Kurt hits out at Mac comment

| 12/07/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline news, Cayman Legislative Assembly(CNS): Following comments by the premier to the Jamaican Gleaner last week, the leader of the opposition has criticised him for making mischief on the international stage. In an interview with the paper during his visit to Jamaica, McKeeva Bush said he expected the opposition would not be happy about any moves he made to remove the Cayman visa requirement for visiting Jamaicans already holding a US visa. However, Kurt Tibbetts pointed out that while in office his administration had made efforts in the same vein but they were stalled as a result of issues with the Jamaican government. Tibbetts also noted the visa requirement was imposed at the requests of Cayman’s law enforcement agencies. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

“The premier has not had any discussions with us (the opposition),” Kurt Tibbetts said in the Legislative Assembly on Friday afternoon. Tibbetts added that if he had, Bush would have known what the situation was. “It is wrong of the premier to make such sweeping statements on the international stage about a local issue that he knows is very emotive.”    
The leader of the opposition asked permission of the Speaker to make a statement as the House was adjourned to express his displeasure and asked the premier to desist from such “mischief“, as he said it looked bad on the country. He said the premier should have consulted with the various interdiction agencies in Cayman regarding this issue before he made such a public comment.
Tibbetts pointed out the opposition would not object if something could be worked out and Bush should not have presumed to know how the PPM would have reacted or that it would not have been well received.
The premier said he expected that the opposition would have come to the LA using “inflamed language” about the situation and criticised the former PPM government of mistreating people from Jamaica and introducing immigration laws that ruined business.
He accused the opposition of keeping any talks about the visa secret when they were in office and asked why was this the first time he was hearing about any such talks they had supposedly had with the Jamaican government.
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  1. Halifax says:

    CNS:  "McKeeva Bush said he expected the opposition would not be happy about any moves he made to remove the Cayman visa requirement for visiting Jamaicans already holding a US visa."

    CNS if this so… then it is a shame that Jamaicans here are being used as pawns for political advantage. Already the party system in its initial stage is creating a political divide in this country. Soon you will start hearing that UDP are for Jamaicans and PPM are prejudice against them.

    This is sad.

    By these two leaders firing their rounds at each other, Cayman’s reputation will become more and more gray

  2. Anonymous says:

    My 12 step program.

    Hi, my name is Ebanks and I am a UDPholic. It’s been one year since I last found something good to say about the UDP………

  3. Anonymous says:

    Be careful when you vote independent in 2013, because some of them are UDP and PPM and they were put independents by these parties to block one another party.  They will lie and tell you they are not affiliated, but they are. Example there were a couple of those pretenders in the West Bay, George Town and East End areas this past election, check out their perks now. We can vote some PPM, some UDP and some Independents to make the House Interesting and even so that no one controls everyone, like McKeeva is doing right now. We are going to need experience, educated, someone with Country at heart, someone that will not take bribes and someone for the people. Look for those characters and do not let anyone sway your minds. I would suggest that you study the potential candidates history, study their character and decency before you vote for them.  Make sure also that he/she has leadership skills and has done something in the positive in the past for their church and communities.  We need to runfull due diligence on them first before voting on them. nuff said……be warned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt BB  as he is called in the Brac will always have a seat as you know what he do not hold malice. Even if you dont support him or vote for him if you have a problem he is always there for you. He dont just hand out to his supporters.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can we get 15 new elected members for Parliment?

  5. Anonymous says:

    McChavez campaign slogan was "CHANGE"

    His supporters all kept saying that the man had changed and was not like he once was and that he had learnt from his past mistakes.

    They were all right about the "CHANGE" part.

    If this DICTATOR is not stopped NOW before it’s too late we will be talking about the "change" he will have wrecked on our country for generations, for the damage will be far reaching and unrecoverable.

    Kurt you were so right during your campaign about what would happen if the country elected this tyrant

    Please "STOP THIS MAN" because all the changes he is bringing to the country will be our ruin.

  6. Anonymous says:

    to blog 11:30, XXXX. Another very valuable source of sustainable revenue would be to tax the rich home owners, the Real Estate Companies and the CI 10,000 pm salaried people, but all he is doing is taxing his very own low and middle classed people.  There will be a revolt and its coming soon. We are going to have a referendum very, very soon on a vote of no confidence of the Premier.  He is classing us with the Jamaican, the Cubans and some of the Black Listed Caricom islands. He is doing a wonderful job for Cayman, while Uncle Sam and the UK are watching. He is self destroying these Islands credibility and yes he is still blaming everything on PPM.  His biggest gripe is PPM, who are his own people and possible family, and refusing to work or listen to them. No he cannot see his own faults, but tries to undo everything PPM.  PPM were only upgrading the infastructure of these Islands before the economic crisis, but the Premier is blaming it still on PPM.  How come then he still cannot come up with a sustainable plan? He is the one destroying everything Cayman.  FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY!!!  So tell me, who is the better Party (sic) One man Party …UDP???  Use your common sense man.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are now known as : "Unna dunce people" as it can only be dunce people who sit by as puppets as their leader destroys Cayman!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kurt, I’m glad you are finally waking up.

    Mac has gained a lot of mementum recently but it’s not too late to let your voice be heard.

    It’s easier for you to get support because most people know that although Mac is making decisions and moving in a direction it is clearly the WRONG direction.

    Your own shortcomings of the past aside, you can still help us get Cayman moving in the RIGHT direction. Stand up. Speak out. Lead!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie planning man……..I hope he soon unleash his rath again……only he can take Mac out again…….this time lets make it final Chuckie.

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      Of course Chuckie and Ozzie will be going back in at  Bodden Town. Definately a woman too, and another man  either DaCosta or Gilbert which ever one want it.  Think  Bodden Town joking then watch us.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    Its time to hit him again Chuck……cuz we know KT is going to crawl right back into his little Cassava patch !

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kurt makes a better Leader of Opposition, when compared to when he was Leader of Government Business now Premier.

    He should therefore be kept on the back-bench.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you substituted "McKeeva" for "Kurt" then your statement might be accurate.  

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush please understand this for once and and for all its not only the PPM that doesnt agree with what you are doing the people of these Islands are fed up also. A word of advise think strongly about what you are doing to your counrty and the people of it because at the end you will need to answer. So save the running of the mouth for then.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a very proud Caymanian who hates to admit when I’m wrong I have to finally swallow my pride & lick my wounds & admit that I was terribly wrong. My family & friends told me, in fact they warned me not to vote for Mckeeva Bush or any of his UDP running mates in the election. I admit I was suffering & struggling & wanted a change because times were tough. They told me that everywhere in the world was tough & most people were suffering, but do not vote for any member of the UDP. Why didn’t I listen? Mom always knows best. Now I regret my mistake, & I beg my family & friends everyday to forgive me because I voted UDP straight & I now know that was a terrible mistake. They only care for themselves, not me or you. I’m suffering more now. My life is tougher now, & the only people who are prospering in my eyes are members of the UDP & their close associates, family & friends. I stand up now & admit I was wrong, that I made a GOD awful mistake, but that does not help me now. What can we do. Everyone is complaining & hurting more than ever. Will a referendum work? Can we oust this government somehow? WE need to do something now. Bush is embarrassing us & Cayman. Let us unite to get him out of power. We need a new leader, anyone but the UDP, please!

      • Anonymous says:

        The good thing is,you acknowledge and admit your mistake.  That’s a positive move.  Let’s hope there are more that can and will do the same.

      • Anonymous says:

        tHERE ARE MANY WHO HAVE REGRETS FOR VOTING STRAIGHT. The sensible thing to do is to vote for individuals who you have known over the years and will always talk to you , listen to you , and answer their phones. Dont worry which group they are with, you dont need a too close and comfortable group with extension cords. What this Country need is BIG MEN with broad shoulders and not afraid to stand up to no one. Men who do not need to be there for the big fat salary but are financially comfortable.

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot understand for the love of Jesus why McKeeva Bush continues to campaign. The elections were held 14 months ago, & yes, the UDP won the elections! So why does he continue to campaign? Does he have NO love for Cayman? Doesn’t he realise the hurt he is causing to our country by insulting Caymanians overseas? In his feeble attempts to hurt & embarrass the opposition, doesn’t he realise the hurt & embarrassment he is causing to Cayman? I think he is being very childish. I agree with Mr. Tibbetts that Mr. Bush is being mischevious. I also think he is being very dirty. I cannot wait until he is brought to his knees. I am sure the Cayman people will never put him in this position again! Everyday he just gets worse. He is an embarrassment to Cayman. And his UDP colleagues are no better, they are silent & weak & allow him to do as he wants. They are as bad as him.

      • Anonymous says:

        He continues to campaign because he knows come 2013 it’s going ot be a hard battle for the UDP to get back in!

        He screws up so much that he needs these tactics to try to win the Jamaican vote then as well. XXXX

  12. Anonymous says:

    need chuckie for Mac

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s start a "Draft Chuckie" movement. Chuckie is the only one with the zeal (enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance) to take on this dictator.

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe me, I am not a UDP supporter but how can you say that Chuckie should replace McKeeva.  Did you ever try to have a meeting with him to get your voice heard?  Did he ever call you back?  Fat chance.  Why would you want someone like Chuckie when you could have someone like Arden who actually communicates with the people he represents.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Again, MacDinejad has embarrased the country on the international stage and furthered his "Give Away Cayman" policy.

    It is clear that once he deviates from a prepared speech his comments are reckless because they are not thought through and projected in a dictatorial manner.

    "With great power come great responsibility"; including the responsibility to consult with others and make decisions after achieving consensus. Our style of government is not a ‘one-man show’. It is irresponsible to make comments on the international scene without discussing such policies internally first with the key stakeholders like the law enforcement agencies, opposition, etc.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Once again MacMotorMouth has done it to us – put mouth in full gear before brain(???) engaged. And this time on the International stage. And obviously a play on the support of Jamaican voters here in Cayman.

    Shame, shame!!!


  15. Anonymous says:

    All Talks that the PPM had or smade on the issues, should had been documented and read by the Premier, before he embarked on such accusation in the International media.  For someone that hates the local media, he is now using the International media to spread his hatred of the PPM and to spread false propaganda. How embarrassing!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush is the biggest XXXX Cayman has ever seen! There are no words to describe exactly how embarassing he is to our beloved Cayman Islands! Those who support him should be hanging their heads in shame! Rolston is the biggest disappointment of them all. Time longer than rope!


    • Anonymous says:

      I humbly ask if any of you accusing Mr. Bush can do his Job or has his experience?

      Please refrain from making these selfishly hateful comments as it is obivious that if you were runnig the Country…we would all be paying HIGH taxes and begging for bread!

      Lets not forget that it was the PPM Government that has delivered us into such a deficit and THE UDP is doing what they can to clean up this mess. I am  proud that they are runnig this country with sound forward vison and they are holding back no punches. Love or leave it!

      ALL the PPM are trying to do is blindside the people into forgetting that THEY the PPM are the authors of this mess! I suggest that they GROW up and do what they are hired by the people of the country to which is unite with the CURRENT government and do whats best for the Cayman Islands, even if it is lifting the visa requirement for Jamaicans…in my humble opinion Jamaicans should not be required to have visas anyway, instead we should actually do more bussiness with them and take advantage of the wonderful exports at much lower prices. AND No I am not a Jamaican I am a Caymanian born and raised and I love all Gods people…we as a nation need to mature if we are going to move forward together.

      GROW UP PEOPLE and GET OVER your selves! Cha

      • Anonymous says:

        > I humbly ask if any of you accusing Mr. Bush can do his Job or has his experience?

        Experience is unrelated to common sense. You can have many years experience of doing things incorrectly, unjustly, uncooperatively and you will still be wrong!

      • Anonymous says:


        First off, are you on Macs speech writing team? You sound just like him.
        You asked if any one can do his job, if he was indeed doing his job I may have had an answer for you but at the moment it looks like he has one of them hats filled with paper notes at the side of his desk, reaches in ever morning and pulls one out, what ever it says that’s what he does.
        And from his movements, I don’t think his experience is helping much, unless it’s the back peddling / finger pointing experience you’re referring to?
        Lets not forget that whiles the PPM government did deliver us into debt, Macs fake budget from last year got us in an even bigger hole and from the looks of the one this year, that hole is going to get even bigger! And I am yet to see his inward investment business trips/policies paying of as everybody seems to be leaving.
        We already paying HIGH taxes, opps sorry, I mean “fees” and a lot is on the verge of begging bread, not to mention when the latest round of gas “fees” start to impact our lives. Lets see how long you can afford to stay proud with the nice bring outlook for the future with there “sound forward vision”
        I think they are doing what they can to help them selvesrather than the people of this country.
      • Beachboi says:

        It is extremely disturbing that as of my reading of this comment that 1/5 of the readers have commented in a positive way.  With so many people having been successfully brainwashed by the premier it is becoming less hopeful that we will be able to get rid of him.

        We all know by now that McKeeva has to walk with a "crutch stick" because he always has his foot in his mouth, but it is scary that so many people seem to believe that he is doing a great job at running this country.  He IS doing a great job, but at running the country into debt and disgrace!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You and the rest of the UDP are trying to do blind people to every atrocity you commit by talking about the PPM’s mess as if that somehow gives you a blank cheque.  

      • anonymous says:

        What are your wonderful exports? –   Dudus tried his wonderful exports and did not succeed with the US.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous 11:30 you are truely blind.

        The Premeir cant say anything unless he throws in a blame it on the PPM. He will be singing that song for the next fifety years and you will be buying it.

        This country is in a bad financially and there is no time for the politicians this country put in to be acting like children. Why cant the highest ranking politician in this country not deliver a speech or talk in the house without taking a shot at the PPM.

        To be honest neither party deserves the vote of the Caymanian people. With all the brain power that this country supposedly have at its disposal we cant find a way to generate revenue without raising the cost of living. I guess thats the PPM fault too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I don’t blame Mr Tibbetts as The Premier is being very mischievious and damanaging Cayman, but I blame Mr Tibbetts for being a bad boxer as he should have connected when he hit out!

    • anonymous says:

      You are right. Kurt you need to go back into the ring and give McKeeva a good round. You did not connect with the Caymanian people when you hit out at the premier against his anouncement of the visa lift. It would appear as though you were playing to lose as You said nothing about how this would hurt the people and escalate crime in our country.  We are not wrong to believe that the both of you need to go home!

      We need new blood. Independents get ready for 2!03

      • Anonymous says:

        You damn right Anon – 10.39 – Independents should be ready by the year "2!03" whenever that is, but right now anyone will do a far better job than who we have as Premier now!

        • Anonymous says:

          I feel your pain, but please be careful with who we choose going forward. This is why we have the present shambles; because we chose "anyone".

          We need to be careful and make a deliberate choice after much consideration rather than allowing people to be elecetd by default.

          I will be giving voters two years to decide on a new alternative as, God willing and with some support, I will be offerring my views for scrutiny for at least two years.

          • anonymous says:

            Real leadership is not offering your views for scrutiny for at least two years, real leadership strong and uncontested is  scrutiny forever, holding goverenment accountable.!

            A government is only as good as its opposition.

            Kurt and Alden, something is wrong with you both!

            You both should be the tiger in Big Macc’s Tank!

      • Anonymous says:

        I promise that, God willing and with some support, there will be at least one new alternative offerred in 2013. Not PPM though, and certainly not UDP. OK?

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not see any independents capable of running this country, but I suppose anyone would be better than the present government UDP.