$2million road upgrades begin on Brac

| 21/07/2010

(CNS): With the recent acquisition of an asphalt plant and heavy equipment on Cayman Brac, as well as an allocation of over $2million in the 2010/11 budget for the Sister Islands’ roads, a new resurfacing project is now underway on Cayman Brac. Major road upgrading has now begun and a one-mile stretch of Spot Bay Road has already been resurfaced, with another mile underway. Government said that it has been around three decades since the Brac’s roads have been properly upgraded. Launching the roads project last month, Minister for District Administration Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said it was a momentous day for her constituency.

“Our roads were in dire need and even in this stringent economy, this government managed to find the funds to improve safety and beautify the island,’ she said. “An upgraded road infrastructure supports sectors such as tourism and agriculture.  By improving the road network now, we are positioning the Sister Islands to make a greater impact on the country’s economic growth.

O’Connor-Connolly applauded the Brac’s Public Works Department crew for their diligence in setting up the asphalt plant and getting the programme started and thanked the National Roads Authority for their assistance with personnel and special heavy equipment.

While general road maintenance is conducted by the Brac PWD, this first major road resurfacing project will ultimately impact much of Cayman Brac’s road network government officials said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The new road is only a marginal improvement over the old . As has been said many times before anything worth doing is worth doing well. Rather than rushing at break neck speed effort should be made to ensure that it is a real improvement. While it is smoother than the old road the new surface has almost as many dips and valleys as the old road.

  2. Frequent Flyer says:

    I was there several years ago and the roads needed repair then!! 

    I hope they make space for pedestrians and bicyles!!! Some people actually LIKE to excercise.

    Congrats Brac!

  3. Anonymous says:

    the Miller report proves that PPM’s projects did not contribute to this economic mess… all their projects were so needed and we’re getting use out of a lot of them now.. the only thing messed PPM was the way the schools was planned

  4. Anonymous says:

    30 year how long has Julie been serving? why now why in this time

  5. Anonymous says:

    Somebody call Arden quick… they are making a disaster out of the roads.  It is not being put down properly and in a matter of a few months will be the same as our old roads.  I’d rather wait until it can be done right than to waste money for a short term solution… but that is the UDP method of buying votes!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does this depict cruel and unusual treatment of a paver?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my goodness – now THAT is a classic photo – a real keeper!  Ha!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The road has needed replacing for a long time. The hurricane shelter we can do without.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice to know where my cut in salary went!this country is done if we allow these clowns to continue to dictate our lives in these beautiful Islands I once called home,time to go UDP.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hope they move the light poles and trees so the poor Brackers  don’t hit them when they swerve to miss the potholes that are no longer there. Did this road really need resurfacing? Where did the money come from that the Premier says we don’t have?

    • bRAC TO THE bONE says:

      Hello!! if you dont know if we need the road works I suggest you take your butt on the plane to Cayman Brac XXX then you can judge for yourself.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Lot of people here on the Brac been saying how the government was in a bad way with money and I hear Public Works is trying to trim staff and cut money from the budget, but I never did think that Julie would have to drive the paver machine by herself to get the Brac roads colus work done. I am not surprised by it though because she is not afraid to take off her hat and sweat if that’s what it takes to accomplish a goal.

    I heard that Ms. Julie has been secondered to the Brac Public Works department for this project. I know she will work hard like she always done in her life. She probably get the roads done in half the time. I know you won’t see Ms. Juile napping under bush by the side of the road. 

    Since money is so tight, I worry about this "double-dipping" I hear of. Will Ms. Juliana be getting something extra for working on the road or is it paid for by her wages as Deputy Primere? Where’s her bodyguard. Will he be riding along or driving beside her as she paves the roads? Is her bodyguard in the budget as part of the Brac roads works? Is he being paid extra? Just wondering because you got to watch every little penny these days.

    Anyway, good story! Some people talk bad about her but the picture and story proves Ms. Julie is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done even if she has to do it herself! Showing real Cayman Brac spirit there. ( I am going to go out along the roads tomorrow and look for her on her machine and give her a hat because the sun imight be pretty hot and she needs a hat because she is used to wearing one.)

    Yeah Julie! You GO girl! We Brakkahs luvs yeh like crazy!

    • Anonymous says:

      > the picture and story proves Ms. Julie is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done even if she has to do it herself!


      You are so naive. Falling for this photo op trick. It’s a PR stunt and nothing more.

      "Look what I did for you".

  11. Anonymous says:

    is this the same govt that campaigned against PPM building roads on GCM…if we didn’t have those roads Arden built don’t know what would happen over here with the influx Mac brought

  12. Annoymous says:

    Could that be Ms. JuJu on top that piece of heavy equipment?!

    Good to see you are looking forward to your new profession, and getting some hands on training while you are at it, because your days are numbered as Deputy P.

    Here’s some new professions you should consider after election day in 2013:

    1. Fry Fish Stall at the park you built across the CHurch in Watering Place that’s now a drughead and alcoholic hang out.  No kids can be seen enjoying that space at all.  Good move there. And across from your very own Church.  Chile you set it up real nice nice for dem too.  You can then feed them to soak up the alcohol.

    2. Nursery attendant: Plant some plants on your land on the bluff and sell at the annual agriculture show. 

    3. Construction Project Mgr. Extradonaire: XXXXX.

    4. Housekeeper: For the new apartment buillding onto your house for your security guard, you can keep that clean and rent it out after and use the rent to repay the Treasury for building it for you in the first place.

    5. Go clean up the sports park you built on the bluff that is now cost us thousands of dollars to have it roped off and blocked from anyone using it again, it could use a grounds keeper, wha you say Ms. JuJu you will do good with a lawn mower and a cutlass over deh.

    6. Last but not least, now that you have raped the country’s treasury of a substantial amount of money protecting you from the very people who voted you in, you can retire on that mountain of pension money you’ll be collecting each month, and all that money you saved while we paid all your expenses and travel expenses, and those two rooms at the Alexander that we retained for you because it was not safe for you to live in your house on the bluff, but it’s safer for you to live in a hotel with your guard.

    Get going Ms. JuJu, your time is up.

    We don’t like you anymore.

    • Durrrr says:


      • bRAC TO THE bONE says:

        lOVE IT!!! BRING IT ON……

        for 40 years while Grand Cayman prospered,

        Cayman Brac got the crumbs off the table!!!

        What ever comes our way We Deserve It as Grand has wasted SO much of OUR money!!Yes BRACKERS money also which use to be sent to Grand Cayman to help pay the bills for GRAND Cayman…check it out.

        Ms. Julie keep it Rolling!!! It is our time…ha ha ha u envious brothers & sisters across the WATA!

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

      You really socked it to HER!!! Great Job! 

  13. Man says:

    $11Million in Brac spending. $50.00 in Brac revenue accounted for in Gov budget!

    I say we only allow women to run for public office for the next 20 years!!! The woman is getting things done!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure she’ll better at paving roads that she is at running the country. After all she and Mac are awful at country running so the bar is really low

  15. Anonymous says:

    on her way to the bank? 

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is MADNESS!!!

    $2M on roads that are hardly used, $9M on a hurricane shelter when there is already two on the bluff. The Brac has just over a 1000 people there. Where is the sense in this?. Oh, I forgot about political sense! Sorry, build them and I will get re-elected philosophy at work! Can’t someone tell Julie that will not get her re-elected.

    Is Julie doing all of this while Mac is traveling and she is acting premier. My God what next for the Brac, a new fleet of Airbus Jets called Cayman Brac Airways.

    Divide these dollars by the amount of the population there, does it make economical sense? Instead of this, give each resident over there a $1000,00 and tell them to go out and spend it. It will go a whole lot further than building new roads and will jump start the economy andwill save $10m.



    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman Airways started out in Cayman Brac, and was originally called Cayman Brac Airways, look it up!

      • Anonymous says:

         Anyone remember the"Cayman Brac Plane"???  The little DC3??  I loved that little plane!

    • Anonymous says:

       The roads are in desperate need of repairs.  Potholes are everywhere and you get back pain driving from all the jolts.  

      The hurricane shelter is ridiculous.  I would suggest a proper rest home instead or at least try finishing the repairs.  People were trying to get beds donated but they don’t even have room in the rest home because it wasn’t repaired after Paloma.  We have an aging population.  That won’t cost 9 million dollars and there would still be money to finish the schools in Grand Cayman.  As a Bracker, this is embarrassing.

      As for the planes, Cayman Brac had a lot of planes coming in here.  I’m too young to remember everything but I remember Red Carpet flying to Costa Rica and one time we flew direct to Key West.  You see, Cayman Brac was where the action was.  Not sure what happened but maybe someone older can fill you all in.