. Imagine to be so incompetent (note I did not say they were not "well-intentioned, and "good people") that they allowed someone like BIG MAC to return to power after a supposedly total defeat.

      Time for new thinking and completely new leadership. And if the Protocal Office does reprimand the Premier… I would be the happiest of citizens to be proven wrong.


    • Anonymouse says:

      Except that the protocol office has no say over what politicians say. You’re barking up the wrong tree. There’s pretty much no one with ‘authority’ over what anyone says  (baring lible, etc.). Imagine if Mr. Bush had suggested that people shouldn’t bad-mouth him, say on news sites that are read internationally, then would you want the Protocol Office to agree?

  36. jim crow says:

    Unnnah fool fool or wha he got to tell Dem something at the meeting ya nha.The mere fact is the rest of the Caribbean countries and CARICOM takes a very dim view towards the way Cayman is governed and how she accepts UK colonial rule in comparison to the other Dependent Territories oops! OT’s The premiers is doing the best he can he has to offer something and stand up for one of CARICOM’S strongest members JAMAICA. When Cayman should have asserted & stamp(not sell) her influence to the greater Caribbean we had a bunch isolationist self absorbed loyal subjects running tings who still believe them and their backers should shun everybody. These so called statesmen are unfortunately begin to see the error of their lack of vision but it appears to late for many here.No worries the UK is here for us.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Some Caymanians need to stop the hatefulness and predjudice against jamaicans we are all one under the eyes of God. just becuase you had a bad experience with one or several does not mean all are the same . When Ivan came it was the jamaicains that help build back this nation. please remeber,  is it covetouness or envy why we behave this way all are the same stop it , we need this visa lifted it is prejudice against them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some Jamaicans need to stop the hatefulness and predjudice against Caymanians (you are in our country) and we are all one under the eyes of God.
      Furthermore, it was CAYMANIANS that rebuilt Cayman after hurricane Ivan, with the help of Jamaicans & other nationalities, & these foreign nationalities that did help us to rebuild only helped because they were being paid to do so. They were not doing it for free, & they sure as hell were not doing it for love of Cayman, get real!

      I wonder if Jamaica plans to lift the visa requirements against Caymanians wanting to visit Jamaica, or do Jamaicans expect this to be a one way street as usual? They talk about us having visa requirements for Jamaicans but refuse to talk about Jamaica having a visa requirement for Caymanians visiting Jamaica. Come on folks, be more fair!

      • Backstroke!! says:

        "Some Jamacians need to stop"

        Well dear, it was Cayman that started the Visa business not JA, after we started it, they did also. So we reap what we sow.

        • Anonymous says:

          That is not what reaping what you sow means. Presumably on the same basis you would say that if I inform on a criminal and he attacks me that I am reaping what I sowed.  Unlike the Cayman requirement for Jamaicans, the Ja. requirement for a visa for Caymanians was out of pure spite.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your post is full of hate, falsehoods, and utter ignorance. Before you post again, please understand the world can read your words of prejudice. Hopefully the readers won’t think the likes of you represent my beloved Cayman. I will pray for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jamiacans helped built back Cayman after Ivan?!!! WTH? The reason they flocked here like a bunch of lions preying on a injuredantilope was for one reason only, MONEY!. That’s right, Cayman had insurance and hence money to pay for re-building. I don’t recall anyone working for free. So please stop that BS lies. How come Jamaicans were not down in Grenada helping them?!! Where the parliament building remained damaged and no occupied for years after because of the Government there not having no money. So please, lets not fool ourselves, Caymanians had money, so the starving masses came looking work. And if Jamaicans didn’t do it, there were millions of people on this side of the world who would have loved to come and get some of the dough!!!!

      • CaribChic says:

        well what is exactly is wrong with that… the few willing caymanians were also on the road making $10/hour to clean up..what is your point–nobody would work for free. but they did come here and help us re-build and were paid well for it, because too many of our caymanian guys fraid to break a sweat, or mess up their braids, or just dont care to learn what to do in that line of work–that just happens to be the simple fact of the matter

      • Wally says:


        Spent about 30 minutes and read most of the posts. You can feel the hatred, frustration, jealously and ignorance. Sometimes, I am ashamed to be a Caymanian. We only talk about God and good when it suits us. Is there a person that thinks this is going to lead us to a better place or to be better people? We are destroying ourselves. Let us stop looking for someone to blame. Our thoughts and hands are doing this.
    • Q says:

      Good gracious! Learn to spell and use proper grammar.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it’s Mac’s intention to "open the gates" for Jamaicans. He did say, (if I recall correctly), persons with US Visas would be allowed to come here without applying for a Cayman Visa. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I  read in a Bermuda news a few months ago, study on the youth and high crime in that island and some of the  youth that committed  crimes said  they could not leave their home soil because of visa restriction  they fellt that they was in a box and could not visit other places. I am wondering if this the case here in Cayman why the crime rate gone up by our young Caymanian?

    Did the visa imposed by Jamaica to us was a problem to our youth as well?? Maybe we need a study , We need to look at the big picture not just because it won;t effect some of us.

    • Really says:

      I think the reasons are probably more to do with the fact they were on drugs, lazy, greedy or a mixture of all three.

      • Kryptonite says:

        OMG, are you serious! thats hilarious!

      • Anonymous says:

        This Visa  business was put in place when there was so many criminals from Jamaica being sent out from USA, Canada, England and the what have you. The Government was scared that some of them would have slipped into Cayman. I think it was a very good idea and it should not be changed to suit none of McKeevas Jamaican supporters. Remember until now Caymanians make up the majority of votes in West Bay. We are not against Jamaicans but some of our long and good faithful Jamaican friends who together with us built this Country  are totally against this as they want to keep this Country good for as long as we can. Jamaicans in this Country are hurting as much as we Caymanians from the crime. We have some very very good people here from Jamaica, and thie visa business should not only be for them. What I dont understand is who in the hell decided to allow the flights into Cayman Brac? XXXXX All those buying property from there and leaving Grand Cayman that will only be inVAIN. IT WONT BE LONG BEFORE CAYMAN BRAC IS SPOILED LIKE CAYMAN.Please Politicians look further than your FEET. WE ARE TIRED OF ALL THIS CRAP.

  40. big whopper says:

    Mr. Mack….what about a U.S. consulate officer to visit here once a quarter so I don’t have to go Jamaica for a Visa renewal????…oh I forgot…I’m Caymanian, my bad…..

  41. Anonymous says:

    Let us remember that recently the US has been turning down quite a number of Jamaicans when applying for their visa. And many of them that were given visas had them revoked. Thanks to Dudus and persons of that nature US officials are not looking at Jamaicans the same.

    So I wonder, is it really a favor that Mack is doing for them??! I’m sure in his mind he is..

  42. A REALIST says:

    Forgetting the issue at hand for a moment McKeeva’s lack of "protocol" is astounding.

    Firstly, it is taboo to attack fellow polititians in  international countries as he did with his statement about the PPM.

    And secondly, a new initiative impacting local policies should never be announced overseas before at home. If CNS did not canvass the Jamaica Gleaner, Cayman would be unaware of Mr. Bush’s intentions.

    It is no secret that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but are there no "advisors’ around him to guide him to prevent him from making these gaffes?

    • Anon says:

      You know something that was the FIRST thing that stuck out in my mind when I read this article! That Mackeeva Bush said PPM would not approve! I was thinking now why in the world did he feel the need to mention that or bring that to the forefront???????? This man can’t even go abroad and conduct the country’s business without bringing the PPM into everything! XXXXX

  43. Anonymous says:

    Why not banish all Jamaicans from Cayman since they are such a pest to the caymanian society. Jamaicans are not welcome period, they have done their dues time for them to go. Why such bitterness against the people? The land belong to god and we are only here temporarily.

    • Mr. Coke says:

      The best idea I have heard so far this year.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a pathetic attempt at erecting a ‘straw man’. Good, hardworking, law-abiding, honest Jamaicans are welcome. The visa is to screen out the rest.  

  44. anonymous says:

    Maybe we should get him a 1-way Visa back to Westmorland.  What he needs to be working on for the benefit of the Caymanians is to open a US – Visa Office here to Cayman for the Caymanians.  We should not have to be going to Jamaica for our Visas, it is too dangerous and costly.  All he thinks about is his Jamaican friends and his heritage.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m no big fan of Mac’s, but you have to give him credit… at least he acknowledges his heritage.  So many Caymanians deny so many things… and come off foolish.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: how come he is still in charge of his party?

    Surely, it must be obvious that the next election will be lost with him as the leader. How come no one has the balls to challenge him within his own party? It wouldn’t be hard to defeat him, with the majority of the constituents most likely to approve such a move.

    There’s an opportunity this year for a politician with higher aspirations.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I think Mr Bush is saying if you have a us visa you don’t need a Cayman Visa to visit  Cayman, however If you don’t then you would still need a Cayman Visa. Most of the the people read and don’t understand.

    • Anonymous says:

      And that is because allthey saw was Jamaican and Mr. Bush. Sad. This action actually helps our country.

      Proud Caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps you could explain how exactly this action helps our country. Do you understand that this poses a serious national security threat to our country? Please stop implying that anyone who opposes the removal of the visa requirement is anti-Jamaican. It is a scurrilous accusation.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush, I am a Caymanian and your attempts to establish relationships with CARICOM has my support. Your proposal for the US Visa requirements is also supported, obviously, the US scrutinizes their visa grant recipients better than we do so you have managed to improve the system, cut cost and mend our relationship with Jamaica. Thank you.

    Can you please look at the political reform of the UK now and see if we can implement some of that?


    A proud Caymanian

    • Anonymous says:

      Very silly. The U.S. can scrutinize their own visas to know whether there are forgeries. Unless the forgery is a poor one we are unlikely to know whether it is genuine or not. This was the reason the U.S. visa idea was scrapped in the first place. 

      Have you considered what will happen to the working class Jamaicans who do not have U.S. visas?  If we maintain Cayman visas for those persons no costs will have been cut instead revenue will have been cut.

      This will not of course mend our relationship with Jamaica. Look at the Gleaner article which suggests that this is only worthwhile as a first step and we must go on to export our financial industry jobs to them.   

  48. Mousey says:

    Welcome home and to Jam Rock you 5000 deportees i see we have a 1000 missing they miss the flight Sa. As for all you fool fool people who handed in your only Phatmatic listening to loyal cronies. I feel it for you. All part of a big plan my people. These violent days we are now in are going to be look back on as the "Good old days" As for some of you colonial stooges i hope the big picture is clearing up as to why our benevolent governing power and leadership are making or has made these "necessary changes"in Cayman and to Caymanian influence. Who amongst us is going to oppose these things now surely not the Royal opposition who just got their MBE and OBE’s Its over Cayman. Stop attacking foreigners because you are going to have to go and live with them.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone really believe that the visa requirement for Jamacians has helped stop crime in Cayman? The policy has been a failure and has simply caused unnecessary problems for Caymanians travelling to Jamaica to have their US visas renewed. Thank you Mac for considering changing this failed policy.

    • Seriously? says:

      No it hasn’t stopped the crime but that is due to the majority of crimes being carried out by Caymanians.  Perhaps that’s why Jamaica has enforced a visa policy for Caymanians.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is absolutely no verifiable factual basis for saying that the majority of crimes are committed by Caymanians. Most crimes are unsolved. While there is no doubt that there are homegrown criminals there is also clear evidence of imported criminals. The fact that crime has increased does not say that the visa requirement was a failure as we have no idea what it would have been without it. It certainly would not have made it worse.  

        Obviously Caymanians would have not have had any discernible impact upon the level of crime in Jamaica so that is a preposterous statement. As everyone knows, Jamaica only introduced its visa requirement for Caymanians as an act of spite. 

  50. Anonymous says:

    it was very obvious last election which party the Jamaican community favored, and with the majority of the status grants going to Jamaicans that helped Mac and UDP get into office this time around and this is just another ploy to win their support I am very sorry Cayman we are out numbered here by them, it is more of them than us so if you were looking for a change in 2013 by a new party getting into power we can think again, it will not happen!

    They get their US visas issued in Jamaica who knows?, they can pay money to get a clean police record

  51. Anonymous says:

    As a vociferous, though anonymous, critic of Big Mac I have to say that I see no problem with Jamaicans who hold US Visas being allowed to enter Cayman without any other visas.

    As a Caymanian whose roots go deeper than Big Macs, although I have no known Jamaican heritage, I have to say that I found the Premier’s statement disrespectful to Jamaicans to be remembering the "tradesmen, health-care staff and domestic assistants".

    I guess Teacher McHayle put the strap on Little Mac so many times that he forgot he was a Jamaican, as were most of our teachers back then, or that of fledgling banking industry got off the ground using Jamaicans seconded to Cayman, or that Jamaican doctors like Horter, Overton, Bankey, Marsh, and probably a few others that I have missed were the people who came here when we had nothing to offer other than mosquitoes.

    Big Mac’sattempt to throw attention over to the PPM is just another scare tactic to avoid the issue of the widely accepted promise that a lot of Jamaican tradesmen, health-care staff, and domestics would be received status if the UPD got elected.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is as follows. The U.S. visa idea was the initial proposal under the previous govt. but it was discarded when it was found that U.S. visas were being forged in Jamaica. While the U.S. will have the means to determine  whether a visa is forged (including from their database of the persons to whom visas were granted) we clearly do not have access to that database and will be able to rely only whether the visa appears to be forged. 

      Second, many working class Jamaicans will not have U.S. visas. Will we retain Cayman visas for those persons? If we do we will have reduced the revenue from the visa office but not its cost. 

      Third, U.S. visas may be denied to Jamaicans for political reasons that have nothing to do with the merit of the individual. We saw much of this during the Dudus Coke affair when the U.S. used it to apply pressure on the Jamaican govt. 

      • Richard Brown says:

        The most sensible , logical an non anti Jamaican response among this anti Jamaican forum

  52. Anonymous says:

    When i saw this news items this morning i said to my friend ,"its just a matter of time before the hate-mongering starts again. Now its going to be "bif’ for "baf" untill another worthy headline arise. Guys , think objective before you come to a conclusion about the future implication of this announcement. The Premier is a statesman. He knows that Cayman is not the centre of the world and that a country needs friends just like individuals. Don’t judge the PM too harshly. Think, if you were PM How would you run the country? He did not cause the economic problems in Cayman. Its is as a result of worldwide recessionary condition. So don’t heap fire of hot coals on the PM’s head. Don’t "throw every thing in the basket" at the PM. They say when you are angry with a person you tend to throw every missile you can find at him.  Lets see what will come of this before we cry foul.

  53. Anonymous says:

    yeh no prob they come from the highest murder capital of the world.. and they get permits with their fake police records!

    instead of increasing border protection he is making this poor ship Cayman less safe

    • NOT-Caymanian says:

      First, Honduras has the highest per capita rate, not Jamaica. And worldwide the Caribbean is rated 18.1, so a Caribbean country could not hold the title of highest per capita rate. Its statistically impossible. 


      Its interesting how Jamaicans get blamed for everything on this island from crime to the price of rice… work permits are on the decline and the Jamaican population is dwindling… yet the crime rate has increased. I wonder who will be blamed for crimes when they’re all gone?  

      Oh yes!!! We will continue the Caymanian tradition. East Enders will blame West Bayers and so forth. And we will hide most wanted men in our attics and bring them food, water and magazines everyday 

      I must commend you on 2 excellent points however, lets say hypothetically that Jamaicans are able to obtain Caymanian permits with FAKE police records as you say… thats quite a disgrace!! totally unacceptable but…thats a fault on the CAYMANIAN immigration system – no fault of the servant Jamaicans. 

      And you suggested to increase border protection …. i’m sure that would help to decrease the amount of M-16s, sniper riffles and ammunition that magically appear on island by themselves.. no one seems to know where they are coming from. 


      • Anonymous says:

        Where are the guns coming from? JAMAICA

        Where are the drugs coming from? JAMAICA

        Where do our local gang members and criminals have their contacts and mentors? JAMAICA

        Where are our corrupt police officers coming from? JAMAICA

        Where are the corrupt prison guards coming from? JAMAICA

        Where does the influence of the gunman culture come from? JAMAICA

        Nuff said.


  54. take wah unny get says:

    I hope all the UDP fools that voted this man in feels this good. I never knew Cayman had so many fools in Bodden Town and George Town. West Bay you can expect cuz that’s where Big Mac come from. I swear this man is selling out our country, instead of him thinking about his own Caymanians, he helping other countries. Well my conscience clear and i might feel it, but i na ga feel it like the ones that voted them in for their free stuff, people wake up and vote for the betterment of the Cayman Islands. XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      "I hope all the UDP fools that voted this man in feels this good."


      Don’t you realse that the ones outside of WB all need Visa.

  55. Dred says:

    We knew this was coming didn’t we.

    So ifwe are offering this to Jamaicans should we not offer it to Hondurans also? I mean why are we placing one nationality ahead of the other.

  56. genetic mutation says:

    Mack, sometimes you gotta step back and think. The concern I have is not race driven (as it likely is in many other posts) but it is this:

    The US just announced concerns about jamaican criminals that have infiltrated their police clearance system. meaning that the US is now concerned about the reliability of the information they use for their VISAs.

    My advice here would be to raise the immigration bar for all caribbean nationals (incl hondurans) due to concerns about corruption indemic in their systems. Also – stop chumming with disreputable brokers from the states and for heavens sake, please dont give XXXX ‘status’.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Oh my dear people, what’s happening to our Premier? I can’t believe the things he’s coming up with. So because I have a US visa, I won’t need one to go to Canada, Cuba, etc. I wonder where this man’s advisers are when he needs them most. Come on Mr. Premier, is this because this was implemented in 2005 that you are turning it around? I thought you were a christian, I am sure God doesn’t like some of the things you ae doing, how can you sleep at night sir? I hope this won’t backfire on you sir.


    A very disapointed UDP voter. 

  58. Anonymous says:

    Looking for votes are we Mac

  59. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian, this is the best decision our government has made yet. Our relations with our closest of neighbors, Jamaica is vital and we should not be intimidated by a few criminals to cause the many to suffer. Caymanians are suffering now by having to go to Jamaica and wait in long lines just to get a visa.

    I just hope our government is successful in strengthening our relations with the countryof Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is damning statement to say that this is the best decision this govt. has made since it is an obviously bad decision.  Nothing is more vital than our national security. And there is no point trying to minimize the situation as "a few criminals". If that were true then our law enforcement agencies would not have recommended a visa in the first place.

      "Caymanians are suffering now by having to go to Jamaica and wait in long lines just to get a visa".

      If what you meant is that they have to wait in long lines to get a Jamaican visa then that is untrue. I am not aware of any "long lines" at the honorary consulate. In any event, Caymanians do have options: (1) they can go to the Bahamas and get the U.S. visa; and (2) they can apply for and use their UK Passports to enter Jamaica in which case they do not need to have Jamaican visa. Note that we are already British Citizens by operation of law regardless of whether we obtain the British Passport.  

      The Gleaner has clearly expressed its view that this will not be sufficient to strengthen our relationship with Jamaica but suggests that Jamaica should get something more in a ‘partnership’ that amounts to simply exporting our financial sector jobs to Jamaica. Since there is nothing in this for Cayman they are clearly saying that we must ‘bend over’.    

  60. Anonymous says:

    I knew without a doubt we were in for rough times with this XXX in charge of the Country, but for sure he has surpassed all expectations I had – turns out I was way off in my thinking of just how low he would go!

    Someone soon got to snap!

    • Anonymous says:

      This man has to be brought to his knees somehow and soon for Caymans sake!

      Imagine, the elections are 14 months gone, yet this man is in Jamaica telling the Jamaican people that the PPM will not like this.

      During the elections he was hell-bent on "trying" to make the Jamaican people, here in Cayman and in Jamaica, feel that all PPM members did not like Jamaicans, and that was his way of trying to get the Jamaican vote and it worked for him!

      Well, the elections are over and it is now very irresponsible and careless of him to try and bring animosity between any Caymanians and Jamaicans but that is his usual wreckless way of politics!

      Mr. Bush, give it a break but as a matter of fact, PLEASE step down for all our sakes and Caymans sake in particular, PLEASE!

  61. Anonymous says:

    This is so ridiculous!!!  How many Jamaicans in the lower income who want to come here to work/visit are able to get an US Visa?????? 

  62. Anonymous says:

    Once again he’s hell bent on screwing us over Cayman! I truly beleive that he has a vendetta against us. Can you imagine this man saying that he has no problem hiring Jamaicans. Neither do I. But not at a time when there are over a 1000 Caymanians living here and are unemployed. I dont think that we should encourage outside people coming into the country to work, not if we can help it. This is probably one of the reasons that there has been such an escalation in our crime rate.

    I know the reason that he is making these suggestions and statements. He knows that people are going to have a field day with this, and he is hoping that commentors (especially on CNS) will ‘take their focus’ off of him and make a rift beween Caymanians and Jamaicans. Note that Mackeeva Bush is "a man of God" but just look at the kind of attitude that he has. I’ve always heard that charity begins at home. And this is twice this week that we’ve learnt about foreigners and visas. Still nothing about Caymanians and our visas.

    The point he is trying to argue is that, if a Jamaican national has a US visa then they MUST be capable of having a Cayman visa becaue the United States officials put each of them through such a vigourous process. WRONG! We are our own country. In his eyes we may be 2 by 4 but we need to set our own rules and regulations to protect ourselves and not rely on another county’s standards. After all, wasn’t it the US that allowed Jim Brown to rain down a shower of illegal activities upon them? And then again his son in later years? United States is not as crime free and serene as they would like to think. Perhaps Mr. Bush did not see the article posted a few weeks ago where a former Jamaican police admitted neglegence when there have been case of Jamaicans obatining police records by deception and therefore possibly the same of US Visas? HELLO! Anyway. Make him do as he see fit, that will be the outcome in the end anyway. After all, I is just a woman born ya. I don’t have any say..

    It was stated in the story that those coming here on work permit do not need to apply for a visa. What kind of measure do we take to ensure that they are not criminals? And again, I’m not saying this to cast out Jamaicans but every other foreigner as well. The ones that do come here on visa, what will be our measure then to see that those persons are not criminals?

  63. Hurry come 2013 says:

    Premier Bush, the PPM will not be the only ones to jump on it, it will also be us because we do not want any waiver lifted for this country.

    Question: Are they going to reciprocate and lift their’s for us as well?  Or are you looking new votes for the 2013 Elections as you know that you have failed us independent minded people out here who do not support UDP or PPM?

    If you lift this ban then you might as well hang up your premiership, because your time will be over and we will demand a recall on the election.  Do you want that?

    You are not God, and you do not go around making decisions that affect everyone of your constituents and don’t even bother to ask us first.  You are our Employee and we are your Employer, so do yourself a favour and make that your mantra going forward until 2013.  The majority of the objections out here in the public arena is not from the PPM, just a little known fact that you should be made aware of.

    If you remove the waiver for Jamaicans, then remove yourself with the same stroke of your venemous pen.

  64. Anonymous says:

    The reason this law was put into place was a rash of gun robberies where it was believed that the assailant came on a plane from Jamaica in the morning and left in the evening.

    Not saying that is what actually happened, just remembering the reason for the law to begin with.

    • Anonymous says:

      But as everyone can see its not the Jamacians that are beinq arrested for the roobies. It is out own caymanians so it is proven that it isnt Jamacians, so we can stop puttinq the balme Jamacians.It is our own young Caymanians. As proven in the recent arrest.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because Jamaican criminals cannot get here as easily anymore because of the visa restrictions…

        • Anonymous says:

          no they don’t come by plane anymore… now they come by boat at night

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, well there it is! That was the proof we needed! One Caymanian is ARRESTED (not charged or convicted) for a crime and it MUST mean that ALL crimes are being committed by Caymanians. You clearly have a problem with logical thinking. Does it not occur to you that MOST crimes are unsolved and that there is evidence of persons entering these Islands illegally by boat? Don’t you think it might make crime detection a lot harder if the criminals are easily able to abscond rather than remain on the Island?   

    • Now says:

      But now we are finding out it is Caymanians that are involved in the gun crimes.

    • Seriously? says:

      Actually the reason this was put in place was to try and control the amount of Jamaicans coming into Cayman.  At over 40% of the population something had to be done to try and control the numbers.  It had nothing to do with crime, that may have been the excuse to bring it in, but I doubt very much it was about the crime levels.

  65. Anonymous says:

    When this was put in place- the rational and reason given was that crime was on the increase and it would be a deterrent to further crime.

    Well I dare say that this never worked as crime has continually risen.

    The Premier is to be commended for the bold step with border control.

  66. Anonymous says:

    CAN WE SAY CRAZZZEEEEE!!!  Obviously NOW we know who put this man in "power".  If you don’t see now where this man’s loyalties lie, well, then you have blinders on.  He is all about anyone else but his OWN people!  Take note voters!! 

  67. Anonymous says:

    Of all the hair-brained ideas he has had, this beats them all. At a time of inreasingly rampant crime, instead of requiring stricter requirments for immigrants he proposes to reduce the requirements.

    I could understand if he suggested that IN ADDITION TO a US Visa, they have a permit to landin the Cayman Islands.. Are we going to check to see whether these individuals that have a US Visa are operating like the infamous "Dudus"? Are we going to co-ordinate with the USA to (electronically) check to determine the up–to-date status of the US Visa holders?

    I consider that our Premier  has totally lost it. Because he knows he has lost the support of the general populace, in order to ensure he wins over a certain group of voters and alienates them from the PPM, he makes another "off-the-cuff" decision and comment without consultation of anyone (I would venture to suggest that he has not consulted other members of his Cabinet, or backbenchers).

    When is someone in the Premier’s inner circle going to have the courage to simply let him know that he is out of control. I suggest that Mike Adam, Rolston, Mark or even Elio, but especially all three together should be prepared and able to let him know that he is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY OUT OF CONTROL. And if these fail, surely a professing devout Christian woman, Juliana O’Connor-Connoly should at least stand against him (I call on her to read the book of Ruth).

    • Anonymous says:

      Aplogies. I was so upset I quoted the wrong book; should have been Esther.

  68. anonymous says:

    What about Caymanianians in need of Visas to go to Jamaica?

    This premier is going to ruin our country.  in light of the Drug War that just recently destroyed a town of Tivoli Gardens a part of the Capital Kingston Jamaica, don’t the Premier realize that there will be Drug Lords relocating to the Cayman Islands because this is what happens after every civil unrest or civil war !

    This man is rallying votes for next election. He should be thinking about retirement.

    Jamaica is predicted to be the next Mexico in the Caribbean with Drugs trafficking and this man is making plans to have this bee hornet spill over into the Cayman Islands!  the man is crazy!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Why is this man involving Jamaica in our politics?  If he likes it so much there, why doesn’t he stay there.  I’m pretty sure even most of the Jamaicans here would be glad because the way things are going HE is the one making it much worse for them because many could barely afford to live before he took over.  I can only imagine how much worse it is now. 

    Does he really think that they will be stupid enough to vote for him the next time around?  He has clearly lost touch with reality and is simply stirring trouble between Caymanians and Jamaicans here – many of whom get along perfectly well.  Of course there are some problems.  Show me a country with a large ex-pat community that does not.