Crime Stoppers send message with cops’ calling cards

| 09/07/2010

(CNS): New business cards used by RCIPS officers have been sponsored by the local arm of Crime Stoppers and now show the relevant police officer’s contact details on one side and the Crime Stoppers confidential tip-line number on the other. The first batch of 27,000 cards was presented to DCP Stephen Brougham by Eric Bush, Chairman of Cayman Crime Stoppers, on Thursday 8 July 2010. The cards will be used by 54 officers from the Neighbourhood Policing and the Criminal Investigation Departments. Over the coming months all public facing members of the RCIPS will be given the new-lookcards.

“We are delighted to be working with the RCIPS on this project,” said Bush. “This is yet another great way to get the message out to the communities of the Cayman Islands that there is a way to give information about crime to police anonymously. This initiative, combined with the new decals on police cars we unveiled last month, will make sure that people see the 800-TIPS number frequently – and we hope that if they do have any information they will be encouraged to pick up the phone and pass it on.”
He reminded the public that anyone who passes information via the tip line could be eligible for a cash reward.
DCP Stephen Brougham echoed the comments of the Crime Stoppers Chair.
“It’s important to us that we make our officers much more accessible to the communities we serve,” said the senior cop. “What better way to do that than make sure that the people we meet on a daily basis are given direct contact details for our officers on a card that can be kept in a safe, but accessible place. That could be in a wallet, on a fridge door or even placed right next to the phone.”
He added that the partnership gives people choices about how they pass on information. “They can either call the officer direct with information or, if they prefer, they can use the confidential tip-line number displayed on the other side of the card to pass on information anonymously,” he said.
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  1. pauly cicero says:

    There will soon be 27000 business cards in the hands of our barmaids.

  2. vocal local says:

    Ok den…… are a few better ways: 1) Train and arm more  competent Police. 2) Make it illegal for driving while talking on cell phones, and failing to signal (including the police). 3) Advocate for the training and arming of law abidign citizens.

    There are many more ways that im sure thers will speak to. But business cards?…Its not that people do not know who/where to call…it’s more that they/we don’t trust the systems.

    Competentcy, training and examples by the Police, and empowering them and law abiding citizens will likely make a much more uselful impact against crime!